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From What's Broken

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Amanda and Matthew are on the cusp of their happily ever after. They have a stable marriage and a lovely daughter, and they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their second. Suddenly tragedy strikes and the couple’s picture-perfect life crumbles. Ivory, their firstborn child, dies in an accident. Not knowing how to deal with their pain, Amanda and Matthew blame each other for their loss and drift apart. They soon realize their relationship might not bear the burden, leaving their surviving daughter to cope with the aftermath of two grief-stricken parents.

236 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 21, 2019

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About the author

R.M. Demeester

14 books26 followers
R.M. Demeester lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the mother of three young children, and owner of a rescue dog, a chocolate lab, Gainer. R.M. Demeester has been writing for as long as she could hold a pencil. She writes women's fiction, new adult, and sweet romance primarily. She has two women's fiction novels set to be released in 2019, along with several short stories.

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Profile Image for P.S. Winn.
Author 75 books342 followers
June 23, 2019
The author has written a heart touching story that is also heart wrenching. The story has a special place in my heart as I have lost two children. The author has a great talent in creating believable characters. In this story the two main characters are Amanda and Matthew. The author takes readers into the couple lives as they deal with the worst tragedy imaginable. The tale shows what stress can do and how hope, tragedy, love and life can change our lives. Well done.
Profile Image for Korra II Allison Baskerville.
213 reviews6 followers
November 17, 2021
For a good chunk of this book, I really wondered who the hell would ever want to read this. Having just now read the summary (Audible version), it’s very misleading. All of the events in the summary happened before the story takes place. It’s entirely a back and forth drama between a couple who were once in love and are now getting a divorce. Which is why I wondered, who the hell would want to ever read this (or listen)?

I actually found an answer to that and I think it’s brilliant. Despite being a wedding officiant with 2 ceremonies under my belt, I’ve never been married. I always found the concept to be idiotic and outdated. Having been around people who’ve been married and divorced all my life, this story very all too real to me. That’s when I realized the perfect audience for the book.

I think this story should be mandatory listening for all starry-eyed couples who want to get married for the first time in their life. Tell them this is what they’re potentially in for if or when things don’t work, so choose your mate carefully.

Aside from newlyweds, I think this book could be an educational listen if you’ve never been married or divorced; somehow never known anybody who has been and you’re curious. ‘Cause this book really couldn’t be more accurate, if you ask me.

If you’ve made it this far and you’ve either been through a messy divorce, known somebody close who has or you’re the child of parents who have. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. This is not the story for you.

As for the narration, overall, the narrator did a good job of narrating. However, she really lacked in the voices department. I often found it difficult to tell which character was talking which led to confusion when the story changed perspective on me. The audio is free of any repeat dialogue, audible background noise, or other errors.

NOTE: This copy was provided to me free of charge as a digital review copy. The opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone, I was not paid or requested to give this book a certain rating, suggestion, or approval.
Profile Image for PelicanFreak.
1,100 reviews
November 23, 2021
This was an okay read …
My first observances were that the author is big on telling and not very prone to showing. It made for a very slow-paced, dull-at-times read. I almost DNF’d it a few times but eventually, I did become invested in it enough to see it though.

I enjoyed hating Rebecca so the author does have some talent … I think if they either honed their craft and/or used a stronger editor, they’d put out a better end result.
At times I was distracted by instances of very poor grammar, such as “have went” and “hadn’t ate” for example, so again … they’re either not using an editor at all, or not using one who’s actually qualified.

I do admire the way they really wove in drama throughout this and I thought they did a good job of portraying grief and what it can do to a marriage.

I hate to say this but … honestly the narrator was absolutely awful. She sounded robotic at times … sounded exactly like Siri (yes, iPhone Siri) other times … and as dull as that is to listen to, that is the least of her problems. For some reason, her voice was extremely pitchy at times … I was reminded of a prepubescent teenager, in that awkward voice-cracking stage. Or the teenager from ‘The Simpsons’, with the on & off high-pitched voice … it was truly painful to listen to. This isn’t someone who is in the right line of work at all.

Overall? I might be open to reading more from this author, though I’d hope their craft improves a bit and/or they hire a stronger / more-qualified editor.
I would absolutely NOT be open to listening to anything from this narrator, ever again. You couldn’t pay me to do it.

3 stars for the book itself.
1 star audio performance.
Profile Image for Toula.
2,149 reviews
December 9, 2021
My second story from R.M Demeester . The author wrote a heart gripping story that will have your heart broken with the scenes. The characters are strong but they stopped believing in each other and true love . Everything happens when their first child is no longer around because of an accident. Meanwhile Amanda is pregnant with their second child Instead of leaning on each other they argue among each other. Amanda blames Matthew . Both Amanda and Mathew forget that they have a young child that they ignore.
Grab it and see do they remember their second child. Do they bypass their hurt and anger or do they go their separate ways.

Hannah Fuerst performance was fantastic, she did all the feels , her voice is clear and strong.
Profile Image for Sharon.
4,152 reviews27 followers
June 24, 2019
I suggest you have a box of tissues handy when you sit down to read this amazing book. This is my first time reading anything from this author and she has produced a heart wrenching plot. I couldn’t help but feel for the main characters as they attempted to navigate their relationship and the love for their surviving child whilst dealing with the unexpected loss of their first child. This is one very emotional story.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Brandi.
686 reviews30 followers
October 10, 2019
The author, R.M. Demeester, did an excellent job with character and plot development in this tear-jerker, "From What's Broken".
Amanda, Matthew, are a contented couple with one child and another on the way. The unthinkable happens when their firstborn, Ivory, dies in an accident. Unable to cope, Amanda and Matthew start making allegations towards one another and their relationship begins to crumble. An emotional ride, so have the tissues handy. Well-written and realistic, this story is one readers will not forget.
Profile Image for Alison Hawkins.
144 reviews6 followers
June 21, 2019
The anger and grief in this book really draw you into the story. It’s every parents worst nightmare and where you would think you can rely on your partner for support in times like these, sometimes the grief is too much and that break is all that’s needed to appreciate what you still have left. Really enjoyed this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1 review
June 21, 2019
Story of two people who had a great relationship until their child was killed. Then it all fell apart, they both went their separate ways with other people but always ended up back with each other because of their remaining child. It is a nice story I won't give out the ending. Just read it.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
8,192 reviews93 followers
July 1, 2019
This is the 2nd book I've read written by R. Demeester; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

I loved the chemistry between the characters.

I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.
402 reviews
November 16, 2021
This is a very emotional story. I wanted to hate Matthew then I wanted to hate, Amanda. I definitely hate the girlfriend !! Matthew and Amanda lost a child, Which in my option is the worst, parents should never outlive their children.
This book hit every emotion, I was so sad, I was angry, I was happy and I cried. I will have to say R.M. Demeester hats off to you excellent book.
475 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2019
Beautiful sad moving story, how the death of their child not only almost destroyed their marriage, but also their lives.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
4 reviews
March 12, 2020
This was a heartbreaking story of love, loss and more loss. It was well written; the characters were realistic and often frustrating and their situation, not uncommon. The story kept me reading, hoping for a certain ending. It did contain a handful of typos.
Profile Image for Amy Neumann.
39 reviews
May 17, 2020
Story of loss and parents unable to reconnect after tragedy. I was often frustrated with the husband's actions, even when reading from his perspective. It felt like a realistic portrayal of emotions and responses to grief. I wasn't particularly drawn into the story but it was an interesting read.
13 reviews
January 12, 2020
All in all great read

This book really hits home on how easily something you worked so hard to get can be taken away. A book about a failed marriage that slowly rebuilds
Profile Image for Tia.
464 reviews
February 8, 2020
Emotionally Charged

This book tugs at your emotions. The reality of losing a child tragically and the fallout on those left after is moving, anger inducing, heart breaking, and infuriating. A book well worth reading. It begs the question of "What would you do?"
229 reviews
November 9, 2021
Wow this was heart renching and beautifully written. I could see both sides so clearly and the felt the author captured the theme so eloequently. First class
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