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Butterfly #1


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Butterfly is the first novel in an all new series by New York Times bestselling author Ashley Antoinette and an instant USA Today bestseller!

“Run away from the boy that gives you butterflies, he's going to break your heart.”

Morgan Atkins had been told that phrase ever since she was a little girl and still she allowed herself to fall for the boy that made her heart flutter. After losing her first love, Morgan is terrified to love again. She's settled for a comfortable life with a respectable man. She has everything. She's living in the lap of luxury and although she's comfortable, she's bored out of her mind.

When a ghost from her past blows into town, she finds herself entangled in an illicit affair. It's wrong, but she can't fight the butterflies he gives her and honestly, she doesn't want to. She can't hide the natural attraction she feels and soon, she's so deep involved that she can no longer tell where the boundary between right and wrong lies. Her heart is telling her one thing, but her head is saying another. Morgan Atkins has always been a spoiled girl and she tries to have it all, but when she's forced to choose between a good man and a bad boy, someone will end up hurt. Someone just may end up dead.

Morgan Atkins has been through more tragedy than one girl can bear. Will she weather this storm? Or will the ultimate heartbreak ruin her for good?

304 pages, Paperback

First published January 7, 2020

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About the author

Ashley Antoinette

83 books4,936 followers
ASHLEY ANTOINETTE COLEMAN is one of the most successful female writers of her time. The feminine half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, she has co-written over 40 novels, including the bestselling Cartel series. Several of her titles have hit The New York Times bestsellers list, but she is most widely regarded for her continuing racy saga, The Prada Plan. Born in Flint, MI, she was bred with an innate street sense that she uses as motivation in her crime filled writings.

Picking up a deal with publishing powerhouse St. Martin's Press while simultaneously inking deals at Warner Brothers Studios and NBC/Universal, Ashley shows no signs of slowing down. She is currently hard at work on a new book series and two television pilots.

To keep up with everything Ashley Antoinette follow her...
twitter @novelista
Instagram @ashleyantoinette

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502 reviews174 followers
December 17, 2019
“Butterfly” is the first installment in the all new spinoff series by Ashley Antoinette. If you have not read “Moth to a Flame” & the Ethic series( which contains six parts), you may want to go back, get acquainted with them and then check this book out. If you have read all of those, carry on reading this review lol.
It has been two years since the devastating events of Ethic 6 and Morgan “ Mo” Atkins , is still trying to find her new normal. She’s adjusting to motherhood, in a loveless relationship, and finishing up school. When a blast from her past resurfaces, Morgan must ultimately decide if she is ready to finally mend her broken heart.
I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that I loved seeing the growth in Morgan. I also loved getting updates on characters that I have grown to love. The story was fast paced, and I really enjoyed the alternating viewpoints. It was very easy to follow along with. The characters were all well-developed. I absolutely adore Meek. There were so many layers to this book. The title fits it perfectly. It fits her perfectly.
I have been a longtime fan of Ashley Antoinette. Her writing is just phenomenal. I can’t wait to see where this series goes next. I am on edge and ready to see how things play out. Now to wait on book two!
*I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Griffin in exchange for an honest review.*
Profile Image for Crissy.
2,408 reviews6 followers
November 6, 2019
This is the first book I've read from this author and let me just say, it will not be my last. I'm about to purchase every book she has ever written based on this book I've read. I'm not sure how I've never crossed paths with this authors books until now but this story was absolutely amazing!!! I devoured this book in one sitting. Morgan, Aria, Isa, Ahmeek, Bash, Ethic, Messiah, Yara and Messari will have you loving them all in very different ways. This book was full of angst, suspense, steam, passion, pain, laughs, drama, betrayal and so much more. I loved these characters and I cannot wait to get more of them. It's hard to write a review for a book without giving anything away but trust me when I say you do not want to sleep on this book. I cannot wait for Butterfly II to come out because I'm beyond ready for it now. This book WAS EVERYTHING and HAS EVERYTHING I look for in a romance read and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
Profile Image for Naleighna Kai.
Author 67 books250 followers
December 19, 2019
Predictable and a little slow for this author’s norm. You will get more out of the story if you read the ethic series, the books before this one. This book was filled with a blend of suspense, steamy scenes, humor, lots of drama and betrayal. All the makings of a good book. The playlist for the book was a nice touch.
Profile Image for Shà.
546 reviews
June 8, 2020
Didn't care for it honestly all it talked about was fucking & the story line completely lost me plus the author has an attitude looks like a man
Profile Image for Alicia (PrettyBrownEyeReader).
229 reviews37 followers
November 26, 2019
This was my first read by Ashley Antoinette. I have admired the Ashley and JaQuavis novels from a distance over the years. Recently, I have seen several book bloggers post about Antoinette’s Ethic series. I was intrigued by the premise of that series. Butterfly is a follow up to the Ethic series and follows the story of Morgan Atkins. The author cautions readers to read the Ethic series before reading Butterfly. I did not follow the author’s advice and I was able to follow the novel with no problem. Antoinette gives enough back story from the Ethic series to keep new readers engaged. The author’s word usage is like a well-crafted rap song. Instead giving the story in 16 bars she gives it to the reader in 21 chapters. The author includes a playlist for the book, I listened to it while reading and that enhanced my reading experience. I was gifted this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Drenna Gurl.
350 reviews59 followers
July 26, 2020
I read the uncorrected galley copy of this ebook. My review remains a 5 star because even though there are a few mistakes, they do not take away from the storyline and I'm sure will be fixed before the release date. With that being said....

Oh my goodness! I have been an Ashley Antoinette fan for about 10 years and the growth and passion of her work has only gotten better over the years . Butterfly picks up 2 years after book 6 of the Ethic series. And I might add that it was so well written that if you didn't read the Ethic series, you wouldn't be lost, although you would be intrigued to read the backstory to the characters.

Morgan. I absolutely loved her growth. She still has some growing and soul searching to do but she is blossoming beautifully.

Aria. That little firecracker is a ball of energy and fun. A true blue friend. I want more of her. She is one of my faves.

Ahmeek aka Meek. Sexy. Quiet. Intriguing. Sexy. Protective. I love everything about this dude. He was one I wanted to know more about from Ethic but geez I wasn't prepared for all that I learned from him today. I. Need. More. Meek!!!

Isa. Still a complete nut but I love that about him. He is another character who we saw some growth with and still has more growing to do but I must admit I love the layers that were peeled back and exposed.

Bash. I just honestly don't have a connection with him. Nothing about him gives me warm and fuzzy feelings or makes me want him and Morgan to be together.

Messari and Yara. First I love their names! I love the nicknames that Morgan calls them throughout the book too. They are the best parts of their parents in toddler form. Messari also gives me Eazy vibes too. Gotta love his little cute self. Yara is quieter and more shy. But she loves who she loves and is not afraid to express that love.

There are other characters in this book too who bring love, joy, and even some drama but they aren't all really key characters for this book. It was a rollercoaster ride that I am sad it has to end for now but I will be happy to have this one on my shelves. If you want a "coming into my own self, love, laughter, drama, and passion" type of read, you want this book in your library!
February 10, 2021
Not sure how this has gotten so many good ratings. This book was straight trash. Writing was horrid.
Profile Image for Jordan.
414 reviews17 followers
June 21, 2023
This book was fucking good. I love, love, love, love, LOVE the depth Ashely Antionette wrote into these characters. They all remain true to themselves, while you can still see how circumstances change how they feel and what they do. Even the struggle of indecision is distinct for each of them. It makes you connect with them so deeply. Like I feel like these people are real and I love them.

Now, my baby Messiah is alive! Plot twist nigga!!!! He has been at Johns Hopkins Hospital (HEY BALTIMORE!!!) getting treatment. Fun fact for yall...Johns Hopkins is a research hospital. That means everybody there is a guinea pig...just keep that in mind. But they are one of the best for a reason...but I digress.

I loved Messiah so fucking much in Ethic. I still love him, but now I'm torn...because I love Meek with Morgan. We got a sticky situation. Messiah knows she's with Bash (which we shall fucking get to in a moment), and he knows she don't love him. He knows once he shows his face, she would be with him. He does NOT know about her and Meek though. That snatch ain't gonna be as easy. Messiah and Meek are cut from very similar cloths. What Morgan loved about Messiah is the same thing that drew her to Meek. Difference is Messiah broke her down, and Meek is building her back up from that very hard fall she took. I think without Meek, Messiah could have shown back up in her life and she would have been so happy to have her love back that they would have been together. And it would have been different. He has experienced love and forgiveness and has gone through a difficult battle just to come out of it and have the chance to look at life and love in a different way. So they could have been happy. But alas...Meek made her fucking heart cum...it ain't gonna be as easy. And the fucked up thing about it is that when Messiah really thought he was dying, he told Meek to love Morgan in his absence because he knew he could. He KNEW Meek would love her properly. His own fucking words are about to fuck up his world.

He went to Bleu first. There love is something beautiful. It's pure and completely untainted. He used her when they had sex, it wasn't about love or lust or attraction. He needed her because the reality of his death was looming so heavy and he needed to feel alive. So she doesn't feel any jealousy or anything about him and Morgan. She wants them together. BUT...she got a baby from that muthafuckin tryst, which I'm still fucking mad about by the way. She hasn't even told him about the baby.

And no one except Morgan's family, Bash's family, and Aria know that Morgan's twins are Messiah's. What the fuck is gonna happen when Messiah finds out that Morgan and Meek are together AND that those babies are his? I feel like shit gonna get ugly. Messiah been gone two years. In that time, despite what Messiah told Meek, Meek kept his distance from Morgan. She kept her distance from him too...getting away from Meek was part of why she ran to London, but it was because he made her think too much about Messiah, who she still cried over every single night, not because she wanted him. But Meek wasn't going against his friendship. Once they took it there, it wasn't about Messiah any more. He would have refrained and kept what he had for her tucked where it had been for years. Now that she has given herself to him, he not gonna be willing to give it up out of loyalty to a man he thought was dead. And even if he were willing to do that, which he actually might be, Morgan might not want that. This shit bout to get convoluted.

Now Bash I don't fucking like. He is a good guy, but he knew what Morgan was going through after Messiah. He took advantage of her vulnerability. She she got along to get along out of habit. Now they are trying to change her and curate this life for her that she really doesn't want. All she wanted was stability and to never feel the way she felt with Messiah ever again, which Bash does not have to power to make her do...she loves him, but as a friend. And she appreciates him and her family, but she is feeling dead inside. Well, that is until Murder Meek put that thang down on her ass. She was celibate the whole time with Bash. Never had sex with him.

I'm about to read The Invitation while I'm waiting for book 2.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Anita  Maria.
179 reviews1 follower
February 6, 2021
I understand this is book one in the Butterfly series, and although Ashley Antoinette did a good job of informing the reader of what happened in the Ethic series, I felt like this was lacking in some areas.

I grew tired of Morgan very early in the book. She was self-centered, immature (yes I get, she was only 21), callous, & reckless. Given Bash's family pedigree, I could not understand how she pulled all those shenanigans with Aria, yet none of it was ever plastered on social media & the tabloids. Come on you guys 🤦 Then her "friendship" with Ahmeek... straight reckless. She just galavanted around the globe leaving her twins while she entertained "friendships." Her treatment of Bash was completely childish & callous. If she was the boss chick she claims, severe the ties & move on. It's that simple. She wasn't even sexual with him although he was her fiancé 🤷 This book was predictable just by reading the back cover. What you think is going happen, happens. Aria & Isa brought the entertainment & laughs and is the only reason I managed to finish the book. I'm a fan of urban lit, but this one fell short for me.
Profile Image for Key Haggins.
60 reviews1 follower
June 30, 2022
After reading this I know this series gonna be juicy....If you haven't jumped on this train plz starts with Moth to a flame, them Ethic series. You want be sorry this is some good reading 📚
Profile Image for Tia.
784 reviews261 followers
April 10, 2020
Soooo good! I don't know who I'm rooting for. All I know is that stuffy Bash and his condescending pretentious mother have to go. I love how Aria/Ali just gets it said and done. Isa is on my shit list. I've fallen in love with Morgan's twins. Ashley did a great job with their characterizations. I can't wait for book 2. This book is slathered with graphic sex. I mention it because some readers don't prefer it. Messiah is a real one and you will fall for him too.

I haven't read the Ethic books so, I'm only speaking on the characters I was introduced to in this book.

I was given an ARC of this book from St. Martin's Griffin via Edelweiss
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Jasmine (bookswithjazz).
40 reviews19 followers
March 19, 2020
I love everything about this family! I am an honorary member of the Okafor family. This book is the beginning of a journey of a young girl who has been through it all. I used to dislkike Mo but as I continue to watch her grow and evolve, I see myself rooting for her. I think that every women can identify with Mo in one way or another. Her life experiences have created this girl who is slowly turning into a women.

Ashely Antoinette has created this world... This world that I want to be apart of. This world that is so enthralling, so real, so addicting. I am invested in all of these characters. I want to see all these characters win. This book (series!) is a page turner! (as always). Full of love, loss, grief, uncertainty, drama, renewal. While reading this series I have cried, laughed, hurt, panicked, fell in love. It’s truly a DOPE book. I can not wait for part 2 of Mo’s journey.

I definitely recommend this read. If you decide to go down this JOURNEY (because it is indeed that!). In order to truly understand, appreciate, and know each character I recommend that you read the books in this order:
A Moth to a Flame
All 6 books in the Ethic Series (in order)
Butterfly 1
Profile Image for Claire.
942 reviews9 followers
November 22, 2020
Hey everyone, safe sex is hawt. I'm worried for these fictional ladies. 😅 Wayyyyy too many moments of, "Surprise! I put my condomless 'thang' somewhere without you seeing or consenting!! I know I'm a whole hoe, but...." I never thought I'd be reading about erotic queefing, but there's a first time for everything.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Lakecia Allison.
237 reviews5 followers
December 12, 2022
Good book but there were a few things that got on my nerves. Unnecessary, long, drawn out repetitions of Morgan's up and down between Messiah, Meek, and Bash. Of all the characters, I really dislike her. Some of the sex talk and cursing she allowed and participated in around her 2 year old twins was definitely a no-no! Then to describe Bash as corny when he lives a straight laced life, has a real career, and is not running the streets was just corny! Matter of fact, Morgon did not deserve him. I hope he easily moves on and leave her to play fairytale games with the real cornballs....the ones running the streets making illegal money.
Profile Image for trina (kenan ross’ wife).
143 reviews135 followers
September 4, 2023
What a great start to this series.
I’m actually so glad we get to see more of Aria in this series, she is the realest! A true friend. Her scenes with Isa’s had me shook, and I’m so interested in seeing how their relationship will progress further into this series.

As far as Morgan and Ahmeek … I honestly thought it was foul. But I had to consider that they all think Messiah is dead. I don’t know if I love them together, but I’d be lying if I said that they aren’t much healthier than M&M. I honestly don’t know how I feel about them yet. I’m just so ready for when she finds out Messiah is alive. It’s gonna fuck their entire dynamic up, I know it. Messiah’s got some competition though. Now that Morgan has gotten a taste of that healthy love, he’s really going to have to grovel. Let’s just say… I am so ready to read the next book!
Profile Image for Nicole Walls.
126 reviews
May 24, 2022
I needed a break and now I jumped back in. Yes a great introduction to Morgan. Meek love him can’t wait to see what is going to happen
Profile Image for NishTRBG.
81 reviews10 followers
February 10, 2023
4.5 ⭐️ this one has my head spinning and all the while idk how Morgan will make this choice in the end… all I know is that B.A.N. Bash gottttta go!
Profile Image for The Book Chick.
333 reviews12 followers
January 11, 2020
No cap. This is the best I’ve seen from Ashley since Moth to a Flame.
Ive been very hard on her work and I was so disappointed after the entire Ethic series. Yet here I am.
You get classic Ashely Antoinette in this one and all the things she does best. Anyone who has read my reviews of her work will know that I always say she’s the absolute best at hood love, and this novel is no different.
This one had substance and was not loaded with filler. I mean you get her typical prose, but she doesn’t over do it. You know you do get crass...so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You’ll probably clutch some pearls. I did.. but I got past it to what was a beautiful telling of learning to live again after the worst heartbreak.
What Ashley created between Morgan and her new found freedom... yeah that’s what I’ll call it, was nothing short of breathtaking. Listen... I have never and I do mean never wanted to re read sex scenes... well okay maybe once or twice, but typically I get the picture and move on. It’s either a good one or a bad one or something in between. What Ashely did with Morgan and her new... freedom lol was... well let’s just say I still want to go back and read that last scene.
Aria and Isa were funny. I like that Ashely added those laugh breaks in there and didn’t just do heavy material the whole time. I think that they do the most, but when it was funny, it was funny. I laughed out loud several times.

So we all knew the monkey wrench Ashley was going to throw in here, see my last review..., and I’m sure that it will continue to unfold in the next installment.
Here is the thing, Ashely is the torture queen.. she will mess it all up sigh... if I had a wishlist that she would read I would petition her to please allow Morgan to be happy with the new new (not giving away a thing), although I understand it’s a journey to get there.
I do want to say that Ahmeek is bae. Periodt. But we all know how this can go... Ashley... Ashley Antoinette Coleman, paasleeese let Meek stay loyal, fine, sexy, and a real G til the end cause that is the stuff dreams are made of. Swoon a thousand times..okay that’s it.
Profile Image for Nicole.
398 reviews103 followers
March 20, 2020
This book pulled and played with my emotions. Morgan is young. Very young and has already went though a lot. Factor in babies and men and it leads to a lot of difficult decisions. While I understand Morgan's back and forth feelings since Messiah is gone I don't like the tug of war she plays with Meek and Bash. Games like that can end up getting someone killed because these characters love hard. Their love is intense on the highest level. Ara and Isa.......they can only be described as a beautiful disaster! Those two are running from love because they're too much alike. They want one another, but they both want the power more. It will be interesting to see if they can make it work. This story was very well written and vivid which made it hard for me to put it down. The ending left me wanting more for sure. Can't wait to read book 2.
Profile Image for Denise Gilliam.
715 reviews21 followers
May 10, 2020
Omg this book was off the chain I loved it from start to finish. First off Morgan is a broken soul I really feel bad for her. Thank god she had some good people in life. I don’t like Bash mother Christina she is a prude ass women she believes she runs things just because Bash don’t say anything you can’t go around just making demands on other people’s children. Aria Isa and Meek are my type of people I love how they love Morgan. I hope Morgan abs Meek stay like they are but her comes ole Messiah ass. Until book two 🦋
Profile Image for Keyana Fedison.
94 reviews2 followers
January 8, 2020
Brace yourself

There isn't enough stars to give you for this book. The amount of love Meek is yelling to Morgan is breathe take and dangerous none the less. Part 2 is gonna be very interesting to say the least. How can Messiah come back and compete with the bond Morgan and Arkmeek are build. The PLOT THICKENS. Can't wait until part 2 come out. Jesus please don't let it be 6 months from now.
Profile Image for L. Renee.
Author 25 books19 followers
January 8, 2020
Never A Disappointment

My god she has done it again. AHMEEK has swiftly moved to the top of my list as my Book Bae. This was absolutely a page Turner and I am anticipating part 2
Profile Image for Crystal (Melanatedreader) Forte'.
247 reviews137 followers
October 2, 2021
I can’t stop reading 😫😫😫😫😫 This series got me wrapped. This one definitely gave me some answers and per usual Ashley did what needed to be done!
Profile Image for Patrice.
192 reviews25 followers
June 3, 2022
I enjoyed this book. Morgan hasn’t gotten on my nerves too bad yet. 😂 because honey, she severely plucked my nerves in the Ethic series. She’s a good mom and friend. Let’s see where this goes.

Bash seems safe but Christiana is controlling. I understand that their name holds “power” but she’s too much. I mean, Bash is nice but Morgan doesn’t love him. I couldn’t see her settling and moving to the other side of the world without her family for boring.

I’m starting to fall for Ahmeek 🥰 so I can imagine Morgan’s butterflies. His mom is nice and inviting and he loves her kids. They just took to him. I think that’s a sign. He is so in tune with her needs.

Aria and Isa’s relationship is refreshing. Weird, but refreshing. I hope he doesn’t hurt her.

As soon as Morgan seems to be getting her grounding and making a decision, here comes Messiah back from the dead. I can only imagine how Morgan and Ahmeek will react. I’m anxious to see how this plays out.

Ethic and Alani are still holding on. I’m ready to travel back deep into Ethic land. On to The Invitation.
Profile Image for Olivia Wildenstein.
Author 45 books3,208 followers
January 6, 2021
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

What a book. It was raw and crazy graphic, but extremely beautiful. I adored the characters and definitely want to know what happens next.

*listened to audiobook, and the narration was fantastic.
Profile Image for Ligia.
6 reviews
July 29, 2021
Unexpectedly explicit but interesting.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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