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I Choose to Be Unstoppable

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“I CHOOSE TO BE UNSTOPPABLE" is an inspiring story of how a physically challenged person overcame all odds to live a life of incredible achievement, success, and fulfillment. Packed with many unexpected twists and turns, it tells us how Niranjan successfully faced the challenges and ordeals of his life. Confined to the Wheelchair he chose to be unstoppable.

Niranjan, who wrote this book, also offers some methods to readers to lead a successful personal and professional life despite his physical challenge. He strongly believes in the following life lessons.

i)Live your life with purpose,
ii) Know that limitations are in your mind not with the physical body,
iii)Ask yourself whether you want to be a victim or a victor?
iv)Know that love begets love, love knows no rules this is the same for all,
v)Be open to the possibilities in your life,
vi)Know that happiness comes from within.
vii) Know that life is a roller-coaster ride and learn to enjoy the ride,
viii) Believe that life is worth living,
ix) Know that life begins only when you leave your comfort zone,
X) Follow your passion and be the “Boss of your life”.

Niranjan wants you to realize your potential for greatness, to become unfazed by problems, difficulties, and to recognize and turn off your own internal negative dialogues about yourself. After reading this book, readers will understand how to learn to swim in this ocean of hurdles, to create a meaningful and beautiful life for themselves and also for the people around them. He strongly believes everyone has the potential to become unstoppable.

Kindle Edition

Published February 17, 2019

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July 4, 2019
I would like to thank Niranjan Nerlige for giving his book to review.
His next book "Seal your Limitations " is yet to be released.

Review :
Everyone has their own problems and limitations in their life but ever thought all these limitations stays only because we think we have them and ever decided to overcome them.
Many of us lack in fighting spirit thinking how big our problems are.
Author Niranjan's life is inspiration to all of us.

"I choose to be unstoppable" written by Niranjan Nerlige begins with an unexpected incident where author falls from great height leaving him paralyzed below waist. He could not walk anymore, his dream to go abroad is shattered. This book is his own life journey, inspiring story of how a physically challenged person overcame all odds to live a life of incredible achievement, success and fulfillment. He never gave up on any situation no matter how hard it was but rather he came out more stronger than before every time. Our will power is the strongest weapon we could ever have and we must use it in best way. The author despite being physically challenged works no less than a abled bodied person in an MNC and secures a honorable position, International certification for his company and also travels abroad to represent his work. Life offers him success because he works hard for it. The book also has many beautiful life incidents where author meets important people who adds value to his life.
One among them is his Adopted child "Pranav" who is now of great support. The caregiver Lakshmamma also proves to be an important person whose loyalty is remarkable. The author has expressed his gratitude towards all those people who always stood by his side. After few years of working, author choose to be self employed and proves that it was his best decision due to his training abilities.
At present days Niranjan Nerlige is Rebound Coach, Inspirational speaker, Mentor and Transformational Expert.

Few lines I liked in this book are
⏩If we have the resilience within us and the determination to make a difference to our life, we can always find new possibilities.
⏩Know that physical limitations are in your mind not with the physical body.
⏩It does not matter what happens to us in life, but how do we choose to respond when things happen to us is what really decides whether we want to be a Victor or a Victim.
⏩When God has given people hands and legs, it is sin by not doing any work and becoming a burden to the family and the country.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. The book is truly a self help and the author, an inspiration to all.
Readers feel motivated as the story continues with success and realize that the problems they have are too small when compared to others.
The relationship bond between Father and son is beautifully written.
The book conveys the message to society that "Why people are not coming forward to adopt children, when a physically challenged person has come forward to adopt a child and create a happy family for an orphan child".
The language is simple and easily understood.
Narration is effective.
The book cover including title is inspiring.
My rating 5/5.
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June 25, 2019
Book Title: “I CHOOSE TO BE UNSTOPPABLE": One resilient physically challenged person, Many gut-wrenching ordeals... An Inspiring story
Author: Niranjan Nerlige V
Format: Paperback

Book Title:
The title of the book ' “I CHOOSE TO BE UNSTOPPABLE": One resilient physically challenged person, Many gut-wrenching ordeals... An Inspiring story is very inspiring, self-explanatory and emotional.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a silhouette image of a physically challenged person shouting in triumph at the peak of a hill. The image aptly supports the title.

Inside the book:
This book is a story of a warrior who has been a constant fighter for the better ways of survival who himself faces challenges due to physical disability. Niranjan, the author of the book who is confined to the wheelchair due to some unforeseen circumstances shares his story which oozes with zeal, will power and strength of mind.

Almost every self-help book that exists in the world talks mostly in the third person context and sometimes the information flushes out of mind as the reader finds it difficult to relate. Whereas, here in this book, the author has shared his own experiences in every page added with a pinch of self-determination, will power and lots of perseverance. Thus this book is a self-help book that can be practiced practically.

What I like:
1. The optimistic approach of life and it's roadblocks
2. The accepting virtue in a human is well explained
3. The concept of adaptability and perseverance to face any situations is beautifully illustrated
4. Few chapters act like teachers questioning one's inner consciousness about life and life's value
5. The will power to achieve anything that is considered impossible for a person with physical disabilities is wonderfully narrated.

What I didn't like:
The book is an inspiring tale and not many drawbacks are found. At some places personally, I felt some crisp editing would have given more emphasis on the points the author wanted to say out to the readers.

The narration is the soul of a good book. For a book like this, which falls into the self-help or self-improvement category, the author with his own experiences, success, and failure stories with a touch of philosophy has created a world full of optimism and positivity though there exist disabilities.

Language & Grammar:
Simple and clear language with effective grammar is observed in the book.

My Final Verdict:
Truly inspiring and enthusiastic story

Book Title: 5/5
Book Cover: 5/5
Inside the book: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Narration: 5/5
Language & Grammar: 5/5
Final Rating: 5/5
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Author 3 books340 followers
May 11, 2020
"I Choose To Be Unstoppable" is an inspiring and motivating book.
It's a story of a physically disabled person, who survives so many life battles at every step he takes, but doesn't give up. He chooses to be unstoppable.
This self-help book takes the readers to an upper level of wisdom, making them realise about their inner strength.
Hats off to the author- Niranjan Nerlige who decided to write this inspiring and enthusiastic story. I sincerely hope this book wins hearts of thousands.
"I Choose To Be Unstoppable" is a combination of optimism, inspiration and will power. The author has well crafted a plot out of this.
The book made me think openly and positively. We are so lucky that we are blessed with a beautiful family and life but we take things for granted. We must stop doing that.
A physically challenged person is showering the rays of optimism and enthusiasm through the cover picture of the book. The title "I Choose To Be Unstoppable" totally supports the plot of the book.
The storyline is excellent with many inspirational quotes and dialogues. It sends the readers a message to revisit our mindset, to stop complaining about things, to stay focused on goals and to be unstoppable whenever difficult situations try to let you down.
*Looking forward to Niranjan Nerlige's next book*
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357 reviews43 followers
March 3, 2019
Most of us are lucky (though sadly blissfully ignorant to even realize that!) to have our physical "abilities" fully intact. We consider ourselves "able". However, unbeknownst to us, we suffer from severe disabilities in our mind that limit us from realizing our true potential. We draw imaginary boundaries in our mind that confine us to our small little self-made comfort zone. We might seem to have appearance of normal human beings, but deep inside, we are a mass and a mess of very insecure nerves!

And then there are rare and exceptional people like @Niranjan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/niranjann...) who might appear to be "disabled" but are infinitely more "able" than most people I know. Having known Niranjan for over twenty years, I have seen him face every obstacle with steely resolve, and fightback with grit and poise! He is my favorite real-life hero!

And he has decided to share his amazing story in his book. This is not just the story of Niranjan the fighter, but also Niranjan the man behind his fight. I am sure his story will serve as a meaningful inspiration to everyone - especially the first variety of people who appear to look "able" - they need this book most!
January 17, 2021
A good book for great inspiration

Many of us are struggling even if we have all sorts of potential things and possibilities in our life. His own story which the author has shared clearly explains how much blessed we are. We lose our confidence if we met with any failures in our life. The author clearly explained how he raised everytime he faced with difficulties. It is really a great motivation to all of us and we should not be losing our confidence for small failures. I appreciate the author for writing such a great inspirational story
1 review
December 5, 2020
When I read the book's first chapter, it did not allow me to pause, till the final page was completely read! That is the power of the content...It was tough to travel through the emotions expressed by Niranjan..... It has a strong message and is all about Try Try Try again till you succeed.... Dont give-up because by giving up...your path gets blocked. After the last page is read, it leaves a question ... Can you overcome the control of your mind?
1 review
May 18, 2019
A true motivation!

Awakens oneself from within. Worth reading. Its something which will make you think differently and encourage oneself to come out of the cocoon of excuses.

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