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Master of Wills


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Sadia has been betrayed.

Get in. Get the data threads. Get out. It was a standard job. But when Sadia arrives, she finds her contact dead and the only ones who could be responsible are from her own faction. Unable to trust anyone, she goes looking for answers. 

When she witnesses another unjust death, something inside her awakens. A power takes control of her body and in front of millions of witnesses, Sadia brings the dead man back to life. Suddenly, she’s the most sought after woman in Novus City. And while some factions want to make her a martyr, others want to dissect her. Or worse. 
Hunted by every faction, every corporation, and every authority, Sadia flees. If she can escape the city, she may survive long enough to learn the secrets of her past. If she fails, instead of giving life back, her power will be used to take it away. She will become the instrument of annihilation, and no one will be left alive to remember Hollowfall.

398 pages, Paperback

First published March 17, 2020

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About the author

Michael Darling

18 books142 followers
Bestselling author Michael Darling has worked as a butcher, a librarian, and a magician, which turned out to be an ideal set of skills for a fiction writer. He lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with his wife and kids where he writes award-winning stories beside his big buddy, a St. Bernese dog named Appa. While best known for his Tales from the Behindbeyond urban fantasy novels, Michael writes across all the best genres. His most recent work includes Hollowfall, a cyberpunk, sci-fi adventure, and Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand, a collection of fantastic short stories.

Michael graduated from Weber State University with a degree in English Literature and loves to blend the classic with the contemporary in his writing. His early work included several plays that were professionally produced along with a number of radio programs that aired in 80 markets around the world. Besides writing, Michael also loves to travel, dabble in languages, and cook tasty gluten-free dinners.

Please visit Michael at www.michaelcdarling.com where you can find more information about his current work. You'll also find suspiciously easy instructions for stalking Michael on social media.

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Author 0 books14 followers
April 21, 2020
I love a book with a compelling main character and Sadia is wonderful! She lives on the edge of a futuristic society and someone has set her up to be the #1 suspect in a murder. She has to find out what's going on, who set her up, and why—all while avoiding the powers that be. There are factions and societies—and she doesn't know who to trust. Add to that, she discovers a power she didn't know she had. What is going on???

There are plenty of fast-paced twists and turns as Sadia uncovers clues to the murder and the truth about who she really is. The other characters are wonderfully written and add layers to the story. The plot is great. The setting is really cool. I loved pretty much everything about this story.

There is some violence. There always is when greed and power are motivations behind the "bad guys"—and there are some surprises in who is good and who is bad. Very well written. I recommend it to readers 18+, perhaps as young as 14, if they can handle violence. 5 full stars!
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Author 6 books320 followers
April 23, 2020
When you go digging into your past, be prepared for anything... or anyone.

In a world where technology has enabled humankind to become more than human (even androids), there is still one constant of life that still exists... but it isn't taxes.

Sadia grew up on the mean streets of Novus City; at least that's what she thinks. When a simple job goes sideways, she's a wanted criminal. When she brings a man back from the dead, every faction wants to know her secret. So does she. With new friends to guide her, she hunts for answers to her roots, all starting with the mysterious tattoo found at the base of her skull.

Does Sadia find the answers? Are her origins common or cursed? Will she escape the celebrity status suddenly thrust upon her? Find out in Hollowfall.

What I liked:
As always, Michael Darling has a knack for creating new and exotic worlds that both defy reason and seem utterly inevitable. The MC is easy to relate to, even as a man, and the cast of characters helps build the world from which they naturally evolved.

What I didn't like:
The cast of characters is extensive, and if not for familiarizing myself with them before I started chapter one, I think I would've become confused as to who belongs to which faction and whether they were an adversary or ally.

Hollowfall is another brilliant peek into the creative mind of Michael Darling. I give it four solid stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good cyberpunk mystery.
63 reviews1 follower
February 5, 2022
Spectacular book. One of the best IP stories I’ve read in a long time. Fun world. Great characters. Some crazy great plot twists I didn’t see coming. Would love to see more Master of Wills books appear. Standing ovation! Bravo!
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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