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Mystic Bayou #2.5

Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues

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Listening Length: 3 hours and 3 minutes

A hilarious new standalone novella brimming with otherworldly charm from the reigning queen of paranormal romantic comedy Molly Harper!

Ingrid Asher is the newest resident of Mystic Bayou, a tiny town hidden in the swamp where shapeshifters, vampires, witches and dragons live alongside humans.

Ingrid doesn’t ask for much. The solitary tree nymph just wants to live a quiet life running her ice-cream shop in peace. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to shake her new neighbor, Rob Aspern, head of the League’s data science department and so good looking it just isn’t fair.

If there’s one thing Ingrid doesn’t need, it’s someone poking around in her business. But the more she gets to know the hunky mathematician, the more she finds herself letting her guard down. Can she trust him with her secrets, or will her past destroy everything?

3 pages, Audible Audio

First published June 6, 2019

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About the author

Molly Harper

52 books6,895 followers
Molly Harper is the author of more than 30 romance titles including the Half-Moon Hollow series and the Mystic Bayou series. She lives in Michigan with her family. For more information, go to www.mollyharper.com.

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Author 10 books76 followers
June 9, 2019
Ok, I'm having real trouble on how to rate this.
For, in general, the story was ok. Sure, it was a romance and didn't really have any other plot points - other than some character growth - which is usually not my cup of tea, but the book was free and short, so not really a problem.
My problem is the representation.

For, to me, it seem the author thought: ''I want to write a book about nymphs, but that's been done so many times before, so I just go to google... hmmm...hmmm... there! I just take the word Hulder* and fling it on the nymph! Oh, they aren't just like the nymphs I want to write (which is essentially Greek forest nymphs) No matter. I'll just make fun of the original mythos in the book and then it won't be a problem''

Yeah, I know, I'm being all offended and petty, but as a Norwegian that has always loved the story of Huldra, this author just pissed all over my folks history.
If you, as an author, plan to borrow a religion, history, diveristy you're not yourself part of, try to respect those that are, please. You owe us that curtesy if you're going to try to earn money based on us and our history. Don't literally laugh at the things that made the stories you borrow.

And this is why I have trouble rating the book.
I really want to give it a low rating because of this, but the book in itself wasn't all that bad...
In the end, I'm giving it a low rating so people maybe read this review and so actually get some accurat info on Huldra instead of the stuff in this book.

Huldra is one of the ''dark elves'' - Hulder, Nøkken, Fossegrimmen, troll, ''dwarves'' (The norse dwarves are the original Dark Elves, living under ground and out of the sun, but it had grown to encompase all of the mountain based creatures)
Huldra is a beautiful woman that would lure men into the woods and ''berga dem'' - trap them in the mountain - where they would be used for sex and entertainment, as well as food.
The way to know if a woman was indeed an hulder was to lift her skirt - they wore clothes like every other woman - and see if they had a cow tail. That was here in Norway, in Sweeden they were said to have fox ears, and in Finland and Norway, they were said to have hollowed out backs, like a rotten tree.
Their song was mesmerising and beautiful, and their dance could lure even the strongest and most loyal man into the woods never to be seen again. Sometimes, a man might come back if he proved his worth to the people of the mountains, but that seldom happened
A hulder would lose her tail/ears/fill out her back if she was ever properly married to a human man, which she was free to do if she wanted to.

So no, the hulder don't use trees as their life source, they don't travel by tree but rather by underground tunnels dug out in the mountains and stones. They do not live separate from humans but rather took part in their culture to lure away men or even fall in love.
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785 reviews137 followers
May 4, 2020
I rate this 4.5 stars. It was a great shorter story, about a tree nymph and a scientist falling for each other. After some misunderstandings. As with the other books, so far the gang was in this book also. I enjoy that the original characters are in each book and in each book one or two characters are added. It’s nice having those characters that I came to love and understand, keeping each book consistent.
Profile Image for Jilly.
1,838 reviews6,209 followers
February 5, 2020
Ever meet a person and they point out their significant other and all you can think is, "really?"
Like, why are these two people who are so obviously unsuited together? Or, sometimes, for me, there are those times when you meet a person who is young but for some reason decided to go ahead and dress and act like a senior citizen and cut out all the bullshit of youth. Then, you find out they are married or have someone who is actually sexually attracted to them and you start to wonder what the hell is wrong with that person. Like, did they have a grandma fetish?

Okay, but this is really her parent's fault. They better pay for the therapy this poor kid is going to need. The amount of memes with this picture? And, how funny they all are? It's really a shame. You know, for her. Not us. This is comedy gold.

That's kinda the problem I had with the romance in this book. The tree nymph chick last got laid in the 1950's - yeah, at least 40 or so years before the dude was born. Still, I could handle that if she acted like a normal person. But, she didn't. She acted like she was thousands of years old. She even became an old man and was yelling at people to get off her lawn.

Lol, Corner Gas! Best Canadian show until Schitt's Creek came along...

So, it felt weird for a young person to be attracted to someone so old. Yeah, yeah, I know that we get the ancient vampires with the teenage chicks all the time, but I complain about that too. I'm an equal opportunity complainer. It's just, you know as an old person myself, I can't imagine being attracted to someone younger than my kids. It's gross. And, what the hell do they have to offer? Are they going to have the Jeopardy answers that I don't know? Are they going to want to sit on the couch and binge-watch Matlock while eating taffy all weekend? Well, okay, I don't want to do that either, but still!!! I'm not dabbing! Don't even ask me to dab! Damn kids.

Oh for fuck's sake. Just don't. It's an embarrassment to everyone.

But, okay, it wasn't only the age difference thing, I just never felt any heat between these two. None. There was more sexual tension between these guys:

But, other than that, I liked the book. I really didn't mind either the H or h separately, and I get that some of these half-books in a series have to have a quickie romance, so it was fine for what it was.

I'm looking forward to the next whole book.
January 12, 2023
The wood nymph and the mathematician!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Narration: 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Romance: 💙💚🖤💜
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📘
World building: 🌎🌍🌏🌎🌍
Character development: 🤨🥹🙂😣

The heroine: Ingrid Asher - a 500 year old tree nymph, at one point she was ready to die, until she discovered ice cream. She is now the face of a famous Dairy and plans on using her checks from the modeling gig to open her own Creamery. She moved from NYC to Mystic Bayou in order to live her dream. In Mystic Bayou she doesn’t have to hide what she was.

The Hero: Rob Aspern (a.k.a ‘Dr. Ken Doll Assface’) - neighbor to Ingrid, he works for the International League for Interspecies Cooperation as a data scientist (master of predictable statistics). He moved to Mystic Bayou because he was sick of the politics of the League in D.C. and he also yearned for the outdoors.

The Story: Ingrid is wary of all the people in Mystic Bayou when she first arrives. She doesn’t trust the League and is wary of some of the shifters and other supernaturals in town as in her past they have not always gotten along so well. As a wood nymph, her life is tied to a tree and if that tree dies or is cut down, she will also die.

While out for a hike in the bayou, Rob gets lost and comes across Ingrid who is tending to her cows in their pasture five miles outside town. Ingrid wants nothing to do with Rob, but to him she was serene and beautiful. He recognizes her as the milk maid in the Edelweiss hills advertisements. He had a crush on her as a teenager from those ads.

The story in this one is just as whimsical as the first two books, though I have to admit I didn’t like Ingrid at all in the beginning. She wasn’t just shy and standoffish, but was kind of mean to other people, especially if they are with the League. The League was kind of the governing body of supernaturals and rubbed them the wrong way in the past.

The book was told in dual points of view with dual narration. Narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathon Davis who are both great at using different voices and accents for different characters. So it was very pleasant to listen to.

This was a novella in the series and like I said, I didn’t really like Ingrid that much at the beginning, she did get better as the book went on, but I think it would have been better if there was more from Ingrid at the beginning of the book to get the reader to like her and explain more background information on why she was the way she was before jumping in with her being so aloof.

Profile Image for ☕️Kimberly  (Caffeinated Reviewer).
2,963 reviews630 followers
June 6, 2019
Ingrid Asher is the newest resident of Mystic Bayou and the opening scene to this tale was hilarious. Ingrid is a tree nymph. She is socially awkward and untrusting around humans, others and in particular, the League. She’s bought a farm, and a local business where she plans to open a creamery.

Rob Aspern, head of the League’s data science department is also Ingrid’s neighbor. Whenever he is around her he becomes socially inept and quite frankly it was hilarious. Ingrid who is suspicious of everyone made it more so by her reactions.

I loved watching the romance unfold as Harper gave us a mix of adorkable and awkward moments. Of course Jillian and Danica get involved. How could they not!

Talk of mouth watering ice cream flavors had me making a trip to the local ice cream shop. Then they had to go and mention pie. 🥧🍦😍

We learned a little more about Mystic Bayou and the tear/rift as Harper updated us on the town, previous couples, and more.

The conflict could have been resolved with communication but wasn’t dragged out and led to character growth, secrets, and tender moments. All of this added to the swoon and feels.

I love listening to this series on audio. The narrations have been stellar. It captures the snark and personalities of these characters. Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis narrate the dual POV. These two are perfect together. They enhance the humor, oddities and characters. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer
Profile Image for Maria Dimitrova.
743 reviews139 followers
June 15, 2019
This was my first time trying Audible's Originals and while it was a pleasant story there was much to be desired when it comes to character and plot development. Though it's probably due to length constrains, everything felt rushed and the characters were rather one dimensional.
Profile Image for Cori.
790 reviews132 followers
January 30, 2020
I'm a sucker for fantasy, and frankly, July's other picks from Audible Original mostly sucked. So I chose Molly Harper's novella for a short road-trip listen.

A couple caveats:
1) I read some other reviews and knew to go into this with no anticipation of an in-depth storyline or complex characters. It's a fantasy romance. Nothing more. Nothing less.
2) I've come to set my bar low for Audible Originals. With the exception of Rivals: Frenemies Who Changed the World and Christmas Eve, 1914, I've been largely underwhelmed by most of the Audible Originals I've listened to. Am I alone in this? Maybe I'm just making poor picks.

With those two things in mind, this novella was exactly what I anticipated. Entertaining enough to keep me occupied for a couple hours in the car. That said, Molly Harper is pretty decent at writing snark. Kudos!

I'd rate this book a PG with one F-bomb (that I can remember) and one cringe-worthy, childish conversation about penises. (Because of course someone who has lived in downtown New York wouldn't recognize this as being a social faux pas? Sure...)
Edit: Since writing this review, Audible has stepped up their Original game. Credit given where it's due!
Profile Image for Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures).
1,521 reviews855 followers
August 17, 2020
Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues is a short novella in the Mystic Bayou series by Molly Harper and narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis.

Ingrid is our Tree Nymph. She’s felt the pull of the Rift and has finally deiced to head it’s call. She plans to raise cows and open a creamery. She’s leery of human males; because she was once hurt by one.

Rob is a League scientist. He’s attracted and drawn to Ingrid, but he knows he needs to go slow. Yet his attempts at wooing Ingrid push her further away.

It’s always fun to return to the Bayou. The focus was strictly on the budding relationship between Rob and Ingrid. We get very little on the Rift, other then the knowledge that the problem is rapidly growing. I liked learning about Ingrid’s backstory and that she’s a new type of paranormal. I also enjoyed her interactions with the different Mystic Bayou regulars. The romance is sweet and gentle

I enjoyed listening to Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues. My only issue is that it was to short. I would’ve liked more.

Audio: As with previous books in the series the story is shared in a dual narration with Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis. Amanda reads Ingrid’s POV and Jonathan reads Rob’s POV. They both did a great job and they did well in the accents for each character. I liked Ingrid’s Norwegian accent the best. Overall I enjoyed the audio.

Rated: 3 Stars

Profile Image for Melindam.
607 reviews254 followers
February 13, 2020
2,5 stars

The background (quirky magical town in the Bayou area of Lousiana) and the set of secondary characters were totally nice, but the female MC was just MEH and the supposed chemistry between her and her love interest was non-existent. The poor guy really deserved a break... or prrferably someone else.

As a tree nymph, MC Ingrid just gives new dimemsions to the term "wooden".
And with wooden, I really mean "stiff and unnatural; without spirit". The touch-me-not/woe-is-me and the total lack of any sense of humour or sense did not help much either.
She's supposed to be endearingly dumb, but it's just plain painful.

Thankfully, this was a free audible production, short and I'm still interested to check out some other books in the series, so this was not wasted time altogether.
Profile Image for Stacey.
1,447 reviews1,162 followers
July 7, 2019
This Tree Nymph was really blue...

I enjoyed this short little trip back to Mystic Bayou and catching up with that crazy gang of shifters. I did find the heroine a little odd and she seemed very cranky and rude for most of the story. The hero was way too sweet for her but I understood the effort he went to considering she was one of his first crushes.

The narrators do a good job and I found them very easy to listen to.

The mayor is still my favourite character in this series and every mention puts a smile on my face.

I will keep an eye out for more instalments in the future and hopefully, they will be a wee bit longer.
Profile Image for Lover of Romance.
2,699 reviews779 followers
September 28, 2019
This was such a lovely story and I really loved getting another addition to this series into the Mystic Bayou. This is probably one of my favorite settings I have read in romance. I just love it so much and this was a charming addition. Now I will be honest in that this book might not be for everyone. It is much shorter and the heroine is a bit off putting at times and I really struggled with her attitude towards our hero. Once you get the full story in her past, you find more understanding but at the same time she pretty much punishes the hero for a crime that someone else committed against her and it just seemed like she hadn't really come to terms with her past. I truly loved the hero he is so kind, thoughtful and stubborn in his pursuit of her. I really admired his tenacity in not giving up on her even when she can get pretty mean at times. Quite frankly I feel like he deserved someone that treated him better. But I did love seeing their interactions once certain aspects get resolved here. Very sweet and had a certain charm to it.
Profile Image for Lindsay.
1,240 reviews219 followers
February 1, 2020
I like the progression in this series. Mystic Bayou is a town in Louisiana that is near a magic rift which is growing more and more powerful. The town has always attracted magical creatures (who make up about half the town), but the rift is growing so powerful that humans who live there are becoming magical as well.

In this one, Ingird Asher arrives in Mystic Bayou with the intention of opening a business there. She's a tree nymph, or hulder from Scandinavian myth. She's deeply scarred from events that happened most of a century ago, but wants to make a life for herself. Rob Aspern is a researcher with the League and a human who finds himself attracted to Ingrid, but has a lot of trouble getting to know her.

I think the author is challenging herself a bit with this series. There's an ongoing arc with the rift and its worsening effects, but there's interesting characterization work here as well. Ingrid is nothing like a normal Molly Harper romantic lead. She's clearly scarred, and frankly unlikable. She also makes for an interesting challenge in a romantic story as a loner whose suffered in romance before and is really not interested in repeating the mistake. But the narrative works well, and particularly well at this length.
Profile Image for MrsJoseph *grouchy*.
1,011 reviews83 followers
June 19, 2019

So far, it's ok but boring. I'm not a fan of either narrator. The woman sounds more often snarky than not. The man flips back and forth between sounding like he's asking questions or giving radio announcements.

Not a fan of the "mystery" around Ingrid's past which mostly feels like a way to extend a nonexistent plotline.

Not a fan of the whole "well they are tall and beautiful with blue eyes and blonde hair so I must be attracted to them" vibe that's going on here, either.

But it was free!


And WOW. NOt my cuppa. I could see the Big Mis coming a mile away. WHY? Because the "couple" are really only acquaintances and the hero overstepped his boundaries with someone he barely knew. But its not like the heroine had a warm and friendly nature. Honestly, neither of them seemed that interested (as described) - having no personalities outside of their work and appearance. Well, that's not really true. Ingrid is coldly reserved.
Profile Image for ♥Rachel♥.
1,801 reviews830 followers
July 5, 2019
I didn't read the previous stories in the series, but I don't think it's necessary to enjoy this one. Like a lot of Molly Harper's stories this was light, sweet, and a bit slapstick funny in parts. Liked that the heroine was a tree nymph, a supernatural creature I've never read about before. Ingrid was guarded, but likable and pretty funny in parts. Rob was just an all-around sweetheart.

Amanda Ronconi's performance is always a treat, both male and female voices were spot on. I liked her the accent she assigned for Ingrid, not too overpowering. I liked Jonathan Davis' performance of Rob, but his performance of Ingrid not so much, especially in comparison to Amanda Ronconi's performance of Ingrid. If they have both male and female narrators why don't they have them perform the male and female parts throughout the book? It's rarely done and it's a question I keep asking. Oh, well, this was mostly a win.
Profile Image for Abby.
147 reviews15 followers
March 2, 2020

Really like Rob as a hero! The female and male friendships in these books are so great and funny! I love the interactions between Zed and Bael!
Profile Image for Cyndi.
2,310 reviews95 followers
November 22, 2019
Handsome human mathematician meets lovely mysterious tree nymph. Sprinkle in lots of romance, lots of funny and add a bit of angst and you have the winning combination Molly Harper can turn out.
Our heroine trusted a human once and gave him her heart, along with her secrets. That didn't turn out well. Now she has settled in Mystic Falls and opens an ice cream shoppe. I heartily approve!
Our hero is the handsome geek who is amazed by the occupants of the small magical town. He quickly becomes more than interested in our heroine. But can he convince her to trust him with her secrets and her heart?
Cute story with wonderful characters!
Profile Image for Just Josie.
995 reviews146 followers
August 24, 2019
I have read a few books from Molly Harper I highly enjoyed. I am still very new to audio, but this one really piqued my interest, and I thought, it’s Harper- why not, right?

Sadly, I couldn’t get into it. It still had Harper’s highly funny vibe to it, and yet I was kinda bored. The plot was just a little boring compared to what I normally associate with Harper.

I do think the narrators did quite a good job, the pace was nice, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to be listening to finish the story.

Read: 24/08/2019
1st rating: 2 stars
Genre/sub-genres: Paranormal/ romance/ nymphs/ shifters
Cover: 3 stars
Audio rating: 2.5 stars
Will I recommend: Not this one. But Harper is funny.
Profile Image for Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey).
1,372 reviews471 followers
July 1, 2019
It took me a really long time to finish this book. That’s not usually the case for me with this author. I didn’t connect with the characters enough to care about the story. Then the male narrator did great male voices but his main female character voice left a lot to be desired. This was a total miss for me.
Profile Image for Montzalee Wittmann.
4,454 reviews2,319 followers
November 25, 2019
Even Free Nymphs get the Blues by Molly Harper, narrated by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis, is a funny, witty book with supernatural creatures. Wonderful storyline, characters, and humor. Definitely want to listen to more in this series.
Narration was great!
Profile Image for Aubrie.
108 reviews6 followers
June 9, 2019
I’m sorry... but it’s not worth it. I hate writing bad reviews but this audiobook was terrible.

First: the presentation was 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 so horribly done. The characters were portrayed so differently by the two narrators, it was difficult to tell which character was which during dialogues, and what bothered me most was how the delivery of the words never seemed right. For example, when Amanda Ronconi (narrator of Ingrid) was narrating Rob’s dialogues, I could barely stand to keep listening to it because of how ridiculously she sounded. It constantly sounded like he (Rob) was mocking everyone or on the verge of tears/laughter. While listening, I could see the author’s words in my mind and I could picture how the story was supposed to be going, but it was as if Ronconi had a completely different story plot in mind because of the way she portrayed the characters. Same goes for the male narrator, Jonathan Davis; I just could not stand their narrating styles.

Second: the story itself seemed rushed and patchy. There were like five interactions between Rob & Ingrid and somehow we’re supposed to just believe they’re in love? Because they’re both attractive people? There was almost no info given to us for Rob’s character, let alone for Ingrid. Even for a novella, it didn’t seem right and their relationship felt forced. But I 70% believe that this was due to the poor delivery of the audiobook, and maybe if I had read this myself instead of listen, I would’ve been able to picture a much more elaborate and believable love connection between the two. Also, I felt like the story was just jumping back and forth in between places trying to cover up for the fact that there weren’t very amazing transitions. I felt like the author was trying to build suspense into Ingrid’s past life, but personally I felt that that attempt wasn’t delivered well.

Third: like other reviews have mentioned, the whole presentation of mystical beings was... lacking. But then again, I’m not an expert in this field, so all I’ll say is that I didn’t feel completely pulled into the whole magical world of supernatural beings, and frankly I felt like there weren’t enough explanations given for the different types of beings. Maybe I’m supposed to know this logic before I listen to books like this... if that’s the case, then I wasn’t aware. Sorry if I’m using the wrong terms here, I know close to nothing about this topic.

So yeah. I’m pretty disappointed. I’m honestly more disappointed in Audible for giving me this audiobook as one of the recommended choices. I really wish I could’ve liked this one.
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856 reviews94 followers
June 24, 2019
A sweet, funny UF about a wood nymph named Ingrid who retreats to a small town in Louisiana to start a creamery and ice cream shop. The UF and PNR I've read have had a decent amount of violence and death and/or sex, but this one has none of that. Ingrid even has female friends to have "girls' nights" with. What is this?! The worst thing that happens is a misunderstanding between Ingrid and Rob, and that's cleared up without a lot of heartbreak. A cozy story all around.

My partner and I listened to this on a car trip, and he immediately asked me to get How to Date Your Dragon after we were done with this one. Audible was smart to offer this one for free!
Profile Image for Steph's Romance Book Talk.
2,572 reviews1,241 followers
September 1, 2019
4 Stars / 1 Steam Fan

Just a quick, fun, and sweet addition to the folks living in Mystic Bayou.

This specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap-up.

For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.
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1,891 reviews180 followers
November 25, 2019
I listened to this some time ago. It was a free Audible book. I liked it. Kinda short cute and sweet.
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2,216 reviews162 followers
June 6, 2021
Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues
2 Stars

Ingrid Asher, a tree nymph, moves to Mystic Bayou to live a solitary and peaceful life selling ice cream out of the newly renovated former post office. But life in the small and quirky town is anything but quiet as the residents insist on including her in their social activities. All's well until Rob Aspern, the hunky mathematician for the League begins showing romantic interest and Ingrid finds herself letting her guard down. Can she trust her secrets and her heart with this stranger?

Very disappointing!

While I usually have a soft spot for prickly heroines, Ingrid is exceedingly unlikable. Some of her reticence is explained by her past, but by that time, her rude, condescending and judgmental attitude has already been established.

Moreover, Ingrid and Rob have zero chemistry. There is absolutely no attraction to speak of and it is unclear why such an obviously caring man would keep pursuing a woman who treats him like the dirt beneath her shoe. He deserves better.

Finally, there is no progression in the ongoing arc surrounding the Rift.

The book's only saving grace is the inclusion of the characters from previous books - Bael and Jillian, and Zed and Dani. Their antics are delightful.

The next installment is a full-length novel with new characters. Hopefully, it will be better.
Profile Image for Sara ✨ Next Book Review Blog ✨.
2,037 reviews5 followers
June 7, 2019
********* AUDIOBOOK REVIEW *********

Really, I've never read or listened to another Molly Harper book. I thought this one sounded adorable and just could not pass it up! I was right in my adorable assumption. Now I keep thinking I need to go back and listen to the other books in the series. I'm not one who generally listens to stories about paranormal happenings with mythical creatures but this quick little bite tickled my fanciful side. I haven't read or listened to the previous 2 books in the series but that did not take away from my pleasure of listening to this one! I recommend it over and over again!

The narrators were fabulous!! Amanda Ronconi was JUST what I expected for Ingrid. She sounds a bit aloft but as though she doesn't want to be. I'm seriously digging the accent, I just have a thing for these accents! Jonathan Davis is a perfect Rob. He's strong in voice and character but still sounds caring and sweet. They worked well together.

I enjoyed the cleanness of the storyline and the light romance. I almost feel as though it was a story about Ingrid as a nymph than it was about Ingrid and Rob. I think it actually made it more enjoyable for me. Really you can't go wrong with this quick and delightful listen!!
Profile Image for Teri-K.
1,996 reviews43 followers
July 16, 2019
I'm glad this audio book was free, because I was super disappointed in it. The series is quirky and fun and the narrators are amazing. This novella was dull, dull, dull and the woman's attempt at a Scandinavian accent was terrible. (I'm no expert on accents but this one just sounded awful to me.) Nothing happens in this "story", there's no conflict, forward motion or anything approaching a plot. I suspect the bones of this came from a character sketch or were deleted from another manuscript because they added nothing to the story. They should have stayed deleted.
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