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As a prospect of Rebel Rage MC, Linc’s assignment was simple: take care of the woman who was kidnapped. Easy… except for the riot of emotions she stirs within him.

Harper is broken and has the scars—inside and out—to prove it, but the love of a headstrong, protective biker might be just what she needs to heal.

While Linc and Harper dare to explore their developing feelings, danger lurks within the shadows, waiting to drag Harper back into the torment she barely survived the last time. Linc will risk it all to make sure that never happens, but will it be enough?

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The Prospect is book three of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which started with The President, followed by The Vice President, and is concluded with The Prospect.

Kindle Edition

First published November 4, 2019

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Addy Archer

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Addy Archer is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer who loves rough bikers twisted with a hint of romance and sassy women.

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2,209 reviews27 followers
September 8, 2020
This is the third book in this series and they must be read in order. This book continues right from book two. Linc has been with the MC for awhile and has proved himself. He would be a patched member but he wanted to wait till he turned 21. Harper (Apple) was found by the MC under the floor of a pimp’s house. She couldn’t remember who she was or anything. She went through something horrible and Linc helped her through. Linc is the only one she will let near her comfortably. Now that she is through the worst of things could they have a future. She is still in danger from the man who her father gave her to. But, Linc and the club won’t let anything happen to her. Things gradually begin to change between them. Linc knows the Harper was meant to be his. He would do anything, kill anyone for her. Will Harper want that kind of future with Linc? Could she ever have that kind of relationship with anyone? This is the final book in this series. This book is the culmination of the things the club find themselves them in. Will they be able to find a way to take care of everything and come out the other side without too many loses? This book and the series and fantastic reads and I couldn’t recommend them enough. The characters are amazing. I can’t wait to read more books by Addy.
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1,598 reviews73 followers
October 30, 2019
3.5 Stars

With all the action and suspense that build up from the previous, I was expecting an explosion of activity for Linc and Harper’s story. That’s not what happened.

The Prospect picks up right where The Vice President left off. While everything was tied up into a bow for Peyton and Hunt it felt like it had already been done for Harper and Linc as well. Harper’s already at a point where she’s nearly healed from everything she went through. Maybe a bit PTSD but she’s no where near as broken as she was.

I think it would have been better if this book started around the time Harper was picked up and Linc was taking care of her. This way we could have experienced the friendship/bond they built while she healed. As it was, there wasn’t enough substance between the characters for me to get or feel that connection.

The Prospect was a quick read and helped fill a couple hours of my time but I found my mind easily wandering away from the story. 😒
Profile Image for Lydia's Bookshelf.
871 reviews182 followers
November 2, 2019
I. Love. Linc!!!! There, I said it. Now that it’s off my chest...about this book.

The Prospect picked up right where The Vice President left off. As I’ve mentioned before, while each book focuses on a different couple, the trilogy follows a general storyline. So yes, books should be read in order.

Having gotten to know Linc a bit more during book 2 and seeing how protective he was over Harper, I was super, duper excited for his story. And let me tell you, I swooned HARD over his alpha side. Nothing would ever harm Harper again. Ever. He made damn sure of that. He loved that girl with every cell in his body and I loved reading about it.

After the horrible ordeal Harper had been through, Linc had become her lifeline. He helped her heal not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too. He was her everything and she was is, and I felt their connection and chemistry sizzle with each turn of the page.

As for all the action and drama, it was nice seeing things come full circle. And that epilogue?? I sure do hope there’s a spin-off planned, Ms. Archer!!! LOL!

Five stars!! Get this trilogy!!
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3,550 reviews28 followers
November 6, 2019
Linc and Harper are close friends turning into more after Harper was rescued. She's still dealing with some trauma and likes Linc to be close. Linc is a prospect for Rebel Rage MC and totally alpha. He wants to take care of Harper and love her. This starts right off from the previous book so read in order. A truly awesome story and series.
Profile Image for Shani.
747 reviews23 followers
September 3, 2020
When Linc saw her, he knew he had to help her. Every moment of his life and every challenge has led up to the moment where he stands in from of Harper and holds his hand out to help. As the prospect of the MC, he knows what his duties are. Be there for his brothers, handle even the most mundane of tasks, and without any talk back. For him, Alaric and Hunt saved him, bringing him into the club that continues to protect and be dedicated. It's a code he's lived by and shows that same dedication to making sure Apple is ok.

Apple is actually Harper, she's come by the name thanks to Linc. When she arrives at the club, broken, battered, and out of it, its Linc who is able to reach out and help her. She's survived a horrific chain of events that dares to end her completely. Her life was good, and happy before everything blew up. Having been around the MC world for a long time, she knows the ins and outs, or so she thinks. Regardless of that, she is connected to Linc and knows without a doubt, he'll protect her at all costs.

This book, absolutely ripped out my emotions, leaving me with a book hangover. I tried hard to stay awake to finish it, but as usual, my kindle was forgotten as I dozed off. Who would have known I'd dream about the series, the mob, and threatening someone with a "cleaner"? That's how much this book got me! The way the author truly took the time to really focus on PTSD and how Harper had to cope is something I appreciated so much. It was handled with care, and understanding that isn't always shown. Everything about this book really left an impression! It's amazing! Please keep in mind there is violence and sexual assault (it's touched on briefly, not in-depth) that can be a trigger for some.
Profile Image for Carlise.
399 reviews
July 30, 2022
I liked it!

Lind and Harper (Apple) have been thrown together under horrific circumstances but found themselves friends and then more.. once they get rid of the one man that Harper fears and who is responsible for the death and turmoil for Rebel Rage, they’ll find their HEA.

I don’t really enjoy the books that have an assault included because you can’t help but wonder about the woman’s recovery and the immersion that they will have eventually in wanting to have a sexual relationship with their partner. Esther is bound to have at least one per series so I expected this at some point.

The story itself was fine..short and sweet. No drawn out issues finding Alejandro and not even his ultimate death..the swiftness of Harper’s recovery was a bit much though..I know it’s a fictional story, but this is always an issue when I’m reading these stories.

Good story and an easy ending to this part of the series.
Profile Image for Wendy Hodges.
2,223 reviews34 followers
September 1, 2020
I just knew this one was going to be the one to make me cry and I was right. This is an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. Linc is fabulous with Apple, right from the start he took care of her, became her friend and the first person she could trust since being kidnapped. The climax to this three book series gets answers and retribution, it's also about healing and moving on, I found it to be sweet, even inspirational and romantic. I loved how everyone came together and back this couple giving them support and anything else Harper needed even if it was space and time. The love shared by all making them a big happy family. I am pleased that we got their future as well and it didn't just stop short. I can highly recommend this series I loved it.
Profile Image for Pet.
2,832 reviews4 followers
February 17, 2020
Everything that was missing in the last book is in this one. Linc treats Harper with respect, compassion, tenderness and love. It’s in his every action and his every word. I loved reading this.
My only nit would be, counseling, For the absolute horror of what she suffered it would have taken her serious counseling and time to move on as she had (it’s not fair or right to state she got over it so quickly because she was strong, the message that sends is any person who does need help after that horror is then weak, which is not the case, ever).
2,503 reviews89 followers
August 31, 2020
She is trying to overcome hell, he is determined to save her. Will her wounds allow her to let him in? Will he get what he never knew he wanted?

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THESE TWO! I fell in Linc with his actions in previous books, but this book just tipped that scale even more. I loved the fact that he saw past what she was going through and was determined to make her see what he saw. I thought for everything she was going through, she showed courage again and again and proved that she wasn't going to let the devil get her down. Will definitely be checking out other books from this author!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Michelle.
616 reviews4 followers
September 13, 2020
In the previous books Linc's job is to watch over and take care of the women who was found hidden under the floor of a pimps house. The club finds out the women happens to be Peytons sister Harper. While Harper is healing from her traumatic experience her and Linc form a friendship. As their friendship grew so did their feelings for each other. Linc is very protective of Harper and will stop at nothing to make sure that the enemy is dealt with once and for all. This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster. Great conclusion to the series.
Profile Image for Fabiola Cadet-Destil.
1,992 reviews7 followers
February 27, 2020
The Prospect

3rd book in the series, and I've gotta say it's absolutely amazing. Linc became the ultimate hero every woman needs, he's patient, strong, and very passionate about Harper. Harper went through a traumatic experience but she came out better on the other side because of the love she received from Linc. I can't say too much about the story but you definitely need to give it a go, it's a definite recommend from me.
Profile Image for Kelly Fountain.
957 reviews2 followers
August 5, 2020
Hot and sweet at the same time. Harper has gone through hell and back and Linc is the only one she allows close. He walked through the hell with her and carried her when it became too much. Now she’s healing and the friendship they formed is being tested by the lust that’s overtaking them. Slow steps are taken towards a future but she will never relax until the man who hurt her is 6 feet under. It has a little bit of action, a whole lot of heat and a good dose of pure sweetness. Great read!
Profile Image for Neringa Neringiukas.
1,233 reviews74 followers
September 19, 2020
Not sure what, but the third books wasn't working for me as previous two. Maybe it was my mood or something, but I just couldn't feel connection with Apple or Linc.
There's not as much action as in 2nd book. Though, I have to say it worked for me better, that it didn't had more trauma for Apple and just more focused on her healing, taking her life back and growing connection between her and Linc.
In general story was good. And was good ending to the series.
Profile Image for Mimirureviewbooks.
1,689 reviews
October 7, 2020
The Prospect is book 3 of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy series written by a new author for me. But after reading book 1 & 2, I'm a big fan of Addy Archer. Hooked, line and sinker! The Prospect picks up right where The Vice President left off. This is Linc and Harper "Apple" story! The plot is full of action and drama, an emotional roller coaster from the beginning to the end. I truly recommend this book.
173 reviews1 follower
May 2, 2021
Good short series

This is a good series that is cohesive and easy to read. I wish it had a bit more depth, more to get involved with but I suppose that not all books can be like that. If you want a quick easy read with some humour along the way then you should love this, it’s not heavy on the MC side of things so if your not keen or haven’t tried MC books then this is worth a try.
December 22, 2019

This trilogy has it all, family betrayal, family unity and a lot of swearing.
Ha Ha!! It wouldn't be an MC without the swearing. I couldn't put it down and kept reading until the end. I didn't review each book but this trilogy just makes you want to read on until the end. Well done Addy Archer!!
Profile Image for Debbie Earley.
2,163 reviews11 followers
November 10, 2020

Linc and Harper's story was an emotional one for me. My heart broke for her and all she endured because of her father, but with Linc's friendship, love, loyalty and devotion she was able to overcome all that she endured and I couldn't be happier for them. I loved the epilogue and seeing where all the kids need up. I would love to see the stories in the future.
Profile Image for Patricia.
675 reviews2 followers
November 15, 2020
Linc And Harper

Conclusion to this three book series. Linc is a prospect for the club. When a woman is discovered in a basement of a drug dealer, he steps in to care for her. With the Cartel, rival MC, DEA circling around the club, the MC decides to step out and protect Harper and the rest. Sad and sorry to see this series end.
212 reviews
December 22, 2019
Broken But Not Destroyed

With the love, loyality and brotherhood of the Rebel Rage MC family Linc will find the happiness he deserves in life. Filled with dark fears and memories to over come and love and passion. A great story.
Profile Image for Julie Jackson.
2,109 reviews10 followers
May 19, 2020
Linc is so caring and loyal. Harper is a victim but with his help maybe she can lead a normal life one day. With all the danger lurking for her, she can’t get any peace. When they are alone and safe, she feels like she can breath. Awesome writing.
157 reviews
July 3, 2020
Great book

This was a great read & enjoyed the way everyone's lives was wrapped up at the end, didn't leave me hanging. I really liked link & glad he got to tell his & apples story
Profile Image for Rebecca.
1,620 reviews24 followers
September 1, 2020
Wicked, sexy

Now it's time to meet Linc and Apple aka Harper they meet from her beinning taken and now she's on the road to recovery with the help from Linc and the Rebel Rage MC.

So come read a wicked series
757 reviews1 follower
September 7, 2020
Sooooo good!

I sure hope we get the second generation books!!! Great tease at the end! This was another fantastic read and I loved it!!! These books just keep getting better and better. Now I will impatiently wait for the next one!!
Profile Image for Mel.
95 reviews
January 2, 2020
I thought this book was fine, but nothing terrific. It wasn’t as funny as the last two books either. I would still read this author’s books though.
Profile Image for Amy.
53 reviews
January 28, 2020

Can't believe the series is done ..they had my attention from the first line of the first book to the last line of the last book these books are great reads
1,318 reviews2 followers
February 12, 2020

What a great conclusion to this series. It was really enjoyable and kept my attention. Great chemistry between the main characters and the plot was really good.
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