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Now That I've Found You

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Now That I've Found You is a YA novel about searching for answers, love, and your eccentric grandma in all the wrong places.

Following in the footsteps of her überfamous grandma, eighteen-year-old Evie Jones is poised to be Hollywood’s next big star. That is until a close friend’s betrayal leads to her being blacklisted . . .

Fortunately, Evie knows just the thing to save her floundering career: a public appearance with America’s most beloved actress—her grandma Gigi, aka the Evelyn Conaway. The only problem? Gigi is a recluse who’s been out of the limelight for almost twenty years. Days before Evie plans to present her grandma with an honorary award in front of Hollywood’s elite, Gigi does the unthinkable: she disappears.

With time running out and her comeback on the line, Evie reluctantly enlists the help of the last person to see Gigi before she vanished: Milo Williams, a cute musician Evie isn’t sure she can trust. As Evie and Milo conduct a wild manhunt across New York City, romance and adventure abound while Evie makes some surprising discoveries about her grandma—and herself.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published August 25, 2020

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About the author

Kristina Forest

7 books835 followers
Kristina Forest is the author of romances for both teens and adults, including I Wanna Be Where You Are, which The New York Times called, "a big hearted story," and Now That I've Found You, a Book Riot Best Book of 2020. Her next YA romance, Zyla & Kai, will publish with Kokila Books in Summer 2022, and her adult romance debut, The Neighbor Favor, will publish with Berkley in February 2023. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at The New School and she can often be found rearranging her bookshelf.

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611 reviews87.5k followers
February 25, 2021
This was so sweet! I really loved it. It had interesting characters, a mysterious Hollywood plot line, and such a cute romance! Milo was such a sweet character I just wanted to squeeze him, and I felt like he made the perfect match for Evie. Evie is a harder character to like and could be frustrating at times because of how self centred she is, but honestly this is kind of a case where I didn't mind that so much. I think because of her upbringing and who her family is, and the fact that she wants to be an actress it made sense to me that there were a lot of times she was only thinking about herself. It could be annoying for sure, but she had good growth that made up for that. I loved her grandmother, she was such an intriguing character and learning more about her history was interesting. The setting of New York really came to life. I felt totally transported and pulled into the story and all that made up Evie's world. This also was such a fast read. If I had had more time I think I definitely could have finished it in one sitting. It was fun, cute, and had a lot more going for it, which I love in a contemporary. The more layers a story has the better in my opinion. I have another book by this author and I can't wait to read it now!
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1,909 reviews4,818 followers
August 23, 2020
One day I will write my reviews as soon as I finish the book...today is not that day. LMAO.

This was really cute! And it was definitely the romance/contemporary book that I needed in my life!

Now That I've Found You by Kristina Forest is such a well-written, fast-paced, and cute YA contemporary. I don't know if I knew exactly what to expect before reading this book, but I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It focuses on a young girl by the name of Evie as she attempts to salvage her Hollywood acting career after she is betrayed by a best friend. She reconnects with her grandmother, a past star actress, in hopes of revitalizing her career. Instead, Evie learns so much about the people around her, herself, and the true meaning of self-worth.

I think that one of the best elements of this book is its exploration of themes. Forest spends a great portion of this book illustrating the importance of self-worth vs. validation and I lived for every single moment. As humans it's easy to forget how important it is to value ourselves before seeking validation from those around us. It's something Evie struggles with greatly; however, I loved that Forest pushed her as a character up until the very end of the book to understand that she had to find confidence within herself. Confidence within herself was going to be the most important in bouncing back from her Hollywood "scandal." I also enjoyed that Forest explored other forms of relationships in this book outside of the romance. Don't get me wrong. Milo and Evie had so much chemistry and I rooted for them the entire way; however, I love that we were able to see the importance of other relationships like familial relationships and friendships. The exhibition of familial relationships was probably the most beautiful part of the book for me. I loved, I mean absolutely loved, the relationship between Evie and her grandmother. I thought that it was beautiful. I'm always reminded of how important grandparents are even in relation to my own life as a mother. I know that I have a good relationship with my daughter; however, I know that she's going to value the relationship that she will have with grandmother. There are going to be times when she's going to feel better going to her grandmother to talk about certain things and I love that. This is the exact relationship that is seen in this book. Gigi was the perfect surrogate parent for Evie especially since her parents were always so absent. Was everything between the two of them perfect? No, absolutely not. However, over the course of the novel the reader gets to see their relationship grow.

There are two major things that I struggled with in this book. While I liked watching Evie develop as a character it was relatively difficult to connect with her when she was being so mean to other characters. I think that it was the authors intention to show how she went from being selfish to recognizing the needs of others; however, I just couldn't connect with her in the way that I wanted. And that definitely is of no fault on the authors part, but it just didn't work for me. I also wished that we were provided more context on Evie's parents. They are absent prior to the beginning of the book, during the book, and then they make a random appearance at the end. There was an apology that was exchanged between Evie and her parents; however, I wanted more of an explanation as to why they were so absent. It just felt glazed over which wasn't good considering that her parents contributed a lot to her loneliness.

Overall, I thought that this was a good contemporary. I really enjoyed it. I can see a lot of people picking this book up and finishing it in one sitting. If you're looking for a cute and fun YA contemporary I would definitely recommend checking this out.
Profile Image for Jessica .
2,078 reviews13.3k followers
November 23, 2020
This was so fun and I absolutely loved Milo! I will say, Evie was pretty unlikable and very self-centered, so she did get frustrating. Her reputation was ruined and her one chance at getting a good acting job involves her talking to her grandma and convincing her to do something she definitely doesn't want to do. Evie's grandmother disappears before Evie can talk to her, so Evie spends a few days running around New York with Milo trying to find her. You definitely have to enjoy famous people romances to enjoy this one because Evie is obsessed with hiding from the paparazzi and fixing her image. Milo is so adorable and nice and I loved how he was a musician. This one went by so quickly and I just flew through the story. Kristina Forest knows how to write a super cute romance and this was no exception!
Profile Image for a.
1,168 reviews
April 20, 2020
4.5 stars!

This was soooo cute!!

I think I've found a new auto-buy author because I am just in love with the way Kristina Forest writes! Her books are such cute, fun, easy reads and exactly what I need for a mood lift. Also, I love this cover!

Honestly I just love everything about this book, I can't think of a single thing I didn't like about this book. Maybe that I finished it and can't be with these characters any longer but that's my fault for reading through this so fast haha. But seriously, I really wouldn't mind another book or outtakes about these characters! I want to know more about Evie and her family (especially her grandmother and James!) and I want to know how Milo and his music turn out(and his friend group!) and how Evie and Milo handle their relationship with their careers...I just want to know everything! The author really created this great cast of characters that were all fleshed out and I just want to know more about their lives.

I'm forever grateful that I won a giveaway of this book! I thank the gods of luck every day!
Profile Image for Sian.
193 reviews117 followers
September 1, 2020
Did this blow my mind? No, and contemporary usually doesn’t. But it was super cute and I finally read a famous people/rockstar book that I like and for that it gets 4 stars.
February 6, 2021
Nothing's neat in life, but, if we take appropriate steps to find our own path, we actually live. This story's sweet, cute, and realistic, which does not happen often in YA, let alone YA where characters of color center themselves.

The story begins and ends strong, albeit with a meddling middle. But, as I mentioned before, nothing's neat.

February 25, 2022

EDIT 8/17/2020: See my full post on my blog Sometimes Leelynn Reads

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Hear Our Voices Book Tours and Roaring Brook Press for this free copy. All quotes in this review are taken from the Advanced Reader Copy and may change in final publication.

Okay first of all. This book was one of the best contemporary novels that I’ve read in a while, and it made me remember why I like to sometimes take a break from the fantasy/sci-fi universe. This also made me super jealous that I didn’t live in NYC, or at least have a family member that I could visit that lived in NYC so that I didn’t have to deal with the traffic that I remember, but could also feel like I was living my Gossip Girl dreams.

Second of all, I’m still mad at the fact that Simone never got what she deserved for what she did to Evie. I’m still hella mad about that, and I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I felt terrible for Evie. I mean, it’s not a spoiler as much since it’s in the synopsis, but I’m not saying what Simone DID to Evie. But still, when you read it and you see what she did, I think you would be pretty pissed for Evie too.

Even if you *think* that you aren’t a huge contemporary fan, I would say that this one is one that you would want to read. It was so cute, so fun to read, emotional and well-rounded. It didn’t feel “typical” which I don’t even know what would be a typical contemporary but whatever, but I absolutely enjoyed my experience with this novel.

Profile Image for Ms. Woc Reader.
496 reviews675 followers
August 15, 2020
I really enjoyed this story. It's a heart-felt romance which light and easy chemistry and just enough adventure to keep you intrigued without the drama being too forced. Plus both teens are Black and it's a plus because we so rarely see Black kids in YA who aren't dealing with trauma of some sort. I was lucky enough to receive an arc from the author herself.

After an incident leaves budding star Evie blacklisted and broken she decides the 50th anniversary of her famed grandmother's most popular film is the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself and get some positive press.Too bad for Evie her grandmother has since backed away from Hollywood and settled into her life in New York alongside her sometimes roommate a young musician named Milo. And after incessant pushing her grandmother does what she does best when things get heavy and drops off the grid.

Evie and Milo must now venture around New York pasting together clues to try and track her down.
Evie has never even seen much of New York so this is all a new experience for her as she steps outside of her comfort zone and embraces being open to friendship.

See full review below.
Profile Image for Melanie (mells_view).
1,711 reviews334 followers
July 8, 2021
A sweet YA romance, where not only are these two main characters falling in love the heroine, Evie, is really finding herself and figuring out who she wants to be! It's also unique as you sort of get double the love story in one book. This story is overall light hearted and a pretty easy read. There is a dash of angst as the main character is cancelled by the public/media and is sort of hiding out and trying to find her grandma, who is a beloved actress out of the public eye, so that she can help Evie polish off her tarnished star. In order to do that she has to search for her all over New York with Milo, who is the last person to have seen her grandma Evelyn. It's an entertaining story if you're looking for cute YA with those find yourself coming of age vibes!
Profile Image for katie ❀.
120 reviews478 followers
November 29, 2020
Thanks to BookishFirst for providing a First Look of Now That I've Found You.

Now That I've Found You is a modern-day contemporary that exposes the competition of the movie industry. Evie's the granddaughter of a famous movie star, and it's likely that she'll become one too. Evie made me like her immediately. She's rebellious, caring, and handles chaotic situations calmly. I loved the family and friend relationships that connect Evie with everyone else.

The writing style was detailed, and there was just the right combination of emotion and action. I visualized the story very vividly, and I admired how descriptive the story was written. The world building was wonderfully done, and I kind of drifted away at times. But I was always drawn back in because I wanted to see what happens next.

I can't wait to see what adventures Evie goes on next!
Profile Image for mads.
359 reviews346 followers
February 19, 2022
“But in this world, I’m unwilling to give my heart to someone just so they can inevitably break it.”

TW: bullying, panic attacks/disorders, underage drinking.

I feel like I need to celebrate every time I enjoy a (light-hearted) YA contemporary and I really enjoyed this one.

This was not only fun, but I also genuinely cared about Evie. It's easy to find her unlikable -specifically at the beginning of the story- but as the story progresses, it's impossible not to sympathize with her actions. We're shown how her unconventional upbringing affected every part of her life, which is why we meet an Evie that is so desperate for validation.

It's practically impossible not to want to cheer for how far she's come by the end of the book.

Don't even get me started on the other characters because I just adored them. Gigi, with all of her flaws, is the grandmother everyone would want. I just wanted to hug her. And Milo! He was so precious, oh my gosh.
(He also never lost himself to the role of cardboard cut-out love interest which was super refreshing.)

It wasn't a perfect book, but gosh, it was fun. The kind of YA romcom that would make SUCH a cute movie adaptation (I am ✨manifesting✨)

Definitely a book I'd recommend to someone looking for a sweet, entertaining romcom with the messages of accepting yourself and trusting others at its heart.
Profile Image for Lindsay (pawsomereads).
685 reviews376 followers
July 27, 2020
Now That I’ve Found You is an adorable and heartfelt story about trust, friendship, family and fame.
It immediately felt like a mix of The Sun is Also a Star and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, both of which I absolutely loved!
This book takes place mainly in New York City and follows two teens, Evie and Milo. They travel all over the city trying to find Evie’s mega-famous superstar actress grandmother, Gigi, whose life and romances have been the topics of many tabloids before she escaped the limelight years ago after an incident at an award show ceremony. Evie and Milo are tasked with finding Gigi before she is scheduled to accept a major lifetime achievement award at the very same ceremony that was her last public appearance.
The fast-moving plot with the inclusion of lots of fun mini-adventures made for a really quick and entertaining read! Having been all over the city myself, it was an extra bonus to explore neighborhoods that I’ve been to before through this book. The multi-media aspect added a great layer to the book and made the fame and celebrity portion seem really realistic. With the addition of website articles and home movie clips, the whole setting was brought to life and the reader was able to gain a lot of background information.
The main character, Evie, does a lot of growing and learning throughout the book. She starts off feeling like she has to make everyone around her happy and allows the opinions of others to change her perspective entirely. By the end of the novel, she learns that what others think isn’t all that important as long as you’re happy with the life you’re living.
The focal point of the book was definitely Evie’s relationship with her grandma. Evie wishes to follow Gigi’s footsteps and become a famous actress as well, but she’s currently trying to bounce back from being blacklisted in Los Angeles. While they didn’t always see eye to eye, you could tell that they really cared for each other.
Even though the majority of the book is about Evie trying to redeem her career and find Gigi, her romance with Milo was a really cute part of the story. It’s not exactly hate-to-love but Evie is definitely skeptical of Milo’s intentions in the beginning. They end up becoming good friends and it was so nice getting to see that turn into something more.
Now That I’ve Found You was a highly enjoyable read with engaging characters and a plot that will take you all over New York City without having to leave the comfort of your couch
Profile Image for Rameela (Star).
657 reviews225 followers
July 28, 2020
Initial Thoughts: this is definitely one of my favorite books of the month and probably the year! So fun and amazing with all the perfect elements of a rom-com and perfect swoonyness that I needed! I cried, laughed, screamed... everyone needs to add this to their TBRs IMMEDIATELY.
Profile Image for kate.
1,150 reviews928 followers
November 22, 2020
4.5* My heart loved this book so much.

From the wonderful, messy characters to their equally wonderful and messy relationships to the NYC setting to the discussions surrounding fame, race, family, passion, friendships and the pressure to know who you are and what you want from life, there wasn't a thing I'd change.

The countless swoon worthy movie moments (this would make the BEST movie) made my heart very happy and I adored the easy flow Kristina Forest has to her writing. I instantly fell for the characters she created and was easily pulled into their story. I couldn't and wouldn't put it down.

This was definitely a standout 2020 contemporary read for me. It was simply a joy from start to finish. I can't wait to read more from Forest asap.
Profile Image for WhittyReads.
376 reviews8 followers
February 26, 2021
I’ve been wanting to read Now That I’ve Found You every since I saw this gorgeous cover when it first came out. So happy I finally read it because this is such a cute book.

I enjoyed Evie’s character development and the love interest Milo was the sweetest. This story takes place in New York, Evie and Milo are trying to find Evie’s Grandma after she has disappears.

I wasn’t a fan of Evie at the beginning but I understood what she was going through and so happy that we got to see her journey. She matured and went throughout a significant amount of growth. All of the side characters were so fun and I enjoyed the main characters running around New York together.

I really appreciated the diversity of two black leads in this story. This isn’t about black teenagers suffering as this highlights black excellence and joy. Highly recommend!

Profile Image for lily ✿.
181 reviews47 followers
February 24, 2021
[3.5 stars] this was a really sweet, cute, quick, lighthearted read. it was hard not to love evie and milo’s love story, as well as evelyn and james’s. there were times when i definitely wanted to squeal with how cute it was. i’ll admit that i thought evie being canceled over an impression was a little dramatic (the internet has /some/ sense...i think). but !! that last scene !! i was waiting for him to say that line 🥺 heart = melted
Profile Image for Sanjana.
100 reviews35 followers
November 29, 2020
While this is not exactly a binge-reading kind of book, it's definitely a cute breather.
The story is very interesting - the protagonists Evie and Milo are on an unlikely mission, to find Evie's grandmother in New York. I've never been to NYC, but Kritina Forest describes everything so vividly that it makes you want to book the next flight and experience the city for yourself.

Evie's character has a very good arc and development, while Milo is a charming lead. I thought it's a sweet, refreshing book.
Profile Image for elise.
470 reviews
June 30, 2021
Gigi reminded me of Evelyn Hugo...
anyway this was cute and fast-paced, loved the writing, felt meh about the ending though.. it seemed a little too convenient.
Profile Image for Marie.
479 reviews179 followers
May 1, 2020
Diversity: Full cast of POC characters.

Kristina Forest is going on my to-buy-authors list. I loved her debut so, very much and Now That I've Found You was such an entertaining follow-up. I loved the characters, endearing and adorable, really enjoyed the romantic tension, the chase around New York, the Hollywood scandal and everything.
A book you want to devour and that will leave you smiling. I loved this.

A million thanks to MacMillan INTL for sending me an e-ARC of this book. This did not, in any way, influence my thoughts and rating.

My Blog - Drizzle & Hurricane Books - Twitter - Bookstagram - Bloglovin'
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3,439 reviews233 followers
August 10, 2020
Everything was going Evie's way until she was betrayed. Then her life sort of imploded. In an effort to repair her image, she fled to her grandmother, a famous and well loved actress, to seek help fixing the damage done.

• Pro: Kristina Forest writes these heartfelt stories that fill me with joy. I took a peek back at my review for I Wanna Be Where You Are, and found a quote which describes me reading this book as well.
If you think the person on the cover of this book looks happy and full of joy, you should have seen me, when I was reading this book. My eyes were smiling, my heart was warm, and I was definitely sporting a perm-grin, because this was such a sweet, charming, and heartwarming story.

• Pro: Evie's support system was filled with some fantastic people. Though she originally held them at arm's length due to her recent experience, she grew to trust them. Among her supporters was Milo's band. I fell in love with the band not only because they were interesting and quirky, but because they welcomed Evie with open arms. This group had that "family" feel and along with her grandmother and agent, provided her something important that had been missing in her life - a place to belong.

• Pro: Gigi, Evie's grandmother was something really special. Getting to know her and her history was fantastic, and I am always happy to see multiple generations in a story. I especially have a soft spot for grandparents, so I had no problem fully embracing Gigi.

• Pro: The search for Gigi added a fun element to the story. I had a fabulous time traipsing through the boroughs with Milo and Evie as they searched for her!

• Pro: Milo gets his own section, because he was outstanding. I loved everything about him. The friendship he shared with Gigi was very sweet, and he was so kind, generous, giving, and heck, he was swoony. I found him to be the perfect match for Evie and was happy he was there when she really needed someone on her side.

• Pro: *Applause, Applause* Can we talk about that ending? Absolute perfection for me. I couldn't have ask for me.

Overall: I found this book to be a gift! Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. And when I got to that ending! Let's just say my squeals of glee were heard by many. Just like with her debut, Forest crafted a wonderful and heartwarming story filled with friends, family, and feels that left me walking on sunshine.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Profile Image for Sylvs (NOVELty Reads).
400 reviews44 followers
January 9, 2021
I knew that I'd like this book the second I picked this up!

And of course my instincts were right.

Now That I've Found You is a romance-y, contemporary, mystery book that follows shame-faced actress Evie Jones as she tries finding her famous grandmother, Gigi, to help start up her career again. The only problem is that Gigi has disappeared and time is quickly running out to get her back in time.

I really liked the pacing of the book. It felt slow but really, it went quickly since the book panned out over a week. I liked how there kinda was an unstructured kind of structure as in, you could see the "before" segment where Evie had lots of film prospects ahead of her, the "after the before" where Evie's life goes into shambles and the "after" where Evie makes self revelations and the plot has been overcome and resolved. I thought it was well done and that's really thanks to the pacing aspect.

But it wasn't just the technical elements of the book that I liked. With me, I'm a sucker when it comes to books with celebrity characters. It's my thing and I'm obsessed with it even though I know it's a slippery slope that could very quickly go downhill. I was a little wary about this trope in this book for those reasons, but in reality, I shouldn't have worried. Evie was a flawed character who's character development could be seen throughout the novel as she discovered more about herself and who she was as a person and an actress. I also loved the parts with Milo's band, Doves Have Pride and their friendliness towards Evie who was going through a rough patch with a toxic, selfish and manipulative friend. I loved seeing Evie's trust in people build up through being there for Milo and sticking by his dreams of becoming a musician.

The only things that fell short for me was with the resolution and the lack of revenge. With the resolution, as in, those scenes with Gigi, I felt like so much more mystery and suspense could've been added to it. That really would've boosted the tensions and the stakes, but then again, this book is a contemporary and not a mystery so I won't take off points for that. The other thing was with Simone, aka one of the cruelest characters I ever read about in a contemporary. I just wanted Evie to full on get her revenge and give her the bad karma she 100% deserved. I was disappointed when I didn't get the epic fight scene I wanted, but I guess you can't have everything as a reader.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and managed to read it in a day. It's a good one to read if you want a really engaging contemporary that you can read in one lazy afternoon.


Profile Image for Kelly.
Author 7 books1,211 followers
July 17, 2020
The feel-good YA romance I didn't know how badly I needed to read. Fun, light, and packed with heart. Evie and her grandmother have an amazing relationship, and I love how Forest changes the idea of what a famous older actress and film are -- centering Black stories, Black love, and Black creative talent.
Profile Image for Jessy♡.
266 reviews5 followers
September 19, 2020
This was such a cute book! Milo was soooo precious. He became a favorite. I felt so horrible for Evie 🥺 she was totally relatable. Simone is an asshole that’s all I’m gonna sayyyy about her.
I loved all the the 1970s flashbacks of Evelyn’s life with James. Wish there was more of it.
Profile Image for Lindsay.
163 reviews23 followers
Want to read
December 27, 2019
i've,,, worn her outfit?? I have those boots???
Profile Image for Katie.
2,667 reviews144 followers
September 8, 2020

Hmm. This is one of those YA’s that I found a little hard to read as an adult. Evie made a ton of bad decisions. Realistic ones! But though to read!

I also think it’s one of those books that starts too soon. I didn’t re-read the description, so I was into the rising star story in the first chapter and then oops, it’s about something else entirely!

Still, I’m liking Kristina Forest a lot!
Profile Image for Jaye Berry.
1,350 reviews124 followers
March 10, 2021
This was so cute 🥺

Now That I've Found You is about a girl named Evie who is following in the footsteps of her famous grandma to be Hollywood's next big star. After a betrayal from her best friend, suddenly Evie is blacklisted. Evie knows the way to save her career though: a public appearance with her widely beloved grandma Gigi. The only problem is that her grandmother is a recluse who has been out of the spotlight for twenty years. Days before Evie is set to present an honorary award in front of Hollywood’s elite, her grandma disappears. Now Evie is on a wild goose grandma chase around New York City with the last person who saw Gigi: a cute musician named Milo.

This was literally sugar and spice and everything nice. At first it was hard to like Evie because she was a messy queen who was rabid about using her grandmother to fix her image. She was very self-centered and I kinda wanted to fight her but she grows and I came around. Milo was literally the sweetest boy ever from the beginning and they were just so cute together. I listened to the audiobook and the way the narrator did his voice was great. What if 😳 we kissed 😳 while running from the paparazzi haha jk... unless? 😳

In today's news of I can't remember if I like Hollywood / made up famous people set stories, I loved the vibes. They were in NYC yes but all the actor things, events, people, and overall vibe was neat. It was weirdly refreshing honestly because yes I've read things similar and no I will never like it when plot things happen because they are running from the paparazzi (pls kill the rats with cameras thank you), it was fun. I feel like I'm on crack because I never pick up a new contemporary by an author I've never read before and then actually had a good time ??? but oh my god I'm reading her other book now too.

I am truly blessed on this day and I need to buy a physical copy (the audiobook was great) and then give it kisses.
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