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The Keepers #2

The Keeper's Retribution

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A betrayal born from obsession and tinged with madness.

The end is coming. Through grisly visions Effie has Seen it, and it’s far more horrific than any prophecy foretold.

Reeling from the discovery, Effie has no choice but to embrace her destiny if she hopes to stop the shadowed threat from claiming its next victim. While allies rally behind her; others plot and scheme to usher in the end of days.

But nothing could prepare them for the malicious darkness coiling all around... with a venomous wrath intent on destroying them all.

The Keeper’s Retribution is the second book in an adult fantasy romance trilogy set within the Chosen universe. Readers do not need to read the Chosen series first, although events and characters from the books will be referenced.

265 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 17, 2019

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About the author

Meg Anne

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USA Today and International Bestselling Author of fantasy and paranormal romance. Creator of #MenByMeg. Glitter Addict. Taco Enthusiast. Lip Sync Battle Champion.

Meg loves to write about sassy heroines and the men that love them. She is best known for her adult fantasy romance series The Chosen, which can be found on Amazon.

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1,021 reviews166 followers
September 4, 2019
I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) I feel like before I can truly get into all my thoughts and feelings about this amazing book, and make no mistakes, I loved it to pieces :) but before all that I need to give you a bit of an explanation, because this is book #2 in a series that is actually a spin-off of a different series and you need to be warned about possible spoilers :) so here goes ;)

The original series is called The chosen and consists of four books (Mother of shadows, Reign of ash, Crown of embers, Queen of light) :) the main heroine there is Helena, who at the very beginning discovers her true powers and starts a jourey to become a powerful ruler... all of that is set in a fantasy world filled with magic and all sorts of magical creatures :) it's a series that really took me by surprise, in the best possible way :) with interesting and diverse characters, not to mention an absolutely entertaining writing style, I flew through those stories as soon as they were available :) Effie, the heroine of the book I am currently reviewing, was a secondary character in the original series... and a lot of things happened in those books, that's why I am actually recommending you to read those novels before diving into this sequel series... otherwise you will be spoiled about quite a few big twists and turns... unless that's not a problem for you, then I will just point you towards the previous book in this series, called "The keeper's legacy", which is a good introduction to Effie's character if you don't want to read more books... whichever way you choose to start your journey, this sequel series, called The keepers, is already looking as it may surpass the amount of love I have for the original one... ;) anywho... let's get back to the actual review so I can tell you a bit more about Effie and her journey :)

Because this is book #2 in a trilogy all about Effie and tells one big story, there's no way for me to tell you what exactly happens in this installment without spoiling you some stuff from the first book :) so in case some of you are not caught up, I will be a bit vague when it comes to details and just focus on all my thoughts and feelings about it instead :) and oh how much love I have for this series... let's start with the main character... :) Effie is the best kind of heroine I love to read about... she goes through so much character development throughout all the books... she's much more... not exactly timid or shy, just... guarded, yep, let's go with that word... at the very beginning when we meet her, and then a lot of things happen to her within the original series... that's one of the reasons why I highly encourage you to read all those stories in order, you are really missing out on some awesomeness if you skip them :) so at the start of this sequel series she already lived through some tough times... but will things get better for her? well... the answer to that is complicated :) if it would be simple, there would be no need to write a trilogy all about her, and that would be such a shame, cause Meg Anne is an absolutely talented author :) and already in these two new books, a lot of things happen to our amazing Effie... she discovers how strong she can be, how resilient, and what exactly she wants from life and people who surround her... she starts new friendships and opens herself up for a relationship... and I feel like I need to clarify one little detail, in the synopsis to the first book it looks like there's gonna be a love triangle situation in this series... and it's only partially true.. thankfully for me personally, cause I am soooo not a fan of that particular trope in stories... so if that would be a thing that would prevent you from picking up these stories, worry not, that is basically resolved in the first book... and I am very happy with how everything turned out... I can't give you any details, because of obvious reasons, but rest assured, I think you will enjoy it as well :) that whole situation definetely took a very interesting turn along the way, but that's all I'm gonna say about it :) well, besides the fact that I am very satisfied with the love interest we focus more in this second installment... because he and Effie are totally swoonworthy in their scenes together... not to mention sizzlingly hot ;) this second book in the trilogy definitely picks up the tempo even more and brings up everything a couple of notches even higher :) I swear, Meg Anne just keeps getting better and better as an author with each book ;) her entertaining writing style is full of surprising twists and turns and always keeps me at the egde of my seat... not to mention the cliffhangers she just loves to end her books with... I knew I should've expected one here as well, and yet when I came to the very last page of this story a scream may or may not have escaped my mouth... ;) but that's ok, because the last book in the trilogy is just a few months away... from what I hear, we are looking at october later this year :) and I have all the faith that Meg will make all of my suffering worth it with that final part of the story :) in the meantime I highly encourage you all to check out this series and her work in general :) I am also secretly hoping that she will create more stories set in this world :) it's so diverse, rich and just full of possibilities that I cannot imagine to just stop reading about it... you know, just a thought ;)


August 24, 2022
*ALC Audiobook Review*

WOW! The Keeper's Retribution was gripping from the get go and so did not go where I thought it was headed. No spoilers, but it ends on a HUGE cliffhanger. *shaking fist at Meg Anne* 😉 Seriously though, I'm loving the series and world of The Chosen. Plus, just when I thought Stella, Shane, and James couldn't get any better in this series, they go to stratospheric levels. The acting has been utterly phenomenal and perfectly executed. They bring so many characters to life that it feels like a huge cast recording. Okay, now I need to go eyeball read book 3! 👨🏻‍🍳💋
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875 reviews103 followers
October 14, 2022
*ALC received from Audibly Addicted in exchange for my honest review. *

Kieran after reading your prequel I had high hopes for you and then Lucien came in and I still adored you. I kept hoping that you would get yours in the best way possible but no you are just a man who thinks he is owed something. Seriously? Why did you have to do that, anything but that! You freakin' igit. I hope Effie takes you down in a brutal and slightly blood way. Cause you deserve it.

Okay... I am calm... totally calm...

Meg Anne, you keep teasing me and I don't like it, okay that is a lie. I love it Effie & Lucien are killing me with their love. I keep hoping and waiting for them to get to that next level, that next step that will join them in a way I know will just be *chefs kiss* and then BAM their plans are foiled. Just because my tender heart is dying for that doesn't mean that there is all there is to this story. Far from it. I've never read a series quite like this one before. Effie is unbelievably brave fighting for what she believes in and what she knows is right. With her allies by her side including Lucien and my favorite Smoke, she is bound to be an unstoppable force by the time this trilogy ends. I want to say more but I can't, you must-read book one The Keeper's Legacy before you read this book, or you will be entirely lost.

Then the narration gods really were smiling down upon Meg when she decided to cast this book because not only do we get Shane East and all his delicious accents but Stella Hunter who I will always swoon over. Then if that isn't enough and you need a bit more there is James Joseph. His voice is without a doubt sexy, but that man can do eerie unlike anyone I have ever heard. One of my favorite narrations of the year, without a doubt!!

One more book, one more chance for Effie to fight for what she knows is right and land the beautiful but swoony Guardian she has had her eye on since day one.
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825 reviews242 followers
November 22, 2020
Kieran: I'm going to apologise and redeem myself and then she'll see I'm the man for her.
Also Kieran, two seconds later: I will create problems on purpose.

I'M SO MAD AT HIM. KIERAN YOU IDIOT, THAT'S NOT HOW YOU WIN SOMEONE'S HEART! Although at this point it's definitely Lucian's, your train has passed my friend.

You'd think he was locked up in the dungeon for years with the way he's acting. Or that his brain got scrambled while travelling through the gate...now that I think about it...

In this book, the danger gets more real. The Shadows are everywhere and multiplying and no one can figure out how. At least they're paying more attention to Effie's visions...but not even that can save them when some of the Keepers start to change into Shadows too.

Aaaaaand still no hanky panky! I'm surprised, we got so close and then nothing :( but the romance is very sweet anyway. Lucian's changed so much (and Effie too, side effects aside) since the beginning, it's nice to see that he's getting warmer.

Now, where the hell is Helena? I have a feeling she won't even come back until it's all over and then she'll say "What'd I miss?".


I feel bad for Jo, she seemed pretty cool from the little we saw of her.

And the ending again ugh. Figured Kieran would be a coward. Effie's changing...now would really be a good time for Helena to come back and save the day. The way I was worried about the bite but didn't see this coming....

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248 reviews1 follower
August 3, 2019
Holy biscuits and gravy! I just can’t. No... No... No! I finally get some steamy scenes I’ve been waiting for and then you freaking do this! You monster! I’m so baffled, upset and thrilled. I can’t wait for the next book and to see how this grows and develops! Kieran is a mega jerk that deserves death by Effie as she is now at the end of the book. I still have some theories from the first book that are still not answered... cough,cough. The suspense is continuing to build and I am about to combust! The writing and descriptions are perfect and create amazing imagery. The snide comments and sarcasm are on point. The banter this author create amongst the characters is outstanding! Love it!
Profile Image for Hannah.
70 reviews2 followers
August 29, 2022
I was lucky enough to get an ALC of the soon to be released audiobook and it was PHENOMENAL!!!

First a warning though, no spoilers, but this is by far the most dramatic and brutal cliffhanger I have read from Meg Anne so far. And that's saying something because I've read the Mate Games and the wait between those books was interminable. All I'm going to say is, stay inside when you read this book at have the necessary comfort supplies. YOU WILL CRY! I'm serious on this point do not listen to this on a packed train with no escape.....I did it so you don't have to.

I loved this book, it is faster paced than the first one and able to get thrown into full on action. For most of this book it is just one battle after another as the gang tries to investigate the progress of the sinister shadows and the Keeper's race to try and ward off the ultimate doomsday prophecy. The tension never lets up in this one, you will find yourself getting sucked into the plot and constantly looking over your shoulder as there are some truly terrifying scenes in this one.

Plus the ever present feeling that we are sliding into the mother of all tragic endings with no way to stop it has you feeling as restless and helpless as the characters themselves. It is a truly remarkable feat that Meg Anne has managed to weave this story in such a visceral way that you are right there living this countdown with them.

Effie continues to be one of my favourite characters and goes on an incredible journey in this book which is expertly portrayed by the undisputed queen of audio, Stella Hunter. She still retains some of her childlike insecurities but gone is the petulant outbursts from Book 1 and here we see her emerge as a fierce and determined bright star of a warrior.

No wonder Lucien, the guardian can no longer resist her! I love the development of their relationship in this book as the grumpy stoic warrior finally admits his love for Effie. You see a whole new side to him in this book and when the wonderful brooding tones of Shane East is thrown into the mix, it is full on swoon time. I had distinct flashbacks to his character of Jensen in K Loraine's All the Queen's Men while listening to this one. There is something about a brooding alpha protector who keeps denying himself until he finally cracks that just gets me going ;)

As for Kieran......well he certainly goes on a journey in this one and without giving too many spoilers those "red flags" I was refusing to see in Book 1, turns out they were justified. But its really hard when he is being played by the smoky and gorgeous tones of James Joseph!!! I was literally praying for any hint of redemption in this one, just a sliver, but no. Fair warning but oh my god does James Joseph play bad so very very good :)

This trio of voice actors continues to blow my mind as they managed to bring this whole fantasy world into vivid life so effortlessly that I just didn't want it to end. One more book to go and I cannot wait!!!
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549 reviews7 followers
August 31, 2022
*****This review is for the audiobook***** When a story evokes powerful emotions and fiery reactions that is a good sign. The Keeper’s Retribution is book 2 in The Keepers series. The slow burn continues with some definite steamy buildup. Meg Anne is really torturing us with this one! The story is loaded with action with twists and turns I did not see coming. Holy toe-curling plot-twisting bad-word-generating spectacularly complicated ways to end it. I was bracing myself for the cliffhanger. I was warned. Nothing could have prepared me for the way this ended…NOTHING! Now I’m counting down until we get The Keeper’s Vow on audio… I’m so glad we don’t have to wait too long for the next story. I have faith that Meg Anne will deliver us from the devastation that is the ending of this book…

Narration in duet by Stella Hunter with Shane East, and featuring James Joseph was amazing! This was a master class in performing widely varying types of characters ~ really pulled me into the story and swept me up in the chaos of scheming malicious nefarious darkness that really held me captive from beginning to end. I finished and then listened again to catch all of the clues I missed the first time around. What a ride ~ Now we need Keeper’s Vow ASAP before I lose my cool!
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Author 22 books87 followers
December 23, 2020
Honestly, after reading other books by my friend Meg, I don’t know how I wasn’t prepared to be fully obsessed with this series like her others. She is an incredible writer. Her world building, sexual tension, and character development are phenomenal.
Profile Image for #ByFelicia.
440 reviews3 followers
October 3, 2022
Meg Anne has some explaining to do! Holy shiitake mushrooms, that plot twist!!! I mean, I had a gut feeling on one but I definitely was not expecting that last one! Have you ever talked back to your book let alone have a character conversation with your audio? Yeah that was me. Book two had me so invested and engaged that I was literally making faces and white knuckling my fists through out. The build up and suspense were top notch. But that chemistry?! Whew, call 911 because that heat was legit! Can’t wait for the next one!

The narrators did an amazing job on the dual POV! Shane East and Stella Hunter are a dynamic duo. James Joseph is stellar as Kieran. They bring this series to life!
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1,455 reviews65 followers
October 18, 2022
The Keeper's Retribution by Meg Anne is an adult fantasy romance that I listened to on audio narrated by Stella Hunter, Shane East, and James Joseph. This is the second book in the Keeper's series.

I liked that we got Kiernan, Effie, and Lucian's points of view throughout the book. It really brought the story to life. The book ended on a cliffhanger which wasn't a surprise since it's the second book in the series. I can't wait to read the next book in the series The Keeper's Vow to get the conclusion of Effie and Lucian's story.

Stella, Shane, and James did a great job on the narration. I look forward to listening to more of their work in the future.

I would recommend this book if you like fantasy romances.

** I Noticed that the audiobook ends on chapter 32, but the book has 33 chapters, and you will need chapter 33 to understand chapter one in The Keeper's Vow.
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81 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2022
ALC The Keeper’s Retribution – Book 2 Narrated by Stella Hunter, Shane East and featuring James Joseph 5⭐️ Review !!!

The authors words says it best “ A betrayal born from obsession and tinged with madness” That should really peek your interest and she serves this dish cold . I never EVER saw the ending coming like this !! Meg Anne’s writing style will grab you by the throat, make you yarn for more like that sexy man you dream of ,only to gut you and leave you grasping for more . Epic story telling I say . In this second installment we learn that Effie and Lucien’s relationship develops stronger while Kieran’s Jealousy rears its ugly head. Many will be left hurt as some grow strength. As this story continues to develop for Effie and her journey to become a Keeper, we see more action as this story is very fast paced and is filled with hella action - than the Keeper’s Legacy. I am so looking forward to the next one . The cliff hanger is real y’all – you have been warned !!!!! Kudos to the narrators you all are fantastic 😉
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21 reviews1 follower
August 3, 2019
This book was absolutely fantastic! I've never felt such disdain for a character as I do for Kiernan. Meg really knows how to bring her characters to life and get the reader involved. The love and protection that Lucian has for Effie is amazing. And of course there is one hell of a cliffhanger. I cant wait for the next book!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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97 reviews8 followers
August 27, 2019
Holy Mother! I think I died from all of the awesomeness that is this book! I've been a die hard fan of the Chosen series since day one and with every book I fall more and more in love with the story! If you're looking for swoon-worthy warriors, and fiery women, a fantasy world full of intrigue and duplicity, and edge of your seat suspense then THIS is the series for you! This book absolutely deserves 10 stars!
Profile Image for Laura Martinez.
1,391 reviews25 followers
October 2, 2022
The narrators, Stella Hunt, Shane East and James Joseph are a phenomenal trio brining the characters to life from this series.
The second installment took me a bit to get into but once it did, I was hooked.
Everything is at stake it seems in this book and I’m not sure how Effie can take it. I’m
very eager to begin book 3.
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1,841 reviews10 followers
December 4, 2019
Holy what?

What just happened? How can you end a book with that massive of a cliffhanger? This story is unreal. So good.
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6 reviews1 follower
September 27, 2022

In the Keeper’s Retribution, we pick up right up after the events of Keeper’s legacy. We begin to see Effie come into her powers and yearn to understand them more. We also see her relationships with the other characters like Lucian and Smoke begin to cement themselves while the one with Kieran deteriorates even further. The underlying plot continues to develop as Effie and the rest of the Keepers try to determine what is causing people to turn into what I like to call dark zombies. As a second book in the series I felt completely engaged and I have to say it was a perfect rising action/climax for the series.

Now, I need to talk about that ending. There are VERY FEW times where an ending will leave me feeling like my soul was sucked out of it by Winnifred Sanderson. This was one of them. I quite literally felt the blood drain from my face. In part for the book, in part for the narration more on that in a bit. Though I picked up on the contextual clues through out the book, nothing can truly prepare you for it actually happening. Like FML. Meg Anne you are the freaking QUEEN OF CLIFFHANGERS and I hate and love you for it .

Some book standouts:
- The Suspense. Holy freaking hell. Meg does a wonderful job and giving you crumbs at what is going on but making you feel on edge
- Development of Effie and Lucian’s relationship. When I say it’s a slow burn it is, but there is good chemistry and I like that they aren’t just thrown together
- Kieran. Now hear me out. I love how Meg transforms the way you feel about this character in the end. Wish I could say more but you will need to read
- Effie. As per usual I love our badass babe… enough said
- The ending

In retribution each of the narrators upped their performance into high gear. What I love about each of their portrayals is how well their voices and their acting choices melded with Meg Anne’s writing.

Stella Hunter, you had no right breaking me the way you did. Those last words uttered as Effie broke my reality for a few minutes. I could not compute anything else that was said after those words. I had to listen to the ending again when I was alone because I was not okay. To be that emotionally invested says a lot of about a narrators ability to engage and hold a readers attention while conveying the story author intended. Not everyone can infuse their voice with a sense of foreboding, dread and alarm and Stella did so with without any remorse for the reader. Broken…. That is what I am … I am BROKEN, and all done without any voice wobbles.

Shane East, made me fall a little more in love not just with Lucian but also with Kale, Smoke and Ronan as well. He hit those humorous beats so well, and I was cackling the entire time. You could definitely hear devilish grin, it is a thing, when he was Kale but also those few times Lucian actually flirted with Effie. Something Shane does so well is bring out a vulnerability in characters that have a mystery to them particularly for the main characters but also for the audience at large as well. It’s what makes you root for Lucian but also want to hug the crap outta smoke.

James Joseph fully embraced who Kieran became in this book. Oh the emotions I felt toward Kieran were visceral. Thought it was Meg’s writing, I felt that James dug deep into Kieran’s own sense of wounded pride, and that self righteousness that lead to his actions to deliver a performance that felt realistic to the character, but also the reader, without it being overplayed. In Kieran’s mind what he is doing is right or at the very least well deserved given everything he went through and with characterizations James infused within the narration voice and the dialogue it made me go up in arms (you will see why in a particular chapter).

All in all, the three of them, made the movie (or in this case the limited series that is the Keepers Series) in my head that much richer and more dynamic.
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74 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2022
****AudioBook (ALC) Review****
The Keeper’s Retribution #KeepersBook2 of 3

I was beyond excited to start this book immediately and it really picks up the pace significantly: there is so much action throughout and our heroes really have a lot to deal with, there seems to be this constant looming doom whilst trying to look for clues to save their world and decipher visions. Effie’s character continues to grow, and she is such a ‘Bad-Ass’ and I adore her.

The delicious Stella Hunter and Shane East with the delectable James Joseph continue to capture my heart – particularly Stella and Shane #Shella as Effie and Lucian #Lucie.

As the action picks up, so too does the sizzle and spark between Lucian and Effie.
I mean it hits you right from the 1st chapter and right then and there I was a gonner: Team Lucian all the way…I mean I adore Shane East and Stella Hunter together so there was never any doubt.

It’s a marvellous thing to see Lucian’s grumpy exterior fall away as he confesses his feelings for Effie – both can no longer deny how they feel about one another, and the burn? Oh it’s there, like all Meg Anne’s books, still slow but we do see more beautiful tender moments between them.
As Meg asked in her audio teaser on the socials: I melted when Shane East and Stella Hunter spoke these words:

Lucian: “Perhaps this time I am the one that owes you an apology,” he rumbled above her.
“Lucian—” “Shhh,” he whispered. “Now it’s my turn.”
Effie clamped her lips together.
“I shouldn’t have let you leave with things unresolved between us. If nothing else, I should have saw you back safely to your room. I am your Guardian; your well-being is my priority.”
She shrank into herself. Mother take me, he feels guilty because he believes he failed in his duty.
“But Effie?”
“Hmm?” she asked, praying her voice sounded steady.
Lucian shifted, the hand cupping her head releasing her so that his fingers could run along her cheek and gently tilt up her chin. “Don’t ever think I didn’t want you.”

And this is why Lucian and Effie have my heart.

And as for Kieran, well given how he left things in Book 1, that cheeky devil continued with more of the same in Book 2: he enters Effie’s room uninvited and well let’s just say any semblance of empathy I had for him is gone.
Kieran behaves like such a spoilt brat Princeling that has never grown up despite him being over 100 years old, suffice to say I am no longer Team Kieran.
Once again, the performance from James Joseph was outstanding, he portrayed the self-pity, rage, entitlement and arrogance of Kieran perfectly.

I love this book and I love this series, the characters and especially the narrators are exceptional. Meg is a literary genius and she has created this world with the most amazing characters brought to life by the most amazing performers in audio, that you can't help but adore and with a love story so excruciatingly beautiful that I never want it to end, and will stay with you forever.

This book also ends in a cliff-hanger. It blew my mind: tears were shed: I never saw it coming.
I devoured this audiobook: It is the most captivating and soul piercing series – in the best way!
Bring on Book 3.
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2,277 reviews10 followers
September 22, 2022
My review is written voluntarily after listing to the audio version of this book.

This book follows on from The keeper's Legacy so I recommend that you read or listen to that one first to fully enjoy this one which is the second book in the trilogy. In the first book, we were introduced to Effie, Kieran and Lucian and just as I found when trying to write a review for that one I find it hard to write one for this book without giving too many spoilers.

So I will just tell you how much love this series and a little about the main character Effie, she goes through so much character development throughout the story, she's already lived through some tough times in an earlier series, and you have to wonder if things will get better for her? Her story is complicated, if it were simple there would be no need to write a trilogy to tell it. In these two new books, a lot of things have happened to Effie forcing her to discover just how strong she can be, how resilient, and what exactly she wants from life and the people who surround her.

I admit when I read the blurb for the first book I did think she would become part of a love triangle but although she starts new friendships and opens herself up to a relationship the love triangle situation is only partially true. Unless things change? So far I am very happy with how everything is going for her in that department but I won't give you any details, because of spoilers but that whole situation took a very interesting turn along the way with some very hot sizzling scenes.

The tempo of the story picks up momentum and takes everything up a couple of notches, the story is full of surprising twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat, and then there are the cliffhangers Meg Anne just loves to end her books with, I knew there would be one but when it came I found myself screaming No! I certainly didn't see that coming. How long will it be before I can dive into the third and final book of this wonderful story? Too Long!

When it comes to the narration of this book, it could not be improved upon, the talent and voices of James Joseph and Shane East give me goosebumps both are so sexy and delicious, but the range they have means that their interpretations of the other male characters are just as impressive. Stella Hunter is always perfection personified, her accents, depth of feeling and pure talent mean that whatever the story, whomever the character she can do no wrong. I loved her interpretation of Effie she captured her character perfectly.

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125 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2022
More wild and wicked events unfold and doesn't stop until the epic ending!

The Keeper's Retribution is book 7 in The Chosen universe, but book 2 in this particular trilogy.

Keeper's Retribution  kicks off right where book 6 left off and keeps barrelling along until the explosive mind-boggling ending!
Effie has many changes and revelations, Kieran's drama queen a$$ pulls some right strange antics, Lucian opens up,  and Effie's relationship with Smoke, head of the Triumverate just gave me all the warm fuzzies! This scene in particular:

" “I have suffered through your pain, experienced these inexplicable cruelties as if they were my own . . .” She swung her legs off the side of the bed and stood.
Smoke spun to face her. “You’re supposed to stay in bed.”
“Shut up and come here,” she demanded.
He remained frozen in place.
“Fine, then. I’ll come to you.” She closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Smoke’s middle, squeezing tightly. He stood awkwardly at first, his arms raised to the sides as if he was unsure what to do with them. “It’s called a hug. You must be familiar with it.”
“You are . . . offering me comfort?”
“You’re in pain,” she said simply. “This is what a friend does when someone they care about is hurting.” A shudder traversed the length of his tall frame, so she held onto him tighter. “But it is your pain I feel.”
“Then hug me back,” she challenged.
So he did." 

When it comes to the threat to the world,  the Shadows and Shadow- Touched, the corruption creeping across the lands? These are scary and the visions about them are scarier still. 
Action, in-fighting, betrayals and twists just keep coming!

Meg Anne I'm convinced you are a hedonist in that you live for torturing us readers with your temporary endings!! I see you cackling with glee & tapping your fingertips as eReaders, books, and ear buds fly through rooms everywhere, as mine did with a resounding "NOOOOO!!" at this ending! I cannot WAIT for the next book, because what you did was WRONG!! 😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀😱👀
(Keep it up sister!😘)
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October 3, 2022

Note: I'm completing this ALC listen with my husband and it's our first time listening to a romance series together. He is 100% a fantasy fiction fan so this is the perfect way to introduce him to the voice actors that I adore in a format he can enjoy. And now you get two reviews instead of one!

Mike Review - Fascinating series so far and I like the complex world building I wasn't expecting to find. I think listening to the audio is the way to go as the character voice differentiation is not something I would have picked up in my head just reading the text. Cannot wait to hear how it ends.

Suzi Review - In classic Meg Anne style, The Keeper's Retribution has a cliffie that will leave you screaming out all the bad words!!!! Holy moly what an absolute feast for the ears listening to the audiobook. Please run, do not walk to buy the Keeper's Series from Meg Anne. Absolutely brilliant storytelling that I was hooked heavily on by the end of book 1 and by book 2 I'm talking back to the characters as I listen. I just don't know how she's going to wrap this all up in the third book.

I would keep listening forever to any story that Stella Hunter, Shane East, and James Joseph narrate together. My goodness the chemistry is second to none with these three working to bring the characters to vivid life. Stella will absolutely have you screaming down the roof with her epic book ending performance. How is this even possible from one actor? Everyone knows I'm a massive Shane fan, but he even made me gasp at his vocal abilities between all the characters Meg assigned him. James -- well I need to move him up my "one click auto buy" list, too. Fecking Brilliant work from all the artists!!
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September 30, 2022
The Keepers Series just keeps getting better and more heart stopping as it goes!! One thrilling moment after another is in store for you with The Keeper’s Retribution, Book 2 in the series. Effie is still trying to navigate life, her harrowing visions and her feelings for the men in her life. One has grabbed my heart completely and the other just keeps making me mad! I feel pretty certain that I know where her heart lies, but you just never know what’s going to happen with this story. While things keep looking darker for Effie and her friends, I did not expect the twist at the end. My jaw dropped and I could not believe my ears. Meg Anne’s gift for great story telling and incredible cliffhangers continues! I loved it, couldn’t put it down and can’t recommend it highly enough!

I listened to the audiobook and trust me when I say that the duet narration here is spectacular! Stella Hunter and Shane East are both masters at bringing such incredible depth to their characters as well as giving each separate side character a unique sound. James Joseph is a great talent too and has become a new favorite.
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October 12, 2022
Kieran is truly struggling. He thinks his claim on Effie is absolute, but Effie has changed since she came to the citadel, and she needs someone who will love the woman she will become.
I love how Meg creates a world that draws you in and tells a story that captures your heart. I absolutely love Her world building as she takes us into different parts of Elysia. The battles will get your heart pumping, the tension between the love interests will have you fanning your face and cursing Meg’s ability to draw out the slow burn in a way that leaves you on edge.

In true Meg Anne fashion the book ends with one heck of a cliffy! Thankfully Vow is already out so you won’t have to wait to read what happens next!

Stella, Shane and James are a fantastic cast to bring this book to life. Stella gives Effie a voice that conveys her strength and determination. Shane has the best growl as Lucian and James will make you fall in love with Kieran no matter what he does.
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April 20, 2020
The Keepers Retribution by Meg Anne
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars!!!

Wow! Just wow! I don’t even know where to start…Effie & Lucian’s relationship progresses and gets steamier. Effie gets stronger, but the girl can’t catch a break! But something is happening to Effie and no one knows until it’s too late!

Kieran’s jealousy causes him to make terrible choices, costing the lives of keepers he basically lays everything on a silver platter for the Shadows to come and wreak Havoc at the Citadel. He was a lover scorned, played with fire & in the end he was left with nothing!

Darn Princeling! If I could junk punch him I would! She doesn’t love you dude, she loves Lucian! Get over it! Lol….
Anyway, book 2 in this series did not disappoint! I was hooked from the beginning & now onto the next one. The Keeper’s Vow. 😍

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November 12, 2022
** Review based on audio book **

Effie and Lucian draw closer while Kieran feels left out as they continue to look for the source of the corruption that has taking over Elysia along with a way to stop it. Effie’s visions grow more horrific and cryptic and when the Citadel itself falls, no one will be the same.

Meg Anne drew me back in with this one and I was captivated with the slow burn of Effie and Lucian’s attraction. I love the way he is so protective of her yet still recognizes her strength and capability as a warrior in her own right.

Stella Hunter, Shane East and James Joseph continue their epic performances of Effie, Lucian and Kieran. I need to catch up and find out what happens next!
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October 17, 2022
The 2nd installment of our lovely and kickass Effie’s saga went from love to angst to despair then bam utter devastation ! The hits kept coming i didn’t have time to recover. Kieran ! Get your head together because Effie is NOT here to play! Lucian and Smoke had my heart fluttering the entire time! Fantastic and terrifying narration by Shane and James, heartfelt sometimes gut wrenching narration by Stella Hunter especially of the visions. Meg Anne spins an enticing web of suspense that is unputdownable . That cliffhanger was absolutely cruel but Im so eager for Keeper’s Vow. Effie must prevail and find her true love!
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October 18, 2022
This series just keeps getting better. I am loving this world full of fantasy and desire and mystery and so much passion all around. The narration is truly outstanding. There were so many times that I actually forgot that there were only 3 narrators. The performances by Stella Hunter, Shane East and James Joseph are far beyond anything you can imagine.

I am sure this story is amazing to just read but the audiobook is an experience unlike any other. I truly can’t recommend this enough and of course Meg Anne left us hanging desperately and I am so ready for the next one. This book is really a work of art.
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November 3, 2022

Wow i loved this follow-up to the Keepers Legacy!! This series just keeps getting better and better.
The audio book for this series and book is absolutely stellar and has amazing narrators. I kept getting so engrossed into Effies story that im lagging behind in my actual reading lol.

Effie and crew are still trying to figure out what is happening to the kingdoms since a new bad guy has risen and its much worse than they expected. Kieran, who i had such dreams for, really shows his true colors in this book. And Lucian... sigh... he is amazing!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

I received an ALC for my honest review!
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October 17, 2022
I just love this cast they always do such an amazing job. They really bring the story to life. I just love Lucian, his word just melt my heart and I go all gooey. As for Kieran you freaking butt head. I had such high hopes for him in the prequel but no I want to rip your head off. Who in there right mind thinks that's the way you treat the person you supposedly love. Also really what did you have to go back to you were not a prince, not really when you left home, Mr "I'm A Prince You Shall Not Treat Me This Way." The ending has me hanging by a thread, I need more now!
March 25, 2020
Well holy hell I did not see that ending coming. While I had wondered about the bite from the minute that it happened I truly didn't make the connection. This book is steamy and full of action. It is literally non-stop from one horrific situation to the next and having the circle back and helping in the beginning was awesome. I just hope that Helena and Von can eventually make an appearance and help with correcting this plague to the land.
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December 12, 2022
This is the second installment in The Keepers series, we continue with Kieran, Effie, and Lucian's POV in the story, right where we left off on the previous one. The story is enthralling, it kept me hearing it until the end. The audiobook is narrated by Stella Hunter, Shane East, and James Joseph, they all did a stellar job portraying the characters, which makes the story way more entertaining, I simply couldn't stop hearing it. Now I need the next one!
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