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Big Stick #3

Dirty Swedish Player

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NHL hockey star Nils Karlsson is dealing with the aftermath of a drunken mistake. A pic of his cock along with the #bigstick has gone viral.

The managers of his NHL hockey team have placed him on probation and told him to find a girlfriend and settle down, but he doesn’t want to give up on his wicked ways.

When his former stepsister reappears in his life, she’s a picture of beauty, innocence and brains. She hates his guts, but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse . . .

Broke and desperate, Sierra Cole believes bad things happen in threes. Now she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it does, in the form of her former hotter-than-hell stepbrother.

She hates him with a passion, but she’s in a bind and he’s willing to pay her to be his fake girlfriend. Easy, right?


His kisses are scorching hot and he plays her body like a perfectly tuned violin. Too bad he isn’t relationship material.

Will the nerd score the dirty Swedish player, or will this fake relationship end in heartbreak?

Book three in a series of standalones


Published November 14, 2019

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About the author

R.C. Stephens

36 books1,086 followers
R.C. Stephens is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.

When she isn't in her writing cave she is raising three lovely children with her adoring husband.

Her books are filled with humor, heartbreak, emotion and true love.

Born and raised in Toronto, she loves the winter, but Spring and Fall are her favorite seasons.

Keep up with R.C. by signing up to her newsletter-http://rcstephens.com/newsletter/

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2,734 reviews135 followers
November 17, 2019
Dirty Swedish Player is the third book in the Big Stick series by R.C. Stephens. It's a stand-alone book and you don't have to read the others to understand what is going on. Since I have a big dislike for book 2, normally I would say just go and read this one. But I can't even do that because 2/2 books in the series are a miss for me. In a way, it's a good thing, because I realized that the author is not for me. I felt sorry for her heroines for ending up with disgusting "heroes". They deserved better. While I am trying not to spoil anything I must say that the drunken mistake Nils made is described in great detail and it involves two, yes two, other women in a public bathroom. That should give you a pretty good idea about the person Nils is. I wouldn't consider it a spoiler because a) it happens in chapter one and the blurb reveals what happens after that anyways and b) I feel obligated to mention it because other people like me wouldn't want to spend their precious time on a book they will dislike.
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534 reviews21 followers
November 15, 2019
“I can’t let my mind stray to a pretty girl with full lips and red-framed glasses. Only, I can’t help myself because that night, she’s exactly who I dream about.”

The paths of Nils and Sierra get crossed in a somewhat peculiar way. With their parents' marriage, they know each other but are not close. Nils doesn't get along with his mother, blaming her for leaving him in Sweden with his abusive father. Sierra, in turn, lives with her aunt, because her egocentric and controlling father cares only for himself. And if these two have a similar family history, in terms of personality they are opposites. Nils is popular, outgoing and a sensation on the college hockey team. Sierra is introvert, shy and books are her friends. But a somewhat strange request from Nils's mother will make them spend more time together. Nils needs to help Sierra settle down in college, make friends. And so, he becomes her fake boyfriend.
The deal was simple. He would help her be more popular and she would help him with his studies. But getting close all the time, for the sake of the lie, ends up making them friends. Until feelings arise, and Nils ends up ruining everything by not knowing how to handle it.
Years later, he is a hockey sensation. But lately, his behavior and his personal life are making the headlines more than his ice skills. His latest mess, a bathroom orgy that turns into a fight and ends with him arrested, and photos of part of his anatomy on the Internet, could be the end of his career.
And with everything upside down, a drastic adjustment should be made to his image. No more fights, drinks, women. He must control his anger and settle down. But for that, he needs a girlfriend. A fake girlfriend.
Sierra still remembers Nils's betrayal. Seeing him after so long in the marriage of mutual friends is just one of the mishaps she has been facing lately. But being surprised by a proposal from the last person she hopes to help arouses a beautiful climate of reverse deja vu.
And so, they become a couple. Which will not be an easy task. His only goal is to restore his career. Hers? Do not get hurt again.
With an air of romance about second chances, their story will be filled with ups and downs, showing two people who have suffered in the past and how it still affects them. Nils is volatile, and part of his aggressiveness comes from his childhood. His plot is difficult and emotional. Sierra just wants to be loved, but it seems that everyone around her always puts her aside.
The book has a bit of drama, Nils will arouse the reader's anger in some parts, but even with so many denials, so much reluctance and so many unspoken things, they try to get help and make progress to become better people. The happy ending is somewhat laborious, but guaranteed.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest Review *

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Author 1 book8 followers
December 16, 2020
Sierra e Nils erano fratellastri. I loro genitori erano sposati. Non si vedono da anni, ma ora che devono lavorare insieme... Lui deve dimostrare a tutti che è maturo e ha una donna nella sua vita, e lei ha bisogno di soldi...perché non collaborare??
Il problema è che Non si aspettano certo una così intensa situazione che li porta a connettere in modo speciale. Non si sopportano da quando lui l'ha ferita anni prima ma hanno molte cose in comune e scoprono che le apparenze sono ingannevoli.
Da un male forse una storia speciale può nascere, no?

Uno sport romance molto carino! Che si legge bene. I due personaggi sono adorabili e si completano. Sono ex parenti e all'inizio il ritrovo è un po' strano, ma dopo le spiegazioni si notano i cambiamenti caratteriali. Ci son battibecchi e situazioni molto divertenti in cui si nota che i due hanno sentimenti nascosti che non vedono l'ora di uscire allo scoperto.
I personaggi secondari come la madre di lui sono presenti e mi piacciono molto. Avrei gradito pià scene con lei. Così da spiegare bene il perché del suo passato turbolento.

Ma dopo tutto è una buona lettura. La consiglio assolutamente.
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487 reviews62 followers
November 14, 2019
Books, Coffee & Passion

Dirty Swedish Player is a funny sports romance, it’s the third book in the Big Stick series but it can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first two books in this series, although I really want to read the first one, and I had no problem following Nils and Sierra’s story.
First of all, I really liked Sierra, she’s funny, sweet and a great friend, I loved her friendship with Sloane and the way she tried to babysit Sloane’s mom (which might be the most hilarious character EVER!).
Nils isn’t exactly my favorite character and that impacted how much I enjoyed the story. At first, Nils is just a horny college hockey player who drinks too much, then he’s the same even after college, at that point we don’t know what went down between him and Sierra but we know he messed up somehow. Anyway, I wasn’t loving Nils in the first half of the book but I wasn’t disliking him either, then after knowing what he did to Sierra… well I was hurt for her, there were some things he said that made me angry and honestly I was expecting more from his apology and his main reason to do what he did (this is me trying to be cryptic) was a little weak. I can’t say much more because I would be spoiling the story.
Still, I can overlook some of it (not the apology or the timing of it) because they were in college and everyone does dumb things in college (I sure did!). Furthermore, there are some redeeming moments and some character growth through the story which made me warm up to him, but honestly I loved Oli and Myles (two of Nils best friends and teammates) more. Despite this, I enjoyed this story, it was entertaining, steamy, featuring one of my favorite tropes (fake relationship), with great secondary characters and lots of funny moments. Definitely, a solid 3 stars read.
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6,456 reviews182 followers
May 18, 2021
Ally - per RFS
Nils Karlsson è uno dei giocatori del Chicago Blackhawks, squadra di Hockey professionale della lega NHL, e ha tutto ciò che un uomo può desiderare: soldi, belle donne e un lavoro che ama alla follia.

Sembra una vita perfetta, costruita dal nulla dopo che la madre l’ha portato in America da Hogsby, in Svezia, dove vivevano con un padre violento e grosse difficoltà economiche. Ma quelle cicatrici non possono essere cancellate e sarà proprio la rabbia, dovuta al suo turbolento passato e che lo rende un campione nello sport, a metterlo continuamente nei guai. Infatti, proprio per uno dei suoi casini, un video molto compromettente, che lo riprende prima mentre fa sesso e, subito dopo, mentre fa a botte, finisce in rete e questo porterà la commissione della squadra a prendere seri provvedimenti nei suoi confronti.

Nils sta per perdere tutto quando incontra la sua ex sorellastra, che, anni prima, aveva cercato di aiutare ad ambientarsi appena trasferita dal Minnesota. Nonostante l’attrazione fisica che li unisce, la ragazza lo odia per essersi comportato da stronzo davanti tutti i loro amici e, dopo l’accaduto, lei era tornata a Chicago per la vergogna.

Sierra Cole sta per laurearsi in architettura, fa volontariato al AMHA per aiutare i bambini e non ha mai odiato nessuno come odia Nils Karlsson. Lui l’ha fatta innamorare e poi l’ha trattata da ragazzina stupida davanti i suoi nuovi amici, svelando i suoi segreti.

Sierra non vede quella testa calda sexy da anni, se non si contano le pubblicità, Internet e le partite, a cui lei non rinuncerebbe mai nemmeno per un idiota che le ha rovinato la vita.

Ma, al matrimonio dei loro amici comuni Sloane e Oli , rispettivamente la migliore amica di lei e compagno di squadra e amico di lui, i due si incontrano e i loro sentimenti riaffiorano come se il tempo lontano non fosse mai passato.

Nils adora il modo in cui Sierra si sistema gli occhiali sul naso quando è nervosa e, come se fosse naturale, le fa una proposta scandalosa: essere la sua finta fidanzata per qualche mese finché la sua reputazione non sarà ripulita in cambio di un’allettante ricompensa . Sierra non può rifiutare, dato che, poco tempo prima, l’hanno licenziata dalla stazione televisiva in cui lavorava da tempo, per tagli al personale.

I due si ritroveranno in situazioni a dir poco ridicole e la dolcezza che cresce fra loro fa battere il cuore.

Sierra è una donna forte e sa cosa vuole ma quel giocatore di Hockey, biondo e tenebroso, è sempre stato il suo tallone d’Achille, impossibile resistervi ma lei ci deve riuscire… Oppure no?

Nils vuole Sierra nel suo letto ma sa anche che una come lei non è disposta a essere un’amica di scopate, ma lui che vuole? La carriera viene prima di tutto e una relazione risucchierebbe tutta la sua concentrazione… Oppure no?

I personaggi principali sono dolcissimi, con storie importanti e difficili che li rendono umani. Dopotutto, indecisioni e insicurezza non fanno parte delle vita di tutti noi?

I capitoli si alternano, portandoci nella mente dei due protagonisti. Ogni personaggio in questo libro viene descritto molto bene caratterialmente e, nonostante non abbia letto i primi due capitoli della serie, la gerarchia delle coppie è ben definita e caratterizzata.

Le scene di sesso sono ricche di dettagli e rese davvero belle dai sentimenti che i personaggi ci trasmettono.

Un bel libro che non ci vincola a seguire la serie ma ce ne fa venire decisamente voglia. Ho amato il tenebroso, ma in cerca di dolcezza, Nils e la dura, ma insicura, Sierra.

Dopotutto chi meglio degli opposti si attrae?

Buona lettura, ne varrà la pena!
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1,806 reviews203 followers
March 28, 2021
3.5/4 stelline

Recensione sul blog

Il rapporto tra Sierra e il giocatore è turbolento, ha radici nel passato e non ci sono troppi ricordi piacevoli; nonostante tutto, il confine tra finzione e realtà si rivela essere molto labile e i due raggiungono una chimica invidiabile, riescono ad essere sinceri e aprirsi molto più di quanto siano riusciti con chiunque altro.
La narrazione alterna momenti di estrema leggerezza, conditi di battute e doppi sensi che mi hanno fatto sorridere e divertire, a momenti più intensi ed emozionanti che tingono di rosa il libro.
Consiglio questo sport romance a chi ama le seconde occasioni, i bad boys e le brave ragazze, ma soprattutto a chi abbia voglia di sano divertimento!
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3,544 reviews37 followers
November 13, 2019

~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

This is the third in the series (although I seem to have missed 2, which I will be sorting out very soon!) and each deals with another couple, but the guys all play for the same Hockey team - and the women have all been linked to one of the men or another ... which makes for fun get togethers for sure! We get to enjoy how the first two couples are working out in this book, and meet Sloane's crazy Mum again!

Nils, as we discover, had a pretty horrendous start in life, and is now pretty much completely off the rails. His team mates are his closest friends - and they really are fantastic friends - and outside of that circle he is drinking too much, fighting too much, and hooking up too much. A particularly well publicised incident has given the senior management the chance to force his hand - rein it in or end your career. So, to his credit, he really does turn over a new leaf, and thanks to his ex-step-sister being friends with his team mate's fiancée he gets a second chance. A second chance to play, and possibly to have real chance with the one he let get away. I felt his behaviour beautifully displayed the damage that his parents had wrought on him. It was sad, and so deep in his psyche that it had to explode before he could really heal. It made sense of his immature behaviour, his inability to commit and his poor views of relationships.

Sierra moved away from her dysfunctional family after Nils embarrassed her as a young college student. She is studying to be an architect, and working to make ends meet - so when Nils offers to pay her to be his fake girlfriend, she takes the role, as it will pay for her car repairs at least. Although she is an older student, she comes over as quite immature at times - but again, like Nils, with her background it is not surprising. They are a match made in difficult circumstances, but one which works as long as no one acknowledges that they are far more than fake anything.

This is an enjoyable read, with some serious elements which definitely make you sad at how badly parents can treat their children, and the effects last for a very long time. Thankfully one's family made of friends is far more supportive, helpful and loving.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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4,228 reviews134 followers
November 13, 2019
4 star Review Dirty Swedish Player (Big Stick #3) by RC Stephens

I know this is hard to believe, but this is the first book I have read by RC Stephens. Although book three in the series, it can be read as a stand alone although you may get more enjoyment if you read the previous books.

NHL hockey player Nils Karlsson plays hard both on and off the ice, but this time he has put his career on the line, all because of a drunken mistake.

Sierra Cole is in need of money and when her ex stepbrother offers her money to play his fake girlfriend, she knows that there will be complications.

While the chemistry between them sizzles,
will the feelings that Sierra has ignored for years intensify? What will happen when fake feelings become real?

The history between Nils and Sierra is painful and both must come to terms with the past if they are have a chance at happiness.

Dirty Swedish Player is a steamy, angsty story about overcoming ones past, forgiving and taking a leap of faith.
Profile Image for Tanja OMGReads.
1,791 reviews44 followers
November 12, 2019
This story was interesting read. The beginning threw me off and I just couldn't imagine what someone could do to change his way the way Nils had to. He was on a real self-distractive path and I wasn't interested in his clean-up act.

But then Sierra enters the scene and I fell for her shyness and the way she knew better than to fall for a guy like Nils. But heart is a funny muscle and it wants what it wants and in her case she wanted a man who seem to be a lot more than he was showing off to the world.
The chemistry was real and I liked that she kept her ground with wanting more from him.

I really liked this story and I hope to see more of them in the future books.

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
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3,985 reviews320 followers
November 20, 2019

I loved everything about this book, it tugged at my heartstrings. Nils and Sierra have a past and it didn’t end while so when they are reunited for their best friends' wedding things don’t go as planned for them. Nils is walking on LEGO with the coaches and management and he needs to do better and appear more wholesome and what’s more wholesome then his ex-step sister. Sierra has just lost her job, her car broke down and she needs a miracle even if it’s a #bigstick miracle. They come together to both fix their current problems but things start to get complicated when feelings get involved and after some time apart they finally come to their senses and get the happily ever after they both deserve. I hope to read more about these two.

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378 reviews24 followers
November 23, 2019
I feel like this book had a lot of mundane info and only a small amount of actual important details. The whole premise is outside of the realm of human possibilities, however, this was a cute story about how the things we need can sometimes be right under ones nose.
Perfect for fans of second chance romances or fake dating!

Thank you to the publisher and Wildfire Marketing for this ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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1,224 reviews22 followers
November 15, 2019
This was a great enemies to lovers story that had me laughing out loud at so many times due tot he characters and their witty ways. I think the author did a great job developing this story and really had me hooked into the story line without wanting to let it down.
Profile Image for Avid Reader.
1,711 reviews
November 9, 2019
Dirty Swedish Player (Big Stick #3) by R.C. Stephens
4 stars
M/F Romance (kind of a second chance romance)
I was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.

Nils and Sierra were step-siblings once upon a time. Nils was left with his abusive dad while Sierra had to live with a controlling dad. When they first meet, neither is truly interesting in having a relationship, but their respective parents have other ideas. When that idea blows up and Sierra leaves for her aunts house, we are kind of left wondering what actually sent her running.

Flash forward several years and Sierra is more self-assured and confident. She has some fantastic friends, but is still floundering a little with what she wants to do with her life. When an opportunity comes up that allows for her to save some much needed money, Sierra will have to dig deep to figure out if she can compartmentalize the situation.

Nils is now a NHL star. He knows that he can do a lot of good, but he also has some severe anger issues. When he's caught up in a compromising position and a potential scandal, he's given an ultimatum. Clean up his act or get out of the NHL. Nils has worked too hard and lived through too much to give up now, so he comes up with a proposition.

Watching these two move past their issues and become more adult in their relationships was well developed. It was somewhat confusing to see them have so many issues without knowing the issues, but it works itself out. I also enjoyed the secondary characters a lot. They brought some hilarity to the situation and kept everyone grounded.

While this isn't your typical romance story and there is a lot of baggage, it still worked for this couple. I read book 1 and missed book 2, but I never felt that I didn't know what was going on with the characters.
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2,871 reviews932 followers
November 18, 2019
2.5 stars

An enemies-to-lovers, almost-second-chance, fake relationship, step-brother sports romance, this book is chock-full of fun tropes with a great set up, but sadly it missed the mark for me.

When I signed up to review this book, I did it without knowing that it was a part of a series. I would usually never read a series out of order, even inter-connected standalones like this one. And while this could be read on its own, there is a lot of character crossover with the couples from earlier books, so I felt like I was missing out on some of the dynamics there and had a bit of trouble remembering who everybody was and how they all fit together. But that was a minor issue. More telling is the fact that I sat down to write this review only a few hours after finishing the book and I had already forgotten the heroine’s name. Because the crux of it is, I didn’t care about, or even particularly like, these characters.

Anyway, on with the review.

Nils is an NHL star who is more known for his manwhoring ways. Our introduction to him as a romantic hero is him hooking up (in detail) with two random women in a bar bathroom. Lovely. It turns out one of the girls was videoing the event, and it ends up online and going viral. Quite rightly, his reputation is in the gutter, and his team have told him to settle down his wild ways or risk being traded.

When Nils’ former stepsister Sierra (thanks for the name, Goodreads) reappears in his life, she presents the perfect opportunity. Beautiful, sweet and not a money-hungry puck bunny, she’s the perfect fake girlfriend to show his team that he is not a wild liability. After all, they’ve done a fake relationship before. It’s just a shame that she hates his guts.

Nils and Sierra met as teenagers when their parents married. It was never a close relationship, but for a short while, at their parents’ suggestion, they pretended to be boyfriend/girlfriend in College in order to introduce Sierra to college life and provide her with some protection from all of the hot and horny boys she would encounter (yeah… a bit weak, but whatever). It’s a situation that got them up in each other’s spaces for a little while, but it ended horribly when Nils showed what a true a-hole he was and Sierra ran away devastated and humiliated. Years later, she doesn’t really want anything to do with him, but she’s in a bit of financial trouble and he offers to pay her for her time, so why not?

And once the deal is made, it doesn’t take long for their attraction from years ago to come roaring back to the present.

“Nils.” She says my name as a warning.
“Stop fighting this.” I gaze into her eyes and there’s a silent understanding between us.
She nods, and that’s all I need for my lips to come crashing down on hers.

It’s all pretty quick moving, but it’s not a simple reconnection. They have issues they need to overcome – their pasts, Nils’ reputation, his aversion to relationships, and Sierra’s fear of getting hurt again. It’s not a smooth ride to their HEA, but thankfully it’s not too angsty.

For me, the main issue was that there wasn’t enough build-up. We heard that they were talking over the phone a lot, but we didn’t journey with them as they started to feel something for each other outside of their mad lust. I could see that Nils was treating Sierra differently, but we didn’t see them together enough for me to fall in love along with them. And I was honestly surprised when declarations were made, and then it was all over. I didn’t feel any of it. Partly because I didn’t click with the writing, which didn’t really flow. And partly because I just didn’t come to care for the characters. I didn’t hate them, I just didn’t love them, I felt like I wasn’t given much of a chance to love them because we didn’t really get to know them that well. And while I was glad they got their HEA, it didn’t fill me with the excitement, happiness or the swoony delight that I love to experience while I read.

So yeah, sadly not a winner for me.

2.5 stars, it was just ok.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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2,128 reviews37 followers
November 14, 2019
4.5 stars. Fab enemies to lovers - hot, amusing and great reading.

"The way she pushes those thick-framed glasses of hers up her tiny button nose always gives me a hard-on."

Bad behaviour and bad decisions has Nils Karlsson about to lose the most important thing in his life - his NHL hockey career. He needs to clean up his image with good works and a steady girlfriend. Unfortunately, a suitable candidate is hard to come by when all that's on offer are puck bunnies. However, when an opportunity presents itself for his former step-sister to be his fake girlfriend - for the right price - it's a win-win situation for them both.

Sierra Cole has just lost her job and totalled her car. She needs money desperately. So desperately that she accepts the role of fake girlfriend to Nils - a guy who broke her heart and who she despises. However, no matter how much her head tells her that she can't stand him, her heart is telling her something completely different.

"Seeing his scars breaks my heart and reminds me that we are two broken souls who have come together again."

This was a fun, amusing story with plenty of steam and some real angst. To put it mildy, Nils' life is something of a car crash and he needs help urgently to make sure he doesn't ruin his career. There's some bad history between them but I loved the simmering attraction that had never gone away. Poor Nils is so blind to what is really going on between them but I enjoyed how Sierra handled the whole thing and, with a little bit of help from their friends, Nils comes to realise exactly he has. They were both broken people who grew up with some real issues. On paper, they don't seem a likely couple but they fit perfectly together! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and plan to read more from this author.
1,948 reviews41 followers
November 14, 2019
I've found that fake relationship stories can be hit or miss. And Dirty Swedish Player packs in a whole lot of tropes: stepbrother, previous relationship, hockey, wounded hero and bad boy. Yet somehow, it all gels together.

I really liked that Nils and Sierra's story is set AFTER the first fake relationship they had in college. Aside from one flashback chapter, their story is set in current day, where she pretty much hates him and has gone out of her way to avoid him, even thought they have common friends. Sierra reluctantly agrees to help Nils clean up his act following a sex tape scandal by posing as his fake girlfriend, but when lines get blurred, will she be able to keep up her end of the bargain?

That flashback chapter filled in a lot of blanks, gave a lot of insight to why Nils did what he did, and why he is the way he is now. He had an abusive dad, and felt abandoned by his mom. Sierra had a controlling dad and was abandoned by her mom. These two came from some screwed-up childhoods, but were so perfect for one another. I really liked that the slow realization that he was catching feelings for Sierra all over again kind of threw Nils for a loop. I wish there could have been more groveling, because his come-to-Jesus moment fell a little flat in an otherwise entertaining book.

This book is part of the Big Stick series, and while it is a standalone, there are plenty of appearances from the other couples. I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.
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Author 36 books1,086 followers
November 11, 2019
“The senior managers want me to find a girlfriend and settle down to clean up my image. There is no way I can find a girlfriend so fast. You would be perfect. I want you to be my fake girlfriend.” His blue eyes gleam, his lip quirks on one side and his nose slightly scrunches.
“You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.” I shoot to my feet. “We tried this before and it worked out terribly.” I place my arm on the arm rest and stand. I take one step.
“I’ll pay you,” he says loudly, stopping me from taking another step. I stare into his eyes. “I’ll pay you,” he repeats. “You can treat it like a job. I messed up in the past, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. I don’t plan on having a repeat, and honestly—you would be perfect, Sierra. You are beautiful and smart. My fans would eat it up.” He continues waving his hand in the air. “Just picture the headlines . . . badass Nils Karlsson gets tamed by architectural student Sierra Cole.”
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9,144 reviews55 followers
November 14, 2019
Nils is a professional hockey player whose off-ice antics could destroy his on-ice career. He has been given an ultimatum by his team which is to leave his womanizing and partying ways behind him and that means demonstrating that he is in a relationship.

Now that Sierra has gained her independence she doesn’t want to lose it and that means struggling financially while she tries to finish school.

Sierra and Nils were step-siblings at one point but their relationship did not end well. When fate throws them together once again it seems like the perfect solution as he needs a girlfriend and she needs money. What could possibly go wrong?

Both Nils and Sierra had less than idyllic childhoods which not only affects their lives but their relationships as well. There is no denying the chemistry between them but if they are going to have a future together they must first heal from their pasts.

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1,166 reviews325 followers
November 5, 2019
 photo 20191026_164529_zpsnyqvf1pl.jpg
This older step-brother, fake relationship, sports romance is really intriguing, sexy, forbidden, angsty slow burn is shattering. Check out my full review & more on my BLOG -> CLICK HERE
 photo 20190911_093929_zpsxm2dimqe.png
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1,553 reviews60 followers
November 14, 2019
Nils is a scoundrel. Caught with his pants down and his ‘stick’ exposed, he needs to get his act together and clean up his image. Enter the suitable fake girlfriend. Sierra rocks that sexy librarian vibe and fits the bill. They have a complicated past to overcome. Having already done the fake relationship thing in the past, Sierra agrees to do it again for a price and on her terms. Although I really enjoyed the premise of this book, the story did not pan out the way I was hoping and expecting it to do. None the less, Nils overcomes his obstacles and the two get their happily ever after.
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November 15, 2019
I really enjoyed this book but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I read the first two books. I liked how the author gave a flash back so we understood why the h was so upset. I just wished that the H took his head out of his a** sooner. They had great chemistry and I was rooting for them the whole time. Im so glad that I was given a chance to read this book and I’m definitely going back to read the first two books.
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November 14, 2019
4.5 stars

Nils is something else and thats putting it nicely lol. He is definitely wild and out of control to the point of the NHL issuing ultimatums. His poor ex step sister Sierra has no idea what she is truly getting into with this fool. These two are a hot mess can Sierra over come her crush and be the perfect fake girlfriend or will it all explode. I questioned if he was gonna break her heart for a second time a few times but I gotta say he pulled his crap together.
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November 13, 2019
Sexy and easy read, I liked the hockey side of it and the story kept me engaged until the end.
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November 19, 2019
See full post with teasers and a giveaway: https://reesesreviews.blogspot.com/20...

Ooh, Wowza this book was so much fun. I squeezed in a bit of reading time at work because I couldn't put it down!

Dirty Swedish Player is the third book in the Big Stick series and while I haven't (sadly) read books one and two, yet, I felt like this story could be read as a standalone. I was never confused by the characters or their stories. I didn't feel like the story tried to over-explain the other characters and I think if I had read the previous books, I would have just felt a happy feeling to be reading about how they're doing.

The story starts in the past with Nils and Siera meeting each other for the first time and getting roped into fake dating each other by their parents. Then cut to present is Nil doing some very public sexy times and getting it on camera. Whoops. Now his job is on the line and he's about to get kicked off the team if he doesn't clean up his act. Enter Siera his now ex-stepsister and Nils has the perfect plan to get his life cleaned up. Having Siera be his fake-girlfriend, again, is just what the coaches ordered.

I greatly enjoyed this story. Nils starts over very angry about, well almost everything. This leads to bad decision after bad decision. When he meets up with Siera after their big fallout years ago, he finally comes to terms with how badly he must have hurt her. I love how Nils grew over the story and it didn't feel like an overnight change. He loves playing hockey and the thought of losing that is the catalyst for why he turns everything around.

Siera is a fierce character and I greatly enjoyed going back to the past and seeing her as timid and lacking in self-confidence to the person she was in present day. It's very clear that the event in the past between herself and Nils affected her and hurt her. I was cheering for her every time she put herself first and didn't let her feelings for Nil lessen the knowledge she had of her own self-worth and what she needed.

Dirty Swedish Player was great. It focused a lot on the issues parents leave their children with when they don't have it together. The relationship between Nils and Siera was very slow and gradual, but with the underlying sexual tension that kept me at the edge of my seat wondering when they were going to cave. Fabulous.

The pacing was great. The story was very fun with an amazing cast of characters who I grew to love very quickly throughout the story. The main characters were adorable and fun and felt like people I would enjoy being around. Fabulous writing all around.
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April 8, 2021
🏒⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ ③,⑤
Visto che lo sport non è un mondo dove di solito bazzico, cerco di rimediare con le letture che mi trasportano direttamente sul campo.
È il caso di Nils Karlsson, un giocatore di hockey, che ne ha combinata un’altra delle sue. Proprio non riesce a tenerlo nei pantaloni e, per l’ennesima volta, complice l’alcol, si ritrova nei guai. Ora il suo membro è alla portata di tutti, #bigstic, e per rimediare al danno, i dirigenti della squadra gli impongono di dare un’altra facciata alla sua vita. Deve ripulire la sua immagine e trovarsi una fidanzata.
Tutto questo è inaccettabile per un ragazzo che non necessita di stabilire un legame con qualcuno, tuttavia l’idea di impegnarsi in una finta relazione sembra essere l’unico modo per garantirgli un futuro nel mondo dell’hockey.
La persona disposta ad aiutarlo è Sierra Cole, la figlia dell’ex marito di sua madre, nonché ex sorellastra. È nei guai anche lei e quando Nils le fa la proposta non può permettersi di rifiutarla, malgrado l’odio che prova nei suoi confronti.
I problemi, però, nascono quando i due si accorgono che la finzione comincia a scemare e l’attrazione a crescere.
Alcune dinamiche del passato freneranno Sierra che ha già avuto dimostrazioni scomode dal sexy giocatore svedese, mentre Nils continuerà a negare le emozioni pur di non rimanere incastrato in un vincolo che limiterebbe il suo atteggiamento libertino.
Il sentimento di odio-amore è l’elemento caratterizzante che mi ha spinto a scegliere questa trama, tuttavia devo riconoscere che, durante la lettura, non c’è stato un vero e proprio trasporto perché ho trovato poco stuzzicanti i battibecchi. Soprattutto, ho percepito lei abbastanza “arrendevole” e molto poco determinata a far sudare le famose sette camicie al giovane e aitante atleta. Secondo il mio punto di vista, anche i momenti di tensione sono stati di breve durata e, alcune volte, privi di pathos impedendomi di immedesimarmi ed essere trascinata completamente nella storia.
La scrittura è frizzante, scorrevole e accattivante in alcuni tratti, la narrazione piacevole, ma mi è mancato quel qualcosa in più che facesse scattare la folle corsa fino alla fine. I temi trattati come i rapporti conflittuali con i genitori, l’amicizia, nonché l’integrazione e l’adattamento ai gruppi sono sempre argomenti interessanti sui quali basare delle storie da cui ogni lettore può trarne spunti importanti.
Consiglio questo romanzo a chi piacciono le letture leggere, passionali, con qualche pizzico di pepe a rendere il concetto dell’amore un po' più piccante.
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