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The night we met, I only tagged along to support my best friend. Then I saw Lilly. There’s no harm in picking up a girl for myself, right?
One time. A few hours with her underneath me. No longer than a night. That’s all I ever need with a woman. I’m the Vice President of the Lost Kings MC. There’s no shortage of women waiting to warm my bed.
Lilly’s appetite matches my own and one night suits her fine.
But it’s not enough. I can’t get her out of my head, even though she makes it clear she’s not available. Suddenly, I find myself seeking Lilly out on holidays and special occasions, using any excuse to be near her.
That’s when I realize she’s the only one I want to spend all my nights with.
Now if I can convince her what we have amounts to more than a few lust-filled hours.
I don’t where we went wrong but this is how it all begins…

*Zero Hour is intended to be a prequel to Z's first full-length novel, Zero Tolerance. It contains three previously published short stories and one brand new, never before published story.

152 pages

First published February 13, 2019

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About the author

Autumn Jones Lake

56 books3,268 followers
Autumn is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the popular Lost Kings MC and Hollywood Demons series. Autumn firmly believes that true love stories never end and that is reflected in the stories she tells.

Her past lives include baking cookies, slinging shoes, and practicing law.

She was born and raised in upstate New York, where most of her books are set. Autumn still enjoys all four seasons there with her very own alpha hero.

You can ask Autumn questions on Goodreads and easily find her on Facebook.

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Email Autumn: AutumnJLake@gmail.com

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1,199 reviews525 followers
February 14, 2019
Zero Hour is the perfect prequel for getting me pumped and excited to read Z and Lilly’s upcoming story - Zero Tolerance. This prequel is all about them. Short stories of how they first meet and how insanely hot their chemistry is. They agree to only have a sexual relationship but their connection and attraction run so much deeper. Lilly is such a feisty and intelligent woman who knows her strengths. I forgot how much I adore her but I’m not a fan of the way she leaves it with Z. As tough a man he can be towards his brothers and people in general as gentle and sweet he is towards Lilly. They want more but don’t want to ruin what they have going on. I’m crazy about Z aka Angus. His book is finally here. Book 12 and he’s definitely been worth the wait. I’m a diehard Loki fan forever.

5 Big, Dangerous and Powerful Stars
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48.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
February 16, 2019
🎁 FREE on Amazon & on iBooks today (2/16/2019)! 🎁

The night we met, I only tagged along to support my best friend. Then I saw Lilly. There’s no harm in picking up a girl for myself, right?

One time. A few hours with her underneath me. No longer than a night. That’s all I ever need with a woman. I’m the Vice President of the Lost Kings MC. There’s no shortage of women waiting to warm my bed.

Lilly’s appetite matches my own and one night suits her fine.

But it’s not enough. I can’t get her out of my head, even though she makes it clear she’s not available. Suddenly, I find myself seeking Lilly out on holidays and special occasions, using any excuse to be near her.

That’s when I realize she’s the only one I want to spend all my nights with.

Now if I can convince her what we have amounts to more than a few lust-filled hours.

I don’t know where we went wrong but this is how it all begins…
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3,920 reviews446 followers
February 15, 2019
You can see from the title that this is a prequel, so basically an introduction of sorts. If you're a Lost Kings fan, then about 75% of this you've already read. If you're new to this motorcycle club, this is a perfect place to start before you dive into Zero's HEA journey coming in a couple of weeks!

This little piece of goodness is a compilation of Lilly and Zero. They are moments in time from the last couple of years where Lilly and Zero were together. It gives you an insight on the very beginning of Lilly and Zero and it also sets up the bomb that is coming our way in Zero Tolerance. Even for super fans like myself, it's a wonderful reminder of Zero and Lilly.

This prequel will be free on all major retailers so there's no excuse for any of you not to dig in and get to know Z and Lilly, even tho it's just a snippet of them :)
1 review
December 29, 2020
Omg omg. Autumn has out done herself one again. I love it. I want more of Z and Lilly. Autumn always shocks me with how she can make you feel what the characters are feeling with words and this prequel was no different. It will make you crave Zero Tolerance even more. Way to go Autumn. It was outstanding.
Profile Image for Lana Reads.
447 reviews173 followers
January 31, 2020
If you haven't read any of previous books, this beginnig of Z's and Lilly's story will be interesting for you. Otherwise there wasn't anything new happening (at all), except we got to know Lilly a little bit.
Profile Image for Nicola.
484 reviews9 followers
February 14, 2019
Every time without fail Autumn delivers an outstanding piece of storytelling!
These wee stories are the perfect lead in to the most anticipated book out the LOKI series, giving us glimpses of Z & Lilly prior to their full story.
Absolutely cannot wait to read Zero Tolerance now!!
Profile Image for NAT.orious reads ☾.
848 reviews339 followers
October 17, 2019
4.5 ★★★★✬ with zero gravity
This book is for you if… you can't get enough of the LoKi brothers.

Autumn Lake Jones proves that authors don't have to hit a million sales to be a big author. I love the wit and fun that is surrounding the steamy scenes as well as the little lectures on life in between.
This is a prequel to the 13th book in the series which will revolve around Lilly and Z. And. I. Am. On. A. Field. Trip. Just my kinda luck #1stworldproblems.

Anyhoo I really really liked to see a bit behind the curtains of both characters and have a feeling I will love them just like all the other books. Go, Autumn! Please don't ever stop writing.
Profile Image for hopelesslyinlovewith_books.
815 reviews17 followers
August 17, 2021
Loved it! This little prequel is basically all the main moments between Lilly and Zero since Hope and Rock got together. Z wants a relationship with her but Lilly doesn’t want to be “owned” by any man. Their connection is undeniable and although they always agreed to bed buddies Z wants more with her. I have a feeling Z and Lilly’s books are going to kill me. I’m so ready for the emotional rollercoaster!
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199 reviews17 followers
February 14, 2019
This was absolutely perfect, a short prequel story before the much anticipated wait for Zero Tolerance to be released.

I have always adored Zero and loved hearing about him in all the other Lost Kings books, so "Zero Hour" was perfect as it gave us a deeper look into how he and Lilly came about.

Vice President of 'Lost Kings MC' Zero sets his eyes on the stunning Lilly whilst out one night with his President and best friend Rock, it is definitely lust at first sight. He is happy with sex without strings, and never has a problem filling his bed at night. Once he has that first taste of Lilly he knows he has met his match, she isn't like all the other girls that want him to keep coming back. She's feisty, confident, strong has a sexual appetite that rivals Z, has a foul mouth and isn't trying to get him in a relationship.

Lilly is Hope's best friend (Rock's love interest) and knows all about the MC through her, she too meets Zero for the first time and sexual sparks fly. She is fiercely independent, extremely smart, sassy and seductively beautiful. She is like a female version of Z so their casual hook-ups should work out perfect for them both... and it does... until it doesn't.

They both have had the "No desire to be in a relationship" talk but the more they see each other, the more Z wants everything with Lilly. We can start to see they also have more in common than we think. They have family problems, relatable issues with disappointing their families and the constant picking out their flaws weighs heavily on them.

I loved seeing the dynamic of these two strong characters , loved the chemistry , and whist at times frustrating seeing them not get it together in showing each other their real feelings , I can already see how explosive "Zero Tolerance" will be.

I am definitely not a fan of the way Lilly left but there are always two sides to every story and I cannot wait to find out hers.

If you are new to this series start at the very beginning, you will be thanking me. So addictive and you will be falling in love with all the characters involved.

Autumn Jones Lake in my eyes is a Mermaid , that mythical creature so rare , her talents are endless and her stories hit you in the heart and stay there permanently. This was exquisitely written, congratulations and cannot wait for Zero Tolerance to Release.
Profile Image for Daniele.
158 reviews1 follower
February 16, 2019
Fans of Autumn Jones Lake have been anticipating book twelve in the Lost Kings MC series for months, possibly even years!

While those fans have been chomping at the bit for the release of Zero Tolerance, AJL has been busy putting together an incredible surprise for all of us.

Book 11.5, Zero Hour! A collection of short stories that includes previously published material; as well as, completely new material.

Given more insight into the development of Zero and Lilly’s relationship, it’s easy to understand why so many fans adore Z’s character. He’s bad-boy charming, with cute dimples and a ruthless undertone. How could one be expected to resist that combination?!

Love her or hate her, Lilly is the perfect counterpart to Z! She’s educated, opinionated, and conflicted.

So many things to look forward to in the upcoming release and this short-story collection just added fuel to the fire!
Profile Image for Heather.
83 reviews
February 14, 2019
Oh my word!

Ok... so I feel the need to preface this review by saying I have adored Lilly and Zero since he found his siren in Slow Burn (seriously... since the beginning y'all!). After reading Zero Hour my love for them has just grown and grown and grown.

And my suspicion on what happened to dear, sweet, filthy-mouthed Lilly has grown too...

As usual Autumn has delivered one HELL of a home run and I, honest to God, just turned back to page 1 to read this ALL OVER AGAIN!

If you know nothing of LOKI and the large wonderful world Autumn has created you will not be disappointed to pick up this book.

If you all about LOKI and the men so many have fallen face first for... This book will still knock your socks off...
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696 reviews2 followers
February 15, 2019
Wow! So umm 😐 first I was like hot damn ☺️ that is some sexiness right off the hop Autumn was throwing us! Then as usual I got reeled into the sweet, romantic side of her fierce alpha male Z! 😍😍😍 I definitely need me some Z! 😅 The prequel story of Lilly and Z started off with a bang and then slowly got confusing and fizzled out and it broke my poor heart! But getting some insight into how they started and how it may turn out was eye opening and I can’t wait to see how Autumn redeems Lilly in the next book! I absolutely loved getting a little sideways peek into what was happening behind the scenes with these two characters through out the series like this book showed us. Autumn is always so terrific at making such complex, beautiful characters that make us feel like they are a part of our family! Counting down until Z’s full story! 🤗
Profile Image for ConfessionsofaRomanceJunkie.
276 reviews90 followers
February 14, 2019
Reviewed by: Candice

Zero Hour was the perfect prequel to the upcoming Zero Tolerance which is the much anticipated 12th novel in the amazing Lost Kings MC series!

For those of us who have been reading since the beginning of the series, this prequel just reiterates just how PERFECT Z and Lilly are together.

While the ending left me feeling incredibly ANGRY with a certain someone it also filled me with excitement of what’s to come!

The angst, the anger, the heat, Z, Lilly, ahhh I just KNOW I’m in for one hell of an emotional ride and I can’t wait!

If you’re new to the Lost Kings series, I highly recommend reading this prequel as it’ll give you enough back story of Z and Lilly so you won’t feel lost while reading Zero Tolerance.
Profile Image for Johnnie-Marie Howard.
1,104 reviews34 followers
February 18, 2019
Omg I loved this short stories, makes everything come together and helped me understand Z a little but more. Autumn really stole my heart with this story the different little mini stories each had it's own heart and one you couldn't help falling for. This really get's you ready for what's to come. Z might be my next fav biker, a totally different side of him really shines in these stories. #TEAMZ I'm in love with it right from the start, steamy and sexy and pure alpha all mixed into the different pages makes turning the pages that much more enjoyable.
Profile Image for Louise  O.
755 reviews5 followers
February 14, 2019
Oh Zero, I have been waiting on you since the beginning; they say that all good things come to those who wait, well they certainly have! Lake has delivered 4 short stories about Z and Lilly, Having only read 2 of them previously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him, I mean them!

Autumn you have dragged me further down the rabbit hole and left me wanting Zero tolerance more than ever. I am counting down the days until I have Z in my hot little hands, adulting will be thrown out the window.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

2 reviews1 follower
February 14, 2019
This was the perfect book to read as we are waiting Zero Tolerance.
So many questions I had before were answered but in a way that still left me eager to read more about it in the upcoming book.
I knew from the very first book, Slow Burn, I had an attraction to Zero and I was happy to read about him and his sense of humor and loyalty to his MC in the past books. But Zero Hour gave me more and a glimpse on what he really was thinking the whole time as the story built up.
If you're waiting for Zero Hour, get this and get your Z fix until his book arrives!
Profile Image for Narelle Miller.
27 reviews
February 14, 2019
Omg I love the LOKI Mc and Autumn did not disappoint with this. Z has always had a interest in Lily and Lily secretly knew she has feelings for only Z, these stories leave you hanging for why aren’t they together, what’s holding lily back? Can’t wait for Zero tolerance and the answers, 👍👍

I received an ARC from Autumn for a honest review
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Sophie Ruthven.
1,706 reviews100 followers
February 14, 2019
This book was an exactly what I needed to have a refresher of all things Loki/ Z & Lilly. Loved these stories so much. Cannot wait to see this love story blossom. Can guarantee that there will be lots of throw downs and drama.
Thanks so much Autumn for putting these stories into one amazing bundle
Profile Image for Denise.
1,355 reviews36 followers
September 8, 2019
Great prequel to Z & Lilly's story. It's actually 3-4 snippets of Z and Lilly throughout the series so far. Great setup for their story.
February 15, 2019
autumn you blow me away every time!!! Z and Lilly’s chemistry 🔥���I cant wait for Zero Tolerance and zero Regret. Love the hook at the end ❤️
Profile Image for Chalice.
2,603 reviews75 followers
May 2, 2023
The couple: Z and Lilly

Romance trope: MC
Series: Lost Kings MC
Length: 152 pages


A series of short stories:

Infatuated (from an unpublished anthology) - this is the story of the night that Z met Lilly (when Rock went to get Hope at the restaurant after her year of mourning)

Christmas Gift (from Three Kings, One Night) - Z goes to Lilly's house on Christmas Eve to give her a present and spend some time with her. He also meets her brother.

Perfect Blend (takes place during Strength from Loyalty) - We get to see Hope's engagement party with her friends from Lilly's perspective. Rock says "simmer down" once.

Wedding Fever (from Between Embers) -

Commentary: Z is my favorite out of the original brothers (as I think of them). He's dirty and sweet and protective and fun and so many things that would be appealing to someone like Lilly - except that she is so commitment-shy and Z really wants the dream: a wife and kids. These stories give insight into the progression of their relationship and sets up their trilogy that starts with the next book, Zero Tolerance.

Am I really considering taking a cross-country trip? The more important question? What the fuck’s she doing in California?

Previous book in the series: After Glow
Next book in the series: Zero Tolerance
Profile Image for Lindsay Becs.
Author 33 books514 followers
February 16, 2019
I oftentimes grumble and go back and forth on whether I want to read a prequel or novella that fills in the gaps between a book series. Well, let me just tell ya that you don't want to miss this one!!! It is so hot and sexy! Be sure to have a fan and cold drink close by! Whew! But more than that, Zero Hour gives you all the background you need to know about Z and Lilly. I cannot wait to read Zero Tolerance! These two are fire! I'm so happy to have started with this perfect set-up of their relationship and the drama that is to come. Don't miss it!
Profile Image for Caryn.
1,972 reviews3 followers
May 27, 2019
A catch-up

These short stories were basically a deeper insight into familiar scenes from previous books. Hints as to what was happening to Lilly and Zero’s relationship are about to be their own story!

Don’t think these were necessarily needed but they were a welcome reminder.
Profile Image for Denise MacDonald.
535 reviews19 followers
February 24, 2019
If you have not read the other books in the this series, this one won't make much sense to you . It is basically scenes from the other books featuring the characters in the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Kristen Lindtvedt.
311 reviews2 followers
November 24, 2019
Important to Read Before Moving on to Zero Tolerance!

"Zero Hour" is the 15th installment and 4th short story in the Lost Kings MC series written by author Autumn Jones Lake. It is a refresher of sorts of Z's and Lilly's meeting and budding connection. And unlike Lake's previous novellas, this one is told as five separate, chapter length, story shorts, four taken from previous Lost Kings (LOKI) installments, and one new story. 

Unlike the other couples within this series, Z and Lilly pop in and out seemingly at random. They do not have a consistent story like other couples such as Wrath and Trinity have. Which, after reading the other series books, is a perfect example of the brilliant frameworking by Lake to parallel their personalities, and where they are in life, to the pacing of the LOKI world around them. As a result, they have flitted in and out of the previous books at a fairly fast pace, so it was nice to have all of their setup scenarios in one place. 

And even though I am still seething at Lilly after the end events of the last book... It was definitely nice to get a reminder of how their relationship came to be. And it offers some enlightening bits that better frame the events leading up to the bombshell revelation contained at the end of "After Glow". 

Honestly, the rage I felt toward Lilly at the end of "After Glow" had me contemplating skipping this novella, and instead, diving directly into "Zero Tolerance". However, I'm glad I didn't because reading the five stories together afforded me some time to better understand the head spaces of both characters. It also allowed me to see interactions between them differently, in a context pertaining solely to them. This cooled my anger some at Lilly...not much...BUT, I do feel I have a better sense of the "why" of things that lead to the bombshell ending of "After Glow". And unlike her other novellas, which were intended as fun, lighthearted side trips, this one is important to understanding Z and Lilly's relationship foundation, and neccessary to read before going into their trilogy. 

Despite my current hatred for Lilly, this book nicely sets the stage for her's and Z's story in full, contained in Lake's next three Loki books, "Zero Tolerance", "Zero Regret", and "Zero Apologies". It is a necessary introduction and a proper prequel to what I know is a much, much, much bigger story. Kudos once again to Lake for offering up yet another emotionally complex, compelling story. I am firmly addicted to the Lost Kings MC universe, and a life long fan of Autmn Jones Lake. NOW, on to Zero!!
Profile Image for Janee_dark&eroticreads4me.
260 reviews11 followers
February 24, 2019
A quick tease from the sinfully delicious & one of LOKI's favorite bad boys, Z!

It's here! One of the LOST KINGS favorite bad boys finally gets his own book... well a little tease to tie over the fans until Friday at least! Pleased to say, Z's book - ZERO TOLERANCE has just been released and fans of this series are going gaga!

Zero Hour gives readers a sneak peak into how Z and Lilly's over-before-it-began relationship started, and something tells me things are going to get a lot worse before they get the HEA we have begged Autumn Jones Lake for since this much loved series began?

Z (Zero) is VP of the LOST KINGS MC and an all-round bad boy that has seen him become one of the series favourite characters. If you haven't read this series, I would highly recommend you do. Even avid haters of MC have been converted and it all boils down to AJL unwavering determination to give her characters a moral compass whilst still delivering all the hot and heavy romance readers demand!

You will need to start at the beginning, each book is a continuation from the previous installment. Yet cover the characters individually e.g. the first 3 books in this series cover Rock (Rochlan North) and Hope Kendall's unlikely and unique lovestory, alongside the life of being in an MC. But believe me when I tell you, you get what you pay for... AJL does not skimp when it comes to giving her readers value for money and her ever growing fan base is testament to the fact. You will devour her words and fall in love with each and every character, both male and female, who have everything readers desire in spades!
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400 reviews39 followers
February 14, 2019
Talk about steamy! Z and Lilly’s story definitely brings the hot factor to the table setting us up what should be an epic duet in Zero Tolerance (release date February 22nd, 2019) and then Zero Regrets.

This prequel starts with Zero (better known as ‘Z’) and Lilly when they first meet and takes us through five important meeting points leading up to Zero Tolerance. I love the way the author gives us glimpses into the background of both the hero and heroine, filling in blanks that were left from reading the other books in the series. We definitely get more of an idea of who Z and Lilly are as individuals outside of their friend groups. I of course always enjoy getting to see scenes from the other books in the series but from the perspective of the other characters.

I wasn’t always a big Lilly fan but after reading Zero Hour I am liking her a lot more. I also always felt like I we didn’t get as much information about Z in the other books. I didn’t really get to know him like the other characters and so I wasn’t as invested in him, but Zero Hour helped to erase that feeling for me.

I could not be more happy that Autumn did this prequel before Zero Tolerance comes out on the 22nd. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because it’s a prequel so you’re getting short bursts of the story not the full shebang, but in true Autumn fashion she hits it out of the park!
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