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The Bangover #1

The Bangover

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Dear Self—Do not pass Go, do not bang your oldest friend in the limo on the way to the swanky Vegas hotel. Just get back on the plane, fly home, and forget you almost had co-ed naked best buddy time time with the one man who is completely off limits.

I give myself very good advice.
Too bad I suck at taking it.

Not that Colin Donovan, my bad boy rock star best friend, is any help. Walking around looking ridiculously sexy, telling me I’m beautiful and fun and perfect the way I am and somehow making me believe it.

If only we hadn’t drunk so much whiskey that first night, if only I’d kept that red bikini in my suitcase, if only his evil ex-girlfriend hadn’t come sniffing around making me feel all territorial and protective.

And if only I hadn’t been secretly in love with Colin for years before this Friends with Bennies Vacation got started.

Who knows? Maybe the high will be worth the fall.
Either way, there’s no way I’m leaving Vegas without one heck of a Bangover.

The Bangover is a red-hot, laugh out loud rom-com featuring two best friends on a collision course with Vegas-flavored disaster—and each other. It stands alone. No cheating or cliffhangers.

273 pages

First published October 3, 2019

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About the author

Lili Valente

136 books3,735 followers
Visit Lili at www.lilivalente.com

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She can't resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. She lives in Vermont with her two big-hearted boy children and a dog named Pippa Jane.

*Lili rarely visits this site as it is a site intended for readers, not authors. If you have questions, the best way to reach Lili is through her website contact form. Happy reading!

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1,353 reviews152 followers
February 22, 2022
Pues no sé muy bien qué decir sobre lo que he leído, porque más absurdo no puede ser. Mezcla un montón de cosas sin ton ni son: un Friends to lovers con un prota cantante de un grupo y una escritora de novelas de terror con vampiros payasos (si, habéis leído bien), una escapada sexy a Las Vegas y ¡bam!, de repente estás leyendo un thriller que no sabes muy bien a cuento de qué viene.

Con este resumen, yo igual lo leería, jajaja. Espera, que lo he hecho y es un NO.

#Popsugar22 Reto 7: Un libro con una onomatopeya en el título
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1,438 reviews171 followers
October 4, 2019
I really went into this book expecting a short, hot, funny bit of fluff. You know the kind, a hundred to two hundred pages of steaming hot fluff that makes you laugh. And although I got that I also got a fair bit of storyline that I wasn't expecting.

I thought Colin and Kirby were going to bang each other's brains out as friends with benefits, realise they were in live with each other. A bit of drama when they both think the other doesn't love them that way then maybe a Vegas wedding. Loads of hot sex, a heap of laughs and the end.

There was an actual story there and as I got into it I ran through a few different theories and was wrong on all of them. I really enjoyed the twists and turns this one took me on and although I didn't laugh as much as I was expecting it still left me with a smile on my face.
Profile Image for Grecia Robles.
1,452 reviews326 followers
January 22, 2021
Creo que me gustó más la premisa en la precuela que la historia en sí.

No me gustó el desarrollo de este libro tuvo muchas escenas absurdas sobre todo el drama del final.
Y que coraje porque los Friends to lovers son mi cliché favorito vivo por ellos y este tenía demasiado potencial y la autora lo desaprovechó Why Lili Valente WHY?

Lo más rescatable de este libro era la amistad de ellos y si hubiera tenido otro desarrollo me hubiera encantando igual no es un pésimo libro pero pues.. PICKY.
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3,749 reviews441 followers
October 6, 2019
Rom-com with all the feels!

I loved, loved, loved this best friends to lovers story! Colin and Kirby had been the best of friends since they were teenagers. You know the kind. Confide everything, got your back always, pick up right where you left off kind of once in a lifetime friends. So when Colin was struggling with a problem, Kirby was right there to help him work through it. Little did they know, where that would lead them both, though honestly? One half of this duo may have been secretly yearning for just that…

With the bright lights of Vegas as their backdrop, this romance was everything I wanted! I laughed out loud but had equally quiet moments of heart-melting emotion. What a great combination as both Kirby and Colin revealed their innermost thoughts, hopes and dreams to each other. Battling themselves and their own fears, they dealt with crazed fans and incredibly challenging exes with take charge of your life attitudes. They were fierce in their protection of each other yet sweet tentative as they took scary steps in their changing relationship.

It was funny and emotional and so, so good! Oh, and I want a cat! ~Diane, *5 Murder Stars*
Profile Image for Caroline.
189 reviews38 followers
October 4, 2019
3,7 Stars (Yes I was really in doubt about how to rate this book)

Holy moly this book was hot!! It was filled with steam and tension almost from the beginning of this book!

It says this book is a Rom-com but it wasn't that funny for me it was more a romantic suspension for me since it was filled with treats and so many people who wanted to hurt the couple. But I can easily see it was also written in a way it never got heavy so even though it all I never got that feeling where my blood was pumping and I was holding my breath to see what happened now. It was also such a steamy hot book it left very little to laugh about and more time for me to try to cool my self down after all those sex scenes or dirty talk.

I liked this book even though I think it is not described as the right genre. But I will say it is a friends to lovers story that has all the amazing parts that a story like that should have. It had the doubt, the easy feelings of them having known each other forever, the tension of not knowing if it is more or not, and of course the drama when everything finally happens.

So all in all a great book that will set your panties on fire more than once who will have you sitting on the edge of your seat to know what happens next.
Profile Image for Teri.
1,773 reviews
October 19, 2019
I started out really really liking this, but it took a turn into weirds-ville and got a little OTT with the exes and drama. I will check out more from this author, I liked the silliness and the smexiness, but I wish there had been more relationship development and less...other stuffs.
Profile Image for Leila.
408 reviews75 followers
April 14, 2020
3.75 what happens in Vegas...stars!

There are some parts of this book that I'd love to give 4 stars to and other eye-rolling parts a 3 or 2.5. Bordering on the ridiculous, this was an entertaining friends-to-lovers story.

Colin and Kirby have been the best of friends since middle school. One drunken night they agree to be friends-with-benefits during a trip to Vegas to help Colin break his song-writing block and Kirby after her last relationship and long "dry spell."

The banter back and forth was funny and I loved watching these two realize their deep feelings for each other. There were a few twists and turns along the way that kept me engaged to the story.
Profile Image for LiteratureLover.
113 reviews12 followers
October 17, 2019

This book was set up amazingly. Not only did the story flow correctly, but there was no confusion on the storyline. Some authors establish the villain in the middle making the plotline difficult to follow but this author established the misgivings before trouble started. The relationship between Colin and Kirby is that of best friends who are crossing the line not knowing what is going to happen in the future, as a reader I can feel how much they value their relationship with one another. Considering that these friends decide to head to Vegas was a spur of the moment to have some fun, it was an amazing story filled with hot scorching sex scenes and plot twists.
Profile Image for Laz the Sailor.
1,467 reviews74 followers
October 24, 2019
The deepest of friends-to-lovers is the lifelong friend who has been there for you since forever. The title implied lots of sex, and the banter promised lots of sex, and when they got around to it, the sex was hot. But for the remaining 2/3 of the book, there was none.

Some light angst, crazy exes, and some other quirky side characters kept me entertained. But I feel I was a bit misled.
Profile Image for Prerana.
1,133 reviews351 followers
September 4, 2020
This book was odd? I didn't hate it by any means, but it definitely was not what I was expecting. I had planned to read a very different type of book, and this was just weird. There wasn't enough focus on the actual love story; it took a lot of things for granted. Nevertheless, it was still cute at times. I was not the biggest fan though.

And I'm out.
Profile Image for Rochelle.
1,549 reviews
October 9, 2019
I have been waiting for this story since I finished Friends with Bang-i-fits. I loved this story. One of my favorite tropes – friends to lovers and it was done so well. Kirby and Colin have been friends since high school and they have been fighting their attraction to each other since then. Like a true friend that she is, Kirby decided to go to Vegas to help Colin out with a little problem that he had. Little did they know, that trip would be so much more than her offering help. It was so much fun watching them finally realize what they meant towards each other. You could feel the love they felt coming right off the pages. This story had laugh out loud moments, moments that made you melt and moments that left your mouth open in shock. You will not be disappointed in this book and I can’t wait until Bridget and Shep’s story.

I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Lexi Cubbins.
Author 1 book64 followers
October 8, 2019
Lili introduces us to a new world of fun, hotness, and unexpected suspense. And I'm digging it!

Kirby and Colin have been best friends for 15 years. She's a bestselling horror author, he's a hot shot rockstar. An unlikely pair, but it works. They have been there for each other through their troubled teenage years and formed an unbreakable bond.
Well, as for now, Colin's muse has seemed to left him and he's unable to write songs for his band's new album and Kirby hasn't gotten back in the saddle after her latest relationship. One whiskey-fueled night makes it seem like going to Vegas and explore the benefits of their friendship for a week is an excellent idea. Kirby is not sure once the whiskey cloud wears off, but Colin is determined to convince her that their chemistry is burning too hot not to act on it.
Everything is just so easy and natural between them, it awakes feelings they have both ignored for years.
Add a psycho ex-girlfriend and a mysterious stalker to the mix and Ms. Valente brings something to the table that's not only hilarious, hot, and fluffy, but unique and unexpected.
Loved it, looking forward to the next book!
Profile Image for nikki.
772 reviews88 followers
August 31, 2021
This was an okay read; not entirely what I was expecting but still enjoyable. I've read a few books by this author and I have to admit this wasn't one of my favourites, but I guess I can't love them all.
Profile Image for BookAddict.
1,472 reviews102 followers
October 3, 2019
I’m beginning to think that Colin and Kirby's vacay to Vegas is a bad idea. Apparently "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" doesn’t apply to a rock star and best seller horror writer who are friends deciding to explore benefits. This started out sweet and humorous, took a turn past a comedy of errors and then ran headlong into all kinds of mystery, intrigue and suspense. It snuck in from left field and latched on to my throat, never turning me loose so that I read it in one sitting, in spite of being ill.

Kirby and Colin’s story is one part what happens when friends amend their treaty to include benefits and two parts what happens when exes don’t get the “It’s over" memo. I can’t begin to tell you all the crazy shenanigans that transpire, but if you’ve read Valente's work in the past, you have some idea. Yes, there's ample chuckling, snickering, guffawing and laughing out loud, with the banging good time we’ve come to expect, but then you'll see a bunch of unanticipated, “Wait, what?!!” and “Oh no she didn'ts!” cropping up, as well. If you think you know what to expect, think again.

This one will keep your attention and keep you in stitches, whiplashing you from one emotion to another, giving you that same elated, satisfied feeling when the roller coaster car pulls back into the passenger loading area. You’ll be ready to jump out, run around to the front of the line and ride The Bangover again and again!
Profile Image for Anna.
1,036 reviews41 followers
October 9, 2019
This was just magically delicious!! Fantastic friends to lovers romance!!

I was listening to this while working. Oh my, did I blush a lot. Love scenes and sexual arousal are so much dirtier when they're read out loud. And Lili and Jason were...are fantastic narrators!! So good!

Colin and Kirby have been best friends since he joined her school. Colin was a musical prodigy who became a rock star. A rock god. Awkward teen years blossomed into hot, hot, hot. Kirby (or as Colin has nicknamed her Larry) is an author. She tends to hermit a lot in her writing cave. She is much more comfortable close to home and out of the spotlight. Although, she is a successful writer, so sometimes she is not so out of the spotlight as she may wish. They know each other best. And they find themselves single at the same time for once and a drunken makeout session leads to a flight to Vegas and a much more interesting trip to than either had really intended, beyond using one another to break a dry spell (Kirby) and sustain the other before an intentional dry spell (Colin).

This story is more than two friends scratching each others itch. It has humor, heart, friendship, the most adorable cat named Murder, questionable exes, adoring fans, and two leads who realize there is more to their friendship than either was willing to admit. Lots more. All the feels!

Jason and Lili voiced these two (and the rest of the crazy cast) fantastically. Lili is not only a fantastic author but a great narrator too.
Profile Image for Emily (Mrs B's Books).
1,525 reviews83 followers
October 4, 2019
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book is SO damn funny and is a friends to lovers story with such a comedy of errors along with a little mystery thrown in.

Kirby otherwise known as Larry to her best friend Colin is a horror writer and agrees to go to Vegas with her friend in order to help him get over his writers block before he abstains from sex until he can write a new album for his band. However their drunken discussion leads to a reality that both of them cannot imagine.

After a drunken kiss with Kirby, Colin sees his friend in a new light. In Vegas a run into his ex-girlfriend has him chasing around Vegas with Kirby in tow, however when they finally seal their friends with benefits, bad things start to happen and poor Colin has to fight to find Kirby.

I really enjoyed this book and the connection that the pair have together was brilliant. I also really loved the addition of Kirby's cat Murder who certainly added something to the story. I am really hoping that we get other books for the rest of the members of the band along with Kirby's sister Bridget.
Profile Image for Read.Review.Repeat Blog.
4,682 reviews87 followers
October 3, 2019
One of the best friends to lovers stories I have read in a while. This couple had so much chemistry and you could really "feel" the friendship between them, but when the lines blur they both realize that being best friends makes for the perfect couple. ~Jen

So. Damn. Funny!!! This book, from the start, had me laughing and chuckling and just enjoying it so much I didn't put it down. There's some mystery. There's some "oh heelllll no" moments. And there's some "WTF IS HAPPENING" moments. All of which I enjoyed immensely. If you want a story that will put you through the ringer emotionally while simultaneously giving you whiplash (in a good way lol) from the shenanigans that ensue, then this is the book for you. Kirby and Colin and amazing characters. The depth that Lili gives them is outstanding and they are hotter than 2 squirrels bumpin uglies in a wool sock in the summer!!! This was my first Lili Valente book but I promise it wont be my last! ~Kaci
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
4,968 reviews160 followers
December 12, 2019

What happens when two best friends decide to ahem, become friends with benefits? Well, in this case, some of the most freakin' hilarious moments I've read in a long time, some seriously sexy times, some uh what moments, and some mystery and suspense. Oh, and some falling in love, HARD.

OMG I absolutely LOVE The Bangover! It's sexy, it's hilarious and witty, and it is deeper than the average rom com because there is mystery and suspense too! Some of the shit that happens had me going what the fuck?!? Other times had me swooning and falling in love with the rockstar and the horror writer, and the whole way through I was rooting for these two to make it through to the other side intact and in love and on their way to happy ever after.

ARC via Give Me Books Promotions for an honest review.

Full review ---> Live Through Books Blog.

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42 reviews
October 7, 2019
I usually love Lili Valente's books and pre-ordered this one. I was really looking forward to reading it because I liked the novella. But, this book really let me down. It started out okay but fell short before it even got half way through. The characters made some of the most brainless mistakes I've ever read. It was like they didn't even think about things. I mean what kind of man would leave a girl they care about in a busy bar so they could go some where else to talk to someone else? And who would drink a drink from said bar when they aren't really sure who actually sent the drink? I hope the answer is no one. I mean I would think you would ask questions about who sent the drink so you would know for sure who sent it. I was so disappointed with this book. I only got halfway through it before I quit. I just couldn't take anymore of the stupidity of the characters.
Profile Image for Alex in Spades.
842 reviews34 followers
October 11, 2019
I was not expecting this story. I mean I've read the synopsis, but it's not giving you even a glimpse into the crazy, funny and really sexy story that is the Bangover. It was a real rollercoaster of action, emotions, and humor - one plot twist after another. It was a delicious friends to lovers story with really great characters, and one adorable, but deadly cat called Murder. I had such a great time listening to the audio version. Jason Clarke was (as always) amazing, and I also really enjoyed Lili Valente reading her own book!
126 reviews
August 5, 2022
It was fine? It was a little different than I was expecting. I was hoping for light and fluffy best friends to lovers feel good quickie, and it wasn't really that.

The storyline was a little different than what I was expecting and there was a lot more drama and suspense. Not terrible, just not what I was expecting or wanted I guess. It was just alright.
Profile Image for Lori R..
1,240 reviews56 followers
October 18, 2019
I absolutely loved this!
A best friends to lovers with all the feels I need.
It was entertaining, it was sexy AF, and it was fun!
The audiobook was excellent!! The narrators were perfect!
Profile Image for Lisa (Two Bookish Brits).
755 reviews153 followers
June 22, 2022

What a cute story!

I do enjoy a best friends to lovers romance and Collin and Kirby’s story was cute!

Kirby is finally getting over her ex, she’s at a place where it’s time to move on but relationships and marriage aren’t her thing. She’s fun and quirky and there’s more to the woman than you first think and I just loved her.

Collin is a world famous musician and he’s back home after touring to see his best friend.

After a drunken night that ends with a kiss and a promise to go to vegas the two of them are on the way. Neither of them expecting just how chaotic the trip is going to be.

It’s been fun to read that’s for sure.

So much drama and surprises that just had me hooked, I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished. I needed to know how this would end for these two and boy, it was fun.

Definitely have to read more from this series in the future.
Profile Image for Rivka.
817 reviews205 followers
January 23, 2020
These two just gave me all the feels 🥰
Profile Image for Red Cheeks Reads.
2,154 reviews359 followers
October 3, 2019

Lili Valente writes some truly entertaining romantic comedies, and I’ve enjoyed each one that I’ve picked up. From her hockey romcoms to her small towns romances, she consistently turns out enjoyable stories rooted in fun and original plots with sweet, sexy romances.

The Bangover is a best-friends-to-lovers romance between Colin, a rock star, and Kirby, a horror novelist. Colin and Kirby head off to Vegas on a temporary friends-with-benefits sex-cation, complete with the heroine’s cat, Murder, in tow. As a series of hilariously unfortunate events begins to unfold, pandemonium, passion and pondering of possibilities ensue as someone—literally—tries to get away with Murder.

An easy-reading, light and breezy, suspenseful romantic comedy, The Bangover was low on the angst but loaded with laugh-out-loud humor and fanning-my-cheeks heat. Four smooches from me for Lili Valente’s The Bangover!
~Danielle Palumbo
Profile Image for Ri.
4,983 reviews
December 31, 2019
3.5 stars

I really was looking forward to this book. I was expecting this book to be more of a romcom than anything else. Interestingly, it wasn't. There was humor there but there was also some mystery.

I loved certain parts of this but struggled with a large portion of the book. The over the top dramatics, trying to keep track of some of the crazy, and the unusual main character names (Every time I read the name Larry for the girl it took me out of the story), made it difficult for me to stay focused. This makes me sad because I have thoroughly enjoyed this author in her collaborations in the past.

Even though this was not my favorite, I still appreciate this author and will look for more of her work in the future.
Profile Image for April   ♥"LOS" ♥.
2,590 reviews50 followers
July 10, 2020
Lili Valente is (in my opinion) the queen of friends to lovers rom-coms! Her books never let me down when it come to great characters with lovable qualities and steamy interactions.
Kirby and Colin have been best friends since childhood and fame and success hasn't done anything to pull them apart so a little "friends with benefits" should hurt anyone...right?
And with that thought in mind so begins the crazy, sexy and at times dangerous adventure in Vegas.
Profile Image for Jill M.
1,164 reviews72 followers
September 28, 2020
OMG this was my first Lili Valente book and it was beyond any expectations I had. It was a little funny with intense chemistry and lots of action, drama and hotness. This book was amazing and Jason Clarke and Lil Valente were outstanding and made this story so much better. They were a perfect match and perfect for this story. I mean Jason’s voice is smooth honey and I could listen to him read anything. Lili’s voice was sweet and cute and the perfect Kirby.
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