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#UofJ #3

Playing for Keeps

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The mighty Casanova has fallen

Me: six foot five, two hundred and fifty pounds, collegiate football player.
Protected by my pint-sized girlfriend.
Comical. Ridiculous. BROKEN.
She tackled my heart, but theywant the rest of me.

Mason Nova is...MINE.
Gossips love drama. Anything to up their likes, especially when we're the story.
Enough is ENOUGH.
I stopped hiding and paid the price...even have the scars to prove it. It’s time to control my narrative.
I’m taking a page from my boyfriend’s playbook to prove he’s not the only one playing for keeps.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS is book 3in the #UofJ Series and cannot be read as a stand-alone. It picks up right after the epic cliffhanger in GAME CHANGER. Our rainbow-haired sass queen is out to prove her Caveman isn't the only alpha in their relationship to win their #HEA.

362 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 3, 2020

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About the author

Alley Ciz

83 books2,261 followers
I'm Alley. I'm an Indie author and I write Contemporary/New Adult, Rom-Com, Sports Romances with fierce heroines and their swoony Alpha partners with heart. There's a heavy dose of witty banter and sarcasm in my characters.

I'm a stay at home mom to 3 amazing and crazy minis all under 4yo, a 95lb lab, and let's face it on some days my hubby is my 4th kids... But to be fair I totally love him a a lot. When I'm not corralling my crazy minis I can be found writing the stories the voices in my head tell me at naptime and when the rest of my house goes to sleep at night.

I'm a complete romance junkie. Pizza and mac and cheese are major food groups to me.

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1,481 reviews179 followers
December 3, 2020
Ok I actually need a minute to compose myself here. Since I first picked up Alley's debut novel I have been obsessed with all of her words. I cant read them fast enough, so I dove straight into the first U of J book not realising it was the first of three. And I nearly cried when I did realise that. For a few reasons, the cliff-hanger were brutal, I have no patience. But also I need all of the BTU crew yesterday. Did I mention I have no patience?

And now here we are at the end of the third book and I feel stabby. There's no cliff-hanger and I loved the epilogues. I love even more that we are getting more books in the series because these guys are awesome and a spin off series, cause the royals. But I want more Mase and Kay.

I don't think I'll ever get enough of them to be honest. I have barely put the book down and I miss them. This is one of those times I wish I was late to the party so I could just binge all the awesomeness we know is coming but have to wait for.

So, it didn't play out how I was expecting or how I was kinda hoping but I really freaking loved it. And I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the guys get their stories told and seeing Mase and Kay in the future. Even if it does mean a little longer away from our BTU family, but only a little longer please Alley.
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1,061 reviews93 followers
December 3, 2020

Here we are, if you’ve survived to the previous books cliffhangers, we can finally read the end of Kayla and Mason’s story. Even if I’m sure we will see them again in their friends’ books.

Playing For Keeps starts where Game Changer ends so we can take a breath and easily jump again into Mase and Kay’s journey, hoping they’ll finally find some peace and happiness.

I loved the football bits, the sexy moments, the witty shirts, the funny bantering between friends and the ending was absolutely swoon worthy.

This was the first series written by Alley Ciz I’ve ever read and she succeded to catch my interest with the first book and to keep my attention throughout the entire series becase there wasn’t any boring moment.

I recommend to read it if you are a fan of new adult sports romance.

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author.

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918 reviews54 followers
December 9, 2020
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS

This was the perfect ending to the #UofJ series! I loved EVERYTHING about Kay and Mason, and the ride that Alley took me on. Can we give Mrs. Ciz a round of applause for giving us another series to love that is filled with memorable characters, humor and moments that will just give you all the feels. Playing For Keeps by Alley Ciz is an EPIC read that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ARISTOCRACY!!!
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375 reviews214 followers
December 28, 2020
FIVE PLAYING STARS for Kayla and Mason ❤🖤❤🖤!!!



Alley has once again proved that she knows how to write a funny, but in some parts heartbreaking book that you won't be able to drop from your hands until the very end.

"Playing for Keeps" is a new adult college sports romance with enemies to lovers trope.

Kayla and Mason's relationship experienced numerous ups and downs during the three books, but thanks to a deep connection, they managed to overcome everything.

If you're looking for a college sports romance series and you also love Alley's writing style, then you must read the #UofJ series next!!!

Highly recommended!!!

P.S. I can't wait for CK and Quinn's book 😍❤🔥!!!
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849 reviews118 followers
December 8, 2020
Yep, I shouldn't have wasted my time on this book. The story is kind of ridiculous, with so many characters that don't add anything to it.
So, here's what I didn't like about this book/series:
-It wasn't necessary to split the story in 3 books. Oh, wait, according to the author's note in the ending, maybe 4 books (I'd like to officially declare that I won't read the forth book, whenever it may be published).
-It was kind of crazy how every one of Kayla and Mason's friend would act as if they were family. Specially when Travis starts referring to Kayla as his "sister", when he has only known her for a couple of months. It was just crazy, I mean, who does that? I get that they are the very best friends or whatever, but to consider a person you hardly know a sibling? Seriously? It was weird, honestly.
-Too much unnecessary drama.
-The "mystery" that is solved in the ending... well, what a lame way to solve stuff.
-The blurb suggests that Kayla somehow becomes an empowered woman, willing to do anything to protect her loved ones. Honestly, that wasn't my perception on the book. The girl is basically a victim, and there's always someone there to fix her problems. Her main "empowering" acts are letting Mason post a picture on social media.
-Now that I think about it, Mason comes off as rather plain in this book. Huh.
-I HATED WHEN MASON AND KAYLA WOULD TALK TO THEIR INNER COACH AND CHEERLEADER. Towards the ending, I started picturing it as a cartoon, and that's something I just wasn't expecting in a college romance.

Well, I am rambling, so I will leave this review like this. I will finish by saying this: I don't think I'll be reading another book by Alley Ciz.
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704 reviews29 followers
November 22, 2020
I didn’t think Mase could get anymore romantic and caveman-y but my goodness. Between the swoony and super steamy moments I devoured this book in one sitting. ⁣

Can I sign up to be part of their friend/family circle? The love these characters have for one other is a dream. To have such a fierce circle who will be there for you, no matter what, is just incredible; and I think that’s what makes me love this book even more.⁣

Kay and Mase definitely are “media darlings,” and every single time they kiss it makes me swoon. These two couldn’t be any more perfect. They fight for each other, protect each other fiercely, rely on each other, soothe each other, and have the sexiest damn moments. ⁣

That ending though... I’ll take it. I loved it, but I’m hoping we get a little more in the upcoming book about Quinn and CK, which I am so excited for! ⁣

Thank you @alley.ciz and @wildfiremarketingsolutions for an ARC for my honest review. ⁣

I highly recommend the UofJ series - Looking to Score, Gamechanger and now Playing for Keeps. You will not be disappointed if you love a good sports romance! ⁣


#bookstagram #books #bookcommunity #romance #sportsromance #footballromance #playingforkeeps #kaysonova #dontmesswiththeflock #comingDec3rd
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803 reviews198 followers
December 3, 2020
Once again Alley Ciz has proven why she is the queen of sports romances.

She brings the sass, the sexual tension and characters to die for! If you love sports books that have detailed scenes in, then Alley Ciz is the author for you.

Alley left us dangling off a cliff, struggling to hold on at the end of book 2 and when book 3 started I thought great we will finally get some answers.

All we got was heartache and pain for the first few chapters while Mase and Kay were trying to steer their way through their chaotic lives at the U of J all while trying to stop all of the outside influences breaking them up.

Alley has a reputation for writing amazing secondary characters and she didn’t let us down with this series. I love all of these characters so much. They bring so much to the storyline and I can’t wait to see what Alley will do in the future.

If you love new adult sports romances then read the U of J Series and fall in love with Mason Nova and Kayla Dennings.

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599 reviews145 followers
September 25, 2021
I kept reading this series despite the fact that I was losing interest as I went along, because the author >b>can write. No wrong prepositions, or "passed" instead of "past"- the sort of poor grammar and spelling that is just everywhere.

The problem was that the author did not satisfactorily tie up plot loose ends convincingly, the shallow characterisation continued into book 3, and the endless sex scenes became annoying. Wow- these kids and their super sex-drive! (Kay didn't let a little thing like a gash to the head, stitches, unconsciousness as part of a concussion and a few days in hospital stand in the way of getting it on with her football stud, and she could deep-throat like a champ at only nineteen. Impressive.)

Let's look at the loose ends.
The resolution to what began as a major arc in the story, namely the actions of Liam, Kay's ex, to discredit her and ruin Mason's career, was achieved with a whimper, not a bang. I was like:

He basically vanished from the action. Firstly, the girl who had broken Mason's heart and was trying to ruin him in return for cash from Liam disappeared. Secondly, I wasn't sure why Liam assaulted Mason and accidentally punched Kay, putting her in hospital. Was it to make him look like a thug? But HE attacked Mason- it would have been self-defence. Apart from this inexplicable action, there were no repercussions for Liam.

The pushy, aggressive behaviour of Brantley, Mason's stepdad, an attorney, was never explained. What was his motivation? How could he think it was ok to talk about Kay the way he did? Was this the way he had always been, and if so, why does it take up to this moment for Mason's mum to step in and remove him from the scene, when he had been the father figure for Mason for many years? What kind of a father (he had twins, a boy and a girl, with Mason's mum) speaks like that about women anyway? And his clichéd response to his twin son's preference for cheerleading: you will play football, not that pussy cheerleading shit - was so wrong and just didn't make sense. Another twisted product of that revered institution, the Greek life (fraternities) of US colleges?

Finally, what was up with Liam's comment that Kay is "her mother's daughter"? Um- no. She didn't do any of that. Again, didn't make sense at all, but maybe I missed something? (I admit- by this time I was speed-reading to get to the end.)

I also found Kay's penchant for calling all her friends by the first letter/s of their name/s incredibly irritating. I had to keep reminding myself- oh, yes, "E" was Eric, her brother, "G" was Grayson, then there was "B" and "PT" and on it went- Q, CK....

I think what frustrated me the most was that there was so much potential to make this series MORE. We could have watched a sexist, grunt of a man-baby develop into a sensitive, self-aware and mature young adult. Instead, Mason remained trapped in his adolescence, ruled by his aggressive instincts and his cock. Just because Kay called him "caveman" didn't mean he needed to stay like that.

Kay, who seems to have interesting goals and a good grip on things, despite her previous trauma (what kind of school allows a whole cohort to wear the same T-Shirt ridiculing a student of that school? That sort of bullying would get absolutely no traction in the schools I know here in Australia. I can't imagine schools are that awful in America, either) remained locked in the same persona for all three books, too, while the behaviours and reactions of all the other characters were also under developed.

Oh, and the constant stream of Instagram posts was mind-numbing- just wanted slap those little fuckers who didn't have a life and had to live through somebody else's. My kids are 20 somethings, and I teach 18 year-olds, and I can't help but be grateful that I didn't have to deal with social media when I was a teen.

Summing up- the series had potential that wasn't realised, and given that its readership is likely to be female and younger than I am, that's disappointing. Yeah, I know I am not the demographic these books are aimed at. But I really enjoy college romance that is well-written, and I get all the feels. Here was an opportunity to show these readers that strong, alpha males can be respectful and supportive, as well as hot and macho.

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Author 1 book14 followers
November 30, 2020
What an epic conclusion to an amazing series. I live for the drama between book pages!! I absolutely loved the feel and vibe I got from reading this book. I got chills reading it. The football games were intense I literally felt like I was in the stands with Kay and everyone else cheering Mase and the guys on! This book is amazing and so well written. And the love Mase and Kay have is literally why I love books so much! If we could all have a love like theirs!!! I could brag forever about the way Alley writes. The friendships, the relationships, the love all of it is perfection!!!
Profile Image for hopelesslyinlovewith_books.
817 reviews14 followers
November 17, 2020
I can’t even put into words how in love with Mason I am right now! He is the book boyfriend of all book boyfriends! I loved him in the first two books, even when he was being a dummy, but he was over the top amazing in Playing For Keeps! Kay really broke out of the shell she put herself in after all the drama of her past. She really put Mason first before herself. She just wanted his dreams to come true even if it cost her. She was truly something special this girl.
I’m really looking forward to more of these side characters! There are SO many people I want books about! I love that Alley really supports her side characters so your craving their books. You not only fall in love with the couple the books about but you really get to know the friends too. This series gets me in my funny bone hard! I find myself giggling through it all. I can’t wait to see who’s next on the Alley Ciz book character list. I’m so excited!
Profile Image for Jasmine | Filthylittlereader.
1,156 reviews58 followers
December 5, 2020
If you thought you had seen Mase at his most caveman think again. He topped the charts in PFK. There is not a thing that man won’t do for his Skit.
Also, please don’t let the fun-size fool you because Kay is a rider for her man and it’s safe not to test it.
Alley Ciz once again brought heat hot enough to burn through my kindle...that one scene in the...where he...where they...holy mother of hotness and sexy times. *fans self*
Playing for Keeps has entertainment from A to Z, laughs, sweet dreamy romance, and game days that make you feel like you’re live and center in the stands and not lost in pages of a good book. And of course, Miss Ciz wouldn’t be the evil mistress we know and love if she didn’t leave us wanting more.
I’ll just be here patiently impatiently waiting for 2021 for more to come in the world U of J.
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105 reviews22 followers
December 3, 2020
“Baby,” I coo when she looks away. “You aren’t normal.” Her tiny body stiffens. “You”—I pinch her chin for her attention—“are fucking spectacular.” The softest gasp falls from her lips. “Don’t you ever forget it.”

An epic finale for this wonderful series, inner coach and cheerleader's happily ever after

Wow, I mean I always loved Alley's book, but this series just blew my mind, after so many twists and turns the ending is here and I couldn't be happier about how it all turned out.

Kay and Mason Nova story was something else, unique and one of those stories that stay with you for ever, when people are meant to be together the universe set everything in order for them to be together and this is exactly what happened.
After that mind-blowing ending on book 2, I needed to know what was going on and I didn't know how everything would turn out.
We get to know a conclusion of how everything ends (for now) for these two, the games, competitions, and future that are at risk...I also loved how the author could've gone with a type of revenge from hate but she didn't, instead, the characters do what they know how to do best, give their 100% to what they love, and show that to the haters..eventually, karma will take care of them lol.


5 reviews2 followers
November 15, 2020
OMG my inner cheerleader is doing backflips like crazy right now full on pom pom mood ---(fyi I didn't even have an inner cheerleader b4 this series!)

Mason is totally my new bookboyfriend!!!I Love him & his cavemanness sooo freaking much it's probably unhealthy!

The first two books totally had me hooked that I was actually scared for this book but omg Alley did not disappoint (not that I would ever doubt her #MyQueen #BestSportsRomComWriterEVER)

I literally read this whole book with such a stupid biggest smile on my face the whole time 😁 I'm pretty sure I broke my face!

Mase & Kay are soo prefect for eachother & this book embraces that to the extreme 💕 I could honestly keep reading about the 2 of them FOREVER!! The relationship in this series are just so outstanding it's impossible not to love every second of it!

I can't wait to read more of this crew!!!

5 stars hands down ( or up in the air with pompoms 📣🙌🏟️🏈)
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454 reviews106 followers
December 10, 2020
3.5 stars I’m glad I was able to read this 3rd book in series.
It started off great and I was all about seeing some revenge and it never happened. There was a lot of repetition in the book and it not going anywhere. Also it was hard for me to keep track of all the characters and their names.
I really hope Carter gets his own book. He’s very mysterious!! ARC provided for honest review
Profile Image for Brittany (happy.ending.always).
888 reviews36 followers
November 23, 2020
Ok I needed Playing for Keeps so badly. After two very amazing but gut wrenching cliffhangers I badly needed answers. And did I surely get them. And holy yes did I love this book so much. And this series, gosh, Kay and Mase are so #couplegoals. These two love each other so much. They might have struggled throughout the series trying to figure each other out, but there love for each other was always there.

Kay and Mase, I am not ready to let them go. I know Alley has more UofJ up her sleeve but Kay and Mase have gotten into my soul and I don’t want to let them go. I feel like we just hit the surface with their greatness, there is so much with those two that I need. This book in particular went by too fast. I wanted and needed so much more. I am sure we will defientely see Kay and Mase in those future UofJ stories again, but it is still hard and sad to say goodbye. I didn’t want this book to end. Heck I would even take a crazy cliffhanger again if it meant more Kay and Mase. I think the fact that they put all the drama aside in this book (which we needed to build their relationship to where it is), made me want the closeness they both brought in this story. And by closeness I also mean, Alley Ciz sure brought the steam in this book. Kay and Mase had me blushing reading at certain points, it was great.

Kay comes out of her shell the most in this book and I think that is all because of Mason. She wants to be the best version of herself for Mason. She wants to be strong, and a fighter. Little does she know, she is those things already. Kay is one of my all time favorite female characters in a book. She really is a fighter, fiesty but mostly her huge heart and how she cares so much for those she loves. From the nicknames she gives them to the presents she is constantly buying them, to even just being with them. It truly is something so beautiful to read, it hooks you and captivates you. Finally, her love for Mase is beautiful and truly an amazing love story. And holy hotness, Mase is a better man because Kay is in his life. Mason wants to be the best man he can be for her. He will go to war for her and these three books definitely prove that. The love they have for each other is amazing to read. I really am so sad and don’t want them to go or be done. This book was amazing, an absolutely must read.
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378 reviews1 follower
December 7, 2020
Shouty Letters
lots of IG Handles
Lots of gossip girl style IG Posts
Lots of amazing ribbing between friends
Only Alley can write like this and I absolutely LOVE IT.
its Alley as I have come to know her and her amazing books and Characters. With Alley you dont only get the main characters in her books and in this case book 3 of the amazing series U Of J
Mace aka Casanova and Kayla aka Skittles, but you get the surrounding friends and families.
This is the "everything " to me of Alley's books. This amazing ability to make us love all her characters. Book 3 is the culmination of Mace and Kayla and their amazing Love and sexiness they have for each other.
The struggle for Kayla to accept Mace's public world into her private life, and Mace's understanding of what that actually is and what it will take for him to prove to her that She is it for him.
I love how I have been introduced to this whole new sporting world through Alley and college life. I usually struggle a little with younger Characters and books set in the College Time of a book, but never with Alley. I get so involved that at times I wish i could climb in an become one of the characters, because I want the experience that is going on in what I read.
Just the best conclusion to an amazing series. Thank you Alley xx
Profile Image for Rochelle.
1,566 reviews
December 9, 2020
The final book in the #UofJ series and it was the perfect way to end it. This picks up right where book 2 left off so I recommend reading the other 2 in the series first. Loved Mason and Kayla. They had some ups and downs in their relationship but who doesn’t. It wouldn’t feel real if there were no issues. Ms. Ciz has a way of creating characters and worlds that seem so real and stay with you long after you swipe the last page and turn off your Kindle. This entire series had me on an emotional roller coaster, and I was all for it. Can’t wait to see what she has coming next.
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1,281 reviews20 followers
December 4, 2020

Woohoo! Finally I got answer that I have so desperately needed since the start of this trilogy and what a brilliant story it is. God I want to spill the beans and scream and shout about this story but I just can't. The book is full of emotions, sarcasm and a motley crew of different people, that make a beautiful family. Just not the conventional kind but a forever kind all the same.

Mason and Kayla are a beautiful couple and although the odds are against them at every turn. And the decisions that have to be made are about them. They make them together as  they are a team and as the title says. They are both playing for keeps. As a future without each other I don't feel either one-off them could deal with.

I cant really say anymore than I have without the cat getting out of the bag. Just know it was brilliant. And worth the pain of the previous cliffhangers. It all a total recommend from me and I cant wait to see what happens for the rest of the gang in the future.
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Author 70 books374 followers
November 29, 2020
The perfect ending for the perfect couple.
Mase and Kay are #CoupleGoals...their love for one another is soul consuming and NOTHING, nothing could keep them apart. They may be different physically but that didn't stop either of them loving one another, and their family/friends, with everything they have.
This friends group is amazing. They have each others backs without question and the fun they have together is everything.
I cannot wait for more from this super talented author.
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Author 13 books397 followers
November 14, 2020
Everything Alley put us through, every shouty cap message, every tear, every time we wanted to throw our kindle was totally worth it in the end. Oh don’t worry, you will do that in this book too but Ciz has shown us how incredibly talented of a writer she is throughout this series and proven that the best things are worth waiting and fighting for.

I can’t wait for more of this group especially man JT. 😉
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909 reviews13 followers
December 3, 2020
What craziness is this you say, it's over? It can't be! Oh but I'm afraid it is!
PFK was the perfect ending to this trilogy (but is it the end we wanted to read for Mase and Kay?).

Book three picks up right where book two left off it's intense, it's a little nerve racking and it leads up to all the best feels and shares.

It's one of the things I loved most about this whole series the raw honesty that makes its presence between this magnetic couple and the friends and those they've brought together to call their family.

Alley Ciz keeps this story moving which I love there is no shortage of hash tags, gossip, and sprinkle all of that with some drama.

If you haven't started the series there is no time like the present. Get Reading!!
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457 reviews75 followers
November 25, 2020
The love I have for this U of J series transcends all things in romancelandia! Mase and Kay have permanent spots in my heart and need so much more of what happens to them next. Thank god for HEA’s, alpha males and rainbow highlights!!!!
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
5,169 reviews175 followers
December 2, 2020


Mase and Kay are back at again, taking on the naysayers and the gossipmongers, and they're proving that their love is the real deal. The pressure's on Mase to declare if he's going to the draft, or play out his last year of college ball. Kay has to decide if she can truly live a life that's sure to be in the public eye, at least some of the time and their whole crew is there to have their backs.

Mason is settling into his feelings, not ashamed to admit, very loudly, how much he loves his woman. Kay proves that she's as much of a badass as her man when it comes to protection, and they both come to realize just how solid and real their feelings for each other are.

Though it ends with an HFN rather than an HEA, there is a note at the end that says there is more to come with Kay and Mase, which is a relief to me because by the end I still wasn't ready to let go of these two and their red hot love. This has been an epic journey for them, full of misunderstandings, drama, chemistry that lights up the jumbotron, and enough love to fill an infinite amount of football stadiums. If you love the rainbow haired sass queen and her caveman casanova, then you really do not want to miss Playing for Keeps.

ARC via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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351 reviews
December 3, 2020
Playing for Keeps is the thirds book in the U of J series and the last book for Mason and Kay... or is it?

I loved this series, one of my favorite series I read this year and I’m so happy to have had read book 3 after book 2’s cliff hanger. Looking to score and Game Changer are book 1 and 2 in the series and leave off on cliffhangers so definitely read them in order!

Mase or Casanova and Kay or Skittles have had some major angst, drama, and action thrown at them but I was here for it all. In Playing for Keeps we leave off where Game Changer ended, let me tell you that was nerve wracking starting Playing For Keeps not knowing how it was going to go. I’m not going to leave any spoilers but I will say there is an HEA.

Kayla is this sassy, funny t-shirt wearing, and caring character. If she’s on your side she will protect and defend you to her best ability. I loved that about her, all she wanted was to ensure her loved ones or her tribe was all happy and protected no matter how it affected her.

Mase is this charming football Playing god who wants to protect And love Kayla in all ways possible *wink wink*. In Playing for Keeps, their relationship grows even stronger and it’s just perfect how into each other they are.

Of course there are some people that don’t like Mase or Kayla or them together but they’re obviously crazy. The other side characters in this story all deserve their own book, I’m rooting for some and others I can’t wait to see who they meet. Alley needs to write them, I’m addicted to these characters and I love this world she made.

I definitely recommend reading this book but more this series if you haven’t started it yet if you love sports NA romance with OTT alphas, a sassy heroine, some steamy connections, and a close knit tribe full of family and friends
Profile Image for Lager Lefse Book Blog.
488 reviews4 followers
December 2, 2020
Playing for Keeps was the third book in Alley’s U of J series! This was the book where I was not looking forward to reading two little words. The End. I have been loving Mason and Kay, so much, I am saddened that this was the end of their story. I am crossing my fingers for more of them in their friend’s books. 😈

The Crew at U of J, along with their friends and families radiated such a warm familial aura, that it was beautiful to read about. So naturally, I included myself within this group. They were my extended family/friends. It was easy to get sucked in and feel like you are one of the crew.

Mason is still my side piece husband (shhh, the husband is not aware of this plan yet). His is a true Alpha to the core. He is protective, sensitive to Skittles, has the uncanny ability to anticipate her needs before she knows she needs it. Skittles is adorable, but do not tell her I said that, because she could seriously kick my butt. She strong, feisty and quicky, but downright quick witted! Another completely lovable and beautifully written book by Alley Ciz. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!!
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1,372 reviews155 followers
December 2, 2020
I have fallen completely in love with this series!!! When this book first came on my kindle, I immediately dropped everything -- I couldn't get enough of Mason and Kay and how truly beautiful their relationship is. After two wicked cliffhangers, secrets exposed, hearts broken and healed, some truly HOT moments, I'm sad to see this beloved trilogy come to an end.. for now!😉

This book immediately picks up after that heart stopping cliffhanger in book two, and there is just non-stop action. Mason is beyond worried for Kay and the danger she faces as well as how she will react to the media's intense scrutiny over the darling couple. This could have easily been the cause for more drama between Kay and Mase, but they grew so much closer because of everything they went though. This is the most mature we've seen them, and I love how much their love grew for each other -- they are truly soulmates in every single way!

Mason is a Caveman through and through, but you'll certainly never question his love or his devotion to his Skittles. The way he loved her brought tears to my eyes (while also melting my kindle) and I was just so torn between wanting to read this as fast as I can, and taking my time to truly immerse myself in all the beauty all these characters possess. I truly felt like I was part of this chaotic, hilarious, passionate family and I just never wanted to stop reading!

Mason and Kay have overcome so much in these books, but no matter what they face, they always do it together. All the while falling even more in love with one another! Mason is a total swoonfest, and I loved how fiercely he loves Kay. I can't wait for you to witness the beautiful continuation of their love!!

I refuse to spoil anything that happens in this book, but just know all your questions will be answered, and you'll be begging for more of these amazing characters! I can't wait to see more of Mase and Kay in all of their other friends stories! I'm so sad that we are (for now) saying goodbye to these truly amazing people, but I can't wait to see what Alley comes up with next. This is truly a must read series!!

**I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions!**
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December 3, 2020
What a perfect ending for this amazing series.

The thing about the books ending in cliffhangers (except for this last one!) is that I was chomping at the bit to get the next book, and the wait was HARD. The wait was worth it, though!

Mase and Kay are so swoonworthy. Seriously. What I love about Mase is that he protects what's his, even when it could hurt him in the long run. He makes some surprising decisions that literally had me falling over on my bed in shock, but those decisions just solidified his place in my Book Boyfriend Hall of Fame (yes, I have one of those, judge if you must).

Kay is small but mighty, and man - that mighty side comes out in this book in SO many ways. Kay is absolutely playing for keeps, and the steps she takes to get out of her comfort zone and show that she's all in made me so happy. She's not the same woman she was when this series started - she's bigger, better, and more amazing.

I'll miss this cast of characters but do expect to see them throughout the other books. I'm already having withdrawals and will be rereading this series during my holiday break because I miss U of J. Read this one NOW!
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December 3, 2020
Mason proves once again that Kay was his everything and that anything else in their lives comes a distant second and he will do whatever is necessary to protect her from those trying to destroy the epic love they share.

Kay’s strength and resilience shines through as she realizes that anything worth having is worth fighting for and she can be a force to be reckoned with when challenged.

The chemistry between them burns stronger, the love between them stronger as they show that with the help of those closest to them they can overcome anything.
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December 2, 2020
Playing For Keeps is the third book of Mason and Kay's trilogy.

These two have been through it all and yet still persevere.

The beginning was hard to connect to at first for me. It starts right where book two left off and it was such a nerve-wracking moment. With it being such a serious situation, it felt weird when Mason’s inner voice was being funny. It just felt weird and conflicting.

After that, things got much better.

I love these two together and Alley Ciz has created some of her steamiest scenes with these two.
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December 3, 2020
I was given an advance readers copy of this book and have decided to write a voluntary honest review. I swear i love nova and kay and there friends and family. Well minus brantley lol. I had a feeling a knew was stabbing kay innthe back with all posts and pictures being leaked and i was right. I love the connection these two have its like they are so in tuned with each other. Abd there chemistry is sizzling hot. I also hsve few other favorites now too like carter, trav, b the lists goes on i am loving this series so hard. So excited for whats next!
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