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Love in the Lowcountry: A Winter Holiday Collection

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Romance is heating up the winter holidays…

From paranormal to contemporary, from sweet to sultry, from first time love to love revived, discover both dark and deLIGHTful tales of romance amidst the intriguing backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina.

Best-selling authors join exciting new debuts in fourteen original stories of Love in the Lowcountry…

Hoodwinked for the Holidays - Wanted: Ghost with good reviews for special holiday tour. Team Player a must. Matchmaking skills NOT required.

Mistletoe and Mayhem - In the Unholy City, everyone has a secret.

The Snow Leopard - What could be worse than being born into a family of shifters? Not being one.

The Illusion of Control - Having it together often means you don’t.

Champagne Supernova - With everything going wrong, can she make New Year’s Eve go right?

A Secret on Gillon – Bax’s fiery will and Raziel’s divine license to sin ignite trouble before fate steps in.

Hitman’s Holiday - His job is to kill her. But how can he take her life when she’s stolen his heart?

Kisses on King Street - It’s never too late to reclaim a lost love. Can rekindling a past romance yield later life love?

Poinsettias for Carly - A past unresolved is never the past...

Wisest, Swiftest, Kindest - Two grad students connect though time travel to Charleston’s literary past. Is love enough to bring them home for Thanksgiving?

A Charleston Christmas—Love Finds a Way –

West End Club – Membership in West End Club is pure Charleston tradition. And marriage is the only way out of the December gathering.

A Silver Holiday- There’s better, there’s worse, then there’s spending the holidays with in-laws you can’t stand.

Ghosted Home to You – She doesn’t need dating apps to get ghosted.

Kindle Edition

First published November 5, 2019

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About the author

Savannah J. Frierson

31 books287 followers
Savannah J. Frierson is a USA TODAY best-selling and award-winning author penning diverse romance and mainstream fiction full of genuine characters, authentic stories, and passionate feeling.

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Profile Image for Kelly-Jo Sweeney.
990 reviews12 followers
December 11, 2019
A little while ago, I decided that I wasn't going to be reading any more of this type of anthology. There are far too many out there where there are just one or two novellas that I really enjoy and then the rest are just a bit rubbish. I'm happy to report that that was far from the case with Love in the Lowcountry.
This collection is quite eclectic, with every style of romance imaginable included, from paranormal to contemporary, couples meeting for the first time, to old lovers reconnecting. There were some that I might not have considered reading before, but I was glad that I did. From the whole collection, there were just two that I was less keen on and even they weren't bad.
I bought Love in the Lowcountry particularly for the story by Jen Davis, having read the first part of this novella already. I'm glad that I didn't stop there and gave the rest of the stories a go. I'd highly recommend this collection.
Profile Image for Michelle Austin.
2,605 reviews31 followers
November 24, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry: A Winter Holiday Collection was a great 5 star read.
We get a great mix of14 winter themed stories from several great authors, paranormal, 2nd chance romance and so much more.

Hoodwinked for the Holidays
This was an interesting read. Sarah runs ghost tours and she has a couple of ghosts working for her, but is it really a good idea? One evening her ghost’s cause some issues for her and she is worried that Saxon, her competition will find out. The other problem for Sarah is sparks fly whenever they see each other. When he shows up to take Sarah’s ghost tour things get interesting.

Mistletoe and Mayhem -
We start with Penelope (Penny) trying to get a job at the magic shop. She meets Jamison while talking to Minerva about the job. I had lol moments at Penny’s thoughts. When Jamison sees her, he seems interested in her ring. There is something about him that sends shivers up Penny’s spine, is it good or bad?

Poinsettias for Carly was one of my favorites.
I was pulled in from the beginning with this short story. This is Carly and Mason’s story that involves past and present. Carly returns home to help pack up her mom’s home, while packing she relives some of her memories. Mason left town after an accident that involved Carly’s brother. Now that they are both back can they rekindle their lost love? My emotions were all over the place. Do they get a HEA?

There are several other great stories in this collection. I enjoy reading these collections because it gives me an opportunity to read authors I have never read before. There is something for everyone in this collection. Each story was just the right length. My emotions were all over the place. If you're looking for some great reading for an even better price, 1-click and get started today on this collection. I look forward to reading more from several of these authors.

Profile Image for Liz.
1,327 reviews18 followers
November 19, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry is a sweet and heartwarming collection of winter themed stories conveniently in one nice package deal. I loved the vast array of novels that cover many genres from paranormal to the second chance romance. I am going to leave a little tidbit about the sweet second chance romance novella, Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims, an already favorite author of mine.

I loved that the title, Poinsettias for Carly also mentions A past unresolved is never the past… I feel like that gives you a good indication of what you are in store for with this little read. I love that while this was a short and fast paced read I never felt slighted or bored and like I was missing pieces. Carly was a fun character who brought the emotion to life in the tale of her finding the spirit of Christmas and dealing with a past that has come back to face her in the future. Will she get her second chance at love and a happily ever after? For that and more fantastic other reads you will have to pick up this set for yourself!
Profile Image for Jana.
834 reviews
November 24, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry: A Winter Holiday Collection is a superb collection for the ones who love romance when the winter holidays hit! The writers represent diverse genres and there is something for everyone, whether you love sweet or dark AND all of them take place in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina! If you have ever dreamed of visiting the area, let your imagination take flight and enjoy the ride! Buckle down for these 14 unique stories!
One of my favourites was Michele Sims’ second chances story of poinsettias for Carly that takes us on a journey with Carly who gets a second chance for love and happily ever after when she goes back home to settle her mother’s estate … it is a heartwarming story of how past can be re-written and nothing is gone for ever!
This is a collection that anyone of any age can enjoy while snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine)!
Profile Image for Laura Furuta.
2,046 reviews25 followers
November 13, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1)
Featuring Poinsettias for Carly
By: Michele Sims
5 out of 5 stars

The story that I want to review is Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims. It is a book that intertwines the past and present. It is a story that had my emotions going up and down the entire time that I read it. This is a book that although isn’t very long, had my attention from the beginning to the last page. It has heartwarming scenes and I found myself with a smile on my face when reading it. It gives you “the feels” all the way through. I loved reading about Carly and Mason. They are two characters that I found myself caring about what happened to them and wanted them to be happy. Don’t miss out on this amazing story that is part of this anthology. I highly recommend it.
Profile Image for Katie.
2,081 reviews11 followers
November 25, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1)
5 stars

What a wonderful collection of winter time stories! There is definitely something for everybody in this anthology – from paranormal to sweet romance.
One of the stories I particularly enjoyed was Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims. I enjoy second chance romances so this one was always going to be a great story for me and throw in Christmas time and it ticks every box! Although this was a short story it wasn’t lacking in anything at all - it was well written with characters that were developed nicely. I loved Carly! I thought that she was a great character. She’s been through some tough times but she absolutely stands up for what she believes in! Even if that means standing up to the man who she shares a past with! This really was a lovely story and well worth a read from this anthology!
Profile Image for Jenni Bishop.
2,856 reviews22 followers
November 15, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1) by a group of great authors but I am only going to review the wonderful story by Michele Sims, Poinsettias for Carly - A past unresolved is never the past...

This sweet contemporary romance finds two people have both gone through a divorce and are both passionate about their callings. But when Carly finds that her childhood home is being torn down she decides to confront the man she once loved. What she finds is a nice Christmas rekindling the past and hopefully a new future. The story is well written and is a lovely second chance tale.
1,438 reviews5 followers
November 16, 2019
5 Star
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1) Featuring Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims

Poinsettias for Carly is one of the many stories in A Winter Holiday Collection .I’ve read several books by Author Michele Sims and I’m never disappointed. I was hooked from the beginning although this is a short story it grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn’t stop reading till I finished. I felt like I was on a emotional rollercoaster ride at times, it’s heartwarming at times. I loved the characters Carly and Mason. These two knew each other in the past, and now in the present. Find out what happens next I can’t wait to read more from these authors.
Profile Image for Kerry  carr.
1,134 reviews5 followers
November 20, 2019
This is a collection of love stories. There is something for everyone

One of my favourite stories is by Michele Sims called Poinsettias for Carly.

Carly moves back to her home town to help her aunty sort the rest of her mums home out so its ready for sale.

While she is in her family home a lot of memories both good and bad resurface and also an old flame reappears.

Mason was the love of Carly's life but after an accident involving her brother Mason left Carly and moved away.

Is the romance between them still strong and can they both overcome the hurt and heartbreak of the past to create a new future finally together.
Profile Image for Tausha Treadway.
1,080 reviews6 followers
November 22, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1) Featuring Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims. This is a awesome collection but I LOVE Michele Sims so I focused on her short story! Its a second chance love story about a girl named Carly who finds out her old home is being torn down and she confronts the one guy who still has her heart. Its a story so full of emotion and love that you will zip through it so fast. Its a feel good Christmas story so get you a cup of cocoa and a blanket and settle down for the sweet love story.
Profile Image for Bobbi Wagner.
3,709 reviews24 followers
November 7, 2019
This is a great collection of stories that will warm your heart right to your soul. There is a little bit of everything from romance to paranormal. Each story is unique, engaging and well written. You will find stories about keeping secrets, about confronting the past, second chances and more. You will find a favorite among these as well as meet a new author or two. I highly recommend this holiday collection set, they will keep you warm on a cold night.
Profile Image for Robin Hillyer-Miles.
52 reviews2 followers
November 5, 2019
Awesome Anthology

I liked the varied stories in this book. Each was interesting, well plotted, and ended happily. I think anyone from college students to grandmothers will enjoy this anthology!
Profile Image for Erin.
714 reviews2 followers
November 26, 2019
I give Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1), 4 stars.

This is a great collection of Christmas romance stories. What makes it stand out is that there are multiple subgenres of romance, such as contemporary romance and paranormal romance. This makes it even more interesting in my opinion, you never what what you're going to get next.

While there are many good stories in here, I want to focus on Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims. It takes two main characters who were really close when they were young, but tragedy separated them. Now she can't stand him, especially after this latest move. But he seems to want to forgive and forget. Is she willing?

Not a very long story, the author is able to tell us so much about these characters' pasts while explaining what is happening in the current day too. This felt like a complete story to me and while I would love to read more about these people, I did not like I was left hanging. The author is a great storyteller and it really comes across in the story.

If you like variety in your romance short stories, this is the perfect anthology for your holiday season.
2,076 reviews7 followers
November 22, 2019
Love in the Lowcountry (A Winter Holiday Collection Book 1) is a varied and exciting collection of books by some fantastic authors. This collection definitely has something for everyone and Ioved how from story to story you got something entirely different.
I started out reading this anthology mainly for Michele Sims. This is an author that I had read previous works of and have always enjoyed. However, once I got the book I couldn’t stop myself from delving into the rest of the work and I can definitely say that I am pleased I did. Not only did I discover books that were well written, engaging and well paced, I also discovered some new authors that I hadn’t heard off before.
Even if you aren’t interested in all the books I would recommend buying this anthology as I am sure you will find more to like than initially expected.
Profile Image for Shannon.
713 reviews2 followers
November 26, 2019
This Winter Holiday Collection has a little bit of everything!

Poinsettias for Carly by Michele Sims is a pretty ok and sweet story. It’s a quick short story about 2 kids growing up together until a tragic accident and a few misunderstandings cause hurt feelings and repressed love. All this information is gathered in flash backs. Those same kids are grown-ups now and are meeting again for the first time in many years. As they reminisce, they rediscover their love for each other.

The story flowed well but I didn’t seem able to connect to the characters. I could definitely see how their situation could have been different with some good old fashioned open communication. I like Sims writing style to keep reading her stories. While there seems to be something missing, Sims is a writer to be watched!

Looking forward to reading the rest of this anthology and other Sims stories!
1,399 reviews10 followers
November 13, 2019
I really enjoyed this collection of stories. It felt like a complete set and covered a full spectrum of scenarios from paranormal to historical to straight romance. All romance lovers will enjoy this charming collection set in the heart of the south, with all the charm you would come to expect. You won’t be disappointed.
Profile Image for Dee.
284 reviews
December 20, 2019
Wonderful anthology!

I have to admit to never having read any of these authors before. I picked it up because of my love of the lowcountry and interest in Charleston. But it was a real treat to read! I enjoyed every story.
148 reviews
January 28, 2020
Fun read

Some of the stories I loved, some I just liked, and a couple left me baffled. But overall it was a very good collection of lowcountry romance stories.
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