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The Story of Tea

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A chronicle of the origin of tea and of its planting and manufacture, its tasting and blending, its sale by auction and marketing in branded packaged form, with special reference to brooke bond india

124 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2001

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About the author

E. Jaiwant Paul

9 books4 followers
E. Jaiwant Paul is a man of varied interests, having authored five other books: By My Sword and Shield: Traditional Weapons of the Indian Warrior, Baji Rao: The Warrior Peshwa, Har Dayal: The Great Revolutionary, Rani of Jhansi: Lakshmi Bai, and Unforgettable Maharajas.

A hardcore corporate, he initially worked for Hindustan Lever and was later a director of Brook Bond India for several years. Thereafter, he headed the National Mineral Water Company in Muscat. Apart from collecting weapons, he is a keen cricketer and tennis player.

His lifelong interest in arms and armour springs from the fact that his father as well as his grandfather served in the Princely States, where swords and daggers were part of everyday attire. He lives in Delhi and serves as a director of a few companies.

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Profile Image for Debbie Bridge.
33 reviews
June 21, 2015
Having walked into the Turtle Cafe Book Shop in New Delhi, India, I spotted this little book on tea. I love tea and wanted to know more about its history, especially after having done a tea tasting in Twinnings Tea Rooms on the Strand, London, UK last year. I'm becoming a real tea historian and taster!

It's quite a small book and one I will be keeping, as it has some lovely little stories in it, plus a lot of information on the history of tea. It has wetted my appetite to find out more about the history of tea, it's like reading about the history of the world, but through the making of tea. Really an enjoyable read with a nice mixture of stories with history. There is a little propaganda for the company which the author worked for, but it's easy to get past that and see E. Jaiwant Paul's passion for his subject. What a great job to have worked in the world of tea!

Some brilliant quotes from the book:

'I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea.' - Lu Yu (a sort of patron saint for tea lovers)

'Apparently it was in the old coffee houses that the practice of tipping was born - customers would toss a coin into a box marked T.I.P. (To Insure Promptness). The practice is a veritable scourge today in Western countries.'
November 8, 2015
while moving on a way I found this book on the airport. seeing small book and having interest in drinking tea I want to know more about tea. having approx 100 pages and having diverse topic like history of tea, presence and production in different countries of world, production and manufacturing process, marketing are really a interesting read. the anecdote which the author share like the example of how Mr Lipton and brooke bond had used the innovative methods for the publicity and popularity of tea was of much interest to read.
worth read for all those who want to know more about tea and also for student of management and bussiness
Profile Image for Sarah ...
147 reviews8 followers
February 6, 2018
كتاب ممتع لمحبي الشاي ، تمنيت لو احتوى على بعض الصور للمزارع و المزادات و أطقم و أكواب الشاي التي تحدث عنها الكاتب ، كانت أضافت متعة أكبر .
Profile Image for Eman Abdulaziz.
67 reviews3 followers
June 7, 2017
كتاب خفيف وممتع ومليء بالمعلومات المدهشة و المصاحبة لانتشار الشاي.
Profile Image for K-Failakawi.
42 reviews
May 7, 2018
معلومات جيدة نسبيا ولكن ما اعجبني تطرق الكتاب الى بعض التفاصيل التي كانت تمارسها بريطانيا من اجل مصالحها وكيف كانت تنشر الفساد للوصل الى مبتغاها
March 14, 2020
شكرا د هناء على الترجمة اللطيفة
كتاب جميل وخفيف
وادام الله الشاي لعشاقه
Profile Image for Hussein  Harbi .
156 reviews12 followers
November 12, 2021
«النشوة هي كأس ملأى بالشاي، وقطعة سكر في الفم»، بوشكين.

«يُجِدُّ سرورَ المرءِ من دون نشوةٍ/ فأحبِبْ به من مُنعشٍ غير مُسكرِ
خلا من صُداعٍ أو نزيفٍ كأنَّه/ سلافةُ أهلِ الخُلدِ أو ماءُ كوثرِ»، أحمد الصَّافي النَّجفي.

للشاي /الچاي/ العراقي شهرةٌ كبيرة، ذلك السائل الكثيف الداكن الذي نشربه شتاءً وصيفًا. لفرطِ تعلقنا باستكان الشاي، لا نستطيع أن نحدد بدايةً لتعرفنا إلى ذلك المشروب؛ فلو تخيلنا زمنًا لم نكن نشرب فيه الشاي، إذن ما هو مشروبنا الوطني؟
العراقيون الذين ابتدعوا الخمور وتفننوا بصناعة الجعة، منذُ القدم، تعرفوا على الشاي من طريق ناصر دين شاه أو في زمن مدحت باشا أو عند مجيء البريطانيين. كلّها أزمان قريبة لا تتعدّى القرن والنصف، وأكثر ما يُرعب في هذه الإحتمالات ليست التبعية العراقية لهاته الإمبرياليات ولكن عمر هذه الإحتمالات القصير!.

إذن، من عرف الشاي أولًا؟
يعتقد الصينيون أن هناك أمبراطورًا قبل خمسة آلاف عامًا كان يشرب الماء الساخن، فهبّت ريح تحمل أوراقًا امتزجت مع ذلك الماء فنتج عطرٌ جميل ومذاق أجمل.
أخذ اليابانيون الشاي من الصينيين فأضافوا عليه أتكيتهم، ولم تعرف أوربا ذلك المشروب الذي سيغيّر التاريخ إلا مؤخرًا؛ فأصبح مشروب البريطانيين المُفضل والذي ساهم بشكلٍ كبير في إعلان الإستقلال الأمريكي في ١٧٧٦.
يأخذنا الكتاب في رحلة إلى الهند وسيريلانكا وأفريقيا وروسيا، لأجل التعرّف على ظروف زراعة وصناعة وتسويق الشاي عبر التاريخ وأساليب شربه وتقديمه من قبل هاته الثقافات.
كتابٌ جميل وممتع عن مشروبٍ أحبُّه كثيرًا.
Profile Image for Rizowana.
68 reviews22 followers
June 24, 2021
This book was a delight to read. Though a very small book, it is packed with a rich detailing of the entire history of tea alongwith witty and humourous anecdotes. It is very informative and taught me everything about tea, from its history and reach, to its make and production. Concise and cleverly written. Would definitely recommend to fellow tea drinkers and non drinkers alike.

If you liked my review, do feel free to stop by my Instagram here!
Profile Image for Debra Lowman.
443 reviews18 followers
November 3, 2015
This is a spare little book that I found in a pile. It's a quick and easy read on the history of tea and the cultural customs that have accompanied the consumption and making of tea in the East and West.
Profile Image for Srikar.
17 reviews9 followers
October 15, 2016
A pleasant read on the story of tea, its evolution and consumption throughout the world. I expected more on how the forests had to be cleaned up to create what now are the huge tea plantations, but it was nevertheless a nice read.
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