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The Happy Camper:

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Home is the place to heal, right? At least, that's what Dillon Michaels is hoping as she leaves her disappointing career and nonstarter love life behind to help her grieving and aging grandfather on his small Oregon farm. The only problem? Her eccentric mother beat her there and has taken over Dillon's old room. After a few nights sleeping on a sagging sofa, Dillon is ready to give up, until she receives an unlikely gift--her grandfather's run-down vintage camp trailer, which she quickly resolves to restore with the help of Jordan Atwood, the handsome owner of the local hardware store.

But just when things are finally beginning to run smoothly, Dillon's noncommittal ex-boyfriend shows up with roses . . . and a ring.

352 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2020

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About the author

Melody Carlson

425 books2,705 followers
Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much-loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus.

She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series.

Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie. She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.

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3,915 reviews33k followers
March 2, 2020
2.5 stars

 photo 3F2BA7E3-4402-40C8-B711-5D38EF5BC667_zpsb70d9x8d.png
Melody Carlson’s books can be hit or miss for me, and though there were some things I liked about this book, unfortunately it was more of a miss than a hit.

What I liked was the camper aspect, the hero, the hero’s family, and the heroines grandpa. What I disliked… the heroine got on my nerves more than I liked her and I feel like it took forever for anything to happen. Plus the ex-drama was annoying for me. And the heroine’s mom was obnoxious as well.

I love the cover and this book actually made me want to camp in one of this mini-campers because they really are charming and I loved the way they were described. I think this had a lot of potential and could have been a great read, but it just didn’t work for me personally.
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1,152 reviews57 followers
February 6, 2022
An average read that did pique my interest more in the second half. The storyline felt rather plain at first, but after Dillion began to pursue her interest in vintage trailers, I became more invested in the story. I most enjoyed the refurbishing of the trailers and the camping trip. I'll be honest, I would have enjoyed this more as a movie so I could see all the redone vintage trailers. The lesser time commitment would have been appreciated too considering my middle of the road rating.

The characters added some interest and eye-rolling at times; I'm looking at you Margo, Brandon, and Vivian. I didn't care for Margo's use of Dilly, Dilly as a nickname for Dillion. Between that and the lavender plants, I kept being reminded of the nursery rhyme/song Lavender Blue. A strange connection and at one point I wondered if the author had recently heard the song as she sat down to write. 😊

While this is billed by some as Christian fiction, I would categorize it as general fiction with a very small passage about God leading your life in the middle of the book. Very easy to skim over if that is not your thing, but also disappointingly brief and shallow if it is what you are seeking.

There were some charming scenes, and the bit of romance was expected, but aside from imagining the refurbished trailers, I find the overall story easily forgettable.
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1,177 reviews140 followers
March 19, 2020
Light hearted, fun, fast, read to get your mind off of everything that is going on in the world right now. A fun escape from reality. Carlson has the best reads, with family, love, a little bit of romance and some blessings all mixed in one story.
I did find that it ended to fast, it felt a little bit rushed. But I enjoyed the story.
I gave it 4 stars and it's the perfect book to read right now.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.
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1,906 reviews74 followers
March 19, 2020
I can always count on a book by prolific author Melody Carlson to make me happy and feel uplifted.
A fun,fast,nostalgic read it easily took my mind off the troubles going on in today's world.
A fun escape from reality, I think you'll really enjoy the characters in this one.
A little bit of romance,friends,family,a charming story line are what you'll find in this book.
I was swept up in the telling of this whimsical story and even though I don't have a camper it makes me long for one now as a fun escape for a short time.

Published March 3rd 2020 by Fleming H. Revell Company
I was given a complimentary copy. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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13 reviews47 followers
April 21, 2020
As a first time reader of this author, I didn’t know what to expect. Had it been classified as Christian fiction, I would have no problem with it. Since it is not, and there is no indication that it will be shoving its God down the reader’s throat until you’re halfway through it, the book was completely ruined for me. The main character turned into a snotty, holier-than-thou bible pusher. What a way to turn off a huge number of readers! Disappointed and mad by the way this was done. If you want to write religious fiction, more power to you. But make sure you’re clear on the not accepting of other people’s faiths PRIOR to wasting your reader’s time.
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1,334 reviews118 followers
March 24, 2020

I just flew through this book! The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson features Dillon Michaels, who comes back home to her grandfather's farm after losing both her boyfriend and her job in the same day. When she gets back to the farm, she finds that her mother has unexpectedly arrived first and has taken over her bedroom. Forced to sleep on the uncomfortable couch, Dillon re-evaluates whether or not coming home was the best of ideas. But then her grandfather gifts her an old vintage camper that he has out in one of the barns. It needs some work and some fixing up, but if Dillon wants it, it's hers. She decides to give the camper a makeover and perhaps even move into it.

There are several things in this story that I always LOVE reading in books: renovation, camping, gardening, and sweet grandparents. Dillon's relationship with her grandfather is so precious-it reminds me of how close I was to my grandpa when he was living. The two work well together on the farm, and I love how Dillon tries to keep her grandmother's memory alive by honoring her with her work and by doing the things that her grandmother loved. I love, love, love the way Dillon honors her grandmother and the way that love and respect really came through in the story.

The romantic relationship is really nice too. Jordan Atwood owns the local hardware story and ends up crossing paths with Dillon lots of times as she re-establishes herself in town and then renovates her camper. It isn't surprising that the two grow to really like one another, but the budding relationship is threatened a bit when Dillon's ex-boyfriends comes to town with big plans to win her back. Watching Dillon and Jordan navigate their growing feelings for one another was sweet, and I appreciate that it was uncomfortable and awkward for them a couple of times when one or the other felt insecure because of hurts from their past.

I felt like I was living on the farm and renovating the camper myself. It was easy to visualize what was going on in every scene. It makes me wish I had a vintage camper hanging out on my very own farm (but sadly I do not). Dillon's relationship with her mother is really strained to begin with because her mother is so cringey and unlikable, but it is super great to see that even while these two gritted teeth and butted heads a lot, but were able to forgive and get along much better by the end of the book.

The only thing that I wish about this story was that it continued a little more after that ending. I'd love to get a little bit more from just about all of these characters. At any rate, I loved this one and found that it was a perfect read for this time of social distancing and staying in for weeks on end.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Thank you, Revell Books!

Find this review and more like it on my blog, Into the Hall of Books!
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595 reviews87 followers
March 9, 2020
This was one of those books that you don't want to see the end coming. I was swept up from the beginning and it only got better as I read along in the book. The writer, Melody Carlson is hoping for a movie to come from this book. I agree that it would make a great movie. But many times, or at least to this reader, movie versions seem different from the book and I'm quite often left disappointed because I preferred the book to the movie.
Have you ever had one of those days when everything goes against you and you wished you'd stayed in bed. Well Dillon Michaels, main character in The Happy Camper, had a very bad Friday. Now Friday's are supposed to be a favorite day of the week but not this one. First of all on Friday evening her boyfriend shows up an hour and a half late for their dinner date. Giving up on him ever showing up she leaves the restaurant and here comes the late boyfriend, Brandon Kranze, wondering where she's off to in such a hurry. The conversation doesn't go well and she ends the two year relationship. Things definitely go from bad to worse when Dillon goes home to find her friend is entertaining a boyfriend in their apartment and all her food she just bought is gone. Next morning it gets worse when she loses her job, so she packs up and heads out of state to be with her elderly grandpa who is grief stricken by the loss of his wife just five months ago. Well when she gets there she finds her mother, Margot, is also there with grandpa and has claimed the spare bedroom. So it's the couch for Dillon and sleepless nights. Has she made a terrible mistake in ditching Brandon? What kind of employment will Dillon find and where will she start over again?
Fans of Melody Carlson and readers of contemporary Christian Fiction will love this book. I highly recommend it and I'm sure you'll be as delighted with it as I am .
I downloaded a Kindle ebook version of The Happy Camper to my Hoopla App. A review was not requested. All opinions expressed here in this review are my own.

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303 reviews259 followers
February 9, 2022
The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson was actually so good! I know I can always count on Melody Carlson to get me out of a book slump after reading a dark/heart wrenching story. The Happy Camper was a cute, sweet, clean, and romantic novel. It was also a laugh-out-loud read, and it certainly made me laugh. Margot, Dillon's mom was obnoxious, and drove me crazy, which is why I gave it a 4 star rating, otherwise than that it was an overall good book!

"Home is the place to heal....right?"

Dillon Michaels is a tech geek living in Colorado, but when she breaks up with her boyfriend Brandon, Dillon decides to lose her job and move back to her grandparents farm in Oregon. The only problem? Dillon's mom, Margot beat her there and has already taken over Dillon's old room. Dillon was always waiting on Brandon to show up on time, but he never did, and that's when she's had enough. Dillon's grandpa lost her grandmother, when Dillon learns that her grandpa is nearly heartbroken, that's when she decides it's time to go back home.

Margot and Don have been dating for quite a while now, but Don wants to get married, and Margot does not. Margot wants to grow lavender, but doesn't realize all the hard work that comes with it. Dillon loves her mother but doesn't always want to be her handy man. After a few nights of sleeping on her grandpa's sagging sofa, Dillon is ready to give up, until she receives an unlikely gift- her grandfather's run-down vintage camp trailer. Dillon is completely utterly shocked and is so thankful that her grandfather would give it to her.

Dillon plans to fix up the camp trailer and make it livable with the help of Jordan Atwood, the handsome owner of the local hardware store. Jordan's dad owned the hardware store, but when he passes away Jordan steps up and keeps the hardware store busy with shoppers. Jordan and Dillon form a friendship, and get along pretty well. But when Dillon's ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, everything goes downhill. Brandon wants to show Dillon that he has changed and wants Dillon back, but Dillon has confirmed that she wants nothing but to be friendly with Brandon.
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1,642 reviews3,631 followers
April 9, 2020
About this book:

“Home is the place to heal, right? At least, that's what Dillon Michaels is hoping as she leaves her disappointing career and nonstarter love life behind to help her grieving and aging grandfather on his small Oregon farm. The only problem? Her eccentric mother beat her there and has taken over Dillon's old room. After a few nights sleeping on a sagging sofa, Dillon is ready to give up, until she receives an unlikely gift--her grandfather's run-down vintage camp trailer, which she quickly resolves to restore with the help of Jordan Atwood, the handsome owner of the local hardware store.
But just when things are finally beginning to run smoothly, Dillon's noncommittal ex-boyfriend shows up with roses . . . and a ring.”

Series: As of now, no.

Spiritual Content- A couple Scriptures are quoted & remembered; Prayers; Talks about God; ‘H’s are not capitalized when referring to God; Mentions of God; Mentions of prayers, praying, blessings over food, & thanking God; Mentions of churches, church going, youth groups, & pastors; A mention of Heaven; A mention of a godsend;
*Note: Dillon’s mom says she doesn’t believe in God & that weak people need to rely on religion (Dillon talks with her about how that’s not true); A mention of someone idea not being a spiritual calling; A mention of speaking of the devil.

Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘dumb’, an ‘idiot’, a ‘rats’, and four forms of ‘stupid’s; Eye rolling & Sarcasm; Mentions of divorces; Mentions of a child saying they hate their swim teacher (Dillon); Mentions of hunting; A few mentions of a husband leaving his family; A few mentions of jealousy; A few mentions of gossip & rumors; A couple mentions of hatred; A mention of cocaine; A mention of a coyote getting a cat (assumed, no details);
*Note: Dillon & her mother do not have the most loving/traditional relationship; A few mentions of car brands; A few mentions of fictional characters; A couple mentions of celebrities/actresses; A couple mentions of Boy Scouts; A couple mentions of zombies; A mention of GQ magazine.

Sexual Content- a barely-above-not-detailed kiss and two (one is unwanted) semi-detailed kisses; Hand Holding; Noticing; A couple guys remove their shirts & Dillon tries not to stare; Dillon does not know her biological father; Dillon’s mother has lived with her boyfriend for a while (she’s not interested in marriage); Many, many mentions of dates, dating, boyfriends, girlfriends, feelings, breakups, & exes; Mentions of jealousy; A couple mentions of wondering about a kiss/kissing; A mention of human trafficking; A mention of a birthday kiss; A mention of a fling; Love, falling in love, & the emotions;
*Note: Dillon mentions that her biological clock is ticking; Brandon swipes paint at Dillon’s bustline and her bottom when painting; Mentions of swimsuits; A couple mentions of a swimsuit diet; A mention of a short dress being called bachelor bait.

-Dillon Michaels
P.O.V. of Dillon
333 pages

Pre Teens- One Star
New Teens- Two Stars
Early High School Teens- Three Stars
Older High School Teens- Four Stars
My personal Rating- Three Stars
While Dillon wasn’t my favorite character many times during this story, I did like that it was overall very clean and had a fun DIY theme to the plot. Dillon was a little too interested in Jordan right off the bat and a bit obsessed with him. I was a little disappointed that a possible friend to Dillon turned catty when she realized Dillon liked Jordan as well. It was an easy read that I think campers would enjoy. I’m not the biggest fan of camping, but I did enjoy different aspects of this book.

Link to review:

*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.
*I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review.
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2,711 reviews1,286 followers
April 5, 2020
2 Stars / 0 Steam Fans

The Happy Camper wasn't a complete dumpster fire, but most of it just didn't flow for me. Then the religious throw-ins came out of nowhere and gave me whip last. There may be an audience for this story; it just didn't work for me.

Video review available in Week 14: Mar 29 – Feb 4 weekly book reviews.

For other video book reviews, check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.
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2,217 reviews436 followers
March 2, 2020
The Happy Camper is a fun and refreshing book. It features Dillon Michaels, who is fired from her job the same day she and her boyfriend break up. She heads back to the Oregon farm where she was raised to stay with her grandfather, only to find that her undependable mother is there and has taken over Dillon's room. After a few days of an uncomfortable stay, Dillon's grandfather gives her a vintage camper that he inherited from a friend.

As Dillon fixes up the camper, she meets some very interesting people. She becomes friends with the local hardware store owner, Jordan Atwood. As things start to look promising with him, Dillon's ex-boyfriend suddenly shows up.

This was a sweet romance, and I really liked the two main characters. The descriptions of the vintage campers were outstanding, and made me feel like I could really see what they were like. I enjoyed seeing Dillon fix up her camper, as well as the interior of another. This was a delightful book.
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231 reviews
June 29, 2020
They say not to judge a book by its cover... but this cover is so darn cute! It set the bar high and unfortunately the story itself just didn't measure up.

What I liked:
The concept (camper life!)
The setting (a charming town in Oregon)
A couple of characters (Grandpa and Janelle)

What I didn't like:
The drama! It was so over the top, both with Dillon's mom and her ex Brandon
The nickname! Maybe because I had to hear it on the audiobook so much, but I cringed every single time Brandon or Margo called out "Dilly!" instead of Dillon.
The "romance." It felt disappointingly juvenile, from all angles. Paraphrased examples: We're women over 30, we can't be choosy about men. Seriously? We've never dated, but I love you. Really? He just held my hand this morning, but now he's talking to another woman... I bet he's proposing to her. Oh my goodness.
Last but not least, the handling of religion. It was so sporadic and out of the blue. Unlike other readers who complained in their reviews about the very use of religion, my frustration was how the author handled it. I actually enjoy a dose of faith in some story lines, but only when it's a constant theme that feels mature and appropriate for the scenes. This just fell flat.
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617 reviews
October 3, 2022
What I liked: the renovation of the vintage camper, living/camping in the camper trailer, and the small-town feel.

What I didn't like: everything else (ok, maybe not everything - but it's definitely not a favorite)

The story seemed to lack depth. The majority of the characters seemed bland or just downright childish. There didn't seem to be a lot of substance to them or their personalities. There was a lot of unnecessary drama, miscommunication, and juvenile behavior from all angles. There were some Christan aspects placed here and there, but it didn't really add to the story. It felt like an afterthought.

I did not like the nickname "Dilly" for Dillon. And I never once thought of Margot as Dillon's mother.

Rating: PG
Language: clean read
Recommend: probably not
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3,022 reviews
May 28, 2020
Sweet, easy to read contemporary romance. I loved the inclusion of the old timey trailers as I grew up seeing them. Enjoyed seeing Dillon revamp her Desert Rose and find all the perfect items to make it a picture of the 40's and 50's style trailers. The camping group was a neat way for Dillon to see more trailers like hers, and she definitely had fun decorating Jordan's. Liked the romance wasn't the main feature of the book but gently woven throughout.
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263 reviews12 followers
December 27, 2022
This book was so much fun to read! I loved reading about all the trailers,renovations,the farm,and camping! I’m a huge camper,and I love traveling. So, this was so fun to read. It really makes you want to go camping, but it’s a good thing I was already camping.:) I highly recommend,and it’s a perfect weekend read it just a book you don’t want to think about that long. My only problem is Brandon. Get a hint,buddy.🙄
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2,631 reviews360 followers
March 21, 2020
Dillon Michaels breaks up with her boyfriend and then gets fired from her job. She packs up her car and heads to her grandfather's farm in Oregon. Once there she finds her mother moved in and has her room so after too many nights on the lumpy sofa her grandfather gives her an old camper to fix and stay in. Jordan Atwood of the local hardware store helps out. Meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend has decided he wants Dillon back.

This is a clean romance with some Christian elements. But the Christian elements are minor and not in your face at all. I think people who don't read Christian fiction might find this acceptable. I don't read a lot of Christian fiction and I did not know that this was until well into the book. There was a lot of page time on the renovating and repairing of the camper that made it lag just a little in my opinion. But truly, overall I found it to be a delightful and entertaining read. I would have no problems recommending this book to contemporary romance fans. And I would read more by this author.

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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3,520 reviews65 followers
March 4, 2020
The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson is an entertaining story. Dillon Michaels dumps her commitment phobic boyfriend and then loses her job within twenty-four hours. She has been unhappy with her life for a while and decides it is time to make a change. Dillon packs all her belonging into her car and heads for her grandfather’s farm in Silverdale, Oregon. She arrives to find her mother ensconced in her bedroom and finds her grandfather depressed (understandably) as well as lonely after the loss of his wife. Dillon cleans the house and then begins working on her grandmother’s garden. Sleeping on the couch, though, is taking a toll on her back. Her grandfather then gifts her a 1964 Aloha Oasis which Dillon is excited to fix up. She gets assistance from hardware store owner, Jordan. Their friendship has the potential to blossom into a romantic relationship until her ex-boyfriend, Brandon arrives in town intent on wooing her back. The Happy Camper is a fun story with some aggravating moments. Melody Carlson has an engaging writing style that draws the reader right into the story. Dillon Michaels is a likeable and realistic character. Alex, the grandfather, was a sweet man. He was kind and generous. Dillon and Jordan have a bumpy journey, but that is normal. All relationships have issues mostly from miscommunication and wrong perceptions. My favorite part of The Happy Camper is Dillon restoring the vintage trailer. It makes me want to go out and get one. I like how this tale shows realistic situations. Our journey in life can change at any moment as we see in The Happy Camper. As we grow older, we develop and grow as individuals. The Happy Camper is a feel-good Christian story with humor, family drama, and romance.
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Author 3 books22 followers
January 13, 2021
The cover is certainly very darling, and I wish I could've loved the inside story as much as the cover itself. Unfortunately, this book was a miss for me.While it was very easy to read, very lighthearted and easy to follow along with, it lacked any depth and I felt the characters had no real motivation or strong overall character. I was disappointed in how inconsistent Dillon was - it was constantly said that she was so kind, respectful, and not flaky, but all her actions showed otherwise. She inconsiderately led on two different guys, all while steadfastly refusing that she was doing so, and there were just a lot of instances that didn't match up. But I think what bothered me the most was that the spiritual message was so scarce, and when it was there it didn't make sense for the book. It was just suddenly thrown in there at the end, but didn't feel authentic or deep. I thought the camper-renovations were interesting, and I did like the Grandpa; he was very sweet. But for me, this book just wasn't a favorite.
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519 reviews86 followers
February 19, 2020
Oh, how I love Melody Carlson! She writes some adorable and clean romances that warm the heart. And "Happy Camper" was so fulfilling!

Poor Dillon Michaels seems to be having a rough time of it. She gets fired and breaks up with her boyfriend around the same time. So, as expected, this leads her down the road of needing change. So, Dillon decides to head to Oregon to her grandfather's.

Unfortunately for Dillon, however, this don't go as planned once she gets there.

There's romance, humor, and all of it takes place in one of my favorite states of Oregon. Unfortunately, this book was a bit on the predictable side, but, I find that that didn't deter me at all from enjoying it.

Melody Carlson is a longtime favorite of mine, and I'm reminded of why, when she so flawlessly ties faith, romance, and familial relationships in an adorable story.
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1,388 reviews102 followers
January 21, 2021
DNF @ 50%. I really wanted to like this, but I never got invested. The main character was pretty unlikable and I found it hard to root for her.
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304 reviews9 followers
December 19, 2021
This author never disappoints. She creates a wonderful atmosphere and romance in her stories. This was a nice read and fun read. Love the small-town feel. Would love to know if there is place in the states that take pride and decorate their campers.
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517 reviews25 followers
February 8, 2020
This was a sweet story of a woman finding her way in the world after being fired from her job the same day she breaks up with her boyfriend that has a commitment problem. Dillon moves back home to her grandparents farm in Oregon intending to stay a while and decide what to do with her life next. When she arrives she discovers her mother is already there and staying in her old room so Dillon has to sleep on the couch. That is until her grandpa lets her have an old vintage camper that was left to him by one of his hunting buddies.

I won't go into details because that is part of the fun of the story but Dillon discovers new interests as the story evolves and also a bit of aggravation. Being that my husband travels for work we spend a good bit of the year in a camper. Granted it is what some might consider luxury since we have a washer/dryer and full bath and a house size refrigerator in it I could relate to the excitement Dillon had of fixing up the old trailer and staying in it.

I was given an eARC by the publisher through NetGalley.
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159 reviews8 followers
July 31, 2020
I gave this book 3 stars because it did motive me to start a project I have been putting off; I have an antique desk I want to restore. I really enjoyed Dillions enthusiasm as she began to transform her trailer into her own special haven. It was so fun and exciting that I felt like I was right there with her picking out fabrics and various items. But as far as the characters go...oh my gosh, most of them acted like they were still high school! Such immaturity(esp. the mother and Brandon). I couldn't believe how obsessed(and creepy)Brandon was! Another thing that bothered me was how easy it seemed for the characters to get sarcastic with one another. Just plain rude! The mother is a trip. I really couldn't stand her. Grandpa was about the only character who seemed to act his age. Overall I just felt the dialogue was very childish. Now........to that desk project I've been meaning to get to.
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252 reviews7 followers
June 3, 2022
I picked this up at the library because I was just browsing and l loved the cover. There were things I liked about the story, and things I didn’t. I liked the storyline about fixing up the camper, but I feel like it probably went too quickly and easily… I think with a trailer that age, she would have run into a snag or two that took more than a day or two to fix. I couldn’t stand the heroine’s mother, who was lazy and flaky, and kept doing things like inviting heroine’s ex to dinner or telling him where she was. And honestly I didn’t really like the heroine, who was constantly second-guessing herself, and kept apologizing to her stalker ex for no reason.
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359 reviews
March 4, 2020
“Trust the Lord with your whole heart, don’t depend on your own knowledge and experience, include God in all you do, and He will direct you through life.”

Have you ever prayed for God to give you direction? What if that direction came in the form of losing your job and two year relationship in the span of 24 hours? That’s just what happened to Dillion Michaels. She decides to pack up and move back home with her grandpa, whom she really has been missing since her grandma died. This is a beautiful story of love lost and new beginnings. I loved how Dillion listens to God’s direction for her and starts over, not looking back at her job, relationships or past. I loved that this is a story where her life didn’t go as planned and she chooses to start fresh.

She is ready to let go and let God do a fresh work in her after realizing how much she has put God to the side. Of course, moving back home, also comes with it’s own issues and she soon finds herself wanting space from her mom. When her grandpa gives her his vintage camper, she gains a new passion for life in renovating it. As she gets to know the hardware store owner, Jordan Atwood, another curve is thrown at her. Though the ex-boyfriend showing up added a nice twist to the story, I did find him to be annoying. Of course, I guess that’s why he is her ex. I find the camper renovations fun and engaging. It made me want my own. The love story was sweet. The family dynamics realistic and I loved how she dealt with the religious issues that aren’t always easy in families. Her grandpa made the story. I loved the whit and banter between the characters. If you love a warm, witty and engaging storyline with faith and family, you’d love “The Happy Camper.”

I was provided an advanced reader copy of this book through NetGalley by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my honest opinion.
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1,630 reviews111 followers
January 11, 2022
The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson is a story of personal rebirth and new beginnings. Home is the place to heal, right? At least, that's what Dillon Michaels is hoping as she leaves her disappointing career and nonstarter love life behind to help her grieving and aging grandfather on his small Oregon farm. The only problem? Her eccentric mother beat her there and has taken over Dillon's old room. After a few nights sleeping on a sagging sofa, Dillon is ready to give up, until she receives an unlikely gift--her grandfather's run-down vintage camp trailer, which she quickly resolves to restore with the help of Jordan Atwood, the handsome owner of the local hardware store. But just when things are finally beginning to run smoothly, Dillon's noncommittal ex-boyfriend shows up with roses . . . and a ring.
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October 5, 2021
When her boss fires her for failing to work overtime and she realizes the relationship she's in is headed nowhere, Dillon Michaels moves back to her grandfather's farm in Oregon. She doesn't expect to find her mother occupying her bedroom--and ends up on an uncomfortable couch. En route, she managed to get stuck between a couple of vintage RVs as she exited to find lodging overnight. She discovered the campground rented such RVs and fell in love. She stops at the hardware on her way to her grandfather's and meets Jordan. When she tells her grandfather more about her trip, he gifts her with an RV she can fix up. She discovers she loves the work of fixing up RVs and is good at it! She's surprised when her old boyfriend shows up. It's a pretty predictable Hallmark-type book from there on. As a work of Christian fiction, church-going does play a part in the narrative and Christian witness takes place in forms of prayer and one brief moment with her mom. I enjoyed this book as a change of pace from some of the other things I've been reading. (3.5 stars)
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