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The Dragonbond Saga #1

A Dragon from the Desert

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The biggest problem in fifteen year old Raif's life used to be finding lost goats. Now, apprenticed to a terrifying war wizard he is caught in the web of intrigue and assassination surrounding the heir to his home kingdom. And if that was not enough he becomes foster parent to an orphaned dragon. He must do his best to make sure he and his new friend survive the dangers of the deadly world in which they find themselves.

328 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 31, 2019

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William King

320 books649 followers
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Profile Image for John Kelly.
9 reviews
May 22, 2019
A thoroughly enjoyable coming of age story, accessible for younger readers but enjoyable for adults too. King's skill with fantasy worlds translates into prose that feels effortless to read. This feels like a solid introduction to a new series and I look forward to the antagonists being fleshed out.
11 reviews
May 11, 2019
Oh where is #2 Book of series?

Liked entire reading of this 2nd book; so disappointed I couldn't jump right into the next one in series. Hurry up!
Profile Image for J.
301 reviews
May 15, 2019
It's fine.

Mostly suffers from a lot of telling and a ton of narration that loves to drop future plot hints, which I find irritating. It's a pretty obvious plot overall, no real surprises to be found.
Also needs a proofreader or two to look it over.
Profile Image for Ed A.
160 reviews2 followers
May 7, 2019
A good read

Not a bad read, if you can get through the slowness of the story flow. A slow pace does allow for background and character development though. Looking forward to the next installment.
Profile Image for Jeff Davault.
100 reviews5 followers
April 25, 2019
This was an author I hadn't read before, but I do enjoy reading fantasy with dragons and those bonded to them, so it had enough to interest me in the title. For someone unfamiliar with the world, it was nice the author took some time to explain things, especially when it came to magic, though there is obviously a bit more to learn on that front. One nice thing, which I was a bit concerned with seeing that it was first in a series, is that it did not end on a cliffhanger, rather it found a good breaking point for the story, and gave the reader enough to close this part of the story, and look forward to new adventures in the future. Raif and Red have many things to learn, with a lot of growing up as well, and I look forward to their further adventures.
Profile Image for Aaron.
6 reviews
April 26, 2019
Loved it

I don't normally review books as I suck at it. However i.enjoy his books immensely and look forward to the next book.
225 reviews17 followers
June 16, 2020
I will admit I wasn't expecting much from this series. It looked like one of those books on Amazon/Itunes/Kobo that were perhaps a step above a vanity project.

To say I was pleasantly surprised is more than fair.

It is a well written coming of age apprentice sorcerer novel of the type that was dominant in the 80's and 90's (Belgariad, Magician, etc) and was permanently re-invented by J.K. Rowling.

It is definitely a slow burn kind of novel but I enjoyed it.

(1) A likable protagonist who isn't a saint... he is relatable - he hates the people who bully him and likes the people who are nice;

(2) It's nice to have a protagonist who isn't a blond haired blue eyed farm boy - he's a brown skinned, black haired farm boy.

(3) Magic system - while so far only touching the edges of it, it is clear the author has put in some time developing it;

(4) Red - you'll love him once you meet him

(1) It is very predictable in many regards and hits all the beats just when you think they're going to happen. There is never a point where you say to yourself "I never saw that coming"; instead, you're usually 2-5 pages ahead of the characters at all times;

(2) Many of the non-protagonists are paper thin archetypes.

For the price, it was a pleasant read and I'm already reading the sequel.
Profile Image for Aaron.
1 review
April 9, 2019
Set in the same world as Kormak, William King flips the protagonist from a dour, calloused veteran to a wide-eyed farm boy. Seeing this world through a different perspective, especially from those who Kormak often hunts down, is refreshing.

This series compliments the Kormak series but does stand on its own.
April 4, 2019
A great start

If you enjoy origin stories. Hero's finding the place in the world then you will enjoy this. Set in the same world as some of his other books I'm interested in seeing if the hero in this meets some of the characters from his other books.
16 reviews
September 9, 2019
A solid book. I really rate William King's books however this one is one of the weaker ones. That said King is such a good author that this still makes for a decent read.

The main problem is it is quite slow and not much happens. The main idea, the world and the writing are all pretty good and the characters are likeable. However there just isn't enough action in it and too much emphasis on explaining magic. The plot is pretty obvious and you see the twists coming - although that is in no small part because King sets them up well, and despite seeing them coming you want to know how these twists will pan out.

IF King is able to improve the balance of the story and include more action then he will have written another good series. The potential is all there - good characters , interesting magic, a good world and situation for the characters that leaves lots of potential for action, intrigue and twists - so I will give the next book a go.

As for this one a gentle, readable book, which is solid without being spectacular. Probably a 2.8 stars type of read, with the series having good potential.
Profile Image for Sanna.
511 reviews17 followers
July 10, 2019
Disappointed in this one

I expected to like this better, as it was supposed to have even dragons, but I was disappointed. It was an easy read but it was too simplistic for that kind of amount of pages spent on it. Too little happened. The time was basically spent describing one very dull journey from point A to point B and the supposed apprentice to be and the sorcerer returning to bouts of questions and answers hour each day where a previous teenaged goatherder miraculously understood and digested anything told by an experienced war wizard. Honestly it got very boring amd wasn't believable. There was a very cute dragonling, but that's just about it when it comes to the positive sides. I just don't find it to be anything as well done as it should. Never mind being the first in a series etc. It just isn't up to fullfilling any kind of shoes of old classic predecessors.
Profile Image for Alan.
7 reviews4 followers
January 16, 2023
Nothing happened.
In the 1/8 of the book the MC is taken as a mage apprentice, does he learn any magic? The short answer is no. The long answer? Well he kinda gets some basic lore on magic but still no. The writing is fine, the characters are even decent besides the regular one dimensional bullies, but the last part of the book the MC gets the idiot ball on the most predictable twist I’ve read in the last few hundred books and still manages to completely miss it. I don’t know… I’ll probably lead the following books simply because I’m a sucker for fantasy, more graphic coming of age novels but if the second book follows the pace of the first I’m gonna drop it.
Profile Image for Robert Spellmann.
262 reviews
September 12, 2019
Great series started...

To me it is curious that so many fiction fantasies weave parallels or parodies of Biblical histories into their plots, complete monotheistic rewards, punishments, and hierarchical priest structures, such as the Solar faith.

Similarly, I've observed a pattern followed by many authors of not using crude language until well into the story, or even in the 2nd or 3rd book of a series. Vulgar is vulgar and I'll still drop a book and avoid the author if the tone turns ugly.

So far, this series is a keeper. *smile*
Profile Image for Frank Bertino.
1,571 reviews10 followers
July 27, 2019
A Sorceress, A Dragon, A Girl, A Friend

Raif is ripped from his life, as the eldest son on a farm barely providing subsistence, to a life of magic as a sorceress's apprentice. He finds that magic is much more complicated than he ever imagined. Bullies, slavers, monsters, and assassins complicate things further. I like the action, humor, and romance. I look forward to the next book.
Profile Image for Ismael García.
Author 6 books10 followers
May 4, 2022
Muy trabajado, mucho más que la serie de Kormak. Predecible en sus capítulos finales. ¿Es eso malo? No lo creo, al contrario, despierta nostalgia y emociones dormidas. Hay un par momentos en los que consigue que aflore incluso el sentimiento de maravilla que en nuestro encallecido y mundanizado espíritu casi daba por perdido.
Una buena y sólida historia a la vieja usanza.
¿Lo recomiendo? Por supuesto que sí lo recomiendo.
Profile Image for Alon Lankri.
312 reviews1 follower
July 16, 2023

This is a really fun escape fantasy book. Low stakes, fairly obvious plot, things move along at a nice pace. The kind of book you'd enjoy reading on the beach. The world itself gives off some Warhammer vibes, which makes sense considering the author. Not every book has to have complex characters and a sense of impending doom like WOT. Sometimes a teenage boy's first journey from home with a smattering of magic and light violence is great. On to book two.
Profile Image for Amber Goodman.
2 reviews1 follower
June 19, 2019
Great read

Ran across this gem in my recommendations and couldn’t put it down. Like a previous poster stated, it’s a familiar tale told in an unfamiliar way. Loved the depth of the characters though I wish the villain was a bit more dimensional. Looking forward to the next book(s).
Profile Image for Endoria.
74 reviews9 followers
March 2, 2020
This book must be worlds most boring introductory chapter to a story ever.
The whole book deals with the protagonist leaving his home, because he can be a wizard! (You are a wizard Harry!) Then we spend 95% of the book with filler chapters without actual content, only info dumps about the world and stuff that is uninteresting. So yeah, that is when the book ends, which is the best part.
Profile Image for JOHN MITCHELL.
111 reviews
April 10, 2019
Another Great Read

Possibly slightly less gritty than the Kormak series but nevertheless a good book. Set in the world of Kormak King creates an origin story for what looks to be another epic character!

As always Kings uses his skill as a wordwright to tell a great story.
11 reviews1 follower
June 13, 2019
Great fantasy and strong characterisation

Dialogue, characterisation is very good in this book. It's slow moving but not boring in the slightest. Great environment and interesting magic system. Cool story. The start of a great series!
Profile Image for Curtis.
765 reviews14 followers
September 19, 2019
Rich and Enticing

A story that is rich, deep, and wonderfully engaging. The same is true of the characters and the world they live in. Well written and nicely edited, this series will pull you in from the first sentence on. Definitely recommended.
49 reviews
September 15, 2022
decent start

A pretty cool story but the amount of dialogue drove me crazy. almost all of the book just the main character talking to his mistress every night. I don’t think I’ll read the rest of the series, but the overall story did have potential
459 reviews10 followers
June 3, 2019
Good book

I enjoyed this book .was a !little slow in some places but overall a very good read, hope there is second book coming out!!
3 reviews
June 11, 2019

Loved it! Brought the characters to life. Absolutely fell in love with the little drogonling. I really want to own one!!!
439 reviews2 followers
February 13, 2020
Great story

Loved the way he builds his characters. Lots of suspense as he weaves the story around the main character. Ready for the next book.
620 reviews13 followers
June 10, 2020

Awesome read with twists and turns as treachery while coming of age within the use of magic and raising a dragonling
14 reviews
May 9, 2023

I like the characters in the storyline. Seems like the story was just getting started when it ended. I intend to read book to note that it is longer and more complete.
Profile Image for Arthur .
103 reviews
August 13, 2019
In the progress of reading. So far so good but with King’s books they can be awesome if not tedious at times. It sounds so far to turn out to be a great read. A little slow but great so far. Love the witch.
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