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Vlad: The Last Confession
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Vlad: The Last Confession

3.85  ·  Rating details ·  2,669 Ratings  ·  308 Reviews

Dracula. A name of horror, depravity and the darkest sensuality. Yet the real Dracula was just as alluring, just as terrifying, his tale not one of a monster but of a man... and a contradiction.

His tale is told by those who knew him best. The only woman he ever loved...and whom he had to sacrifice. His closest comrade...and traitor. And his priest, betraying the secrets of

Paperback, 366 pages
Published September 25th 2008 by McArthur Publishing (first published January 1st 2008)
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Julia Well-researched historical fiction. There is no mention of vampires or the like; it's all about the Prince of Wallachia and how he came to be known as…moreWell-researched historical fiction. There is no mention of vampires or the like; it's all about the Prince of Wallachia and how he came to be known as "The Impaler."(less)

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An interesting premise as the story starts in 1481, 5 years after Vlad Dracula’s death (unless you believe in Vampires of course!) with a gathering of his clan, church officials & witnesses to hear testimony of his life. The gathering called by one of his clan’s surviving hierarchy is to try & restore their standing & so raise themselves above such infamy & notoriety that the victors have portrayed of Dracula’s life/evil deeds.

And so the story begins as retold by the three people
This the first Western novel about Vlad that does him justice as a great champion of Christendom, as well as bringer of peace and prosperity - true at a cost, but considering the times, not particularly a great cost.

It just happened that instead of the peasantry and the poor, the cost was born by the rich, merchants and noble alike as well as their families, so the truly bad press Vlad got at the times and since.

I read tons of Romanian novels with Vlad as a hero for sure, but due to the Saxon an
Once again, Chris Humphreys has written a captivating book—the tale of Vlad, Prince of Wallachia, told retrospectively as a confession to a Church functionary by his mistress, his closest frenemy, and his confessor. Vlad, who is Prince, hostage, crusader, lover, ruler, friend, steadfast enemy, and, of course, the Impaler. As Humphreys points out in his afterword, the man is still honoured by the Romanian people, for whom he is synonymous with just (if brutal) rule and honour.

I have to point out
Nov 15, 2011 rated it it was amazing
I've read maybe, more than a thousand books in my life? I know that I have at least a few hundred in my bedroom at home because I've counted. Exactly four have left my bent over, dry heaving, sobbing - that's how phenomenal they were. And I'm not talking about anything stupid written by Nicholas Sparks or whatever fluff love story. This book is one of the best I have ever read. And don't be turned off about the whole Dracula - vampire Twilight bullshit that we all have to drown through right now ...more
I enjoyed this book, but I think that was mostly because of the subject matter more than anything else. Humphreys is a fun writer and he writes about morbid things, which I LOVE. (Yes,I know I’m ghoulish.) So I will definitely be checking out The French Executioner. I have to say though, this book definitely is not the same quality as some of the other historical fiction that I’ve read by other writers. The characters aren’t complex, (except for Vlad) and some of the incidents don’t quite make s ...more
Sarah Mac

(1) It's boring as hell. The characters have 1/10th the rounded personality of Rottingham's cardboard standup in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

(2) It's violent. I'm not opposed to bloodspray in my reading material, but there's a difference between whackadoodle bodice ripper'ing & detailed descriptions of torture, flaying, & impaling. YES, I know it's about Vlad the Impaler, but c'mon. Psychological horror rule #1: less is more. Judging by the afterward, the author's goal was to humani
An interesting character Vlad, a.k.a Vlad The Impaler. Vlad's story is told from three very different points of view, by the three people closest to him.

Yes, this novel is violent, gory and bloody but I felt that it fitted those times. It's certainly not a novel for the fainthearted. It is well written and does give some insight into the character and the times.

My only quibble, I felt the story fell away at the end of the novel, it didn't quite reconcile to the Vlad depicted earlier. However, t
Kyriakos Sorokkou
Dec 13, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Before Bram Stoker's Dracula - the vampire- there was another man called Dracula or Vlad III Dracula.
A Voivode (prince) from Wallachia, part of today's Romania.
And this book tells his story.

He was not a vampire but a crusader against the Turks, a Christian prince that wanted to cleanse Europe from the Turks.

This book is historical fiction but it didn't feel like historical fiction. It wasn't heavy. It wasn't infested with dates, names, and events, it was a straightforward story, and this doesn'
Jun 19, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Thanks to Bram Stoker when most people hear the name Dracula they think of a vampire from Transylvania. The myth, I think has become more famous than the real man. C.C. Humphreys uses his novel to delve into the life of the real Dracula; the man who has come down through history as Vlad the Impaler. A real man with a story that is not easy to read.

The period in history when Vlad was fighting for his throne in the small kingdom of Wallachia (which is now part of Romania) is not exactly noted for
Mar 07, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Man or monster? The author wants the reader to decide for herself!

This book is nonjudgmental. Humphreys presents the findings of his extensive research into this historical figure and draws no conclusions. Was he a crazed immortal that drinks blood to survive? No!

We first meet Vlad and his younger brother as youths held as hostage by a Turkish Sultan. The reason for their incarceration is to ensure their fathers cooperation with Turkey. Vlad has a naturally rebellious nature and is very conscio
Jun 06, 2017 rated it really liked it
A very entertaining book!

Based on the life of the real Dracula, Vlad: the last confession is a tale told by the three people that knew Vlad Dracula best (Dracul-a = son of Dracul); his best friend, lover and confessor. This, in an attempt to restore the reputation of the order he served. An undertaking that seems doomed from the start. With nicknames like the Impaler and Satan’s son, it’s difficult to spin that into something positive. For me as a reader it worked! ……. kinda. The guy was a tota
Apr 04, 2009 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favorites
This was the first time that i've read something fictional about Vlad, although fiction could be used for many historical 'facts' written about him!
I enjoyed this book despite the fact that it took me several attempts to get into it, I'm someone who hunts down books about Vlad and so was surprised that it took me so long to get into the story but again I put that down to the fact that it was a departure from reading history books, I read The Historian last year and while that touched on Vlad sli
I think I got taken in my an author's review on this one. I read one chapter, which had 3 completely different scenes and have no idea what the heck was going on in any of them. I have seen a good author use a little of that to create the effect of intrigue and ignitie curiousity, but between the overwrought prose and absolutely confusing storyline, this was just a muddled mess. I'm not wasting any more of my time.
Oct 15, 2008 rated it it was amazing
A dark, evocative look at the historical fifteenth century prince who became known as Vlad the Impaler. A ruler who terrorized his enemies, a courageous warrior and dauntless justiciar, Vlad was also a man beset by inner demons and Humphreys brings him to life through the eyes of his closest companions, each of whom had reason to love and fear him. This is not a vampire novel.
Jackie Molloy
Dracula was born in 1431 to the Voivode (warlord) Dracul of Transylvania the second son. He was a member of the order of the dragon and was known by many titles including ‘Vlad Tepes’ or ‘Kaziklu Bey’ both meaning ‘The Impaler’. Wallachia was a beautiful country but in the wrong place between the Crescent (Turkey) and the Cross (Hungary). Dracula fought and won his country to bring peace and prosperity for thirteen years by the iron fist. At one point a golden goblet was left on a well for trave ...more
May 27, 2017 rated it did not like it
I've really tried with this book but with so many others waiting to be enjoyed I've given up on it. I really just could not get into it. It is brutal and extremely gory but it even that was not what finally stumped me. I suppose I just did not like it. It's sitting in my box for the Charity Shop tonight. Perhaps someone will give it a home.
May 04, 2011 rated it it was amazing
When I was pitched this book, it almost sounded to good to be, well . . . good.

How many times have you bought a book (or asked for a review copy) and wanted it to be as good as the blurb, yet past let-downs jaded your hope?

I’ve never been so happy to be disappointed.

Historical Fiction can be a challenging genre to read if the author hasn’t take care to do their research. It also takes skill to weave that knowledge into a story seamlessly, never allowing it to detract from the overall storytell
Shah Wharton
Well, I was so excited to read this book after reading the reviews. However, after reading the first third I grew tired of it. The use of a seemingly older version of English made the story chug along, instead of flow. I found myself getting bored every few sentences with the 'over-the-top' prose, longing for some straight-forward writing to carry me onward to the actual story. Others of a more patient disposition might wonder what the hell I'm moaning about.

I even found reading Dracula easy in
Dec 22, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Everyone
Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I loved this book from start to finish. Not just for the story it told but also for the way it told it. Humphreys hs managed to describe the chrecter and his actions without giving any bias towards him. It is left to the reader to form their own view.

I couldn't help but like Dracula, willing him on and to victory. Although his measures were extreme he was fighting for what he believed in.

I don't think I have read a more researched and thought out book

Every Charecters
Ravin Maurice
Aug 11, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favorites
You know a writer is skilled when they can take someone who is quite ruthless and insane and make you like them, and in many ways understand/sympathies with them.
Thomas Harris did it with Hannibal Rising, and C.C Humphreys has done it with Vlad the Impaler.
I must admit, that I did have to put this book down a few times because of the brutality of it, but once you learned about what Vlad lived and went through in his life you understand in a strange way. He wasn't the first person to impale peo
UKUPNA OCENA (overall rating) - 3
Radnja (story) - 3
Likovi (characters) - 3.5
Pripovedanje (writing style) - 3
Okruženje (setting) - 3.5
This was a fantastic and intelligently written historical novel. It was a great foray into the little known and often misunderstood history (at least by Americans) of Eastern Europe. The author did a great job of humanizing a true to life person, Vlad Dracula, prince of Wallachia, AKA Vlad The Impaler, AKA Vlad Tepes with honest well researched historical facts. Albeit many scenes in the book were gruesome but it's ok because that is how things really happened!! Before I go any further I must me ...more
Dec 25, 2015 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
How many times can it be said! This book is NOT about vampires! Whew, and I am so glad. As a work of fiction, it was a very good book. As a work of history, it led to some interesting insights. As historical fiction, it was very easy to read, enjoyable (??), and interesting. I question the enjoyable part only because some of the scenes do become quite graphic. But understand it is not gratuitous violence. It is as the times were. During the Middle Ages, life was very different. Which is exactly ...more
Trader (RedHotBlueReads)
I'm really glad I gave this book a second chance. I found the beginning a little difficult to get into, but once Vlad's story began, I was riveted. The book is engaging, and dare I say, entertaining. Yes, it is historical fiction and some events seem romanticized or stitched together to suit the story, the book does a very nice job of painting a picture of the time period and circumstances, the treachery and betrayal, the brutality brought about by war for land and religion. I picked up this boo ...more
Nemanja Jovanovic
Excellent historical novel about Vlad III Dracula! It doesn't deserve 5 stars... It deserves 10 stars!
Jan 30, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
this book was a pleasure to read! this is about the historical vlad dracul. so this has nothing to do with vampires and such. the story is fiction, though, and after consulting some sources i discovered that humphreys altered some of the facts to fit his narrative. that is ok, as long as we know that this is historical fiction. it was a gripping tale, with of course many references to actual facts and historical happenings. reading the book brought many emotions forth and i must say i enjoyed it ...more
Acabei agora a leitura do livro "Vlad, A Última Confissão".
O livro é muito bom. Recomendo pra todos que curtem uma ficção histórica e querem dar uma fugida do cenário inglês, os Balcãs/Turquia fornecem uma ambientação bem legal.
O livro cumpre a "promessa" de apresentar o voivoda de uma forma crua. Um político implacável que faz uso de todas as armas para manter a ordem no seus domínios e impedir o avanço dos turcos sobre o leste europeu. Aliás, Maquiavel usou Cesare Bórgia como exemplo para O P
Blodeuedd Finland
My thoughts:

This is the story of Vlad Dracul, prince of Wallachia, known as Vlad Tepes (the impaler), or Dracula (Dracul-a) son of the dragon/devil. And it has nothing to do with vampires.

I must say that he was a fascinating man, and a crazy bastard. The author has taken liberties since while Vlad lived and afterwards rumours were spread by his enemies. So Humphreys tried to look at the facts that were known and build his story. The book does not try to make Vlad a hero, but not a madman either.
Faith Justice
Dec 26, 2012 rated it liked it
Shelves: ebook
This is one of those hard books to review. I picked up the bargain ebook because I had seen some good buzz about it here or on another forum, my ereader was new and itching for content and it was on sale. It sat in the TBR section for several months because the time and place were not my favorites (I was "stretching" when I bought the book) and newer, shinier books kept bumping it back. I finally took the plunge while on a trip. I read it sitting around airports and on the plane, but it never qu ...more
Tim The Enchanter
A disappointing 2.5 Stars

This was a book I wanted to love more than I did. It was about the real life Dracula. How can you go wrong. After reading the first 2/3 I was planning on giving it two stars. Fortunately the author pulls it together by the end.

I didn't buy the premise. Three of the people who knew Vlad Dracula the best were gathered together after he died to give a information (a last confession) of what they knew of Dracula. In part, they were attempting to explain his actions and sh
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aka Chris Humphreys

Chris (C.C.) Humphreys was born in Toronto, lived till he was seven in Los Angeles, then grew up in the UK. All four grandparents were actors, and since his father was an actor as well, it was inevitable he would follow the bloodline.

Chris has performed on stages from London's West End to Hollywood in roles including Hamlet, Caleb the gladiator in NBC's AD-Anno Domini', Clive P
More about C.C. Humphreys

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In the darkness, there was light.
In solitude, there were companions.”
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