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Hunter Legacy #3

Edge of Darkness

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New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian is back with Edge of Darkness, the latest sizzling, spellbinding novel in the Hunter Legacy series of vampire romances set in the darkly seductive Midnight Breed paranormal story world.

As a survivor of the horrific Hunter program, Breed vampire and former assassin Knox is a solitary man, closed off to the pain of love—and loss. A loner by choice, Knox deals in death and dark justice, expecting nothing in return. Until one snowy night he drifts into a remote town in northern Maine, where a determined beauty enlists his lethal assistance, tempting not only his hunger, but his wounded heart as well.

Lenora Calhoun has lived in tiny Parrish Falls all her life. Owner of the local diner that’s been in her family for generations, Leni’s as stalwart and stubborn as the tall pines that surround her. That unshakable resolve doesn’t sit well with everyone, least of all the most powerful family in the logging town. Leni’s been the target of their animosity for years, but with their escalating threats now putting an innocent child’s safety at risk, she takes a desperate chance on a dangerous stranger—a man who is something more than human. Knox’s deadly skills and turbulent gaze should be warning enough for Leni to guard her heart, yet she cannot deny the yearning he stirs in her blood. For the merciless Breed male is the only man she can trust in a town full of secrets, and where taking a stand could rip away everything she holds dear.

While this novel is Book 3 in the Hunter Legacy series, each story in this Midnight Breed spin-off series can be read as a complete standalone with HEA and no cliffhangers.

232 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 29, 2019

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About the author

Lara Adrian

111 books10.5k followers
LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author with nearly 4 million books in print and digital worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books have been named among Amazon’s Top Ten Romances of the Year, and have also been nominated by readers multiple times as finalists for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance of the Year. Reviewers have called Lara’s books “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune), “extraordinary” (Fresh Fiction), “strikingly original” (Booklist), and “one of the best vampire series on the market” (Romantic Times).

Writing as TINA ST. JOHN, her historical romances have won numerous awards including the National Readers Choice; Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice; Booksellers Best; and many others. She was twice named a Finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards, for Best Historical Romance (White Lion’s Lady) and Best Paranormal Romance (Heart of the Hunter). More recently, the German translation of Heart of the Hunter debuted on Der Spiegel bestseller list.

With an ancestry stretching back to the Mayflower and the court of King Henry VIII, the author lives with her husband in New England, where she is working on her next novel. Visit Lara’s website and sign up for new release announcements at http://bit.ly/LaraAdrianNews

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Profile Image for Kat valentine ( Katsbookcornerreads).
616 reviews816 followers
February 24, 2023
I love this hunter series spin off from Lara adrian!!!! Another fabulous read from the breed universe! I'm so glad that Lara gave the hunters their own series I was intrigued by them from the beginning and wanted to know all their stories. Knox and lenora 's book is the third book in this series and it was full of passion,sex and suspense with a great storyline and plot. I don't want to give too much away about this new book. But I will say the steam factor was hawt !!! And the characters so beautifully layered and both knox and lenora are so interesting with unusual abilities,Knox is able to see good or evil in a person just by touch and lenora is able to shield herself from harm with a invisible barrier! So friggin cool ! No one writes a better vampire paranormal romance then Lara Adrian I love this world she has created and can't wait for my next visit. Until next time kid's 💞💋
Profile Image for Sophia Triad.
2,239 reviews3,458 followers
February 14, 2020
Knox and Lenora

Third book in the Hunter Legacy series and what I truly like about these books is that although Hunters are Breeds, they don't obey to any rules. The only thing they respect is the fact that they need to protect all the breedmates in close proximity.

Lenora Calhoun is one of them. She lives in a logging town close to the boarders and she is in danger. The most fearsome, dangerous family in the town wants to take away her favourite nephew.
Breed vampire, Hunter and former assassin Knox will make her war his war. He will not hesitate to protect her and her family.

The book has a great plot and I adored Lenora. Her character is well developed and the best fit to Knox. Maybe it is time for him to settle down.

Fantastic book and spinoff series! I am looking forward to the next book :)

Profile Image for Stacie.
1,972 reviews193 followers
December 5, 2019
4 1/2 "Sin reader" Stars!

Leni and Knox had me at hello
I fell hard for the both of them from the moment they met. Because even though Leni was a BA that stood up for herself and her nephew, Knox had her back from the beginning. As reluctant and in denial of his feelings as he may have been. Lots of action, romance and mystery. That final conflict was awesome. My favorite of this spinoff series so far. Happy reading!
March 17, 2020
4.5 Gen One Hunter Stars!!

Knox is a Gen One (former) Hunter created by evil Dragos. After a accident claimed the life of Breedmate he loved he walks away from his life and his fellow Hunter brothers. While on his way to Canada he stops at a diner to warm up and sit out a blizzard, soon after arriving he witnesses the owner, Leni, having a heated confrontation with a one of the locals and Knox comes to her aid when the man becomes threatening.

Leni has spent her life living in the small Maine logging town and running the Diner her grandmother opened years earlier. She’s has been raising her young nephew Riley almost since his birth and her sister’s disappearance 6 years earlier. She will do whatever it takes to keep Riley safe and if that means going up against the most powerful family in town then that's what she’ll do all the while dreading the imminent release of Riley’s father from prison...who happens to come from that same family and the same man Lani suspects has something to do with her sister’s disappearance.

 photo 88D6FBE9-AE1F-46E5-8F5E-78BF5194C4A5_zpse2dluj2s.jpeg

While on his way out of town he finds Lani after she has a “accident”. Knox once again comes to her aid and once he discovers Lani is a Breedmate, Knox is duty bound to stay in town and protect her and Riley. He refuses to leave either of them unprotected, determined to keep them safe, and willing to do whatever it takes no matter what! Naturally they grow close and soon find themselves unable to fight their growing attraction.

Final thoughts: Another fantastic addition to LA’s Hunter Legacy series. Knox and Lani are fabulous characters and totally compliment one another and I loved the small cameos from a couple Breed warriors. My only complaint seemed it seemed to end rather abruptly which was a bit disappointing. All-in-all I loved it and can’t wait for more!!!

* ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for a honest review.
Profile Image for Annie .
2,442 reviews814 followers
December 18, 2019

I always look forward to Lara Adrian’s book and I have found that I really enjoy this series a lot. EDGE OF DARKNESS is book three in the Hunter Legacy series. Normally, I would say it’s better to read this series in order, but actually I think that this book stands alone really well.

For me, I did feel like the beginning was kind of slow. It feel like Knox and Leni had to take it slow because they were strangers in the beginning whereas some of the past couples that Adrian has featured at least knew each other in some way. Therefore, I do think there was a longer distance to cross with this romance in the beginning. However, despite Knox’s Breed status and his alpha attitude, I found him to be really sweet, especially when it came to Leni. His protectiveness made him really attractive and I definitely can find myself getting behind all of Adrian’s heroes.

Leni is a strong figure herself. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the secondary storyline regarding the people she knew. It just wasn’t that captivating to me. However, I still managed to get through it because I liked Knox so much. In the end, the pacing did pick up a bit and I found myself breezing through the rest of the book.

So despite the slow start, I do think that this romance burns strongly. Adrian pays attention to the details, making this book really enjoyable because of the fuller storyline. I can’t wait to read the next book!
Profile Image for Mary Kirkland.
537 reviews20 followers
September 7, 2021
Knox has been on the road ever since he lost someone close to him. He doesn't want to get close to anyone else at this point but when he meets Leni in her diner, he's drawn to her.

Leni is in her diner when Knox comes in from the cold just to warm up a bit. She knows he's a Breed when he takes off his gloves and spots the glyphs on his hands. He's a vampire Breed from the Hunter program. He's a trained killer but she's not scared of him.

Knox is sitting in Leni's diner, just trying to warm up a little before moving on when a couple of guys come into the diner and give Leni a hard time. Leni is raising her 7 year old nephew and his father is getting out of prison soon. Her sister was brutalized by Travis but then pressed charges against him when she found out she was pregnant. But she went missing after she gave birth and Leni hasn't heard from her sister since. The father's family doesn't like Leni because she's keeping the child away from them. Knox tells the guys to leave and then he walks away only to find that someone attempted to kill her later that night by pushing her car off the road. Knox saves her and goes back to her house to make she she and her nephew, Riley are safe. But he finds as he looks around that her house isn't very secure and he takes it upon himself to install new locks on her doors and windows. Leni let's him stay in the room in the attic and they find themselves getting closer after he finds out that she has the Breed mate mark.

But when Riley's biological father, Travis gets out of prison he lets Leni know that either she let's him be in the kids life or he'll take her to court and take Riley away from her. Since Travis's family has a lot of money and pull in that town, she knows that she'd lose Riley if it came to that. After that Knox does whatever he has to in order to keep her safe. We meet a couple of the other Breeds that come to help when Knox calls to enlists the help of The Order.

Travis and his family are even worse than I could have ever imagined and when the horrible secrets they and others in the town have been keeping come to light, we get what I can only describe as a satisfying conclusion to this book.
Profile Image for Jewlsbookblog.
2,133 reviews67 followers
November 29, 2019
I flew through Knox and Leni’s story! Fantastic action, a load of payback, and one steamy romance peppered a storyline that was jam packed from the start. The ending was a little rushed, but overall, this was a good read.
Profile Image for Sarah.
3,336 reviews1,017 followers
December 4, 2019
Edge of Darkness is the third book in Lara Adrian's Hunter Legacy series and although it's a spin off from the Midnight Breed series (and fans of that series will appreciate the cameo appearances from a few familiar faces) these books have all been designed to work as stand alone stories that can be read in any order. They each focus on a different couple and I'm really enjoying seeing some of the lethal Gen One Hunters from Dragos's awful breeding program finally find their own happily ever afters.

Knox has loved and lost once before and in his grief he walked away from his brothers and the only people he cared about. He's spent months living a solitary existence travelling across the country trying to run away from his pain. While he goes out of his way to keep to himself and avoid getting involved that doesn't stop him from standing up for people around him and when he sees Leni being bullied he immediately steps up to her defence.

Leni has spent her life living in a small town in the middle of nowhere and she's been raising her young nephew Riley ever since her sister disappeared 6 years ago. She will do whatever it takes to keep Riley safe and if that means going up against the most powerful family in town then that's what she'll have to do. She's secretly living in fear though, worrying about how she'll keep custody of the boy when his father is released from prison. When she recognises that Knox is one of the Hunters she turns to him for help but as the attraction flares between them the price may include her heart.

This was another fabulous instalment of the series, Leni and Knox had fantastic chemistry, the romance is slow build but well worth waiting for, Riley was adorable plus there's a ton of action and danger that kept me on the edge of my seat. Throw in a couple of familiar faces from the Midnight Breed series and a fight against a dangerous criminal gang defended by corrupt police officers and you have another unmissable read from Lara Adrian. I honestly can't get enough of these books and I'm already eagerly anticipating the release of the next one!
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1,346 reviews17 followers
March 19, 2020
Edge of Darkness is the best story so far in the Hunter Legacy series. I really enjoyed reading Knox and Leni's story. The story moves fast. The Sex Scenes are Hot. I loved little Riley Leni's 6 year old nephew.

I was sorry that Leni's best friend Carla was killed. I didn't see any need for that. I also, didn't like the abrupt ending. Leni's missing sister Shannon returns after 6 years of being missing. She had been sold in to a human trafficking ring. She returns with a baby escorted by the Order. She is reunited with Riley her son. But that is it. Nothing about where she has been? whose baby is that she has bought with her? How did the Order find her? It just ends with her return. I guess she is the next story. I don't like when stories end like that.
Profile Image for Ezi Chinny.
2,534 reviews416 followers
September 18, 2020
I enjoyed this story but after reading more than 16 books in this series, this book was truly more of the same. What I find different in this spinoff is that the couple don’t have as much interaction with the brotherhood since the H are gen one breed. I liked the family feel of having the entire breed family all together.

With that said, I liked Lenny a lot. She was raising her nephew as they tried to figure out what happened to her sister who has been missing for 5 years. It was serendipity that Knox showed up to her diner because she knew exactly what he was and how he could help her. The rest of their journey read just like the prior books. Their chemistry was okay, the little boy made me like them more. I don’t know if I really felt them as a couple as much as i felt they as parents and protectors.

If you like the prior two books, you will like this one
Profile Image for Sophia.
Author 5 books334 followers
June 30, 2020
On a cold, stormy night at a diner along a lonely Maine road, a fiercely independent woman stands up to one of the local bullies and for the first time in months, a Breed male feels something inside him spark to life with respect and a bit of something else for the woman. The latest Hunter to get his story and it has one of my favorite underdog heroine types, a protective alpha hero, some good action scenes, and a superb narrator.

Edge of Darkness is the third Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy series. These are all standalone stories in the Midnight Breed universe so they can be read alone or out of order. I do suggest getting through the first season of the Midnight Breed series so references to characters and specifics to the Midnight Breed world will make more sense.

Leni Calhoun is the third generation of her family to run the diner and fix her grandma's superb recipes. She has never been out of Parrish Falls and has no intentions to leave- not while her sister who disappeared seven years before might return. Her sister testified against one of the Parrishes for abusing her and in the middle of the trial period, she was never seen again. Leni rears her nephew, who, sadly, shares Parrish blood, and keeps an eye on the bullying Parrish family who would take her nephew if they could. And, they will try, but she's stubborn and has a secret Breed Mate gift that will protect her. She thinks she's a force of nature until her blood starts sizzling at the sight of the breath-taking male who takes on a fight that was not his.

Knox has been drifting for months now after losing Abby. He is determined never to feel again. He wants to go back to how it was in the labs as a cold Hunter assassin before feelings made him feel more pain than his punishing trainers ever did. But, in spite of this, he can't stop from getting involved when a huge man tries to push the kind waitress around and then tries to kill her. Leni says she has things handled and she won't be pushed out of town or give up Riley. Since he can't talk her into leaving, then he will stay. Stay when he is fighting attraction and feelings. And, the Parrishes will rue the day they took on a Hunter.

Edge of Darkness jumps right into the conflict and then pauses to introduce the characters and their situations. It is a fast read and I was in the middle before I even glanced up. The story was developed, but didn't spend time digging deeply. It was to the point, but not stark.

I liked Leni and Knox from the beginning and found both of their backstories engaging. They get off to a rough start after the initial meeting when Knox tries to pull back after he discovers she's a Breed Mate and Leni was sensitive about anything she perceives as rejection so her hackles rise. She's used to being alone and so is he so there is a struggle to work together in the face of the threat. They don't wait long to do something about the attraction, but Knox pulls back again and sets off Leni, again. Usually I get annoyed at the push-pull stuff, but this book moved along quickly so I didn't have to put up with it for long.

The Parrishes turned out to be more than bullies so I was cheering Knox on when he went all lethal Hunter on them. I was glad to get some good action scenes which is what I've always appreciated about the original series and these spin off stories- sizzling romance and adrenaline highs for action.

Roger Wayne continues to narrate the series for which I'm glad and he matched the tone and pace of the story as well as the characters, perfectly. I enjoyed his voicing of Knox especially though he didn't do bad with Leni and Riley.

All in all, this was abso-fab and I loved being back in the Midnight Breed world with Knox and Leni finally getting their chance after so much loneliness and sadness. Those who want a quick, sexy, and exciting paranormal romance should give this one a go.

My thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Tanya Davis.
539 reviews57 followers
May 25, 2020

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.As it says in the blurb, the Hunter Legacy books can be read as standalone. However, I think that some understanding of the Midnight Breed world and what happened to the Hunters would be helpful when reading these. You can find out more about the Hunters in the first half of the Midnight Breed series, before the books jump ahead twenty years. Because the Hunters are not really part of an organized group, with an ongoing arc, they do make great standalones. I just think the impact of what Hunters went through makes you fully understand what they are going through when trying to fit into society.

Edge of Darkness is about Knox, who is currently wandering around the country, unsure of where to settle. He has had an experience outside of the Hunter program that has caused him to really withdraw and put a lot of blame and guilt on himself. Then he gets stuck in Parrish Falls and despite his instincts telling him to get in the nearest truck and leave, he is drawn to Lenora and her plight. He finds himself getting more and more involved in her problems. Despite his obvious attraction to her, he is determined that she leave Parrish Falls and be put in the safe arms of the Order. But can he let her go? Will she go willingly?

I really enjoyed the action and danger Knox and Lenora faced. The Parrish family is into a lot of bad stuff, but are protected by the town. I loved seeing a Hunter try and navigate these feelings he was having for Lenora. It was kind of like he focused on the protectiveness part because he could understand the violence that would be needed to deal with the Parrish family. Focusing on that kept him from dwelling on the strange emotions that were running through him about Lenora and her nephew.

Edge of Darkness was a fast-paced, action-packed adventure. I love seeing these Hunters adjust to society and fall in love. Roger Wayne narrated and I think he did a great job. You could feel the internal struggle Knox was going through. I can't wait to see who is next.

This review was originally posted on Rantings of a Reading Addict

Profile Image for Alys Baldwin.
179 reviews
December 19, 2019
What a fantastic book. Just reading the first few chapters I was lost in the world of the Breed again. Knox is a wonderful hero that you couldn’t help but fall in love with. Leni is an exciting heroine who is the perfect match for Knox. This book is so exciting. Lara Adrian has done it again.
I received an ARC for an honest review.
Profile Image for Selina Durio.
2,469 reviews5 followers
November 30, 2019
Fantastic read!

This was a fantastic addition to this series. Lenora and Knox meet by chance, but it was more like fate. Whenever a child is involved and in danger you know there will be extraordinary measures taken to secure the child’s safety.
Profile Image for Tiffany.
1,315 reviews40 followers
April 13, 2022


Year Pub/Re Pub: 11/29/19

Setting: Maine

Page Length: 308 kindle

Genre/Age: 18+

Book's Price: 4.99/ku

Price I'd Value: same

Standalone/Cliffhanger/Part of a Series: Bk#3 Hunter Legacy

Epilogue Included: yes


Character(s)POV Spoken: H/h




M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: m/f

HEA/HFN/etc Ending: hea

Contains Cheating: no

Contains Children: yes Riley 6yrs old, Leni's nephew

Flashbacks: Knox w/ Abbie and the accident, Leni's sister Shannon before she disappeared

Jealy/Possy/OTT Rating: 5, Knox staying w/ Leni and Riley to keep them safe after he finds out Leni is a Breedmate

Amount of Sex In The Book: enough

Overall Smex Rating: 4




HERO: Knox

Hero Description: Breed Hunter w/ability to see your darkest sins w/ a touch, been a nomad for 2 years, lost his love Abbie in an accident 8yrs ago

Hero Likability Rating: 4

HEROINE: Lenora Calhoun/Leni

Heroine Description: 27, owns a diner, caretaker for nephew Riley . Breedmate ability- cannot be physically harmed

Heroine Likability Rating: 4

Secondary characters: Shannon-Leni's half-sister, Razor-one of the Breed Hunters, Travis Parrish-just released from jail for assaulting Shannon




OW/OM/Exes: Abbie - deceased before H met h, they weren't blood bonded

Cheating Before/During/Outside H/h Relationship: no

Grovel Rating: 5, Knox has to apologize for trying to push Leni away, especially after she offers him her blood

Did OW/OM/Ex Ruin the Book For You: no


TRIGGERS/WARNING: assault, human trafficking




Technical/Editing Quality: 4

Writing/Content Quality: 4




Overall Rating: 4

Do You Recommend This Book: yes

Will You Re-read This Book: maybe

Would You Read More Books by this Author: yes


COMMENTS/NOTES: I liked this one better than the other two for the story w/ Riley, missing sister, Riley's "father" trying to take him away from Leni. I loved how both H and h used their gifts for protection and to help get answers on Leni's sister. The reunion was great- Shannon and Razor maybe?
Profile Image for Catwithbooks.
2,156 reviews8 followers
August 23, 2020
Kleinstädte können schön sein, aber oft haben sie auch ihre Schattenseiten.

Knox landet in Parrish Falls, irgendwo im Nirgendwo nähe der kanadischen Grenze. Dabei Lenora aus einer unglücklichen Lage. Statt wieder den Ort zu verlassen hat Knox das Verlangen Leni beiseite zu stehen. Zwar scheint Leni auf den ersten Blick keine Hilfe zu brauchen, doch sie weckt was in Knox, was er schon lang nicht mehr gespürt hat.
Die Geschichte scheint auf den ersten Blick schnell erzählt zu sein, doch am Ende wird es dann nochmal so richtig interessant. Hätte man ruhig noch ein wenig mehr ausbauen können.
Ein wenig mehr tiefe hätte ich mir bei Knox gewünscht wegen seiner Vergangenheit bzw was Abbie betrifft und der aufkeimenden Gefühle für Leni.
Leni ist einer sehr taffe Person, sie tut alles für ihren Neffen Riley und läßt sich kein Stück unterkriegen und bietet der Familie Parrish die Stirn.

Ich finde die Hunter-Reihe sehr angenehm zu lesen. Zwar kamen hier jetzt kurz Charaktere der Hauptreihe hinzu, aber mehr Berührung gibt es nicht.
Lara Adrians Schreibstil ist wieder angenehm fesselnd und flüssig zu lesen.
Profile Image for Rinou.
977 reviews35 followers
July 23, 2020
In this series the pattern is that the heroes are sure they're not worth the heroine because of their violent past. Fortunately I wasn't as annoyed in this novel. The heroine is great even if she's a bit stubborn, and the plot with the bad guys took a turn I'd never guess. However I thought the epilogue was a bit rushed through.
Profile Image for Judi.
287 reviews6 followers
January 6, 2020
I'm finding, unfortunately, that the Breed books are getting boring. I used to love the Breed and their stories. I don't know if it's me or if it's the storylines, but it seems there's a bit too much of the same old same old.

Knox is a typical Gen One Breed male, surly, self deprecating, surely unlovable and immensely powerful. But,then, aren't they all? The story was a good one, which helped earn her the 4 stars and not less, because it involved a young woman raising her missing sister's child in a corrupt town run by a family of evil men. Ok, it's a bit trite. But it was well done, if a bit clipped. Too much time was spent on Knox's anguish and Lexi's uncertainty, but we got enough storyline to get involved in the horrendous crimes this family was capable of.

We got a glimpse of other Breed, from the Order for the most part, which is always fun, but it was just a glimpse. The ending was so predictable as to be unnecessary. That is something that bothers me with novels like these. While I'm all for HEA, if it's predictable HEA, well, that's a bit boring.

Is it worth the read? If you're a Breed fan, sure. It's not so costly that it's priced itself out of being worth it. And it's on KU so that helps a lot too. Lara Adrian is an old time author of the Breed novels among many other series, so she's been doing this for a long time. It's inevitable that she would run out of scenarios that are new and refreshing. Now the best we can hope for is entertaining and consistent. Not really her fault as she's been writing about this group of supes for so long that it was a given that our interest would begin to wane. But, as hypocritical as it sounds, I'll continue to read Breed novels because I still really do love this group of extraordinary men, and I'm still woman enough to admit that.

Sorry, Lara, I don't mean this to be a bad review. Just an honest one. Was this one that I'll rave about? No, not really, sorry. But did I have any problem completing it? Nope, I read it to the end. So, rest assured that no matter how hard it is for you to come up with anything new and fresh with this world, the guys are still hot, they're still interesting, and they're still an addiction to most women like me, so you keep writing them, we'll keep buying them.
Profile Image for Mari.
1,294 reviews
December 24, 2019
3.5 - 3.75 ⭐

This wasn't a bad read. I do like this spin-off from the Midnight Breed series. I love that each story has it's own mystery or obstacle to overcome opposed to a continuing story arc with a shady / slippery super villain.

This small town story was set in rural Maine. Knox meets diner owner Leni, who is also a breedmate. Leni's been raising her nephew Riley since infancy after her sister's disappearance. The town is run by the wealthy, evil Parrish family. Of course the Parrish family has a past with Leni and her sister. One of the Parrish's is Riley's father. They love to bully Leni and the town in general with the backing of the corrupt sheriff.

Knox stops at the diner during a blizzard and is instantly attracted to Leni and gets immersed in her troubles.

As much as I like the series I thought this story was predictable and rushed. It seemed out of character for Knox to want a blood bond after knowing Leni just a few days. Particularly since he'd been so cautious in a past relationship. This was more of an inta-lust / love story. I thought it was entertaining.

It's part of KU so that's a plus. I'll certainly read the next book when it comes out.
2,669 reviews
April 24, 2020
Lenora has lived in Parrish Falls all her life. She runs her family diner and is raising a boy. The founding family of the town want nothing more than to take the boy from Leni. Knox is a vampire and former assassin. He has known heartbreak and keeps his behind a thick wall. During a blizzard, he walks into Leni’s diner and she is the sweetest thing he’s ever seen. But likes his lonely existence and leaves. He rescues Leni and finds out what she really is, nothing will come after her while he’s protecting her. To keep her safe, he must hide her and the boy but will she forgive him?
I really didn’t know what to write because I didn’t want to give anything away. Leni is beautiful, courageous, and can take care of herself. Knox is handsome and deadly. Action, sex, and secrets that could bring the town to its knees. Be prepared for a cold shower.
* Voluntarily read and reviewed this and received from Bookfunnel *
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1,642 reviews3 followers
May 19, 2020

Knox is another one of the GenOne males that was breed to be assassins. He has been wondering around the US alone for the last 6 months because of a death of someone he cared about. He wonders into a diner and into a situation.
Leni has been taking care of her nephew since his mom disappeared when he was a baby after testifying in court against the father. The father is about to get out of prison and his wealthy family is after her in order to get custody of the boy.
This is another intense book that makes me want a vampire protective warrior of my own.
1,362 reviews14 followers
March 30, 2020
My first book of this series and I enjoyed it. I liked both Lenora and Knox as the main characters. The plot was more complex that I expected, providing drama and excitement beyond the love story. There is violence and sex in this story. Knox is a Breed Vampire and Lenora a tough woman in a tough situation. I didn't know much about the vampire backstory but it was easy to pick up without reading the previous books. I enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Crazy4more.
2,179 reviews
September 18, 2020
3.75 stars

I loved this straight forward, no nonsense, good-guy/bad-guy romance plot. Knot's a Hunter, laboratory created to hunt. As he traveled town to town, he found Lenora and her adorable nephew....with troubles on their backs. No pun intended....

Great book but felt a bit rushed toward the end.
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485 reviews13 followers
October 23, 2020
What? Und was wird jetzt aus der Freundschaft von Cain und Knox?!

Wieder ganz solide. Dennoch war er recht vorhersehbar. Lenora und Knox mochte ich definitiv bisher am liebsten von der Hunter Legacy Reihe.
Und doch hätte ich mir eine Aufklärung zwischen Knox und Cain gewünscht. Auch kamen mir leider die Jäger zu wenig vor.
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September 5, 2020
This was good, but for most of the book I felt like what I love about Lara Adrian's books was missing. It just didn't grab me and I wasn't as invested - I still liked the story and characters, but something was missing. Towards the end, it felt better and I was happy.

I listened to the audio with Roger Wayne narrating and enjoyed it.
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February 28, 2022
Leider war auch dieser Band nur sehr durchwachsen. Sehr schade das ich das sagen muss aber dies war auch der letzte Band dieser Reihe für mich. Ich werde sie nicht weiterlesen.
February 15, 2020
This was an excellent addition to the Hunter Legacy series. The chemistry was pretty great, the plot was engaging and kept you reading just to find out what happens, and of course, the usual Breed and Breedmate drama, love, and blood drinking. It was a good read, though nothing extremely memorable like the first few Midnight Breed novels, but still entertaining!
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January 1, 2020
Edge of Darkness by Lara Adrian is the third book in the Hunter Legacy series and definitely worth reading if you love paranormal romances. I love this series, but I think this one is my favorite.
Knox is a loner and has been roaming around the country ever since he lost the woman he loved, but one night when we ends up in northern Maine his interest is piqued by Lenora Calhoun. She is the owner of a local diner and is raising her nephew after her sister went missing years ago.
Lenora takes notice of the stranger immediately and realizes that he is not only different, but someone that she and her nephew can trust in town where they are no longer safe.
I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books from Lara Adrian in the future.

I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
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December 22, 2019
It seems like through chance Knox and Leni's lives changed drastically when they met. I liked that Knox immediately stood up for Leni, that Leni just let Knox be when she realized he was a Breed. From there things moved pretty fast, but it worked. They took down the people harassing Leni, made the community safer, built their own little family and welcomed back those that were missed.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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