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Echoes #2


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They survived a plane crash.
They survived life on a deserted island.
They survived being hunted.
Now they must survive the truth—they are not who they think they are.

One minute they’re in Poland, subjected to gruesome tests they keep failing. No friends to support them. No family to claim them. No hope of ever living a normal life again.

Then suddenly, they’re trapped on an abandoned freighter in the middle of the ocean and forced to fight for survival. No food. No drinkable water. No way to get home. And strange memories of another life they don’t understand.

But how can they be living two separate lives, trapped in two separate places, at the same time? They’ll have to find the connection and uncover secrets that someone went to great lengths to keep hidden...if they’re going to survive long enough to find out who is behind it all.

300 pages, Paperback

First published June 1, 2020

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About the author

Alice Reeds

7 books117 followers
Alice Reeds was born in a small town in Germany but spent her first eight years in Florida, USA. Later on, she moved back to Europe, where her family moved around a lot. She was raised trilingual and has a basic understanding of Russian, read and spoken. After getting her International Baccalaureate Diploma, Alice is studying English Language and Literature at University. In her free time Alice mostly writes, reads, figure and/or roller skates, or watches countless let's plays and figure skating videos.

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Author 1 book140 followers
June 2, 2020
I was infatuated with Echoes and was really excited to see news about Fractures. This is the sequel and the second part of a continuous story. Fractures continues the mystery I came to love in Echoes but we have a new world. There are more questions to be answered and working out the truth is hard.

Echoes was told from Fiona’s point of view whereas our new narrator is Miles. They still need to work together even though they think they’re heading home. All is not as it seem as the mind muddle continues.

The mystery suspense is a big part of this story so I don’t want to give too many details away. I loved the island setting in book one whereas the new reality in book two wasn’t as exciting it still had me guessing at every page turn.

The ending makes the book. I wanted Fiona and Miles to connect and overcome their differences. The new reality holds more than they imagined possible.

4 out of 5. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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1,107 reviews67 followers
June 1, 2020
Echoes was such a delight and certainly one of the very few books I urged people to avoid any and all reviews for. Any little tiny tidbit, even the smallest detail, could spoil that story and readers should be as aloof going into it as I was. Normally with second books, I don’t try to be as careful with the details, but I will do the same thing I did with ECHOES and give barely anything away.

FRACTURES picks up right where ECHOES left off, with Miles and Fiona being rescued and hopefully filled in on all the details. Unfortunately for Miles and Fiona, the rescue was just a relocation, as they’ve made it off the island but where they’ve ended up most certainly isn’t home as promised. The pair have more questions than ever and barely any answers. But what answers they do get certainly paint a much different picture than anything they could’ve imagined.

I really enjoyed this duology and I loved the air of mystery surrounding both books. The story was at times very confusing, though the confusion was intentional and I loved feeling how both Miles and Fiona felt. Another thing I appreciated about this follow up is that where ECHOES was narrated by Fiona, we finally get to hear from Miles, as FRACTURES is narrated through him. It was interesting to finally see things from his perspective.

All told, I loved where this duology took readers and I liked that it ended on a somewhat satisfying note. I highly recommend both FRACTURES and it’s predecessor, though I hope all prospective readers go in knowing next to nothing about the series because half the fun is being just as lost as the characters.

*eARC received via NetGalley.
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June 8, 2020
You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight

I really enjoyed reading Echoes, and was pretty excited to get to its follow up! This book picks up right where Echoes ends, and it ends on quite the cliffhanger, so it's going to be hard to not spoil anything from the first book. I'll do my best to keep it vague though! I am just going to break down everything I enjoyed about the book!

►We learn so much more about the characters! In Echoes, there's a ton of action and uncertainty about who our main characters are. But in this book, while there is still tons of action, a lot of it is about character development.

►As I said, the action is still very much present. The stakes are also very high (and our main characters have finally begun to understand just how high) and so every action-filled moment becomes even more important and thrilling.

►The mystery remains fabulous. My favorite part of Echoes was the mystery, and it definitely doesn't disappoint here! While we do find out the answers to some questions, they lead to more questions throughout the book so you're always excited to keep reading to figure out more.

►All the clues and action made it compulsively readable. I really wanted to know what was happening to Fiona and Miles, so I basically had to keep reading. Especially when I thought I might be onto something (even though I probably wasn't), I got excited!

►The ending is SO satisfying! I loved that everything was answered and resolved. It makes me happy. I won't say more than that because obviously I am not spoiling the ending, but it was a good one.

Bottom Line: Even better than the first book, Fractures builds upon the characters, the mystery, and world in an exciting and satisfying conclusion.
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45 reviews42 followers
June 24, 2020
Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for sending me an Advanced Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fractures continues with Fiona and Miles’ story where Echoes left off.

Fiona and Miles thought they would leave the island behind and start their new lives in California with new identities. However, their nightmare is just beginning.

After being "rescued" by Agent McCarty, Fiona and Miles hop in a plane to California. They soon find out their new destination isn't even in America but rather in Europe.

They are Briola Tech's property. Fiona's stepmother and Miles' father sold them to be part of an experiment lab.

But they don't know exactly which kind of experiment they're part of. And now they are telling them their real names are Kellie and Oscar.

"This is your life, Kellie Jackson and Oscar Lyel, properties of Briola Tech."

They need answers and it seems they can only trust themselves to find them.

In an alternate reality, they're not on the island anymore but rather inside a freighter in the middle of the ocean with no one else and zero chances of survival.

How can they be living two separate lives? Secrets are everywhere they go inside Briola Tech. They need to survive to find out who's behind the experiments and what they entail.

While Echoes was told from Fiona's POV, Fractures is told by Miles’ POV. It was refreshing to have new eyes and new ideas from a different character.

Even though I feel the plot from Echoes was better, I really enjoyed reading Fractures. I got the answers I was looking for.

I loved how Fiona and Miles' relationship was developing throughout Fractures. Even though they hated each other just merely two weeks ago, their relationship was progressing during Echoes and their banter just keeps getting better in Fractures.

“Thank you, Mr. Dictionary, but how is that supposed to help us?”

The end wasn’t entirely what I expected, even though in Fractures there’s still mystery around the whole Briola Tech experiments/tests, I wasn’t entirely convinced about the petty reason Briola Tech was founded on.

Overall, I got my answers and I enjoyed reading this duology. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen. If you’re looking for an intense book filled with mystery, plot twists and romance, I recommend you reading Echoes and Fractures by Alice Reeds.

My wish already came true. I hope yours too. You’ll get this reference at the end of Fractures.
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576 reviews
April 12, 2020
While Echoes is written from Fiona's point of view, Fractures is written from Miles. I didn't know this book was the second in the series when I requested the ARC so I had to read Echoes before delving into this one. The jump in narration was confusing since I kept thinking it was Fiona instead of Miles, but then again that is on me since I jumped from Echoes straight into Fractures.

Fractures takes place where Echoes left off. Fiona and Miles think they are going back to the US where they will live in California with different names while under the protection of an FBI agent. Their joy derails when they end up in Poland and back into the hands of Briola Biotech. Like Fractures, the chapters alternate between the Briola villa in Poland and a stranded freighter in the middle of an ocean.

I didn't like Fiona and Miles as much in Fractures. Fiona especially since her character suddenly developed a different personality. In Fractures, Fiona was angry, cruel, and cold. She resorted to fighting, constant cursing, and being manipulative to Miles. This was a huge 180 from her character in Echoes. Miles wouldn't stand up for himself either when Fiona used him as her punching bag.

Another thing I didn't like was the instant love which falls back to Echoes. After nine days stranded on an island, Miles and Fiona switch from mortal enemies to lovers. It was ridiculous. Their soul mate mindset continued in Fractures of course, except when Fiona was berating Miles.

The pros are this book picking up where the first one ended, the eventual answering of questions, and the Polish setting.

Thank you NetGalley for an ARC.
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1,659 reviews101 followers
May 25, 2020
I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

If you were around my blog in the summer of 2018, then you know I became positively OBSESSED with Alice Reeds’ Echoes! It was a bizarre read with a truly spine-gripping puzzle and mystery to it that I devoured that book and waited endlessly for news of a sequel and finally the day came when Fractures was announced and I pounced on the chance to read it early!

Fiona and Miles thought they escaped the island, thought they escaped a maniacal enemy with plans to control them with chips all for the “greater good.” But they soon learn, as we did at that very last page, that all was not well. The saviors they thought that were on their side, turned out to be something else entirely. Instead of returning home, they are sent to Poland where they are kept in a strange house. Told they were now Kellie and Oliver. Everyone looks at them differently, almost expectantly, but Fiona and Miles are just as clueless as we are.

This time around, Miles is our storyteller, which I found to be very apt since Fiona told the first story. I think I still might have enjoyed it a bit more if the books could’ve alternated with their points of view, but seriously, I’m not complaining over that factoid. Much like the first book, we have what feels like two storylines going on. One in which Fiona and Miles are stuck on a freighter in the middle of nowhere in the ocean with no possible means of escape, and the other is seeing them stuck in the Villa where they are prisoners surrounded by strangers and other teens.

Miles’ mysterious older brother continues to make an appearance in this one and even seems to be a part of the weirdness going on. Fiona and Miles basically only have themselves to trust because it’s clear they won’t find help inside the house.

I love that this book continued to baffle me with all its mysteries and weirdness! There’s something about a book where the storyline is meant to make it hard to discover what is and isn’t real. This book will definitely keep you guessing, just as its predecessor did. It was truly a mind-boggling experience, and yet I loved every minute of it!

The mystery element continued to run very strong throughout this one! It was just impeccable! Even if you read these books back to back, I would wager that you’d still have a difficult time keeping everything together.

The ending was just remarkable as well! I admit, I would’ve liked to known how far and deep things would’ve gone if it ended at a later point, but I was quite happy with how things wound up. I was still a little unclear as to the timeline of the differing chapters we had going, the Villa versus the freighter. But I think the whole not knowing part was its strongest part!

The relationship between Fiona and Miles still ran rather strong too. They aren’t at that happy couple stage, because obviously the crazy is still happening all around them. Though they remain stronger together, they will still hit a few obstacles that could threaten their fragile state.

All in all, Fractures was an amazing conclusion to the duology! It was just as intense and mysterious as its predecessor and had me turning the pages at breakneck speed! It was a read that I never wanted to put down or let it end! It held me riveted from the beginning until it’s heart-stopping ending. Needless to say that this read was just perfect for me! If you’re looking for an intense and thrilling mystery series, I would immediately pick up Alice Reeds’ Echoes duology because it’s not a read you’ll want to miss!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

Fractures releases June 2, 2020
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3,292 reviews12 followers
April 29, 2020
Fractures by Alice Reeds a fractured four-star read. I didn’t realise that this was number two in the Echoes series and I probably should have gone back and read number one but I didn’t have the chance, this was well written and had a great plot that will keep you hooked but I did feel like I missed some of the story not having read number one. There was alternating chapters and that got a little brain foggy at times, but I am not my nest at the moment so it could have just been me. I do plan on going back and reading Echoes and then re-reading this one as it was a good read overall and I am sure that if I knew the whole story I would have enjoyed it more.
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1,150 reviews7 followers
June 1, 2020
I was lucky to received an arc of this book from Netgalley and the publisher. Of course before reading this book, after having realize it was a sequel, I have read Echoes and really like it so I was happy to already have Fractures in my kindle.

Miles and Fiona have survive a plane crash, a deserted island and being hunted. But now they will need to survive the truth. They are not who they think they are.

Now in Poland, they are being told that their past live was never real. Miles and Fiona don't exist. Their name are Oscar and Kellie. And now both of them are unsure of what to belive.

We again are alternating between two reality. On one of them they are on an abandoned freighter in the middle of the ocean. Without food, water they will need to survive. The second reality is in Poland, were Briola really is. Subjected to test and being told that they have no families or friends. No way to escaped the fact that they belong to Briola.
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5,125 reviews459 followers
June 4, 2020
*Source* Publisher
*Genre* Young Adult / Suspense
*Rating* 3.5-4


Fractures is the second installment in author Alice Reeds Echoes Duology. The story takes place where Echoes left off. As the story opens, Fiona Wolf and Miles Echo think they are going back to the US where they will live in California with different names while under the protection of an FBI agent named McCarley. Their joy derails when they end up in Poland and back into the hands of Briola Biotech. They are, after all, property. The chapters alternate between the Briola villa in Poland and a stranded freighter in the middle of an ocean.

*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews*

June 16, 2020
This book was a continuation of Echoes, which gripped me and didn’t let me go.
Fractures was a different experience for me. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but the plot felt like there were so many things going on that it became difficult to keep up with what was truly happening.
I also liked the characters more in book 1. The dynamic between them almost seemed to flip on it head here and created an atmosphere for their relationship that wasn’t totally believable.
The upsides to this book were that I finally got some answers and some clarifications, although it did take a bit to get there. Overall though, it was an enjoyable read, especially if suspenseful plots are what get your heart pumping.
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512 reviews2 followers
January 8, 2023
It was ok but the ending was pretty disappointing. The story itself was interesting and I only read this second book to see how it would end. But they rushed through the wrap up ending and explanation way too fast. And it was pretty cheesy too. More like a 2.5. Just too weak overall.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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170 reviews2 followers
July 31, 2020
Fractures takes off right way Echoes left off. The two two main characters, Fiona and Miles, are rescued from the island they were trapped on. But the shocker is what they thought was a rescue mission was actually a completely different operation, one that proves to be more sinister and filled with more secrets. And instead of going back home to their parents and their lives, they’re sent somewhere else, living completely different lives with memories they don’t recall having. Fractures is a mystery within a mystery and that main aspect made this story wonderfully delightful.

Like Echoes, I was constantly left guessing what would happen and shocked with every twist and turn. I loved how I would start to put the pieces together then BAM! I’m thrown through a loop, just like Fiona and Miles. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a ton of details without giving the plot away, but just know this story is overflowing with twists. Fractures is a wonderful, suspenseful novel that will leave every reader guessing, even those that are quick to solve mysteries.

I loved that Fractures was told from Miles’s perspective. As the reader, I was anxious to learn more about his character, so reading from his point of view really provided more insight into his emotions and background. And with his perspective, I got to see just how much Fiona meant to him and that he would do anything to protect her. Their relationship continues to grow in Fractures to a more personal and emotional level, and I loved watching them work together to end these series of mysteries for good.

Reeds writing is just as phenomenal as Echoes. She easily weaves together this novel with every shocking mystery uncovered. Her writing creates a tale that is compelling yet surprising at the same time. I found myself constantly hooked to this story, needing to know what is really going on and which alternate world is actually the right one. I was just so engrossed in this story and though I thoroughly enjoyed the story, I was sad to see it end, but the ending was worth it.

Alice Reeds has truly delivered a clever and twisty tale that is sure to shock every reader. Its darker and more atmospheric than Echoes, and it is a story that cleverly delivers an ending to a wild ride. This duology is one you will not want to miss.
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1,288 reviews5 followers
June 10, 2020
I couldn’t wait to read book 2 of the Echoes series and find out how Fiona and Miles adjust to their promised new lives in the witness protection program, but unfortunately, their luck went from bad to worse.

Fiona and Miles are part of some kind of experiment promoted by greed and power. After they thought they were rescued from their first harrowing trip to Berlin and a remote island, they were tricked and sent to a place called the Villa that holds other teenagers. However, they are also on an abandoned freighter in the middle of an ocean getting shot at by pirates. Again they have to figure out what is real and what is fake before their time runs out. Miles has to prove all those people wrong, including his father, who thought he was useless. Can he get past his fear and break out of this psychological prison?

This book is in Miles’ point of view filled with his insecurities and doubts about his abilities and his mistrust of other people. He believes Fiona is the strong one, but Miles doesn’t hesitate to put Fiona first and protect her when they are in danger. He is braver and more confident than he thinks. Fiona may have the physical strength to kick your butt as a kickboxer, but Miles is the brains behind the brawn. Now that their relationship is established, they love and protect each other no matter what. In addition, there are some surprising supporting characters introduced who make it much more interesting.

This book jumps back and forth between two different realities and the author makes it work. It’s a fast-paced thriller with an incredibly creative plotline that will have you hooked from the first page. I have read Echoes, book 1 in the series, and I highly recommend you read it before you read this book. It just puts everything into perspective considering the complicated relationship and situation Fiona and Miles are in. With that being said, give this series a try; you won’t regret it.

Thank you to Ms. Reeds for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
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2,133 reviews57 followers
June 12, 2020
**3.5 Stars**
I had no idea how this story would play out after how Echoes ended- keep in mind that this is the second book in the series and it HAS to be read in order. I found it really interesting that the author switched perspectives in this sequel. In the first book, Echoes, the story is narrated by Fiona but in Fractures, the story is completely told through Miles' eyes. I was thrown a little off by the twist, uncertain how I felt about the change when the story started. I did like getting to know Miles and how sweet and determined he was, but I missed seeing into Fiona's mind. It would have been just about perfect to have the narration switch between both characters but that might have made the book even more complicated.

The story again switches between two different plot lines, one where the two characters are rescued from the island they were trapped on in the first book and a second time line where the island never happened and the two characters are on a freighter in the middle of some random water source trying to figure out why. The reader gets to piece together what is going on, how everything fits together, and what is real. The suspense and the tension was great, building as the story progressed and keeping me guessing how everything would play out. This series has been a completely unique ride, unlike anything I have read before, full of deception, danger, manipulation and overall love and the pursuit of truth.

Overall, the ending to the series wrapped up nicely with no loose ends- and it even had a very nice, feel good, sweet romantic moment I really appreciated. This has been quite the journey for Miles and Fiona- a dangerous, twisty, action packed ride that surprised me in so many ways. This is the perfect read to jump into if you are a fan of YA Thrillers with a touch of romance and psychological manipulation.
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659 reviews6 followers
May 31, 2020
Fractures continue from the first book, Echoes. It is told from the perspective of the male protagonist, Miles and we get to see more mind trips in their world as well as seeing Miles and Fiona's personal relationship develops.

This read has a slightly darker and more mysterious element to it. It is action-packed and you still feel the element of illusion from the first book. You get to see a different side to Miles and Fiona, and the pressures of their world fall onto them. Everything is questioned in this book, and things take a more sinister turn the deeper through it.

I enjoyed this read because lit of questions was answered, and there were a lot of surprises that I was not expecting. My heart fell in love with many of the characters and the intriguing storyline was addictive. There was also lots of action and teamwork and many other elements that made the story great.

Miles and Fiona were great as usual. They worked as a team and dealt with the pressure incredibly. They were courageous and brave and took all risks necessary to do what they needed to do. I loved their relationship and the bond they held. It was nice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. I didn't expect what happened, and it was the perfect way to end the book.

Honestly, I could bot have asked for a better way to complete Miles and Fiona's story. It was thrilling, action-packed with the element of dystopian sci-fi. I loved the romantic element with Miles and Fiona, and I couldn't stop reading the drama and mystery of the world they were in.

I have a new author whose books I need to watch out for. This was brilliant, and cannot wait for more!
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2,968 reviews65 followers
April 18, 2020
FRACTURES follows up ECHOES with a similar adventure and eventually leading to the answers we sought in the first book. Miles and Fiona have escaped from the island and although they thought they were being rescued, they have now been transported to Poland, where they are being told none of their past lives happened. They are told that they are named Kellie and Oscar, and Fiona and Miles never existed. They are unsure what to believe, but they do believe in their own memories.

Along the same lines as the first, where they alternate between two seemingly real places (island and Berlin), here they alternate between Poland and an abandoned freighter. The plot moves slowly, as they try to decide what their next steps should be, and Briola seems to be several steps ahead along the way.

Although I really enjoyed the first book, this one seemed to drag a bit. I would have liked more answers and moving along. I felt like this was almost a rehashing of the first book, where reality seems foggy and they are given two alternatives- and we are left with our questions for a long time. This book was told from Miles's point-of-view, but because of all the action, we only get through the surface and don't get a chance to really delve into his mind.

Overall, I was really happy to get some answers about what was going on. The conclusion here was satisfying, especially after the cliffhangers of the first book.

Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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608 reviews44 followers
June 10, 2020
Augh. Miles? Fiona? What is happening? I love it. I hate it. I can't deal.

If you read Echoes, you know what to expect going into Fractures, and Alice Reeds does not disappoint! As a matter of fact, she doubles up!

Miles and Fiona are off the Island; the hunt is not on, but they are still in the clutches of the Briola Bio-Tech peeps. The dark corporation takes a more insidious turn this book as Alice Reeds cracks open the bad apple and takes us into the Garden of Evil. The new mind fracture has them in Poland at a villa where they are being tortured by Briola, as well as on a remote freighter searching for survival in unsurvivable conditions.

I spend half the time reading the books in this series, asking myself how the characters aren't having psychotic breaks when I should be asking how I'm not having one. These books are mind twisters. There is massive brain gymnastics doin' happening. I very much enjoy the stories, but by the end of the book, I need a nap. And a hug. Because Alice Reeds makes me scared of the world outside--it's happening somewhere, isn't it? I think it probably is.

Be scared and read Echoes first and then pick up Fractures and let it blow your mind.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.
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872 reviews16 followers
June 4, 2020
3.5 stars

When I read Echoes, the first book, I was immediately drawn in by the two protagonists and by the alternate timeline aspect of the plot. The timeline thing and the characters still appeal to me in Fractures now that they are off the island but, if Fiona and Miles thought they were in trouble before, they could have had no idea what was to come.

This time, the point of view comes from Miles and there’s a difference in the level of urgency that they felt on the island but the mystery of what’s really going on deepens. For starters, how lovely is it that their own parents sold them out, literally? The promise of new lives in California was just a ploy and now Miles and Fiona have to trust no one but each other and work to find answers for themselves including the question of their real identities.

I could definitely do without the insta-love but Alice Reeds is a fine writer and her worldbuilding is vivid; the duology is a nice blend of science fiction and mystery, which I really appreciate, and Ms. Reeds kept me guessing and flipping pages as fast as I could to the very end. Besides heartily recommending Fractures, I’ll say this—you must read the two books in order 😄
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872 reviews16 followers
June 9, 2020

3.5 stars

When I read Echoes, the first book, I was immediately drawn in by the two protagonists and by the alternate timeline aspect of the plot. The timeline thing and the characters still appeal to me in Fractures now that they are off the island but, if Fiona and Miles thought they were in trouble before, they could have had no idea what was to come.

This time, the point of view comes from Miles and there’s a difference in the level of urgency that they felt on the island but the mystery of what’s really going on deepens. For starters, how lovely is it that their own parents sold them out, literally? The promise of new lives in California was just a ploy and now Miles and Fiona have to trust no one but each other and work to find answers for themselves including the question of their real identities.

I could definitely do without the insta-love but Alice Reeds is a fine writer and her worldbuilding is vivid; the duology is a nice blend of science fiction and mystery, which I really appreciate, and Ms. Reeds kept me guessing and flipping pages as fast as I could to the very end. Besides heartily recommending Fractures, I’ll say this—you must read the two books in order.
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1,456 reviews17 followers
March 21, 2021
I would like to thank Entangled Publishing, LLC and the Netgalley website for allowing me to read this book.

This book is told from Fiona's point of view with a new narrator Mile's.

Having survived a plane crash, lived on a deserted island, been hunted, now they must survive the sad reality. They find themselves in Poland undergoing horrific tests with no one to support them, no family, and no hope for a new normal. When suddenly they have to survive on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean with no food, no drinking water, no way to get home and strange reminiscences of another life that they don't understand where it comes from.

The question is how can they live two different lives in different places at the same time? They will have to survive as long as possible to find out who is behind it all.

A book read in one go so much I was hooked on the story so gripping, addictive, captivating, full of suspense and twists with very endearing characters. I can't wait to read the whole series again.
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1,229 reviews39 followers
May 25, 2020
I was emailed a while back recommending this book to me based on my reading tastes. NOWHERE in any of that email, on NetGalley when I requested this title, or on Goodreads when I looked this up (around the same time) did it say that this was a sequel. So I went into this book having no clue that it was a book two. That played a huge factor in my enjoyment of this book.

That being said, this was still a good read. We have Miles and Fiona who survived a plane crash and are deposited in this new place with new identities. I liked Miles a lot, but Fiona was kind of mean and angry.

The volleying between alternating chapters thing going on here was a bit confusing. But this was SO WELL WRITTEN.

Had I realized at the tome of requesting this, or even shortly after requesting this title, I had learned that I should read Echoes first, I absolutely would have and would have probably enjoyed this series so much more.
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11k reviews139 followers
June 10, 2020
Fractures is the second book in the Echoes series, and it picks up right where Echoes (Book 1) left off, which means YOU MUST READ ECHOES FIRST! I found it an interesting concept that Alice Reeds did with Fractures being told from Miles POV as Echoes was from Fiona's POV. Since the major point of this series is suspense/mystery, I'm not inclined to give details away when it comes to the happenings. I can say this, there are many f-bomb worthy twists, with all kinds of questions being answered, however, more are asked, which has me trying to figure out things as I wait for the next book. I hope Fiona's personality comes back to what it was in Book 1, because she wasn't the same in Book 2. Alice Reeds is definitely a descriptive genius as I found myself transported to where Miles & Fiona were, and that's always a big plus. Now that I've hinted around at things, it's time for y'all to hit those one click buttons to see if you agree with my cryptic review! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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June 16, 2020
reading echoes was a mind-trip, and fractures basically continues apace. this time we're in miles's perspective, and he and fiona must deal with shifting realities and dual timelines and figuring out what the heck is going on.

honestly i recommend a refresher read of echoes before diving into fractures, the books are decidedly not standalones. not being in fiona's head this time makes for a slightly disconcerting experience when you first pick the book up, but it quickly fades once you are thrust into the action. and it's also fun to get to know miles a little better.

anyway, this book wraps up miles and fiona's journey nicely, with all the pieces finally slotting into place. if you read book 1, this one is a must read.

**fractures will publish on june 1, 2020. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (entangled teen) in exchange for my honest review.
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June 5, 2020
What would you do if you woke up stranded on an island? That's what happened to Miles and Fiona. They were stranded on an island and then woke up stuck on a cargo ship with no recollection of how they got there. Next thing they know, the FBI rescues them and everything changes.

They're told they can't go home. That they're now in witness protection and have new names and identities. While Miles and Fiona are making peace with this, they get taken to a Villa in Europe where everyone seems to know their new identities. They have no idea what is going on.

Turns out they were purchased to be part of some science experiment and now they're stuck with it unless they can find a way to escape.

Very Maze Runner-ish. I enjoyed it. I was confused right along with the characters but in the end, it all made sense. This book took off from the very first page.
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June 7, 2020
I'm giving this one a 4.5 rounded up to 5. Although I had some issues with Fiona being a pain and it was such a character change from the first book, overall I really enjoyed this one. I love how it doesn't stick in the dystopian lane but in brings in the mystery, suspense, a little thriller, a little romance, and gives us a well rounded story. This is one I'd definitely recommend to YA fans. You can read my whole review on Stranded in Chaos.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Teen for the ARC!
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June 8, 2020
This book was super awesome. After Reading Echo I couldn't wait to dive into this book. 2 teenagers Fiona and Miles survived a plane crash having no memory . I was hooked following these characters as they embark on a journey to discover the truth and to find a way back home. The story plot was entertaining to read I couldn't put the book down. This is a scifi thriller that will leave you in suspense I really enjoyed this book. No spoilers here I voluntarily review this book for my honest opinion
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June 1, 2020
Round two! New memories. A new situation. New knowledge that they dont remember learning. Miles and Fiona take on another suspenseful journey to uncover secrets thatll leave you turning the pages to find out which is real and which is implanted. Or are their names Oscar and Kellie?
An amazing teen read with suspense and wonder you dont want to miss!
I recieved an ARC in exchange for a honest review
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