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Questioneers Picture Books

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

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The newest picture book from the creators of Iggy Peck, Architect; Rosie Revere, Engineer; and Ada Twist, Scientist stars Sofia Valdez, a community leader who stands up for what she believes in!
Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school . . . until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea—the town can turn the slimy mess into a park! She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the courage to go to City Hall—only to be told by a clerk that she can’t build a park because she’s just a kid! Sofia is down but not out, and she sets out to prove what one kid can do.

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40 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 5, 2019

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About the author

Andrea Beaty

71 books514 followers
For more information, visit my website (www.AndreaBeaty.com).

Also, visit www.Questioneers.com for posters, activities, educator resources, and other information about the Questioneer books.

Further, check out Story Time From Space to see Ada Twist and Rosie Revere read at the International Space Station by astronauts! It’s out of this world.


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Profile Image for Amy.
201 reviews
November 9, 2019
I wanted to love this book, but I only liked it. The story in and of itself is lovely, particularly Sofia and Abuelo, but the connection to the title is made only at the very end and seems a bit more of an afterthought rather than a statement to drive the story--and with a title like that, I expected it to be more of a force or theme of the book. I don't like to compare, but I can't help but think that I enjoyed Rosie Revere a bit more.
Profile Image for Reading_ Tamishly.
3,959 reviews2,177 followers
December 24, 2020
Well....it ended too soon. It felt like it's just half the story.

A little girl gets fed up with the mount of trash gathering in the neighborhood and wants to build a park instead in its place. The adults want the park and tells her to tell them when its done. Yes, adults are plain clueless most of the time in real too. So this little girl works up a plan to make the dream possible by protesting. Well, the story ended then and there. I wish the story was complete with a few more pages or sketches.

I love the artwork. It's good 💯
Profile Image for Chelka Posladek.
97 reviews7 followers
November 10, 2019
WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THE TRASH???? When Sofia & her abuelo come across the giant, dangerous landfill, I assumed they were going to do something about it. Their answer, though, is to build a new park. It's never straight up said that they replace the trash pile with a park. And if that is what they do, where did they move the trash? I love the idea of people getting rid of landfills, but it doesn't change the fact that we still make trash, and our garbage has to go SOMEWHERE. Do they ship their garbage to another town? Did they bury it? I was hoping there would be some environmental action in here. I like the citizen action, and I LOVE the sentiment that even a kid can make a big difference...but I'm so confused by the trash part. Is it just me?
Profile Image for Lata.
3,441 reviews180 followers
January 9, 2020
I love these positive and inspiring stories with their whimsical illustrations, and how kids from one book show up in the background or participate in the activities in the current book.
Profile Image for La Coccinelle.
2,242 reviews3,562 followers
June 7, 2020
Unlike the other characters in this series who are focused on STEM pursuits, Sofia is more of a community activist. After her grandfather injures himself on a mountain of trash, Sofia decides that the community needs to get rid of the unsightly mess... and have a park instead. But just having an idea isn't enough. After consulting with her neighbours, she sets off for City Hall to try to make things official, only to run up against bureaucracy. Will Sofia be able to achieve her goal?

I didn't like this book as much as Rosie Revere, Engineer (which is my favourite), but it's still a solid addition to the series. The illustrations are cute and diverse, the rhyming text is fairly easy to read (making it a good prospect for story time), and the overall message of perseverance in standing up for the good of the community is a nice one. I'd recommend this book to fans of the series, as well as to kids who are interested in community activism.
Profile Image for Panda Incognito.
2,695 reviews50 followers
November 20, 2019
Preachy, unrealistic, and disappointing. And, as another reviewer already pointed out, what did the town do with the giant pile of trash that just disappears by the end?? This is a message book, not a well-developed story.
5,870 reviews131 followers
November 25, 2021
Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is a children's picture book written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. It centers on Sofia Valdez, who proves that community organizers of any age can have a positive impact.

Beaty's text is simplistic and rhythmically poetic. While some of the rhyming couplets seemed forced, it is nevertheless, beautifully written and for the most part has a steady beat and flowed well. Roberts' illustrations are beautiful and colorful, albeit a tad cartoonish, which is apropos for a book directed to a younger age group.

The premise of the book is rather straightforward. Sofia Valdez is prompted to take action to clean up a local landfill when her loving abuelo is hurt while they are out helping their neighbors. She decides to turn the dump into a park, but when she visits City Hall, everyone tells her she cannot get that done because she is just a kid. Sofia refuses to take no for an answer and shows the world that second-graders should be taken seriously when they talk – especially when they say they want to make a difference in the world.

All in all, Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is a fun but earnest, this rhyming romp reminds readers that one young person can make a difference.
Profile Image for Jeimy.
4,409 reviews33 followers
November 16, 2019
Sofía Valdez is a young activist who will steal your heart with her determination to improve her community.
Profile Image for DIVISHA MITHAL.
49 reviews
April 28, 2021
Sanaya Talks Books:

I like the Questioneers series because I like science and engineering as well as art and the books feel like the combination of both subjects. I also like it because the books are like poems. The sentences rhymes. It was fun to read them.

Premise of the books:
The questioneer series is a lovely set of books, each book telling the story of one child who questions, thinks and acts! There are five characters in the series as of now, each book dedicated to that one character.

We have Ada, who always questions things with What, Why, When and How and shows traits to be a scientist. Then we have Rosie who wants to be engineer. She tinkers and tries to come up with new inventions. There is Sofia, who shows signs that she will be an activist one day with her actions to create change in the society. There is also Iggy, who loves to build and hence wants to be nothing but an architect. A new book in the series is about Aaron, a dyslexic child who loves stories but can't differentiate written words. To tell his stories he takes the route of art.

Learnings from the books:
These are picture books with colorful illustrations which are very funnily depicted. Just the illustrations would have the children cackling with laughter. The stories are all narrated in rhyming pattern thus making it fun for kids to listen to them.

Each character's picture book also has a corresponding workbook available, which is a great resource to enhance the kids' creativity and imagination.

Each book is a treasure trove of sweet messages. Where, Rosie Revere, Engineer teaches us that "Life's true failure comes when you quit" ; Ada Twist, Scientist taught us that it's ok to ask questions and to have a curious mind. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez was a book which showed kids what courage truly is. She teaches us that "Being brave means doing the thing you must do, though your heart cracks with fear".

Mommy's Verdict:
These books are fun without being preachy and yet teach the kids something important. Do give these books a try.

For full review of the series you can check my blog at www.inbetweenbookmarks.wordpress.com.

Profile Image for Austria Kovalenko.
156 reviews1 follower
December 6, 2019
Not my favourite of the series - but still a good story. I think the others had a more childlike imagination to the character's. This one has the child character, with a strong backstory, but there seems to be a secondary force coming out of this whole book. It's one of those 'let's show the adults that even kids can be adult-like'.
The more I think about it, if I had a child like Sofia then I'd help her bring out that strength in her - probably in the same way as this book pushed it - but I'd see her ideas and drawings first. This book only showed ONE page spread of her plans!

It's almost like this books is to satisfy mature readers only - but even us adults have childlike imagination.

I'm not saying that this book is too realistic, no, I'm saying it needed more of Sofia's thinking and ideas put into the pages. Not how the world sees her.

This is something I love about this series. You get to read about a child and their goals when they're young based on their strengths. You get to see this from the outside perspective, we watch the child grow into this role of theirs, and we get to see from the child's perspective too!! Big plans beyond our adult imagination.

There's not enough of that in here. There's too much outside sources looking in on Sofia the go-getter. I wanted to see how this gift of her's played out in her imagination.

I would recommend the other books over this one - though this is definitely worth the read.
644 reviews4 followers
October 3, 2020
This is a great book about a young girl who achieves things for her community by being strong and working for what she believes in. I think the title of the book is a bit strange as it doesn’t seem to be what the book is about, however the idea does link. I also thought they’d be more of an emphasis on the removal of the waste and why/how this was done rather than just skimming over this as this would be an important issue to raise with children. I do however think the positive and strong message of the book is a good one to share with younger children. I like the poetic rhyming structure of the book and the illustrations are fun and a good addition.
Profile Image for Jennifer.
487 reviews
January 13, 2021
I like the idea that one person can make a difference but that is on the whole community, their government included, to make real change. However, things were wrapped up way too easily for Sofia with next to no resistance, and there was never a great illustration of the finished park or the demolished landfill trash pile. The reading level of this book is also hard to nail down—I am thinking it might serve best as an early reader for 1st and 2nd graders rather than as a read-aloud book. Even though it is a picturebook, I could see much of this going over the heads of younger children. I read this e-book for free on the Libby app through my library.
Profile Image for LauraW.
749 reviews17 followers
November 12, 2019
I have read several of the other books in this series, and have been a bit ambivalent about them. This one, however, I found I liked a lot better. The ways in which the child is helpful and proactive are mostly appropriate to a 2nd grader. It wasn't about making a big deal about some future nebulous (and a bit unrealistic) goal, but rather about things that real kids could potentially do. Sure, it has the tag-line of "Future Prez", but that is more in the spirit of "you can do anything", rather than "this is probably what you are going to do". I found the difference more appealing.
Profile Image for Nancy Kotkin.
1,363 reviews34 followers
December 27, 2019
A rhyming picture book about being courageous to help others and your community. The child-grandparent relationship is touching.

The title is a stretch since Sofia is a young community organizer, not a politician-in-the-making. (I used to be a community organizer myself and it isn't training to become president; the skill sets required are actually rather different.) The "future prez" is only a mention tacked on at the end because it rhymes with "Valdez."
Profile Image for Kelly.
7,873 reviews12 followers
January 10, 2020
I liked the story a lot. A young girl takes action when her Abuelo gets injured on a pile of junk. The only thing holding me back from giving this book 4 stars is the title; it is briefly mentioned at the end. I think that it would have meant more to me (personally) if the title reflected the girl's activism, not just trying to continue the series with a cute title.
Profile Image for Gabi.
21 reviews1 follower
April 27, 2021
Sofia Valdez is a strong young girl who works with her Abuelo to build a community garden out of what once was a landfill. When they spot this landfill on their walk, Sofia knows exactly what she wants to do and begins to get the ball rolling. She is told no countless times until she is in front of City Hall delivering a speech! She is a brave example of working hard for your goals and dreaming big despite what others say.
Profile Image for Chance Lee.
1,311 reviews120 followers
December 12, 2019
A valuable and important message about social organization paired with the stunning illustrations I expect from David Roberts. The poetry doesn't flow as well as I'd hoped here. Little details, like a statue of Ida B. Wells, add to the atmosphere and themes of the story. Sofia for Prez 2048!
Profile Image for Karrie.
599 reviews8 followers
January 9, 2020
Purpose in mind - check, but told with humour charm, rhyme, something for the adults and illustrations you can keep finding things in.

My favourite line “most people like good, but Sofia likes better”.
Profile Image for Mr Payne Reads.
18 reviews2 followers
June 22, 2020
You cannot read this books in your head. It must be read aloud.

I'm a huge fan of the entire Questioneers picture book series and read the first three to my Year 4 class. These are the types of books the children complain at if you happen to stop midway through reading for a sip of water. They're wonderfully written and you could spend twice as long looking at the images than reading the book itself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read this book to my class so instead I sat on my bed, and read it aloud to myself (which is definitely an underrated thing to do).

I love that they've branched away from STEM and into politics in Sofia Valdez. Andrea Beaty explains how politics works to children in a way they can clearly understand. Now, even more than ever, this is vitally important. We want children to understand the way they can promote change in their communities and countries and this book might be the first stepping stone in doing so.
Profile Image for Melinda Beatty.
Author 3 books57 followers
November 18, 2019
Probably my favorite of Beaty's wonderful rhyming picture books! A fantastic tale about how one person can change their community for the good.
Profile Image for Laura.
Author 2 books46 followers
December 4, 2019
I really liked the character Sofia and the theme of the book.
Profile Image for Lynn.
3,171 reviews54 followers
December 15, 2019
Community Engagement

Sofia Valdez wants to get rid of a dump in her neighborhood and open up a park instead. She learns to go to her local politicians and lobby for a park. She then learns the process to get support and finding. A nice book.
Profile Image for Gina.
712 reviews18 followers
March 11, 2020
I wanted to enjoy this book so much more-pics were cute, message was girl empowering, but it was just missing something.
Profile Image for Shari.
2,050 reviews
July 7, 2020
While I love this series, this book doesn’t quite hit the mark. I had high hopes for the book. A latina president? It’s quite a dream, however the book focused on community activism.
Profile Image for Jenncw.
566 reviews8 followers
October 13, 2020
Stronger and braver

We are each stronger and braver than we think, when we advocate for something that matters to us. That is the message of this beautiful children’s book.
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