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The Art of Working Remotely: How to Thrive in a Distributed Workplace

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People aren't typically taught how to thrive in a distributed workplace. Sure, they formally study to learn a specific occupation: design, marketing, sales, development, finance, law, or education. But can they perform that occupation at a high level when they're not physically with other people? Remote workers have to learn on their own. If you work from home, a coworking space, or coffee shop, this book is for you. The author's anecdotes about his 21-year remote work journey will inform and entertain you. Discover how to set up a quality workspace. Learn the behaviors and practices that contribute to remote worker success. You, too, can thrive in a distributed workplace.

174 pages, Paperback

Published July 25, 2019

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About the author

Scott Dawson

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Scott Dawson lives in Trumansburg, New York with his wife Amy and two children, Elizabeth and Xander. He’s a web designer and developer and enjoys writing, acting, creating art, and making music. He’s an avid skier in the winter and runs year-round on the roads and trails of Tompkins County in upstate New York. Connect with him at scottpdawson.com or @scottpdawson.

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130 reviews10 followers
April 18, 2020
Quick and easy reading book that shares good practices that help working remotely be a good experience.
Some recommendations are; creating an adequate workspace, having structure and work habits that requires a personal effort to determine which system works best for each one.
Good Reading.
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Author 2 books
March 29, 2020
Blending life-lived, workplace storytelling with life-long remote working tips, Scott take the reader on several journeys that showcases the value he's found in everything and everywhere he's worked and how you can benefit from those experiences too. The second half of the book digs deeper into the day-to-day questions and experiences that make for remote work, giving Scott a chance to offer smart tips, tricks and trade-offs to create not only the work experience you're craving, but the work-life balance you require.
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3 reviews5 followers
August 1, 2019
Scott Dawson joined my cross country team several years ago. In training runs and at races, he told me about his various projects: drawing every day for a year, taking the lead in a local play, creating a photo book with hundreds of images for his daughter’s graduation. I thought, “How does he possibly find the time?!?” After reading “The Art of Working Remotely,” I know the answer. Scott lives more intentionally than anyone I’ve ever met, and the keen advice he dispenses with wit and anecdote in this book grows from that intentionality. Read it and you, too, can apply his lessons to your remote career.
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11 reviews
July 24, 2019
My husband wrote this book so I got an advance copy. I have lived the journey he writes about with him and I found it really readable and interesting. He does a lovely job of interweaving his personal experiences with take aways for you. I am a teacher and I found a lot of things really useful to my job - in many ways teachers are remote workers. We have teams but we don't often have the opportunity to intersect with our coworkers. His advice for managing, emailing and more is really helpful. I plan to gift a copy to my principal.
102 reviews1 follower
August 31, 2020
Could use some editing, but the ideas are sound and the author is likable.

At times, it could use a good editor, and I would also recommend some different formatting (I’m reading the Kindle version) because the repeat lessons at the end of its chapter do not stand out, and they should. These are things that could easily be improved about the book itself.
In terms of ideas, I enjoyed it. I think the author and I are probably a lot alike. I could relate to a lot of his career experiences, and although I’ve only been working remotely for the last few months due to Covid, my remote life looks a lot like his (including a break for duolingo). However, I could really use the tips on communication because while discipline and introversion were skills I was born with, remembering to make the opportunities to communicate outside the office was not.

The book went by fast, and I wish I had taken notes on the particular sections I’d like to remember or re-read. That’s my advice to you, reader. Because the way it’s organized, it won’t necessarily be easy to go back and find those gems.
April 4, 2021
A quick read offering realistic advice from a remote worker's journey in the tech industry over the last 20 years. I enjoyed the writing style and found the author very likeable.

I work in a similar field to the author (software) and was glad to find that I have already picked up some of his recommendations since going remote last year.

I'm pleased the author dedicates a section to communication (written and verbal) and how important it is. In my own experience I often find workers in the tech industry lack in this area, hence putting a bit of effort in to simply become better than the average will make a big difference. The author's investments in his own communication skills (writing 30 minutes a day, taking a public speaking course) have clearly paid off in his remote career.
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28 reviews
May 19, 2020
Easy read about life of one remote worker

It's an easy read about a long time remote worker life.
I gave only 3 stars because the advise is more like "there is no one size fits all; google yourself". It does cover most of the topics to think about of one thinks about starting remote work career. But it doesn't have the answers.
Profile Image for Kim B.
1 review
June 26, 2020
Zoomed-out? Well, zoom in to The Art of Working Remotely. Scott imparts over 20 years of wisdom and entertaining tales about his journey in navigating a career of being entirely remote. This is a must-read given today’s pandemic environment and offers possibilities for employees and employers as they plan for a “new normal” workplace.
30 reviews5 followers
February 7, 2022
This is an excellent book about working from home. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be more effective in a remote work environment.
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