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Georgia B&B #1

Peach Clobbered

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What’s black and white and dead all over? Georgia bed and breakfast proprietor Nina Fleet finds out when she comes across a corpse in a penguin costume.

Nina Fleet’s life ought to be as sweet as a Georgia peach. Awarded a tidy sum in her divorce, Nina retired at 41 to a historic Queen Anne house in quaint Cymbeline, GA. But Nina’s barely settled into her new B&B-to-be when a penguin shows up on her porch. Or, at least, a man wearing a penguin suit.

Harry Westcott is making ends meet as an ice cream shop’s mascot and has a letter from his great-aunt, pledging to leave him the house. Too bad that’s not what her will says. Meanwhile, the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty have lost their lease. Real estate developer Gregory Bainbridge intends to turn the convent into a golfing community, so Cymbeline’s mayor persuades Nina to take in the elderly nuns. And then Nina finds the “penguin” again, this time lying in an alley with a kitchen knife in his chest.

A peek under the beak tells Nina it’s not Harry inside the costume, but Bainbridge. What was he doing in Harry’s penguin suit? Was the developer really the intended victim, or did the culprit mean to kill Harry? Whoever is out to stop Harry from contesting the sale of his great-aunt’s house may also be after Nina, so she teams up with him to cage the killer before someone clips her wings in Peach Clobbered, Anna Gerard’s charming first Georgia B&B mystery.

317 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 9, 2019

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About the author

Anna Gerard

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DIANE A.S. STUCKART who also writes as ALI BRANDON, ALEXA SMART, and ANNA GERARD, is a member of that proud breed, the native Texan. She was born in the West Texas town of Lubbock, home to Buddy Holly, prairie dogs, and Texas Tech University, where her mom once taught. Most of her formative years, however, were spent in Dallas with her parents and siblings: one younger sister and three younger brothers. And then, when she was fifteen, her dad's work took them north of the Red River and into Oklahoma, settling just outside Oklahoma City. 

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July 10, 2019
Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard is the first book in the new cozy A Georgia B&B Mystery series. As with most cozy mystery series this first book is a complete story within the book with it’s own mystery so readers don’t need to worry about cliffhangers.

After her divorce Nina Fleet wanted to get away from the city and give herself a fresh start so when she found a historic Queen Anne house in quaint Cymbeline, GA she immediately put in an offer. Nina’s long term plan was to eventually start her own B&B but town ordinances had put a hold on that plan.

Now however, just as Nina is settling into the town and her new home she finds herself opening the door to an angry relative of the home’s former owner who threatens a law suit. And if legal troubles weren’t enough to keep her occupied a member of the town council arrives with Nina’s B&B plan needing the business up and running immediately filling Nina’s home with some displaced nuns.

Whew, this opener of the Georgia B&B Mystery series had a lot going on in it’s opening pages but funny enough it was all easy to follow and become engaged. I really enjoyed getting to know Nina and those around her. The small town setting was of course as charming as ever and when finished with this story I can’t help but wonder what will be in store for readers in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.com/
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June 11, 2019
Nina Fleet is putting her life back together following her very public divorce from a philandering golf pro. Leaving Atlanta behind, she heads to Cymbaline, GA to start fresh. She loves her historic Queen Anne house but zoning issues have delayed her B&B dreams. Her peace is further disturbed when a relative of the former owner of the house shows up at the door threatening legal action, and a group of six displaced nuns are dropped on her doorstep. Just when Nina thinks things couldn't possibly get more strange, an unpopular resident of Cymbaline is killed and she find herself sucked into doing a bit of amateur sleuthing. So much for life in a small town being quiet and uneventful!!

Peach Clobbered is the first book in the new Georgia B&B cozy mystery series. I will definitely be reading more of this series! Nina (pronounced Nine-ah) is a spunky and funny main character. The side characters -- especially the nuns -- are a hoot and very, very entertaining. The mystery is interesting with plenty of suspects and twists. Great start to a new cozy series! And, a quick, easy read.

Anna Gerard is a pen name for author Diane Stuckart, who also writes as Ali Brandon and Alexa Smart. She writes several cozy series including the Black Cat Bookshop (as Ali Brandon) and Tarot Cats (as Diane Stuckart). I haven't read either of those series yet...but definitely will since I enjoyed this cute B&B themed cozy!

**I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Crooked Lane via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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348 reviews
June 19, 2019
PEACH CLOBBERED by Anna Gerrard takes place in the fictional town of Cymbelline and is filled with small tourist friendly shops and an atmosphere that evokes everything you’ve heard about the friendly, small town south. The protagonist, Nina (pronounced Nine-Ah) Fleet, has come to town to visit, fallen in love with it and bought the Queen Anne style house. Although initially turned down in her request to turn it into a B&B, the sudden need for a place to house a contingent of nuns who are being displaced turns that around. In true small-town fashion, when it benefits the mayor or perhaps her view of the town, the red-tape is miraculously run through in record time and Nina opens her brand new B&B.
Nothing is that simple, though. Although Nina bought the house from the estate of its former resident, a nephew has now turned up with a letter saying the owner intended to leave the house to him and is threatening to sue for ownership. He further informs Nina he has talked with an attorney who says he has a good case. Resolution of this issue is high on Nina’s list of priorities, but first she has to accompany the nuns as they plan a picket march downtown.
Seems the nuns are being forced off their properties by the real estate developer who owned the property where their convent was located, forcing them to close their cheese making business and move from the area. This isn’t the first time the developer has engaged in a less-than upstanding real estate deal, and he is one of the less popular people in town. The nuns are picketing his office for his unfair practices while Nina also learns of another group of home owners who were cheated out of their property by this same developer.
The heat gets to the nuns quickly and they pause in their march to hydrate. Nina joins one of the nuns on a nearby bench while the rest of them scatter in various directions to accomplish different tasks. Before anyone returns, Nina is approached by a strange woman declaring “he” is dead in the alley. At first Nina thinks the “he” is the nephew who has been moonlighting as a penguin for the local ice cream shop and the injured man is wearing the penguin suit. Once the head is removed it becomes apparent that instead of the nephew, the injured man is the real estate developer.
Things escalate from that point. The victim dies, the nephew talks Nina into letting him move into the tower room of her house because his life is being threatened, the nuns explore the delights of living in the town as opposed to their convent and secrets are uncovered in the house. The activity takes place at a good pace, pulling you through the book quickly. It’s an easy book to read, fairly light and fluffy, at least for a murder, and the reader can enjoy a few hours of reading that is entertaining without being demanding.
The book is a good example of a cozy, “beach read” being easy to put down and pick up all while keeping the story and characters straight. I read it in a couple of days, and that was putting it down on numerous occasions to do other things. It was also easy to solve in terms of who was the murderer. The town of Cymballine will make you want to schedule a trip to Georgia, sampling some of the peach cobbler and making new friends along the way. It also reads as the first in a new cozy mystery, so if you enjoy this trip to the friendly sun-drenched south you will want to come back again and again to learn what Nina and her friends are up to next. Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for providing me with an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review.
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July 13, 2019
Dollycas’s Thoughts

Welcome to Cymbeline Georgia. A place Nina Fleet and her Australian Sheepdog, Mattie now call home. She bought a historic Queen Anne house therwat the spur of the moment following her divorce and loves it. Harry Wescott the great nephew of the previous owner believes the house should be his and shows up at her door to tell her so, dressed in a penguin suit. Seems he is working as a mascot for the local ice cream shop to make ends meet.

Nina had big hopes of opening it as a B&B but zoning regulations have held up her plans. That is until the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty were evicted from their convent when the landlord refused to renew their lease. The mayor came to Nina personally promising to cut through all the government’s red tape if she allows the sisters to stay with her until their new orders come through.

After the nuns are all settled they tell Nina of their plan to protest their former landlord’s business. Nina goes along hoping to keep the nuns out of trouble, but during a lunch break, she hears a scream. She rushes into an alley to find a man in a penguin suit has been stabbed. But it isn’t Harry Wescott in the suit this time, it is the sister’s landlord, Gregory Bainbridge! Could one of the nuns have done the deed or did the killer think it was Harry in the suit? Nina finds herself right in the middle of The Murder of the Man in the Penguin Suit! What a way to start her new life.


Penguins, Nuns, and Murder, Oh My!

What a great start for this series! I loved Nina (Nine-ah) immediately. She is smart and savvy, ready to live life on her own terms. The nuns were fantastic, feisty, mostly elderly women who have been together for over 50 years. They become fast friends with Nina and enjoy checking out all the take-out meal options now available to them. Nina does her best to keep these vital and active women busy as they await to see what the future hold for them. Harry is a conundrum, an out of work actor who wants to take her house away who is not the most likable person. Nina’s dog Maddie is precious. She is empathetic when needed and a wonderful watch dog too.

Ms. Gerard has twisted together a terrific mystery plotline with very interesting subplots as we get to know our protagonist and the residents of Cymbeline. The pacing was perfect and each chapter drew me right into the next. I was engaged by the characters completely and was anxious to see how everything in this novel panned out. She brought in a surprise item that turned my thinking totally around but I was still taken aback by the big reveal.

The setting of the story was just peachy. A Georgia B&B is absolutely ripe for many more mysteries too. I am excited to see who checks in next!

This was a marvelous mystery and I highly recommend it for all cozy mystery fans!
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July 3, 2020

Newest Adventure Details:

Where: Cymbeline, Georgia

Who: Nina

I was excited at the prospect of heading to Georgia, meeting Nina, and more than anything checking out the historic Queen Anne home she just purchased. I arrived kind of late and missed what I thought was a joke...when she told me a penguin showed up @ the house claiming he was the rightful owner. After she was done messing with me...Nina filled me on the real situation with Harry Westcott. I felt for both of them. Nina also filled me on the fact that she wanted to turn her home into a B&B but hadn’t got approval. However; things (zoning approvals) changed quickly when the mayor wanted her to house a group of nuns from the Sisters of perpetual Poverty. Their lease was up on the convent, and the landlord wanted to develop the land their home was on. He refused to let them stay. The nuns were set to arrive soon, and I hoped Nina with last minute preparations.

The nuns were as pleasant as expected and they immediately got to work making signs and getting permits to protest the land develop that was taking away their home. Gregory Bainbridge. He sounded like a dreadful man. When everything was ready, we headed toward downtown to help the nuns exercise their first amendment rights...we weren’t their long when we heard screaming coming from an alley. There was a body in the alley….a body in the alley wearing a penguin suit. Harry Westcott the man that had come to Nina’s claiming he was filing a lawsuit to reclaim his great-aunts home was dead. Upon further inspection and removing the penguin head...it wasn’t Harry, but Gregory Bainbridge the nun's landlord. Nina and I were determined to find out the truth of who offed the penguin…

My thoughts:

I listened to this book for my “hooked on books” feature of my blog. Check it out!! I thought overall the narrator was good but should not try to do men’s voices. It was not done well and distracting to the listener. As for the book...I loved it! The setting was great, and the mystery was fun and entertaining. Yet again I was guessing up until the end...although that may say more about me then the writing lol. My only concern for this series is the characters. I loved Nina, but really most of the secondary characters in this book were the sisters. Whom I loved….LOVED, LOVED, LOVED...but if they are not in the series as regulars (hint hint) i'm afraid it will take away from the magic. I'm looking forward to the next book and am interested to see what the author does with this series moving forward!

Cozy mystery lovers this book is a peach of a good time!

Don't forget to go to and subscribe to my blog @ http://beachbumbookworm.com. As mentioned above...this book is featured on my “hooked on books” section….check out pictures of the blanket that accompanied this book!
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July 16, 2019
Nina Fleet thought moving into her dream home in the tiny town of Cymbeline, Georgia would make for a quiet life. And then the guy in the penguin costume showed up on her front porch. Soon, she’s caught up in a tug-of-war with the penguin, otherwise known as Harry Westcott, who insists his great-aunt intended to leave the home to him— no matter what the will says. However, Nina forges ahead with her plans of turning the gorgeous house into a B&B. But just as she’s getting her new business off the ground with a group of recently evicted nuns as her first guests, she finds the guy in the penguin costume with a knife in his chest … only it isn’t Harry.

Rarely has a quirky cozy mystery felt so effortless. Author Anna Gerard skews almost into the absurd in the first few pages, with Harry dressed as a penguin accosting Nina. It’s hard to have a serious legal discussion under such circumstances, but Gerard lets her characters do their best, expertly setting the rest of the mystery up for one laugh after another.

Of course, it helps that each of her characters, even in the most extreme of circumstances, feel real. Nina, recently divorced and looking for a fresh start and a new life, glides around, totally enchanted by the town of Cymbeline— and her love of the quirky town is so palpable it’s hard not to become infatuated with it as well. Yet, when cast into a murder plot, she has to navigate the darker, political side of small town life, and in these moments she totally holds her own. Smart, savvy, and with a ton of heart, she holds the book together.

As Nina further acclimates to Cymbeline, several subplots unfold, but Gerard cohesively weaves them together. Most of them revolve around either her dealings with Harry or a group of nuns who have been displaced from their local convent and require the services of Nina’s B&B. They’re a fun, heartwarming distraction to the constant high-alert-suspicion Gerard peppers throughout.

And the mystery itself is well constructed. While most cozies usually toss out several suspects, Gerard, at the peak, genuinely makes it feel as though everyone is a suspect. Motives abound, small town suspicions run rampant, and there are even a couple of tricky, though natural, red herrings. For all the jokes and zany antics, the mystery itself always shines and the final reveal is both surprising and real.

Laden with humor and an expert build-up to the final reveal, Peach Clobbered makes for an excellent start to a new series.

Note: I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley.
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July 24, 2019
I enjoyed this brand new series first so much! It was funny in places and really kept my interest as far as wanting to see what happened next. I mean a group of nuns in a town where the murder was being referred to as the Penguin Suit murder just made me chuckle. Just like Nina, I grew pretty fond of all those sisters when they moved into the B&B. Despite their similar names (each was Sister Mary something), they did each have their own quirks or personalities and I hoped that they wouldn't have to leave anytime soon. Even though I didn't want to like Harry at first (he showed up claiming that Nina's house-now-B&B was promised to him by his great aunt, but she never lived to revise her will), I couldn't help but find him likable eventually. Nina found herself softening toward him as well, possibly the influence of living with the good sisters, or maybe she just thought he was hot. ;)

I hadn't guessed the killer and after the happy ending that everyone got, I'm anxious to see what the author has in store next for Nina, Mattie-pup and their friends.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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July 21, 2019
Release Date: July 9, 2019
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: A Georgia B&B Mystery #1

Peach Clobbered is the first book in the Georgia B&B mystery series. My first impressions after reading this one is that it is a cute book but not enough sleuthing going on. For me, the sleuthing aspect is an integral part of a cozy mystery and this one fell very flat in this area. I actually felt it was almost non-existent which was a major problem for me. However, I did really like the characters, especially Nina's first group of guests that stayed at her B&B. They really saved the story for me!

While this wasn't a favorite cozy I enjoyed it enough to want the read the second book. It will be interesting to see what Nina get's up to next and whether or not she will find love. Maybe even with a certain penguin?! He seems too good a character for him to disappear completely!
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May 26, 2019
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book!

I was SO excited to be given the chance to read another book from one of my absolute favorite authors! She writes under other names as well, such as Ali Brandon and Diane A.S Stuckart. This is JUST as good as anything else she's written, and in some parts, even better. I adored Harry especially, and the entire group of nuns. Can we get them as reoccuring characters forever? Please?

The best part is that this is only the first book. I love how much potential this series has and I cannot wait to read more! Definitely one of my favorite new cozy mysteries for the year. Five stars.
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2,006 reviews50 followers
June 7, 2019
The first book in the Georgia B&B mysteries is a humorous and fun read with a couple of quirky characters. It is written by Anna Gerard who writes the Black Cat Bookshop mysteries under the name of Ali Brandon. I was surprised when I realize the animal character is a black and white Australian shepherd instead of a cat.
Nina Fleet, a recent divorcee feel in love with Victorian House located in Cymbeline, GA and brought the same day it came on the market. A short time later she looked out the windowless a man dressed as a penguin. Talking through the screen door she learned his name is Harry Westover and plans to use claiming his Great-Aunt plan to leave him the house. The nuns of the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty are being forced out of their Convent. Because real estate developer Gregory Bainbridge plans on turning the grounds into a golf course. The nuns become the first guests of the B&B. Gregory is found MURDERED wearing the Penguin suit. Harry becomes a 'person of interest' in the killing. Nina must work fast before Harry joins Gregory in death. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own
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1,563 reviews172 followers
June 15, 2019
"Peace Clobbered" is the first book in the new Georgia B&B Mystery series by Anna Gerard and as the foundation for a new series, I liked the setting and characters populating the town of Cymbeline, Georgia. Nina Fleet is divorced from her philandering pro golfer husband and buys a lovely old Queen Anne house almost at first glance. As she is settling into her new digs, she is "accosted in my own home by a failing actor dressed like a sports team mascot. Then I get blackmailed by the mayor into hosting six nuns."

About that actor .... Harry Wescott is the great-nephew of the former owner of that lovely Queen Anne and he claims his great-aunt intended the house to go to him after her death. He first arrives at Nina's door dressed in a huge penguin outfit (it's his summer gig depicting Freezie the Penguin for the Taste-Tee-Freeze Creamery). And those nuns? The Sisters of Perpetual Poverty are being kicked out of their home and business (they make artisan cheese - The Heavenliest Cheese in Georgia) by a unscrupulous real estate developer

And the mystery? That's when the real estate developer turns up dead, dressed in the penguin suit. There's a whole town of suspects because it seems everyone's got something in their past. Some of the suspects are just tossed out there haphazardly and others are investigated in a bit more detail, but when the murderer was revealed, I was confused (as in, who?).

I think the fun of the this book was learning about the town and its quirky characters, and I loved the nuns (WWTND - What Would the Nuns Do?). For me personally, the murder / mystery was a big dud with some red herrings just sort of fizzling out. And unfortunately, Nina is one of the less interesting characters, and at times she really drove me crazy with her unwarranted dislike of comely Harry Wescott. C'mon, cut the gorgeous guy some slack, will ya?

I will definitely look forward to seeing how this series progresses (and hopefully Harry and the nuns will make an appearance), but am giving "Peach Clobbered" 3.5 stars.

I received an ARC from Crooked Lane Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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2,059 reviews1 follower
June 10, 2019
Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard was an intriguing cozy mystery that captured my attention from the first chapter.

I really liked Nina Fleet. She is a smart and feisty woman is has to live life her own way since her divorce from her philandering ex-husband. The plot was quickly paced and filled with red herrings, twists and plenty of suspects as she decides to solve the mystery of the murder of the most hated man in her new home town. I'm still undecided about Harry Westcott as I sympathize with his situation but he can often be unlikable. The Sisters of Perpetual Poverty are all wonderful characters that I enjoyed getting to know while they stayed with Nina. I hope that this is the beginning of a long running cozy series.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley. All of the above opinions are my own.
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July 9, 2019
I love Nina's personality for sure, she is headstrong and speaks her mind, no holes barred with her. Oh and the Nun's were the best, they became a big part of Nina and her B&B, so I would love to see them involved in future books in the series too. Harry, he is a whole story in himself, he seems to have many different irons in the fire, literally. I believe Ms. Gerard has got herself a fabulous new series, and Peach Clobbered has been a funny and wonderful new beginning to Nina's life in Cymbeline Georgia. I look forward to reading what is in store at the new B&B in Cymbeline next.
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July 8, 2019
Peach Clobbered was an entertaining cozy mystery. Nina (pronounced Nine-ah) was charmed with the Queen Anne Victorian she stumbled across while looking for antiques in the small town of Cymbeline. She wanted a new start after her divorce from pro-golfer, Cameron Fleet. Nina thought about using the large home for a bed-and-breakfast until Mayor Green turned down her rezoning request. But then Mayor Green finds herself with six nuns and no vacancies in town. Nina gets her home rezoned and immediately has six divine residents. The one fly in the ointment is Harry Westcott who believes the home should be his since his great-aunt, Daisy Lathrop wrote him that she is leaving the turn-of-century home to him. Then greedy developer, Gregory Bainbridge is murdered in the Taste-Tee-freeze Creamery penguin costume which Harry had been wearing earlier in the day. There is plenty of action in the cute story. I liked Nina, but we are not given her complete history. I hope we learn more about her in the next book. The nuns were just delightful. They got to enjoy new experiences and food while staying with Nina plus there was the protest. Harry is an amusing character who I believe we will be seeing more of in future books. He is an actor who travels around in a converted bus. I enjoyed the humor and wit which had me chuckling frequently while reading Peach Clobbered. I thought the story was well-written and it progressed at a nice clip which made it easy to read. I enjoyed the descriptions of Nina’s new home and the quaint town. I can understand why Nina was drawn to Cymbeline and her Queen Anne. The mystery had several suspects, a red herring and subtle clues. The take down was an enjoyable and amusing scene. I was sorry for Peach Clobbered to end. Peach Clobbered is a diverting cozy mystery with Harry the theatrical thespian, a rapacious real estate developer, six saintly sisters, several suspicious suspects, and one inquisitive B&B owner.
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2,286 reviews
July 10, 2019
What a wonderful surprise - a cozy book that is first in a series that didn't make me insane with its triviality and averageness.

I had not heard of this author and knew I was taking a chance, but it sounded good so I requested it from NG and was happy to get it. Then I had a streak of really average to below-average cozy reads and I was not really looking forward to this one. And I was surprised and happy that I picked this one.

Nina [NINE - ah <--that was one point that annoyed me; the MC is obsessive about how people pronounce her name and makes a point of it several times in the book] has moved to a small town to escape all the nastiness that went down from her divorce to a well-known golf pro. She has moved into a love old Victorian house and is all settled in when several things happen - a man shows up claiming the house is his [Harry is a good character and I look forward to their bantering in the next installment of this series], a man in a penguin suit is murdered and the whole town is a suspect. Add a group of nuns needing a place to stay [which enables Nina the opportunity to create a B&B], a secret room and a crazed stalker and you have a pretty decent story. Add to that the fact that I had NO IDEA who the murderer was and that makes for more than just a decent story, it makes for a really enjoyable read. This is well written and at moments, laugh out loud funny and all the characters just seem to click together seamlessly. I am really looking forward to another book in this series.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
July 16, 2019
“If the incidents of the past few weeks are ever turned into one of those Hallmark Channel murder mysteries, I’ll suggest the producers call it Summer of the Penguins.”

Considering that the main character Nina (pronounced Nine-ah) lives in small town Georgia where the temps are never arctic, especially not in the summer, that first line from Peach Clobbered should pique your interest right from the start. It only gets more engaging from there, as poor Nina must juggle a penguin-costumed actor who insists he has legal claim to her newly purchased home, a gaggle of suddenly-displaced nuns with nowhere else to go, and a murder victim that any number of people wanted dead.

I really enjoyed ‘meeting’ Nina and the rest of the residents of Cymbeline, Georgia. In typical cozy mystery fashion, the quaint town houses a healthy dose of quirky characters as well as a heaping helping of loyal friends and a host of potential suspects. The nuns were particularly endearing, with several chuckles as well as sweet moments, and I hope we might encounter them again at some point. I’m also curious about Harry and the role he’ll play in future books – and Nina’s life. And of course Nina’s faithful companion and sweet dog Mattie totally had my heart.

The mystery is well-plotted and full of twists and turns, including a surprise find or two. Local law enforcement seems competent, and Nina did at least try to play by the rules. I mean, it’s not her fault that she’s housing two of the potential suspects in her impromptu B&B – it’s only logical that she would try to prove their innocence. But she’s (mostly) smart about it which I always appreciate in a cozy mystery heroine.

Bottom Line: Delightfully written with plenty of characters to love (and suspect), Peach Clobbered is a great start to a new cozy series! The author portrays small town southern life with wit, authenticity and fondness, and while I figured out whodunit the journey to get to the why was truly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to finding out what Nina and Mattie are up to next, as well as what role (if any) some of the characters we met in this story will play in future books.

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)

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June 18, 2019
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nina (nine-a) Fleet has retired early at age 41 to small town, Cymbeline, Georgia. She bought an old Queen Anne house in hopes of opening a bed-and-breakfast. imagine her surprise when a penguin shows up on her step claiming to be the rightful owner. Harry Westcott is an actor working odd jobs to survive until he makes it big. He claims that his aunt intended to leave the house to him and has a letter to prove it. The next time Nina sees the penguin costume, the person inside has a knife in his chest. Instead of Harry, the man is Gregory Bainbridge, a shifty land developer. So many hated him that the array of suspects is long and varied.

This is an excellent start to the series. I've enjoyed Ms. Gerard's writing as Ali Brandon. The Black Cat Bookshop series was one of my all time favorites and I miss Hamlet. I'm pleased that this series also has a furry side kick in Matilda, "Mattie", the Australian shepherd.

The characters are very well written. I felt at home in Cymbeline. The shops were described in a manner that I felt I could step inside and greet the owners.

The mystery is solid and I was surprised by the killer. I went in a different direction.

The nuns were a wonderful addition to the story. Nina's wish to become a B&B happens faster than she expects after being told there were plenty in town. The nuns were displaced by Bainbridge and the town's mayor knew just the place for them.

This was a great afternoon read and I look forward to continuing the series to see what happens.
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5,112 reviews59 followers
September 12, 2019
This is book 1 in the new cozy series, Georgia B&B. Nina uses her divorce settlement to purchase a rundown home in Cymbeline Georgia to turn into a Bed and Breakfast. As she's working on her renovations a relative of the previous owner shows up contesting the sale. Now he's installed in a room upstairs and a dead man is found in the garden. It gets even more crowded when 6 nuns show up needing rooms. I'll give book 2 a try to see how things develop. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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465 reviews
July 14, 2019
There is so much going on in the book and many different mysteries!

After divorcing her famous golfing husband, Nina moves to a small town and buys an amazing house! Her plans to set up as a B&B are put on hold she the town mayor refuses her the permits!

Harry is an actor and the grandson of the ,day who use to own Nina’s house! She wrote to him promising to change her will and leave him the house, Sandy she never got round to it and the house was sold to Nina!

With an adult size furry penguin getting murdered, an ice cream man thinking everyone is after his wife, a group of nuns being evicted from their convent, a stalker, a missing knife, and a skull! This book definitely has it all!

I did enjoy this book, it was easy to keep up with everything that was going on!
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2,221 reviews41 followers
February 7, 2020
Enjoyable first in a series! I loved Nina's character and all the smaller characters involved. Opening a b&b is a dream of mine so I liked reading about her doing it. No murders for me though please! There were two people who I thought could be the killer and one of them was correct. I'm excited to see where this series goes!
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899 reviews120 followers
August 11, 2019
Just this second finished reading Anna Gerard's new book. I was totally blown away but the characters (they truly are) and the story line. She's got murder, mayhem, lawsuits and lots of other good stuff for our newest Amateur P.I. and B&B owner to deal with.

Take my word for it. Grab a copy of this book and sit down for a long ride.
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1,816 reviews
August 19, 2019
The mystery was okay but not the main focus of the story. There is murder and blackmail. The small town setting was charming. I also like that it involves a B&B. The characters were okay. I liked the nuns. That was an interesting part of the story. I also like Mattie, an Australian Shepherd.
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July 12, 2019
Peach Clobbered
A Georgia B&B Mystery, Book #1
Anna Gerard
5 Stars


What’s black and white and dead all over? Georgia bed and breakfast proprietor Nina Fleet finds out when she comes across a corpse in a penguin costume.

Nina Fleet’s life ought to be as sweet as a Georgia peach. Awarded a tidy sum in her divorce, Nina retired at 41 to a historic Queen Anne house in quaint Cymbeline, GA. But Nina’s barely settled into her new B&B-to-be when a penguin shows up on her porch. Or, at least, a man wearing a penguin suit.

Harry Westcott is making ends meet as an ice cream shop’s mascot and has a letter from his great-aunt, pledging to leave him the house. Too bad that’s not what her will says. Meanwhile, the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty have lost their lease. Real estate developer Gregory Bainbridge intends to turn the convent into a golfing community, so Cymbeline’s mayor persuades Nina to take in the elderly nuns. And then Nina finds the “penguin” again, this time lying in an alley with a kitchen knife in his chest.

A peek under the beak tells Nina it’s not Harry inside the costume, but Bainbridge. What was he doing in Harry’s penguin suit? Was the developer really the intended victim, or did the culprit mean to kill Harry? Whoever is out to stop Harry from contesting the sale of his great-aunt’s house may also be after Nina, so she teams up with him to cage the killer before someone clips her wings in Peach Clobbered, Anna Gerard’s charming first Georgia B&B mystery. (Goodreads)

Sometimes when you read a book, something just clicks and you really enjoy it. That is what happened when I started reading this book. I really enjoyed the characters, the setting was great and the mystery was intriguing.

The characters are well developed and well rounded. Nina is spunky, smart and feisty. I enjoyed getting to meet her and spend time with her. The nuns that stayed in the Bed and Breakfast added so much to the story, they were funny and quirky. The jury is still out on Harry, I am not really sure if he is a good guy or not. Hopefully I will find out in future books.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I was drawn into the book from the very first page. The mystery was well plotted and carried on well throughout the entire book. There were a lot of clues to sift through and suspects to consider and it was not easily solved. I was surprised at who the culprit was, I was sure it was someone else.

This book is a great start to a new series. I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Crooked Lane Books , and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.

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July 29, 2019
Nina Fleet's life is starting over after her divorce. She's bought an historic Queen Anne house in Cymbeline, Ga, and is ready to turn it into a B&B. But then a man wearing a penguin suit shows up on her front porch, and things

Actor Harry Westcott is working as an ice cream shop's mascot to earn money while he pushes his claim to the house that Nina has bought. He says his aunt left him the house. Nina says otherwise.

In the meantime, the Sisters of Perpetual Poverty have lost their lease on their convent, thanks to real estate developer Gregory Bainbridge intends to turn the convent into a golfing community. Nina is persuaded to take the nuns in as her first borders at the B&B.

But days later, while the nuns are protesting against their eviction, a man in penguin suit is found dead in the alley. But this time it's not Harry. It's up to Nina to figure out whodunit, before she joins the ranks of the dead.

Penguins, nuns, and murder, oh my. Peach Clobbered is the first in the Georgia B&B series, and it mixes humor and a tight mystery that made for an entertaining read.

Nina is a wonderfully constructed character. She is strong yet sympathetic, and it made her a person that was easy to relate to. The supporting cast was perfect. The nuns were entertaining, and had backgrounds that made them seem very real. And Harry...what to say about Harry. You wanted to hate him, because he wanted Nina's house, but then again I liked him because he's so very...well, likeable.

I really enjoyed watching the characters grow, and look forward to see where they go in future books.

The mystery was tightly woven, and it was one that I didn't figure out, which always pushed a book up to a five for me.

This series has been placed on my must read list. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.

I received a digital ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
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June 25, 2019
Nina Fleet was recently bought a historic Queen Anne house in Cymbeline, GA. Shortly after she and her fur-baby Mattie settle in the former owner's nephew, Harry shows up at her front door in a penguin costume. He believes that the house should have gone to him after his great Aunt passed away. He is threatening to sue Nina over the house. Once he finally leaves, the mayor shows up telling Nina she is going to fast track a license for Nina to open up a B & B in her home and she has Nina’s first customers. The customers are a group of nuns that have been displaced by their landlord not renewing their lease. The landlord turns up dead in Harry’s costume and near the nuns' protest site. Can Nina find out what really happened and can she and Harry put aside their differences?

This is a great start to a new series. The characters are fun and entertaining. The B & B setting and the nuns is a unique and interesting storyline. The mystery was well paced with several well placed red herrings to keep you guessing until the end. If you are looking for a new cozy mystery this once won’t disappoint.

I voluntarily agreed to read a copy of this book supplied by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way have been influenced.
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2,593 reviews41 followers
July 11, 2019
*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Welcome to Georgia and all its charm in this brand new cozy mystery series. Nina loved in a big old historic house that she bought perfectly legally. A relative of the deceased owner feels otherwise showing up causing problems. On to of that a local man is evicting a group of mind that now need a place to say. The major feels that Nina's house would be a perfect B&B so she rushes the permits and voila a new business with instant guests. Then the local mans turned up stabbed dying later which just makes things interesting to say the least. What follows is a great mystery that is full of charm, personality, an adorable dog, and a surprising ending. Overall a fantastic start to a new series that is perfect for cozy fans. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.
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August 12, 2022
Divorced Nina buys a lovely old house in Cymbeline, GA, and settles in to a quieter way of life--until Harry, the great-nephew of the late owner claims that the house should be his. She also yields to pressure from the local mayor and applies for a license to run a bed and breakfast so she can give shelter to a group of nuns who have been evicted from their convent by a corrupt real estate developer. When Nina finds the developer murdered, wearing a mascot costume that should have been worn by Harry, who is being stalked by a love-crazed woman. Nina's efforts to clear the nuns (who would suspect nuns, right? But the youngest has a suspicious background) and Harry (she doesn't like him, but surely he's not a murderer), sometimes with Harry's help, are hilarious, but ultimately successful.
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September 17, 2022
After a crazy week this was the perfect book to escape into. I enjoyed Nina, Harry, & the nuns!! It was fun to follow along with Nina as she adjusts to suddenly owning a B&B as well as adjusting to a new town. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Nina.
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967 reviews
October 6, 2020
I really enjoyed this cozy mystery, which is the beginning of a new series by Anna Gerard! The characters were interesting and likable and the cozy mystery was well paced and intriguing. Nina Fleet visited Cymbeline, GA and fell in love with the town and a beautiful historic house that she bought right away. Shortly after she moves in, Harry Westcott shows up dressed like a penguin and claims the house is rightfully his. Harry is an actor and an interesting character. To help out the mayor, Nina turns her house into a B&B and welcomes a wonderful group of nuns. An unpopular man, Gregory Bainbridge, is found dead in the penguin costume. Was Bainbridge the intended victim or Harry? Nina is concerned about her own safety so she teams up with Harry to find the killer. The banter with Nina and Harry was fun and the nuns added warmth and friendship. The culprit was a surprise. Everything about this cozy mystery was enjoyable!
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October 9, 2019
This is everything I want in a cozy mystery -- the actual mystery is solid, the clues are fair, the book is funny, and the characters are enjoyable. There's a great sense of place and a promise of more fun to come.
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