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The #1 bestselling WHISPER series concludes with WEAPON:

I already knew he was a psychopath. But now?
He's more dangerous than ever.
And I have less than twenty-four hours to stop him.

After escaping Lengard and finding sanctuary with the Remnants, Alyssa Scott is desperate to save those she left behind ─ and the rest of the world ─ from the power-hungry scientist, Kendall Vanik. But secrets and lies block her at every turn, and soon Lyss is left questioning everything she has ever believed.

When long-lost memories begin to surface and the mysteries of her past continue to grow, Lyss battles to retain her hard-won control. Allies become enemies and enemies become allies, leaving her certain about only two things: when it comes to Speakers, nothing is ever as it seems... and the only person she can trust is herself.

407 pages, Paperback

First published November 4, 2019

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About the author

Lynette Noni

19 books4,106 followers
Lynette Noni is currently Australia’s #1 YA fiction author. After studying journalism, academic writing and human behaviour at university, she finally ventured into the world of fiction. She is now a full-time writer and the bestselling author of the six-book young adult fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles, as well as a second bestselling and award-winning duology called Whisper.

Lynette won the 2019 ABIA Award for Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year, along with the 2019 Gold Inky Award (Australia’s only teen choice book award). She is currently collaborating on a project with #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas.

Lynette's next series, The Prison Healer, is releasing globally in 2021

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3,111 reviews1,976 followers
November 12, 2019
Part 2 in the Whisper duology and it is as entertaining as the first book. A lot of time is spent on board Sydney ferries and chasing people around Luna Park which is especially fun for readers like me who know Sydney well.

Alyssa, the main character, is still discovering her power and is out to get her revenge on those who held her prisoner in book one. As the book progresses she discovers her whole life is fiction and just about everyone is lying to her. I guessed one of them early on and spent much of the book sitting on the edge of my chair saying "Don't believe him!!!"

Altogether a satisfying conclusion to an interesting story and well worth reading.

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1,295 reviews338 followers
February 19, 2020
Well this is definitely going to be too hard to write a normal, coherent review for.

WARNING: This review may contain spoilers for the first book in the series

Things I liked:
✓ The pace
✓ The action
✓ The location(s)
So. Many. Secrets.
✓ Riley
✓ Memory travel
✓ All these fun abilities weeeeeee

Things I didn't like:
✘ Zombie Ward
✘ Kael being a jerk
✘ Arryn
✘ Lack of Enzo
✘ Alyssa being oblivious
✘ Like ... really oblivious
✘ So many good characters, so little page time
✘ But hey look who got a spine and also SO BOSSY in the second book *eyeroll*

So basically this was an insanely addictive read even if I could see things coming that Alyssa could not. Also the love triangle between her, Kael and Ward needed some work because Kael was clearly more entertaining but could she see that? No. Sigh.

There really were so many amazing characters that I just didn't get the chance to know. Plus the old friends?? I mean, poor ol' Slasher and Sneak were zombiefied last we saw but they barely rate a mention here? Also personally offended by the lack of Enzo. He made the first book so much fun and there just was not enough sass with him hiding out of sight for so much of this book.

Lyss was such a great character in the first book because she was so broken but now all of a sudden she's this badass, all-powerful warrior who is bossing everyone around and the 180 made me dizzy. Her and Cami entirely switched places and it didn't sit right with me. Cami was the hero of the last book and she didn't get nearly enough credit in this one because she was too busy being Lyss's lap dog. Plus ... ALYSSA. HELLO. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE HUMMUS GIRLFRIEND. Honestly could she be any more self-absorbed? She coulda been staring at a billboard that said 'OBVIOUS SIGN HERE' with an arrow and she wouldn't have noticed because she was too busy worrying about the crushing weight of responsibility that comes with her all-powerful genie Speaker abilities.

But GOD was it addictive. There was so much going on . I mean, it's a lengthy book but there is never a dull moment. There are so many secrets and reveals that my head was spinning by the end of it.

Smith was a hidden gem, as was Riley. OMG RILEY. MY HEART. TAKE IT.

Did I love reading this book? Hell yes. Did I enjoy the story as much as the first one? No, probably not. Am I happy with the way it ended? In general, yes, but in detail, no. Do I think this is another amazing cast of characters for me to fall in love with? Of course.

Like I said, coherent thoughts are lacking.

Great read, though. Really great.
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3,972 reviews2,585 followers
January 9, 2020
Weapon is the conclusion to the series which started with Whisper (only two books but they both pack a punch!) Lynette Noni is a talented writer as she had me on the edge of my seat, not wanting to put the book down until I’d finished. What a breathtaking ride!!

Alyssa Scott had been rescued from Lengard and now resided with the Remnants; the catacombs which were under Taronga Zoo in Sydney were vast – anyone not knowing where to go would easily be lost. As Lyss recovered from her ordeal and learned more about her power, everything that she had believed to be the truth about her past was suddenly cast into turmoil. Lies and deceit were her past – and who could she trust? Those she thought were friends turned out to be foes; or were they? As the Remnants tried to save other Speakers, danger circled. The face in front of her was familiar – but she didn’t know who it was. What was happening…?

I thoroughly enjoyed Weapon by Aussie author Lynette Noni and am sad there are no more books about this amazing story. This is one of those that definitely must be read in order. Highly recommended.

With thanks to Pantera Press for my uncorrected proof ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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698 reviews36 followers
October 11, 2021
This was a good story but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book.

Alyssa in the first book was called Jane Doe, and she didn't speak for at least the first half of the book because she didn't trust anyone, so the story had a clinical type feel to it, which fit what was going on with Alyssa at the time.

So I had hoped the telling of the story in this book would evolve a bit more as Alyssa started to uncover her past and gain friendship's with the people around her, but this just didn't happen and in the end I struggled to finish the book to its completion.

Good story but for me the character's needed more depth.

Happy Reading 📚📗📚📗📙📚📘📕📚📓📙📖📒📘📕📔📖
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504 reviews152 followers
December 2, 2019

I feel like that this is book is like everyone’s favourite book or most hyped up book after the resounding success that was Whisper which won the Gold Inky Award this year in Australia. For me though, I mean, look, before anyone comes at here and decides to murder me at my slightly unpopular opinion, it wasn’t that I did not like the book, and I truly think that a rating of 3.5 just means that I had a few problems, but for the most part, really enjoyed it. So there you go, full disclaimer, I very much so enjoyed the book, but rather, that I had a few slight problems with it and that is all. So don’t attack, please.

Anyway, now onto the review proper and just to get it out of the way, here are the few things I didn’t particularly like about it and it really just comes down to personal taste in the end I guess. I’ve seen loads of people on Goodreads saying at how there were so many twists and turns and omg, can’t believe that happened sort of thing. Yes, it is true that there were definitely lots of plot twists, but for me personally, especially after the first few, I could see what was going to happen so when some of the said events did happen, I wasn’t even surprised anymore. Once so many plot twists keep being hammered into me in a duology, they start to lose the specialness and it becomes more like, oh well, I could see it coming either way if the author is going to try and do every plot twist ever. When some of the things do first hit you, it’s like wow, I did not see that coming, but after so many, it just sort of lost the excitement for me.

And I guess that’s my real main problem that I had, but I totally understand people loving all of the twists that come at you like every two pages and truly, I get that. There are similarly, lots of good things about this book that I really enjoyed. For those who don’t know, this is the second book in a duology, for which the first book is Whisper. It effectively spends the first half of the novel reeling after the end of the first book and seeing what action the characters take from there and that was all really good and I zoomed through like the first 250 pages in the first day. The book is quite fast paced and really only takes the place of a few days so the reader and be sure that it never stops moving along, and it doesn’t, which is awesome. I had no real pacing issue with it, which was great.

Most of the characters were great and loads of fun, there are some evil bastards in it as expected. Another things that I did have with the book that is more a complaint on my behalf is that the villains just feel so standard and there was nothing overly special about them, although I did like the build up towards exposing who they were. It was wonderful to have many character reunions, which was great, and they were written well.

So there you have it, I enjoyed most aspects of the novel though there were some things, that due to my personal taste for things in books, I rated it slightly lower. Mind you, I gave Whisper a 4 stardom which does mean that I did not love that book either, though I did highly enjoy it. 7/10
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857 reviews
January 12, 2020
This is a 3.5 star rounded to 4 from me.
I had very high expectations of this sequel having read Whisper last year. So for me while it answered a LOT of questions the story was a bit up and down.
There were some great action parts but the thing that detracted for me was all of the conversations that backtracked through past events. I know that this needed to happen, but I still got quite annoyed as characters continually recounted events, rather than these events being a part of the story. Semantics, I know, but it was a bit frustrating.
Having said all of this, both this book and Whisper do tell an amazing story that is quite believable and incredible.
I can recommend these two books to be read in order, neither is a stand alone.
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638 reviews83 followers
August 22, 2020
actual rating: 3.5/5 stars

That leads me to the bonus I promised, and here it is: everyone is lying to you, Six-Eight-Four. Everyone

I feel with this duology is one that i couldn't get into 100& and i really did try but i feel like this series wasn't for me at all. Don't get me wrong Lynette's writing gets stronger with every book she comes out with but i think the whole setting and storyline wasn't for me and one i couldn't fully get into at all.

The story itself was fairly strong and for me it had some really strong points with action and pacing being really strong for me and i loved the book for that. However the thing that i really couldn't connect with were the characters and the world itself and i really did try but i just found myself putting this book down multiple times and taking breaks.

I feel like out of the two books i found myself really loving the first book in this series than i did the second one however i was satisfied enough the ending to give this book my rating that i did. I feel like everything was wrapped up nicely and as much as you could get but for me this second book just fell a little flat on my radar.
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533 reviews37 followers
January 31, 2021
3.5 stars

This was a fun follow up to Whisper. It did take a little time for me to get into it (partly because I forgot most of what happened in book one), but then the twists and turns started and I was hooked. Some of the reveals were predictable (or I figured out what they meant before Alyssa did), but others genuinely took me by surprise which is always a good sign. There is also a key theme about growing into your abilities and finding your own self-worth, which I always enjoy as a YA staple.

I also love the characters in this book, and the focus on a wide range of relationships including friendships (particularly with Cami and Smith) and various types of families. I didn't really care about the love triangle at any point, but I think that's more a reflection on my jaded adult self than anything else - neither of the options did much for me at any point.

Overall this was a gem of the Aussie YA genre (and a step up from the first book). I'm keen to check out more of Noni's work.
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664 reviews7 followers
November 7, 2019
Good completion to the series, but a little underwhelming and predictable in comparison to the excitement and set up of Whisper.

Still, it’s a solid 3 stars from me as it kept me glued to the page and neglecting other stuff.
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75 reviews1 follower
June 7, 2020
So, this is gonna be a long one because of how disappointed I was with this book and if anyone can bash down my points then please do.

Let me make clear, this is my opinion, don’t be offended, this is mostly to relate to others who also didn’t quite enjoy this book. If you don’t agree with me then that’s cool, this wasn’t my favourite book but I will always read whatever Lynette puts out in the future :)

I love Lynette’s writing, and among the many things I didn’t like about this book, the writing isn’t one of them. I even have met Lynette before so I was scared to write anything to mean in-case she reads this and we meet again, so let me make this clear, I absolutely adore Lynette, but I did not enjoy this story.


The plot in the first book was so intriguing for its mystery, but there is only so long you can withhold information from the reader before they lose interest.

The issue with the plot is that, no matter which way you look at it, no matter all the twists and turns and cliff-hangers, it was all predictable.

It was so painfully obvious that Kael was not a good guy from the moment he became creepy in his possessiveness (I’ll get into this later) and with this all being so obvious it makes the main character look incredibly stupid. When Alyssa makes comments like “we are just friends” or “he can be possessive” without thinking twice about how little she knows of Kael just makes her look plain stupid and frustrating to read. Kael stops Alyssa from doing literally anything that she wants, such as saving ward, going to help save the breakout, leave the base, literally anything. She finds out that Pandora never got the needle, and she finds out that the vision that Linda had NEVER HAPPENED. Come on girl how are you so stupid, she just makes excuses which are so dumb and make no sense making me frustrated through the whole book.

The Theodore plot was stupid, straight out. Sure, it wasn’t expected, but it was dumb. There was no reason for it. Theodore wasn’t a main character, and finding out about how he got his scars didn’t build his character in any way, it was just a way to show how amazing, courageous and incredible Alyssa was that she would risk her life for her bestest friend (this is said with sarcasm) and then for some dumb ass reason he gets his memory wiped? I know for a fact this was just added because Theo and Alyssa weren’t supposed to recognize each other. But look at this realistically, Theo was valid in saying that he didn’t want people in school to judge him for his injuries, fine, but what does strip his memory do?? Did his memory of his parents get wiped? Or just the incident? Because he is literally scarred so…, also why couldn’t he just move without having his memory wiped? Seriously, it makes no freaking sense other than to make Alyssa look like the hero for saving him. And then Alyssa wipes her memory of him? What? Because she can’t handle him not remembering her? And looking at the bigger picture, she wipes her memory of using her ability for the first time, which, I know Alyssa said didn’t matter to her, but it wasn’t any less stupid since her ability is apparently the best in the world (once again, I’ll get to this later)

When Alyssa was injected by ward with that “mysterious” liquid, it was obvious the second Alyssa couldn’t use her ability to make ward levitate that the needle was taking her abilities away, hence adding to how stupid it felt to read Alyssa when SHE COULDN’T FIGURE IT OUT HERSELF AND COULD ONLY DO SO WHEN WARD GAVE HER ALL THE INFO

The mystery of the “other” rebel group (the SCARS group) was also. So Painfully. Obvious. Of course, it’s the group Alyssa’s mum leads, literally all points lead toward it.

I know I sound like an ass saying “I kNeW FrOm tHe StARt” but I can’t care because I’m crap at deductive reasoning so if it was that obvious to me I can’t believe that no one else would see it either.

The Jerimiah crap. So melodramatic. The man literally says “vengeance will be mine”

[image error]I won’t bash his intent too much though, it was planned out well (sorta) and he had a good origin story.

Oooo boy, I’ll use a quote from the book to describe how I felt reading this character.

“me, me, me, me, me, me” yeah, that’s a real quote from the book

So, I’m going to do dot points before I spend my whole day picking her apart

- Basic self-insert character. She really does not have a personality in this book. (the first book is a different, she is way more interesting, she sounds smart and unique, but maybe that’s because she literally didn’t talk) her whole personality is, cats, chocolate, boys and food. I have no idea where the character in this first book went.
- So SO SO DUMB OMFG. there are multiple times she is described as “…too quick for your own good...” I actually laughed at that point. I described why in the plot section, she basically can’t see what’s coming until it hits her in the face, and even then, she needs it to all be explained.
- It’s all about her. “they wanted me” “for me” “what more could he want from me” oh my god girl, not everything is about you! This being a creator thing went right to her damn head
- When ward, who is hypnotised in this part, elbows Alyssa in the face she says “that’s not something I’m going to let him live down anytime soon” well that’s manipulative. Imagine not having control over your body for weeks and the person you like keeps saying “remember when you hurt me without having any control over it? Yeah you ass” I know it’s something small but it rubbed me the wrong way
- So, in the midst of the most important people of Alyssa’s life are about to die, Kael talks about the way Ward and Alyssa feel about each other. And this is what Alyssa thinks about “…I’m going to be mortified when I think of this moment. I may even ask riley to modify my memory again. Or ward’s… I just focus on fighting the blush that’s rising to my cheeks” oh come on girl. Your friends and family are in danger. The world is about to be over taken AND ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS YOUR CRUSH? Your supposed to be distracting the evil guys so you can think of a way to save everyone BUT YOU YOURSELF GET DISTRACTED FOR A STUPID ASS REASON. Talk about being self-centred
- Ward and Alyssa’s relationship is frustrating. Mainly Alyssa. She is 18 yet she can’t possibly accept she has a crush on a boy, when I read how she talks about ward and trying to reject him all I hear Is “ewww cooties” just own up to your crush, it’s not like the readers haven’t noticed and it’s painful to read. and her reasoning for their relationship being complicated is stupid. She knows the stone, cold guy who was mean to her was. Not. Him. But yet she keeps playing the narrative and it gets so tiring
- Her ability as creator is continually said to be the bestest most wonderful ability, which I disagree. Landon’s is. He can stop her from using it, making her useless, making him better than her, just saying. Also, in the end she says being a creator is too much power for one person, and I agree, so when she somehow evolves from speaker to having the ability to just “imagine” what she wants makes her insanely overpowered. The issue with giving someone an ability with no restraints is that it makes them way to overpowered, no one should have that much power without consequences (just my opinion in this point, but then again, my whole review is my opinion)

Ok so that’s my issue with Alyssa

I can’t spell her real name so I’ll just refer to her like this.

My issue is her personality. Ok so she is an ass because she doesn’t trust people, fair enough. What doesn’t make sense is why. We find out she is a part of SCARS so why is she so why is she so possessive about the remnants group? Also, why was she so open with Camo and Alyssa in their rescue mission? She told them her life story which is incredibly dark and sad, which acts as a great way to build her character, but she just tells them everything? People who have dealt with trauma like that don’t just go around telling strangers about it.
Also, why, at Luna park, did she not recognise Riley? Or, rather, she knew that Riley wanted to get taken so why was she so angry at Alyssa and blaming her for letting the breakout free? Just a lot of questions with no answers

This will be short. Poor Camelot’s only personality was to be Alyssa’s side character and to grieve her brother. That’s it. So much potential in the first book lost

I don’t remember if I’m spelling his name right but let’s go. This is probably going to be more of judging Alyssa’s stupidity than anything but whatever.
The relationship between Kael and Alyssa is weird as hell. The origin of the nickname princess is all that it takes for Alyssa to just accept that he is the good guy. And to be honest the story is just straight up creepy and is why I’m just concerned for Alyssa’s future if she accepts this type of friendship. He sees her when she was a kid in a princess costume, remembered that moment till he was 18, and Alyssa had no memory of him, and she just thinks “coollio you’re my bestie” girl no. couple that with his creepy possessiveness which Alyssa mentions multiple times and acts like it’s normal, which is not ok, YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS MAN
It adds to Kael being the bad guy but is not a good look for Alyssa, adding to her inability to see that he isn’t on her side.

So, to re-cap, I did not like this book, but I would still recommend it to people getting into YA because in terms of new readers it’s pretty good. But, I’ve been reading YA since I was 14 (now 18) so this book was boring for me. I’m sad because Lynette’s other series the “Madorian Chronicles” was fkn astonishing, it was something else. This book is just boring, but anyway, long review/rant over.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 7, 2019
A huge thank you to the amazing team at Pantera Press for sending me a beautiful finished copy of Weapon and inviting me on the review tour to celebrate the finale in Lynette Noni’s Whisper duology – all thoughts are my own.
If you’ve been following my blog and/or bookstagram, then you’ll well know that Lynette Noni captured my heart in the first two installments of her The Medoran Chronicles, so even before I realised I was on the review tour for Weapon, Whisper had long been on my radar.
There’s eternal mixed emotions when reaching a climax of a series, a final installment. There’s excitement, of course, but sadness at knowing that this indeed will be the last novel to feature such beloved characters.
Every moment of reading Weapon was perfect! Often I am a pretty fast reader, but I found myself reading this beautiful book so very slowly, not wanting it at all to end, and now that I have, I just feel all of the feels!
All of the best ones, of course! For Lynette Noni has captured such an amazing, unique, unforgettable reading experience and I just did not want to say goodbye to Alyssa! Her transformation into a seemingly nameless girl when I first met her in Whisper, where she was subjected to such monstrous treatment, my heart just went out to her!
Alyssa Scott has become one of my new favourite characters, that’s for sure. I love her sheer determination and fierce protective nature and loyalty to her friends, as well as her yearning to know what happened to her and her family all those years ago. How did she come to be at Lengard? I was just so entranced and on the edge of my seat to find out!
I feel like there was a lot riding on Weapon and throughout the novel I was constantly thinking “How can this all get wrapped up with such a number of pages left?” Just when things seemed clear and I thought I knew what might be coming:

I’m still at a loss for words, truthfully. Weapon might just be my favourite book that I’ve read this year! Not only the character developement of Alyssa was mesmersing, but after the cliffhanger ending with a certain character, seeing them interact with Lyss definitely had my feelings…well, feeling! I loved the notion of not at all being able to predict what would come next, to say this was a roller coaster of a finale feels like an understatement!
Quite possibly not since Raelia, had I been filled with such an etheral hope, despite Alex’s predicament in that book and Alyssa’s situation in Weapon, there were definitely times when I was worried for Lyss, Cami and Ward. But the hope, that there could and would be a world where Speakers could live and not have to worry about every word they uttered, where they didn’t have to feel fear at every turn, I so longed and hoped for this, too!
In turn, the Whisper duology has just been one of the most unique and vivid books I’ve read! I shall cherish so many memories from reading these books and I know that my mind will often wonder back to these characters and think about what they’re up to. Definitely one of the very best duologies I’ve read, and I know I’ll reread them many times over.
Honestly, if you’ve not yet read these books, go for it! Pick them up, they’ll grab you right away and not let go!
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214 reviews12 followers
February 23, 2021
Ein toller zweiter Teil, der aber nicht ganz an den ersten heran kommt. Ich empfehle, den zweiten Teil direkt nach dem ersten Teil zu lesen, weil einfach unfassbar viele Charaktere mit entsprechend viele Namen darin vorkommen und man sie nicht alle merken kann. Die ersten 100 Seiten waren etwas zäh, doch dann wird die Geschichte von der Spannung her, wie im ersten Teil. Am Ende kommen wieder Handlungsstränge vor, die überraschen oder bewegen. Andere waren leider etwas vorhersehbar. Die Geschichte regt auch zum nachdenken an, gerade mit dem Gedanken: „Wie viel kann ein einzelnes Wort anrichten?“. Gerade deswegen hätte ich mir gewünscht, diese Entwicklung auch kognitiv bei der Protagonistin miterleben zu können.
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90 reviews221 followers
April 15, 2022
“That leads me to the bonus I promised, and here it is: everyone is lying to you, Six-Eight-Four. Everyone.”


still haven't recovered from this plot twist.
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620 reviews50 followers
March 10, 2020
It is the sequel of Whisper duology. I read whisper about 1.75 years ago and wanted to read it for so long. But same bibliophilic life when you wait for a book then put it on pending :D.

I am not going to claim that it is mind-boggling, I already said it before that there isn't much ground to play in dystopian. But Lynette Noni's writing is so beautiful, it just flows perfectly.

If I talk about story, honestly I didn't remember much of it when I started it but after some time I started to remember the main things. If you don't like so many characters than I am afraid it isn't for you, there are so many. I felt the pace slower than the first book. The story also didn't impress me in first half, It wasn't moving but the second half totally hooked me. If you aren't focus enough there are chances that you'll miss some important point (SO MANY THINGS WERE HAPPENING). 

The thing I liked the most is that the author didn't try to convert it into the same love-triangle dystopian cheesy story. I really appreciate it.
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55 reviews19 followers
June 11, 2021
I am honestly speechless.

I loved just about everything about this book. The writing, the uncertainty, the mystery, the twists, the secrets, the plot, the characters, the portrayal of emotions AND the end.

I had high expectations from the series from the second I started it's first book ,that is Whisper, and I'm happy to say it did not let me down. I honestly couldn't keep the books down for long and the plot had me screaming!! (I'm still trying to wrap my head around it)
The way it's written is so captivating that you just want to keep reading and reading.

The characters keep you on your toes the whole time. I can't even begin to explain how much I love some of them.
Speaking of- The protagonist? Wow. She is not only brave and determined but also so strong. Especially considering all the suffering she has been through.

Okay I won't be dragging this anymore as I don't want to give out any spoilers ( TRUST ME THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY).

You just need to know this- ADD IT TO YOUR TBR NOW and Read it as soon as you can! You don't want to miss out on this mystery.
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391 reviews42 followers
November 21, 2019
If you thought Whisper was a brain musher just wait until you read this bad boy!

How do I even describe Weapon without spoiling anything? It's probably impossible but I'll attempt to do so. Let's just say that everything you think Whisper set up in Weapon it would all come crashing down and you will discover that everything you presumed is wrong wrong and wrong. Everyone is lying and the truth is really hard to find not only for but for you as well.

Weapon obviously takes off from where Whisper left off which would confuse you a lot if you haven't re-read/read Whisper before this. Alyssa remains with the Remnants and is trying to discover the truth about her parents and Lengard on top of trying to save the world from Vanik.

That's literally all I can say without spoiling anything for you and trust me this is one book that would absolutely flop if it was spoiled for you. You need to be constantly guessing things because if you know the plot twists I reckon this book would fall flat on you.

What I can say is that Lynette Noni is an evil genius. A REALLY REALLY evil genius. The way she can weave this book together is insane! The flashbacks and the storyline were so perfectly weaved without skipping and creating loopholes for the storyline. I was in awe and at the edge of my seat the whole way through because this woman would literally not let you fall asleep while reading this. Also Riley. Just Riley. If you read the book you'll understand how much I love Riley okay! I must admit I wanted more Riley in the book but like... this is the series finale and I WISH WISH WISH Noni will continue the story in the future because there are so many things she can touch on especially with the ending and what happens to the villains.


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November 4, 2019
Um I have a lot of feelings.

I have no idea how to put them in words without spoiling literally EVERYTHING in the book but I’m going to try.

When I first started Weapon I was a little nervous because I kept guessing all of the “big” plot twists and I thought to myself ‘oh no is this going to be a replica of all the other YA books I’ve read’ and then BAM SUDDENLY IT WASN’T. I honestly could not stop reading and it was just twist after twist after twist.

Actual reactions I had to this book included but were not limited to:
-> jaw dropping open
-> gasping out loud
-> repeatedly whispering oh my god
-> shaking my head in denial
-> tears when I realised what I was in denial about was actually happening
-> teddy bear cuddles for emotional support because honestly... you need it

Five out of five incredibles stars and I’m going to spend the next week screaming WHYYYYYYYYYY loudly into the abyss because SOMETHING HAPPENED AND SOMEONE WAS SOMETHING ALL ALONG AND I. AM. NOT. OKAY.
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November 6, 2019
I am very glad I reread 'Whisper' before starting this, otherwise I feel I might have been lost and questioning who everyone was and why everything was happening for the first few chapters. Can I just say that THERE WERE SO MANY BLOODY TWISTS in this book!!! I was worried to start off with as I was guessing some of them, but the bigger ones I did not see coming. It was a very engrossing read that I wanted to find out what happened, especially because I was not sure who to trust. I think the series ended well, and at some point I would love to read more in this world - especially with a certain character and thing...
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June 28, 2021
Lynette Noni never disappoints. I've just started reading her series Akarnae and I've become trapped in it! I decided to give this book a try, and it was, as expected, AMAZING. Would recommend to every. single. person. Just be sure to have read the first book, whisper.
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September 2, 2019
A fantastic ending, and true to Lynette Noni's style, full of laughter and pain.
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November 16, 2019
Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Brooklyn Saliba

If you’ve been following my personal blog or bookstagram, then you’ll well know that Lynette Noni captured my heart in the first two instalments of her The Medoran Chronicles, so even before I realised I was on the review tour for Weapon, Whisper had long been on my radar.

There’s eternal mixed emotions when reaching the climax of a series, a final instalment. There’s excitement, of course, but sadness at knowing that this indeed will be the last novel to feature such beloved characters. Every moment of reading Weapon was perfect! Often I am a pretty fast reader, but I found myself reading this beautiful book so very slowly, not wanting it at all to end, and now that I have, I just feel all of the feels. All of the best ones, of course!

Lynette Noni has captured such an amazing, unique, and unforgettable reading experience and I just did not want to say goodbye to Alyssa. Her transformation into a seemingly nameless girl when I first met her in Whisper, where she was subjected to such monstrous treatment, my heart just went out to her.

Alyssa Scott has become one of my new favourite characters, that’s for sure. I love her sheer determination and fierce protective nature and loyalty to her friends, as well as her yearning to know what happened to her and her family all those years ago. How did she come to be at Lengard? I was just so entranced and on the edge of my seat to find out.

I feel like there was a lot riding on Weapon and throughout the novel I was constantly thinking “How can this all get wrapped up with such a number of pages left?” Just when things seemed clear and I thought I knew what might be coming:

I’m still at a loss for words, truthfully. Weapon might just be my favourite book that I’ve read this year. Not only the character development of Alyssa was mesmerising, but after the cliffhanger ending with a certain character, seeing them interact with Lyss definitely had my feelings…well, feeling! I loved the notion of not at all being able to predict what would come next, to say this was a rollercoaster of a finale feels like an understatement.

Quite possibly not since Raelia had I been filled with such an ethereal hope, despite Alex’s predicament in that book and Alyssa’s situation in Weapon, there were definitely times when I was worried for Lyss, Cami, and Ward. But the hope, that there could and would be a world where Speakers could live and not have to worry about every word they uttered, where they didn’t have to feel fear at every turn, I so longed and hoped for this, too.

In turn, the Whisper duology has just been one of the most unique and vivid books I’ve read! I shall cherish so many memories from reading these books and I know that my mind will often wonder back to these characters and think about what they’re up to. Definitely one of the very best duologies I’ve read, and I know I’ll reread them many times over.

Honestly, if you’ve not yet read these books, go for it! Pick them up, they’ll grab you right away and not let go!
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November 6, 2019
Thanks to this book I have a shit-load of exam revision to finish and my sleep schedule is more screwed up than ever. I mean sleep schedule, what sleep schedule??

First of all, I love how Noni dives right in and picks up where she left off from the last book. I really appreciate this in books as it keeps the story alive! It was wonderful to read the characterisation as there were obvious developments for both Alyssa and her friends. The harm- both mentally and physically- was so present in this book and I loved it. No one would be okay after everything they've been through.

The best part of this book though is all the new characters Noni introduced.

Overall, this book had me both shook and hooked! I am so happy with this finale to the Whisper Duology and couldn't have asked for a better ending. I loved how everything unfolded well and even though there could be a potential novella in tow, I am content with ending the story here.

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May 26, 2020
ah Lynette Noni. you brilliant woman.

the plot twists in this were incredible. legitimately incredible. i saw a couple coming but there were some where i would have found myself appearing in the book less shocking. and the characters were so much fun in this book! Arryn, Riley, Smith, i loved them all. i really hope Smith and Alyssa become besties !

as always, the writing style and storytelling was addictive and easy to read, as i finished the entire (two book) series in about two days. all in all Lynette hasn't let me down, and i can't wait to see what my favourite Aussie author hits us with next!
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August 4, 2022
This book was good. I almost just wanna leave it at that... but y’all know THAT’S never gonna happen. Sorry suckas


(NotAlex) mc - Alyssa - is… fine. The only thing that’s truly outstanding of her character… is that she is painfully stupid. Plot twists I worked out seven chapters ago have her crumpling to the ground in shock. And it!s not once… it!s not twice… it’s a LOT. She is so wound up in everything that’s going on with her that she doesn’t understand anything that’s going on.

Ward. Probably the one character I would fangirl over… was a zombie the entire time. Woohoo ig. I can’t really say anything about him because he wasn’t him.

Kael. Well- I can’t really say much about his character either cos he’s a bit like a lifesaver. You get your first peek of him and ooh! Purple, how sweet. Then you get through that layer and you see from seven chapters away that he’s turning yellow. But Alyssa doesn’t understand s that until he’s all the way to red. And then all she’s seeing is red. And it’s hard to talk about his character bc he kinda had a few. But I shall talk about the one we knew for pretty much the entire book and please note that his character gets pretty well explained through his layers but I won’t spoil so.

He was infuriatingly protective. 18 year old Alyssa needs a babysitter otherwise she can’t leave my sight kind of protective. He was obsessed with her in a similar way Warner Shatter Me is. But he was funny and flirting and his and Alyssa’s banter was pretty cute and daydream prompting so that was nice. There’s a lot more to him but lemme just say that the attempt at his other personality… well… it sucked. 🙂

All other characters

Either cool, cute or *not present*. Most the characters we were introduced to in teh first book weren’t even HERE! Agreed, teh ones that were were pretty easy to differentiate between.


He’s a brother of one of the characters. But I’m telling you, you do not act with your older brother the way they did. They felt more like a couple than he and his gf actually did.


Still super cool! Lynette incorporated just the right amount of Sydney history in Q station where everyone used to quarantine and tunnels underneath Sydney and T zoo and some scenes are set at Luna Park and I loved it.


Plot was kind of annoying tbh. It almost felt unfair to the readers… that they’ll get through 400 pages or whatever… only to have everything turned around in the last seven? Like… in theory it was cool and the ending was cool and smart and well woven into the rest of the story. But in practise, it felt like too much. All these characters who weren’t who they said they were… entire organisations being good then bad then good then bad then REVEALED and deaths being reversed and abilities being revealed and memories being changed and relationships being twisted. All being revealed in the last seven pages just felt a bit unfair.

Everything seemed to be twisted so much it creased.

And a lot of it was unnecessary. It didn’t need to be a secret that they were dating. And it didn’t need to be a secret that he knocked her out with the special tennis ball. And we didn’t need all the questions and confusion that followed such a simple statement that turned out to be a simple case of ‘it is what it is.’

It was great to read at the time and I enjoyed guessing the first few twists but then it became too obvious. The fact that there’s gonna be a plot twist became so predictable it defeated the point.

Villain motives

They SUUUUCCCKKKSEEDDD! They made no sense. They weren’t creative. These people ruined an already perfectly good story with a perfectly good villain. Lynette just took villain number one… told him he!s not good enough, made him change his ways for NO REASON AND HELP THE HERO before introducing New villain who is undeniably WORSERERSERERSERERSERERSERSER than the other one! My wife died from a sickness. No one helped. So now I want to kill everyone. YEAH COS THAT MAKES SENSE! C’mon… villains should be evil… but that shouldn’t mean they are stupid. This guy just seemed like he found himself rearranging his bookshelf for the third time that week and thought, “Damn… I need to find a hobby.” Searched up, “hobbies for old men whose children are too busy dealing with people falling in love with their perfectly fine personality that I want to change in the last seven pages of someone else’s story.”
Costume design
Thought they all sounded pretty cool. “Wikihow to become evil”
Step 1: find a motive.
Three-dimensional villains usually believe that their behavior is justified, and you must know what justification your character uses. Determine what the motivation behind your character’s evil actions are, so you can make them believable.[18]
* Some evil characters are motivated by the desire for power, while others are motivated by revenge.
* Try drawing from your own past if you’re stuck or want a more realistic approach
“Hmmm. OH OH OH MY WIFE DIED! Now THAT is a reason to ruin everyone’s lives. Lets go get my life back on track!”
Step 2: get a super suit - make your own or buy one from villain.com. Black is the traditional option, but any dark shade, such as midnight blue or eggplant, can work well.
*eyes narrow in on the knitting needles* 😏

I’m telling you… that’s how he did it. Taht!s how uncreative this villain is.


I think this is how Lynnette writes romance

*wriggles fingers*
*cracks knuckles*
*shakes out hands*
*exhales shakily*
Aight… we gotta put something in here so people can ship my characters.
*stares at screen for a minute wondering if her publisher would let her get away with not having to write it*
*shakes thought from her head*
*repeats steps 1 - 4*
‘They kissed’
Damn, ok. I have to add some emotion
‘They kissed…’
*deletes everything*
‘Their kiss was filled with emotion.’
PERFECT! *Now* - eheh - I just have to make sure everyone else thinks so too
‘I can see how much they mean to each other…’
‘…by the…’
‘…*raw emotion* in their eyes.’

It’s almost like Lynette thinks that if Alyssa thinks they’re cute, we will too? But then as soon as it’s Alyssa’s romance after having several cutesy cute moments in the first book and then a cutesy cute moment in the last page of this book… all flirty and banter and wHiSpErS, uh uh. Nope, we’re not in love. I’m going to talk around asking him on a DATE because we just met each other waiting in line for tickets and exchanged number. It’s not like we survived a life changing experience after saving each other several times and everyone already knowing we love each other or anything. Nope. I’m not even going to KISS HIM IN THE LAST BOOK OF THE DUOLOGY!

What I also hate… is that Lynette made everyone talk about how cute Alyssa and Ward were and how obvious it was that they were in love with each other. The snarky side character. The sister. Teh brother and his girlfriend. The VILLAIN IN THEIR MONOLOGUE! Lynette… you need to let their love speak for itsELF and maybe we will *listen*!

The pace of this book was great (apart from the FIVE PAGES OF RUNNING THAT TOOK ME TWO DAYS TO WADE THROUGH) and I did enjoy reading it… but tbh, I kinda thought we might get to spend more than a page with all the characters after they were free from their zombified states. I kinda thought the climax wouldn’t be the end. I kinda thought the characters deserved an epilogue after 700 pages. I kinda thought I was reading towards sm I wanted to read.

And that’s why this book received THREE ‘it was more good than bad’ stars. Whoop.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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