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BOSH!: How to Live Vegan

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1 MILLION  BOSH  BOOKS SOLD WORLDWIDE From the international phenomenon and bestselling sensation Bosh!—”the vegan Jamie Olivers” ( Times , UK)—comes this fully comprehensive guide to vegan living, whether you’re thinking about adopting a plant-based lifestyle or a committed vegan looking for new information and insights. Do you want to go vegan but have no idea where to start? BOSH!, the pioneers of simple, delicious plant-based cooking and the guys behind the biggest vegan video channel on the web, are here to help! BOSH!: How to Live Vegan covers all aspects of vegan living from plant-based food and wine to vegan toiletries, travel, and clothes. Henry and Ian address the benefits of veganism on our health and the planet and answer a variety of questions on living life without animal products. Should you be eating avocados? Is it okay to wear an old leather belt? What do you tell your friends when they offer you a glass of non-vegan wine? Pioneering a new way of thinking, BOSH! is helping to make a sustainable and ethical lifestyle accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a committed vegan, looking to improve your lifestyle, or starting out for the first time, this book has all the know-how and inspiration you need to pursue and enjoy a plant-based life.

320 pages, Hardcover

Published October 15, 2019

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Henry Firth

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Profile Image for Anna Kļaviņa.
797 reviews198 followers
January 25, 2020

This guide could be helpful for newbie vegans & for these who are just curious. BTW The Vegan Society provides the same info for free & without unnecessary filler.

There were two things that rubbed me wrong way.

* Environmental & health reasons for going vegan get a chapter each, animal welfare gets honourable mention here & there. Why is that?

* I would also disagree with the call not to be a "pushy" & "angry" vegan. You might not like them & believe that they do more harm than good but they have right to be upset & advocate for veganism as they see fit.

And who are angry vegans? Those who protest inside steak houses or people like Joey Carbstrong who is often called "angry" & "militant" by mainstream media but is he?
Profile Image for Iman Mourad.
1 review
December 10, 2019
Very repetitive what was written in 100 pages could easily be written in 35 pages! I feel kike they just wanted to fill papers in nost of it. It has good information don't get me wrong but that's a small part of it ! Over priced with respect to the info...
Profile Image for Nigeyb.
1,243 reviews281 followers
February 2, 2023
Nothing I didn’t already know having been plant based for many years now but this could be inspiring for an omnivore considering positive changes to their lifestyle

Profile Image for Kate Lawrence.
Author 1 book24 followers
December 5, 2019
I like to review "how-to-be-vegan" guidebooks in order to know which ones to recommend. This one by the BOSH! guys, whose cookbooks I've looked at previously, is one of the best, if not THE best, so far. I say that mostly due to its comprehensiveness; its two main sections, the WHY and the HOW, comment on just about everything a new vegan would think to ask. What veganism is, reasons to make the change--along with the authors' experience in doing so, why it makes a difference to the planet, how to answer questions one's family and friends are likely to ask, how to negotiate tricky food-related situations, a few easy recipes to start with and fall back on, how to veganize one's wardrobe and personal care products, and so much more.
It is an amazing achievement that the authors have become so widely knowledgeable after only four years vegan, and are able to cover so much, yet in a breezy, friendly tone that avoids too much detail. I loved that they consistently counsel friendly, non-confrontational responses to any hostility expressed by others, and support any level of meat reduction in one's diet ("choose animal-free products, as far as is right for you").
Most books of this type emphasize the animal cruelty and health reasons to change, mentioning environmental reasons just in passing; here the main focus is on the environment/climate change, as that is the primary reason both of the authors went vegan. Health reasons get a chapter; animal suffering only two pages. This is a significant shift from how all this used to be presented.
A minor drawback is that because the authors are British, their comments on particular foods may occasionally be puzzling to Americans. Ever heard of a fry-up? cheese toasties? fizzy sweets? They do, however, include American measurements in the recipes.
If you're looking for an overall guide to the daily practice of veganism, start with this one.
Profile Image for MaggyGray.
588 reviews28 followers
March 20, 2023
Vom Wühltisch mitgenommen.

Aktuell kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, vegan zu leben, trotzdem hat mich dieses Buch interessiert. Obwohl es nun kein dünnes Büchlein ist, hatte ich es relativ schnell durch, vielleicht auch deshalb, weil sich die Autoren sehr oft wiederholen und viele Punkte unter einem anderen Thema einfach nochmal durchnudeln.
Vieles war mir zum Beispiel auch übertrieben - veganes Essen ist ja schon eine kleine Herausforderung (bis man sich daran gewöhnt hat), aber wenn es dann zu Themen kommt wie MakeUp, Technik, Wohnen, Medikamente usw. dann steige ich persönlich aus. Oder seitenlang zu diskutieren, ob man jetzt seine geliebte 10 Jahre alte Lederjacke weiter anziehen sollte oder nicht... Oder den eigenen veganen Lebensstil den eigenen Kindern und/oder Haustieren aufzudrücken. Nun ja. Da bin ich dann doch eher skeptisch.

Aber insgesamt ist das Buch nicht schlecht für einen ersten Einstieg ins Vegane.
Profile Image for Chris.
463 reviews109 followers
October 6, 2019
Not bad at all. Having been a vegetarian for about 30 years now, I knew a lot of stuff already and even if you’re not, some if it is rather obvious. Still, for people wanting to become vegan/vegetarian this is a good book to start.
October 28, 2019
I've been vegan for just over a year so I picked this book up from the library because I wanted a bit of a refresher...why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's packed full of really helpful information, it's not preachy (major bonus) and the layout is great. My main reasons for being vegan is for the animals and for the environment, I adore animals and am against animal cruelty. The focus of this book is more about the health reasons of being vegan, which I can't really relate to as I'm a junk food vegan (I hate myself, not the animals lol!)
The environmental facts are really shocking. Having a 5 year old daughter I want her to have a bright future, it's my job to try and make it happen.
Profile Image for Anna.
105 reviews10 followers
January 2, 2020
A really good practical read for someone who is new to veganism or considering veganism. I have been vegetarian on and off so many of the things outlined were familiar to me, but this is a great introduction. From tips on reading labels, to nutritional balance, to taking the conversation beyond food (clothing, make-up, travel), the book creates space for the reader to make up their own mind on just how ‘vegan’ they might want to be, and always emphasising that any move towards living without animal products is a positive step.
September 28, 2019
A really good book for those entering the world of veganism, I feel would make a perfect introduction. I don’t feel however if you’re already vegan it would tell you anything you don’t already know. Wonderful clear language, easy to navigate and understand, full of passion and enthusiasm, highly recommended reading for the wannabe vegan or just someone trying to be greener, healthier and planet conscious

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
Profile Image for Elle❤&#x1f5a4;.
225 reviews41 followers
September 25, 2019
*Thank you to the author and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Anyone who is already vegan, who want more information about it or are thinking about adopting a vegan lifestyle, READ THIS BOOK!

Veganism can be an intimidating topic - there's a lot of false reports, contradicting views, misconceptions and a general lack of knowledge and understanding of what it means to be vegan.

What I liked especially about this book is how it emphasizes the importance of going at your own pace - you decide how you want (or if) to implement veganism into your life, you can go gradually or straight away, whatever feels comfortable and manageable for you. It gives you facts and evidence on how going vegan can have a positive impact on your life, AND save the planet, one meat-free meal at a time. Seriously, I was amazed at how big of an impact that cutting meat out of just one meal a week can have on the environment.

This book will help you separate fact from fiction and give you the knowledge you need to decide for yourself if veganism is a path you want to take, now, slowly over time or in the near future. Or even at all. This book doesn't throw judgement over anyone or their lifestyle choices, it doesn't preach that vegans are superoir or try to make people feel guilty if they're not vegan. We are all brought up to live a certain way, and you cannot expect people to change, or want to change the only way they've ever known to live, overnight or at all! And if you decide to make the change to veganism, you don't have to go all or nothing and it's 100% okay to make mistakes!

This book states that veganism is also a cheaper way of living - personally I've found that not to be true, only because I don't have the motivation or patience to cook every meal from scratch. Products advertised as being "vegan" or "free-from" are pretty expensive and the cost of living off of exclusively vegan products can easily build up. This book acknowledges that, so it encourages a plan/prep ahead approach and to buy ingredients to make your vegan meals from scratch. This is not a feasible option for everyone and is not a process myself and many others want to have to do all the time. We should be able to go in to any shop and buy vegan products that aren't being sold at a higher price purely because it's vegan - they shouldnt be a luxury product, they should be an essential, just like meat and milk is to others. Maybe once veganism becomes more commonplace, prices will come down.

It also doesn't acknowledge that some allergies/intolerances may make it harder to eat a vegan diet. Soy, mycoprotein, nuts, seeds, legumes and coconut are some of the common ingredients in vegan foods, so this should also be taken in to consideration before you go all soy-out!
Profile Image for Dane Cobain.
Author 28 books309 followers
March 15, 2022
The Bosh boys are back again! This one’s a little bit different to their other books, though, because they’ve previously only really published recipe books. This one is much more of a guide to living vegan, with pretty much all of the information you could need to get started.

That includes answers to all of the common questions, such as “where do you get your protein” and “but bacon, though”. Although the latter of those isn’t really a question.

There are three main reasons why people go vegan: for their health, for the planet or for the animals. The Bosh boys take a look at all three of those and cover them in more detail than I could hope to in a review, and they do in a way that’s pretty engaging and easy to read.

I think part of that is down to the layout of the book itself, which is designed to make everything more palatable than it might otherwise be. It doesn’t feel as though you’re reading a piece of dry non-fiction. It feels like you’re having a chat to a friend, and one who isn’t even preachy.

I feel like I already know quite a lot about veganism and so I’m not really the target audience, but there were still a few bits here and there that I didn’t know before I started. For example, you can tell if a beauty brand isn’t vegan if they sell in China, because (at least until 2020), Chinese law required them to test their products on animals.

All in all, it was a cracking read for anyone looking to reduce their impact on the planet, their bodies and the animals we share the Earth with. It’s definitely worth a read.
Profile Image for Claire.
24 reviews16 followers
January 17, 2020
Very preachy.. I only read this because im curious about the health benefits of a lifestyle change. Not going full vegan. Mweh... Glad I read it. Don't think I'll rush back into it tho.
Profile Image for Vilian Ivanov.
28 reviews5 followers
September 25, 2020
An OK introduction to Veganism and all of its principles. Good for beginners but nothing new for people already living the lifestyle.
Profile Image for Ethan Tuan.
10 reviews3 followers
January 11, 2022
A short and concise book to help you start living a vegan lifestyle. I have been on a plant-based diet for half a year and have done quite some reading (How Not to Die) and watching (Forks over Knifes, Earthlings, etc), plus countless Youtube videos from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Klaper, and quite a few studies and researches on PubMed. Many of the ideas from this book I already knew. I also find that you can learn a lot more by in-depth in other sources from well-known doctors and scientific studies. Still there are some useful things you can find from this book.

The definition of veganism is living is a way the seeks to exclude, “as far as is possible and practical”, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to animals. At the current stage, we are far from perfection, but knowing this this is the trend towards goodness, I cannot do nothing (especially after seeing all the cruelty to animals and scientific evidence of the harm and imbalance we are causing to our health and environment).

The book gives succinct ideas about the “Why” and “How” to live vegan. If you more concerned more about diet and health, “How Not to Die” is a much more in-depth, scientific-based about the benefit of plant-based diet. This book gives some practical advice on how to deal with other people (don’t preach), how to check label and avoid innocent sounding foods that contain animal products (I made lots of mistakes in the beginning), tips on grocery shopping, meal plan, what to ask in restaurant (many use animal fat for your innocent fries), know vegan-friendly skincare/haircare/makeup (do you know that money and condom also contain animal products?).

Veganism is not a fad; it is a movement with solid moral and scientific justification, towards a better world or harmony. It is much more complex and difficult compared to how we move away from smoking or plastic. Still we can be the light and be conscious about all the decisions we make.
Profile Image for Justkeepreading.
1,874 reviews79 followers
September 25, 2019
How to live vegan. Is a great book. Filled with fantastic hints, tips and suggestions on how to start your own vegan journey. Why it is the only way we should be thinking of going and how if everyone did this we would be able to save this beautiful planet we all call home.
Profile Image for Lauren.
427 reviews54 followers
September 28, 2020
3.75/5⭐ A very informative and helpful guide on How to Live Vegan.

A plant-based lifestyle can really help our own health and the environment.

The book details what food options there are for you to eat, and how to cook the foods, or make healthy and fun recipes that are plant-based. Also where to find alternative clothes and toiletries.

I myself am lactose intolerant and have always wondered about going fully vegan and giving up meat as well, and other products.

How to live vegan has great tips on changing even the smallest of habits, to help save the planet. It's one change at a time.

Meat-free mondays are a great idea, even just reducing the meat you consume.

Lots of helpful advice, FAQ's, tips on dealing with family and friends questions, regarding becoming vegan. Overall a really helpful beginners guide, and great to reference and get ideas.

I think we could all be better in helping the planet.

Full review to come.

*Thank you to the publishers for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.*
Profile Image for Angélique (MapleBooks).
195 reviews11 followers
December 2, 2019
A friendly and nonjudgmental introduction to veganism. I like the casual tone, the absence of preaching, the tolerance to others' choices, and and flexibility.
This guide is relatively short but covers a lot for people interested in understanding the environmental repercussion of animal agriculture. It has simple explanation and tips for cooking, eating out, travelling, even clothing.
You probably know most of the content of you already started the journey towards a meatless diet, but this book would make a very nice gift to people who are just starting to show interest.
Profile Image for Jim.
50 reviews2 followers
November 29, 2019
Great book for anyone interested in veganism. I've recently changed to a plant based diet, mainly for environmental reasons, and the thing I loved about this book is the author while promoting a 100% vegan lifestyle repeatedly stated that any reduction in our individual meat & dairy intake will make a difference and that each of us are on our own vegan journey.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
31 reviews
May 18, 2020
It was alright. Didn't want to give a 2 but felt it was rather repetitive. It's good if you know very minimal about being vegan but for the most part a lot of people may know these facts whether you're vegetarian, flex or omnivore.
After reading "Main Street Vegan" this one just couldn't compare! I think I'm done with my vegan books for a while.
Profile Image for Caitlin.
23 reviews4 followers
October 14, 2019
As someone who's been vegan for about 10 months now, I didn't get anything immediately new from this, but thought the Lifestyle section was particularly good - the perfect gift for anyone in your life considering going vegan.
Profile Image for Theo Hall.
123 reviews
May 8, 2020
Bosh! How to live Vegan was written by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, the 2 people behind the [bosh business](http://bosh.tv), a vegan food website and business. They have been described as the "Vegan Jamie Olivers". The book covers all aspects of vegan living, from food to toiletries to travel. It talks about the reasons and facts about veganism. It gives some answers to questions about the morality of veganism, including plastic, travel, social situations and more, and it gives great advice on how to live a vegan lifestyle.
- What I liked
- I really liked how great the advice was. The book went into great detail about the practicalities of living vegan, it covers so much ground on all the questions a new vegan might have, what do I do with old leather products?, should I accept non-vegan food given to me?, what quick and easy meals can I rely on?, should I go vegan overnight or gradually?, and many others. I also thought the chapter at the beginning about Whywhy you should go vegan was great, it covered many different reasons, and always backed it up with statistics.
- I always got the feeling while reading this book that is was not attacking in any way, other vegan books and content are often very blunt about what they are claiming, and are quick to condemn any meat-eater, or someone not interested in going vegan. This book was not like that at all, it backed-up going vegan with many facts, but always made the case very clearly and calmly, and seemed to be supportive of meat-eaters trying to reduce meat/dairy a little if not a lot.
- What I disliked
- In the beginning chapter about the reasons for why you should go vegan, I felt their advice was a bit wishy-washy: a bit unclear. For example: "Henry's Dad eats meat a couple of times a year, and makes sure not to fly too many times, it's a climate-friendly option that works for him", " there's no magic solution, but the answer lies in this direction", and "veganism is a goal to aim for". While this is all true, veganism isn't a "magic solution", and eating meat isn't the end of the world, but I did feel it wasn't very clear what their message was. It all felt a bit wishy-washy, in that they didn't give clear advice and kept saying that veganism was a goal, and that it's all a personal thing. This may suit some people, I just didn't love the style.
- I did feel that in the beginning chapter, the facts were very misleading, and often came across as headlines that may have designed to twist the facts a little. For example: "If all grain were fed to humans, we could feed an extra 3.5 billion people", or " if everyone in the Uk dropped meat from 1 meal a week, we could slash emissions by more than 8%". I may be wrong, and these statistics may be 100% accurate, however I think these types of statistics are quite misleading. For the second quote, how do we know where people buy meat, what that would actually change because of what happens to the meat they're no buying, what timescale this is, or how they gathered these statistics. I'm not saying they're wrong, but maybe what their claiming means something different once you look into what the statistics are really referring too.
- Although the advice around taking on a vegan diet was great and super helpful, I felt lots of it was fairly obvious, and not really related to veganism. For example: "Meal planning is a great way to get through the week", "plan ahead", and "have ingredients ready in your kitchen". Maybe this is revolutionary advice to some people, but I thought this was a bit obvious. It also isn't really a vegan thing, just a common sense cooking thing. Only a minor complaint though

I would recommend this book to people highly considering going vegan, people deciding to go vegan, and people who went vegan recently. It would definitely be very beneficial to anyone in those 3 categories.
Profile Image for Tami.
282 reviews7 followers
February 6, 2022
I’ve been vegan now for around seven months. I wanted to pick this book up to see if I would learn anything one the why, what and how of being vegan. Written from the authors own experiences of being vegan and what they have learnt along their journey. They have researched aspects for this book, giving the references at the back, along with some resources on further information. I liked that they weren’t being ‘preachy’ on being vegan, mentioning that they want people to eat what they like, including meat or dairy. Allowing the reader to decide for themselves how and if they want to be vegan. I liked that they spoke about more than just the vegan diet, touching on clothes, beauty and travel. In the ‘why’ section of this book, I found that it mainly spoke about the health and environmental benefits of being vegan and only highlighted animal cruelty. I liked there were some journal prompts to understand the why and how behind being vegan. Personally, I completed the why prompts as this is the part I get stuck on when someone asks me but I felt that I could easily answer the how prompts. Overall I enjoyed reading this book and learnt a few new pieces of information. I would recommend this for someone who is newly vegan or wants to add a few vegan meals to their week.
Profile Image for Bethany.
37 reviews
December 17, 2021
As I have already been a vegan for almost a year now, I found this book a little repetitive and not all that useful. Having said that, I think it's a great introduction to people who are new to veganism, looking to adopt a more plant based lifestyle, or are simply interested in learning a bit more about the topic. The reasoning and ideas are balanced and considered - it doesn't try to shovel hyperbolic moral righteousness down your throat as can happen when you read about veganism. (Although upon occasion it did feel like there was some mansplaining going on as a lot of the 'tips' were just common sense. Moreover, the tone sometimes aired a little on the patronising side.) I enjoyed reading more about extending a plant based lifestyle to things other than your diet as this is something I have yet to look into in great depth. There were some interesting information and facts included (most interestingly that a lot of the time condoms contain milk - I mean who knew?!) and I liked hearing some of the personal anecdotes of having to answer barbed questions and deal with baffled waiters.
Profile Image for Savvy.
190 reviews2 followers
November 5, 2019
Dit boek heeft mij aan het denken gezet. Het is niet alleen een boek over veganistisch eten, het is een boek over een bewuste leefstijl en hoe jij als individu een bijdrage kan leveren aan het klimaat. Naast de harde feiten en cijfers die nogal deprimerend kunnen zijn, geeft dit boek de positieve boodschap mee dat een kleine stap wel degelijk een groot verschil kan maken. Ian en Henry vertellen over hun eigen zoektocht naar een zo veganistisch mogelijke leefstijl, de moeilijkheden waar zij mee te kampen hebben gehad en het gevoel van overwinning wanneer ze een vleesgerecht door een veganistisch gerecht hebben vervangen. ‘Save the planet and feel amazing’ is hun motto en zij laten op een ongedwongen manier zien hoe een veganistische levensstijl hierbij helpt, op een manier die bij jou past.
Profile Image for Shaun.
66 reviews1 follower
December 31, 2019
I listened to this as an audio book presented by the authors. As a vegan of 3 years it didn't offer anything new but would be a great place to start for anyone interested in the topic, answering all of the common questions people want to ask :-)
The only gripe with the book is some of the terminology, in my mind you can be plant based one or two meals a day or week but you wouldn't be vegan one meal a day. As a vegan you're trying your best to avoid the exploitation and cruelty to animals in all forms, you wouldn't decide to do that for one meal a day.
That being said the BOSH team are awesome, create amazing recipes and do amazing stuff for the animals, environment and health. Keep it up.
19 reviews4 followers
May 22, 2021
2.5 would be more accurate - whatever. This is like a motivational book, set with good intentions, which is good. But at the same time it could be recapped in a few sentences, i.e., if you eat vegan the world is going to be a better place and you are going to feel much better in all aspects; (don't get me wrong) statements I agree with. But the whole book gets repetitive.
I was looking for a vegan recipe book, they were over my budget. So I thought an introduction to some reasons to be was not a bad idea, either- I should have known better. Still I can use some of the information and I think there are some recipes and stuff towards the end (have not gotten there yet and does not look very promising I will).
Profile Image for Sam.
3,228 reviews234 followers
October 24, 2021
This is a fairly interesting and thought provoking read, if you know nothing about veganism, the drivers behind it, and where to start, which is probably unlikely in this day and age and if you're picking this up. It is very much packed with information and does cover the various different reasons why so many are moving towards a vegan lifestyle. It also covers the various and widespread pitfalls and sticking points, acknowledging that it is down to the individual to decide on each of these issues and that it is almost impossible to be 100% vegan because of how modern society works. Having said that, I didn't learn much more than I already knew, which is kind of what I was expecting given the title, maybe I'm just too far down the road to count as the target audience...
Profile Image for Jeffrey Ning.
220 reviews4 followers
December 13, 2019
Book cover of the actual book differs from what is shown in Goodreads. Henry Firth and Ian Theasby empower readers to decide for themselves in taking up veganism or vegetarianism. It answers why, what, where and how to live vegan your way in saving the planet called Earth.

Contemporary written and presented in concise manner with tonnes of information for beginners and existing vegan. The book’s physical format allows it to be carried anywhere and aesthetic looking as well. A keeper for personal library collection if you have space.
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