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The Bangover #2

Bang Theory

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Advice from my Future Self: Don't Ask Your Best Guy Friend to Give you Nookie Lessons.

Oops. Too late.
I already begged my rock star BFF to give me lessons in seduction.

And sweet, strong, always-has-my-back Shep already let me down easy, proving I have zero game, even with people who profess to care about me.

Now, I'll never live down my embarrassment or figure out why I'm a failure with the opposite sex.

Or so I assume...until Shep changes his mind, agreeing to three weeks of red hot study buddy time before he goes on tour and we part ways as friends.

Shep swears he can't give me what I need in a real relationship, but the more time we spend together, the more certain I am he's the only one who can. And I'm going to pull out all the stops to convince my uber-protective tutor that I can handle anything life--or love--throws our way.

286 pages, Kindle Edition

Published November 4, 2019

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Lili Valente

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Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She can't resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. She lives in Vermont with her two big-hearted boy children and a dog named Pippa Jane.

*Lili rarely visits this site as it is a site intended for readers, not authors. If you have questions, the best way to reach Lili is through her website contact form. Happy reading!

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Profile Image for Jill M.
1,164 reviews72 followers
January 15, 2020
This was another great book from Lili. I’m enjoying listening to each book in the series. Each book is nothing what I was expecting but needed to hear. A little funny, some off the charts chemistry, a little suspense and action and lots of swoony romance.

Again Jason Clarke and Lili Valente rocked it. They brought their A game and voiced this story perfectly. I really enjoyed the dual narration in one of the chapters too.
I am really loving this series and can’t wait to listen to Cutter’s story next.
Profile Image for Grecia Robles.
1,449 reviews325 followers
January 25, 2021
Este libro me gustó más que el anterior los dos protagonistas eran bien tiernos además que aquí amamos los Friends to lovers y más si le agregamos lo de fuck Friends.

Es un libro ligero con cero drama y que te hace pasar un ratito agradable.
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
4,966 reviews158 followers
November 5, 2019

Bridget, Kirby's (from The Bangover) sister, knows she needs some experience in the ways of um love. Who better to ask for help from than her best friend, Shep? But Shep's not having it, no way no how. Why? Not because she isn't gorgeous and sweet and lovable, because Bridget definitely is all three of those things. Not because Shep doesn't want her like he's never wanted another woman in his life. But because Shep cannot step over that line with his best friend because she's the kind of woman who deserves the white picket fence and all that jazz, and Shep most definitely cannot give her any of that. Or so he insists. But when he finally cannot resist any longer, he gives in. Will the two of them be able to keep it to just the bedroom or will their hearts get involved?

I thought I loved The Bangover, and I did, but I love Bang Theory even more! These two best friends are so freakin sweet together. I loved the push and pull, the will he give in, won't he. But most of all, I loved how they came to realize how they felt about each other, and how they realized how the other felt. This series so far has been one of my favorite friends to lovers series, ever, and Bridget and Shep are perfect for each other - the inexperienced, data loving Bridget and the sweet rockstar Shep. And, and did I forget to mention there's a bit of suspense too?! Yep, Bang Theory's got it all - a sweet, sexy, suspenseful friends to lovers love story. I honestly cannot think of anything better than when two perfect for each other friends finally take their heads out of their asses and fall in love with each other.

ARC via author for an honest review.

Review: Live Through Books Blog.

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Profile Image for Emily (Mrs B's Books).
1,525 reviews83 followers
October 20, 2019
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book overlaps the end of The Bangover with Kirby and Colin and we see a few of the same characters and some new characters too.

Bridget is Kirby's little sister and Shep and Bridget have been best friends forever, but recently after getting really drunk together when Kirby and Colin were in Vegas, something happened to change the dynamics of their friendship.

Now, both see each other in a different light, but are too scared to confront each other. It takes Bridgets being knocked out with a flower pot and a crazy scheme along with a little kidnapping to change their lives for the better.

Character i am hoping have a happy ever after book in the works are Theo, Bridget friend and Cutter, Cutter definitely has that broody vibe and needs the life of his life to come and make his life that much better.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Profile Image for Laci .
990 reviews
January 6, 2020
I thought this was super cure and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
1,326 reviews19 followers
December 15, 2019
I have no idea why the author hasn’t coined this as the second book in a series? This book follows The Bang Over with many of the same characters, taking place in the same Maine costal town. The male lead in this story Shepard Strong is the drummer in the band that the male lead in the first book The Bangover Colin was the lead singer in. The female lead in this story is Bridget Lawrence, younger sister of Kirby, the female lead in The Bangover. Additionally two of the more prominent secondary characters are Cutter, also in the band and Theodora, Bridget’s BFF and they are the couple in the third book, Bang Loosely due out in the winter of 2020. Sounds like a series to me.
This book like The Bangover is a friends to lovers story. Although in this story it’s the guy, Shep who knows from the start that he has more than friend feelings for Brigid whom he’s been friends with since childhood. But Shep spends a good part of the year on the road with the band and he knows Brigid could never survive a relationship with long separations. So he keeps his feelings to himself. Brigid at 26 has only been in one sexual relationship and since then she feels like every guy she meets sees her as a little sister and not a sexual woman. So she comes up with the Bang Theory, a plan to up her game and tries to enlist the more experienced Shep to help her. I got a bit lost here because this starts out with Brigit wanting to know how to attract a man’s attention. To flirt and get him to see her as desirable. But somehow that morphs into her also wanting Shep to up her naked game because she’s only ever been with one guy and they were both virgins at the start. Silly woman. Ladies seriously, all we men want in a sexual partner is a woman who is enthusiastic, isn’t afraid to tell us what she likes and doesn’t like and is delighted to let us know when we deliver. We don’t need a woman who fucks like a porn star to be very happy with our sexual partner. Anyway, Shep first rejects Brigit’s proposal because like Kirby in her book he’s afraid that if he gets intimate with her, she’ll realize how deep his feelings for her are. But when she starts looking for someone else to help her out, Shep’s possessive feelings force him to agree to teach her how to be sexy. It takes a long time in this book before Shep and Brigid actually get naked but when they do it’s a game changer. And just like in the previous book a stalker introduces and element of danger and suspense to the story.
This isn’t a bad book and it’s not a great book. It’s an okay story which I probably would have enjoyed more if it didn’t seem to resemble the plot of the first book so much.
Profile Image for Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog.
3,661 reviews113 followers
November 5, 2019
5 Star!

Where does Lili come up with this stuff? I mean that title y'all... brilliant alone and absolutely hilarious and so dang fitting in every way... oh and eye catching like crazy. I mean y'all, BANG THEORY! LOL!!!! Plus the hottie up there? Yum!!

Well good freaking news! Bang Theory lived up to the hype I built up for it (I mean did you read that blurb?!) and then some in this fun, steamy, refreshing new romcom. Bang Theory was packed with heart, heat, and one unforgettable.. unputdownable journey. I devoured this hot little number in just one sitting and regret nothing.

Undeniable chemistry.
Steamy heat.
Great banter.
A hint of edge of the seat suspense.
One swoony, tempted rock star.
A down to earth girl with a plan.
Three weeks to shake up their entire lives.
One journey you will NOT be able to put down for a single second.

Bridget and Shep are best friends that are about to find out there is so. much. more. to their relationship than just being platonically friends. One unforgettable moment, a kiss that rocks BOTH their worlds, and a "timed" seduction course is what's going to change EVERYTHING for them and there's no stopping it now.

YOU MUST READ THIS to find out how these best friends find a forever worth fighting for kind of love.

Y'all seriously together "this student and her tutor" lit up my kindle right from the very freaking start and left me wanting soooooo much more.

Lili has yet to disappoint me for one single second in all the books she's written. She knows how to write them sexy, sweet, swoony, and unputdownable in every little way and I would not change a thing.

I highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Cee Cee Houston.
1,341 reviews21 followers
November 4, 2019
Best 'friends to lovers' rom/com ever.

Bang Theory is the second book in this new series of standalones by Lili Valente. Set once again in Hidden Kill Bay, Bang Theory is Shepherd Strong and Bridget Lawrence’s story. Shep is the drummer with rock band Lips On Fire and Bridget is Kirby’s little sister. Colin and Kirby were the stars of the first book The Bangover.
Bridge and Shep have known each other since they were kids and have been crushing on each other almost as long, only neither of them were aware of the other’s feelings. When an accident brings them closer than usual, it’s not long before Shep is finding it hard to hide his desires.
Bridge hasn’t had the best luck with men and eventually asks Shep for his help. Help he longs to give but knows he shouldn’t.
Well, Bridge isn’t taking no for an answer so he’s stuck.
This was a sweetly, sexy story of friends becoming lovers, with so laughs, mishaps and a missing person conundrum thrown into the mix. Shep was just the nicest, sexiest guy and Bridget. Although a little bit bumbling, was a lovable character. It was great catching up with Colin and Kirby again too. Can’t wait to see who gets their story next.
Profile Image for J♤Đ£ .
250 reviews10 followers
November 13, 2019

I got so bored. Found myself skimming, skipping, and unable to focus. Just not a good book for me. Sorry not sorry.
Profile Image for Judy Miracle.
1,199 reviews7 followers
January 15, 2020
This is book 2 in the Bangover series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

The Bang Theory is Shep and Bridget's story. These two have been friends since they were kids. Shep is a hot shot drummer while Bridget owns a B&B in their home town.

Bridget asks Shep for help in the men department and goes to catch a guys attention. The only downfall is that they have both been crushing on one another for a long time now. Can they keep their feelings a secret and get through these "lessons" or will it all hot to close to home.

Are they about to ruin their friendship or embark on something amazing together? Grab your copy and find out, what are you waiting for?
2,855 reviews21 followers
December 27, 2019
Long time friends, these two need to figure out that they can only be with each other. And also, there's a crazy lady stalker in the mix.
Profile Image for Jules.
749 reviews4 followers
December 23, 2019
I love a good bit of friends to lovers romance, and this community has snuck into my heart.
Profile Image for Jessica.
186 reviews10 followers
December 4, 2019
I don't think I should have read this immediately after the first book. While I liked Bridget and Shep more than Colin and Kirby, it was a very similar set up as the previous book, best friends to lovers, and re-reading the blurb now it doesn't make a ton of sense with what actually happened in the book. There was more drama right in the clutch, very similar as well to the previous book, but at least this one had more of the comedy part of rom-com, right off the bat in the first paragraph.
Profile Image for BookAddict.
1,471 reviews102 followers
October 25, 2019
All's fair in love and spreadsheets especially for Bridget Lawrence who feels woefully inept in the relationship department. She decides her best friend, Shep, is the perfect lab partner for her love experiment, and her first act of wooing includes the aforementioned spreadsheet and a white board presentation. Yes, she's a little awkward, but it's nothing her bearded bestie can’t work with.

Bridget and Shep have quite the entertaining story, mostly because they get in their own way. Bridget tries to apply logic and analytics to matters of the heart, and Shep fights his feelings valiantly in what we all know will be a losing battle that only love can win. Bless their hearts. One thing is sure. There's never a dull moment and you'll fly through their story, because this one practically reads itself.

Filled with outrageous hilarity, a little mystery and tons of heart, this is the delightfully charming read I’ve come to expect from Valente. A perfectly done friends-to-lovers trope, this one had me laughing out loud by the end of the first page and had stolen my heart by the end of the second.

These authentic, endearingly flawed characters worked their way into my heart with no effort at all I was captivated as I followed their enchanting journey to forever. If you like a romance that tickles your funny bone, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and tugs at your heart in the very best of ways, get your copy of this fun, heartfelt, phenomenal read today!
Profile Image for Tami Talbert.
439 reviews16 followers
October 27, 2019
Bang Theory is Lili Valente’s newest rom-com release and definitely one you don’t want to miss. I honestly can’t remember the last time I finished a book in less than 48 hours, but Shep and Bridget’s story was so entertaining I didn’t want to put it down. Their tale is one of best friends to lovers which kept my undivided attention from beginning to end. Once again, Ms. Valente delivers fun characters, witty banter, sexy escapades and a bit of suspense. The connection shared between Shep and Bridget left my heart fluttering with a sigh of contentment as I reached the final page.

I’ve been a fan of Lili Valente’s novels for many years and with each new couple she introduces, she continues to prove why she is on my must read list. Though I’m always sad to say goodbye to her characters, I know it’s only a short pause until she introduces me to a new couple I will fall in love with and a new story which will leave me smiling and will once again captivate my heart.
37 reviews
January 31, 2020
This isn't *exactly* like The Bangover, but it has a lot of similar problems - namely, that the high-concept premise ends up feeling like an afterthought, and it starts with the leads already in love. The relationship was sweet, but stories need tension and conflict in order to stay interesting, and this story was a little lacking in that department. Although (and this applies to The Bangover too) I do appreciate that the climax is centered on action, rather than some dumb misunderstanding or interpersonal problem that can be resolved within a couple of pages. I just wish that the author had picked something different than "kidnapping by crazy person with underdeveloped motives."

However, it can really not be understated how *weird* these books are. The second scene is a long, surreal dream sequence. The second scene! It's so weird that I can't help but feeling endeared. Haha, it rhymes.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Maria Muñeton.
116 reviews5 followers
January 18, 2022
3.45- Este fue otro gran libro de Lili. Disfruto escuchando cada libro de la serie. Cada libro no es nada de lo que esperaba pero necesitaba escuchar. Un poco divertido, un poco de química fuera de serie, un poco de suspenso y acción y mucho romance deslumbrante mujer tonta. Señoras, en serio, todo lo que los hombres queremos en una pareja sexual es una mujer entusiasta, que no tenga miedo de decirnos lo que le gusta y lo que no y que esté encantada de avisarnos cuando entreguemos. No necesitamos a una mujer que folla como una estrella del porno para ser muy felices con nuestra pareja sexual. De todos modos, Shep primero rechaza la propuesta de Brigit porque, al igual que Kirby en su libro, teme que si intima con ella, se dará cuenta de lo profundos que son sus sentimientos por ella. Pero cuando comienza a buscar a otra persona para que la ayude, los sentimientos posesivos de Shep lo obligan a acceder a enseñarle cómo ser sexy.
Profile Image for Limecello.
1,995 reviews27 followers
March 4, 2020

So - I had this book on a different device that I'm not around much and don't use much (obviously) - but also the beginning is kinda draggy - noticing that about this series, rather, TBH.

That being said though - Bridget and Shep are so perfect for each other. Shep is SO DARLING - what a marshmallow in a beastly hot body <3

Also when the action starts DAMN does it get crazy. O_O I was again surprised, which I always like.
Looking forward to the next book.

I kinda wish though things had been a bit more balanced. Also Bridget was a smidge TOO "wide eyed innocent" veering into TSTL territory - but she is really sweet and I liked her in Kirby's book.

Shep's decision. OOF.

Also I was SO FREAKING MAD at the police. Kinda felt that just got glossed over. Granted it wasn't the main thing of "stuff happening" but ...

Anyway - another cute addition.

Profile Image for Amy.
804 reviews9 followers
June 13, 2020
I love this series! The Bang Theory is another fun book in the Bangover series. This book features Bridget and Shep. I just knew there was something between these two in the first book!!

Bridget and Shep are basically best friends and each one has a crush on the other but have kept those feelings to themselves. When Bridget asks Shep for his help with the opposite sex, they find it hard to keep the feelings a secret.

Bridget was such a sweetheart and Shep was the sexy, nice guy. They were perfect for each other and I loved watching them navigating from friendship to romance.

The Bang Theory was a delightful and funny story with a bit of a mystery thrown in. You’ll get to catch with old friends, too. If you are looking for book full of heat, laughs, and fun, this is the book for you. I’m excited for the next book in this series.
990 reviews1 follower
March 16, 2021
Not sure what happened but this book didn’t hold my attention.

Written in dual first person POV. Fewer sexy scenes than expected from this author, especially considering the title. Decent amount of humor. Like book 1, this book has another “friends to lovers” plot but it wasn’t as well written as book 1. I don’t understand Shep’s fear of admitting his feelings to Bridget - there’s no hidden trauma or drama, it’s just a decade-long fear. The end also felt rushed and I didn’t enjoy the decision that the character made at the end. The whole book actually felt a little rushed in that Shep and Bridget’s first kiss happened during a traumatic event in book 1 and this book starts several months later. We’re told about their history and previous relationships but we don’t get to witness any of it. Not sure if I’ll continue to book 3.
Profile Image for Tammy Moldovan.
1,003 reviews9 followers
December 16, 2022
When you stop being noble and claim your love

I loved Shep and Bridget best friends to lovers, sex education with a side of delayed gratification. Shep is a famous drummer. Bridget runs a bed and breakfast in a small town. They’ve been friends since childhood. Thinking she’s bad at sex due to her lack of boyfriends, Bridget asks for Shep to be her sex lab partner. Shep reluctantly agrees. The c’mere, c’mere, getaway, getaway push and pull was delicious perfection. As was the plot device of text messages to move the story along. This story was a swoony fun sexy ride of all the feelings - I laughed, gritted my teeth, sighed, cried, gasped, and did a happy dance. The story included sweet moments, steamy scenes, chuckles, supportive friends, messy families, painful pasts, secrets, slight danger, and all the heart squeezing love. I am excited to read more in this series.
Profile Image for Mickey.
565 reviews20 followers
February 9, 2020

I feel like I'm playing the game "Never have I ever," and my answer would be laughed so hard I gave myself a headache while reading this novel. Bang Theory by Lili Valente has to be one of the craziest stories ever told. The premise is fairly standard, friends to lovers and all the awkwardness that comes with it. What makes this book so different are the characters: sexy, but charming Shep, and other worldly and quirky Bridget. No one is quite like Bridget, she just has to be experienced. Add in the other odds and ends, good guys and villains and voila! Instant entertainment!
Profile Image for Suzana.
456 reviews12 followers
August 1, 2020
This is another super cute book by Lili Valente. I loved it. It kept my attention from the start. Bridget is Kirby's little sister and Shep and Bridget have been best friends forever. After one frunken night together something shifted between them. They started seeing each other in a different light and new feelings emerged. They need to adapt to the new dynamic between them. Bridget and Shep are amazing. They have an undeniable chemistry, flirty, witty banter; steamy heat with UST and tension. What I loved is that there is also an added feeling of the suspense. I love the way they fought for their HEA.
1,423 reviews2 followers
April 23, 2021
I really enjoyed this book, which is book 2 in a series but is a standalone romance. In this story, Bridget is best friends with Shep and wants her to teach her to be desirable. I have to admit that I've read other books by Lili Valente with this story line so I was a little apprehensive. But I really liked the bit of a spin she put in it and there was a little suspense associated with the story. Not angsty at all and since we know a HEA is guaranteed, it was just a fun way to bring the story to another direction. I really enjoyed that part.

Can't wait for the next book in the series and I'm clicking borrow (From KU) now!
Profile Image for Susan McClintock.
725 reviews12 followers
January 5, 2020
This is a cute friends to lovers romance. Bridget is painfully shy and inexperienced. After a pot falls on her head, knocking her out, she has a dream/hallucination where she realizes that she needs to come up with an experiment to help her with men. She comes up with her “Bang-Theory” and enlists her Rockstar BFF Shep. Shep says no initially, but of course relents. This was a cute book overall, but I felt like the love story was cut short because of the stalker sub-plot. If you like light RomComs, you will enjoy this book.
Profile Image for Krys.
802 reviews3 followers
August 7, 2020
102 pages into a book titled The Bang Theory AND THERE HASN’T BEEN ANY BANGING! I’m not that sex crazed, but if the book hasn’t gotten into the meat of it’s central plot by page 50, there’s something wrong. They have spent this entire 100-some-odd-pages bantering, and she goes into her head a lot. It’s not interesting. I kept hoping and hoping that they’d friggen get on with it. But no. Where I stopped they were discussing their friends with bennies plans. FINALLY. However, the writing style itself doesn’t resonate with me, and I refuse to read any more of this tediously slow book.
Profile Image for Lindsey Riley.
190 reviews1 follower
December 19, 2021
I loved Bridget, she is quirky, you have to be to follow a dream plan you get from Sir Isaac Newton. She also lacks confidence in herself. That's where Shep steps in to help her as a study buddy and he manages to help her learn ALOT while being caring and gentlemanly. Their chemistry is electric.
The characters have depth and there seems to be subtle hints regarding the characters in the next book in the series. There are some hilarious moments in their story and a twist or two to give their journey some bumps.
Displaying 1 - 30 of 131 reviews

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