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The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane

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Maybelle Lane is looking for her father, but on the road to Nashville she finds so much more: courage, brains, heart--and true friends.

Eleven-year-old Maybelle Lane collects sounds. She records the Louisiana crickets chirping, Momma strumming her guitar, their broken trailer door squeaking. But the crown jewel of her collection is a sound she didn't collect herself: an old recording of her daddy's warm-sunshine laugh, saved on an old phone's voicemail. It's the only thing she has of his, and the only thing she knows about him.

Until the day she hears that laugh--his laugh--pouring out of the car radio. Going against Momma's wishes, Maybelle starts listening to her radio DJ daddy's new show, drinking in every word like a plant leaning toward the sun. When he announces he'll be the judge of a singing contest in Nashville, she signs up. What better way to meet than to stand before him and sing with all her heart?

But the road to Nashville is bumpy. Her starch-stiff neighbor Mrs. Boggs offers to drive her in her RV. And a bully of a boy from the trailer park hitches a ride too. These are not the people May would have chosen to help her, but it turns out they're searching for things too. And the journey will bond them into the best kind of family--the kind you choose for yourself.

288 pages, Hardcover

First published March 3, 2020

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Kate O'Shaughnessy

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3,710 reviews31.6k followers
May 29, 2020
4.5 stars

This was so good. It was a sweet, heart-wrenching and heartwarming tale following the summer adventure of eleven year old Maybelle Lane.

Maybelle has been raised by a single mother but is on a mission to find/meet her father. When she gets the opportunity of a life time to sing at a contest in Nashville, she doesn’t think there is a way to make it happen. She lives in a trailer park in Louisiana and Nashville is a whiles away.

It just so happens that her neighbor, Mrs. Boggs is going to be watching her for a bit while her mom gets a summer job that has her traveling and Mrs. Boggs offers to take Maybelle in the RV. So we have Mrs. Boggs, Maybelle, and a boy from the neighborhood named Tommy go on this adventure and it is just the best. It’s emotional and fun all at the same time and I loved the characters and their journey so much.

After finishing this, I was in tears. They were mostly happy tears, but it had me crying all the same. And the first thing I thought when the book was over is that this would make a perfect film. I don’t read middle grade that often, but I’m so happy I picked this up! I would highly recommend the audiobook. Overall, this was a fantastic read!
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665 reviews5,324 followers
May 21, 2020
This was so heartwarming and exactly the book I needed to read right now.

Maybelle Lane has always wanted to know her father, but she has no idea who he really is. One day, she hears his voice on the radio, and it turns out he's a Radio DJ in Nashville. Not only that, but there is going to be a singing contest that he's a judge for. It doesn't take much for Mrs. Boggs, a teacher, and Tommy, a local troublemaker, to join Maybelle on a road trip to Nashville that is littered with surprises.

From the start, I was just entranced by Maybelle's story. I felt like I was also on this road trip across the country with very three-dimensional characters. Maybelle wants nothing more than to meet her father and it's very easy to root for her. She also deals with bad anxiety and panic attacks and I think it's handled very realistically in this novel. Mrs. Boggs is also an absolute national treasure and Tommy becomes someone you want to wrap in a blanket and keep warm. The three of them together is magic.

A road trip was the perfect way for me to escape reality right now and I whole-heartedly enjoyed the ride.
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139 reviews
July 29, 2021
Ahhhh! Another favourite! There is a heartbreaking twist (it wasn’t a plot twist but was enough to break one’s heart) I loved this book from the depths of my heart…..I will never be able to forget this book❤️

It is about Maybelle, she lives with her mom and she doesn’t have much relatives…….she has heard her father’s voice (she found his laughing voice in her mom’s phone) but has never met him and neither does she know that how does he look…….she mostly feels lonely💔 She loves to collect different voices💕 Then one day, whilst travelling with her momma in the car, her momma switches on the radio and the unexpected happens, Maybelle listen her dad’s voice on the radio…..and then soon, she learns that her father is going to be the judge of a singing competetion going to be held in Nashville…..Maybelle is determined to take part in that competetion and to meet her father as well……❤️ Her momma will be away for sometime so she will be taking her neighbour’s help (Mrs.Boggs) to go to Nashville along with a bully from her class (Tommy)❤️ And then she heads off to a road trip….a raod trip she won’t ever forget❤️

I loved every single thing about this book, the good vibes, the road trip, the animals, the singing, EVERYTHING!!!💕💕💕💕 I loved every single character!!! There will small twists throughout the story and a big twist towards the end…..and I am so dissapointed by how underrated this book is!!!!

My favourite characters are Maybelle, Mrs.Boggs and Tommy💕 You will never be able to forget this book…..❤️

I loved it very much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Author 2 books78 followers
May 15, 2020
I have had a lot of trouble with middle grade lately. I was starting to wonder that maybe I was just getting too old, and the books really weren't for me anymore (which is totally fine because they SHOULDN'T be for me!) But then I read this book and I thought FINALLY. The LONELY HEART OF MAYBELLE LANE is so emotionally intelligent. Maybelle is 12 if I remember correctly, but this book doesn't take her age for granted and really seems to respect the deeply emotional and mature issues that young children can go through. Maybelle is desperate to know her father and this book makes that feeling real without infantalizing Maybelle's journey. As it takes place in rural Louisiana up through Nashville, it introduces realistic and mature themes in a way that doesn't feel forced but flags them as issues that middle-grade aged children can start to see, like poverty and racism and domestic violence. This book is utterly brave in how it attacks these situations. It doesn't tie up the ending in a neat bow, and to many the end may not be satisfying, but I think that's why it's so beautifully poignant. Not everything ends the way you hope, but that doesn't make it hopeless, and I think this book portrays that story so incredibly well. And of course, you can't help but love every single character. Maybelle is sweet and relatable. Mrs. Boggs is a Queen and I had no choice but to stan her. Tommy, Mama, the blonde who worked at the singing competition, just everyone. (well mostly everyone...the bad ones know who they are!).

The only time I felt it went a little flat and seemed to shy away from an issue was Maybelle and her mom's relationship with blues music. They kept saying that they don't sing the blues, but merely listen to and love it, because it "doesn't belong to them." It's clear to me, as a Black adult, that they mean that the experiences of the Black artists who sing blues music don't belong to them, but I think the characters kind of tip-toe around this, when it seemed to face other racial issues (like Mrs. Boggs with the rude hotel guest) more head-on. I also thought the epilogue was a little unnecessary. The last substantive chapter has such a strong end and then the epilogue seems to drag out that WOW feeling. But since it's middle grade, I can understand wanting a definitively happy ending.

But overall, I absolutely adore this book and it might just be my favorite MG contemporary that I've read. It's a book that I wish I had when I was 12 facing some of these issues but not having many books that respected the emotional intelligence of children well enough to tackle these issues. Love LOVE LOVE!!
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1,236 reviews80 followers
April 22, 2020
This was an audiobook "read" this week that was a last-minute impulse-grab. It was beautifully narrated by Catherine Taber and, at only 6 1/2 hours, it's a very quick listen. Maybelle was raised as an only child in a single-parent home. She's fascinated with recording special sounds and she collects/records them on special occasions, sorta like keeping a diary. Her mom is a singer-songwriter and has always been a bit secretive about Maybelle's father. Maybelle never met him, but she knows his voice so well because she heard it on a voice mail recording (and listened to it over and over and over). So imagine her shock when she hears that same voice on the radio one day. She continues to listen to her dad's radio program and discovers her dad's radio station is doing a music/singing competition in Nashville. Could she actually meet her real father without her mom knowing? And next thing we know, she's loaded up and on her way to Nashville with her commanding next-door neighbor and an annoying boy from school tagging along. This road trip was my favorite part of the story because she gets to know her two travel mates in a way that never would have happened by just living next door to them. Over time, they learn more about the past. And they collectively pave a better road for each of their futures. It's written with sooo much heart -- highly recommend for middle grade readers!

For more children's literature, middle grade literature, and YA literature reviews, feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo!!
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679 reviews35 followers
June 13, 2021
Als ich das erste Mal von „Das Glück wartet nur bis um vier“ hörte, stand für mich sofort fest, dass ich das Buch lesen muss. Der Klappentext klang einfach so gut und bei dem wunderhübschen Cover war es bei mir Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Ich zögerte daher wirklich keine Sekunde lang und ließ das Erstlingswerk von Kate O’Shaughnessy nur zu gerne bei mir einziehen.

Die meisten Menschen wissen gar nicht, dass alles einen Klang hat – man muss nur genau hinhören. So wie die 11-jährige Maybelle Lane. Maybelle sammelt Geräusche. Mit ihrem Aufnahmegerät nimmt sie alle Klänge auf, die ihr bedeutend erscheinen. Das wertvollste und für sie wichtigste Stück ihrer Sammlung ist jedoch kein Geräusch, das sie selbst aufgenommen hat: Eine alte Aufzeichnung von dem Lachen ihres Vaters, die von einer Anrufbeantworternachricht stammt. Dieses Lachen ist das Einzige, was sie von ihrem Vater hat und über ihn weiß. Doch dann hört sie eines Tages genau dieses Lachen – sein Lachen – aus dem Autoradio. Ihr Vater ist Radiomoderator und besitzt eine eigene Musiksendung. Heimlich, ohne das Wissen ihrer Momma, hört sich Maybelle fortan jede Folge seiner Show an. Als ihr Vater ankündigt, dass er Teil der Jury eines Gesangswettbewerbs in Nashville sein wird, meldet sich Maybelle sofort an. Sie möchte ihren Vater endlich treffen und kennenlernen. Nashville liegt aber viele Meilen von ihrem Zuhause entfernt – wie soll sie es nur dorthin schaffen? Zum Glück ist Maybelle nicht auf sich alleine gestellt. Sie bekommt unerwartet Hilfe und zwar von Menschen, mit deren Unterstützung sie niemals gerechnet hätte: Der fiese Junge Tommy, der in Wahrheit gar nicht fies ist, und ihre strenge Nachbarin Mrs Boggs, die viel freundlicher ist als gedacht. In dem Wohnwagen von Mrs Boggs treten sie den weiten Weg nach Tennessee an. Eine abenteuerliche Reise beginnt...

„Das Glück wartet nur bis um vier“ war mal wieder so ein Buch, bei welchem ich schon nach wenigen Seiten wusste, dass ich mal wieder einen absoluten Glückstreffer gelandet habe und einen echten Kinderbuchschatz in Händen halte. Und wisst ihr was? Ich habe damit goldrichtig gelegen! Kate O’Shaughnessy hat mich mit ihrem Debüt auf ganzer Linie überzeugen und ein Leseerlebnis bescheren können, an das ich mich ganz bestimmt noch sehr lange erinnern werde.

Kate O’Shaughnessy ist mit „Das Glück wartet nur bis um vier“ ein ganz besonderer Kinderroman ab 10 Jahren geglückt, in welchem sie uns Leser*innen auf einen unvergesslichen Roadtrip durch die Südstaaten der USA mitnimmt. Solltet ihr gerne Erzählungen im Stil von Kate DiCamillo lesen, kann ich euch nur nahelegen, die 11-jährige Maybelle auf ihrer Reise zu ihrem Vater zu begleiten. Mich persönlich hat „Das Glück wartet nur bis um vier“ sehr an die Werke von Kate Dicamillo erinnert. Wie diese, so erzählt auch das Debüt von Kate O’Shaughnessy eine Geschichte voller Herz, Tiefe, Authentizität und Wärme und vermittelt wichtige Werte wie Freundschaft, Familie, Mut, Zusammenhalt, Selbstfindung, Hilfsbereitschaft und das Hinauswachsen über sich selbst.
Auch ernstere Themen werden angesprochen wie Einsamkeit, Misshandlung und Enttäuschung und auf eine sehr sanfte und feinfühlige Weise behandelt. Die Erzählung steckt voller bedeutsamer Botschaften und Weisheiten, sie regt zum Nachdenken an und ist herzzerreißend und lustig zugleich.

Erzählt wird alles aus der Sicht der 11-jährigen Maybelle in der Ich-Perspektive. Dass wir es bei Maybelle mit einer außergewöhnlichen Buchheldin zu tun bekommen werden, war mir bereits beim Durchlesen des Klappentextes klar. Er verspricht auch eindeutig nicht zu viel: Die Autorin hat mit Maybelle eine ganz besondere Protagonistin erschaffen, die man als Leser*in sofort ins Herz schließen muss. Maybelle ist liebenswert, neugierig und klug und beobachtet ihre Umwelt stets ganz genau. Sie ist erstaunlich weit für ihr Alter und trägt eine Stärke in sich, für die man sie nur bewundern kann. Ich mochte unsere Ich-Erzählerin wirklich auf Anhieb unglaublich gerne und in die authentische Art und Weise, wie sie uns ihre Geschichte erzählt, habe ich mich augenblicklich verliebt.

Die weiteren Charaktere fand ich ebenfalls großartig. Da hätten wir zum einen Maybelles wundervolle Momma, die zwei Jobs hat und ihre Tochter über alles liebt. Und die verwitwete Nachbarin Mrs Boggs, die wohl das ist, was man als harte Schale, weicher Kern bezeichnet. Mrs Boggs wirkt auf den ersten Blick ziemlich streng und resolut, sie ist aber eine herzensgute und ganz tolle Frau. Ich fand Mrs Boggs einfach nur klasse.
Dann wäre da natürlich noch Tommy, der immer mit den gemeinen Jungs abhängt, der selbst aber ein total lieber und witziger Kerl ist. Ich habe Tommy unheimlich liebgewonnen. Ich musste ständig über ihn schmunzeln, habe stellenweise aber auch sehr mit ihm mitgelitten.
Mit wem ich ebenfalls ein unendliches Mitleid hatte, ist Pickle, ein kleiner Hund, der im Verlauf der Geschichte noch zu unserer Reisetruppe stoßen wird. Da er im Klappentext aber nicht erwähnt wird und ich auf gar keinen Fall zu viel verraten möchte, werde ich euch über Dackel Pickle hier nichts weiter erzählen.

Wovon ich euch aber unbedingt noch berichten möchte, ist die Reise. Ich liebe Roadtrip-Stories, mich hat es daher tierisch gefreut, dass uns Kate O’Shaughnessy in ihrem Roman auf einen mitnimmt. Genial fand ich auch, dass die Fahrt durch die US-Südstaaten geht. Dieses Setting mochte ich schon immer wahnsinnig gerne, ich liebe einfach die Südstaaten-Atmosphäre. Da die Autorin sämtliche Schauplätze sehr bildlich und stimmungsvoll beschreibt, bin ich kulissenmäßig auch definitiv ganz auf meine Kosten gekommen. Es kommt zudem ein herrliches Sommerfeeling auf – für den Sommer kann ich „Das Glück wartet nur bis um vier“ daher ganz besonders empfehlen.

Mein Lesevergnügen war leider viel zu schnell wieder vorbei. Ich bin nur so durch die Seiten geflogen und musste mich eher als mir lieb war von Maybelle und Co. wieder verabschieden. Über ein Wiedersehen mit ihnen würde ich mich sehr freuen. Ich persönlich gehe zwar davon aus, dass es sich bei dem Titel um einen Einzelband handelt, aber wer weiß, vielleicht (hoffentlich!) irre ich mich ja. Potenzial für eine Fortsetzung wäre zweifellos vorhanden.

Zu guter Letzt noch ein paar Worte zum Ende: Mich konnte es vollkommen zufriedenstellen. Es ist zwar ein bisschen traurig, zugleich aber auch herzerwärmend schön. Mir hat es echt gut gefallen, ich habe das Buch mit einem glücklichen Lächeln auf den Lippen wieder zuklappen können.

Fazit: Ein wunderbarer Roman voller Warmherzigkeit, der einen tief berührt, durchweg mitreißt und lange im Gedächtnis bleibt.
Kate O’Shaughnessy ist mit ihrem Debüt ein ganz zauberhaftes Kinderbuch gelungen, welches ich jedem, egal ob Jung oder Alt, nur ans Herz legen kann. Mich hat die Geschichte auf einen emotionalen Roadtrip der Gefühle mitgenommen. Ich habe mitgefiebert, mitgefühlt und mitgelitten, ich habe geschmunzelt und mich mit gefreut und einfach eine wunderschöne (und leider viel zu kurze) Zeit mit den einzigartigen Charakteren verbracht. Von mir gibt es nur zu gerne 5 von 5 Sternen!
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2,797 reviews35 followers
December 22, 2022
Experience the ups and downs of road trips with Maybelle, Mrs. Boggs and Tommy in this story about Maybelle who enters a singing contest in Nashville . She travels through Louisiana and Tennessee with some unlikely companions from her trailer park. Mrs. Boggs, one of the teachers from her school is driving. Tommy, a classmate from school has picked on her in the past and tags along. All have their reasons and secrets for wanting to go. As the three experience both the good luck and bad luck of the road, they learn to trust each other and themselves.
For some readers this one may start a bit slow. The road trip itself doesn't start until about a quarter of the way into the book. Once the road trip starts, you will find yourself not wanting to stop turning the pages. Anyone who likes stories about unbelievable road trips like Song for a Whale and/or stories set in the south (i.e. Forever Glimmer Creek, Those Kids from Fawn Creek) will like this one.
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895 reviews130 followers
February 11, 2021
This story was very empowering, teaching little kids to trust in themselves and be brave. I loved the side characters, and I really love the character of her mother, although she wasn't around much. The life she created for her daughter was really amazing, and she did it alone. Not every family needs to have two parents to be a happy family, that's something that's not shown enough in today's novels. I love how Maybelle follows her heart and allows other people to help her.
July 1, 2020
Great story about a young girl, who, in pursuing her dreams of finding her long-absent father, finds some surprises and new friends along the way. Good theme about having courage to do the right thing, even if it’s scary to do so.

Memorable Quotes:
(Pg.68)-“The thing about keeping everything on the inside is that it builds and builds and builds, and you can never be too sure when it will all come pouring out. Or to who.”
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195 reviews2 followers
November 18, 2021
Darum geht‘s:
Die elfjährige Maybelle lebt mit ihrer Mutter in einem Trailerpark. Ihren Vater hat sie leider nie kennengelernt. Sie kennt nur sein Lachen aus einer alten Anrufbeantworternachricht, welches sie hütet wie einen Schatz. Auch sonst liebt sie Geräusche aller Art und sammelt sie mit ihrem alten Aufnahmegerät.

Als sie eines Tages das Lachen ihres Vaters im Radio erkennt, findet sie heraus, dass er ein berühmter Radiomoderator ist und eine eigene Musiksendung hat. Über diese Sendung erfährt sie auch von einem Song-Contest, bei dem ihr Vater Teil der Jury sein wird. Maybelle sieht darin ihre große Chance, ihn endlich kennen zu lernen und meldet sich zum Wettbewerb an. Ihre Mutter würde das aber bestimmt nicht gutheißen. Und ohne Hilfe würde sie es nie zum Contest schaffen. Doch dann bekommt sie überraschende Hilfe, mit der sie nie gerechnet hätte.

So fand ich‘s:
Maybelle ist ein typisches Mädchen von nebenan und ein richtiger Kumpeltyp. Ich fand ihr ungewöhnliches Hobby, das Sammeln von Geräuschen, sehr faszinierend. Man ist ständig umgeben von ihnen und beachtet sie gar nicht mehr richtig. Doch Maybelle ordnet Gefühlen wie Einsamkeit, Angst etc. ganz bestimmte Klänge zu. Das hilft ihr, ihre Gedanken und Gefühle zu ordnen und zeigt dem Leser, dass es sich tatsächlich lohnt, öfter Mal genauer hinzuhören.

Mit ihrer frischen Art hat sich Maybelle dann sehr schnell in mein Herz geschlichen. Es tat mir auch in der Seele weh mitzuerleben, wie sie von Mitschülern gehänselt wurde und war dann richtig stolz auf sie, als sie sich nicht unterkriegen ließ.

Richtig spannend wurde das Buch als Maybelle sich auf den Weg zum Songcontest machte. Auf dieser Reise lernt sie, dass der erste Eindruck, den man von Menschen haben kann, nicht zwingend der richtige sein muss. Um wen es sich handelt und wer sie auf diesem besonderen Roadtrip begleitet, möchte ich hier aber auf keinen Fall verraten. 😉

Die Autorin erzählt Maybelles Geschichte auf eine sehr frische, lebendige und einfühlsame Art. Auch wenn das eine oder andere vorhersehbar war, kam die Spannung nicht zu kurz und gerade das Ende des Buches hat mich dann doch überrascht.

Es ist eine Geschichte über Mut, Freundschaft und Toleranz und vor allem auch über das einander Zuhören. Am Ende der Geschichte könnte ich nicht Mal definieren, welche Figur mir am liebsten war – ich habe sie alle in mein Herz geschlossen. Ja, okay, fast alle… 😉 Ich habe gelacht und hatte zwischendurch einen dicken Kloß im Hals. Für mich ging dieser Roadtrip viel zu schnell zu Ende. Ich hätte ohne Weiteres noch länger bei Maybelle und Co. verweilen können.
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Author 1 book89 followers
August 9, 2019
What a beautifully written book, both heartwarming and heartbreaking. All the characters are so whole and real, and I wish I could just hug them all! This book made me cry more than once, sometimes just from sheer pride in these courageous young characters. I highly recommend this book for humans of any age, but especially young readers who struggle with anxiety and/or overcoming fears, like Maybelle does.
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667 reviews5 followers
June 14, 2020
Maybelle Lane is 11 years old and has never laid eyes on her daddy. The only tidbit of info that she has on him is a short snip of a voice mail where he is laughing. And one day she hears that laugh - on the radio. He's a radio show host in Nashville which just so happens to be hosting a singing contest - and it also just so happens that Maybelle can sing. She sets in motion a plan to enter the contest. There are just a few problems:

1) She lives in Davenport, LA
2) Her mother is leaving for a 3 week stint to perform on a cruise ship
3) She lost the $100 her mom left her for "emergencies"
4) She's stuck staying with the rule-following, set-in-her-ways teacher, Mrs. Boggs
5) When she does finally get on the road, who should she find as a stow away on the trip, but her annoying neighbor, Charlie
6) She's scared to death to sing in front of anyone - you know - since that one day with her Grandpa where she ruined everything

As it turns out, everyone in the motley group of travelers has their own missions. One is in search of someone to love them, another is running away from someone, and yet still another is trying to heal a broken heart.

A sweet story with a lovable cast of characters - including Pickle the crippled, farting dog.
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913 reviews69 followers
February 13, 2021
A nice, hopeful middle grade that I thought sparked good discussions on abuse, anxiety, grief, and family amongst other things. Since this was set in the South I was comparing it to other kid's books like Because of Winn-Dixie so I wished it was more down-to-earth like it tried to be. I wish the author didn't rely on money coming from nowhere to ensure a "better" story. I think it showed an unrealistic view of the world especially to kids that don't have much. You aren't suddenly going to come into money and your life is going to change forever. I do admit I got teary-eyed and this had some good moments. I enjoyed the friendship between Maybelle and Tommy. Mrs. Boggs was a great adult I think more people should strive to be like. Overall, I would have liked this to be a little more realistic but I did have a good time reading this one.
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102 reviews1 follower
June 20, 2021
Tears!!!!! This was a great adventure book of knowing yourself. I would love to get in an RV and just drive. Can not wait till my daughter reads this.
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2,614 reviews79 followers
February 14, 2020
This is a journey book, and I normally hate journey books. Except in this case, the journey made sense, and wasn't the whole purpose. It was a journey of the spirit as well as a physical journey.

Which makes it all sound maudlin, and it isn't, not in the least.

Maybelle has heard her father's voice on the radio, a father she didn't know, and she wonders what he would think if they ever met. So she enters a singing contest in a state two states away.

There is of course, one small problem. How the heck would she get there?

There are wonderful characters in here, other than Maybelle. There is the school teacher, who lives in the mobile home park. There is Tommy, who is, not a bully, but hangs out with bullies. And of course there is Maybelle, who misses her old home, and misses having enough, and not having her mother work double shifts.

Maybelle's voice is very genuine, and Tommy, the not so bad boy, is a great character, who we see grow from what she thinks he is, to what he really is.

Lovely book, even if it is a journey book. Great fun.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Author 6 books10 followers
March 30, 2020
This book has one of the most basic stories of all time (kid who's never met a parent goes in search of them) but it just goes to show it's the specificity of character and detail that really matter. Kate O'Shaughnessy never lets you doubt even for a moment that she doesn't know this world, and the people who live in it, inside and out. The story and content are completely appropriate for children but the quality of writing makes it worth reading for any age group.
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1,481 reviews22 followers
November 19, 2021
I absolutely love middle grade books that deal with legitimate, real-world issues in ways that children can relate to. The heart of this one is absent parents, but it also touches on anxiety, bullying and racism in ways that kids can understand, but that don't feel dumbed-down or preachy. I really loved the characters, especially Maybelle and Mrs. Boggs. This is definitely a book that belongs in every classroom.
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25 reviews5 followers
March 17, 2020
I really liked The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane because the main character-Maybelle-had a fun side of her life, but she also has a sad and emotional side to her life. I found it weirdly similar to Clean Getaway by Nic Stone.
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366 reviews2 followers
July 13, 2021
My favorite book of the summer! Wow! Beautiful writing. I found myself rereading so many passages. I can’t wait to recommend this book to everyone I know😊.

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661 reviews106 followers
June 7, 2022
A Wonderful 5 Star Middle Grade!!

Maybelle hears her father she never meant over the radio so she comes up with a plan. Sign up for a singing contest that he is judging to meet him. The problem, she has no way to get to Nashville where the contest is. So when her Mother is out of town she is staying with Mrs Bogg who agrees to take her!! With the stowaway Tommy and Pickle the dog they rescue, they are off to Nashville. Will she be able to perform and finally meet her Dad or will this all fall apart? Love this Middle Grade. I love the storyline of Maybelle panic attacks and how her mother and Mrs Bogg helps her through it. Also the friendship of Tommy and her and the trust they show each other is amazing. Such a wonderful story for your Middle Grader and adults as well. Will Maybelle meet her father, you have to read to find out!!!
734 reviews2 followers
October 23, 2020
This is my second road trip book this year. Even though it seems this plot vehicle is overused- it is done brilliantly in this story. The bulk of the story focuses on Mrs. Boggs, a neighbor boy, Tommy, and our quirky protagonist Maybelle. I am glad the mom became a minor character as I did not care for her character. Each of these three characters go on an epic road trip have many epiphanies and self-discoveries like many other story lines. What makes this one a 5 star for me are the way the author interweaves their emotional journeys. Each one is dealing with very different struggles, but they all come together. None of these stories lines felt forced or contrived like other road trip stories. I also liked how the author ended the story. Maybelle will win your heart and the title is perfect.
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Author 5 books44 followers
April 19, 2020
I loved reading this book. The literal and figurative journey of Maybelle had me hooked from the start. Maybelle overcomes a tremendous amount in her life to face her fears and open her heart. Highly recommend this one and can't wait for more books from Kate.
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72 reviews
January 5, 2021
As an educator, I like to read books for a younger audience, but I especially love it when it helps to give me a reminder that many students show up reach day dealing with life and needs support and understanding from their teacher!
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June 26, 2020
This is the sweetest story with the most lovable characters and the writing is charming as well. I loved every page .
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September 13, 2020
An impressive debut novel. Well developed characters, compelling, funny story. Well, kinda funny, kinda sad. If I were in 5th grade, I’d say it was sad/happy/sad/really sad/happy/happy/sad then happy.
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February 24, 2022
This book has healing, laughter and courage. It's so well put together with the storyline and characters. It will make you cry, laugh and grow.
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May 4, 2020
Collecting sounds. Road tripping with an unconventional group of friends. A dog with wheels. Loss, fear, hope, and bravery.

This is what middle grade fiction is all about.
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