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Duch domu Ashburnů

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V domě Ashburnů se děje něco podivného. Prastará budova je již několik desítek let opředená tajemstvím. Jeho majitelka Edith nepouštěla dovnitř žádné cizí lidi a na veřejnosti se objevovala pouze zřídka. Po její smrti zdědí dům Adrienne, jediná Edithina žijící příbuzná, jejímž jediným majetkem jsou kufr, dvacet dolarů a kočka. Dědictví proto vnímá jako životní šanci, jak se znovu postavit na nohy.

256 pages, Hardcover

First published July 20, 2016

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About the author

Darcy Coates

63 books6,668 followers
Darcy Coates is the USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen horror and suspense novels.

She lives in the Central Coast of Australia with her family, cat, and a collection of chickens. Her home is surrounded by rolling wilderness on all sides, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

You can hear about her next book by joining her newsletter: www.darcycoates.com/updates

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1,370 reviews2,137 followers
March 19, 2020
Hey horror lovers, have you seen the commercial with four teens running around scared in the dark and each suggests a place to hide like the basement of a creepy house, etc., another says, why can't we just leave in the running car and they ultimately decide to hide in an open garage filled with a zillion sharp instruments, well....

A near destitute Adrienne who recently inherited a big ole house from an unknown Great Aunt Edith makes some really idiotic decisions herein, but I really enjoyed this one. I liked Adrienne, the carved messages, Wolfgang the cat, the characters, the storyline, and most of all....the end.

Oh and....Ashburn House IS haunted....so don't forget to light a candle!

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Author 30 books697 followers
October 1, 2016
I wish I could share in the love the majority of reviewers have expressed for this book. The story just didn't work for me for a variety of reasons, which I'll do my best to clarify without spoilers.

First, I think it's important to note that this is far more of an 'undead' theme than a haunted house or ghost story. I love ghost stories, but zombies and the undead don't interest me. Had the title and description better reflected the content, I wouldn't have read the book at all.

I felt the pace was painfully slow. We walk around the house with Adrienne, open a cupboard, find a cup, boil water in the kettle, make tea, walk around some more. In other words, we spend a lot of time doing uninteresting things in a house that should have held all sorts of allure.

And that brings me to the next issue. Adrienne had so little curiosity about the house she'd inherited that I found myself internally yelling for her to look around and discover what might be behind all those doors and inside those drawers she never opened. Her claim in the narration was that she didn't want to invade Edith's privacy. An absurd claim, to me, at least. The woman - whom Adrienne hadn't even known existed - was dead and the house belonged to Adrienne now, yet she didn't seem at all interested in the contents. We were well past the 3/4 point before Adrienne even looked in Edith's room.

The entire story is told from Adrienne's perspective. We spend most of our time with her, in that house, alone with her cat, yet I never got much sense of Adrienne as a person. She was supposedly a freelance writer, but I have no idea what types of articles she wrote or what subjects appealed to her. She sat around at night doing absolutely nothing, yet barely acknowledged all the old books Edith had left behind. I found her timid and uninteresting. Her character lacked depth. The only character I found all all interesting or likable was Wolfgang, Adrienne's cat.

Little details also bothered me throughout. For instance, she had nothing but time on her hands, complained constantly that the windows were so grimy she couldn't see outside, yet she never once thought to wash them. She had an attic full of candles, yet complained about not having light and never considered bringing some of those candles down and dispersing them throughout the rooms. She also managed to move into a home with working electricity and running water, while never putting utilities in her own name or showing any sort of proof of ownership. This might work differently in England, but there is no way you could do that (legally) here in the US.

The detail that most irritated me was the second floor hallway's lineup of portraits hanging on the wall. Adrienne hated those portraits, mentioning how they creeped her out every single time she went upstairs, yet she did not do the simple, logical, intelligent thing a person would do in a home she now lived in and owned, which would be to take those portraits off the wall.

A little beyond the halfway point, when things actually started to happen, it all became too silly and predictable. I did like the cat and the intriguing setting, but the rest never came together in a way I could enjoy.

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1,589 reviews155k followers
March 10, 2021

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4,028 reviews58.9k followers
August 6, 2020
The Haunting of Ashburn House by Darcy Coates is a 2016 publication.

Effective and Entertaining

Ashburn House has enjoyed a sinister reputation for nearly a century. When the current owner of the old house dies, her sole heir, Adrienne, inherits the house.

Adrienne is in no position to turn down her inheritance. She has twenty dollars to her name, one suitcase, and her cat. But, holding on to the legendary house becomes a living nightmare when she learns about the Ashburn's horrifying history, and the puzzling mystery that haunts it.

Soon Adrienne is faced with a shocking dilemma as the ghosts of the past refuse to be silenced…

This is my first book by Darcy Coates. I have seen her books listed in the Kindle Unlimited program and noticed she was quite prolific and popular. But, when a relative read one of her books last fall for Halloween and enjoyed it, I decided I would give her a chance someday.

Normally, I reserve my traditional horror reading for Halloween, and even then, it is only to re-read favorites or to read classics I never got around to previously. Newer horror novels are a hard sell for me as so many of them lack atmosphere and rely too heavily on gore and gratuitous violence.

But, I am always a sucker for a good haunted house or ghost story, and due to all the lunacy of 2020, I have dabbled in any and all genres, hoping for something to keep my mind busy and entertained for a while

So, in the height of summer, when daylight lingers past 9 PM, at a time when I am normally engaged in lighter reading, I am instead reading a good old-fashioned horror novel- and what an entertaining ride it was!

The story has a great atmosphere, a terrific backstory and some superficial chills and thrills and suspense. No, this novel is not the in league with some of horror novel heavy weights I usually rely on and am accustomed to. In fact, it could be easily be labeled as ‘horror novel lite' but that suits me just fine- and happened to be what I needed to escape into at the moment.

It’s a quick, absorbing read, and works even without the mood setting chill of a dark, cold winter’s night curled up by the fire listening to what you hope is the wind howling… and not something else…

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Author 8 books182 followers
March 19, 2018
It had some tense moments, but for the most part it was corny, clichéd, and forgettable.
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933 reviews232 followers
May 31, 2017
I enjoyed this spooky haunted house tale by author, Darcy Coates. It was creepy and mysterious, but not to the point of being spooked out of my skin. Still it kept moving right along and I am giving it 5* for keeping me entertained.
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2,623 reviews471 followers
April 16, 2019
I just finished the book and thought it an extremely entertaining and eerie read. Adrienne inherits Ashburn House from her great-aunt she only met as a small child (the opening paragraphs of the novel). But the house has a bad reputation. The family it once owned it was murdered in a gruesome way. No murderer was ever arrested. Why are no mirrors in the house? An what are those strange clicking noises at the window and floors about? From the middle of the book on the action got fast paced. Something is hunting Adrienne. Is it a human being or some unnatural force? Adrienne has a wonderful mouser named Wolfgang who helps her to survive (absolutely love the cat's part since we also have a British shorthair cat). The story is well structered and cleverly built around convincing characters. The author also gives an interesting twist to the haunted house tales with Edith (the great-aunt) and her family in detail. The description of the family portraits was also very intriguing and gothic. The Haunting of Ashburn House will definitely haunt you. It's very well written in a fluid style and cooked to the point. Highly recommended. You don't want to meet those ghosts...
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737 reviews
March 19, 2018
Definitely one of my favorites that Darcy Coates has written. This one was creepy there for a bit. I wanted to shout at Adrienne and tell her what to do. But no. None of us book people EVER do that. :-/
Yes. So I enjoyed this one a lot.

Edit: I also want to add that this author, so far in my reading just writes good ghost stories. Nothing psychological, no gore fest, just good ghost stories like I used to hear when I was younger.
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Author 4 books228 followers
January 31, 2023
THE HAUNTING OF ASHBURN HOUSE by Darcy Coates is a 4-star mix of brilliance and implausibility.


At 22 years old, Adrienne is one heartbeat from destitute. She has no money. No car. No cellphone. No surviving relatives. No longstanding friends. And sporadic freelance employment.

Her possessions are meager. Just three changes of clothing, a dying laptop, and her beloved tabby cat, Wolfgang.

Turns out, all is not hopeless. A deceased great aunt, whom Adrienne never knew existed, bequeaths Ashburn House to her: a dilapidated mansion sitting on top of a steep hill overlooking the tiny, rural town of Ipson.

After Adrienne moves in, she quickly learns that Ashburn House isn’t the refuge she had hoped for. Strange carvings on the furniture and walls hint that the mansion harbors a horrifying past. One that wasn’t put to rest with Great Aunt Edith’s passing.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Without the proper rituals, the past is reawakening. And Adrienne is now its quarry.


Hauntingly Brilliant…

There is a scene in this book when Adrienne is being chased through the woods by a terrifying entity. I kid you not: I actually screamed out loud! My heart was racing along with the main character’s. I was running beside her, stumbling, fighting to survive, and completely immersed in the action as if I was the one being chased.

I’ve been known to scream at the movie theatre…lol. Yeah, I’m that person! But I can’t remember ever screaming out loud when reading a book! I think Darcy Coates deserves a lot of kudos for bringing me into the story like that. WOW!

Hauntingly Implausible…

If only this book hadn’t veered into unbelievable territory. Granted, my preferences aren’t just to be shocked and scared. I want/need a story to be credible within its context. (That might just be me.)

Let me give you an example of the implausibility that I found frustrating.

One of the former house rituals was to light a candle in the attic every Friday (I have no clue why this wasn’t required every night). Consequently, there are boxes and boxes of candles and matches in the attic. Turns out, the light from one lit wick can keep the evil entity at bay.

Adrienne becomes trapped in the house with one oil lamp, a flashlight with weak batteries, and a diminishing supply of firewood for the fireplace. Darkness is the entity’s friend. You get the picture.

I kept urging Adrienne (lol) to bring down all those candles from the attic to the first floor. To light those suckers and be safe at night! Duh, right?

Not to mention…

Nevertheless, there were bright spots in this book, and I never considered putting it down. In fact, overall, I gave it 4 stars. My screaming in that near perfect scene had to significantly count!

QUICKFIRE RATINGS from 1 (ugh) to 5 (woo-hoo)…

Plot (the story): 4
Main character’s likability: 4
Development of supporting character(s): 3
Settings/Atmosphere: 5
Pacing (how fast did I turn the pages): 4
Believability (in the context of the story): 2.0 - 2.5
Satisfying ending: 4
Tension of the story: 4.5
Stirs the heart (romantic elements): N/A
Did I solve the mystery/guess the ending before the reveal? Yes, but I didn’t find that disappointing.


THE HAUNTING OF ASHBURN HOUSE was a nicely paced read that included some brilliant moments, as well as some unbelievable ones.
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258 reviews79 followers
March 14, 2021
As the moon edged closer to full, it brought the shapes into sharper relief. Adrienne could make out the individual branches in several trees and one bush that stood a little ahead of the woods' edge that looked like a hunched, twisted woman.

Adrienne, penniless and alone save her cat Wolfgang, moves into a house bequeathed to her by a great aunt she never knew existed. It really is the proper way to begin a haunted house story, isn't it?

The Haunting of Ashburn House is an exceptionally entertaining novel by Darcy Coates. The family mystery is well plotted and the house rich in intrigue. I felt Adrienne's growing isolation and anxiety as the days slipped into terrifying nights.

She lifted the clean plate, shook the excess water off it, and glanced toward the window. The odd, human-shaped shrub was gone

The story moves along at a respectable pace with plenty of creepy, suspenseful moments steadily building tension to the climax.

This is my fourth Coates book and it is my new favorite. The imagery is by far the most twisted and exciting. I can easily see this be made into a movie with a cringing audience gasping and screaming in all the right places.
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160 reviews34 followers
January 13, 2019
4.5 stars. enjoyable although at times, the main characters was a bit naive. love the ending.
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2,034 reviews1,420 followers
January 31, 2021
Adrienne has inherited a grand yet lonely house from a deceased great aunt she did not know she had. Despite the general disrepair and the strange words scrawled across the walls, it seems like it could be the answer to all her present problems. There are, however, many mysteries surrounding her new home but those surrounding its former owner are even more abundant and sinister.

This, for the most part, followed the typical haunted house novel format. I do not state this as a negative aspect, as it was exactly what I came here to receive. There were many a shifting shadow, many a bump in the night, and many a rumour that came to sinister life.

Adrienne was a protagonist I could empathise with and I liked that Coates showed the reader both her independence and her vulnerabilities, simultaneously. My heart was sold by Wolfgang the cat, however. I adore the presence of any animal in my fiction but finding one present inside a horror novel ensured I was instantly invested in the plot, whilst keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the animal continuing within it.
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81 reviews
August 15, 2016
This one was not for me. It was brilliantly written, it was addictive in the best way possible, but the story was "meh". I didn't like it and by 40% of the book I pretty much knew how it would unfold... and I was right. This is the second Darcy Coates novel I read and it won't be the last because I love her style, I just prefer something along the lines of Blackwood House better... I'll try Gillespie next and see what happens, but it's all a matter of preference. The book is good and you should read it because, even if I didn't, maybe you'll end up loving it.
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258 reviews5 followers
July 8, 2019
The story was stagnant, the author went into great detail about mundane and irrelevant things such as every step to making tea several times a day, Adrienne started to become irritating because everyday she thought about the same things, and the words the author chose were strange. I felt like a find and replace thesaurus was overused. Many times I had to reread paragraphs because they didn’t make sense.

The word “groan” is used 44 times....*groan*. That’s a great example of the repetitiveness.

How can the sun feel beautiful on your skin? How can it set on top of the trees? Why did she keep buying dry cardboard noodles for herself but expensive cat food for Wolfgang? If the portraits were THAT creepy, why not take them down? Why didn’t she bring some of the million candles downstairs? She only got paid $60 for one of her two write ups? Was she never going to put the electricity in her name? Why go on about the old dusty, grimy house but only have her randomly go over furniture with a cloth? Her concern was over Marion’s car possibly being a write off instead of the fact that Marion very well could’ve been dead? If the house is meant to be isolated, why was she always pleasantly surprised by how quickly she made it home on the trail? How could a thick blanket be unsettling?

Adrienne was a likable character and had potential but the book needed to move along. The house wasn’t coming to life and the ghost wasn’t making a presence. I feel like I really wanted this book to work but it frustrated me too much.
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2,046 reviews3,450 followers
October 11, 2021
The Haunting of Ashburn House is a wonderfully spooky haunted house story with unexpected twists and turns! It's not perfect and has some inconsistencies, but it was incredibly enjoyable, with a cozy vibe and lots of creepy atmosphere. It's tropey, but with a bit of a different spin on a ghost story.

We follow Adrienne, a struggling writer who has inherited a house from an aunt she never knew she had. A place to live without rent is a lifeline, so she and her cat move into Ashburn House. A place that is supposedly haunted with a dark and murderous history. Not to mention the unsettling words carved into wood throughout the house, and the intentional lack of mirrors...

I had such a good time with this and there were definitely some unsettling moments that sucked me in! There's some gore late in the book, but most of it isn't super graphic. Overall this was a satisfying book and I would definitely read more from the author.
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2,195 reviews397 followers
October 27, 2019
Re-read October 2019
Perfect for October.


3.5 stars

This was creepy. There aren’t a lot of writers who can really scare me these days. But Darcy Coates really knows how to write scary edge of your seat scenes.

Adrienne is a young woman who moves into Ashburn house. The house her very distant aunt Edith left to her. Adrienne never met Edith, but she’s grateful she has a place to live. Her freelance writing business isn’t paying that much and she desperately needed a place to stay. So what if Ashburn house is a bit isolated and is supposed to be haunted. Adrienne will just make do.

The house does need some work, but since Adrienne doesn’t have the funds to do anything at the moment, she will just have to make the best of it. The second floor doesn’t appear to have electricity and it seems Edith scratched all kinds of messages in the wood everywhere. And then there are the strange sounds coming from the woods. But Adrienne is determined to ignore all that and make a good home for her and her cat, Wolfgang….

I do have to admit that there was one thing I liked less, and that’s why it’s getting 3.5 stars, and not more. And that was how isolated Adrienne was in this book. And I don’t mean literal isolation, because living in a remote haunted house in the woods is just fine with me. No, I mean that she didn’t have any family or friends, or money, or any kind of security. It made this book feel so bleak. I know it was meant to be this hopeless so you would really feel scared, but it also depressed me.

When I read The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates I was very much creeped out, but since it was about a group of people (who would eventually leave the house and live long happy lives), it didn’t feel so dark and depressing.

Adrienne had no one, except her cat Wolfgang. And that made me sad. I couldn’t quite see what she had to live for when she was almost being eaten to death by a resurrected zombie corpse. And her struggle with money made me so sad. Especially when it is mentioned she bought cat food, but not enough food for herself, because she’d rather go hungry than see Wolfgang suffer. I just wanted to cry when I read that.

But…. this was still a very good horror book.

There is this scene in this that was scary that I tried to read as fast as I could. Adrienne is basically trapped in the house with no way out. There is no one coming to the rescue and she doesn’t have enough food to last a few days. That feeling of hopelessness really got to me. Especially since there was a cat involved too! But.. of course things worked out. And while the ending wasn’t quite what I envisioned, it was still good.
March 13, 2022
My friend, Erin, has intended to mail Darcy Coates’ first novel. Friends know it can take years to procure new releases second-hand. This authoress has been prolific. When another friend liked this 2016 mystery, she ordered “The Haunting Of Ashburn House” for me! Bless you, Ellery! I relished tucking into a novel from our present decade and easily gave four stars.

I love originality and this mystery produced it in spades. As a reader and writer, I examine my pleasure in a story and its cohesiveness after finishing it. A dénouement can affect our final impression. The ending for Adrienne and a community of new friends is as beautiful as her beginning was mysterious! The middle developed an edge that was scary, at a perfect pace. It made fictional sense and left breathing room as well. I would bestow all of this five star praise but a few blips in logic and behaviour are too sticky to sweep aside.

Be reassured that the cat stays safe. Darcy’s fresh phenomena with an intricate background amazed me. Some of the novel basic’s needed bolstering: a centenarian never shared a horrifying burden with friends or neighbours? Edith Ashburn only tried explaining the circumstances to Adrienne’s Mom, Pat, who was appalled. When we learn how crucial they are to control, it seems strange that Edith did not contact Adrienne after she grew-up, or leave instructions in her will. Setting a letter aside at the magnitude of what they forewarned was bafflingly risky. Edith did etch instructions around the house. I grant that they looked benign but I would have tried them as soon as things got creepy!

I take away two touching thoughts. Relatives might think of us lovingly without knowing us. Secondly, someone’s secretiveness or distance can have reasons we do not know.
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373 reviews20 followers
December 22, 2018
Edith Ashburn lives in a big mansion all by herself. Her family was slaughter,when she was about eight years old. The towns folk think that Edith is an odd duck. She would come into town everyday, purchase a newspaper, and any supplies that she would need. Edith would never have guests at her house or allow people on her property. After Edith pass away, there was only one living relative that she could leave Ashburn House to. Adrienne had never met her aunt Edith but Ashburn House was hers now. When Adrienne arrived at her new living quarters, she had one suitcase and a twenty dollar bill. She also brought her cat, Wolfgang. Adrienne does not believe in ghosts but many strange things have taken place, as she explores the house. There are many strange messages,
etched in the walls of Ashburn House. Adrienne had no clue, what the messages are trying to tell her. In the woods, in back of the house, Adrienne stumbles upon a grave marker. The name on the marker is E. Ashburn. Adrienne could not understand why Edith was buried in this isolated spot and not in the local cemetery. Can Adrienne survive the deep dark secrets that surround the history of the house? I found that the main character Adrienne, could be very naive at times. This was an enjoyable read.
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126 reviews24 followers
October 20, 2022
You guys can think I’m crazy all you want, especially once you realize this is by no means a perfect book. It definitely has some flaws you have to overlook to be able to enjoy it. Clearly I indeed looked over them. And I think I’m a Darcy Coates fan girl now. And you know what? I think you could be too…. As long as you go into this not exactly expecting a life changing and horrifying ghost story… but rather a simple, but atmospheric one, that also even feels a little cozy?

That’s not saying it wasn’t spooky. It definitely was. During the setup there were times I actually got a little uneasy and had to come back to reality for a second lol. It just wasn’t super graphic is all.

And the house… omg I love the house. Don’t even get me started on how much I love books set in an old creepy building. Especially ones with cryptic messages written all over the walls.

Not to mention, this story actually takes a really unique twist/approach to ghosts. It’s not always a spooky transparent specter (although you do get some of that too), and I really appreciate that deviation from normal ghost stories. Honestly The entire plot was pretty interesting and unique.

Sure it uses tropes and cliches. There are tons of them. But they’re used in really satisfying ways. Especially atmosphere wise. The set up and mood of this book was honestly soooo good. The writing did start to fall off at the last portion for me. But not enough to upset me. Especially since I actually did love the actual ending. Which was actually pretty unique and spooky (depending on how you look at it) as well.

The characters and animals are all likeable which helps. But smart decisions aren’t always made… so you may want to slap them sometimes.

If you can look past that and suspend your disbelief a bit (especially when it comes to time passing in the story), then I really think this is a great ghost story. Curled in front of a fire with some hot chocolate and spooky music playing? Yes please. Suuuuch a mood setter.

I will for sure be reading more from this author as soon as I can.
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705 reviews25 followers
July 1, 2022

Was es damit auf sich hat? Das erfahrt ihr, wenn ihr "Der Fluch von Ashburn House" lest. Doch worum geht es:

Die Leute sagen, dass nachts die Geister einer ermordeten Familie durch die Flure von Ashburn House irren. Als Adrienne vor der Haustür des gotischen Hauses ankommt, weiß sie nicht, warum Tante Edith ihr Ashburn vermacht hat, aber es ist ein Erbe, das sie unmöglich ablehnen kann. Adrienne glaubt nicht an Geister, aber wie sonst lässt sich erklären, was in den nächsten Tagen passiert und was hat es mit dem Grab im Wald auf sich? Etwas Böses lebt in Ashburn House, etwas Unnatürliches, das nur auf Adrienne gewartet hat ...

Lange mussten wir auf ein weiteres Buch von Darcy Coates warten, aber ich kann schon vorwegnehmen es hat sich gelohnt. Ich hab das Buch in nur wenigen Stunden am Stück gelesen, weil ich es nicht aus der Hand legen konnte. Darcy Coates weiß, wie sie Atmosphäre erschaffen kann und spielt mit allem, was ein altes gotisches Haus hergibt: dunkle Ecke, unheimliche Geräusche, seltsame Vorkommnisse ... und was hat es eigentlich mit den Spiegeln auf sich? Schon mit dem ersten Kapitel weckt sie Interesse an dem Geheimnis um Ashburn House und schafft es so direkt die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers zu wecken.

Adrienne zusammen mit ihrem Kater Wolfgang war mir von der ersten Seite an sympathisch und ich konnte mich gut in sie hineinversetzten. Der Schreibstil ist einfach großartig und durch die kurzen Kapitel entsteht ein Lesefluss der einen nicht loslässt. Das Geheimnis rund um Ashburn spielt natürlich eine zentrale Rolle und sorgt immer wieder für Spannung, einige tolle Plottwists und Gänsehaut Momente.

Ashburn House ist eine klassische Haunted House Story, die mich richtig gut unterhalten konnte. Mit der unheimlichen und spannende Geschichte zeigt Darcy Coates, dass sie den Queens of Horror Susan Hill und Shirely Jackson in nichts nachsteht. Ich bin dann bereit für weitere Bücher von Darcy Coates !!!

5 von 5 Sternen
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1,636 reviews148 followers
August 14, 2019
The Haunting of Ashburn House is an 'ok' ghost story which maintains an consistent level of suspense and heightened sense of oncoming dread yet falls down with a corny ending which doesn't fit the initial tone of the book.
Profile Image for greta.
201 reviews206 followers
May 13, 2022
definitely has eerie vibes, but really forgettable. i also found out the twist of who’d killed the family in the middle of the book, so in that way it was REALLY predictable. Adrienne sometimes was annoying as hell, but bless her for putting up with all the shit going down, i guess ?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ i enjoyed it, but it was only average for me.
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731 reviews163 followers
August 10, 2020

This ghost story promised me a spooky tale about a woman that is inherited a house (such an original idea in a ghost story) and has nowhere else to go because she lost her home once her mother died (wasn't this Eleanor Vance story from The Haunting of Hill House from Shirley Jackson?), Okay continuing on she moves to the creepy house on the hill in the woods. I'll never understand the story that tells of someone moving to a house they have never seen before. She was willed this house but was never explained anything from the person that gave it to her. So I guess the lawyer who gave it to her didn't exist because she never remembers back to that time. Ummm okay..... So Eleanor... I mean Addy moves into this house sight unseen and looks around downstairs. Then as night settles in and she has already started a fire, made food, fed the cat, changed her clothes, and had tea she decides to check what's upstairs. Who moves into a house and doesn't look around upstairs too!!!??
Some weird shit happens........ Ohhhh
Some women come over and look around the house. Suddenly Addy is calling them her friends throughout the book as though they have known one another since birth. YOU JUST MET THEM ONE TIME!
My most annoying thing about this book was how time just slipped away. One minute she would be awake at 6am-7pm and she would do a few things and she was beating the sun so it wasn't night. The sun was always setting as soon as she woke up. For some stupid reason, she is always going to the rooms without electricity at nighttime.
She talks about how she isn't going to be one of those dumb horror movie girls that goes after the sound but she does it so many times all in the next chapter after she said she wouldn't.
Another ridiculous thing is that the fuse box is on the outside of the house. THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE! How insane is that? I have never lived or seen a house that would have one on the outside of the house. That seems so dangerous if someone was trying to get into your house.
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505 reviews322 followers
November 1, 2020

Was I terrified? YES. If I wanted to rate this book just based on terror-factor alone, I totally would give this 5/5!

Besides the creepiness, solitudeness, and freakiness, the rest of the story was just a little slow for my liking. Sure, the suspense definitely built up, but I couldn't help but think while reading this that the book would be much better as a movie. The main character was awkward, and I wasn't really a fan of her personality.

If you're looking to be scared, then I definitely say pick this up! Those parts are so worth it!
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