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The Money Mentor: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in as Little as 7 Years Without Becoming a Hermit

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The Money Mentor is my take on the classic self-help book – with one major difference:

It’s a bullshit-free zone!

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve recognised that your finances need help. Either that or your kids gave you the book as a Christmas stocking-filler, it’s pouring with rain and there’s nothing on telly this afternoon.

Seriously, however you got here isn’t important. The important thing is - you’re here. Right here, right now is where you start getting control of your finances. This is where you stop throwing money away like it’s going out of fashion and start saving. This is where your financial worries start to lessen. This is where you and your family begin to get ahead in the game.

What I do is very straightforward – I help ordinary Mums and Dads burdened with standard 30-year home loans, pay off those loans within 7 to 10 years. Yes, you read that correctly – you can be mortgage-free in 7 to 10 years simply by following a plan that we create together.

It’s not magic. There’s no smoke and mirrors. It’s not even a secret how we can do this together. In fact, I call it the ‘not-so-secret, secret’, because anyone can do it.

Together, we examine your lifestyle and make a detailed assessment of your living expenses. Using that information, we then give every single dollar of your family’s monthly income a specific purpose and structure it within a realistic budget. And guarantee to pay the loan off in 7 to 10 years.

Paying your home loan off over 30 years is bullshit! It’s the biggest rip-off. When you’re sitting in your bank, arranging your home loan, their entire focus is on the minimum monthly repayment. That just means they’re forecasting their juicy profits over a 30-year period. Profits that you’re paying for.

We can even pay off that 30-year loan earlier in some cases. One of our records is having cleared a mortgage in only 3.5! Mortgage-free in three and a half years – wouldn’t everyone love to be in that position?

Our aim is to disrupt the passive, inherited way of thinking encouraged by the banks and to completely change traditional Mum and Dad psychology. Not with idealistic nonsense and impossible to achieve pie-in-the-sky advice aimed at solving unrealistic or non-typical situations. This book is packed with proven, practical and realistic strategies that work. If you and your family follow the process that we all agree to in the beginning, you will achieve the results we predict at the start. Guaranteed!

217 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 2, 2019

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June 3, 2019

A simple but powerful guide to paying down debt fast so you can enjoy life, reduce stress and get ahead. Essential reading for all who have mortgage but want to get rid of it!!!
1 review
October 5, 2019
Mind blowing and simple steps to reduce your home loan debt in 8-10 years!

Graeme explains the how and why you should and can pay your debt down as fast as possible. It works. It's is real. He walks the talk too!
1 review
January 26, 2020
Not interested

Forced to make a review before I could finish this book is a bad strategy. Gotta fix this amazon please
October 19, 2022

Great book with some helpful tips on improving financial stability and actual advice on how to implement these into your life
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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