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A Mary Handley Mystery #4

Near Prospect Park

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Daring Brooklyn detective Mary Handley teams up with Teddy Roosevelt to solve her husband's murder, only to run afoul of nineteenth-century New York's elite when she uncovers a dangerous conspiracy.

It's December 1896, and after marrying a muckraking reporter, detective Mary Handley turns her focus from pursuing new cases to raising her newborn daughter. But when her husband turns up dead, Mary knows her next case must be solving his death. Harper was working on a big story--did it get him killed? She sets out to solve his murder, soon discovering that the investigation goes all the way to the top of the New York food chain.

Realizing she's outgunned, Mary turns to the one person who might be able to help: Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt. As the two dig deep into the underbelly of New York's social scene, they uncover a sinister plot exploiting the city's most vulnerable citizens.

Don't miss any of Lawrence H. Levy's enchanting Mary Handley mysteries:

291 pages, Paperback

Published January 14, 2020

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Lawrence H. Levy

4 books83 followers
LAWRENCE H. LEVY is a highly regarded film and TV writer who is a Writers Guild Award winner and a two-time Emmy nominee. He has written for various hit TV shows such as Family Ties, Saved by the Bell, Roseanne, and Seinfeld. Last Stop in Brooklyn is his third novel in the Mary Handley Mystery series.

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788 reviews459 followers
January 1, 2020
At 2 weeks prior to publication, I can now post my review.

Near Prospect Park by Lawrence H. Levy is the fourth book in the Mary Handley historical mystery series. It worked as a standalone novel with a strong female protagonist and is set in the late 1890’s in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.

Mary Handley works as a detective in a time when most women did not work outside of the home. Her character shows decent character depth during the course of the story. She is married to reporter Harper Lloyd and has a nine month old daughter Josephine. Unfortunately, Harper is murdered during the pursuit of a story and Mary sets to work finding the killer.

While this is a historical mystery novel, it pulls in elements of real history and people including Theodore Roosevelt when he was the president of the board of police commissioners, W. S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan, actress Lillian Russell and many more. The book does a great job of bringing the reader into late 19th century New York and explores several themes including murder, poverty, the treatment of and crimes against women, corruption and the elite social scene. Unfortunately, these same conditions still exist in the 21st century.

I recommend this well-written historical mystery to those that enjoy the genre.

Many thanks to Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Books and Lawrence H. Levy for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.
Review to Come 1/1/2020 per publisher request to hold until 2 weeks prior to publication.
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762 reviews84 followers
January 5, 2020
4.5 stars. Rounded up to 5.

Near Prospect Park is the 4th in a series about Mary Handley, a late 19th century private detective who rubs elbows with New York City's elite and famous while investigating crimes. It works well as a standalone novel.

Mary is hired to recover a stolen play for W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. She sets up a meeting for the recovery of the play, but she is double-crossed and attacked. Her husband, a reporter, was there at the time as part of his own investigation, and was murdered.

Mary begins investigating the murder of her husband, and at the same time trying to substantiate the claims of Susie Johnson, a 15 year old girl who claims she was raped by some of New York's powerful elite. Real life legends make their appearance, as Mary is aided by Teddy Roosevelt, Diamond Jim Brady, and Lillian Russell.

This is a well written historical crime novel. My only reservation is that the protagonist seems almost super human at times. As a woman in the 1890's she both knows jujitsu, and knows how to use it to fight three men at one time while wearing a dress. She is also accepted in New York Society as a detective, which would have been difficult at that time. In addition, she has a great knowledge of Science and uses it to her advantage more than once. All that aside, this is an excellent story, and the addition of real life characters makes it even more intriguing.

If you love historical crime novels, you cannot pass this one up.

I received a free copy of this book from Random House and Ballantine Books via Netgalley. My opinions are my own.
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548 reviews39 followers
November 6, 2019
Wow! This fourth installment in the Mary Handley mystery series is a gut punch to the faithful series reader. The material, although still sadly poignant to this day, was darker than found in previous books in the series and quite shocking in its telling.

It's late 1896 in New York City. The wealthy top 400 families are in charge; the constabulary is afraid to cross them and there are some on the force who are as crooked as a country lane. A young woman, looking to better her life by pursuing an acting career, accepts an unfortunate assignment which leaves her in a horrible situation. It appears that her condition is delivered at the hands of a wealthy few. On another matter, our plucky protagonist, mature, clever and bright Mary Handley, is hired by William Gilbert (of famous musical theater team - Gilbert & Sullivan), to handle the trade off of a Gilbert-written stolen play manuscript in exchange for a sizable sum of money. The handoff is not without a few wrinkles and Mary's dear husband is murdered in the course of the exchange. Will Mary solve her beloved's murder before her own life is snuffed out? What's the connection of the aspiring artist to the manuscript theft or is there one?

What a delicious mystery this one is. At least it was after I got over the initial darkness of the subject matter and the death of Mary's recently wedded mate. Author Lawrence Levy delivers a thoroughly researched and well written story of the Golden Age. Although not realistic for the time period presented, Mary Handley is a strong, capable and extraordinary female detective. Her physical/mental strength and quick presence of mind carry her well throughout the story. The story incorporates larger than life real people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Pie Girl "Susie Johnson", architect Stanford White, photographer James Breese, fellow actors Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell. All in all, this was a rewarding and fascinating read.

I am grateful to author Lawrence Levy and publisher Ballantine Books for having provided a free uncorrected ebook through NetGalley.com. Their generosity, however, has not influenced this review - the words of which are mine alone.
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Author 12 books320 followers
September 30, 2019
I love this era of storytelling so I was immediately drawn in and having recognizable historic figures like Roosevelt was a huge bonus of fascination. Mary Handley was a strong character although on the outset it was hard for me to believe she had an infant and maintained a career. I love the idea based on my own ideals and life but it is completely unrealistic for the time and place of this novel. So on that opening, I struggled to buy into the character's premise. However, it did become the classic twisty mystery we love from that Gilded Age when detectives lurked in the shadows... but this time she wears a dress. I continued turning the pages, faster as the crimes continued to mount, and found myself drawn into the story based on my need to know how it ended.

Sprinkled with notorious people like W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan and famous actresses like Lillian Russell, Mary investigates a wealthy society filled with dark deeds that include the rape and murder while dealing with her own terrible loss. Aside from the exaggerated independence of the main character I was all-in for her adventurous ride to solve these crimes.
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492 reviews4 followers
March 14, 2020
Mary Handley is a private investigator in this historical fiction set in Brooklyn during the Gilded Age. She is hired by the famous playwright GS Sullivan to recover his stolen play manuscript. But during the course of the exchange with the extortionist, things go horribly wrong. The criminal takes the money, keeps the manuscript and then murders her husband, a journalist who happens to follow her to the drop site in a vain effort to protect her. While trying to find her husband's killer, she finds herself in the middle of the shocking, but not-so-secret underbelly of the elite "gentleman" class. In an effort to seek justice for a poor teenager, her determination comes at a very high price.

The book was an enjoyable read overall but I had trouble believing that a woman during this time period would be able to act in such a manner throughout the story. She took risks that were not safe in today's society, much less back then. The conclusion was particularly timely in light of recent convictions of high profile celebrities for their heinous violence against women.

Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for an ARC of this book. My review is voluntary.
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1,285 reviews25 followers
September 10, 2019
Historical fiction is my preferred way of gaining insight in to places and periods I am not well acquainted with. Levy's mystery takes us to the final years of the 19th Century in Manhattan and a "high-living" crowd of wealthy bachelors who amused themselves by drugging and taking advantage of women.

Levy's detective, Mary Handley, encounters these "gentlemen" and determines to take them down. The feminist angle to the book is repetitive and over-written, but the truth behind the novel was worth learning about. Noted architect Stanford White was a leading figure in the circle of debauchery that is the book's centerpiece. I was aware of his reputation as an architect, but not as a man and that aspect of the book was fascinating to me.

I am drawn to strong female protagonists but Mary Handley takes it a few steps too far for me. Her character didn't ring true or seem fully realized enough to make me sympathetic to her---even though her personal situation was one that definitely deserved sympathy. She was one of the book's weaknesses, not strengths and that is difficult to accept when she is the central character. Her personal relationships needed to have more depth and believability if we were to accept her as the brave, intelligent and talented woman the text kept telling us she was.

Netgalley provided me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a candid review.
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338 reviews72 followers
August 16, 2020
In Near Prospect Park, Brooklyn detective Mary Handley takes on New York’s upper crust as she works with Lillian Russell, Diamond Jim Brady and Teddy Roosevelt to solve her husband’s murder.

It’s 1895 and Mary is happily married to Harper Lloyd, an investigative journalist. Despite also caring for their baby daughter, Mary still has her feet in detective work. For Mary is a modern woman, unwilling to sacrifice her ambition and independence to society’s (and her opinionated mother’s) expectations.

William S. Gilbert (of the comic opera team Gilbert and Sullivan) has hired Mary to help him retrieve a ransomed manuscript and, with four thousand in cash, Mary agrees to make the exchange with the thief in Prospect Park. But the meeting goes wrong and in the shocking aftermath, Mary discovers that Harper has been murdered. Fueled on grief and rage, Mary sets out to find his killer.

Mary first turns to her contacts in the Gilbert case, who include actress Lillian Russell and railroad supplies magnate Diamond Jim Brady. Through them, she soon becomes acquainted with blue blood bad boys Stanford White and James Breese. White, a famous architect and photographer and financier Breese have been linked to a raucous party in which fifteen-year-old Susie Johnson was hired to jump out of a pie. Johnson’s claims of rape were largely quashed by the powerful elite. But Mary has not forgotten the scandal of the Pie Girl Dinner and, despite investigating Harper’s murder, she knows she must also get to the bottom of this atrocious behavior. Teddy Roosevelt, president of the New York police commissioners and a strong supporter of women’s rights, also has Mary’s back.

Mary is a risk-taker, but a confident one, for she is a master in jujitsu and she has flattened many foes with her quick moves. She will need these skills as she digs deeper into the case.

I enjoyed this fast-moving and entertaining historical mystery. As in his earlier books, the author includes many historical figures and brings their personalities to life. New York in the 1890s was a rough place, especially for women. The Pie Girl Dinner, an actual event, is just one example of how crimes against women are nothing new.

As in the earlier Mary Handley Mysteries, Near Prospect Park is an enjoyable mystery that incorporates humor into serious themes. Mary’s character is strong, yet vulnerable, making her relatable, even in modern times. I’m looking forward to more Mary Handley adventures!
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294 reviews12 followers
January 30, 2020
Detective Mary Handley is a strong, spunky, independent woman living in the late 1800s. This spirited woman in the the three previous books i’ve had the pleasure to read helped solve many crimes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. My favorite Mary Handley novel thus far was the last of Levy’s Handley mysteries, The Last Stop In Brooklyn.” Near Prospect Park showed a different Mary. It was traumatically laced with what women have experienced for centuries when it comes to powerful men. I admire Lawrence H. Levy for broaching the subject of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and the powerless of women in Mary’s time In such a layered history as Manhattan’s wealthiest families elitism. I was born in New York and knew of Gilbert’s history and President Teddy Roosevelt’s history, but, i forgot about Stanley White’s significant role in Manhattan’s rise, however, i didn’t know of his horrid life and his traumatizing women so this is not only a good read but was an eye opening educational read too. This is the first book that Levy puts Mary into the role of victim at such a high price and it hit me hard. I had two light issues with the story: I’m not sure Misogyny was a word as much.back in the late 1800s as it is used as prevalently as today although it’s dated back to the 17th century, so that threw me off then, Mary’s rape felt a little too weakly reacted to by so many. Only Mary’s brother Sean’s reaction felt the most honest and real. I wish that somehow we had found out what happened with the unborn baby maybe that is in the next book???

I read this book twice because the first time i had such a hard time liking the beginning and struggled until the middle. Then stopped reading. It just was such an unusual Handley Mystery. I love the other Handley books and knew Levy was a great writer and wanted to give the book another chance before I reviewed it. I’m glad i started over and finished it. The subject matter hit me hard, the writing was extremely well done. Mr. Levy used Mary’s typical lightness and humor to ease the horror in the plot line a bit which was good as this book could’ve been just too heavy to digest. I loved Mary’s new friends, abhorred the antagonists and had to take deep breathes after finishing the book.
This book is 4 star.
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569 reviews78 followers
May 6, 2020
This is the fourth fantastic book in Levy’s historical mystery series, entitled the Mary Handley Mysteries. If you’re looking for a strong female protagonist and wish to go back in time and enjoy New York in the late 1890’s, this series was made just for you.

Mary Handley, as you probably guessed, is a detective during a time when most women are not employed. Married to Harper Lloyd, a reporter, they have a nine-month-old daughter named Josephine. Although Mary has recently turned away from solving crimes in order to be with Josephine more, she must soon put the detective hat back on when a tragedy occurs in her family.

While racing after a story, Harper is murdered, and the strong-willed Mary takes it upon herself to bring the killer to justice as she tries to deal with the fact that the love of her life has been taken from her so soon.

Teaming up with Theodore Roosevelt, president of the Board of Police Commissioners, Mary must pick up where her husband left off by uncovering what it was he was after when his life came to an abrupt halt. Unlike most crimes that lead you into the dark and seedy places, Mary finds herself heading in the opposite direction. The answers to her questions, and the justice her husband deserves, lies in the snobbier world of New York’s elite.

With Roosevelt’s help, they soon uncover horrific plots that only the rich can accomplish. And seeing that the ones with the most money normally have the most guns, Mary has to create a way to stay safe while exposing the horrors the socialites hold dear.

Levy does a fantastic job. From poverty to murder to the treatment of women, he not only “tells” a tale, but brings so much color to his subject that it makes the reader feel like they’re right there. It will be extremely hard to wait for the next Mary Handley mystery.
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3,377 reviews62 followers
January 11, 2020
Originally published on my blog: Nonstop Reader.

Near Prospect Park is the 4th Mary Handley mystery by Lawrence H. Levy. Due out 14th Jan 2020 from Random House on their Ballantine imprint, it's 304 pages and will be available in paperback, audio, and ebook formats.

Set at the turn of the 19th century, New York private investigator Mary Handley is investigating a theft and ransom case for W. H. Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan fame) when her life is turned upside down by the murder of her husband, an investigative reporter. It's not long until all the disparate subplots merge together and Mary works through her grief by replacing it with anger and single minded determination to solve the mystery of her husband's murder (among others).

This is surprisingly dark compared to the earlier books in the series. There are themes of suicide, depression, rape/date rape, violence against women, and more. It is well written but it should be noted that apart from direct mentions of characters and historical events from 1896, it reads very much like a novel set in the modern era. The dialogue, jokes, descriptions, and narrative really could be in the present day. Some of the secondary characters (Mary's mother) were abrasive and annoying in the extreme. I've no doubt that it was intentional on the author's part, he's a gifted storyteller.

I enjoyed the book. I'm sure it will be a good match for lovers of historical procedural mysteries.

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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1,505 reviews12 followers
January 18, 2020
Somehow I have missed reading this series but I had no trouble enjoying it. Historical mysteries, especially ones involving famous historical people like Teddy Roosevelt, are on my list of favorites. Add a strong female protagonist - I found this a very good read and I will now add the previous three books of the series to my must read list.
Mary Handley is a detective in New York 1895, married to a newspaper reporter and raising their nine month old daughter. Tragedy strikes her world when her husband is murdered while investigating a story. Emily knows that she must track down the killer and she enlists the help of the New York police commissioner, Teddy Roosevelt. He is just one of the real life characters populating this well written mystery.
Given the subject matter and the time period, this is a bit dark but that is one of the reasons I enjoy historical mysteries. The character of Mary is well developed - she is smart, clever, strong in both mind and body and very determined. The mystery itself kept me engaged to the last page, full of the twists, turns and red herrings that I want in my mysteries. I'm looking forward to catching up with the previous three titles in the series. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
My thanks to the publisher Ballantine Books and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Author 6 books78 followers
April 14, 2021
Near Prospect Park by Lawrence H. Levy is the fourth book in the Mary Handley historical mystery series. It worked as a standalone novel with a strong female protagonist and is set in the late 1890’s in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.

Mary Handley works as a detective in a time when most women did not work outside of the home. Her character shows decent character depth during the course of the story. She is married to reporter Harper Lloyd and has a nine month old daughter Josephine. Unfortunately, Harper is murdered during the pursuit of a story and Mary sets to work finding the killer.

If you aren’t familiar with early twentieth century New York, this is the book to introduce you to many of the historical figures of that place and time as well as many of the actual historical events. Although the author occasionally drops in things that wouldn’t be a factor in that time period [DNA criminology, come on, not a credible threat].

I've loved this series from the first book; sadly, this one left me wanting more. It was a slow build-up and there were several times I felt Mary acting out of character. Making rookie mistakes cost her dearly because she allowed emotions to cloud her judgment. The ending tainted the series because of the path her character had taken.

*triggers* rape, murder, suicide, abortion
449 reviews6 followers
January 6, 2020
I really liked this historical mystery. I hadn't read the first any of the previous books in this series and I confess I was expecting something lighter...this is not a cozy! It's subject matter is dark and in tune with today's "me too" movement.
Mary Handley is a PI...a hard road when women were expected to just stay home and be wives and mothers. At the start of this book Mary's husband is murdered leaving her a widow with a baby daughter. She sets out to find her husband's killer. During her quest for justice we get to meet many real-life historical figures....Teddy Roosevelt, Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell among them. The author does an outstanding job in giving the reader the feeling of late 19th centuryNew York City.
As I said...I hadn't read any of the previous books but I've since purchased the first 2 and look forward to reading them. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
274 reviews
September 26, 2019
The Gilded Age fascinates me; so too does reading a work sprinkled with recognizable historic figures. Near Prospect Park provides both. Mary Handley is a private detective, married and a mother, whose reputation brings her famous clients. This time around she mingles with W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, the renowned architect Stanford White, Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell, along with her friend Theodore Roosevelt. She enters a wealthy society tarnished with depravity and excess to solve the rape of a young girl and two murders. She herself suffers unspeakable abuse and loss through her attempts to seek justice for the crimes of the privileged. Lawrence H. Levy has written an historically-based mystery series around a tough Brooklyn-native survivor, providing the readers with good stories and memorable characters.
220 reviews
October 3, 2019
Thank you Random House and Netgalley for giving me the option to read this story in return for my honest review.
I am an avid historical romance reader and was not disappointed.
Mary teams up with Teddy Roosevelt to solve the murder of her husband. I like how other famous historical figures appear throughout the story, including Andrew Carnegie. I was totally immersed in the story and couldn't put it down. I had to know what happened next.
Finally, this story was very personal for me. Having grown up in Park Slope, Brooklyn near Prospect Park myself, I enjoyed reading about the places that I've been, years before I'd been there.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery!
Profile Image for Lynn.
1,230 reviews
October 6, 2019
Mary Handley is at it again. Working to bring crooks to justice in 1896 New York City. Only this time the case is personal -- someone has shot and killed her husband, near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, leaving her with an infant and some memories.

So we look at the seedy underground, and the rich men who like to see near-naked girls pop out of cakes and pies. We also get a good look at the beginnings of musical theater and William Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan. We meet Diamond Jim Brady and Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge and George Vanderbilt and Lillian Russell.

I read this EARC courtesy of Random House and Net Galley. pub date 01/14/20
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4,538 reviews46 followers
December 6, 2019
How could I not want to read this book? It has Brooklyn's Prospect Park and Teddy Roosevelt! It is also populated with the glitterati of the musical stage and the high fliers of New York society with sense of entitlement and their dirty secrets. Mary is a private investigator with a distasteful mother, a goodhearted brother, and some good friends both ordinary people and high profile ones. The murder she is investigating is that of her husband who was shot to death while she was on a case. Pretty well done and filled with history.
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine via NetGalley.
9,465 reviews83 followers
January 7, 2020
Mary Handley's husband Harper is murdered, she's attacked while doing a job for WS Gilbert, and Susie Johnson has accused some of the most prominent men in 1896 New York of rape. Whew. This was the first of this series for me and it worked fine as a standalone. Mary's a detective- and she's got a few important connections, most notably to TR Roosevelt, who steps in to help her find out who killed Harper. Has Mary bitten off more than she should? She's darn intrepid. A variety of real people make cameos in this fast paced historical mystery; you might find yourself (as I did) googling for more info. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. It's a good read.
719 reviews7 followers
January 10, 2020
Mary Handley is (literally) a kick-ass private detective in a time when women were expected to stay at home, raise children, and support husbands. There were historical exceptions to that rule, and Mary meets Lillian Russell, a notable example. Mary, although of “humble origin” rubs elbows with the the highest of New York high society, and is hired by W. S. Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan) to retrieve a stolen manuscript. The job goes badly, and as events spiral downwards for Mary, this book turns very dark.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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91 reviews3 followers
September 6, 2019
The book starts out with a few different stories and it really made me wonder if I could keep up.They all eventually intersect to make a wonderful mystery.
Mary Handley is a detective.She was in the middle of a case when her husband is murdered.Along with the commissioner Teddy Roosevelt’s help she tries to solve this case.The who’s who of New York’s high society cross paths with them along the way.
Loved the historical setting.A mystery you can really sink your teeth into.
Profile Image for Trick Wiley.
930 reviews2 followers
December 31, 2019
Received this through Net Galley and this is a drama,mystery about a woman who doesn't take no very often! I enjoyed this book because of the time period when woman were not to rock the boat,just be married,raise a family but she is her own detective and I do enjoyed Teddy Roosevelt in this story!! Very well written and you will enjoy the troubles and the outcome of the drama! It's a must read for sure!!
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500 reviews1 follower
August 18, 2022
I read this book in one day, so I admit to finding it compelling. But the plot revolves around pedophilia and rape, which made it off-putting. The primary rapist and pedophile (but not the only one) is Stanford White, the famed architect. He and other real-life characters feature heavily in this work of fiction. I feel that this well written, compelling book earned three stars, but it’s subject matter is such that I can’t recommend it to other readers.
812 reviews13 followers
November 1, 2019
Very good book, but a dark subject especially since it still goes on in today's world. I enjoy the characters and will miss Harper. I enjoyed have Teddy Roosevelt in the book. I look forward to where the author will go with any forthcoming books.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Sercalunna Pautasso.
175 reviews2 followers
January 19, 2020
I love historical mystery and I liked this one.
The historical background is interesting and well researched, the characters are fleshed out and the mystery kept me guessing.
It's the first I read in this series and won't surely be the last.
I recommend this entertaining and engrossing read.
I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
1,355 reviews
March 16, 2020
This was a somewhat flat novel which I was very disappointed with. Mary's characters seems somewhat static since the last book I read. I found the characters were quite flat as well. The plot really didn't keep as interested as I had hoped. I really have lost interest in what happens to Mary in the future.
245 reviews
September 13, 2020
I had a hard time getting into a this new series and Anne Perry usually writes in pre-WWI England time. This new series is about young woman in 1918. About 25 pages in I fell in love with the new character and it was really good, with heart pounding action and terror. I really highly recommend this new book series, I can't wait for the new book.
816 reviews3 followers
August 28, 2021
MUCKRACKING in all caps pretty much sums it up. Luke's betrayal and the girl's suicide at the end show what a stronghold the FILTHY rich had on NY regardless of all Teddy Roosevelt could do to help out. The best parts were the mentioning of famous folks who stayed the course--Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell of this gilded age.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
September 5, 2019
While reading this book I felt like I had travel in time into a 1890 mystery novel. However, this book is not only a good mystery novel it has a powerful message concerning sexism and woman abuse and it is based on a real story which makes it more interesting. .
59 reviews
January 26, 2020
Tremendous Story and Great Writing.

This is a great read, and a wonderful story which I enjoyed very much. The previous novels on the same Lady Detective, Mary Handley led us to this chapter in her life. All we can hope for is more in the future

75 reviews1 follower
April 29, 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series.
The stories take place in the era of my grandparents in the near vicinity of New York City.
The author incorporates many historical personalities, which gives the feeling of authenticity.
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