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Weston “Major” Marian:
After running away at the age of seventeen, I found a home in the Army. It wasn’t long before my fellow soldiers became family, giving purpose to my time in Vietnam.

But everything changes when Doc Wilde joins my medevac crew. A night alone in the jungle after a helicopter crash forces us to rely on each other for survival, the secrets we share cementing a bond between us deeper than any I’ve ever known.

Doc begins to play a starring role in my late night fantasies even though he can never be anything more than a friend, a brother-in-arms. He’s straight, with family back in Texas, and I could kiss my career goodbye if anyone in the Army discovered my secret.

When our tours finally end, and we go our separate ways, Doc heads home to his perfect family while I continue to serve. I thought that was the end of our story. Turns out I was wrong.

Liam “Doc” Wilde:
When I wind up on the front lines in Vietnam young and afraid, it’s Major Marian who comes to my rescue. He’s tough, brave, and quiet, and he vows to keep me safe. He’s the only reason I make it home alive.

For some, a friendship like ours might have ended once we left the jungle behind, but life without Major Marian isn’t an option. Over time, our connection continues to grow. It’s no surprise when, years later, an unexpected illness turns my life upside down, he’s the first person I turn to for help.
And, as always, he drops everything to rescue me.

I soon realize that at every step of my life, Major has been there, by my side, putting me first. All this time he’s been standing in the sidelines, waiting patiently to hand over his heart into my safekeeping.

Even though I never imagined building a future with another man, seeing Major in this new light is a revelation. And suddenly I can’t imagine my life any other way.

250 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 3, 2019

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About the author

Lucy Lennox

84 books3,579 followers
I write M/M romance with humor, heart, and heat. Check out my backlist here on GR for a selection of series and standalone or visit www.LucyLennox.com!

I only keep a small list of my very favorite books and series in my bookshelf here. I read A LOT and it's hard to keep the list updated!

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3,497 reviews
September 7, 2019
Doc & Major!
Where do I even begin? In my opinion, this is HANDS DOWN, Lucy's best book to date. It honestly took my breath away. Sometimes you meet someone and you just know, and that was the case with Doc & Grandpa. What an incredible journey of love! I adored every single season of their love story, maybe most especially Betsy's love and devotion to both of them and to their ultimately finding forever together. It's just a beautiful story that I couldn't possibly recommend enough. I was crying, literally crying, tears of complete joy at the end, but it was also bittersweet. I want them to have a million lifetimes together. I cannot imagine a world where Doc & Grandpa don't exist! Bravo, Lucy! This was just breathtaking.
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May 3, 2019
Four tissues Lucy, that's how many I needed reading this book. Not because it's super sad - although at times it is heart-breaking - but because of all the emotions.

I've been waiting for Doc and Grandpa's story for so long, it's one of those times when you get antsy when you first start to read because there's so much riding on it from my own expectations and they can run away and be utterly unrealistic, which has to be a nightmare if you're an author so sorry in advance for that Lucy!

But I should have known that two characters who have been so lovingly crafted in the Forever Wilde series would themselves have a love story which met every single expectation.

From their first meeting in the painful days of the Vietnam War, through to the dawn of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, through to the renewal of their wedding vows, every step I took on this journey was love personified.

There is no putting aside Doc's wife Betsy, she's as important to his story as the Major becomes and I loved that there was love and understanding between her and Weston.
There is also no sugarcoating of the difficulties of being gay or bisexual in the later years of the 20th century.

I loved all the extended family, I loved how they welcomed Weston into their lives, how he found a home and a place after so many years alone.

I also raged at times, never over the situation they found themselves in, I loved Betsy too much for that, but with eyes that see how much has changed for the better - and how much still needs to change - for it to not matter how and who someone loves.

And I cried. It's rare for a book to make me tear up, never mind get actual tears. This one did it four times and most of those came in the final chapters when I tried to read their wedding vow renewal ceremony without weeping like a baby and failed miserably.

Words are powerful movers of emotion and all the words in this book moved me in one way or another and that's a true gift from an author to a reader.

Oh, and as a PS, the epilogue of this book might just be simultaneously the most hilarious thing ever, the biggest name drop ever and the biggest display of love ever seen in a single book!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review
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1,613 reviews240 followers
November 13, 2020
Relisten - NOV 2020: Awesome and full of pining feels!

Original audiobook review - MAY 2019:
So much LOVE and FEELS!!!

I ADORED this story about Doc and Major (aka Grandpa). The best part of this was truly the most horrific historically: the Vietnam War.

Major Weston Marian falls in love at first sight upon spying his new medic, Liam “Doc” Wilde. Doc is straight, married, and has three kids. Doc falls right into hero worship of the major and the two create a right bond while saving lives and each other.

You could just feel the want oozing from West, but he kept it in check. Their friendship was truly something to behold and it persevered after the war. It even brought Major to work in the farm and ranch and live amongst Doc’s family, wife and kids.

If you’ve read the Wilde series, you know that they are a couple—a long standing one. This story shows us how they got there.

I couldn’t wait for that one moment when Dic looked on Major with different eyes. It felt somewhat sudden, but then I realized that it had been slowing building for near in 10 years. Talk about UST!

After that, the story jumped forward quickly with some skimmed over decades. We come to the end, the present and Lucy Lennox decides to bring the Wilde and Marian clans together. It was a bit crazy, but not as crazy as listening to a sex scene between a 75 and an 86 year old. I just had to pretend that they weren’t that old. I also wondered about the longevity of erections in older men. Does this make me ageist? Maybe.

The narration was STELLAR with Michael Pauley—he rocks this! I’ve only done narration with Lennox books and they are some of my favorite, comfort MM books out there!
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317 reviews45 followers
May 10, 2021
5 beautiful stars 💫
This book is beyond amazing. You couldn't finish this story without shedding tears. I'm so happy and I wouldn't forget this story for a long time. Love this book bits and pieces 🥺💕
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2,927 reviews208 followers
November 23, 2019
*** Magnificent ! *** A serious slow burn tale of the past and present. Vietnam, 1968.
William Liam Wilde, Medic on his first assignment

to a helicopter unit commanded by Major Weston Marian, a rough, tough seasoned leader. Our author tells us the horrors of war, the personal feelings and the survival modes of soldiers.

Time passes and as each man returns stateside. Loner, Weston gets a training assignment, and Liam ends up back in Texas with his wife and kids and the family farm. The men have a life bond and continue to keep in touch.
When Liam goes to Medical School,

Weston goes to help out at the family farm. Weston...

There is never a dull moment as we watch the lives intertwine, good times and bad, growth and deaths that touch their lives. Weston is happy to be part of a family, accepted and included. Liam is happy to have his best friend close.
Life throws out challenges; both are strong enough to maintain that inner core of strength.

This saga is vibrant, sexy, thought-filled, and satisfying. Lucy Lennox wrote a post piece about her issues when writing this important book, and why she left out some historical events, and focused solely on the importance of this family's experience.

It's a joy to read, intense at times, heartwarming and tearful at other times. The ending will hug you and you'll be pleased.

This story doesn't have the hijinks that Grannie usually creates, and the Wilde family doesn't show up til the end.
If you've read the "Made Marian" and "Forever Wilde" series, you'll know what I mean.

Read this magnificent story that will keep you engaged as you anticipate their future.

Highly recommended. ENJOY !

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1,218 reviews173 followers
June 12, 2019
5 stars.

He was my center. My steady rock. The man who made sure our lives had kept spinning without scratching the record.

Oh. My. God. You guys. You do not understand how long I've waited to read to this book. Doc and Grandpa were my two favorite people in this series and I knew Lucy had to write about them and when she did, I needed it.

Wilde Love was a beautifully written love story that spans most of the couple's life. There's not a single thing I hated about their story. It was everything you guys don't know you need until you read about it.

“And what about you? What do you think about when the bad memories hit, Major?”
You, I wanted to say. And that deep blue endless sea. “Peace,” I said instead. Because to me, they were pretty much the same thing.

Everything that Liam and Weston went through made me want to hug them. There's so much heartache in this book but there more of love, family and friends. And I wanted them to be my family, not gonna lie.

This book was perfect and I loved it, and everyone needs to read it.

PSA: I forgot to write this review, so here it is 3 weeks later.

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957 reviews31 followers
May 7, 2019
Weston 💜 Liam

If you read this series you probably been waiting for this one. I definitely was. I loved these two since book 1. They were side characters with a love that was so large that you felt it in each book. So when I seen Lucy wrote them a book I knew I had to read it.
I LOVED getting to read how Doc and Major's relationship developed. We get to experience the beginnings where we discover how they went from friends to lovers. It was not as easy as I make it sound. These two went through many ups and downs together but, I think, those situations it was built that bond the kept them together for decades. To me their love is just beautiful.
These two initially meet in the late 60's during the Vietnam war. This is where they experienced great loss together and where they helped others too. They went through a situation that almost costs one of them their lives. It was in that time where Major and Doc become best friends. That friendship was so strong that it lasted even after Doc left the service.
I will say this, when we first meet Doc he is a happily married man. His wife Betsy is a great character and Lucy makes you love her too. She was a good woman and her role in this story was important. Doc loved her and they had a loving and caring relationship that I think Lucy did well with playing this situation out.
For me, Major was just a great character. His love for Doc was unbreakable but he never did anything to take away from his love for his wife. He wanted Doc to be happy. He, himself, loved Betsy. So one wonders how he stayed. I think he said it best to Doc:
"You would have stayed because you wouldn’t have had a choice, Doc. Having one tiny, narrow shaft of sunlight is so much better than living in full darkness. With you around, I always had some sun.
In my opinion this was probably the best story I read from this author. It was so close to being a round up to 5 stars but the last 20% went a bit off the rail. TBH, as much as I like each family, I do not think I need that bit in the end when both the Marians and the Wildes all mixed. It really didn't add anything to the story, if anything, it was distracting and pointless. Maybe just put it in a short next time.
Overall, a good read.
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594 reviews59 followers
August 6, 2019
4.5 stars!! 🤩😍 Absolutely L❤️VED It! This was definitely not like any other Lucy Lennox book and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the depth in her writing. I am a huge fan of hers and except a few I have loved most of her books😍. But this book is unlike any; and in a good way. It is different, because it's not just a love story.. it's a saga; a true epic romance. 💖
"Doc" Liam Wilde and Major Weston Marian meet during the Vietnam war and become inseparable almost immediately despite the differences in ranking and backgrounds. Surviving the war and the deaths of many friends and peers forges an unlikely bond between the Major (who is gay but not out as was the case of many who were serving in the Military in those days) and "Doc" (who is happily married to his high school sweetheart and has 3 kids). Through several years after Vietnam; while Liam finishes med school and Wes serves in the US army all over the world; they stay in touch and meet several times when Wes comes to Hobie to spend time with Liam and his growing/extended family. Wes's form of unrequited love 💔for Liam is so pure and self-sacrificing that it causes them to clash in the face of tragedy. Yet through triumphs and tragedies, their close friendship slowly becomes more and soon Wes's love is no longer unrequited 💘. But life has a few more challenges and trials for the duo before they finally get their HEA; where they raise a large family of children and grandchildren in the small town of Hobie, Texas 💕 🤩
The last part felt a little rushed 😳(and the over-crowding of characters in the epilogue was a bit much🙄😬), but I can understand that LL didn't want to go into the daily lives of a couple raising kids. And this story was more about how they found each other and survived to find love ❤️through war and tragedies. It was painful and heart-breaking 💔😭at times, but the underlying sweetness of characters😍, humor, wit 😁and steam 🔥which are keys elements in all of LL's books was always there to keep it from becoming too angsty. All in all a wonderful story 👏👌which can also be read as a standalone. Highly recommended to all new and old fans of LL. 👍👍
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7,470 reviews424 followers
May 3, 2019
A Joyfully Jay review.

5 stars

Wilde Love is the sixth novel in Lucy Lennox’s Forever Wilde series and easily my favorite of the group. Doc and Grandpa have been a fixture throughout this series as the loving patriarchs of the Wilde clan. So I was eager to get their story, particularly as it follows the men from first meeting back in the Army during the Vietnam War, all the way up through present day. However, I wasn’t prepared for how emotional and truly lovely this story would be. Watching these men fight for their happy ending through war, marriage, bigotry, and raising children and grandchildren is incredibly rewarding. I particularly loved the later portion of the book that focused on these men in their older years. We so seldom get romantic heroes in their 40s or 50s, let alone men who are in their 70s and 80s, and seeing them still so madly in love just made my heart warm.

The story can kind of unofficially be broken into three parts: the men in Vietnam, their years together as friends in Texas, and then their time as a couple. I find the Vietnam War era to be such a fascinating time in our history and so I am always looking for the rare romance set in that period. It is clear that Lennox did her research about the war and military during that time and this portion of the book had a great sense of tension and excitement as Doc and Major work alongside one another to rescue injured soldiers on the front lines. I enjoyed seeing these men build a friendship and an intense bond and Lennox made it easy to see why the two of them couldn’t bear to be apart when their time in the Army was over.

Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

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1,173 reviews64 followers
May 26, 2019
This might just be the best book Lucy Lennox has ever written and one of the best romance novels I've read this year.

There was absolutely nothing I could find fault with in the book proper. (The epilogue might have some but it is said to have every Marian and Wilde making an appearance so I skipped it. I wanted nothing to tarnish my unblemished opinion of this book. Especially none of the cringy stuff those 3 old ladies in the Made Marian books get up to. Nope.)

Mooooving on! If I even begin to mention all the things I loved about this story, this would turn out to be a long-ass review so I'm going to just say: I wish Doc and Weston Wilde were my real family.They weren't perfect but were perfectly human in their love for each other. Oh and Weston Wilde is my hero. I couldn't have faced all he did and still retain the strength of character he did. He was awesome.

I absolutely adored them and their pure, beautiful love.

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861 reviews
June 26, 2021
I've read almost every book Lucy has ever published, and this is by far my favorite one ever.
Doc and Grandpa's book is the one I will always remember.

What I loved:

- The Characters:

Weston Marian: After finding a home in the Army, closeting himself and his urges for years and years, his life was forever changed the day Liam Wilde joined his Medevac team in the Vietnam war. Suddenly, urges he squashes for years come to the surface and Liam starts to chip away at his resolve to stay in the closet. Liam starts to star in his dreams, fantasies he desperately wanted but could never have. #IHadGivenUp

Liam Wilde:
He was happily married to the love of his life, had several beautiful children and was scared shitless when he arrived to Vietnam. Through this fright though, he found a best friend in Major, the person who was always there, a listening ear, who gave him strength ad confidence to survive Vietnam. He never expected to have such a strong connection with another man, platonic or not at first, but that connection proved to be crucial time and time again. #YouWereMyStrength

The Plot:
The men meet in Vietnam, and when they left each went back to their respective lives. Later, they meet again, and that connection never really went away strengthens through thick and thin. We follow these men through the years, we see them navigate new lives, loss and grief. we seem accept new feelings and new experiences. We see the shift in their lives, a shift that came organically and that was inevitable. #ASecondChance

The Romance:
This is a slow burn. The men are friends who meet on a battleground, lose touch after the war and then get back in touch later. They are friends first and this friendship was for me the most beautiful part of their relationship, even when it turns into a romantic one. It was the base of their romance and that was what made it so strong, what made it last and what made it unforgettable.
Liam was married after all, and Weston was closeted in a time where being gay wasn't acceptable.
Mind you, nothing happens between them while Liam is married, not even a kiss. Liam was faithful and Weston was respectful, hiding his feelings and pining from afar.
Then later, when they do come together, it was beautiful. The shift in their relationship was seamless. Weston was just amazing with how he was there for Liam, how he was his pillar of strength from the moment he laid his eyes on him, through their friendship, until they became lovers. #ASightToSee

- Steam-o-meter:
Steamy! These men... GAHHH. When they finally kiss and then have sex, which also takes time,...it was so beautiful, so romantic, so world sifting for both of them, as well as for the readers IMO. All of Liam's confusing feelings and all of Weston's pining became an explosion of intimacy. #WorthTheWait
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- Angst-o-meter:
Angsty! From the war and the horrors they both face there, to their reconnection and what happens to get them to come together, to the confusing feelings and the pining and the secrets... YUP! I cried.. It's very hard for me to cry while reading, but in this book I cried in grief, and I cried for the beautiful love we get to experience.#HurtSoGood
[image error]

- The HEA:
The ending here, after years and years of them loving each other, as friends and lovers and husband, was just perfect. it was the culmination of a beautiful relationship in all its aspects, with all the Marians and Wildes. I cried here too... #TillDeathDoUsPart
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1,191 reviews367 followers
May 5, 2019
4.5 stars!

While reading the previous 5 books in this series, did you ever wonder about Doc and Granpa's love story? I sure did. I knew Doc had been married sometime before he and Grandpa got together and married, so that's how they got 4 kids and that they were biologically Doc's, but just as much Grandpa's. I vaguely remember talk of them being in the military, but not much.

And that was about all I knew of these two and their love story. And I never thought we'd get more, because this series is present day and Doc and Grandpa are old and the patriarchs of the Wilde clan and we're focused on the grandkids, right?

Well, turns out Lennox was completely willing to take a detour to give us their love story, and for the most part, it did not disappoint.

William "Liam" Wilde is a 22 year old when he voluntarily goes to Vietnam in 1968 as a medic. While there, he meets 32 year old Weston "Major" Marion and for Weston, it was love at first sight, basically. But for Liam, he was supposedly straight and married to Betsy and they had three children at home.

It was so weird to read Doc as "straight" and not head over heels in love with Weston because that's all we've seen in the previous five books, you know? These two being in love as ever 40 some odd years into their relationship.

But Doc does love Betsy, his wife before Weston, even though she first got pregnant at the end of high school or right out of high school and they had to have a shotgun wedding.

I gotta say I was not expecting to like or love Betsy, or feel that she was such a big part of Doc (and even Weston's) life. But Lennox usually makes the women in her MC's life, if they are there, wonderful and likable and amazing, and Betsy was no different. She was just a lovable person, and after Vietnam when Weston eventually makes it to Hobie and their farm and takes over as a ranch hand - or whatever - and is staying at the Wilde farm, she is so nice and sweet to him, he can't hate her. In fact, he comes to love her too and she becomes his best friend.

I dunno how hard and complicated that had to be for Weston. He was in love with her husband, but he loved her like a best friend, a sister. So he longed for Doc, but also never did anything because, well, not only is he a good man - and also knew Doc loved Betsy - and wouldn't do that in the first place, but his love and respect for her was just too big on top of that.

Like yeah, I think it would have been easier for me and Weston if she hadn't been likable, or if Doc hadn't loved her. But she wasn't just made into a bitch or a boring character for the sake of Doc and Weston's love and romance, she was a well rounded, good human being and I loved that, ultimately.

But also, ultimately, we know she dies, and really Doc and Weston are just....meant to be. That doesn't mean Weston wouldn't have lived out the rest of his days on the sidelines, comforting himself with meaningless sex as he was doing, to let Betsy and Doc be happy, because it was quite clear he would have. But Betsy does die, and almost a year later Doc's eyes are opened to his feelings for Weston and they soon start their relationship.

I think Doc was in love with him the whole time, to be perfectly honest. But also he thought he was straight and in love with Betsy (and I think he did love her, but I dunno if it was an in love kind of love, you know? Doc loved and respected her and adored her, but I never got a passion or fire from him for her.) so he never looked deeper than a few surface thoughts that he could explain away.

Nothing against Betsy, but I feel like if it had been modern day, she and Doc would have broken up and she would have become their best friend. I just felt like she was both their best friend more than anything.

The Vietnam days were interesting to read, the beginning of their love story and them falling in love, and then all those years afterward with Weston getting his 20 years and then moving to Hobie and being there for them for years.

It takes Doc literally seeing Wes with another guy in a, uh...compromising position, for him to open his eyes. But Doc was so jealous of the possibility of Weston with others, even when Betsy was alive and I was just like "uh huh..." because it was obvious. Doc was only fooling himself, and I wonder if even Betsy saw Doc's love for Weston. She knew of Weston's love for Doc, so....

Anywho, after they first get together, it gets them to come out fairly quickly and then once they deal with this, this basically just skips ahead in time to present day when Doc and Grandpa are getting their vows renewed that was talked about in the last book in this series.

I was a tad disappointed that it skipped ahead so quickly after they solidified their relationship and everything, and also once all the Marian's and Wilde's got together it was a little crazy and the epilogue was a little disappointing to me. This was about Doc and Grandpa, and the epilogue was mostly just the Marian-Wilde clan being goofy and also it was like a who's who of these clans and it was a lot to keep straight and I just thought it was kinda unnecessary? I don't need a long scene of them all being silly and at times, annoying. I just wanted an epilogue of just Liam Wilde and Weston Marian being in love and living their happily ever after, even 45 years later, so I ultimately rounded down for that and the quick skipping over time once they got together and were out.

But overall I really enjoyed this and seeing Doc and Grandpa fall in love was amazing and I loved every second of it. Their love is so deep and special, I just loved reading about them together and facing the world head on, together.

Can't wait for King's story next. He's been an enigma throughout this series - and mostly absent - so I'm interested to get his story and what he's been up to all these years.

Thumbs up for me, highly recommend this if you've been loving this series and wanting to read Doc and Grandpa's love story once and for all.
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79 reviews26 followers
June 20, 2022
I adored this book sooooo much. So sweet and painful bro 😭 but I will say that the last 20ish percent was a little boring. Can't wait to read more from this series!
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2,067 reviews
May 5, 2019
Oh so beautiful- this was a love that spanned the ages. West & Doc were truly and deeply committed to each other as friends and lovers for over 60 years ... this was their story. They certainly deserved their HEA - I loved this journey ❤️❤️❤️
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1,127 reviews228 followers
February 25, 2020

Random thoughts and feelings:

-War stories are hit or miss for me. I confess to having been obsessed with Band of Brothers (HBO show) for a long time. Like, make a Pinterest board obsessed. But sometimes I get bored with them. I got a tiny bit bored here but I mostly loved this part of the book. I could tell Lucy Lennox did a lot of research on this portion. Vietnam was such a shit show and she didn’t sugarcoat it.

-I loved that Betsy wasn’t this horrible person just to fit the narrative. I do think there was too much time spent with her though.

-Be careful what I wish for. This was a slow burn. Really slow. So slow that we hardly got any time with Weston and Liam as a couple in their younger years. But also...

-It was a slow burn until it wasn’t. They spent about 70% of the book apart and then bam everything. 🤷🏻‍♀️

-The loooooong ending with Weston’s Marian sister Tilly and the looong epilogue with all the Marians. I haven’t read any of those. Maybe if I had, I would have appreciated it more. But I would have rather had the time spent with them over the years. Raising the kids together, building a relationship...I was leaning towards four stars until I barely got any of this. It was disappointing.

-So those are my thoughts. 😬 I think I will read Saint and King’s books in the future. I did, overall, enjoy the books I read. But I need a break from the Wildes.
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1,418 reviews131 followers
September 19, 2019
I must admit to a bit of trepidation before reading this book. So many expectations were built, and I am happy to say that it didn't disappoint. There were some things that could have annoyed me but the story flowed so naturally and beautifully that I found it impossible not to love it. Weston and Liam have forged a bond in wild jungle of Nam that lasted a lifetime. They went through separation, pain, grief and loneliness but through it all they remained steadfast friends. One could say they've loved one another for more than half a lifetime knowingly and unknowingly. Told from dual POV this is a story that brings tears of joy and shows deep and unconditional love, loyal friendship and meaning of true family.

At times I hurt for Weston and all he was going through, but I admired him as well. He gave without expecting anything in return. I also loved Betsy, Liam's wife. Her acceptance of Weston made a real difference for the two men. She saw under the surface and probably knew that one day Weston would become very important to Liam. I honestly loved it all, and even the Marian clan jokes mostly didn't phase me. The story was everything I wanted it to be, and I am glad I read it. It was passionate, emotional, full of angst but full of happiness too. I loved it.
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468 reviews33 followers
October 18, 2022
I admit, I’ve been weary of this book because I’m not overly fond of of war tropes. Of dead exes. And of bigotry and internalised homophobia. And I knew we’ve been about to get quite a bit of all of these tropes, because after all, we already met Grandpa and Doc, the cute old couple who are the beating heart of the Wilde clan. And we’ve got bits and pieces - we knew they met during the Vietnam war. And that Doc has been married. That his wife died of cancer. That there’s a rose garden Grandpa (whom I’ll call Wes of Najor from now on) has planted to keep her memory alive.

So what good can come from a trip down the memory lane, when we already know what’s going to happen on their rocky road to being a couple?

Turns out - it was my favourite in this series so far. There’s so much… life, for the lack of a better term… happening in this book. So much depth to the characters. Such real feelings, and so much unconditional love, first only from Major, later from Doc, too.

First the terrible, terrible things that happen in Vietnam, that lay the groundwork for their deep friendship and respect, and that eventually turns into love. Then, you kind of hope that Betsy, Doc’s wife, is a bitch. Turns out, she’s a sweet, wise and absolutely lovable woman, and your heart will break like Doc’s heart did when she dies (that’s not a spoiler, considering that it’s been mentioned in the previous books).

And you ache for Major and Doc, because the Hobie in rural Texas from the 70s isn’t the same open minded, accepting place it is in the other books.

Yet… it works. It’s not only good, it’s EXTREMELY good.

And when at the end we’re back to present day, and Major and Doc renew their wedding vows - I swear your eyes will get as blurry as mine did when I read it.

To make it short: definitely a book I’ll reread at some point. Read it, but read at least some of the previous books before to fully enjoy it 😊
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June 30, 2019
I almost gave this one 5 stars. But again, I think it's 4.5 instead of 5 and I rounded down. I'm stingy with my 5 stars these days. (Update, rounded back to 5, cuz WESTON!!!!!)

I absolutely LOVE Major Weston Marian! What a Hero! The patience, the kindness and generosity, the love... Lord, if he were straight, I'd jump his bones and tie him to my bed in a heartbeat! :P

I liked Liam too, but I LOVE Weston. And for once, Liam's wife didn't bother me. She seemed like a very kind and good and wise woman. She knew Major's love for Liam and never made him feel bad about it. She accepted him. She was secure in her relationship with Liam and his love and loyalty to her. Even if he was attracted to Weston, he never acted on it, not in any way.

So I liked all of the characters, and I was heart-sore when Wes got beaten up by bigots. And I cheered them all on when Liam's father said what he said, even though he'd been born and raised in an era that didn't tolerate homosexuality and even tho he was against gays in the beginning.

What makes me take 1 star off is the dragging on of the last few chapters. I'm happy to read about their HEA, but it didn't have to span decades over many chapters, it could have all been covered in a brief epilogue. I'd much rather have read more hot sex between them when they were youngish (Liam 30, Wes 40). NOT when they were in their 70 and 80s!!

Sorry, but....GROSS!!!! :P (reminds me of the time I was little and accidentally saw my 80+ year old grandfather naked. Lord! To this day I can't get the sight out of my head, and it's not a good thing!)

And, honestly, just the once in their younger years??? (That was written about anyway)... given the golden oldie ending, I felt like I was robbed. Author can write sex between two grandpas but not write more while they were both still hot?? And FIRM???

hehehe, sorry, but if I have imagine wrinkled old men going at it, 1/2 star is coming off the book rating.
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October 29, 2021
3.5/5 stars

I wasn’t totally in the mood for this, but it was still a really good instalment to the series. It’s way more emotional than the other books (I shed a few tears) and more of a slowburn. I think most of the book was spend on the build up to the relationship and then at the current timeline of the books. I would’ve loved more time spent on their relationship when they finally got together cause those moments were my favourite.
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July 14, 2022
Best of the series.
Great wife, ranch, friendship, time, war.
Atypically good.
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February 14, 2020
Audiobook review

4,5 stars

Like many others I was hesitant to pick this book up. I can’t really put my fingers on anything specific, but that’s how it is sometimes. Yet the book kept popping up, so did these raving reviews and I figured I needed to know for myself if this story was everything it seemed to be. It was. And so much more. By far, this was the best book in this series, I would also go as far as say this is the best book this duo has produced yet.

From the start I was hooked. I found myself in the middle of a war, fighting for survival alongside Doc and Major. It felt real. It was clear Lennox did her research for this book adding military terminology and the horrible descriptions of war, the losses, the fear, the despair. Yet somehow in the middle of all this the bond that was forged between Doc and Major was so strong it made them survive the war. It wasn’t a romantic love they shared, at least not from Doc’s perspective – he had a wife and kids waiting for him back home. Major though, he fell for Doc the first time he laid eyes on the man.

We follow them through the war, returning back home, in Doc’s case, Major was a lifer and stayed on in the military. But between tours he called Doc’s family ranch home. He found a place within their family, was loved by all of them. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him at that ranch. Living there, having everything he ever dreamed about right at his fingertips – but for the small detail that the man he loved and wanted wasn’t in love with him, but lived there with his wife. Watching them together must have been excruciating.

I loved how Betsy, Doc’s wife, was never portrayed as the villain. She wasn’t nasty, spiteful or uncaring. I loved the fact that Doc did love her and their family. It might not be what any of them had planned for themselves, but I don’t believe any of them would change a thing either. Betsy was a lovely woman, friendly, loving and smiling. There was genuine affection there. Between her and Doc but also for Major. Theirs wasn’t a romantic love, but one of friends, of family.

The first half or so of the book was by far my favourite part. I can’t really explain it, but it was more heartfelt and emotional than the rest of the book. There was so much love pouring from the pages (earbuds), love of all kinds. But there was also heartbreak and sorrow. Not a single moment left you untouched.

I listened to this book at work. And there were times I prayed no one would come walking past my office and see me brawling my eyes out. Trying desperately to sniffle discreetly and wipe the tears from my face when anyone peeked their noses in. Those kinds of reactions are definitely a credit to Michael Dean and his incredible performance. He made you feel the love and pain, the longing and the losses. It was heartfelt from beginning to end, and I can only thank him and Lennox for the privilege of this listen.

Major and Doc had one heck of a ride. They went through so much together, good and bad. No matter if you’ve read any of Lennox’s books prior to this one, it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s a love story that spans time and space and truly does conquer all.

A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Shelved as 'dnf'
May 31, 2022
Time of Death: 32%

Wilde Love focuses on the plot more than the romance itself. It’s interesting, since a lot of people on here enjoy it, but the writing is just not for me. It started too fast and the story feels off for some reason. I understand some people will find this sweet, but I just couldn’t get into it. I was so excited to read this since I’ve met them in Book #2 Felix and the Prince already 🥲 I wanted to DNF this earlier, but waited and waited for something to happen because it has my favourite trope in it (gay guy pining after the straight one) so I could actually love this, but nope there wasn’t any actual pining and no guilty moments to keep me going :’( And until 32% I gave up. I skimmed a lot and there’s no point in continuing anymore…
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May 1, 2023
Re-Read: Mar 2023
Original Read: June 2021

This was such a fantastic story! The portrayals of Wes and Liam's experiences being a medic and pilot during the Vietnam War were gritty and vivid and instantly elevated this book to the top level of my favorite historical romances. The author didn't shy away from the difficult conditions and horrific experiences that soldiers had to live through during that war, which I really appreciated. The fantastic slow burn love story between them which spanned decades was also incredibly well done and I got teary-eyed a couple of times. In particular, I appreciated that the author found subtle ways to communicate the passage of time without defaulting to just time headers. For example, by using the changing ages of the children, the length of Wes' military service or Liam's medical training. There were also small details added in to emphasize the time period and the changing of years in the form of different TV shows, music, politics and other things. Such little details often require a lot of research to get right and I appreciated that the author took the time to do this.

(Let me once again stamp my feet and cry about the fact that Lucy Lennox hasn't written any other historicals!)

As a small side note, I also appreciate that this book takes place during the Vietnam War which is very, very rare in the MM historical romance world. I've only ever come across a handful of Vietnam War MM romance books and Wilde Love is by far the best (IMO).

I also enjoyed the way the author dealt with Liam being married with children and how the children played important roles in the narrative without taking over the story. But what I loved most about Liam's family situation is how well his wife was portrayed. She was a wonderful person who was beloved by everybody in the family and she had a wonderful and unique relationship with both Liam and Wes.

I also loved the pacing of the romantic relationship between Liam and Wes (for the most part - more on that later). First they were military comrades who grew to respect each other and rely on each other while fighting in Vietnam, then they became best friends who worked hard to maintain a strong friendship over the years when life took them down different paths. Then they added co-parenting and a familial connection to their relationship once Wes came to live at the ranch full time and became 'Uncle Major'. At no point did I feel Liam treated Betsy or his children badly and I also felt Wes always treated the entire Wilde clan with respect and love. They were always one big, happy family and even though Wes was in love with Liam throughout the entire thing, I never got impatient or frustrated with the pacing. The story had to be a slow burn romance and the author did a great job choosing the perfect time to shift Liam and Wes' relationship into a romantic direction.

Unfortunately, I did feel that certain parts of the story were rushed. The pacing starts to pick up speed once the boys return from Vietnam and especially once Wes is living on the ranch full time at the halfway point. In particular, I felt Liam's GFY realization happened out of nowhere and the romantic relationship between the boys happened too quickly following that realization. Even more unfortunate was that the pacing continued to accelerate all the way to the end of the story, to the point where events and characters were just flowing past me without me being able to register what was happening.

By the last 20% of the story, things were moving so fast that I was skimming out of boredom. This section involved the author introducing a hoard of side characters who I didn't care about, which added to the rushed, unsatisfying feeling I got. From what I understand, these side characters played roles in the author's other books but I haven't read (nor want to read) any others. My advice for others who also don't care about these characters is to stop reading at the end of Chapter 32, which provides a satisfying ending to Wes and Liam's romance IMO.

But asides from these minor issues, this book can definitely be read as a stand-alone and is perfect for anybody who loves M/M historical romance books. It's an incredibly well paced romance and the historical aspects were also very well done so I highly recommend this one.
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June 20, 2019
Veo que estoy en minoría. Ningún libro de la serie me parece bueno, o bien escrito, sí creo que son entretenidos, pero abundan los momentos en los que es imposible no entornar los ojos y en los que cualquier viso de realidad es pura coincidencia. En esta ocasión tenemos la historia de amor de los patriarcas, y aunque empieza muy bien pronto degenera en lo increíble, lo cursi y en situaciones que no tienen ningún sentido con un desarrollo de la relación muy mal explicado. La autora se salta a la torera el proceso real de enamoramiento y la visión que nos da de la vida de una pareja gay en los Estados Unidos rural hace cincuenta años es...
Lo peor, el epílogo, no tiene ningún sentido para los que no hayamos la otra serie que tiene la autora, cien mil personajes de los que no conocía a nadie.
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August 24, 2021
I really loved this one, despite it making big time jumps. It was a 5 star read for me, until the moment mrs Lennox started to make connections to her other novels. For me, the novel was best until 1977.
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May 19, 2019
Omfg this book! The feels! Gaaah, I cried and it was just so freaking romantic. Weston is just so swoon-worthy!
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May 6, 2019
Character-driven story that crash-lands in shameless kitsch

First half: ★★★★

The beginning is gripping. While it all goes down in Vietnam (and the writer has really done her research), the story is not driven by the events in Nam but solely by the characters:

Major: The Major is a veteran of many battles and comfortable in his skin of an army lifer. As a gay man in the 60s he never expected a family anyways. Yet, when his new medic shows up, he takes one look at the young man and falls in love.

Doc: He is the FNG (fucking new guy) in his unit in Vietnam and a medic only because he worked once as a file clerk in a medical facility. He makes it through the war by sticking close to the Major. While he forges a deep friendship with the other man, he has three children and a wife waiting at home whom he loves very much.

It was a good start and the connection between the two men rang true. So much so that years later, when Doc needs some help on the family ranch, the Major throws himself into the breach, slowly becoming part of the family in the process. This was the most beautiful part of the book. I’m not a fan of love triangles and luckily there were no such silly geometrical shapes in this book, just a statement of how love, commitment, and acceptance can work across several adults. Sometimes the time isn’t right for one kind of relationship but it will be in time.

Second half: ★★

Then, at the 50% mark, Doc’s wife and the men renegotiate their relationship. This should have been the hot, lovey part of the book. However, it turned absolutely sappy. There was some drama about homophobia in small-town Texas during the late 70s but it was purely cosmetic. Apart from there was no real conflict. As a result, there was no real development of the relationship either. It all just fell into place in utter kitsch. And this is a general problem with this story. Some things that should have been conflicting were just swept under the rug: The entire story is character-driven yet, because the characters offer no conflict and no growth, the story dies well before the last page. Hence the 2 stars for the second half.
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March 7, 2021
Read this book as part of the 2019 Members' Choice Awards Challenge.
Categories: Best Book of the Year, Best Established Couples, Best Friends to Lovers, Best Hurt/Comfort, Best Main Character, Best Medical/Rescue Worker Professionals, Best Out For You

This is book #6 in the series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

What I didn't like:
- The writing style took some getting used to
- Excessively sentimental ending/last part of the book. I hate those.
- The whole family is gay. It's like all the statistics got reversed.
- I didn't get the feel of the period at all. It could have been a contemporary book with any war setting for all we are shown.

What I liked:
- The friends to lovers part of the book was well done (especially the 'friends' part)
- I liked Weston in particular
- Betsy was awesome and totally not what I expected from Doc's introduction

3 stars.
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February 25, 2021
I cried my ugly cry for this book! That was one love story I won't soon forget, made stronger because I got to know the Marian's in the Made Marian series and the Wilde's in their own series (Still ongoing, I'm currently starting book 7). This filled me with the best feeling of tenderness, ache and just all the mushy feelings coming out. When Doc and Wes did get together, it was worth every tear.
Those vows! Oh my God! *Happy Sigh* I'm just glad this is not the end, more books in the series!
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