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Love in Everton #5

You Make It Easy

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He’s the kind of trouble she should stay away from, but for once, she doesn’t want to follow the rules.

I’ve never cared to settle down. Living the bachelor life is perfect for me. But when my sister’s best friend seeks dating advice, I realize I want a chance at something I never thought I’d need—love. With her.

I’m determined to make Abbie believe she’s the only one for me. Being with her makes the world feel right. When my playboy reputation is thrown in her face, it chips away at her insecurities.

I can’t make her see what I do, but I’m determined to reconcile with my past before the heartbreaker is left heartbroken.

You Make It Easy is a heartfelt romance novel. If you like feel-good romance, rugged sexy heroes, and best friend’s older brother romance, then you’ll love Fabiola Francisco’s swoon worthy novel.

Read this captivating novel today!

265 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 15, 2020

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About the author

Fabiola Francisco

45 books924 followers
I am an indie author who writes contemporary romance and women's fiction. You'll often find southern gentleman in my books and a love for country music. Coffee fiend and star gazer.

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Profile Image for Rochelle.
1,556 reviews
July 15, 2020
Book 5 in the Love in Everton series and it was an awesome addition. A brother’s best friend romance and I loved it. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading Finn and Abbie’s story. Abbie has known Finn for a long time and he never looked at her besides being the sister. That all changes when she moves into his barn-house. He starts to see her in a different light and the sparks fly between them. The chemistry was so good. I always love watching couples that have known each other for a long time finally see what was right in front of them the whole time while they were out chasing the wrong one. I am loving this series and this author. I can’t wait to read more from her.

I read an early review copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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616 reviews8 followers
June 27, 2020
You Make it Easy is a slow burning romance that claims two unsuspecting friends who finally see each other with new eyes. Finn and Abbie have known each other for years as Finn is her bbf’s brother. When Abbie becomes Finn’s tenant their paths cross more frequently where fires ignite and sparks fly. Abbie and Finn are adorable!
Profile Image for JudyAnnLovesBooks.
1,553 reviews60 followers
July 4, 2020
Nobody writes Small Town Romances like Fabiola Francisco! I’m seriously hooked on her Love in Everton Series and can’t get enough of them. “You Make It Easy” is Book 5 and it’s my favorite.

Finn is a walking, talking, Stetson wearing, sexy as sin, honest to God cowboy. Hold my Kindle while I swoon - he can leave his dirty boots under my bed anytime!! He’s also kind, thoughtful and caring. There are so many layers to him underneath the playboy facade that a certain shy, socially awkward woman he’s known forever has brought out in him. But and there is a but - she’s one of his sister’s best friends.

Abbie is a photographer by day, bookworm by night. She’s always been the quiet one, a bit of a loner. Watching her friends find their men has left her feeling lonely. She decides to open herself up to new experiences and starts online dating. Although she’s thirty, her experience with men is limited and in an interesting turn of events gets help from an unexpected source, her best friend’s brother a.k.a. her new landlord, Finn.

The more time they spend together the harder they fall and watching Abbie and Finn fall head over cowboy boots for each other makes this a fantastic Five Star read. Their happily ever after is deliciously sweet and will leave you with a huge smile on your face. TBR And Enjoy!
Profile Image for Courtney.
1,761 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2020
Holy Finn!!! Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better. I thought Harris was my number one man and he is still up there, but I’m not afraid to say Finn has knocked every guy in Everton off the top. He is a hard working, loyal guy that is a serial dater aka dine them and dash on them the next morning, but he is such an amazing guy behind all of that. I fell for him instantly and they way he showed a vulnerable side while trying to explore more of a relationship with Abbie, stole my heart. Abbie is the shy, nerdy girl with a heart of gold. She loves her family, works hard, loves her friends, and would do just about anything for anyone but with all that comes insecurities. Abbie doesn’t see herself as the hot girl or a girl that is pursued by guys like Finn, so this puts doubts in her head as they try to navigate a relationship. What Abbie doesn’t see about herself Finn sees it all and sees her as perfect flaws and all. He too has insecurities, but sometimes it takes others to help us dig deeper, find our true self, and become happy with what we see. I love these two, I loved we saw more of our favorite characters, and I can’t wait for Gavin’s story. This author has drew me into Everton, made me feel at home with this group, and I don’t want it to end.
Profile Image for Rachel.
Author 26 books931 followers
July 15, 2020
This Everton series keeps getting better and better.
It’s not often that I fall for a heroine but I adored Abbie.
A little feisty and caring at the same time, she’s a woman I see myself having coffee with...
I love the setup of this story with the renovated house and Finn being the one to rent it to Abbie.
A bit slow-burnish, these two have such a fun connection.
Profile Image for Daniele.
342 reviews1 follower
June 25, 2020
When seeing life through a camera lens is a safer place what happens when you put the camera down and start looking at what is really happening around you? I loved the story of Finn and Abbie. For Abbie, being an observer was her norm, she didn’t mind, but she also saw life happening around her in the beautiful photographs she took, so when events force her out of her comfort zone, her life becomes one of her photographs.

I loved this book. Abbie was the friend we all knew, Abbie is you to some of us and then we meet Finn. Throughout the Everton series, we have gotten to know a little about them and to their story be told in this sweet, definitely sexy tale is one to make you want to move to Everton yourself. Finn might have a past to overcome but he definitely shows what he is made of.

You will fall in love. You will swoon. You laugh. You feel the the emotions of what it feels like to just not know your worth until someone else does. You will see the strength of family bonds. Everton is just one magical place.
Profile Image for Caroline O'Sullivan.
545 reviews26 followers
July 13, 2020
I was given this book to read by the author in return for an honest review.

❤ Small town romance

❤ Slowburn

❤ Best friends brother

I really enjoyed this book, it was a super sweet read and it definitely made my heart smile. All of the characters in this book worked well together and the bond that everyone shared really shone through. 

You could tell straight away that Finn and Abbie had chemistry it was just a matter of time before the both of them saw it too. I loved seeing their relationship progress as you could see just how much they cared for each other. Unfortunately insecurity reared its ugly head and tried to kill what they have. Are the feelings they have for one another strong enough to get through that? Read and find out.

This book is part of a series but absolutely could be read as a standalone.

Thanks for the chance to read about Finn and Abbie ❤
Profile Image for Christy Pastore.
Author 46 books1,183 followers
July 24, 2020
You Make It Easy is SLOW-BURN pure perfection. This series is absolutely incredible and full of feels.
From the first line, I was hooked on this heartwarming and gorgeous story between Abbie and Finn. Fabiola has a knack for writing sweet and swoony stories wrought with emotion, intriguing characters, punches of humor, and best of all sizzling chemistry.

Profile Image for Patti Gunkel.
499 reviews
June 26, 2020
Holy cow!! This book pulled me into it the moment i started reading it. I could feel all the feels and emotions that the characters were feeling.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
21 reviews2 followers
July 27, 2020
I love Everton!!!! I wish it was a place to visit!! ☀️
Everton is a fictional town in Fabiola Francisco fabulous sweet & sassy small town series of books!
I’ve loved every one of them!
The ladies over Everton are awesome! Abbie; in “You Make It Easy” is a little less confident than her friends but still very self aware & insightful! Finn is sweet & oh so hot! 😉
100% suggest you pick up these novels for you summer holiday beach reads!! 📚
Profile Image for Alice.
460 reviews
July 11, 2020
You Make It Really Easy to fall in love with your  books Fabiola Francisco!
It just feels like it's my birthday and Christmas all together!
I've got this giddy feeling full of butterflies in my stomach because it feels like I got the most wonderful gift today by finishing this book.
You Make It Easy by Fabiola Francisco is the 5th book of the Love in Everton Series and the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS love story of Abbie and Finn!
Awwwwwww!!! I can't even stop swooning!
If you need a book to cheer you up - read this one! It'll make you so much better! Trust me!
Abbie is the shy, nerdy and beautiful photographer of Everton who really doesn't know that she's really special until she meets Finn. He's the hottest cowboy in Everton and was kind of a playboy in the past. But when Abbie needs to find a new place to live and Finn can help her FATE isn't that far away from them! Yaaay!
OH MY GOODNESS! ALL I CAN SAY IS: SWEETNESS OVERLOAD! I absolutely couldn't stop myself from swooning and smiling and falling LOVE with Abbie and Finn and their beautiful love story!
I had this special connection to Abbie right from the beginning! I'm also this shy book girl who is hoping to find THE ONE one day. ♡
Awwwww! Well, I think that's all I can say right now. I really really really loved this story and can't wait to read more from Fabiola Francisco!  ♡♡♡
Profile Image for Mandi Martinez.
174 reviews2 followers
July 17, 2020
Another fantastic small town romance from Fabiola!
The story of Abbie and Finn is so sweet and light hearted and did I mention a best friends brother romance!? Abbie is a shy, socially awkward photographer; trying to branch out and meet someone since all of her best friends have now coupled up and married. Little does she know; her love match was right under her nose her entire life. Finn is her best friends’ older brother and comes to her rescue when she finds herself searching for a home to rent. As they both realize their friendship is changing into something more, it turns into a sweet love affair. They grow serious pretty fast, but Abbie’s insecurities about Finn’s past and the fact that the small town is full of people that openly discuss Finn’s previous escapades bring their relationship to a screeching halt. Once Abbie steels her spine, she’s able to put a few people in their place and not give other people’s thoughts a place in her relationship with Finn. The story feels a little juvenile at times, but also relatable and the chemistry between Abbie and Finn made up for it.
Profile Image for Britney Chavez.
315 reviews5 followers
August 18, 2020
Fabiola writes something good cowboys. This series is one of the sweetest cowboy romances ever.

She clearly didn’t disappoint with this best friends brother romance. Finn and Abbie where just too damn cute.

Abbie is best friends with Finn’s littler sister, so she grew up around him not thinking anything of him. He just sort of has always been there. So when she needed a new place to live and Finn had a new renovated place, of course she was gonna take it.

Finn is all 100% cowboy. Works on the ranch his parents own, loves it and being outside on his horse. What more is there to love. What he wasn’t expecting was Abbie, the nerdy bookworm he has grew up with, turning into an attractive woman. Why hasn’t he taken notice before? What has changed in his viewing of Abbie?

This story was just wonderful. Being one of my favorite tropes and a cowboy romance, oh yeah I loved every minute of this book! Looking forward to the next ones!!

Profile Image for Mayas.
1,681 reviews44 followers
August 11, 2020
I truly can’t get enough of Everton and the people that live there. Finn was by far my second best hero next to Eli. The way he became Abbie go to and the lengths he went through just to make her feel desired and open up just a little more was swoon worthy.

Only problem was he was fighting a losing battle with her inner self. I almost cried when her sisters came to see her. That scene alone put this book over the top for me.

I couldn’t see to put the book down. I am so happy to have found Fabiola as a writer she brings small town romances with a big feel factor.
Profile Image for Melissa.
514 reviews5 followers
July 12, 2020
This is the first book in Live in Everton series that I have read. Now I want to go back and read them to get the story on the other characters. I loved the story between Abbie and Finn. Abbie is best friends with Finns sister and has know him a long time. Finn is a playboy. But when He finds out Abbie is on a dating app he realizes that he has feelings more then just friends with Abbie. Abbie does have issues understanding how Finn could like her. I liked watching there relationship grow. I am looking forward to the next story in the series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
3,626 reviews
July 14, 2020
A small-town best friend's brother slow-burn romance.
Abbie is the nerdy bookworm and Finn is the hot cowboy player. They've known each other for years because of Averly, but when she needs a place to stay feelings surface even when they're fighting them.
It's a sweet read that's well-written and totally adorable.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Ashleigh.
3,411 reviews1 follower
July 14, 2020
(Warning: part of a series, but each have different sets of main characters within their world, each book has its own HEA)

I cannot get enough of this author and this series!

Intensely sensuous, wrought with emotion, and so well written that I absolutely could not put it down!
Each book has been cohesive and enlightening to the overall theme between these characters.
This review has been voluntarily submitted for your consideration.
8,554 reviews97 followers
July 15, 2020
This is the 3rd book I've read written by Fabiola Francisco; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

I loved the characters.

I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.
1,403 reviews3 followers
July 17, 2020
Best friend’s brother forbidden romance!

Finn has his story and it is with Abbie! I love how open Finn is once he realizes who he wants. He is sweet, romantic, thoughtful, protective, and completely satisfying. Abbie is shy and has her insecurities. But she is awesome and independent. These two do not think they deserve each other much less happily ever after together. But in all reality, their story is perfect and together they can make their own happiness.

Love the writing, the story line, and the small-town ranching feel. Grab this book today and even better, catch up with the whole series!
Profile Image for Mary Mccormack.
1,118 reviews
July 5, 2020
I swear every new book in this series I read makes me want to visit the town of Everton! Loved the characters, storyline, and the love in this book. Loved this story and couldn’t put it down. Another wonderful story that I was sad to see end.
Profile Image for Deb.
6,397 reviews20 followers
July 28, 2020
An adorable, cute and lovely story with a couple of likable and engaging characters, I absolutely loved this book. I wish every book had the sense of rightness that I felt as I read this story. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Recommend
Profile Image for Fabiola Francisco.
Author 45 books924 followers
July 16, 2020

I am SO excited for you to read this best friend's brother romance! If you like swoony country heroes, humor, and heat, then you'll love this small town romance.

US: https://amzn.to/2yWa0Fw
INTL: mybook.to/YMIE
PAPERBACK US: https://amzn.to/3i1BifU

“Can I take you out?” His eyes pierce into mine.
“Is that smart?”
“Not what I was expecting,” Finn chuckles and releases a deep breath. “I don’t see why not. We’re two adults, deciding if we want to spend an evening with each other’s company.”
“Averly?” I scrunch my nose.
“Abbie, my sister doesn’t get involved in my love life.”
“But she’s my best friend.”
“So she’ll be happy for us,” he shrugs with certainty. “I’m asking you, do you want to go out with me? Forget everyone else, Abbie. What do you want to do?”
I close my eyes briefly before gazing into his brown eyes. I nod. “I would like to.”
“Great.” Finn’s smile lightens his entire face like the noon sun.
“And Finn.”
“Yeah?” He cocks his head as he waits for me to speak.
“Text me like a normal person.”
His smile grows, and he takes a step closer. “Are you free tomorrow evening?” His hand comes up to brush a lock of hair over my shoulder.
“I am.” The corners of my lips tilt in a small smile as my nerdy inner-self throws a dance party, moving with uncoordinated moves.
“Great.” Finn beams and leans forward. I hold my breath and sigh when his lips touch my forehead. “You’ll see I’m the right guy for you, Abigail.”
“My name’s not Abigail, Finn. You should know this.” I cross my arms and lift an eyebrow.
“I do know, but I remember how cute you were when you’d get all riled up when someone called you Abigail.”

©2020, Fabiola Francisco
Profile Image for Debbie.
1,732 reviews50 followers
July 15, 2020
Ahhhh Everton! I love it here.

You Make It Easy gives us more small town romance, this time with a sister's best friend twist.

Abbie is kind of quiet, maybe a little nerdy. She is a photographer and doesn't mind going it solo.

Finn is a serial dater. He's a love them and leave them kind of guy who breaks hearts all over town.

When Abbie needs a place to live, and Averly (Finn's sister) suggests she rent a recently redone place that Finn owns, the connection begins.

Abbie is trying a dating app, without much success. She enlists Finn's help in that endeavor and what happens is funny and sweet and ends up romantic.

They fight their attraction. They fight the feelings. There are definitely some huge bumps in the road for them. But watching them maneuver them, you will be cheering for them.

Abbie and Finn end up the perfect pair - he brings out her fun side and she balances him. Watching them come to this place made for a great story!
Profile Image for The Book Lover.
2,051 reviews28 followers
July 15, 2020
I loved this sister best friend story, it was light, funny and sexy! another great story by Miss Francisco!
1,380 reviews12 followers
July 17, 2020
I really found myself relating to Abbie a lot. Shy, kinda awkward, and insecure, so I was enthusiastically pulling for her HEA. I probably swooned and squealed more than I should have. This series gets better with each book. It makes me want to be a part of their group. I loved the familiarity between Abbie and Finn. It was just an easy transition that flowed into more. I loved the sweetness of their communication, and the slow burn that resulted because of their respect of each other. Their chemistry was on fire and it was more delicious than the treats from The Mad Batter.
Profile Image for Jeanette montgomery.
2,095 reviews13 followers
August 17, 2020
Highly Recommend!!!!

I love Fabiola’s books, she is one of my favourite authors.

I loved this book from start to finish.

I love the characters and the story.
Profile Image for Iluvbooks44.
2,161 reviews15 followers
August 17, 2020
Highly Recommend!!!

I love Fabiola’s books, she is one of my favourite authors.

I loved this book from start to finish.

I love the characters and the story.
Profile Image for Alicia.
343 reviews14 followers
July 2, 2020
I cannot express how much I love visiting Everton! I truly wish this was a real town.

This visit introduces us to Finn, Averly’s brother, and Abbie, Averly’s best friend. I absolutely love this troupe; finding love with someone unexpected as your friend’s older brother.

Abbie is the shy, introvert “nerdy” girl and Finn is the complete opposite. Watching these two help each other to figure out what it is they are looking for in a relationship and also who they want to be as individuals was exciting. I could relate to a lot of Abbie’s fears and insecurities so watching her slowly overcome some of them was therapeutic.

We got a hint towards the end of this book as to whom may be involved in our next trip back to Everton and I’m excited to see how that turns out. Love this series.

Displaying 1 - 30 of 78 reviews

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