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Encounters #1

The Babysitter

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“Every story deserves a…happy ending.”

Hayden Rose loves two things in life: babysitting Danielle, and writing scandalous, steamy stories. After an embarrassing encounter with Danielle’s father Victor, Hayden quickly realizes that the two of them just might share some of the same fantasies. He knows it’s wrong, but Hayden can’t help himself. With Victor being newly single and their constant presence around each other, Hayden decides to stop chickening out on life and go for it. He’s going to make one of his fantasies a reality, and Victor wants to help.

The Babysitter is first installment in a 5-part series of 10,000-word erotic gay stories all about sexy encounters and dirty escapades.

44 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 6, 2019

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About the author

Jack Harbon

24 books385 followers
Jack is your typical eccentric twenty-something, writing stories much more interesting than their real life. If they're not writing, they're either reading books about magic girls, watching shows about blackmail and murder, or baking coconut macaroons. Follow them on Twitter @JackHarbon!

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Profile Image for Chelsea (chelseadolling reads).
1,479 reviews19.5k followers
February 7, 2020
Read this yesterday on a whim after seeing the cover for the author's newest book floating around twitter and THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Definitely a new auto-read smutty author and I cannot wait to read more from Jack Harbon in the future!!
Profile Image for Riley.
429 reviews21.7k followers
April 25, 2020
love love loved this!! can't wait to read more from this author!
Profile Image for Jessica .
2,129 reviews13.8k followers
June 26, 2021
This was short and fun, but definitely needed to be longer because the ending felt so abrupt. If you want something short and spicy without any substantial emotional development in the romance, you would like this. Hayden is the babysitter and has a fling with the newly single father.
Profile Image for mina reads™️.
544 reviews7,021 followers
June 12, 2020
This was pretty sexy, there was this one line that kinda threw me off and made me feel weird but overall it was cool. I really liked the main character Hayden and I would have loved at least a hundred page novella for him instead of 40 pages 😂
Profile Image for Bookishrealm.
2,085 reviews5,061 followers
July 12, 2022
The Babysitter is my first book by Jack Harbon and it definitely didn't disappoint. I'm looking forward to reading more. The Babysitter is a novella that centers an encounter that occurs between Hayden and Victor. Hayden is an aspiring writer who babysits Victor's daughter. After Victor splits with his wife, Victor and Hayden begin to explore fantasies that they both may have been having. This isn't the book to dive into if you're expecting extensive character development or plot development. The attraction between the two characters happens fairly quickly. My biggest issue with this book is that abrupt ending. I knew that it was going to be short, but I wish that the ending was tied up just a little better. Nevertheless, this was definitely a spicy, hot novella and I'm interesting in seeing what the rest of the series will bring.
Profile Image for Whitney.
329 reviews112 followers
August 5, 2020
I’m pretty sure I found this book by binge-watching booktube one night. I was promised a steamy MM read with an age-gap. The Babysitter by Jack Harbon delivered just that.

College student, Hayden Rose, has been babysitting a precious little girl for years now. He has been there to witness her parents slowly drifting apart. He is worried that he won’t be needed when the couple finally calls it quits. It is such a shame since Hayden enjoys using the father, Victor, as a muse for his dirty erotica stories. Yeah, you could say that he has a crush.

After babysitting one night, Hayden forgets his notebook that is filled with steamy stories at Victor’s house. Mortified, he rushes to get it back but it’s too late. Victor has already read it and put two-and-two together. The newly single dad is ready to explore something new with Hayden.

This is a very short novella that contains nothing but smut. While I think everyone needs a good smutty read here and there, this one was lacking with character development. Hayden basically tells us the bare minimum about his-self, Victor, and Victor’s failed marriage before they jump into bed together. I needed just a tad bit more so that I could be invested in the characters. You know, so I can ship them a little.

However, the steamy scenes were REALLY good. If you need to break up your reading habits with some delicious MM smut, this is what you should be reaching for.
This review was originally posted on Sincerely, Whitney
Profile Image for Chelsea (thepageprincess).
582 reviews66 followers
March 13, 2020
2 stars but like a good two stars.

I actually enjoyed this little story except for the smut scenes. I skipped them. It’s just that it was not my kind of smut (too smutty for me maybe) but otherwise it was cute and fun and sexy and I liked this for sure

If we count out the sex then this would be three stars

Maybe I am just over smutty smut
Profile Image for Robin.
965 reviews224 followers
April 26, 2020
Overall I thought this was really good, and super steamy short novella. This follows a college student who has been babysitting for the same family for 2 years and has an steamy encounter with the recently separated father. I thought the writing in here was great but this was so short that I just didn't get much out of it. It definitely made for the absolute perfect Smutathon read though!!
Profile Image for Ethan.
80 reviews18 followers
April 29, 2020
Sometimes you just need to drop everything and read some smut
Profile Image for Cudeyo.
957 reviews48 followers
September 11, 2022
Entretenido, bien escrito, pero me ha hecho sentir algo incómoda. Y es que en ningún momento indica qué edad tiene el protagonista, sólo que es estudiante de college. Para una persona profana al sistema educativo estadounidense y acostumbrada a ver en las películas americanas que los babysitters suelen ser estudiantes de instituto, la primera impresión al leer esto es ¡mande! Ya para tranquilidad propia investigas por internet lo que significa estudiante de college y respiras aliviada: se refiere a los primeros cursos de universidad.
Profile Image for Darragh.
201 reviews21 followers
April 13, 2020
In a bit of a reading slump right now, so a light smutty MM novella was just what the doctor ordered! (Plus, now I'm certain that I'm excited for Jack Harbon's upcoming release.)
Profile Image for Bree Lauren.
668 reviews2,098 followers
February 12, 2021
♡ Short & steamy
♡ Manny m/m romance
♡ Age gap

Ok, but I love Jack Harbon! I have yet to read a book by him that I didn't love every second of.

This is a short, steamy, age-gap romance between a male babysitter and the father of the kids he babysits. It's PERFECT for readathons and if you want to read something quick between heavy reads.

Jack's main characters are so relatable and his books are easy to read - this is no different. I'm in awe of his range in storytelling. So far the books I've read by him have ranged from sweet to taboo to swoony to steamy - and I've loved them all!

Triggers: divorce, taboo, age gap
Profile Image for nitya.
385 reviews277 followers
May 13, 2021
I am an absolute simp for this trope, don't @ me
Profile Image for Misty's Book Space.
771 reviews38 followers
May 20, 2021
I wrote this review based on the entire series!!

These are all short quick reads with a little bit of steaminess thrown in. The last book The Intern is the most steamy out of all of them and it was probably my favorite out of the 3 as well. I say it's my favorite but I enjoyed all of them. They all pretty much had the same premise just different story lines. I only have two complaints really and that is I prefer a HEA (happily ever after) not a HFN (happy for now) although I knew what I was getting into going into these and the endings were really good but still it's personal preference. Also I would have liked more from all of the stories. As it is I feel like I just got little parts of what could have been a great full length book. I definitely enjoyed this authors writing and would love to read his full length novels.
Profile Image for Amber.
2,420 reviews321 followers
August 8, 2020
honestly, there's a line that really...shoulda been talked back (or not there) beforehand. otherwise, this mighta been a three? it was just really too short for me and I get encounters are the point of this, but the angst and build-up felt lacking on the part of one-side (see previous talked back line).
Profile Image for Colette .
947 reviews91 followers
May 13, 2019
This wasn’t too bad for such a short story. You got to know the characters, and it was mostly all steam, which is what I needed. I should’ve waited until all the parts were out though, because the ending was a bit abrupt, and I wasn’t ready for it to be over quite yet
Profile Image for Merb.
544 reviews40 followers
August 21, 2021
A short, steamy m/m novella about a baby sitter hooking up with his boss. The steam was great, and for a around 40 page novella the characters were pretty well rounded. The ending just left more to be desired and was a bit disappointing.
Profile Image for Maja Brixley.
340 reviews6 followers
May 21, 2022
The collegekid and the DILF

3,5 stars

This was a great quick romance between the babysitter and the hot “daddy”
It was short and steamy.
Profile Image for Brenna Sullivan.
420 reviews
November 2, 2021
Wish it was longer

I would have liked this story much more if it was longer. I felt like there was not enough time to get to know Victor and Hayden.
Profile Image for Sophie.
73 reviews
September 11, 2022
I absolutely loved this book and the spice that is in this book. I loved it enough to binge this series in one night and had an amazing time doing so.

I loved Hayden and Victor's relationship and how it changed and grew stronger throughout the course of the book.

I loved how much Hayden cared about Victor's daughter Danielle as they had a great connection and Danielle is just the cutest in this story.

Hayden loves to write scandalous, steamy stories and now that Victor was single he wanted to help Hayden make one of his fantasies a reality.

Jack Harbon has definitely become one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read the rest of his books. I plan to read Parker by him next.
Profile Image for Lewis.
401 reviews47 followers
May 11, 2023
11/5/23 - god i just want a full book with these characters

11/7/21 - This is the first thing I've read that doesn't have pictures in over a month and I am HAPPY. Age-gap, short sexy novella featuring a gay disaster uni student, a recently divorced ten-foot-tall man and the most adorable child ever? LOVE.
Displaying 1 - 30 of 109 reviews

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