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Viva Las Vegas #2

My Big Fat Vegas Wedding

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He needs roots.
She needs money.
A whirlwind wedding could solve all their problems…if it doesn’t bring the Vegas mob down on their heads.

Grace Winters needs a miracle in the form of cash. A young widow with a stack of bills and a dead-end job, she’d do anything to save herself, her son, and her mother from the street. Anything but gamble—the Vegas vice that got her husband killed.

Dominic Rosas needs a happy family—or at least the appearance of one—to buy out his father’s shares in the Lucky Star casino, ousting the vicious man and avenging his sister. When he finds himself wildly attracted to a down-on-her-luck waitress with a stubborn will and a sharp sense of humor, a hasty marriage seems the obvious solution to both of their problems.

To Grace, Dominic seems too good to be true, a kind man with money to burn and an inner strength a world away from her gambling-addicted husband. They share a spark she’s never felt before, giving her hope that maybe this time marriage might work. But when she finds out he’s investing in the Lucky Star, the very mob casino where her husband gambled away their future, the dream crashes around her. Dominic swears he can invest in the casino, avenge his sister, and keep her safe, but Grace fears she’s placed her bets on the wrong man—again.


First published January 1, 2018

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About the author

Lori Sizemore

9 books37 followers
Lori Sizemore writes sexy and snarky romantic comedy. She adores all things story and geeks out about craft books, writing classes, and how-to blog posts daily.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, playing video games, or crocheting. Sometimes all three at once, as she’s a master multi-tasker.

She loves to read a good book, in any genre, but her favorite is romance. Find her online blogging or on social media through her website, lorisizemore.com.

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6,765 reviews579 followers
April 14, 2018
Only in Las Vegas could a struggling, single mom and a wealthy son on a mission to destroy his vicious father find that marriage just may be the answer to all of their problems. But is a marriage of convenience really what they both want? The stakes are high and Cupid stacks the deck against the mob, but will Grace and Dominic really hold the winning hand?

Grace has been struggling since her late husband’s gambling debts got him killed. Dominic has his own agenda in Vegas, but the mob wants him to prove he is a stable investor, so he needs a wife. Little did he know the pretty waitress who caught his eye would also snag his heart.
Grace is definitely attracted to Dominic, but when she finds out why he needs to marry her, all bets are off after they say “I do.” The last thing she wants is to be associated with the very mob and casino that left her son fatherless.

MY BIG FAT VEGAS WEDDING by Lori Sizemore has that mid-twentieth century feel, complete with slimy mobsters! Grace definitely comes across as a woman with too much on her plate, but strong enough to cut a deal with Dominic, her eyes wide open, or so she thinks. Dominic has more going for him than revenge and lots of money, this man has heart, he just doesn’t know quite what to do with it when he begins to fall for Grace.

A little humor, some intrigue and Vegas, where anything can happen! A big twist on the Cinderella story with a touch of well-deserved revenge on the side! Definitely an entertaining read with some colorful characters from an era long past!

I received a complimentary copy from Lori Sizemore!

Series: Viva Las Vegas - Book 2
Publisher: After Glows Publishing (April 10, 2018)
Publication Date: April 10, 2018
Genre: Romance - Historical
Print Length: 166 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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2,147 reviews12 followers
August 16, 2018
This book ticks a couple of boxes for me, Cinderella troupe I love them, 1950’s era fabulous, and this is the second book in this series and I am really enjoying them, MS Sizemore has taken me back to the 50’s, with Vegas mobs and I did love visiting Las Vegas so it was a story that had me turning the pages and feeling close to the characters as they journey to their HEA.

Grace Winters is a struggling single widowed Mum, she is working in a diner and not quite keeping her head above water, she has been through a lot with in the past with her first husband getting caught up with the mobs and gambling, but she is one strong and stubborn female, so when a gorgeous man walks into the diner and there is an instant attraction and he ends up making her an offer that is too hard to ignore Grace is going to have a few changes in her life.

Dominic Rosas grew up in Vegas he has a brother and sister (whom we met in book #1) but made a new life for himself in New York and when his parents do something shocking to his sister Dominic sets out on a course of revenge and to do so he needs a wife and family and to move back to Vegas, this is where the beautiful waitress at the diner helps him out, but he never thinks that she will win his heart and change his life forever.

I loved the connection between Dominic and Grace and the strength that Grace showed how she stood up to Dominic and the mob I was cheering her on and Dominic when he lost his heart and saw the truth in what Grace was saying it just had me sighing with happiness. I am really enjoying this series and for a quick very satisfying and enjoyable read this is a book to pick up.
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2,275 reviews35 followers
April 10, 2018
4.5 Stars
I read the first in this series and was enchanted not only by the story but by the authors style, this only confirmed that fact. There is a definite pace and patter to the read that assists with the enjoyment of the story.
The vices of Vegas have cost Grace dearly, life as a widow of a man killed as a result of the draw gambling had on him, means that she is not only fighting to keep a roof over her family’s head but running out of options on how to do just that. Married life with a gambler at the helm didn’t exactly mean that money was in plentiful supply and with him gone, the well is completely dry. But was a solution just around the corner, I hoped so because I liked Grace, she was strong because she had to be, she had her son to care for and a responsibility for her mother too, but she refused to be beaten by her situation, so when the suggestion of a quid pro quo marriage of convenience is put to her, I had no doubt that she would own that like a boss.
Dominic, wasn’t looking for love, it wasn’t even on his radar but what he was looking for was the leverage he required to wrestle the Lucky Casino away from his old man and having a family seemed like it would give him a foothold toward achieving that goal. Or would it?
I like Dominic, he gave the impression of being a good man, and I think at heart he was, he just had his eyes focused on avenging his sister and taking his father to task, so I understood why Grace was initially attracted to him and not just his proposal. But everything is not as she would wish and by the time she discovers the connection that he has with the place that is responsible for her current predicament, I think it was safe to say that she was ready to crumble.
How could she be in so deep with a man that has ties to the one place that she wants nothing to do with?
Can they salvage their marriage that was founded on convenience, Can they admit that they both have more to lose that they would have ever thought possible? I wanted Grace and Damien to be happy, I wanted them to work but I couldn’t help but worry that they had the weight of the past bearing down on them.
Could Damian prove that he was the man for her or would Grace be forced to admit that the man that she had given her heart was going to be the guy to break it.
The story was inviting, it drew me in and kept me captivated.
I love the way this author writes, she picks up on the most minute detail and doesn’t deal in fluff, there is a crispness to her work, especially her character conversations that ensures that no emotion is missed.
Evocative and Engaging, this is one to savour.
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1,448 reviews11 followers
May 24, 2018
I still struggle a little with the fact that this series is not set against a contemporary timeline.  Attitudes are different.  Expectations are different.  And so my mind set also needs to change.  

So with that reset baseline, I started this book.  It is another short read, and is set in the same timeline as book 1, with some character overlap.  That helped to cement the story for me.  

Again, this is not a long book, but again, the author doesn't force this story.  There are twists.  There is tension.  There is tenderness between the two protagonists.  And once again, for the most part, this works.  

The author has, in just a few short pages, woven a story and characters with emotion and depth.  

Skillfully done.

I voluntarily reviewed an review copy of this book.
April 17, 2018
Despite the title, this isn't a comedy.
Grace is a young, widowed mother caring for a young son and her mother, all while trying to cover the bases on a waitress' salary. Dominic is a wealthy businessman, new to Vegas but the type of guy who is successful, with ease. But to build his local credibility, he learns he's going to need the stability of a wife to garner support from the locals. How he goes about doing that is anathema to Grace, whose late husband had terrible gambling debts and was deep in mob pockets. They come together, neither looking for a relationship, but end up seeing answers to some of their individual problems by getting married. What happens then is the basis for a wonderful story, where two people end up finding needed answers in each other--because of love. Great story, well-written (especially dialogue) and realistically told. I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book.
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