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The Gift #2

The Virgin Gift

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I might be a virgin, but I know what I want in bed. It's just that I haven't found him yet.

So I'm stunned when charming, laid-back Adam volunteers to work through my wish list. That's when I discover the voracious, commanding man in him, my next door neighbor. And I’m enthralled -- in and out of the bedroom.

Every night we explore my fantasies, and every morning I try harder not to want more from him. Because there's no item on my list about falling for the guy. Besides, we agreed to the last item already -- when we're done we walk away.

But every fantasy unlocks another. Each hotter than the last. Until I discover there’s one last thing on my to-do list to check off. One so daring I can’t figure out how to ask him or what it might do to my heart…

The Virgin Gift is a red hot and sexy exploration love story exploring all sorts of fantasies.

224 pages, Paperback

First published December 1, 2019

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About the author

Lauren Blakely

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A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

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532 reviews120 followers
January 17, 2020
I expected this book to be steamy just by the title alone, but holy moly, this book is so hot it is contributing to global warming! In my review for The Engagement Gift, book one, I said it was the sexiest book I had ever read, but The Virgin Gift has moved right to the top! Lauren worked her magic once again by creating characters that were likeable, engaging, and deeply connected to one another.

Adam and Nina are neighbors and best friends. I loved how relaxed and comfortable they were with one another even before they were intimate. They supported each other, made each other laugh, listened and gave each other advice.

They knew each other’s families and friends, past relationship drama, and habits, and kept no secrets from each other except for one. One big secret. Nina was a virgin, as the title suggests, and even though she was a successful boudoir photographer, she longed for intimacy and to act out on her sexual fantasies which were not for the faint of heart. Fantasies that she recently penned in a journal for her eyes only; that was until Adam found it and made it his mission to make her every desire come true.

This book is so much more than just the sexy times, it’s a love story in the making and I loved every page. Friends–to–lovers is my favorite trope because I believe you need to be friends for any romantic relationship to stand the test of time. These two had mutual respect, truly enjoyed each other’s company whether they were watching TV at home or out on the town, and were committed to pleasing each other.

There is no doubt that Adam enjoys being the alpha in the relationship and Nina was more than eager to submit. They were fun and flirty, and their chemistry and dirty talk burned up the pages and made me blush more than once. Nina was talented, strong, and brave and I admired her so much. Adam was smart and successful, and had the most sensual sweet way about him that will make you melt. That is until he starts giving orders and then your ears will perk up right along with other body parts.

Even though this book is a standalone, I loved all of the supporting characters that we have come to know in past books, and seeing them interact with Adam and Nina. Are they going to be able to go back to just being friends after her checklist is complete as was originally intended? Or is this the beginning of their own happily ever after?
340 reviews172 followers
October 28, 2019
HOT HOT HOT!! Once again, Lauren has NAILED IT with another Lauren Blakely After Dark book! The chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS and the dirty talking is THE BEST THING EVER! My favorite thing about this book? It's scorching hot with heart! Be prepared to fall in love with Adam and all of this dirty dirty ways! <3
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2,431 reviews149 followers
November 23, 2019
4.5+ stars...
This is the newest stand-alone in Lauren Blakely's After Dark : The Gift series and it is just as hot as the first one. This one features Nina and Adam. They are neighbors and great friends. They laugh, eat together, and geek out over interesting facts. They both are happy just spending time together.

Adam has been burned by his last relationship and is on a dating hiatus. He is charming, easy-going, funny, and a great friend. He seems just like the sweet and handsome boy next door, but he has his own hidden preferences.

Nina is a boudoir photographer so she sees people in erotic or loving poses all day long and sometimes her imagination gets away from her. But she has no experience herself and is realizing that maybe it is time to be empowered to find what she wants and ask for it. She is introspective, quick-witted, and comes off like a good girl...but her thoughts and fantasies are anything but.

A naughty to-do list and a volunteer for safe sexual exploration take them to places they never even considered. And pretty soon things are heating up. But will it strengthen their bond or ruin their friendship?

This is an engaging and steamy friends-to-lovers romance about trust, communication, and not being afraid to ask for what you want or need. It's the rules and boundaries of an arrangement versus the trust and compatibility of a friendship. And the ultimate risk of breaking down walls and mixing in emotions.

I really loved Adam. He was the perfect dichotomy of a good, caring, generous man with an underlying hot alpha. And even though Nina was inexperienced, she was mature and coming into her own. Together they were adorable, fun, and also scorching hot! I love how they could surprise themselves and each other.

I also liked getting more with their friends, Lily, Finn, Kate, Jake and Brandon. There is a lot of sexual tension and chemistry radiating through this group. I am looking forward to more with Kate and Jake in The Decadent Gift .
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1,991 reviews289 followers
November 29, 2019
Someone please call the fire brigade as Lauren Blakely has lit up my device, my mind and my body by this scorching hot romance called The Virgin Gift. It was intense. It was dirty, filthy and sinfully sexy. The best kind of decadent heat you would like to feel again and again.

Nina and Adam has been best friends for a long time. They have an easy camaraderie going on. Nina is one of the most sought after Budoir photographer in Vegas but her own experience is lacking. She is dying to feel the excitement, the exhilaration and the kinky pleasure from a dominating man. When Adam finds out about her bucket list accidentally, he has to volunteer to be that man. Because he has been attracted to his friend forever but he never wanted to cross his line and also due to his traumatic past relationship. But can they keep the sex and the feelings separate? And what about the last item on her list?

Nina and Adam has this sizzling hot and mindnumbing chemistry. I love how Adam can be two different yet same person. He can be sweet, caring, charming, funny and easy going gentleman. But he turns into this possessive, controlling and rough alpha with Nina. I loved Nina's personality. She is smart, sweet and intelligent. She has a shade of uncertainty and vulnerability about her sexual desires. But once she embraces them, she became a vixen. You should be ready with tissue, wine and multiple change of panties. Because it was one feast of dark, delicious and toe curling passion. Lauren Blakely put the sweet romance in middle of all the steamy scenes and that made this story more alluring. Nina and Adams fall for each other by a bit after every item is checked off the list. And the last wish was so forbidden and risky that I could not believe they did it! Full on blush, goosebumps and wetness...

Lauren Blakely surely has a way with her words and The Virgin Gift proves that again. Indulge yourself in this incredibly sensual treat.

Received ARC for Honest review
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1,613 reviews141 followers
November 9, 2019
The Virgin Gift is the second book in The Gift series by the talented Lauren Blakely. This is another After Dark novel and you will definitely need a fan. And most likely a lover on standby. If you thought The Engagement Gift was hot, hold on to your panties! The Virgin Gift takes it up a dirty, filthy notch! Nina is a virgin, but she's not innocent. Far from it. She knows what she wants and she knows how she wants it. Adam is literally the guy next door and her best friend. She never thought he'd be the one to offer to help her with all her fantasies. Adam cares about Nina too much to let her explore her desires with a stranger. He wants to be the man to touch her for the first time. Taste her. Have her. And he's going to get what he wants. Adam and his sexiness, his growl and his dominating dirtiness was everything! I had to stop reading a few times just to catch my breath! Nina may be untouched by a man, but she knows her body and what it craves and Adam is the only man who can fulfill all her dirty fantasies. Their relationship is based on friendship, fun, enjoying each other's company and adding the physical aspect to it only made it hotter. And more real. It isn't just sex for either of them, but is it too late to change the rules to the game? Never! I loved seeing Lily, Finn, Jake and Kate again and meeting new characters! And sweet Lord, number 11…

Adam. Charming, clever, thoughtful Adam. Adam was the guy next door. But tonight, he was the man gripping my hip, digging his fingers hard into my flesh. My cells cried out for his touch. For his command. And for his rough edge that I hadn’t known existed.

My mouth watered as I turned into the kitchen to find him at the stove. He wore only jeans as he cooked. I blinked. Why wasn’t this on my list? This was a fantasy I hadn’t known I had. This handsome man shirtless and making food for me.
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Author 3 books278 followers
January 3, 2020
This book had so much potential. A hot sounding premise, a nice start and two decent characters, heroine and hero.

But too bad the two main characters had no chemistry whatsoever. The heroine and hero are supposed to be close friends/neighbors before their whole sexual adventure starts, but it came off so forced. They should have maybe explored the friendship more, I don't know.

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1,056 reviews277 followers
December 3, 2019
Edited 12/3/19
Audiobook Review
Overall 4.5 stars
Performance 5 stars
Story 4 stars

Can Teddy Hamilton please narrate everything? I love how he can go from the sweet, boy next door to the dominant, alpha character with such ease. His performance as Adam was perfection and coupled with Elena Wolfe, Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell, this audio really is incredible. The Virgin Gift will have listeners more than hot and bothered while enjoying this sexy tale. Even though I previously read this novella, the narration took it to nuclear levels of hot!

I am really loving Lauren Blakely's After Dark series! The Virgin Gift is a sexy and sensual read that will have readers fanning themselves throughout. This friends to lovers novella features neighbors Adam and Nina. This is book 2 in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Previous characters from the first book do appear, however, and that is where we first meet our hero and heroine.

I really enjoyed Nina's sexual exploration. She was timid at first to express her wishes and desires, but once the genie was out of the bottle, there was no going back. Adam was equal parts tender and dominant and couldn't have been a better "teacher" to help Nina with her list. Yes, things move very quickly between them as they try to navigate being temporary lovers and maintaining their friendship, but the initial attraction was already there, so it wasn't hard to believe that things would go this way. I liked the mini side story of Adam's friend, Brandon, and my kindle nearly melted when Nina and Adam crossed item number 11 off the list. HOT!

This was a quick and sexy read and I'm excited for Jake and Kate's story next!

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
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702 reviews328 followers
November 29, 2019
I always turn to Lauren Blakely books when I am in need of light-hearted, funny and swoony romance and this beauty landed in my lap at just the right time.

As always Ms. Blakely delivers are a funny, swoony and delicious plot that ha my grin from ear to ear.

The Virgin Gift is about two neighbors, Adam and Nina. They are close friends, and get along well, they laugh and have fun. The perfect friendship really.

Adam is swoony, charming, deliciously hot and easy to get along with, he's fun and outgoing... But hasn't had the best luck when it comes to love, so rather than risk himself getting burnt again, he sworn off relationships altogether.

Nina is a sassy, witty, and kind good girl next door, but she is in a line of work that she has to snap pictures of people sexy poses, naughty kind of ones, erotic pictures. She has seen her fair share of things and she often lets her mind run with possibilities. She's inexperienced but wants to change that. So she begins a list of things she wants to try.

Adam comes to stays with her for a bit while and that is when he finds this list and him too his intrigued so what better person to help her ticks these off. The thing is, what starts as two friends exploring and having fun doing it... Well, the heat keeps rising and the connection between these two is on fire. But will they be able to keep doing this? Or will they realize that they are meant to be?

This was HOT and exactly what I needed right now. I devoured it in one sitting, but that's no surprise. I do that with most of Lauren's books!
It's funny, steamy must read

5 Stars
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Author 219 books19.1k followers
December 2, 2019
Find out what happens when sexy, charming Adam discovers the girl next door’s naughty to-do list!

AVAILABLE NOW for free in Kindle Unlimited!!

✦Amazon US ➜http://blkly.pub/KindleVirgin

✦Amazon UK ➜ https://amzn.to/33BG7nD

✦Amazon AU ➜ https://amzn.to/2DAmGRx

✦Amazon CA ➜ https://amzn.to/2DBrBlh

✦Paperback ➜ https://blkly.pub/PBVirginGift

✦Audio ➜ http://blkly.pub/AudibleVirgin
Available in Audible Escape and Performed by Elena Wolfe & Teddy Hamilton with special appearances by Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell

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1,341 reviews21 followers
November 28, 2019
Wow, this book is sooo HAWT, you’ll be lucky if your kindle survives you reading it.
The Virgin Gift is the second book in the ‘After Dark’ series by Lauren Blakely. It follows the extremely hot and seductive The Engagement Gift, Lily and Finn’s story. You don’t have to have read it, but it does add to the depth of Adam and Nina’s story as both characters feature here.
The Virgin Gift was even hotter, more seductive and drew me in from the opening page. Nina is a boudoir photographer and spends her day fulfilling other people’s deepest wishes on camera. Nina has her own bucket list of wishes, and one day after some prompting she writes them down.
These two shared a chemistry that was palpable and realistic from the outset. Even though Adam hadn’t been looking for love, it jumped up and smacked him upside the head when he saw Nina’s wish list. This isn’t a list you’d find on Amazon, lol.
But, after reading it, Adam can’t do anything except offer to help Nina carry it out.
The list is extensive and filled with every secret desire she’s held inside her. Adam turns up the heat when he shows Nina just how exactly he can fulfill each and every delicious, decadent pleasure she wanted to experience.
But what will happen once the list is complete? Can these two friends stay the course or will giving into sinful seduction end it forever? Find out when you One-Click this amazing, arousing story, just be prepared to melt from the scorching heat level along with your kindle.
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1,542 reviews
December 11, 2019
This was a great follow up to the Engagement Gift which was a hard book to top but Ms. Blakely has done it with the Virgin Gift. Adam and Nina were so great. Their chemistry was radiating off the pages. Loved how they were friends/neighbors/temporary roommates first and how that gradually turned into something more. The journey they were on to reach their HEA was so good to watch. The love between them was real. Loved seeing old characters and meeting new characters. This is one hot series and I can’t wait to read more.

I just listened to the audio version of this book and let me say, HOT, HOT, HOT. Loved it just as much as the print version.

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3,990 reviews118 followers
December 3, 2019
5 star review of The Virgin Gift (Gift #2) by Lauren Blakely
I was hooked from the first to the last chapter and could not put The Virgin Gift down. This is the second book in The Gift series by Lauren Blakely and is Nina and Adam’s story.

The friendship between neighbours Nina and Adam is genuine. You can feel the depth of their relationship, they really like and enjoy each others company.

I absolutely loved these two together and the fantasies that they engaged in were spicy. I loved how Adam was so invested in helping Nina enact an explore her fantasies.

Of course the chemistry between Adam and Nina is intense and it only increased as the story progressed. The secondary characters were entertaining and was I am excited to read their stories.

This is a story of friends to lovers, of taking a leap of faith and reaching for the stars. It is a story that is hot, fun and flirty and above all is a story of love and friendship.
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259 reviews8 followers
November 28, 2019
Lauren Blakely’s newest title in her “After Dark” series is The Virgin Gift. The chemistry between Nina and Adam is through the roof. These two have been friends and neighbors for 2 yrs now. They really became best friends before becoming lovers. Nina is a photographer specializing in boudoir photography. She has finally gotten to the point in her life where she is ready to experience first hand what she has been photographing. She wants to be able to completely understand her clients. Due to circumstances from her childhood Nina has not had much experience with men. She creates a list of 10 things that she wants to experience in the bedroom. Adam has been crashing at her place while his apartment is being painted. He finds the list. Adam is the boy next door with a hidden side. In private, Adam likes dirty-talk, some kink, and very swoon-worthy. Will NIna forgive him for finding/reading her list or will she enlist his help? Will Nina give Adam her virginity? Will these two be able to walk away and stay friends? (Nina’s idea) I love the characters, their strength, beauty(inside & out), and chemistry. Will they runaway from their feelings or embrace them? I totally love the writing of this author, the realness of the characters, and how I feel I am right there with them. Lauren Blakely is one of my most favored authors. She writes well thought out stories and characters. She is very capable of writing rom-com and contemporary romance with very steamy between the sheets scenes. If you like dirty-talkers, handsome, a hint of kink, steam between the sheets, and hearts-of-gold characters you will enjoy The Virgin Gift by Lauren Blakely. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 5 stars*****
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1,989 reviews149 followers
November 29, 2019
I LOVE Lauren Blakely After Dark. This book packs plenty of HEAT and is all about discovering your fantasies.

Adam and Nina are friends and Neighbors. They share their meals, share interesting facts with each other and just overall enjoy each other’s company. Adam doesn’t do relationships, after his last relationship left him with a bad taste in his mouth. Nina is a boudoir photographer who captures the heat of the moment and chemistry between couples, however, it is not something she has ever experienced for herself. She wants to explore her fantasies, she wants to experience what she photographs with her couples. She writes down her fantasies, think a naughty bucket list. So what happens when her best friend finds this list and wants to give her everything she has ever dreamed over? Will their friendship be able to survive?

Adam and Nina had SO MUCH chemistry, seriously, it was kindle melting hot pretty much the entire story. I loved their friendship and the exploration into something more. The realization that their feelings are so much deeper than either of them thought. Adam is the perfect mix of sweet, caring and hot alpha male. Nina is mature, she knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to ask for it.

I can’t wait for the next book in the Gift Series. If you’re looking for a great friends to lovers romance that is full of heat this is a MUST READ!
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5,931 reviews216 followers
January 15, 2020
..so when can I get my hands on the third one?

The Virgin Gift was so freaking smutty - I loved it! The audios are probably a lot better than the ebook but that's probably because the narrators are amazing! In it, you will meet Adam and Nina. It was also a really steamy friends to lovers kind of romance. They had such great chemistry that it was really hard not to ship these two together. Plus it was also really cute once everyone realized how far deep they fell for each other.

Ugh, the steaminess was everything. So glad for all the smut that came my way today. Definitely need the third book to come out already - I hate the waiting game!
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95 reviews6 followers
November 30, 2019
Lauren Blakey, you are such a dirty girl. ;)

I'm going to highly recommend to anyone reading this book, take off your panties at the beginning. This will save you from having to change them in chapter 1 with the sexiness being off the charts. Adam is a nice guy during the day but a complete alpha wanting all the control at night. Nina is a virgin with the desire to experience all types of seduction and sex. What ensues is a very steamy and sensual story that Blakely unfolds masterfully.

Get ready because this book will leave your core throbbing and your heart longing for more Blakely books!
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109 reviews2 followers
February 10, 2020
Have mercy 🔥🔥🔥 What’s hotter than a woman who knows what she wants? A man that’s willing to give it to her. Adam and Nina are everything. Their chemistry in and out of the bedroom is palpable. I devoured this in one sitting. The perfect sexy, but fun read.
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3,078 reviews97 followers
December 7, 2019
I am not a fan of virgins there I said it, why you might ask well because usually they have never touched themselves and they always have a big O their first time and it’s the best thing EV-ER.
Let’s get real that never happens. Sorry to burst your bubble.

This book was soooo real! Thank you, we have a real woman who shocking KNOWS her own body, who knew! LOL ok, ok, snark over.
I loved the story, but what I loved more was that Nina knows herself but just needed that little push that maybe a girlfriend couldn’t help with. Ask Aphrodite was in a way a girlfriend giving the right advice in a way that made Nina see that she just needed to be honest with herself first and that really made a big difference.

Adam delicious Adam really nailed his part. ;) Ok, Ok, sorry I had to! It was too good not to. :p
Anyways he was perfect and he knew just how to put Nina at ease and when to keep her on her toes. Even though he tried to set boundaries I love that he got real with himself too that was refreshing that he saw it and didn’t push something good away.

The story was full I say that because sometimes when people see a shorter audiobook they feel like you’re missing a lot of the story but I am here to tell you, you are not. This story was never rushed it was filled with all the things that make you want to never stop listening because it had full and round characters and the story was rich and intriguing. I love that we get a little naughtier from Lauren, I love dang near everything she has written and I miss some of her earlier work because she brought the heat and the funny. We get that with this book. <3

The narration is fantastic, Teddy is lush no two ways about it, I know I am not always a fan of Elena Wolfe but that is just because she was/is the narrator of soooo very many books. But now that I have had some time away I remembered why I liked her because she is a great narrator. For me, I just need to listen to something not narrated to her back to back to back. ;)
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716 reviews26 followers
November 26, 2019
Every book Lauren Blakely writes I find myself thinking this couple is my favorite but honestly after reading The Virgin Gift, Adam & Nina definitely top that list.
Adam & Nina are great friends and neighbors but when you unexpectedly find the bucket list of said friend you can’t help wondering how much you would love to do all these things with that person even though the list is a naughty one.
The chemistry between Adam & Nina is so Off the charts steamy you can’t help feel like your peeking into something so good. The saying is so true when it comes to these two, Never judge a book by its cover because when you open that book you get everything your looking for and more.
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366 reviews
August 27, 2021
Yeeeeaaahhh I just didn't buy the premise of this book. A sexy photographer of naked women who seems pretty empowered and confident and she's a virgin? There was a reason for it but it still made no sense to me.

That coupled with the fact this was SOOOO cheesy and I just couldn't connect with these two.
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46.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
October 23, 2022
The Virgin Gift by Lauren Blakely is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon U.S. today (12/2/2019) 💞 For one day only! The price goes up tomorrow…
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358 reviews53 followers
April 15, 2020
3.5 stars its a cute read, honestly. i like the idea of Nina being a Boudoir photographer! and how Nina wrote down a list of her inner desires before Adam, her hot neighbor/best friend, decides to be the man to fulfil them. things get fast quickly before both were thinking of how to confess their feelings for each other. Nina is a little quirky at times but when she's with Adam? it's hot!
November 27, 2019
I loved Adam's and Nina's love story! The chemistry was off the charts hot! I loved how we can see how a friendship blooms into something more. Funny how when you are not looking, the best thing to ever happen falls into your lap unexpectedly...Pun intended!

I have always been a fan of Lauren Blakely's writing and this book was amazing! I have not blushed so much in such a long time. I freakin' loved this story. Nina is my hero and I want to be like her when I grow up ;) Seriously, I loved everything about this book, from the cover, to the story, right down to the characters. This book has been added to re-read list!

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1,820 reviews25 followers
January 12, 2020
A sweet story that made me smile!
A HOT story that made me fan myself!
This is a story that's been told before a virgin looking for "lessons" BUT this time it's a Lauren Blakeley story. That makes all the difference in the world. She has a way of writing that makes you get lost in the story, the characters become friends and you have to see how everything will play out.
Friends that become lovers always makes a great romance but this one has off the charts heat. I loved it! When I had to put my Kindle down I couldn't get the story out of my head. I was reading every second I could I needed to know what happened next but at the same time I wanted to slow down because I didn't want to get to the sad part -the words The End.
I loved seeing some familiar names and meeting new ones. I hope we get more of this group and more of this sexy series.
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2,186 reviews21 followers
November 27, 2019
Lauren Blakely's After Dark Novella series is so freaking good. We have two friends that have never explored anything else until secrets come out and they realize they might be the PERFECT ones to deliver what they both need.

No secrets but know that this book is super hawt and if you do not like things a bit on the hotter side, this novella might not be your jam, but if you do-- read this NOW!!! I give it a 5 outta 5 from me!

PS: A huge thank you to Candi Kane PR and Lauren Blakely for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly!
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3,861 reviews434 followers
December 2, 2019
AGAIN this woman has blown me away! I really love this side of Lauren Blakely!

A great story-line that will have you rooting for the leads with a huge smile on your face all wrapped up in a sensual cloak of ridiculous sexiness! Everything about this story was sexy and fun! That's all I have for you. Read these stories!
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1,264 reviews1,369 followers
December 9, 2019
I had high hopes for this one but I couldn't quite connect with the characters...I think I needed more story before launching into the sex scenes (although they were hot) and after those scenes. The fact that it took me a week to finish it tells me all that I need to know.
3 1/2 stars
254 reviews2 followers
November 27, 2019
Now this is the sort of story you wanna sit back with and just let the enjoyment flow.
The Virgin Gift just has that ring about it that makes you say “huh?” Lauren Blakely has outdone herself with this one. Between the laughs and the hotness this story is too touching to put down.

Adam is the perfect alpha male. But with most of us alpha males some sad circumstances exist...the broken hearts, the resolve to never let our hearts be broken again, etc. Yes, ladies, we men deal with broken hearts also. Adam is not immune and he definitely has valid reason for keeping his defenses up. But even with all the ammo surrounding him, sometimes the best shots are from friendly fire.

Nina is strong and independent. Successful and loved by everyone she comes into contact with. While her life has been no fairytale, her lessons learned have guided her well to become the woman she is. As many of you know, sometimes the best advice you can get comes from the unknown. A new voice or view can motivate you in ways not of your norm. Nina definitely discovers this in a very hard (haha) way.

Lauren, this is one hot book and I could not get over how you wove friends and family together to create an epic adventure with a HEA ending to beat all. Even in the final pages of this story pieces are still coming together and because of that I had hell putting this book down till I read The End. Great job and worth all the stars. And as for that last flight home, I am so ready for that story. For the rest of you, ya gotta read this one to catch what I am talking about. LOVED IT!!!
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