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Viva Las Vegas #3

My Vegas Comeback

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In Vegas, everything is a gamble, including love.

Ruby Kendall needs a chance to make a comeback. Her voice made her a legendary singer in Las Vegas, but a scandalous divorce from her scumbag manager has left her unemployable. She’s broke and desperate. But is she ready to take that chance with the man she loved but turned her back on eight long years ago?

Anthony Rosas lost the love of his life when he forced Ruby to choose between their love and her career. Now he’s finally ready to take a gamble on love. This time, he’ll support the very career that took her from him. But he wants to be more than just her manager. He wants back the dreams they lost.

They come together with a heated desire that the years couldn’t extinguish. But the odds are against them. In 1950’s Vegas, a divorced lounge singer is hardly suitable wife material. Not to mention her abusive ex, his disapproving parents, and the fact that Ruby is all out of trust.

Can they beat the seemingly insurmountable odds and let true love win this second time around?


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About the author

Lori Sizemore

9 books37 followers
Lori Sizemore writes sexy and snarky romantic comedy. She adores all things story and geeks out about craft books, writing classes, and how-to blog posts daily.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, playing video games, or crocheting. Sometimes all three at once, as she’s a master multi-tasker.

She loves to read a good book, in any genre, but her favorite is romance. Find her online blogging or on social media through her website, lorisizemore.com.

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6,765 reviews582 followers
August 1, 2018
What a difference an era makes. What the twenty-first century wouldn’t bat an eye at, the 1950’s would find eyebrows raised to the hairlines as gossip fodder.

She has the voice, the looks and the stage presence to be a star in Vegas and beyond, but when Ruby Kendall became a divorcee, her ex-husband/ex-manager made sure she was blackballed in every venue she should have shone. Now she is broke, desperate and all alone.

Anthony Rosas knew Ruby was the love of his life, but he lost her to her dreams of fame and stardom. Now she is back in his life and he is determined to help her break back into the business and into his arms. Can Anthony break through the brick wall created by Ruby’s manipulative and vindictive ex? Sometimes the chance to fulfill one’s dreams comes along more than once. This time Anthony is determined to make both his dreams and Kendall’s come true, in spite of any obstacles in the way…

MY VEGAS COMEBACK by Lori Sizemore transports us back to the fifties, to an alien way of thinking that is hard to comprehend and to the dirty tricks and threats a man with perceived power could play. Kendall comes across as a strong woman beaten down by circumstances, but determined to follow her dreams once again. Anthony clearly has been adrift, with no direction until Kendall came back into his life.

A sweet love story with an edge and a possibility for dreams to come true!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Lori Sizemore!

Series: Viva Las Vegas - Book 3
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
Publisher: Lori Sizemore
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 152 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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2,183 reviews12 followers
November 13, 2018
I have read all three books in this series and I think this one is my favourite, I loving going back to the 1950’s and visiting Vegas what a trip, gambling is rife there as is love and this is a second chance for Anthony Rosas and Ruby Kendall who were high school sweethearts, both very much into music and each other but Ruby’s career came first and she left with Eddie and now is divorced and facing tough times with her reputation, but can a chance meeting with Anthony change her life?

Ruby is living in an apartment above a drugstore and trying to keep a job singing, the passion that means so much to her but her ex is making it really hard for her to do that, and she is struggling since she divorced her abusive husband and manager, then a chance meeting with Anthony the guy she has never forgotten brings them together in an afternoon of bliss and passion but this should not happen again, there is so much going on, but can she take a chance on them?

Anthony is thrilled that he has run into Ruby, she was the love of his life they made beautiful music together before she left and he is determined to do what he can for Ruby and get her back to the top where she belongs, even with other parties trying their best to stop both of them, will their music and their love bring them back together?

This is a great story so many emotions, fabulous characters that come to life on the pages, it had me turning the pages, what both Anthony and Ruby had gone through was not much fun but together with their music and their love they can fly as a fabulous team, I loved catching up with Layla and Jace and Dominic and Grace and seeing such a beautiful HEA, I could almost hear Ruby singing, This is a story that I highly recommend.
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1,451 reviews11 followers
August 20, 2018
I think that this is my favourite of this series.

Another short book, the author has nevertheless packed an impressive amount of story within the virtual pages.

Ruby is great.  I love her spirit and her passion.  And Anthony?  He is something of a revelation - even to himself.

The supporting cast here add the needed colour and drama to the story, and have you very definitely in Ruby's corner.

The narrative unfolds in a very organic way, such that even though I don't tend to read books which aren't contemporary in setting, this nevertheless felt relevant and grounded.

A truly enjoyable series.

I voluntarily reviewed an review copy of this book.
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2,275 reviews35 followers
August 7, 2018
Ruby Kendall was destined for stardom and she had it all at her fingertips…well right up until the wedding ring that was on her left hand was removed and her divorce was finalised.
Nothing unusual about getting divorced I hear you say and I agree in this day and age it would barely raise a titter but roll back the years to the 1950’s and that attitude would see you in very hot water indeed, and this was very much the case for Ruby because with the dissolution of her marriage she was faced with the truth that her Ex used every trick in the book, pulled every favour and achieved the one thing she hopes that he couldn’t…he scuppered her career, making sure that no reputable venue would give her the opportunity to show the world just how talented she really was.
More fool them because this was a woman that given the chance could bring the house down, and despite her current situation, she had lost none of the mettle that saw her persevere with her divorce but this time she had a new focus…to get her career back.
Previous connections were vital but the damage that her Ex had done seemed to be impenetrable, even with the help of the one man that genuinely had her best interest at heart, the man that had let her slip through his fingers when her passion and career had initially taken off. Anthony Rosas was a true gent, just the man that Ruby needed in her corner but was his support going to be enough to see her finally get back to where she belonged, in the spotlight?
Anthony was a super character, rueful of the day he lost the love of his life, his life hasn’t exactly taken the path he had hoped…namely, because he didn’t have Ruby in it. But now she’s back I understood just how much he wanted to be the man that she needed but I couldn’t help but wonder if he had bitten off more than he could chew when it comes to undoing the damage that Ruby was mired in.
As I expected the story was beautifully written, the tone and pitch transported me back to an era that is long forgotten, one where men wielded power over their women like they were possessions and took their revenge in any way they could, holding nothing back in their pursuit of retribution. Ruby’s ex-husband was easy to hate, his behaviour was easy to take exception too, but I had to constantly remind myself that of that time, he was behaving in a manner that many would have perceived that he should. It was a real eyeopener and gave me the opportunity to reflect on how far things have come.
Could Ruby get her career? Could Anthony get his woman?
This was an engaging love story, a shot at love the second time around and a catalogue on what they had to endure to get to what and where they desperately wanted to be.
Congratulations Ms Sizemore this was a super read and a valuable glimpse of what those that have gone before us when through.
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975 reviews2 followers
August 8, 2018
Ruby has walked away from a bad situation. Now she is paying the price. The only thing she is good at is singing. Vegas has essentially black balled her. Anthony was having a bad day. By accident he runs into to Ruby. They have both grown up since the last time they’ve seen each other. They both have not forgotten each other. Can you get a second chance at love? Can they become what they always wanted? Will they have to walk away from each other again? You won’t be able to turn the pages quick enough. Sigh worthy ending.
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