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The normal world is an illusion.

Separated from other realms by a thin layer of powerful magic, humans are protected from the fae and dragons, the ghosts and warlocks, and an unfurling evil.

Khali Elliot is a princess —of sorts. She wasn’t born royal and yet she’s destined to become queen. As a Dragon Blessed with four elements running through her blood, her future lineage has already been claimed by the Brightcaster’ throne. She will marry one of the princes. She won’t get to choose which one. She will be obedient.

Until she’s not.

Hazel Forrester sees dead people. Her life is pretty much a bad made-for-tv special where being the haunted girl isn’t a gift, but a curse. Going away to college in a small town where nobody knows her seems to be a solid plan. That is until she meets Dean Ashton, the infuriating boy with fire in his eyes and far too many questions. She will ignore him. She will act normal.

Until she can’t.

Two vastly different realms. Two vastly different girls.

But the realms are bleeding together and the girls are linked. Bound. Spelled.

And little do they know, one can’t survive without the other.

From the USA Today Bestselling and Amazon Top 100 author, comes Crown of Dragons, the first novel in the Dragon Blessed trilogy and look into the Bleeding Realms world, where high fantasy and urban fantasy are layered with forbidden romance, deadly magic, and nefarious designs. 

For ages 14+, Crown of Dragons is a full-length 85 thousand word novel. One click today! 

402 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 15, 2019

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About the author

Nina Walker

31 books226 followers
Nina Walker writes all kinds of fantasy for teens and adults. She is happily married and living the good life in the mountains of southern Utah.

Connect with her:
FB Group - Nina's Reading Party
IG - @ninabelievesinmagic
TT - @ninawalker.books

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Profile Image for TJ.
2,785 reviews168 followers
August 25, 2021

This rating has nothing to do with the actual writing. It is the format and plot lines that REALLY didn’t work for me. There are two completely different stories running concurrently throughout the book with absolutely no foundation given beforehand. We start a storyline in the very first chapter, then chapter two suddenly switches to another completely unrelated storyline in the next chapter. This goes back and forth throughout the entire book with no explanation given to help us understand how either plot-line interconnects.This set-up not only completely stops the flow of each story, but it makes the overall so disjointed that I could never really feel invested in either one.

There is also no understanding given at all in either story as to what the actual overall plot is supposed to be! I guess the author plans on revealing what the whole point of the stories are as the series continues but that idea leaves this book a muddle, and this reader is left frustrated.
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Author 45 books3,223 followers
May 20, 2020
Intricate and carefully told.

Crown of Dragons was a riveting teen paranormal read with a dash of romance and 2 strong heroines who always save themselves or each other. Can’t wait to see where the story goes!
Profile Image for Ashley Lewis.
210 reviews117 followers
August 22, 2019
I would like to thank the amazing author with providing me a free E-ARC of this book (which does not effect my opinion)
Thoughts with side commentary
🐲 Different worlds are "stacked" on top of each other and they are starting to bleed together (allowing unwelcome guests to enter)
🐲 Mediums, dragons, wizards, nymphs and fae..oh, my!
🐲 Why?!😭
🐲 Excuse Me, sir? Could you drop dead any time soon?
🐲 POV alternated between Hazel and Khali
🐲 Hazel is a character in our world and her POV had a contemporary feel while Khali was in the other world with a fantasy POV
🐲 😭
🐲 I need "Kingdom of Souls" now!
Profile Image for S.E. MacCready.
Author 6 books122 followers
August 25, 2019
Nina Walker expertly weaves a story rich in paranormal intrigue with enough drama to keep you rapidly turning the pages. This story depicting elemental dragons is entirely original, with Walker taking great care to spin a tale unlike others in the genre. I am only left wanting more, and am greatly anticipating the next release in what will become a suspenseful and exhilarating series.
Profile Image for Mandie.
691 reviews34 followers
August 18, 2019
I loved this book! It was a fun read! I enjoyed this world that the author created. And I really loved the characters. This story was adventurous and unique. And I can’t wait to read more!
Profile Image for Kim - Inside the Wong Mind.
349 reviews27 followers
July 25, 2019
Crown of Dragons: Bleeding Realms:
Dragon Blessed Book One
by Nina Walker
Rating: 5/5

Wow! I can't even believe that I finished the first book in this series so fast! I definitely lost some sleep trying to speed-read to find out what happens next. I was disappointed when I realized that I had come to the end of book one and would have to wait a few months till the next book. (Sigh)

The story is told from two POVs and if that bothers you, then this book is probably not for you. However, there is a purpose for these two POVs since there are two realms to explore. Nina Walker gives the reader a glimpse inside both the magical and non-magical realms by telling the story from Hazel's (non-magical realm) and Khali's (magical realm) POVs.

Hazel has lived her life blending into the background as much as possible but entering college has changed her anonymity. She also has quite the secret. She sees dead people. Her brief encounter with bad boy Dean only heightens her curiosity on what secrets he's hiding. Getting a job as psychic medium can only help her situation, right? She's tried her whole life to control her ability but has had no luck. What is she? Why is this happening to her? When multiple girls go missing in the small college town, Hazel sees their ghosts and doesn't know how to help them. What can she do? Will Dean be able to help her?

Khali is a princess because she was born with two different colored eyes which indicated she had all four elemental powers. She is destined to be the next queen to one of the four Dragon princes. She is also Dragon blessed - she can shift into a dragon. She is powerfully powerless to control her own destiny - or is she? Tragedy strikes and forces Khali to make a decision about her future. Does she have what it takes to forge her own path?

Super interesting concept and definitely need to read the next book now! I'll just be here waiting impatiently. Highly recommend!

My thanks to the author for an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.
Profile Image for S.H. Timmins.
Author 9 books119 followers
August 15, 2019
This is my first book by Nina Walker, but it won't be my last. I always go in with an open mind, but any expectations I secretly harbored were surpassed, leaving me both exhilarated and impressed.

Fantasy, especially YA, is a favorite genre of mine to read. I was excited to read this book just based on the intentionally vague and tantalizing summary. Within the first few chapters, I knew that I had discovered a rare gem. Building a world based in fantasy, yet believable enough to vividly imagine it, takes skill and careful execution. This author delivered. Now, add in a modern setting that is woven seamlessly with the fantasy world, and you have something quite special. Writing in two different worlds, each with their own cast of characters, is nothing short of extraordinary. They way she blended these worlds from one chapter to the next, left me desperate and anxious, yet eagerly devouring each chapter to finish what was happening in the one before. I have never read a book written so flawlessly in this manner. Bravo!

I am not going to write about the story, even in my own words. I believe that every reader is entitled to their own opinions, and given the same blank slate to formulate their feelings and thoughts upon. With that being said, I will herald this story about a fantastical world of dragon shifters, court intrigue, betrayal, loss, heartbreak, and new beginnings. The modern world is full of marvelous references that any teen or adult will relate to, along with some amazing additions of magic, mystery, and mayhem. Two young women from different worlds, sharing the same destiny. Brilliant!

This story ends in a big cliffie, and you will be desperately counting down the days until the next installment. Thank you Nina Walker for giving us such an amazing story with your incredible talent and imagination.
Profile Image for Munaza Tariq.
150 reviews22 followers
November 29, 2019
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Dragons and a brooding hero !!! Count me in!!

Can't decide between contemporary or fantasy? Well here is the perfect blend:

Khali has been raised to become a queen one day, to marry one of the princes. To carry on the legacy of the elements. As each of them holds domain over an element(some more than one) and have the ability to change into a dragon. But one prince does not have this magic, and that is why he will never rule as King.

One one side we have a magical world, with King and a Queen. People who can transform themselves into dragons and other creatures who lurk in the dark. Meanwhile, in another dimension, we get introduced to a world we know and live in.

Hazel has just started college, wanting to build a new life for her self. But no matter how far from home she is, the dead will not leave her alone. Yepp, she sees ghosts. In a town where everything seems perfects girls are starting to go missing and Hazel can see their ghost.

Then there is that strange brooding guy; Dean who mistakes her for someone she is not. He knows about the existence of another world beyond their own.

Hazel and Khali are two people living into very different world, yet somehow fate has a plan to bring them together!!

Nina weaves together two very different worlds so perfectly, this was a perfect blend between fantasy and contemporary!! I kept wanting to read on to see what turn the story takes because there were certainly surprises that I did not see coming.

Can't wait to see more of the story unfold in the next books!!!!

167 reviews5 followers
December 28, 2019
I left a review for already And it doesn't seem to be showing up lol .
This is the first book I have read by this author Nina Walker and it will not be the last .
She does an excellent job drawing you into the story and once she has you good luck putting it down just warning don't have plans lol.
The main characters become instant friends and you find yourself pulling for them in the choices they make .
The world building is excellent and doesn't feel forced or missing anything that makes it seem real .
I could say a lot more about this book but I feel this is a book you need to read and find out things for yourself and you will not be disappointed until the end because you don't want it to end lol and now the wait for book 2 .
So go buy it , enjoy a fantastic story , then go leave a review . Then sit back and wait for book two .😁😁😁😁😁
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74 reviews4 followers
August 17, 2019
I was a little skeptical about reading this book because I’m not a huge fan of dragons or high fantasy, but I read this author’s color magic series so I thought I’d give this one a shot. I’m so glad I did! It blew me away! The dual worlds and multiple points of view added lots of layers that kept building and intertwining with plot twists that were anything but predictable.

I got lost at times in Khalil’s emotions. What prince does she love? I’m not sure even she knows. And Hazel... her struggle with “seeing dead people” is so polar opposite of a dragon fantasy that I couldn’t even wrap my mind around how it was going to tie together. But the author pulls it off, and brilliantly if I might say so. I’m anxiously awaiting part two!
Profile Image for Demi.
232 reviews25 followers
August 6, 2019
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I really loved this book. It was so intriguing, and it never dulled for a moment. The storyline was interesting and unique, and leaves you wanting more.
I felt a real connection to the Khali and Hazel, and just felt their ups and downs throughout the story. All characters felt like they had their place, and played their parts well.

But Dean, though! 😍

I can’t really complain about this book. I just didn’t want to put it down, it went by so quickly, and now I’m eager for book 2! I don’t know how I can wait so long!
Profile Image for Telisha Mortensen.
127 reviews6 followers
August 24, 2019
2 worlds, one amazing book!

This book grabbed me from the beginning. I enjoyed it from start to finish and I am left wanting more! I really enjoyed the dual point of view and the juxtaposition of the human realm and the dragon realm. I was really into the book and right before chapter 7 I was dropping my jaw. It's so good. Both of the girls, while young and innocent, are neither annoying or pushovers. Definitely a slow burn here and I know who I want each girl to end up with but honestly it could totally change. The pace was just starting to ramp up at the end and I cant wait to dive into the next book!
Profile Image for Debbie Eyre.
4,311 reviews73 followers
August 23, 2019
“Separated from other realms by a thin layer of powerful magic, humans are protected from the fae and dragons, the ghosts and warlocks, and an unfurling evil.“
This story is amazing, I read the above blurb and thought I wanna read that and boy am I glad I did! Two different storylines that came together and blended really well with great characters in a fantasy world built by this author that is different and exciting and filled with danger, mystery and romance and I hope book 2 is every bit as good as this one!
Profile Image for Scarolet Ellis.
7,444 reviews50 followers
December 25, 2019
Crown of Dragons: Bleeding Realms: Dragon Blessed Book One by Nina Walker is wonderful story that I have read. This is book number one in this wonderful start to a brand new series writen by a brand new author for me to read. I highly recommend this story to all.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book
Profile Image for Audrey.
16 reviews
September 3, 2019
I seem to really be in the minority here but I really just didn’t like this book. It was entertaining enough to read but the writing was extremely baseline and the plot was very poorly paced.
Oh well.
Profile Image for Rachel.
1,700 reviews82 followers
August 4, 2020

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I love all kinds of fantasy from high fantasy to urban fantasy as long as the fantasy I'm in. This means that I have read a lot of fantasy book but Crown of Dragons has moved into the top ten.

This is a ya story and the two points of view, are told from Hazel who is experiencing somethings in the (modern) human world and Khali who is a princess in a magical kingdom that is ruled by dragons. The stories are on a dual timeline with each girl doing their own thing until the worlds start to collide.

Hazel is just starting college, trying to live on her own for the first time and make friends. She is smart, pretty but not very sociable, she starts to find herself more in college. Hazel starts to open up to people, becomes more confident, and experiences new things. While Khail who is a rebel at heart does her duty of princess without too much complaint and cares greatly about those she loves and her kingdom. She is adventurous and daring in ways that Hazel is only starting to discover. I like both girls and I can't wait to find out how they are connected.

The world-building in this book is so good. The human world was easy just add a few magical touches but the supernatural world had so much magic and a creative backstory that just made me want to know more. I loved how not only were there dragons but the dragons had elemental powers. There were mentions of other kingdoms and other supernaturals and I hope that Nina dives more into more of that in the next book. The overall story was amazing and kept my rapt attention, this book was pretty addictive and I have more than a few questions that I want answers to.

Crown of Dragons was everything that I, as a fantasy reader could have wanted. Duel timelines and perspectives, alternate worlds, snobby royalty, magic, complex characters, great world-building, political intrigue, supernatural creatures, betrayal, an excellent plotline and so much more. The story drew me in and I didn't want to let go, I loved everything about this book, things are just getting started and I'm so excited to read the next book in the series, Kingdom of Spirts.
Profile Image for Brittany Zimmerman.
367 reviews11 followers
August 31, 2020
I went into this with an open mind. The concept sounded intriguing, but I’ve, personally, never been big on dragon based stories. This one? It was a winner for me!

The story centers around Khali, who’s a princess in the dragon realm, destined to be married off to a prince of the royal family and become queen. She holds all four elemental powers (Fire, water, air and earth), making her a rare dragon blessed. The other half of the story surrounds Hazel, a human with a gift for seeing dead people, a la the sixth sense. She’s just started college in a town where girls have been going missing for a few years. When she gets on campus, it seems to be happening more frequently. While Khali is fighting King Titus to have her friend Owen become the next king, his brother Silas is not about to let that happen. Hazel is experience college life, except for the likes of Dean Ashton, who seems to hate her for no reason. But, it seems the paths these two girls are on are destined to cross. Will they?

I really enjoyed the pacing, characterization and world building in this first book. It sets up seamlessly throughout the entire book, no info dumping, which was nice. I thought the characters were pretty well developed and continued to make choices they would’ve made in the beginning in the end too. I enjoyed getting to know each character and figuring out their motives. This was a 4/5 stars for me. Can’t wait to see what the second one has in store!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
65 reviews1 follower
December 12, 2020
Another treasure

Loved this! I've read a bunch of paranormal books and I must say this one was a breath of fresh air. The dragons aren't possessive, arrogant jerks; the elves aren't regal snobs, and the humans aren't completely unaware and nonmagical. I'll admit the switching between Hazel and Khali so much initially annoyed me, but looking back, there's so much going on that the switches are necessary for us to keep track of what's going on with each character during the same time frame.
I also adore the characters! And I especially love how even the brothers are vastly different. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a sassy, strong willed heroine but there's something endearing about both Hazel's and Khali's shy characters. They know their worth and are strong-willed but lack the confidence and bravado that's become so common in heroines lately. I think it'll be an amazing adventure to see how these girls grow as they learn to trust in themselves and their abilities.
68 reviews
June 25, 2020

I loved how this book was written. Shifting between two realms, one human the other magical, was so well done. I couldn’t put the book down! I had to keep reading the next chapter and the next because it always ended a chapter at a cliffhanger. Then, because it would alternate points of view, you couldn’t just read one more but at least two more in order to find out what happens which was never fully satisfying because it only lead to another cliffhanger. Basically I read the whole book in a couple nights. Probably could have finished it in one but I had to be an adult and work the next morning so that’s not really my fault ;). Great book! Can’t wait to read the next installment in the series.
Profile Image for Joanne.
102 reviews1 follower
March 26, 2023
I like the different take in every book she does

This is the 3rd series I’ve read by this author. One thing that I love about her books is that each one is not the typical dragon, werewolf, or vampire story. I love the way her stories twists and her unique ideas.

It took me longer to get into this book than the other series. The bouncing between two worlds was hard to get use to at fist and kind of annoying but by the end I had gotten use to it. Then it became more about getting interested in one character then being thrust at the other when it was just starting to get good lol.

Still I liked the other two series a bit better. Her vampire one was fantastic! But I love her stories. Unique plots and interesting characters every time.
113 reviews
August 18, 2020
This was book 1 ARC that I was provided with by the author. Thanks so much for the chance to read it. The opinions expressed here are my own and in no way influenced by the author.
I have to say this book was a pleasure to read. With so many worlds stacked into the story it was easy to get lost in the story and not want to be found lol.
Along with the great world building I felt a real connection to the Khali and Hazel. The story with its twists and turns kept me wanting to know more, cheering for the characters and hoping only the best for them.
I really hope that the second one is offered to me as a ARC also because I just have to know what happens!
Profile Image for MommaT_Book_Phoenix.
127 reviews1 follower
February 4, 2021
Dragon shifters, magic, & mediums, oh my!

Brilliant! Two stories in one!  Weaving urban & medieval worlds, each a different story complete with their own strong heroines, and craftily drawn together, creating a magnetic read! I struggled to put it down, wanting to know what happens next. I really need to know more about what happens to these girls, the brothers, and more about a certain feline fae!

I was gifted with this as a prize from the author, publisher, or assistant,  and chose to leave a review. 
323 reviews9 followers
September 26, 2020
Dragons and Elemental Magic

Not sure why it took me so long to read this, but now I'm addicted and cannot stop. Already downloaded book 2. Dragon shifters, fae, royal families, spirits, and strange ties to the human realm... This book has everything. I was a surprised by a few dark twists, and I loved the dual POV.
Profile Image for Connie Davies.
18 reviews
August 29, 2021
It took me a long time to get into this book. I really like both of the stories but it felt like because each chapter switched perspectives there was no momentum in the plot until the end. I’m going to keep going with the series because the storylines have connected but that didn’t happen until like the last chapter.
Profile Image for Kittin.
442 reviews1 follower
April 17, 2020
I was SUPER skeptical about this as I started it, 2 different locations/realms. 2 girls. I thought eh. BUT THEN OMG DRAGON. I totally enjoyed the shit out of this. kinda dorky sure, but the meeting of the 2 was awesome. can't wait to read the sequel!
Profile Image for Heather Yarber.
21 reviews
August 27, 2020
Interesting story line and well written

I enjoyed this new take on dragons and the world that are parallel to earth. Relationships intriguing and the connection between characters makes me want to finish the series.
Profile Image for Charity Kelly.
Author 3 books1 follower
October 29, 2020
Great book! Exciting, fast paced and well written.

Hazel is a human medium who's hounded by ghosts. Khali is a cursed dragon princess. The Occultists are an evil religious sect that's intent on destroying worlds.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

October 29, 2021
Amazing start to a series!

This book was seriously epic. Dragons, magic, and all the twists. I am loving the world building and the characters. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Profile Image for Chu.
165 reviews
April 4, 2020
Started well. The setting with multiple realms connecting is an interesting one. Then it dragged on. Lost interest at 64%
Profile Image for Tara Leigh.
49 reviews1 follower
August 15, 2020
Great first book in this trilogy. Loved the dual POVs between the two main characters and really enjoyed meeting the secondary characters as well. Can't wait to start on the 2nd one.
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