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Secrets and Truths Duet #1

The Secrets We Held

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Born and raised in West Palm Beach, it’s time for Kate to move to Miami, spread her wings, and have the time of her life.

Wings are easily broken.

Deception masks itself as love while it slowly consumes every inch of her world. Lies spin into a web, trapping her in a nightmare she believes to be a fairy tale.

Fairy tales only live in fables.

Soon, her body will be painted in a truth she can’t deny but is too scared to face, so she runs.

A person can only run so far.


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248 pages, Paperback

First published February 21, 2020

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E.K. Blair

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2,112 reviews7,122 followers
February 22, 2020
'THE SECRETS WE HELD' is the first full length new adult| romance book in E.K. Blair's 'Secrets and Truths' duet. 'Spoken in Dual Perspectives.' May cause triggers for some.

MY REVIEW AND OTHERS: can also be found on my blog:

When I found out that E.K. Blair was bringing us a binge worthy duet my anticipation levels skyrocketed out of the roof! The beginning was a wee bit shaky, then around the middle mark I was hooked, I saw then where the author was leading me and from that point onwards I enjoyed the ride she took me on. An emotional rollercoaster that had me cursing our heroine.

The story kicks starts off with a group of college student surfers, surfing the wave and living life to the fullest riding that adrenaline high of freedom out on the waves that college life doesn't really afford them.

Kate is a competitive surfer, being raised on the water and taught to surf by her father it just comes naturally to her, like walking on air. Add in her group of friends and she couldn't be happier. Especially as one new comer Trent is accepted in the fold has caught her eye. But she doesn't want what he has to offer. She's a commitment kind of gal. When she loves she gives her all.


Trent is a happy go lucky kind of guy, he doesn't want to be tied down, he's happy to just have his fun with girls without attachment. He's also going through a few things concerning his mother so because of that on going drama going on in the background he keeps people at a distance. He doesn't allow many in.


But add into the mix Caleb the hot new learner surfer, he's smooth, comes from an affluent family and knows how to treat a woman. And as they spend more time together they easily slide into a relationship.
As their relationship starts taking off he takes Kate home to meet his parents. And boy what an eye opener that was. One minute you feel sorry for Caleb the next you think what is this author doing to me!! Because that point onwards was a whole game changer. Things weren't so black and white. Sh#t was about to get real.


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1,482 reviews691 followers
February 23, 2020
Release Date: February 26, 2020
Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

New Adult | Emotional Romance

The Secrets we Held is an achingly raw and emotional read that is sure to break the hearts of any reader. I had no idea what I was getting into when I first started reading this book and when things started to become apparent my heart DROPPED. Not because I didn’t want to read about the subject but because it’s so haunting and devastating that my heart breaks for the characters and anyone who must deal with the same thing. As you can see, I’m being vague about what is happening in the story and that’s for a reason. Because you need to read it and feel it for yourself. Not only that, anything I say has the potential to be a spoiler and I couldn’t do that to other readers. So, make sure to go into this one blind!

E.K. Blaire is a fantastic writer, and this is proven time and again with each book she writes. This one may just be one of my favorites by her and I am anxious to get my hands on the final book in the duet.

If you’re looking for a raw, honest, and realistic read then you won’t want to miss this one!
Profile Image for  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕.
953 reviews1,052 followers
March 12, 2020

E.K Blair is a master when it comes to creating unique telling stories and one of a kind characters. She makes you a part of their world and you can’t help but to feel something for her characters even if they bring out a side in you that you hardly recognize.

The Secrets We Held is a complicated love tringle that is guaranteed to have you going through all of the emotions. I knew what this book was going to be about before I’m started it and I was more than okay with that because this author has always managed to find a way to give me all of the feels when I’m reading her books so I was really looking forward to experiencing that again. Unfortunately I don’t think that this story itself, is for me. I really liked the beginning and I found myself getting excited to read the future chapters but then something happened and that excitement I once had? Dwindled faster than a ice cream sale on a hot summer day.


This story is about three characters that have managed to fall in love and ultimately that has created a very messy situation which will soon lead to not only heartbreak, but a dangerous chain reaction. It was raw at times, frustrating, and filled with hidden secrets that will not only change the dynamic of their lives, but everyone around them.

I think the main issue that I had with this story aside from me being utterly frustrated with some of these characters decisions was the lack of connection that I felt between the characters. The chemistry wasn’t there for me and as much as I tried to feel it, I was not able to grasp it and that did hinder my enjoyment for the rest of the story. If you're a fan of this author and you enjoy love triangles, you might want to give this one a try. What didn’t work for me, could become one of your favorite reads.


Profile Image for Shabby  -BookBistroBlog.
1,400 reviews736 followers
February 21, 2020
EK has a flair for making you feel in the toughest of scenes and stuns you with shocking truths she hides within.
This story starts with bunch of young college goers, who are living their carefree life, attending school, facing tough home assignments, playing sports and partying
And their top passion is surfing. Especially Kate, who's quite talented and adept. Her and Micah and Ady and a newbie Trent are a team, laughing & frolicking in sun & sand on Miami Beaches.


Trent is a surfer, player and a schmoozer. Very hard to resist him and equally tough to pin down.
Kate doesn't want to be another notch on his bed post, so she safeguards her heart.
"He’s too into his own thing to make a good boyfriend, and you’re too good to sell yourself short just to get the satisfaction of hooking up with him."


Then Caleb joins them
He's hot, charming, sweet, attentive and caring...a perfect boyfriend!
The story has a youthful appeal, very light and frothy, full of flirtatious banter and easy laughter.
Then Purpose takes the wheel and the story starts to come together. I could sense the direction EK was taking us towards and I was yelling at the characters to - Don't Go! don't Go! there's a chasm ahead, but alas, They never listen to readers😧


"I need to let go of the idea that couples are always perfect and that relationships don’t come with flaws. But the flaws we do have hold no sway over on the foundation of love our relationship stands on."
EK winds it up with a very important message about self worth and corrosive power of debilitating love
Her writing is as always superb and goes straight to the heart. Pace is expansive and slow in the beginning but gathers up speed towards the end.
Her trademark cliffy is planted firmly at the crucial juncture and now I'm waiting to see who is behind the door!!
4 stars for Things we do for Love
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917 reviews237 followers
February 26, 2020
Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.

4.5 Stars

She's back, she's angsty, she made me cry, she's E.K. Blair. Okay, cheesiness aside, I am so excited we have something new from E.K. Blair and that it is as stunning as, well, everything she's ever published. The Secrets We Held, just part one of the Secret and Truths Duet, is a long, emotionally-fraught novel that had me laughing, crying, and falling in love. It is classic E.K. Blair and I am one happy one-click fan. I know, you're over here wondering if emotionally-fraught is a good thing, but I promise it is. There is no other author out there, I'm serious, that can cover such difficult topics, taking their characters to the absolute lowest depths, and come out with such a beautiful story of independence, growth, life lessons, and love. They're realistic, so if you're feeling emotional while reading it's a good thing. I'm not looking for rainbows and butterflies, I'm looking for a story I relate to and E.K. Blair once again gives us that with The Secrets We Held.

Binge-worthy, new adult aged, and a complete roller coaster, The Secrets We Held follows Kate as she experiences her first real relationship, finds friendship in college classmates, and discovers the strength of herself, her family, and her friendships. Kate is your typical middle-class surfer girl from Florida; she thrives in the water, has closer friendships with the males in her life, and has absolutely no interest in the sorority world her best friend is thriving in at college. She wants to be in the water, she wants to be hanging with her friends, and she wants her inconvenient crush on Trent to go away. Trent is all surfing, college, party time, he has enough serious in his life and isn't looking for more than fun. He has an inconvenient crush on Kate too, but more than that he cares about her like a true friend. When Kate starts dating a newbie surfer with affluent connections in Chicago things should be all rosy, but Caleb gives off some seriously bad vibes to her friends and when the truth comes out her friends will have to help Kate even when she won't admit she needs it.

"But nothing is okay. Everything is all wrong."

Not a typical love triangle, The Secrets We Held sees the college-aged characters as they go through family drama, classes, dating, and facing the secrets they hold inside. It's a book about bringing the walls down, learning to trust, and climbing out of the dark even when it seems so impossible. I admit it took me time to connect with Kate and Trent, their alternating perspectives are very different, but ultimately that worked for me. Their voices were distinct, their impression of the same events are unique, and the friendship that's so back and forth ends up being vitally important in the end. I can't expand a lot further on the plot, there are a couple difficult topics covered, but I think E.K. Blair did a fantastic job. It's detailed, that may be hard for some readers, but the way the characters tackle, grow, and overcome is just incredible. I ended this book feeling so good about the characters, really desperate for the next novel, and yes, like E.K. Blair is back with a total winner.

ARC provided.
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Author 66 books6,311 followers
February 18, 2020
E.K. Blair is BACK with a story that will have you clicking frantically and begging for MORE. If you loved the CRAVE duet, you are going to devour this new set. Emotional, heartbreaking, and so well-written. Get ready for all the feels, and you're only on Book #1...
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1,336 reviews369 followers
March 11, 2020
I am in awe. Everyone should read this book. The writing was masterful and I really felt for Kate and her journey!!
She is a surfer and everything seems fine u til she meets Caleb. Oh my. I adored this storyline. Granted, it may not be for everyone but if you love twisted and emotional, you should give this book a shot.
This author really knows how to graps your attention. Her characters and plot are so honest. Loved it.

4 Stars
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Author 1 book174 followers
February 16, 2020
Initially, the story was a little hard to follow because so many different characters kept being introduced and there was a lot going on in each scene.

Eventually, though, the story came together and found its central focus: a young college girl trying to navigate her way through budding relationships, friendly and romantic.

I enjoyed the writing style and the material was a little tough because of the subject matter, but it was quick to get through.

There were some predictable moments because of the direction the story was going, but it ended on a major cliffhanger. I'm definitely intrigued by where book 2 heads.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
1,977 reviews82 followers
February 16, 2020
* A review copy was provided by the author *

~ 3.5 - 4 Stars ~

I have spent the past couple days trying to process my feelings about this book. Even after thinking on it for a couple days, I am conflicted about The Secrets We Held.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed E.K. Blair’s books and I did enjoy this one, but something just didn’t connect with me.

As always this book covered a really tough subject and may cause some triggers with readers. Her books are always filled with emotion, realism and are thought provoking. The Secrets We Held is no different. Just like her Crave Duet, this book touches on a subject matter that many will connect on a personal level with. If you loved her Crave Duet, I really think you should and will want to read the Secrets and Truths Duet.

The Secrets We Held is a companion duet to the Crave Duet. The books/story kind of overlap. This book takes place at the same time as the second book in the Crave Duet. You don’t have to read the Crave Duet to enjoy this one, but once you read this book, you will want to read the Crave Duet.

I don’t want to give anything away in this story, so I really can’t expand too much on why this book didn’t connect with me like E.K.’s other books. I will say that after reading this book, I am TOTALLY looking forward to the second book in this duet. I am hoping that book is more of what I was hoping this story would’ve been like. I did love both Kate and Trent’s characters. They both felt real to me and I loved the emotion they provoked in me.

I’m sorry this review is on the short and vague side, but I am having a hard time expressing my feelings without giving the storyline away. So I will just say, if you are a fan of E.K. Blair’s books then you should definitely read this duet.

As with every book E.K. writes, this book was so well written you couldn’t help but feel everything the characters felt. I felt their happiness, the sorrow, the anguish and of course their heartache. E.K. Blair is such a wonderful storyteller.

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415 reviews7 followers
June 26, 2020
if you can get over the annoying, condescending main character in the first 35% of the book this book is actually worth the read. I liked the way it dealt with abuse and the writing is okay if you overlook the sometimes sexist undertone (like calling every woman who wants causal consensual sex a "bunny") or the constant mentioning how our mc Kate is r/notlikeothergirls then you have a pretty solid book. Also, I found almost all the characters annoying and most of the time I wanted them to jump off a cliff :)
Profile Image for April.
285 reviews
March 18, 2020
Trigger Warning

I have to give kudos to authors who write realistic stories like this one.
I was afraid to read it, but there is something about the way E.K. writes; it's calming, like they're sitting there holding your hand as you get sucked in their world.

Welp, off to read the 2nd book :)
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Author 6 books105 followers
February 23, 2020

Deep breath...

So many emotions swirling as I sit here contemplating the right words to do justice to this book. The first installment of Blair's newest duet, The Secrets We Held, is a doozy. Shocker, I know. What book of Blair's isn't? *grins*

As a woman, have you ever completely related to the HERO of the story? I did. This book may be predominantly about Kate, but oh Trent...that man is me.

So, stay with me as my thoughts tend to center on him and I offer a slightly different perspective to this review...

"Ady is right; Trent isn't a bad guy, so I need to stop being pissed at him just because I wish he acted differently. It kind of makes me want to laugh. I like him for who he is, yet here I am, trying to change him to make him something he isn't."

Authentic to the core, Trent is the quintessential dude, not interested in anything more than casual hookups. He keeps a small circle of friends but more than that, he keeps to himself. Never one to let anyone in because...well, we all have secrets.

"People can't disappoint you if you don't let them in." "You can't shut people out without giving them a chance." "Why not?" "Because what's the point of having people in your life if you can't trust them?" "Trusting people gives them an open invitation to **** you over."

No truer words have ever been written. I felt that. Deeply. Yet, I understand Kate's reaction...how can he expect her to confide in him, trust him when he can't give the same in return? Intimacy is more than just sex. It's connection and deep down, Trent fears his connection to people because it's only ever been met with disappointment. It becomes unhealthy and he feels pulled under with no chance of surfacing for air.

You just have to wonder, who finally gets through that impenetrable wall that he decides to take a chance on trusting someone enough to share the secrets he holds?

And Kate, what does it take? How far do things have to go before she realizes she isn't the same girl she used to be?

My heart plummetted about 50% into this story as I read the writing on the wall...it only sank lower when I knew I was right. Blurry vision and chest-wracking sobs filled my senses as the lies Kate told herself and everyone who loved her came to light but paled in comparison to Trent's reaction. It was in those last moments, the walls came down and then...then...

It ended.

Now, I wait. I wait because what else can I do? There's no turning back now, just the hand-wringing tension as my mind plays out a million different scenarios of where the next book takes me. My heart officially obliterated. I need answers. Closure. Someone to get their...let's just say Karma.

*Deeply emotional, highly sensitive content, and most importantly...true E.K. Blair finesse. I cannot wait for you all to read this book, but don't say I didn't warn you of the darkness you'll face. If you're a triggered reader, make sure you know this isn't a fairytale with hearts and flowers. This is real-life, messed up, traumatic and full of emotional turmoil.*

With all that said, you won't be able to put it down. Blair's addictive writing style and deep-rooted heart-wrenching issues keep us glued to the pages only to leave us wrung out and emotionally exhausted...but ready to do it all over again. Every. Single. Time. Without fail. It's the best sort of torture and I can't get enough.

**5 Under Lock & Key, Stars**
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696 reviews
February 25, 2020
Wow this one certainly had me in a war with my emotions. I had to take some time to think about what I wanted to write in this review.

First off let me just say - I love love loved that she used characters from a previous series, The Crave Series. Dang that series seriously gutted me!! This one so far certainly had my stomach doing flip over flip over flip. There were so many absolutely touching moments as well as hold your breath heart breaking moments. Just like any of E.K's other books you get completely sucked in, this true to life situational story is absolutely no different. I had a hard time putting it down, a hard time going forward as I didn't want to know what was going to happen next and yet a harder time not turning that page.
Kate is not a very experienced girl when it comes to guys. She has a crush on a fellow surfer, Trent, but doesn't want to be just another one of his bunnies, so she checks him into the friend zone. Even though there are definite sparks between the them and the draw to one another is pretty apparent -she keeps him at a distance. Especially with all the interactions she notices Trent in with other girls. Trent has his own issues, his own reasons for not wanting anyone to get close to him that he struggles with.

In comes a newbie to surfing, Caleb. Caleb is not like any other guy Kate has meet and immediately there is something there, a definite attraction. As time goes on they begin dating. With each passing day things in Kate's life change, their relationship has grown into something that Kate has always wanted. But with one trip to meet Caleb's parents things change even more. From this point on the ups and downs are almost like constant loop de loops on a roller coaster that give you both that major giddy feeling as well as that omg I'm going to barf feeling. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

This book certainly has E.K. Blair back with the amazingly gripping stories we have missed!!
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313 reviews10 followers
February 28, 2020
Omg!! *Frantically biting nails* I need book two!!

Ek has brought out a whole new level of emotion in this one!!! So shockingly common and real that can happen to anyone. I was hooked from page one, the characters speaking from the heart made me wanna get to know them more and more.
Kate is starting her first year of college along with her bff. She is so excited to start the rest of her life, so many plans!
Surfing, making friends and enjoying what she has worked so hard to get. She has no idea on who she is about to meet and how it will change all of this.
Trent, a sweet with tinge of bad boy outer core surfer walks in and along with Kate I have a hard time putting this story down.
We get to know them and their lives, it’s been a little while since I’ve connected with characters like this.
Ek Blair is a favorite of mine and the feeling I get each time during and after reading each of her books is why I love reading! The continuation of Trent and Kate’s story can’t hit my kindle soon enough!!!
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452 reviews20 followers
March 19, 2020
Comecei a ler esse livro sem saber o que esperar da história, mas logo fiquei totalmente entretida na vida de Kate.
De jovem surfista e rodeada de amigos masculinos em sua maioria, ela se transforma em uma solitária estudante que vive em função do novo namorado, que a cada dia vai a moldando, fazendo-a se submeter às chantagens emocionais e pressões psicológicas em função do relacionamento deles.

Fiquei tensa acompanhando como ela foi se deixando dominar aos poucos, se isolando sem perceber realmente o relacionamento abusivo que estava vivendo e fingindo para si mesma que tudo que estava passando era pelo amor que sentia por Caleb.
Um problema do livro foi que não me me conectei muito com Trent, achei ele bem irritante no livro e os povs dele não me empolgaram em nada. Espero que ele me conquiste na continuação.

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286 reviews72 followers
February 26, 2020
E.K. Blair is, without a shadow of a doubt, BACK! And she has brought her emotional artistry with her! E.K. delivers all the feels, and I do mean …All. The. Feels!

She first captured my attention with her Fading Series. She captured my imagination with her Black Lotus Series. Her Crave Duet had me craving and yearning for more; and she absolutely broke my heart and stole my soul with The Secrets We Held. E.K. delivers Kate’s story with such raw and real emotion, that only she is capable of, and I believe that every woman will connect with. For those that see themselves within Kate’s story, I’m so sorry! It is not too late for you, I hope you find your courage to stand up for yourself and know that you are not alone! If you can’t directly relate, I certainly hope you take the time to let someone who is dealing with this that they are not alone and that you are there for whatever it is they need. I also hope this sparks a conversation, a much needed one at that. I love how there are always lessons and morals within E.K.’s stories and always something that we can learn from and carry forward in our daily lives. This is a conversation that needs to happen with our girlfriends, sisters and daughters.

Kate is strong, independent and the last person to get caught up in this situation, and E.K. does a fabulous job making the reader understand just how easily it could happen to the strongest of people.

And that ending…Jesus! That ending! It left me cursing E.K. out and begging for more! I can’t wait for E.K. to put my broken heart back together in The Truths We Told…which is coming very soon, but still not soon enough.
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46.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
June 3, 2020
🎁 FREE on Amazon today (6/3/2020)! 🎁
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115 reviews
February 17, 2020
I wish I could give this one more than five stars, I loved it that much! It was raw. It was a rollercoaster of emotion. I couldn't get enough! I fell in love with these characters...but that's what E.k. does, she writes in a way that never fails to leave you feeling emotionally connected to her characters. It was so good to reconnect with some of my favorites from her Crave Duet that I loved so much! I cannot wait to read the second half of this duet!
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925 reviews34 followers
February 26, 2020
I was truly captivated by The Secrets We Held from E.K. Blair. This book truly broke my heart into pieces and I’m waiting for book two to hopefully put it back together!

This story is exciting, emotional, and heartbreaking and you will feel every single emotion right along with the characters in this story. There is definitely some heavy subject matter that will not be for all readers.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read E.K. Blair and I have to say that I am so glad she’s back! What an amazing start to the Secrets and Truths duets!
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518 reviews9 followers
February 24, 2020
E.k. Blair is back!!! And she doesn't hold anything back with this powerful story. The message is so very important. We've met many of the characters already from the Crave Duet. Kate, Trent, Micah & Brody. I liked them all in Crave and feel a deeper connection to them through The Secrets We Held. Kate is trying to navigate her first year of college, classes, friends, and maybe romance. She recognizes that she has developed a crush on Trent, but Trent is keeping a wall around his heart to keep any more heartbreak from happening and quickly adds Kate to the friend zone. He does hint around to playing to keep in line with his Player status, but Kate wants a commitment and a real relationship so she passes and they develop a friendship instead.

And then comes the new guy, Caleb. He's a senior who seems to have it all. Caleb is sweet, considerate, patient, comes from an affluent family but does not want that to define him. Kate & Caleb naturally develop a deep relationship. As perfect as things are between them, Kate can't ignore some nagging feelings she is having. This book is about love and losing yourself in a relationship. This story pushes you to think about things that affect relationships. It evokes a lot of emotions, fear, anger, sadness, hope. The cliffhanger at the end is a big one and I'm so excited to find out what happens knowing that The Truths We Told will be amazing!!!
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2,814 reviews145 followers
February 25, 2020
This one is a must read story! It is one of the most realistic books I’ve read in a long time. It is well written; all-consuming, and so painfully believable it will be with me a long time. I really felt connected to the story and the characters, which is why my heart hurts and has me concerned about what’s next. EK Blair did an amazing job telling this difficult story, it will definitely make my favorites list for the year.

Even as I write this I’m thinking about the characters and the pain, fear, and emotions they went through and it is weighing heavy on me. Even in the beginning, I felt some things in Caleb were concerning. I knew eventually he couldn’t keep hiding the hidden parts of him and it would all come out.

Kate is an amazing character. It was sad to watch her get pulled deeper and deeper into this unhealthy relationship. That’s part of why her story is so believable the thoughts, forgiveness, and excuses that she knows he wasn’t worthy of and yet was willing to accept are real. I have no doubt that her friends and family will help her get through this and give her the strength she needs to move forward and heal.

I can’t wait for The Truths We Told. I am hoping it will be a story of healing, no doubt with a lot of tears as she deals with her physical and emotional trauma. Pass the tissue please, I need it as much as she does.
Profile Image for Kylie The Bookaholick.
278 reviews59 followers
February 21, 2020
After taking 2 years off E.K. Blair is back!
The Secrets We Held is the first book in her new duet, which is a companion to The Crave Duet. Readers do not have to have read The Craver Duet first to be able to enjoy this duet. This duet focus on Kate and Trent who are both freshmen at the University of Miami. Freshman year is supposed to be a time for finding one’s independence, meeting new people, making new friends and trying to figure out who you are as a person.
EK Blair’s books are known for being thought-provoking, highly emotionally, with realistic drama and traumas embedded within. This school year begins when we meet all the characters who share the same love of surfing. Kate immediately takes a liking to Trent, sort of a secret crush from a distance. Trent is a playboy who has no intention of settling for one girl. He doesn’t do girlfriends. As the story progresses Kate meets Caleb, who is a senior at the university and a young buddy relationship begins for these two. Yet things are not always as they seem to appear on the surface. Little by little pieces begin to fall, and truths become blurred. EK has mastered the wonderful art of reeling her readers into a story while slowly peeling away the layers to show a sliver of truth hidden within the secrets. She is a master of creating an illusion that builds her characters up and places them on solid ground, never knowing the damn will shatter, and soon the smoke and mirrors will reveal a very different tale to be told. And the cliffhanger – DAMN!!!! I need book 2 NOW!
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41 reviews5 followers
February 17, 2020
Let me first start by saying have I read a book by EK Blair that I have not enjoyed? Absolutely not. All of her books are amazing. First of all, the flood of emotions that come into the story is deep. You will fall in love with Kate and all that she goes through, but then you want to grab her and wondering why she does what she does. This is a story of what I see is understanding real love and what is just being comfortable with a person. With Trent, I am to knock some sense in him and say what he truly feels, but I think we will see that later on. You will be flooded with so many good feels and bad feels with this book. She did an amazing job and I can't wait for the next book.
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2,754 reviews313 followers
March 12, 2020
EK Blair is back with the Secrets and Truths Duet, a companion duet to her other duet, Crave. These can be read as standalone's but I loved the Crave duet so I can recommend that one too. If you have a trigger, please read the warnings as this does contain a sensitive subject for some.

This is the story of Kate and Trent, albeit, they don't spend much time together in this half of the duet, but the scene has definitely been set. Kate is a tomboy, she has been brought up on the waves her entire life and is an avid surfer who is more than happy to hang with the dudes all day long. Kate definitely has an interest in Trent, but Trent is one of the guys that is a wham bam thank you mam kind of guy and Kate knows he isn't the relationship type. However, Trent keeps his personal issues to himself, but Kate is the only one that can get past the walls he puts up and you can see, deep down, there is something there, but he is unwilling to try while his home life is up in the air.

In the meantime, Kate meets a beginner surfer called Caleb, who is from an affluent family in Chicago. On the surface, he seems like the perfect boyfriend, but appearances can be extremely deceptive.

Like I said, this book is hard-hitting and those that are regular EK readers know that she holds no punches, and this book was no different. It hurt to read at times, but this happens to a lot of people and it is easy to be swept away in a relationship and a perceived image of "love." I am hoping that this is the last we see of this toxic relationship, but I am sure that EK Blair has more surprises up her sleeve and I cannot wait for the next book in this duet.
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February 16, 2020
I was so captivated by this book! It was so amazing and sometimes hard to read. As soon as I read what this book was supposed to be about I knew I wanted to read it. This is about Kate and her boyfriend and friends. I can’t wait to read the conclusion and see where this story goes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! It does have some triggers that may make it hard for some people to read though.
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February 26, 2020
Wow... The Secrets We Held... that was an intense and wild ride. I loved this story... a story about a young woman, Kate, who findslove.. this is a story about what we are willing to do for love, rationalizations, justifications.... I don’t want to give anything away but this book was incredible! The way EK Blair is able to truly let you see why Kate does what she does is amazing! You get into her thoughts and while sitting on the outside reading you may want to yell at Kate, but the way it is written, you feel her. I loved this book and cannot wait for the conclusion in The Truths We Told!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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March 8, 2020
If you are familiar with EK's The Crave Series Duet then you have been introduced to Kate and Trent. Trent is that guy: the player, the surfer, the chill down to earth guy that all women want to know and be close to. Kate is no exception to the magitism that is Trent. Kate quickly gets stuck in the Trent friend-zone and has to watch the up close and personal interactions he has with other woman.

"It kind of makes me want to laugh. I like him for who he is, yet here I am, trying to change him to make him something he isn't."

Kate is soon swept away by the new guy, Caleb. Caleb is different. Caleb is exciting and Caleb actually sees Kate. Their relationship happens fast and organically. Caleb is the only son of a wealthy family with obligations and pressure that weigh heavy on his shoulders. Kate wants to be that perfect girlfriend that she feels Caleb deserves, but at what cost?

"...women think it's a bad thing to be simple, so they purposely complicate everything because, in a weird way, it makes them feel special."

When a new relationship and a old friendships collide the waves become to high and Kate is forced under.

EK always gives her readers an exciting, heart pounding, true to life, heavy subject read. This book will take you places, make you feel, make you angry and most importantly make you smile.
5 Stars.
February 25, 2020
Oh My Gosh! EK Blair is BACK and she had DONE IT AGAIN!!!! The SECRETS pulled me right on through that emotional magnifying glass, straight into ALL THE FEELS that she is so well known for! She broke my heart and stole my soul in this book and I'm hoping she'll put it all back together in The TRUTHS.

This story is an intense, emotional, and wild ride and you will feel every single emotion right along with the characters in this story. There is definitely some heavy subject matter that will not be for all readers. I guess you could call this a New Adult Emotional Romance and if it sounds like something you'd like, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received this complimentary book upon request and am voluntarily leaving my review. All opinions are my own.
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June 4, 2020
EK Blair has done it again.
There hasn't been a book that I've read from her that hasn't consumed me.
She writes about real, gritty issues and this story is no different.
She doesn't shy away or take the easy way out when it comes to her writing, she makes you feel all of it and a lot of it isn't always pretty.

I met Kate and Trent in the Crave duet (it's not necessary to read that, but I highly recommend it) and I loved their characters. This part of the duet primarily centers around Kate. I'm not going to say much at all about what happens in the story because with it being a duet, I don't want to give any of it away. But I will say this. The story sucked me in from the beginning. It's very well written and the timing was well-paced. I could visually see everything as if I were watching a movie. It deals with some tough situations and I can't wait to get my hands on the second part because I just know it's going to be a roller coaster ride.
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