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Midnight Poppy Land

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After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editor’s life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguard... even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city.


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840 reviews257 followers
April 6, 2022
4/6/22: (chap 95) meh. this seasons real fucking meh
11/7/21 : (chap 84) i feel like s2's going a bit off the rails... still loved the couple but umm

4 - 4.5✨

”Goddammit Tora, stop with that creepy-ass smile of yours! Why all the chicks are all so smitten by it is completely beyond me!”
“Not in a million years”
“Don’t you ‘heh’ me you creepy bastard! If only those women know how you spent your summer breaks hunting down spiders.. And setting them on fire to hear them scream. I swear to God if you ever bring a girl home that’s the first thing I’m telling her!”

𝙳𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢 𝚀𝚞𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝚠/ 𝚃𝚘𝚛𝚊 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚍𝚊 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝

anyway, here’s me the whole book :

Poppy’s cool

”So I just played along”
“You sneaky little devil! You’re always doing this ‘play along’ thing. And people fall for it all the time!”
“Evolution 101. When you’re as small as i am, sometimes getting ‘getting away’ is better than ‘getting your way’”

but Tora, i fell in love w/ a lil more everyday

ᴍʏ ғᴀᴠ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛs? ᴛʜᴇʀᴇs ᴛᴏᴏ ᴍᴀɴʏ. ʜᴇʀᴇ's ғᴇᴡ

⇻ Tora was smoking, but he immediately put it out the second Poppy coughed, when just 2 chapters ago he burned a man’s eyes w/ his cig the second that man even bring up the topic of him smoking (that guy’s a douche. so not without reason kay)

⇻ the fact that Tora calls Poppy, Bobby. and he called mr. Lam, Lame/Lamb HAHA

⇻ the first time he held her hand. where Tora just all of a sudden take a hold her hands in Quincey's apartment, with no reason. just because.

⇻ when Poppy gave him her strawberry hair tie (right before kissing him btw). Then few chap later that pink tie (on his wrist) was the only thing that managed to calmed him down when he almost punched a wall (stressful mafia work stuff)

⇻ Poppy made him a tiger-shaped rice, Tora immediately took a picture of it, and showed it off to his friends, sent to their friend group chat (and later on he sent a pic of Poppy’s strawberry hair tie out of the blue, that got the boys confused lol). Oh, and their friend whatsapp group was called ‘Quincey’s Angels’ lmao

⇻ that one scene / illustration / art / picture / whatever u call it, where Tora, this macho big creepy looking scary ass guy holding Poppy’s pink sparkly “I’m sexy and I know it” lunch bag

⇻ their night picnic. where Poppy braided him and he let her. (he let her do pretty much anything, the things he’ll kill other people if they even dare thinking about it. and my fav ones are when he let her do girly stuff to him). then he hug her out of nowhere, this scene was also known as ‘their final goodbye’ cuz of mafia stuff (where i may or may not has gotten a lil bit emotional. I CANT HELP IT. I LOVED THAT BOY SM. HIS LIFE BEFORE POPPY WAS SO SAD)

⇻ the club party, where Poppy painted Tora’s fingers w/ black nail polish LOL

so unfortunately this series isn’t done yet. the latest update was only until eps 64. And the first season ended on episode 58, so season 2 is still ongoing. i loved them so much and they’re not even together yet. not official at least. (just one kiss or two. it’s clear as day they’re in love w/ each other tho)

but guess how many fucks i give? none. that’s how much i loved reading about this couple. they’re such a contrast, their personalities etc, they complemented each other. kinda has a grumpy sunshine trope i guess? opposite attract for sure. slow burn too, with definitely great chemistry and cute as all hell banter (plus hilarious interactions). theyre the type of couple i’d like to read about forever. they can just go on a date / talk / snuggle / swim / hug / flirt / breathe (the option is countless) as long as the other one is in the same room, and i’d never get bored. have you had any idea how rare that is for me?

THEY HAVE THE BEST DYNAMIC istg. okay, i dunno bout other people, but it's def my type of best dynamic. they're not technically together but they kinda are. kinda like what Ariana said, but it didn't start w/ physical attraction like all those fwb cliche relationship books out there are. they just never talked about their status etc. (so far thank G there hasn't been any OW/OM drama... but Tora jealous? i'd like to see that pls). they're smitten & in love w/ each other, and there's that.

sure i found the mafia / mystery stuff kinda boring at times. it’s interesting, but not as interesting as my hottie boy. i skimmed whenever we get scenes other than the couple (like poppy having a long ass conversation w/ her friends), cuz really, the only ppl i cared about here are toppy & quince, so am not interested on reading other things that doesnt have em in it. But this was overall such a delight. S2 COULDNT COME SOONER
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617 reviews5,104 followers
July 15, 2021
*me debating with myself if I should read this or not for close to 10 minutes. a part of this life-changing conversation*

Me: Uff, this webtoon has already 66 episodes, that's so much. I can't do it and it's not even finished yet? Maybe I should wait until it's done and then read it.
Brain: I mean you can... but you know that when it's finished, you even have to read more at once right?
Me: ...
Me: Please don't come at me with logic. I don't like it.
Brain: You can just read a couple of episodes every day when you feel a little bored.
Me: Hmm...alright let's read one episode today.

Me: Hello, it's me again. Do you know who is an unreliable narrator? Yes exactly the bitch right here who is writing this review.

I was a goner when I saw Tora (H) in a suit. Since that moment, I never looked back. Please ignore the 'kiddo' moment like I do, because I'm still getting war flashbacks from Mariana Zapata's Heroes calling the heroine kiddo and dealing with that PTSD is already the maximum I can handle.

Poppy (h) and Tora were so freaking cute together. This comic reminds me why I loved romance in the first place. Every time they were holding hands or hugging each other made me smile like a lunatic. Some of their best moments are when Tora is trying so hard to be slick and it made me LOL so hard. Ma boy wanted to conquer.. he tried and he crashed.

Tag yourself: I'm that "Cool cool cool" speech bubble 🤣


Very adorable couple with tons of fun banter. A stoic Hero who is only soft for the heroine. Amazing side characters with great friendships. A grandma who is my spirit animal. I'll leave the review with her best advice.
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690 reviews1,153 followers
June 10, 2021
-4.5 stars-

this series is so 🍓a d d i c t i n g 🍓

first, i told myself i was just gonna look and prob not read it, HA. i read the first 6 eps in one go
then, i told myself i would spread the series out and read 5 episodes at a time, HA. i binged the whole thing in 2 days


but u can't blame me they are so freakin funny together!! poppy is such a spaz and tora is an amused deadpan king but then he'll join in and they'll become the most chaotic duo. and i'm just grinning like an idiot during all their interactions going-

🍓my top moments & things:🍓

➩ tora and quincy's sibling dynamic || quincy carrying a feverish tora up six flights of stairs and stopping to light a cigarette for him bc he knows tora prob wants one 🥺 || also tora being quincy's romance/erotica beta-reader (and accidentally giving quincy imposter syndrome bc he's so rude 😂)

➩ tora drinkin a lil juice box 🧃

Tora: How do you do that?
Poppy: Do what?
Tora: Talk about how you're feeling so openly.

my emotionally repressed bb


no one:
this webtoon: and poppy's big TITS



me: *clears throat* girl-



me: GORL-

meanwhile, tora:


➩ tora genuinely wondering if poppy's daft

➩ how whenever the illustrations turn into rectangle mouths you know you're in for peak comedy 💯 and how after every sweet moment they have everything immediately goes to shit bc they're so damn awkward 😂

Quincy: I didn't know you two knew each other?
Poppy: Oh, we don't! I mean, we do, but we've only known each other for a few days.
Quincy: Oh! But why is Tora holding onto your hand? ... Kind of like his life depends on it, I might add.
Poppy: Um... well...
Tora, unbothered: Because it's small and cute.


me: *dies*

➩ the way that tora in a suit just hits different

➩ but the way tora sick w a cold and in a dino sweatshirt hits thee MOST

like calm down edgelord it's too much for me 🥵

Poppy: So are you a good dancer?
Tora: Horizontally


➩ poppy's pikachu face 🥺 and the way i always wanna hug her and i don't have that impulse ever. i don't even like hugs but for poppy, come here bb


➩ that goddamn strawberry hair tie 🍓🍓

(the series is ongoing so the list will grow, but at this point it's practically turned into a tora simp train so, sorry)
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360 reviews5,080 followers
June 13, 2021
4.5 stars


If that scene wasn't enough to make you read this, then at least I've got your attention because I shall now try to convince your ass.

➳ Cold & Stoic H ~who was so exquisitely drawn it was starting to get depressing~
➳ Super cute and kind h ~can be naive at times but she's smart and super observant~
➳ Hilarious banter ~and not just between the protagonists~
➳ Amazing secondary characters ~aka Quincey my lil cinnamon roll~
➳ Mafia ~All fictional thank god, so there is no way to get the research wrong~
➳ Boobs
➳ Stunning artwork
➳ Entertaining plot
➳ Countless swoon-worthy moments that will have you giddy
➳ Just a genuinely fun time all around
➳ Did I say boobs? ~I'm not kidding, they should have names, a separate apartment & a steady income~

Just random thoughts:
➳ The "Badum Badum Badum" in every chapter was starting to concern me. They need to calm down or they'll have an early cardiac arrest.

➳ Poppy's extremely big eyes with freakishly small pupils were kind of giving me the creeps ain't gonna lie

➳ Tora is so cute when he is beating the fuck out of people with the most unbothered expression imaginable.

➳ The things I'd do to read one of Quincy's novels.

➳ That grandma from the lowkey restaurant needs to be protected at all costs.

That's all.

Status: ongoing. So excuse me while I die a little while waiting for the entire release, peace.
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1,086 reviews133 followers
April 26, 2020
Edit: April 26, 2020
So the whole Quincy thing was a joke right? Tora totally wants Poppy and Poppy wants Tora. So get together already!! I don't think I'm made for webtoons you have to wait for updates. I'd ratter buy the whole thing. Is this even for sale? I need more of it.

April 18, 2020
I just found WEBTOON last night and staid up until 5 am reading this and started another webcomic. I'm addicted and waiting for the weekly updates already.

Here's the direct link in case you want to read it too. I highly recommend it.

This story is complete trash and I LOVE it!!! The main character is some mafia enforcer bodyguard. YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE BODYGUARD STORIES!! I LOVE them, if that all caps sentence didn't clue you in or if any new friends don't know. I love bodyguard stories. Even when they suck, I will always read them and always love them.

This story follows a tortured boy, now man named Tora, who gets in with the bad crowd. The very bad crowd. The mafia crowd. He is following some information to get a notebook and runs into Poppy by accident. Poppy somehow gets into this drama after running away from her boyfriend after finding him with another girl and crashes. I love this girl and I can't wait to see what other drama she gets into. The story says she ends up with Quincy but I swear her and Tora have a thing so I'm confused at the moment. It was all about Tora and Poppy. So now I'm thinking it'll be a Poppy/Tora/Quincy thing in the future which honestly I'm here for.

I know that it's currently updating so I feel guilty counting it as read but I staid up until 5 am reading this and I will count it. Maybe I'll update this review later when the new webcomic updates come up. All I know is that I'm loving this crazy comic right now. The mafia, the mystery, the good girl, all the drama from Tora's life. All of it is addicting and I need more.
8 reviews5 followers
April 19, 2020
I would give three stars for the well drawn art (it's honestly one of the best on Webtoon's western platform), but I have too many qualms with stories like this, so it brings it down to two.

Midnight Poppy Land is a bad boy redemption story. Bad boy is a violent criminal who routinely goes around beating people up or threatening them with violence, but deep down he possesses a heart of gold. Since the main character is attractive and also has a heart of gold, he eventually changes and becomes redeemable husband material. In reality, women who think like this end up six feet under or incredibly damaged no matter how beautiful or well intentioned they are. It's a fun trope if you deal with characters that are absurdly evil (like the Radio Man from Hazbin Hotel), but it can be dangerous to romanticize "bad boys" if it's too close to reality or handled poorly.

There are many criminal cases you can find of women who get involved with gang members (like in this story), drug dealers, or mentally ill men who they believe have enough good in them to change, but in reality, they are beyond repair or beyond the women's ability to "fix" them, so they end up literally digging their own graves (like in the case of Rachel Burkheimer) and being murdered in cold blood. It's disturbing how many young women comment on this webtoon and idolize the love interest or compare him to their actual partners.

The main character is a ditz who somehow compels the violent criminal bad boy to change his ways with the power of her big tits, niceness, and borderline r*tarded naivete. The author also tries to write her as a sympathetic relatable girl who has a tough life, but she's working at a publishing company that deals with billionaires. I'm not buying that she's a mess who's too poor to even afford a gym membership. The character would have felt more genuine if she was just an upper class girl who talked about normal young adult stresses and problems. Having money doesn't automatically erase a person's issues.

I don't have a problem with a bad boy redemption story, but the bad boy love interest doesn't strike me as a case of a guy who genuinely fell into the wrong line of work and struggles internally with what he does or yearns for a life that isn't wrought with violence or morally reprehensible work and needs a way out. He's very comfortable with what he does as has no qualms over inflicting pain on others or saying things like "I'll make sure it's the last word ya live to say". In the original webtoon (before it was published), he broke a pool cue on a dude for talking improperly about m'lady (the MC). Anger issues and emotional instability isn't hot.

I get why the author wrote him like this. It makes the audience thirsty because we all love a strong man who can overpower us, but I don't think it's necessary or logical to make the guy unhinged at some points and a docile pet at others. Poppy hasn't displayed any traits or is beautiful enough to have this sort of affect on someone as unstable as Tora. It just strikes me as another Twilight romance story where the girl is average and prince charming is a beast who comes and sweeps her off her feet before running off into the sunset, just because. It's never going to happen to your average girl and I'm tired of this delusion.

My advice to the author if she reads this is to make Poppy a more compelling character and make Tora a more nuanced character. There are some real life bad boys who do redeem themselves and become incredibly positive role models and pillars of their community. There's a documentary from Asian Boss about an ex criminal titled: "From Thug Life To A Chef’s Knife: A Korean-American Adoptee’s Success Story." Examine his relationship with his wife. She didn't change him. She did support him through his toughest times.

The problem with bad boy redemption stories is that the change doesn't come from within the man. It's often the magic of the MC that does it, but in reality, if the bad boy isn't willing to leave the thug life on his own accord, he sure as hell is not going to leave it for an average or even pretty girl. That's something I would explore to make Midnight Poppy Land more tolerable/believable.

As for the art, it's great. I love the colors, the saturation, the hues, the 3d models for the backgrounds and props are very well done, and overall the anatomy is good. My only problems are stylistic choices for the anatomy. The men tend to have very fat/round chins and the profiles of the people look strange because their upper lips recede into their face. Tora looks fine, but if you look at the comments, a lot of people are saying Quincey looks like a butch lesbian/buff Ken doll. Nothing wrong with a pretty boy character, but there needs to be some consistency.

Also, everyone knows that Quincey is not end game. The part about Poppy falling in love with him first has been removed from the original description, though it could still happen just with a new element. It appears the author saw how people were sh*tting all over him because they only care about Tora, so for some reason she made Quincey gay.

I didn't get that vibe from the original discovery version which you can still find online and he didn't speak or act so extra when we were first introduced to him (back at that company where Tora threatened the CEO). So maybe the author did this to prevent people from sh*tting on him by using the gay shield. I only suspect this because she's stated that she's not interested in BL content since so many people have asked. That or she was forced to include some LBGT or progressive element in her comic.

I honestly shouldn't expect much from these webtoons since these are amateur comics, but it would be nice if people started holding these things to a higher standard.
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312 reviews540 followers
November 27, 2020
Really good storyline, and great characters! I have a thing for men with long hair so Tora is the perfect eye-candy!! All those muscles, tattoos, that stare... yum.

(Technically, this webtoon is still on-going but I don't want it on my Currently-Reading tab for months/years to come)

Rating: 4/5
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11 reviews
January 11, 2022
This is wonderful. And I've seen comments saying that the trope of a nice girl saving a bad boy is unbelievable, but that isnt what is happening here in my opinion. I think he is a good person and she sees that. He sees someone untouched by his world and wants to protect that. Period. It is actually very intriguing and I'm a sucker for stories where people are trying to protect each other. I'm obsessed with this story. Not only is the art gorgeous but what a fun plot. Of course, totally shipping Tora and Poppy! I cant wait to see Tora protect her and their relationship take hold!

Update: ended Season 1 and a little disappointed. Was hoping to see Tora protect Poppy, really break into a rage over keeping her safe from his world, but instead we get a frustrating back-and-forth between him leaving to keep her safe (a storyline I always hate- it feels weak because either way it is abandonment) and the two of them not communicating. The storyline took a wander toward the end of Season 1 and I really hated how it ended. Nothing resolved, nothing hinted, just more of the same. I have high hopes for Season 2 for the storyline to be fixed and focused.

UPDATE: (SPOILERS) Season 2 began strong and has been fun up until they began fighting. The toxicity between the MCs is rough to read and I haven't kept up with it. I do plan to go back and read more, but needed a long break. If the MCs don't stop being horrible to each other (mainly Tora being horrible with Poppy), I won't keep reading. That isn't entertaining. That is abuse.
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272 reviews25 followers
May 22, 2021
May 21st: we’re back bitches! Season 2!!! I’m here for the Ares Street Rom Com!

Tora is a cinnamon roll, and Poppy is the absolute cutest! One of my favorite webtoons, the art is absolutely gorgeous!
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563 reviews66 followers
June 13, 2021
I finally read my first webtoon🥳 and I think this was a great one to start with. (Not that it's complete, but I've now read all available episodes.)

I've got quite a few webtoons in my TBR and I've been tempted in the past to start one, but honestly what's put me off is that I just hate reading things on my computer and having to scroll endlessly😅#lazy (and also ergonomic hand issues lol) but the bonus is you get to see the romance heroes and heroines come to life in beautiful art so it's worth it especially because Tora is just...

So besides all the delicious eye candy, this was very cute and funny. Tora is part of the Balthuman Clan aka he's in the mafia. He meets Poppy after she gets in a scooter accident and stumbles across a crime scene of sorts that involves Tora's friend, but she's pretty oblivious to what's going on. Tora tries to keep her out of the criminal side of things by slowly inserting himself in her life to retrieve something he believes she might unknowingly have and that's where their romance begins.

I was expecting this to be a little darker with the whole mafia element, but really Tora is just a big ole marshmallow capable of fucking people up, but that's not where his heart is at. Poppy just got out of a bad relationship so she's being a commitment-phobe, but Tora would totally go there with her if his life wasn't so dangerous.

While I enjoyed this webtoon I feel like...not much has happened so far plot-wise after 60+ episodes😶 which isn't a bad thing I'm just realizing it'll be like years before we know what's really going on in this world lol. There's so much backstory for Tora that I'm sure is coming, Tora & Poppy are pretty slow burn and I feel like there are so many things that we've really only started to scratch the surface on like the whole 'crime scene' thing I mentioned has had no progress whatsoever lol. So idk since each ep takes me a few minutes to read I don't feel like I'll be a weekly reader, but when there's another good chunk to get through I'll check back in with these guys.

There are definitely a lot of cute moments and I laughed a lot reading this. I also loved Quincey's character and his bromance with Tora. The art is really well done and I'm in awe of how much work goes into something like this. Reading my first webtoon is definitely reminding me of when I used to be super into manga in high school so I'm feeling a little nostalgic for manga now haha.

Tora + Bobby 4eva.
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Author 52 books119 followers
March 10, 2022
Yaaa çok tatlıydııı.

Erkeğimiz bir mafya liderinin sağ kolu. Kaslı maslı, iri yarı, yüreklere korku libidolara dalga katan bir bey.

Kızımız küçük kasabadan çıkma, hayalleri için büyük şehre geliyor. Küçük bir yayınevinde editörlük yapıyor. 6 yıllık sevgilisini kendisini aldatırken basıyor, oradan hızla giderken bir kaza geçiriyor ve kaza geçirdiği yerde de bazı şeyler buluyor. Notlarını toplayıp oradan kaçarken de oğlumuz onu fark ediyor, kızın oradan aldığı şeyin herkesin istediği bir şey olduğunu bilerek peşine takılıyor ve... sonrası mikemmeeel!

Karakterler çok tatlı :))

Hala devam eden bir webtoon.
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2,681 reviews368 followers
September 26, 2020
Poppy is driving her scooter away from her cheating ex, when she has a minor accident near the place where an important criminal went missing. There she meets Tora, an enigmatic hunkaliscious beast of the mafia.
The story is shown from both their POVs and sometimes from side characters too.

I'm actually still reading this as it's an ongoing weekly serial. But I am totally sucked in like any good soap opera. Unlike TV soaps though, this one has main MCs with an array of side characters.
In the beginning it feels overly simplistic, but slowly LD starts to add backstory to the MCs and a few side characters. The story is becoming gradually more complex.
But there is still lots of filler like any other soap opera...

What I enjoy best is the excellent story boarding! The character artwork is quite good too.

So 3 stars for now, but that may change as I read on.
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130 reviews18 followers
May 10, 2020
Sunshine & grumpy trope ✔
Smol & tall trope ✔
Mafia lord ✔

Love this comic!!!!
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363 reviews68 followers
May 31, 2021
Ühüüü torammmmmmm yicem seni bölüm gelsin acil:(
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165 reviews1 follower
October 23, 2020

well now that i have found that all these webtoons are on goodreads, might as well add them amiright XD (not adding towards my reading challenge tho cuz it's not done) ANYWAY idk this webtoon is the best one. so. yeah.
poppy: 10/10
tora: 11/10
bobby + tora: 30399492/10
mpl as a whole: amazingspectacularawesome/10
i rest my case :D
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127 reviews71 followers
July 11, 2020
#1. If anyone knows any man like Tora, please tell me. It's for research purposes. Please and thank you.

#2. The plot is the usual cookie-cutter trend in YA literature: Bad boy gets redeemed by good girl. Seen this once, I would most likely see this another 1,000 times more.

#3. The art is the best thing about this webtoon. It is absolutely breathtaking and stunning.

3 Stars. Predictable, but still beautiful. Excuse me while I buy myself a Tora off Ebay...
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