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It's Not Easy Being a Superhero: Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

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Unlike most superheroes, Clark's superpowers aren't a secret. And instead of just one, Clark has five superpowers he must learn to control: super hearing, super sight, super smell, super taste, and super feeling. He uses his five superpowers to defeat sensory triggers, and his arch nemesis Igor Ance. This beautifully illustrated picture book helps parents, teachers, students, and friends understand what it's like for these superheroes who have sensory processing disorder and the tricks they learn to control their powers.

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First published March 18, 2019

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Kelli Call

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Profile Image for Nicole.
163 reviews2 followers
March 22, 2019
I'm so grateful for this book!

From infancy we knew there was something "different" about my daughter. The older she got the more apparent it became that she had some unique struggles and strengths to deal with. When a friend told me about Sensory Processing Disorder and started researching like crazy. My daughter has not been officially diagnosed, but what I learned about SPD just fit so much of what we saw in her. Learning about SPD gave us many tools to help her.

So imagine my excitement when I heard about a picture book for kids all about SPD. As a mother and a former school teacher I knew the value of presenting this information in a format that would make sense to kids struggling with SPD and to the children and adults in their lives. So the day the book came I gathered my 4 kids, ages 4-11, and we read it together. All 4 of them were caught up in the ups and downs of the superhero's powers, and in the illustrations that brought it all to life with exciting colors, movement, and a bit of a classic superhero comic book feel.

When we'd finished reading I asked my kids if they felt like they could relate to Clark at all, or if they knew someone from church or school who maybe reminded them of Clark. I was fascinated that they all could say they related to Clark and having triggers that just set certain feelings or behaviors off. We talked about what things they do now and could do better, just like Clark, to help keep our reactions in check and to calm us down. All 3 of my school age children told me about kids they knew in their current class or in previous classes that they thought had super senses just like Clark, and they felt that the book helped them understand better why they acted in certain ways at times. And it didn't seem so weird anymore.

And My 11 year old, who actually displays SPD behaviors, didn't stick around too long after we finished discussing. I imagine she felt she was "too old" for picture books, but I loved watching my 7 and 4 year old look through the book again together. When it was time for bed my 7 year old took the book with her. I saw her reading it again in bed. The next morning when I went in to her room she was already awake reading the book again. I got to thinking about what about it spoke to her in particular. She hasn't ever seemed to have symptoms of SPD; but she is independent to the extreme. She tends to react suddenly and strongly with her emotions in unpleasant situations, and sometimes even her positive reactions are overly strong. We are always working on self-regulation of her emotions, and it struck me that Clark's sensory superpowers might feel similar to her lack of emotional control. I was inspired to take a new, more positive, approach to her unique struggles; to see her as a future superhero in training, with a lot of strength to offer the world.

I'll say it again - I am so grateful for this book and the positive discussion it inspired in my family. And for the perspective we all gained. It would be an amazing tool in any classroom or family to help understand the strengths and weaknesses involved in SPD and in all of us. It's so relatable and understandable. And so positive in a world where we all have hard things, but doing them is what makes us super.

See more of my reviews at thereaderssalon.com
28 reviews4 followers
March 14, 2019
My first thought upon opening this book was "WOW!" The pictures are absolutely beautiful! The colors are rich, and the main character, Clark, is a realistic looking child. This makes it fun for children young and old to look at. Once I read the story, I was very impressed. The author, Kelli Call, obviously has spent a lot of time researching Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD. It is also apparent that she has a great understanding of the needs of children. The story is narrated by Clark, who is a young child. He is able to discuss his SPD in a way that turns the challenges into strengths. It is easy for children to relate to Clark. Children will feel a sense of empowerment after reading this book.

Additionally, I love how Mrs. Call incorporates the "helpers" in Clark's world. Children who have SPD may attend many different therapies, and may have various specialists in their lives. These individuals are known as Clark's "sidekicks". He explains how they help him. Children will relate with the techniques that Clark uses to help control his "powers"--swinging, joint compressions, darkness, etc.

All in all, this is the perfect children's book to explain to all ages what Sensory Processing Disorder is. It has just enough information to educate children, and is detailed enough to help parents not feel so alone in explaining to their children how their bodies are different. Thank you, Kelli Call, for the amazing book! I look forward to what else you have to offer the Special Needs community.
Profile Image for Laura Walker.
Author 21 books162 followers
April 13, 2019
My kids and I enjoyed this story about a boy who has "superpowers" which help him concentrate or react to things or others in an appropriate way when his super sensitivity otherwise makes it difficult to do so. If you have a child that falls on the autism spectrum, this book might help. Wonderfully illustrated as well.
Profile Image for Hamster.
Author 1 book40 followers
March 18, 2019
Great art. Very informative. Everyone needs to be know about SPD.
1 in 20 kids have it and most parents have never heard of it.
(I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review....and I honestly like it a lot.)
31 reviews
March 31, 2019
That explains it

I know quite a few children with these super powers. I also realize I too have had some of these super powers. It explains so much. Thank you
Profile Image for Lindsey.
203 reviews
March 12, 2020
Whether or not your child has SPD, this book is a must-read! Sensory Processing Disorder (which affects up to 16% of children) is often looked at as a weakness, but Clark turns his SPD into his superpowers! My 4-year-old has asked to read this over and over. Beautiful illustrations, engaging writing, and a message that definitely matters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kimberly.
5 reviews
October 5, 2022
I love the fun way the author uses superpowers to explain what it is like for a child with sensory disorder. The illustrations are amazing and really capture the image the author is trying to portray. Such a wonderful book!
Profile Image for Sarah Elliott.
4 reviews5 followers
September 29, 2022
Ms Call's obvious knowledge and experience shines through in this phenomenal book! This is such a great teaching tool for those unfamiliar wth SPD and a comfort story for those dealing with it. Fabulous work!!
6 reviews2 followers
March 12, 2019
What a unique one of a kind childrens' book! Not only is this a book that our society at large can benefit greatly from, but it is a book we all should have had yesterday! Thank goodness its here now! The illustrations are super top notch, high quality and reminiscent of a comic book. The story is endearing and will pull at the heart strings of parents (especially of those who have children with SPD like myself), and will inspire, comfort, and gladden the heart of the children who it resonates with so much. Even if children don't relate, they will enjoy the story of this special superhero so much too! I hope sincerely that a vast majority of our society can read this and learn about this common "disorder" among so many of our brightest and creative superhero children. Thank you Clark and Kelli!
Profile Image for R.c. Hancock.
Author 9 books55 followers
March 18, 2019
My wife and some of my kids have this disorder.
I'm so glad to see a book that informs parents (and kids) about it.
This was well written and I loved the cartoony art.
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