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The end of the world as they knew it had come and gone, and the remnants of mankind struggle to survive in a barren landscape. Twenty-three-year-old Finn sets out on a desperate mission to scavenge for the much-needed medicine to help his sister. He knows better than to trust anyone, but when a total stranger saves him from a vicious gang, the unexpected act of kindness rekindles Finn’s lost faith in humanity.

The tentative friendship with his rescuer, Spencer, gradually turns into something more, and for the first time in years, Finn lets himself yearn for joy and hope in the dead of nuclear winter—right until Spencer goes missing.

They say love is the greatest power of all, but it seems it would take nothing short of a miracle to overcome the dangers that threaten to destroy Finn’s only chance for happiness and the lives of his loved ones.

91 pages, ebook

First published March 4, 2019

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About the author

Isabelle Adler

12 books109 followers
Isabelle Adler writes M/M romance, sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy.
She has been a voracious reader from the age of five and always dreamed of one day putting her own stories into writing. She loves traveling, art, and science, and finds inspiration in all of these. Her favorite genres include sci-fi, fantasy, and historical adventure. She also firmly believes in the unlimited powers of imagination and caffeine.

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2,220 reviews454 followers
January 4, 2020
4 Hearts

Any proper apocalyptic story is going to be bleak as the daily, if not hourly, struggle to survive weighs heavily like an unbearable burden.

Here, Finn’s situation is no different, but he bravely takes a risk to help his sick sister, venturing into the dangerous city to scavenge for supplies. Unfortunately, he encounters an unsavory group who’s also looking for some rare treasures, but avoids death by the kindness of a stranger named Spencer.

This showcases perfectly that despite harsh reality, the sense of hopelessness that’s just about to overwhelm all, a simple act changes everything - outlook, expectation, goals - and gives one the courage to fight for the happiness that basically seemed forever lost.

Realistic dystopian vibe where nothing is sugar coated, this still had great feels and a nice dose of sexy. This ends perfectly as that hard fought win brings some much needed light to so much darkness.

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for a honest review

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848 reviews92 followers
September 3, 2019
I liked the setting and the characters, but it felt like the author tried to squeeze a longer novel into a 100-page novella. As a result, the characters weren’t fully fleshed out and the relationship development was too rushed. Too bad, because I like the writing and I think this could have been a much better story if it had been given more room to grow.
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Author 28 books95 followers
February 26, 2019
***ARC provided by NineStar Press through NetGalley***

This is a great novella set in a post-apocalypse world immersed in an eerie nuclear winter.

Its release date is fast approaching (March 4th) and my intention is to re-read the story and then write a proper review.

All I can say now is that I loved the worldbuilding and the characters. The writing is beautiful and goes smoothly from meditative to fast-paced, involving the reader in the tough predicament of Finn, Spencer and Siobhan.

The only downside is the relative brevity of the book that inevitably has to cut short some passages. I think this is a story that could have been developed very easily into a full-length novel. Even in its current form, however, is truly well-rounded and compelling.

I highly recommend it.
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530 reviews60 followers
January 6, 2021
3,5 stars!

The story themes and character personalities were all 4 star good. The writing flowed with ease, and had just the right amount of details of a near-future postapocalyptic USA. So it was doubly frustrating that the romance never really took off. I mean, the relationship progressed but it came across as lukewarm. If I could tweak the story it would perhaps be towards more dialogue between the MCs and somewhat fewer introspective musings. Still, I enjoyed this novella and would read more books by the author.
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Author 4 books141 followers
March 9, 2019
I’m going to start off this week’s review with a holy shmoly! I went into Frost by Isabelle Adler—and published by NineStar Press—completely blind, which isn’t something I make a habit of, but something I’m learning can be very, very fun.

This was an amazing novella that dove into a post-apocalyptic space with such gorgeous world building and flawless character development that I was near-to-drooling by the time I finished. My readerly bum was on the edge of my seat and my nails were gnawed to nubs. There is such beautiful tension and organic conflict stemming from the harrowing world our main characters find themselves living within.

I got so completely sucked into this story I skipped a meal and went on to have nightmares about the vivid hellscape Ms. Adler plops her characters into. But don’t fret, my lovelies. This is a romance at its core, and despite the challenges and conflicts our heroes face, there is a very satisfying HEA. One you won’t entirely see coming, but isn’t that the best kind?!

I would recommend this book to any gay romance reader, but especially those who enjoy phenomenal world building and realistic conflicts mixed with just the right amount of adventure.
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1,801 reviews182 followers
March 31, 2019
This is the second book I've read by this author in the last month and it was another hit for me. (I also highly recommend her book Adrift). I am a sucker for apocalypse settings in books and read them a lot. This was the first time though that I have read a book when the apocalypse caused a constant snow and cold temperature. I thought it was unique and since it would be mine own personal hell I was totally drawn in to it.

The book was relatively short but still did a good job with the world building. It set a tone of bleakness and fear and I could immediately understand Finn's desperation to help his sister. Spencer was intriguing and I liked him immediately. The bad guys were well done too. You have to have bad guys in apocalypse stories but if it's too heavy handed it can be over the top. This was just the right mix in my opinion.

I really liked the romance and I thought the guys were great together. It was a bit insta-love and while I don't generally like that, I will always give that a pass in this sub genre. It's the end of the world..... you gotta get your loving when and where you can.

As I previously stated I have read two of this author's books this month and have really enjoyed them both. She was a new to me author and I'm really excited to have found her stuff. I will definitely be reading more by her.
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684 reviews49 followers
March 7, 2019
Okay, let’s get this out-of-the-way – this is a novella! And my one complaint about it is that I can’t believe it’s not a novel! Sometimes, I can read an entire book and not feel any great connection with the characters. That is not true of this short work by Isabelle Adler.

This story is set in a post-apocalyptic type of world, basically a nuclear winter. The reader is introduced to Finn, a young man who is hunting for medication for his sister at an abandoned and run-down hospital. He encounters a gang of scavengers who grab him and if it weren’t for the intervention of a stranger with a shot-gun… Finn would probably be dead.

Spencer is the name of the bearded man who saved Finn’s life. Finn is surprised by the intervention…then again he’s surprised when he is invited to stay at Spencer’s home to ride out a storm. It’s clear that living in the wasted world has been hard on Finn. He’s almost heartbreakingly desperate to continue his fragile friendship with Spencer while at the same time convinced that it can’t be real.

The friendship grows into something more…and just as Finn is beginning to think that there may just be a little joy left in his life, Spencer disappears.

Adler does a fantastic job of fleshing out the feelings of the characters even in the short eighty-two pages of the novella. The state of the world is bleak, but there’s a spark of hope in Finn and he sets out to find Spencer. I believed in Finn!

No spoilers here! Pick this novella up!
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799 reviews36 followers
March 4, 2019
*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

A terrific, sublime post-apocalyptic romance story (with a HEA!) during a nuclear winter and where a brother is taking care of his sick sister but finds companionship, and more, along the way. A book which shows love can be found in a hopeless place.

I simply ADORED the characters & how knit tight the siblings were. Finn is such a charming, caring brother who does literally everything to get the needed medicine for his sick sister Siobhain, who is a second character I would have loved to learn more about because she's simply adorable. Despite being sick she's not fleshed out as someone who's impassive - at least when she's not sleeping in exhaustion and sickness - she shows a strong will and a driving force for Finn to keep moving. Without her, Finn might have lost hope and although it's dangerous for him to get out and hunt for necessary medicine, food and the other needed stuff to survive in this utterly devastating world they now call their home, he does it because she is his last connection to a better place and time. The love both siblings share for each other is tender and sweet.

I can't say how much I love this story about family bonds, responsibilities and second chances as well finding love & hope when you are very close to loose it. Finn is meeting Spencer at the most inconvenient time - but granted they're living in the rough nuclear winter it's hardly any good time to find someone who's sparks your interest let alone your love of your life.
Spencer is filled with his kindness and his offer to share the rare, limited good surprised Finn, maked him humble, yet he's first pretty hesitant and doubtful if Spencer is not having something malicious in mind. He provides Finn shelter when he needs it so badly and is literally saving his life by a hairbreadth.

You're engrossed in this story from the start - Isabelle Adler catches the atmosphere in a few, easy yet powerful words - the hospital scene (see excerpt) opens up in front of the reader - unpleasant and dangerous, you get what's meant to survive in the rough surrounding, it's gripping you and evokes an inner unpleasantness for abandoned places like this old hospital (at least I was intrigued and slightly disturbed altogether).
Without any effort you have the world right before your inner eye - the stunning cover also carries this atmospheric tone perfectly - and from that moment on I couldn't stop reading and I flipped through the pages and literally rushed towards the end because I wanted to know if there's a silver lining for Spencer and Finn, as well as Siobhain. I didn't wanted to give up the hope that these guys couldn't have had their HEA - and the way it's presented it absolutely fulfilling for this terrific, catching story.
Simply superb and I wholeheartedly recommend it to you. 5 out of 5 stars.

Review originally posted on my blog with added content Mikku-chan / A world full of words
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Author 9 books35 followers
March 10, 2019
Frost by Isabelle Adler is a story about finding something other than survival to make life meaningful. Finn sets out to find medicine for his ailing sister and is jumped by a gang. Luckily, Spencer intervenes and saves him. As Spencer and Finn get to know each other, feelings of love develop and Finn and Spencer both take a leap of faith on their budding romance.

What I liked about Frost is how it played with my expectations about survival novels. Usually, the world ends and the protagonists find themselves surrendering to their more base instincts in order to combat brutal antagonists. In this novella, the characters use hope and the desire to build a family to make it through the winter.

I love doom and gloom stories about the end of the world, but this was a nice change of pace.

Most post-apocalyptic novels focus on how bad people are and how the collapse of society frees people to revert back to their savage ways, and everyone has to become as brutal to survive. Frost reminds us that people created laws and civilization to begin with and that people, filled with the same hopes and dreams of their predecessors, can bring it back even after a nuclear winter.

I recommend this novella for people who enjoy stories of hope and sweet romances. I don’t recommend this book for people who only enjoy cutthroat survival stories.
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1,441 reviews150 followers
March 17, 2019
This wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It isn't the slightest bit dark and the romance is of the very, very insta kind. It's nice. If you are the kind of person who wants nice end-of-world reading then this could be a good one for you.

Short blog review
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467 reviews30 followers
March 31, 2019
This was so nice!! (maybeee it's even 4.5 stars, I'm not sure)

I have a lot of Feelings and Thoughts and I'm gonna try to word them.

I really loved the worldbuilding! It's a romance set during a nuclear winter, and the worldbuilding is simple enough not to take over the story and realistic enough that I was like: yeah well that definitely would happen if we were thrown into a nuclear winter. Basically: most human beings are shitty, and the world 'ending' would make it so much worse. I did asked myself a lot "but how cold is it really??" and that frustrated me a little bit but it's a minor detail.

I think this book really filled a bit of the void of my deep desire for more stories about 'normal' people going on with their lives in SFF settings (apocalypse, space opera, high fantasy, etc.). SFF without the high-stakes of saving the world and all that is really nice sometimes and it's kind of rare. It felt so good to see the life of three people struggling during a nuclear winter, but their struggles are personal and intimate and not world-changing, and I *loved* that. Like, I really really loved that.

The romance itself was really nice. Honestly, in a contemporary setting, I would've been like "oh this went too fast for my liking" but I think it works extremely well with the setting. I actually felt like the apocalyptic setting allowed the author to explore emotions that are different from the usual romance: how much you cling to the few things you care about, how romance seems like something frivolous when you should focus on surviving, how you don't trust people anymore but once someone trustworthy shows up, you don't want to let them go. It was just really, really interesting to me.

The cast was small (but like, you don't keep 53 friends during an apocalypse, folks) but the characters were interesting and believable. I loved Finn's sister, Siobhan! It was great to have a strong, important brother/sister relationship aside from the romance. Both Finn and Spencer were great characters. I would definitely be a Finn in these circonstances (honestly in these circonstances I would probably be dead though): mistrustful, hard on himself, having a hard time to let himself hope. At the beginning, I thought Spencer wasn't... believable. He was too kind, too great. But he grew on me and I could understand him better when he said that thing about holding onto the very few things you care about.

My ace self was in a period where my sex-aversion was higher than usual so I kind of read the (only) sex scene quickly, but that's 100% on me anyway!!

Overall, I really liked this. Worldbuilding, characters, plot, everything was super well-done. I was actually glad this was a just a novella because otherwise I would have stayed up a lot later than I already did.

TW: violence/blood, gunshots, fire/explosion, serious illness, explicit sex.
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Author 4 books40 followers
July 21, 2019
Read this in two sittings. I was enraptured by the story immediately, and I loved the subtle detail and creative world building in describing life during a nuclear winter. A beautiful, suspenseful and emotional tale with a gorgeous bittersweet romance at its heart.
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3,739 reviews45 followers
February 24, 2019
Frost tells the tale of Finn and Spencer in a post-apocalyptic world struggling to survive and find a reason to keep on going. I liked Finn and his relationship with his sister and I loved Spencer’s view on life. I felt like the world was really depressing and it was only the budding relationship between Finn and Spencer that kept me turning pages.
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12 reviews
March 8, 2019
The story was sweet but all in all really flat. I already had the first problem when Spencer wasted a bullet to shoot in the air to proof he's serious - in a postapocalyptic world where bullets are rare you don't waste them like this if you /actually/ are serious. Also the development of their relationship was frustrating; both of them being so shy and beating around the bush... The drama at the end was foreseeable and the ending itself a tad bit too sweet.
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1,452 reviews73 followers
October 21, 2021
“«Perché mi stai aiutando?» chiese Finn con un filo di voce.

Spencer alzò le spalle. «In un periodo come questo, troviamo senso ovunque sia possibile. Altrimenti, come possiamo andare avanti? E così quando la vita all’improvviso ti presenta qualcosa di cui avere cura, proprio quando pensavi che non sarebbe mai più successo… non ti fai domande.» Finn deglutì. Aprì la bocca per parlare, ma non trovò le parole giuste da dire. Spencer gli strinse la spalla e si alzò. Sistemò le sue cose di lato, in un posto asciutto sotto una stretta finestra chiusa con assi di legno.”

Innanzitutto mi scuso con l'autrice per il ritardo di questa recensione. Tornando a noi, oggi volevo parlarvi di questo romanzo, che seppur di poche pagine è riuscito a incuriosirmi fin dalla sinossi.

L'autrice, già all'inizio del capitolo, ci porta in un mondo tutto nuovo, dove niente è come lo abbiamo sempre visto. Siamo catapultati in un mondo apocalittico, freddo, grigio e soprattutto pieno di pericoli che coinvolge il protagonista Finn, un ragazzo di ventitré anni.

Conosciamo Finn che è intento a cercare dei medicinali, quando per sua sfortuna incontra dei malviventi, ma tutto cambia quando in suo aiuto arriva Spencer che lo salva.

Possiamo capire che Spencer e Finn stringono un'alleanza/ amicizia, però non sappiamo cosa sia successo al mondo e perché si trovi in queste condizioni.

Il romanzo manca un po' di avvenimenti ben descritti, qualche volta infatti capita di avere dei dubbi sullo svolgimento, però la lettura riesce comunque a intrattenere il lettore. Andando a leggere i vari capitoli si scoprono altre cose, ma le descrizioni si fermano lì.

Quello che attira di più è il crescere della storia d’amore tra i due protagonisti e questa mi ha appassionato molto, perché sia Spencer che Finn crescevano a ogni pagina, si sono evoluti in maniera molto omogenea e naturale. Quando leggevo il romanzo, mi sembrava di essere parte di loro in certi momenti, questo è dovuto alla scrittura fluida e scorrevole della scrittrice, con cui è riuscita a tenermi incollata, e lo apprezzo molto. L'unica pecca, per me, avrei preferito che molte situazioni fossero approfondite ulteriormente.

Voto 4,5 coccole

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849 reviews23 followers
August 24, 2022
2.5 stars. Enjoyable when you’re looking for something easy and plot-driven, especially if you’re a fan of survival stories. Properly dystopian without being too dark.
July 28, 2019
This blew me away. The setting was so well handled--a post-apocalyptic world with all the expected, yet packed with the unexpected, as well. And the fact that the author was able to achieve a sense of happiness and hope at the end despite the setting was... truly impressive. I will definitely be reading more from this author!
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24 reviews
June 14, 2019
Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs

Three 'Frosty’ stars 🐼🐼🐼

‘Frost’ is a novella by Isabelle Adler which follows Finn and Spencer, two boys who meet in the middle of a post-apocalyptic cold world.

The concept of the setting is interesting but under-developed. There is not much information provided about the surroundings of the characters, except the fact that it’s bad, cold and lonely. It’s also dangerous and for the purpose of the story, said danger finds our characters so the rest can save them.

The plot is linear and simply follows the two main characters as events happen to reinforce their budding romance. There are no subplots which means a lot of side questions I had remained unanswered. The pacing is good - the lack of side characters and issues helps with keeping the action tight.

The characters follow a similar linear pattern – their problems are predictable and while quite grave, did not manage to make me feel for them. They are likeable, especially Siobhan, but not engaging. They are forced to react to the world and what’s happening to them which makes them seem lacking initiative. It is clear from page one there will be a happily ever after for the two boys.

I was also quite sad to read that Siobhan will be the unfortunate third wheel forever. Give the girl a purpose! The instant love between Finn and Spencer at least did not feel too unnatural provided social constructs seem to not exist and there are hardly any other people to love around. You take what you get, and I liked that.

The writing style is quite basic but easy to read. The book feels like fan fiction, however, and I would have loved to read more about the world and its inhabitants, even more about the main characters. The story was heart-warming but lacked substance. It would have benefited from being a novel.

The Panda Meter

World 🐼🐼🐼
Plot 🐼🐼
Characters 🐼🐼🐼
Pace 🐼🐼🐼
Writing Style 🐼🐼

An ARC of this book was kindly given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for a fair review. All views are my own.

All of my reviews and more are available on my website.
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458 reviews17 followers
October 31, 2021

Ho iniziato questo romanzo incuriosita dalla sinossi, e devo dire che le prime sensazioni positive non mi hanno delusa.

In un mondo avvolto dal gelo perenne, il genere umano lotta per sopravvivere, e con esso Finn, che intraprende una missione esplorativa per cercare qualcosa che possa aiutarlo a curare sua sorella.

Ma durante questa ricerca incapperà in un gruppo di malviventi che proveranno a picchiarlo e derubarlo del poco che ha, fino a quando compare un uomo misterioso a salvarlo.
Da quel momento Spencer lo aiuterà in ogni modo, instillando un germoglio di speranza nel cuore di Finn, smarrito tanto tempo prima.

Tutto di Spencer lo lasciava perplesso. Era evidentemente capace di usare la forza, come avevano dimostrato le sue azioni prima in ospedale. Eppure, fino ad ora, si era comportato in maniera gentile e decente. Fin troppo decente per quello che Finn aveva imparato ad aspettarsi dalle persone. Si sentiva a disagio, era come prendere parte a un nuovo gioco le cui regole gli erano sconosciute.

Pian piano Finn sentirà crescere dei sentimenti verso il suo salvatore, ma molti sono i dubbi che prova. Riuscirà Finn a fidarsi completamente di Spencer? O il gelo perenne che avvolge la terra, e forse anche il suo cuore, distruggerà anche la sua unica possibilità di felicità?


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297 reviews
February 27, 2019
I had no idea what to expect with Frost - was interested in the book because of the post-apocalyptic story and the gorgeous cover. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Finn and his sister live in a post-apocalyptic world where environmental factors such as toxic snow and giant hail - not to mention threats from roving gangs and dwindling supplies - mean survival is difficult. While trying to find medicine for his sister, Finn is saved by a group of bandits by Spencer, and a new relationship tentatively begins.

Frost is a quick read that feels more like a novella than a full fledged novel, but that's okay. The pacing is quick, the writing is engaging, and I was never bored. Adler paints a bleak picture of the apocalypse, though the back story isn't fully explained. But really, Frost's story is more about the romance between Finn and Spencer than anything else - I just wish the story had been longer, so their coupling didn't feel as much like instalove. Still, unlike so many onerous pairings in other stories, something about this duo's instalove feels more palatable.

Overall a solid read, and I plan to check out more from this author.

*Received a free ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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285 reviews7 followers
March 3, 2019
I would rate this 4 stars.

This is a post-apocalyptic short novella set in the future near Indianapolis. It's told from Finn's POV and starts with him trying to find medicine at the hospital for his sister Siobhan. He meets Spencer, who rescues him from looters and gives him shelter during a storm. Established trust goes a long way in helping them grow closer in the trying circumstances, so although it's within a quick timeframe, it seems very natural that they develop feelings so quickly. In a world like this you have to hang on to what you want and the goodness you find without worrying about the rest. People are mostly feral in trying to survive the nuclear winter. Siobhan had health issues even before, and with medicines rare, her future looks short. I took the title to mean not just the weather, but that part of your humanity, your heart, that you have to freeze to survive. Just when it looks like things are looking up, everything goes wrong. Finn finds the bravery he needs to fight for his future. On the one hand this was scary and gloomy; on the other hand is was hopeful. Even though everything is stilled down to survival mode, the author shows us the difference between surviving and living.
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8 reviews1 follower
December 26, 2020
I have been looking for good apocalyptic/dystopian gay novel and this book fits my tastes well!

The only thing I didn't like about it is that it's a novella, and probably the reason for the 'insta love' trope.

However, the two protagonists were really genuine even though a bit underdeveloped (again, because the book is too short).

Aside from that, I loved everything else.
It's the kind of seriousness I was looking for in a 'gay' apocalypse/dystopia story. The world itself was immersive and the seriousness of the situation wasn't overlooked by the romance of the protagonists.

The characters were smart enough to survive in an apoalcalypse, but not too smart/too overpowered that they were easily relatable.

This was really an easy read and I really wished there was more to their story, but still satisfied with the Happy-for-now ending.

I mean, it's an apocalypse. Really, there are two ways to end it either: (a) A wonder cure for the world, or (b) Extinction

So yeah, I think the happy-for-now ending was a smart way to end it.

266 reviews2 followers
February 27, 2019
This book grabbed me from the first sentence. The setting was (all too) believable, and the writing was excellent. My main quibble was that I wanted the story to be longer, to go into more depth. That's not to say what was on the page wasn't complete; I just would have liked more. I'd also have liked to have seen both MCs' POVs. I want to know more about Spencer. That said, this was a solid book. I was grateful to receive an ARC, and I'll be looking for more from this author. Recommended!
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42 reviews24 followers
March 1, 2019
Horrible, horrible book. I expected a book about surviving an apocalypse with a little romance. Most of the book is spent with Finn drowning in his libido with occasional moments of guilt for not taking care of his sister.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend the book. I regret requesting it from Netgalley. The best part of the book was when it finally ended.

I received this book as an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
1.5/5 stars
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2,007 reviews39 followers
March 4, 2019
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

So much apocalyptic fiction is around these days that I found this book refreshing and well written. Searching for medicine for his ill sister, Finn meets Spencer in the midst of nuclear winter and violent gang action. They are attracted to each other, but when Spencer is captured, Finn must try to rescue his new friend.
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764 reviews1 follower
January 2, 2020
Can a post-apocalypse story be a sweet romance? Apparently it can, at least this one is.
I can't say I've read anything new but the story itself was very nice-flowing and heart-achingly sweet. I liked that both MCs were not super-hero type, just people trying to survive in extremely hazardous conditions and circumstances that might turn lethal at any moment.

59 reviews
August 4, 2019
This was a good novella and it really kept my interest. Learning about the characters and the world was very good and made the story better. This should have been a novel but I enjoyed the book none the less.
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