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Grandpa Grumps

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Daisy's Yeh-Yeh is visiting from China, and try as she might, Daisy can't get her grumpy grandpa to smile!

Daisy's Yeh-Yeh is visiting for the first time from China, and Daisy is so excited to meet him! She has big plans for all the fun they'll have together, like tea parties and snow angels, but when Yeh-Yeh arrives, Daisy finds him less jolly than she imagined. Throughout the week, she tries all sorts of things to get him past his grumpiness. Will she be able to make him smile before he goes home?

40 pages, Hardcover

Published April 7, 2020

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Katrina Moore

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3,373 reviews309 followers
August 13, 2020
This one is super cute. When Daisy's yeh-yeh from China comes to visit, all she wants is to make him smile, but he seems so grumpy! Her mom suggests that he just shows his love a different way than she's used to. When Daisy suggests cooking something together, the two start to bond and eventually Daisy gets that smile and hug that she wanted. This is an adorable book about a new bond between a grandchild and a grandfather who don't get to see each other much and who experience some cultural differences that make it a little rocky at first. This is a great choice to add to displays or storytimes about family or grandparents.
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486 reviews6 followers
July 22, 2020
It took some digging to find that this book is OwnVoices, but I did it! I’m generally a sucker for books like this involving grandparents, having not been close to my own, and this was no exception. Similar to “Draw Together” with a grandfather speaking on language and Chris child speaking English, this book also plays on the cultural differences of a child who is growing up in another place. However, I love that this book is grounded in love and Daisy wanting nothing more than to play with her grandfather during his visit, and how it’s not just the language or the culture, but his LOVE that is also expressed differently from hers.
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8,919 reviews391 followers
January 8, 2023
Lately I've run across several books about a grumpy grandparent. And about a second- or third- generation 'immigrant' child trying to connect with family 'from the old country.' They've all been enjoyable reads. In this one I especially like that young Daisy is persistent. And also that they connect over food. Recipe for fried rice included.
Profile Image for Jill.
773 reviews
February 28, 2021
I keep seeing this, and it was on the New shelf at the library when we went last week, so I grabbed it! It’s so cute! This is the story of a girl whose grandpa is visiting from China and her attempts to connect with him. Even though he doesn’t reciprocate or appreciate her efforts at first, she doesn’t give up, and finally finds common ground. George has asked me to read it 5+ times in the past day and follows the story. I think the class will like it, too!
Profile Image for Carrie Finison.
Author 4 books63 followers
July 1, 2020
Grandpa Grumps is a sweet, appealing, intergenerational and intercultural story about Daisy, whose somewhat stern grandfather comes for a visit from China. She makes it her mission to make him smile but her usual tactics don’t work. “Grandpa shows love in other ways,” her mother says. When Daisy discovers Grandpa’s delicious chao fan recipe, they’re finally able to spend and enjoyable afternoon together. I love the connected place where this book ends up, and the idea that you can keep trying in a relationship even when someone doesn’t respond exactly the way that you expected. And – bonus – there’s a recipe at the end so kids and adults can try making chao fan themselves. YUM! It’s a heart-warming, belly-filling tale.
Profile Image for Mrs. Walker Reads.
59 reviews1 follower
March 26, 2021
I was drawn to the cover of Grandpa Grumps because...
✔️ the bold and expressive illustrations
✔️ representation of Chinese culture
✔️ ...I love grandpas!! Who doesn’t?
Yes, even the grumpy ones too.

This is such a sweet story about the important bond between a grandchild and grandparent, and how that bond can grow even if the two don't speak the same language. I adore this heartwarming story about overcoming cultural differences and connecting across generations. Daisy’s Yeh-Yeh is visiting for the first time from China, and Daisy is so excited to meet him but she is less than impressed when she notices that her Yeh-Yeh has been nothing but grumpy. She is determined to make him smile, only to discover that it was doing things together that made him happiest of all.

💡 This book is perfect for sparking a discussion for children surrounding the important question of “How do we communicate with others if we don’t speak the same language?”. This question should be explored in the classroom and at home to bring perspective, awareness and appreciation for different cultures. With our multicultural classrooms, neighbourhood’s and communities, we need to raise our children to respect and connect with one another. We must focus on our similarities rather than our differences.

💡 Children can have fun “reading the pictures”. The illustrations in this story are so expressive that the story could be told by just looking at the pictures! Ask your child, “how is this character feeling? What is he/she thinking?”

💡BONUS! This book comes with the recipe used in the book...I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil the ending! 😉

💡BONUS BONUS! The inside cover is beautifully done with language translations that children will enjoy referring to while reading this story.

....can you tell how much I love this book??
Will Daisy make Yeh-Yeh smile?? I hope you have the chance to see for yourself!

Grandpa Grumps is written by Katrina Moore and illustrated by Xindi Yan. Published by Little Bee Books.Katrina Moore
Profile Image for Asho.
1,716 reviews8 followers
April 25, 2022
L's first grade class was doing a March-madness-style bracket competition with books. Each day her teacher would read one picture book in the morning and one in the afternoon and then the class would vote on their favorite and it would advance through the "play offs" until the class eventually picked their winning book. Very cute idea, and that's how L found Grandpa Grumps, because it was one of the books in the competition. She came home from school sad that day because Grandpa Grumps hadn't advanced to the next round and she thought it was such a cute story that it definitely should have won the competition. After talking about it with her for a couple of days curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a copy of it for her.
She was right, Grandpa Grumps is very cute. I love a good multigenerational story, and I also like the lesson that different people show love in different ways. I think many of us had a grandparent or other family member that was hard to relate to for one reason or another. In this case it's a language/cultural barrier between Lily and her Chinese grandfather, but I think anyone can relate to this story regardless of whether they are immigrants. I'm glad L introduced me to this book.
Profile Image for Katelyn Aronson.
Author 6 books44 followers
May 30, 2020
This book is the recipe for instant warm fuzzies! More than anything, I love an endearing, character-driven story, and this is definitely that.

Little Daisy eagerly awaits the arrival of her grandpa who's coming to visit all the way from China. But when they finally meet, she discovers he's mostly a frown-y grumbler. So Daisy sets out on the most honorable of missions--to make her Yeh-Yeh smile before his stay comes to an end. It isn't easy, but Daisy isn't easily deterred, either.

5 Stars because...
Xindi Yan's illustrations could be screen shots from an animated feature film, they're so vibrantly alive with color and expression. And Moore's story is a heart-full, cross-cultural exploration of just how we go about loving other people: Do we do so on our own terms, or theirs? And maybe just maybe, bridges can be built when we meet people half-way, and Daisy finds just the right way to connect with her Grandpa Grumps.
Profile Image for Pippa Chorley.
Author 6 books13 followers
April 1, 2020
A delightful picture book about a little girl excited for her grandpa to come and stay with her all the way from China. Yeh-Yeh spends a lot of time trying to make her Grandpa smile with tea parties, hugs and drawings only to find that none of this works. She sets out on a discovery to find out what would make him smile, only to discover that it was doing things together that made him happiest of all.

The main focus of the book is the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandpa but there is also the subtext of a cultural exchange of ideas and activities and a theme of persistence that flows throughout. A lovely added bonus at the back of this book is the recipe for friend rice that they make together. I’d highly recommend this book to families with relatives living in other countries.
Profile Image for Patsy.
622 reviews8 followers
December 11, 2021
I really enjoyed this story by Katrina Moore. It is so heart-warming and funny. Daisy and her Yeh-Yeh are so adorable together! Daisy has never met her grandpa who has come all the way from China for a visit. So she has made all sorts of plans for things they can do together. But for a while things are not going the way she hoped. What will she do?

The illustrations add so much to this story, too! Xindi Yan made Daisy and her grandpa have such amazing expressions, and the cat as well!! I love the cat! And for me, a wannabe illustrator, I know I can learn a lot from Xindi Yan and her use of expression, color, perspective, and layout.

I found this at the library when I was just browsing picture books. But I didn't read it until I was home. And now...I HAVE to buy it! And I plan to study the structure and flow of the story as well as the beautiful illustrations.
Profile Image for Heather Stigall.
186 reviews9 followers
May 7, 2020
Daisy is looking forward to meeting her Yeh-Yeh for the very first time, so she’s planned all sorts of fun things they will do together. But when he arrives from China, he’s not the jolly, huggable grandfather she imagined. She tries and tries to un-grumpify her grandpa with no luck, and the language barrier between them makes things even more challenging. But, with a little investigating and persistence, Daisy finally discovers a way to communicate, and she and her Yeh-Yeh learn how to show their love for each other. This sweet story about love, persistence, communication, intergenerational and multicultural differences, and understanding is wonderfully illustrated by Xindi Yan and even includes a bonus recipe for Chǎo Fàn on the last page. Another heartwarming read by Katrina Moore!
Profile Image for Laurie Carmody.
Author 1 book6 followers
May 7, 2020
What I love about this book is the way it celebrates "quiet-ness". Sure, the Yeh-Yeh doesn't smile, he doesn't hug, he doesn't do much but grumble in the beginning - but he is loved. And, over the course of the book, although he learns how to connect in a meaningful way with his granddaughter, Daisy, he is still his quiet self. Daisy doesn't give up who she is, either. She is still her boisterous self, but learns how to connect with Yeh-Yeah all the same.

This is a beautiful message, and it is told in a humorous, gentle way. This book is perfect for the quiet kids, the boisterous kids, and any kid in between who seeks connection with others in this diverse world.
Profile Image for Heather Gallagher.
Author 3 books12 followers
June 4, 2020
Oh boy, doesn't everyone know a grumpy grandpa? In this heart-warming tale, Daisy is determined to bond with her Yeh-Yeh (grandpa) who is visiting from China. But he really is a grump and Daisy's attempts to engage him in her enthusiastic play fail. I loved Daisy's determined and resolute character. She doesn't let grumpy gramps get her down - no, she just renews her efforts. Particularly after her mother explains that grandpa 'shows love in other ways'. The pair come together over food which is particularly lovely and culturally appropriate. A relatable read and a great one for kids trying to relate to an older generation.
Profile Image for Courtney.
735 reviews157 followers
October 5, 2020
A little girl is excited, as her family is expected a guest - her Yeh-Yeh (grandfather), who is visiting from China! She has a whole list of things for them to do together! But the more she tries, the more it seems like Yeh-Yeh isn't having much fun. Will she be able to make him smile before he returns to China?

I really love this one. The story is really cute & sweet. But it's the illustrations that take it over the top - the artwork is adorable . Each page adds to the details of the story through the characters actions, and I love the little details of the girls (longsuffering) pet cat that you see accompanying her in the various scenes.
Profile Image for Lara.
4,136 reviews339 followers
January 26, 2022
This is yet another book that Elijah has gotten completely hooked on. I love when he grabs random books at the library and they turn out to be really good and keep him occupied for weeks!

This one is about a little girl whose grandpa is visiting from China. It's her first time to meet him, but things don't really go as she planned as they have trouble communicating in multiple ways. Of course, they do manage to connect by the end, and every time I read this to Elijah (it's been about 15 times now) I get a tear in my eye when Yeh-Yeh gives Daisy a ticket to China to visit him!

Beautiful illustrations, sweet story with lots to talk about, and a recipe for fried rice at the end!
July 4, 2022
This book does the skilful work of talking about the challenges of welcoming a grandparent across national boundaries, the way that love expresses itself differently, the emotional labour of translation for all parties, and the challenges of feeling loved across a linguistic divide. It also explains grandparent disappointment to children. I like real emotional reactions. Grandpa Grumps is real. “I’d like to be a grandpa grumps someday” said my youngest, and I felt so strongly how much we are all failed by misogynist , white supremacist narratives like Pollyannna and princesses. Grandpa Grumps is a complicated, emotional hero. We need more of them.
Profile Image for Tina Cho.
Author 3 books18 followers
March 25, 2020
In Moore’s heartwarming picture book, Daisy is excited to meet and play with her grandfather from China. She even made a list of things to do. However, nothing makes him smile until she changes her perspective and finds things he likes. Food brings people together. They cook fried rice, and Daisy not only gets him to smile, but he gives her a big hug and a plane ticket. Yan’s illustrations and details are perfect for this Chinese American family. Children who have grandparents from another culture will appreciate this book!
Profile Image for Jenna Grodzicki.
Author 25 books31 followers
April 7, 2020
Daisy is excited about her Yeh-Yeh's visit from China, but when he arrives, nothing goes as she expected. Yeh-Yeh grumbles and harrumphs, and he doesn't even smile. Daisy must find a way to show Yeh-Yeh her love in a way he can understand. This is such a sweet story about the important bond between a grandchild and grandparent, and how that bond can grow even if the two don't speak the same language. The expressive illustrations do a wonderful job of showing both Yeh-Yeh's happy side and grumpy side. This is sure to be a story kids will want to read again and again.
Profile Image for Sara Fajardo.
50 reviews5 followers
April 26, 2020
A visit from Yeh-Yeh fills his granddaughter with all sorts of plans, but when he turns out to harumph through her activities, she devises a new one— make Yeh-yeh smile. In the process, Moore and illustrator Xindi Yan assure that everyone else does too. A book full of heart and small moments with a quick ascent to one of our family favorites. As we read this book my little one laughed, clutched her heart at all the right moments, and when we finished said, "I love that book! He's grumpy but loves her."
Profile Image for Adam Blackman.
22 reviews
May 19, 2020
Grandpa Grumps is a lovely layered story about learning to communicate across cultures, even within the same family. Young Daisy has to overcome her dashed hopes for a fun-filled visit when her Grandpa, who’s come from China, meets her overtures with grumpy silence and grouchy looks. She persists though, and adapts, and ultimately learns to recognize how he expresses love. The idea that people express love in different ways is a wonderful message. A lot of adults I know struggle to learn it and I’m so glad we have a book that will help us develop this understanding in young readers.
Profile Image for Lindsay Leslie.
Author 5 books43 followers
July 7, 2020
A visit from Yeh-Yeh has Daisy all excited. She wants to play tea party, read stories, and sing Karaoke with him, but Yeh-Yeh is more into "hmmphing", grumbling, and being grumpy. How can Daisy make a connection with Yeh-Yeh during his visit from China?

What an endearing story! One that builds empathy and will make a young reader think about how to make connections with others when it seems impossible. We need more of that nowadays. The vibrant illustrations will have kiddos looking all around and finding wonderful treats sprinkled on each page.
Profile Image for Christy.
Author 24 books22 followers
April 6, 2020
What a fun story! Daisy is undaunted when her excited anticipation about her Chinese grandfather's visit clashes with the reality of a "grumpy grandpa." When she realizes that there are different ways to show love, Daisy discovers new ways for the pair to communicate and enjoy one another's company. A lively and heart-warming story paired with engaging illustrations that effectively convey the character's emotions, this book will be a hit with young readers.
Profile Image for Aolund.
1,234 reviews9 followers
May 29, 2020
Daisy and her Yeh-Yeh, who is visiting for the first time from China, have different ways of showing their emotions. To Daisy, Yeh-Yeh seems grumpy all the time and she is determined to get him to smile. By the end of the book, when Yeh-Yeh returns to China, grandfather and granddaughter have learned to communicate their feelings of fun, love, and desire for connection to one another.

Themes: Family, Visits, Expressing Emotions, Grumpy
Profile Image for Mary.
2,479 reviews11 followers
April 2, 2021
Daisy has been looking forward to her grandfather's visit. This is his first visit from China and she is very excited to finally meet him. Daisy worries that she isn't connecting with him, but eventually finds a yummy way to bring them together. This is a sweet story that shows we can communicate even when we don't speak the same language. This is a similar story to Minh Le's beautiful Drawn Together.
Profile Image for Diane.
6,530 reviews
April 18, 2021
Daisy can’t wait to see her grandfather. She has a whole list of things she wants to do with him, but he’s not what Daisy expected. He seems so grumpy. She tries to make her grandfather smile, but nothing seems to work. When Daisy asks her mother, her mother says that “He shows love in other ways.” So Daisy begins thinking about other ways to show her love. And soon, the two begin to communicate and enjoy each other.

Profile Image for Ariel.
Author 9 books36 followers
April 9, 2020
I love this book! Daisy has high expectations for her Yeh-Yeh's visit from China, but their interactions don't go according to plan. Daisy doesn't give up, and finds common ground with her grandfather while making a dish together (recipe included!). It's a relatable, intergenerational tale with a ton of heart. The illustrations are wonderful, with new details to spot upon every read.
Profile Image for Molly Cluff (Library!).
2,344 reviews30 followers
May 15, 2020
Dawww, cuuute. A little girl tries to play with her grandpa when he visits from China, but he's a bit gruff, and there's a language barrier. This reminded me of a younger version of "Drawn Together." They finally connect at the end when Grandpa shows her how to make a rice recipe. Precious and warm-fuzzy.
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