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After the great floods, the world’s coastal cities survived by building huge domes that kept them safe from the rising waters, but they couldn’t protect them from political upheaval. The Wave Party’s leader Saxon Cole is trying to wrest control of the government. A deadly explosion in the underwater city of Aquataine causes a mass evacuation to the surface, and the secretive group known as the Undercurrent suspects sabotage.

When one of the Undercurrent’s senior officers is viciously attacked for what he knows, his nephew, sixteen-year-old Phelan Maxwell, is compelled to act. But even the resourceful Phelan couldn’t have expected the adventure he was about to embark on. Ariana Torrent, the confident and smart girl he meets during the evacuation, offers her support. It’s a good thing too, because Phelan underestimates just how dangerous Cole’s men can be.

Kindle Edition

Published February 10, 2019

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Michael Crowl

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28 reviews
May 22, 2019
"Undercurrent" fits in the genre of futuristic young adult novels, yet it stands out as a story of intellect, humor, and bravery. Many of these novels take place in a dystopia, but this book addresses relatable everyday issues that cities will always face. The protagonist could walk away from the issue at hand with ease, but is driven by a sense of duty to do the right thing and takes major risks to reveal the truth. The futuristic world was well-described so I could envision how an underwater city might actually look and function, even down to the food they would eat. I loved all the characters (even the bad guys) because of their personalities and mannerisms, which shone through the pages. I thoroughly and genuinely loved this book and can't wait for the next one!
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December 25, 2019
I enjoyed Undercurrent, a futuristic, YA thriller. The story works well for all ages, teen and up. It has a coming of age aspect, as well as mystery and suspense overtones.

The trio of teens that are tasked with saving their underwater world are just savvy enough to make you believe they can pull it off.

Author, Mike Crowl paints an incredible world with his words. The workings of the domes are explained in such details; you can picture each part of it.

I enjoyed that we know life is still ongoing in the year 2132. It’s evolved and changed in ways we might not understand. But according to Mr. Crowl, we’re still hanging in there.

I felt there were correlations to today’s political climate, but that may have been in my mind. The general themes of working together, underground secret support systems, and believing in a better future play well throughout the story.

Lovers of futurist science fiction, suspense, intrigue, and coming of age stories will adore this book. I give it a solid 4-stars. I would definitely recommend it and will be reading the next in the series.

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March 17, 2019

A wonderfully fun and entertaining book. A compelling futuristic story of strangers who unite to uncover a nefarious plot. The friendships that develop and the captivating plot make this a terrific story. When will “The Wave” be available?

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Author 2 books14 followers
August 10, 2019
The setting of Baltimore as an undersea domed city peaked my interest, but the well-developed characters and relationship between Phelan and Ariana kept me turning the pages. Engaging first novel by Michael Crowl!
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102 reviews5 followers
February 14, 2019
What a fun read. Couldn’t put it down, because something lurked around every corner. It felt like a roller coaster ride where the heroes rode in the first car and the villains were breathing down their necks in the the second car. Yet even with all the suspense of tracking down those responsible for his best friend and his father’s deaths Phelan manages to maintain humor despite his fears, to rally an army of allies, and to find true friendship and even love.
Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 reviews

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