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Harem of Fire #3

The Flame of the Dragon's Heart

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Just when things can’t get any worse, they do.

My bestie’s been kidnapped and I’m desperate to find her…but my inability to sprout wings like my dragon shifter guys means we have to adopt a more mundane form of flight. We just have one more important task to complete before we can hop on a plane and follow the kidnapper’s trail to Romania.

With that accomplished, I have time to stew and fret over Zoe, but my guys do their best to keep me distracted until our flight boards. One in particular.

After a deeply passionate encounter with Ash, I feel more connected to him than ever. So why is he pulling away and shutting me out? All I know is whatever bug flew up his butt better not get in the way of rescuing Zoe or there will be hell to pay.

216 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 29, 2019

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About the author

Willa Hart

16 books90 followers
Just like everyone else in the world (except politicians and the entire Kardashian family), Willa Hart hates talking about herself. Seriously, what's she supposed to say? That she's the most talented author in the world? That Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan are knocking down her door for the honor of starring in the big-screen adaptation of her latest romance novel? That readers get into hair-pulling, kidney-punching, nipple-twisting brawls while standing in line to buy one of her books?


Just like every other wordsmith in the world, she's certain everything she writes (including her own bio) sucks big, fat, hairy donkey danglers. But deep down she hopes and prays YOU are just a little bit delusional and think she IS a great writer, that Liam, Zac and Michael would be idiots to NOT want a part in her movie, and that you'd twist every perky nip you could get your fingers on just to LOOK at her new book. Of course, she's not holding her breath, but...can't a girl dream?

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Profile Image for Natalie .
2,412 reviews32 followers
November 21, 2019
Half way through the series and at the crossroads of whether to continue a series or not. In this case there are only two books left, easy and quick to read. On the other hand the guys feel like they’ve blended and any hint of being P.Is has gone, which is a shame since that’s what interested me in the first place. It is just a race against time rescue mission.

Still I’ve got this far and the ending of each book has been what’s kept me reading the next one. The mystery is still there with the visions and I’d like to know what will happen in the end. This one I wanted to toss in the towel midway but the second half saved it. Its Ash heavy and feels torn between crucial and filler.
Profile Image for Andrea Green.
726 reviews5 followers
September 10, 2019
This is a really entertaining storey and i am fast becoming a big fan of Willa Heart. This books starts straight after book 2 meaning that if you are a binge reader its perfect for you. Favor's best friend, Zoe has gone missing but whilst trying to sort out a rescue and find the Dragon's Heart her relationship's become more complex with her men. This book has so many twists and turns to keep you on your toes plus there is laughter, heartbreak, suspence and mystery to keep you captivated. Oh and one doozy of a cliff hanger. i really cant wait to see where we go from here so book 4 cant come soon enough.
Profile Image for 4foxsake.
851 reviews10 followers
September 26, 2019
Great story

Love how the story gets more and more interesting! Definitely a few things I didn’t see coming. Will be interesting to see how their European vacation goes.
Profile Image for April.
2,597 reviews14 followers
March 28, 2020
Her friend has been dragon-napped (kidnapped). Favor and Ash get together but then Ash goes off the deep end toward paranoia and evil. The west coast dragon council get involved.
Love saves the day.
The book leaves us without resolution for Favor’s friend, and we still don’t know where Max is.
There is a sense of urgency woven into the story. This has been an enjoyable reverse harem.
I think that Favor is more than a dragon keeper....is there something we should know about the dragon mother? That is me speculating before reading books four and five.
Profile Image for Bookandinklover.
1,038 reviews19 followers
October 19, 2020
Holy I didn’t see that coming Batman!

Wow! This story just took the drama to eleven and never stopped. Favor and her guys are put to the ultimate test and it’s something to see. I felt all the feels with this one and I’m so glad I’ve been on this journey with them.

I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for them in the next book. Please tell me we get some answers about Favor’s super dragon keeper powers? Cause she’s OP to the max! I love it, but I do wanna understand it! 😂
Profile Image for Christy.
420 reviews1 follower
May 29, 2021
Get the on with it

This book was endless filler. I only keep reading because there is clearly something special about Favor that has yet to be revealed but honest to goodness, this book was literally filler with sex. That’s it. I know the complete series is already written but honestly if this is the quality of this author’s work, this will be the last I read from her.
Profile Image for Chelsey.
745 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2020
Poor Ash

I was glad to see more of the twins in this book. Before I couldn't tell them apart, but they definitely stood out this time. Some things felt a bit rushed but I'm enjoying the plot and look forward to figuring out what Favor is.
559 reviews32 followers
April 12, 2020
Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Party and her Dragons are on their way to Romania. Hopefully they can rescue Zoe and find out the mystery behind the guli. I recommend this series .
Profile Image for Jamie  Leigh.
6,109 reviews26 followers
June 7, 2020
Great read

I've enjoyed reading about Favor and her journey! Her powers have increased and expanded so much! The world this author has created is incredible!
January 14, 2021
Lots of stuff happening

This one felt like it dragged a bit. There were a lot of information being thrown out with new revelations and moving parts.
Profile Image for Wild.
1,923 reviews3 followers
February 10, 2021
Great book

Why Amazon insist on 20 words for a review via kindle, I don't know. Especially when I just want to say that I really enjoyed this book.
Profile Image for Christina.
897 reviews28 followers
April 24, 2021
Quick read

This one had some hot moments but mostly had some serious drama. I'm interested to see what happens in the next book.
Profile Image for Rachel.
1,594 reviews75 followers
September 1, 2019
Overall 4.5 stars

Note: I received this book from the author and I voluntarily give this review, it is my honest opinion.

The Harem of Fire series has just completely blown my mind, it's so good and things are most definitely heating up in The Flame of the Dragon's Heart, which is the third book in the series. The plot was so good and I pretty much read it in one sitting, I started it late last night but I had to sleep (I desperately need all the sleep I can get) but I jumped right into the story the next morning and did not stop.

Favor and her guys have a lot on their plate trying to figure out what's going on, deal with the bad guys and rescue Zoe. The bond between everyone in the group is growing more and Favor's own powers are growing more the question is, is it enough to save the day or will Favor lose the people she loves?

I loved this book and I was so engrossed in it that time just flew by. I love that Favor is standing-up for herself and not letting the boys bully her into a decision she doesn't agree with. Even though she has this whole other world she is in and she has found her guys she stills considers Zoe a crucial person in her life and she is not willing to stay on the sidelines.

There are a couple of things that I had problems with. One I am frustrated that at time Favor is in denial about her powers and other times she is like I can do this, and the second problem is that some of the guys are still questioning the things she can do, I mean after everything that has gone down in the two previous books, why the doubt? Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed The Flame of the Dragon's Heart and I love the connection that the group has not just with Favor but with each other.

I have never binge read a series before mostly because I read most books a little slower, I like to live in a world and finally because of time. The Harem of Fire is the first series I binge read and dude... It was amazing, only the first three books in the series are out and I have managed to read the entire series (so far, more books to come) and the prequel, in four days. That is so unheard of for me but I just enjoyed the series so much that it was easy. The Flame of the Dragon's Heart was even better than the others, full of magic, visions, steamy romance, mystery, danger and of course dragons. The only problem now that I've binged the series is that I have to start waiting for the next books in the series and I am dying for more. The Fire of the Dragon's Heart is next and I am so ready for it.
640 reviews2 followers
September 10, 2019
Favor is a human who is training to be a dragon Keeper. A Keeper helps their dragon navigate thru the human world and helps settle their feelings. Favor thought that she was to be her Uncle Max's Keeper, but it was not to be. After Favor's uncle disappears, she has had to ask his nephews to help her with a case, all five of the hunky shifters. Since they have been together, the five nephews(no blood relationship to Favor) and Favor have felt a connection that an untrained Keeper should not be able to have. She is not their Keeper but the attractions and feelings are strong. Once they consummated the relationship, the circle has fallen in place. Zoe, Favor's best friend has been kidnapped. They must find her before she is killed. There are several demands that have been made and Favor is one of them. The Romanians have Zoe and they will get her back and find out why they did this. The questions remain. Why do they want Favor? If she is not their Keeper, what is her relationship with the shifters? Some really steamy scenes, lots of angst, villains and danger within the Dragon world.
Profile Image for Missy Brown.
1,426 reviews23 followers
September 24, 2019
The Flame of the Dragon's Heart is book three in the Harem of Fire series that picks up where book two leaves off. Here we get more on the dragons heart stone, with some twists and turns. Favor has a lot on her plate. She is trying to figure out what is going on. Her bond with the guys are getting stronger. They are trying to find a way to rescue Zoe.
Favor has really stepped up and is becoming such a force to be reckoned with. She is not willing to stay on the side lines, she is making her way. There are a few times where she/guys are still trying to figure things out, but for the most part things are progressing nicely.

The Flame of the Dragon's Heart is better read in order. It helps you to understand the characters better, their struggles and accomplishments. If you are looking for a good dragon shifter story that has magic, mystery, danger, romance and my all time fave dragons!!! This series if for you. So overall, this is a great addition to the series and I cannot wait to see what happens in book four.
Profile Image for Richelle Zirkle.
1,599 reviews5 followers
September 1, 2019
In the third Harem of Fire book, I expected we would be following Favor and her men as they jetted off to Romania to rescue Zoe. However Uncle Max tells Favor it is imperative that she get the Dragon’s Heart (or guli or malum) back first. Hale and Ash volunteer for the job. When Ash finds it and they return, he shares one on one time with Favor, but she notices he isn’t behaving like his normal self. Can Favor and the rest of the men figure out what’s happening, what role the jadokari play and rescue Zoe? One thing after the next seems to go wrong. If they’re to get this mission and their trip to Romania back on track, they are going to have to fix what dark magic has broken first... Favor’s strength and powers are growing, especially now that her connection to each dragon shifter has been consummated. She begins to manifest skills that alarm the council, seemingly unheard of in previous keepers. What could this mean for her role in general and with these five specifically?
Profile Image for Lexee Toste.
2,041 reviews13 followers
August 29, 2019
I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun and entertaining read. It pulled me in from beginning to end. It picks up pretty much where the last book leaves off. I would definitely recommend reading the previous books in the series as it will make things make more sense and give more of the character information. There are a few twists in this and we learn more about the history of the dragon’s heart stone and are able to come to a few conclusions on our own about how it is going to continue to affect things. I really enjoyed the flow of this story as it has a great balance of romance and action while building the overall story beyond just this book. The sex is explicit and plays a part but also moves the story forward. Everything is m/f and Favor is the center of everything. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Profile Image for Betteroffwithbooks.
808 reviews13 followers
August 29, 2019
This book broke my heart and had me torn in so many directions. While preparing to rescue Zoe one of Favor’s men start acting out of character. After a night of passion, Ash begins acting different. Instead of his usual sweet and nerdy attitude he starts acting paranoid, jealous and hostile. Favor can feel him pulling away from her and her heart breaks more with each stabbing word and out of character action. Through all of this she is still trying to understand her powers, find the dragon she is meant to be keeper for, and decipher what the dragon heart (guli) is and why the Jadokari want it so badly. When her men’s cousin, child go missing Favor, the Novak brothers and Hale must race against the clock to find them. Is this the work of the Jadokari or another sinister entity?
Profile Image for Hsu Lee.
1,737 reviews5 followers
August 30, 2019
I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest
It was a great book!
This book takes off right where the previous book ended.
Favor's best friend has been kidnapped.
Now, Favor her mates race against time to try to save her.
It is nice to see in each book, how Favor is growing up.
She is getting more and more confident.
And with 5 hotties by her side, there is nothing she can't do. LOL
The characters + storytelling were very captivating
It has all the ingredients that you need for an awesome book!
I can't wait for the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Jackie.
2,328 reviews
November 15, 2020
3 & 1/2 stars rounded up.
Things are hopping all over in this book, but I didn't like the direction it took. I'm not as fond of Favor in this book. She's changed somehow, not as likable. The RH guys also changed & also not as likable. It sort of felt like the author was not really wanting to write this book at this point in time & took it out on the characters or something. I feel that the flow was not great, & it didn't hold my attention like the previous books did. I couldn't wait to be done with it, I kept checking how much more & huffing that I wasn't as far as I thought I was. At this point, I'm not sure if I will read book 4.
Profile Image for Pam Louis.
1,727 reviews7 followers
October 8, 2019
Favor's BFF is missing and she is going to get her back whatever it takes but first she has to find a rock her uncle max is all upset she miss placed and didn't give them any facts on! The Joy's right lol that's about the time her new powers start kicking up, her guys think they know what's best and the new temp Dragon leader starts sticking his nose into her life to just what she needs. As if thing could not be more trouble lol
Love the action, drama, mystery, spice, betrayal, and so much more this story has going on it's just awesome as are the characters. Don't miss it.
Voluntarily review a copy from a friend and I honestly loved it
Profile Image for Rebecca Stigers.
1,354 reviews1 follower
August 30, 2019
Wow...Favor has powers! And five hot dragon's that will do anything for her, just as she would do anything for them. While getting ready to go overseas to rescue her friend Favor realizes that when Uncle Max told her to find and keep the "Dragon Heart" safe he really meant HER not anyone else. The guy's really do love her and everyone else is starting to see the power she has! Great storyline ..just shows how strong love is. I love this author!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
7,167 reviews85 followers
August 30, 2019
This is another action packed story to the series. This book picks up where the last one lets off. The author once again does a great job bringing strong characters,gives them a hot and steamy chemistry,adds a few twists and turns and kept me glued to the pages to the end and left with a cliffhanger ending. I'm looking forward to the next book.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own and freely given.
2,732 reviews
August 31, 2019
More action and danger!

The action continues in this next addition that doesn’t disappoint! Favor and her men gets more intense as they try to find a way to save Zoe, but before they can do that the heat burns brighter as Favor and Ash find time to get closer. I love how intense Favor gets with her men and that the danger gets bigger as they discover surprises that keeps coming their way. I can’t wait for the next book in this series that is never boring.
1,188 reviews8 followers
August 31, 2019
Action, suspense, intrigue, steam, and twists. So many missions to accomplish in this story. The Dragon's Heart belonging to uncle Max may turn into a whole other can of worms to be reckoned with! Favor has questions about her relationship with Ash. Are outside forces at work or is his interest waning??? I like that Favor continues to grow and adapt to her new powers and self! Unlike most, I felt a reprieve not dealing with idiotic Zoe in this story- #notteamzoe!
Cliffy and more to come.
Profile Image for Lory.
2,886 reviews23 followers
September 8, 2019
Another amazing addition to the series. This fast-paced read had plenty of intrigue, suspense, action, and of course steamy romance to keep you hook from beginning to end. Add in a few twists and turns plus the history of the dragon's heart and we had a helluva of read. Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for this series. Overall a enjoyable and entertaining read. I voluntarily read and review this ARC no monetary compensation was received the opinions I have expressed are my own.
539 reviews1 follower
September 15, 2019
Need more

So many feels in this one! With each installment, I’m loving these characters more and more. Favor is gaining more confidence in her abilities and trusting her instincts, her relationships with the guys are progressing and granting us some deliciously steamy scenes. We find out a bit more background to the jadokari and what they’re searching for, but Max still doesn’t share everything, leading to some issues for the group. Can’t wait for the next in the series!
Profile Image for Cathy P.
1,696 reviews7 followers
November 9, 2019
The circle is complete

The circle is now complete and David's powers are growing very quickly. Can't wait to see what had happened to Max and why he has stayed away. Ash was being compelled by the guli, a very powerful evil artifact that only Favor can touch. Some is still on.The hands of the evil dragons, who have demanded the guli, Max and Favor. Her guys do everything they can to protect her.
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