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Caught Up In Love #2

The Dating Proposal

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Watch out world — I’m ready to date again.

The seven years I invested in my ex left me with nothing but scorch marks from the way he peeled out and left me at the altar. I’m not looking to put my heart into a relationship any time soon. But getting back out there? That sounds like a helluva good idea to get my groove back.

Then I bump into Chris….Clever and funny, with a sexy surfer’s bod and a brilliant nerd brain, he has just the right screwdriver to fix my hard drive. (Yes, the one for my computer.) I wouldn’t mind dating him. The trouble is he just proposed to me—to be the new dating guru on his TV show.

Now he’s my new business partner.

What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time?

Note: Back in the day, I wrote a book called TROPHY HUSBAND, and though it’s no longer available for sale, the characters of Chris and McKenna seemed to demand another chance in the spotlight. THE DATING PROPOSAL is a complete reimagining of their romance, with 85 percent brand-new material, a fresh plot, and vastly expanded characterizations so you can come to know and love Chris and McKenna like I do. Enjoy!

304 pages, Paperback

First published May 6, 2019

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About the author

Lauren Blakely

219 books19.3k followers
A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

Connect with Lauren here

➜ WEBSITE: laurenblakely.com
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2,154 reviews359 followers
May 3, 2019

Several years ago, I was binge-reading the Caught Up in Us series by then new-to-me author, Lauren Blakely. I remember each of those books—I loved them all. They were all so witty and sexy and romantic and well titled – Trophy Husband was my favorite title of the series. Fast forward a few years, and Blakely has reimagined that classic with spectacular results in The Dating Proposal. It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s full of the feel good, flirty, feisty romance this reader has come to love from her.

I don’t want to give a single word of this story away. I want anyone reading this review to go in as blind as I did, especially if you’ve read its predecessor and you think you know what it’s going to be all about. (Trust me, you don’t.) I’ll just say it’s so much more – more laughter, more heat, more chemistry. This is the kind of story that has romance readers squealing in delight, swooning in their seats and laughing out loud. I loved every single word, every single moment and innuendo.

Blakely is on my short list of no-fail, never-let-me-down authors. I reach for her books when I need a pick me up, and she always but always gives it to me. The Dating Proposal is another in a long line of Blakely’s contemporary romances and romantic comedies I will reach for time and time again. Five smooches from me!
~Danielle Palumbo
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2,138 reviews1,188 followers
May 5, 2019



McKenna has been left by her fiancé a day before the wedding! That was exactly one year ago - and she just realized she's over him. It doesn't hurt anymore. Time to get back into the dating world.

Enter Chris. He's fascinated by McKenna when he meets her in video game store. He needs her for his Webflix show! She would draw in more female viewers. But he's also really attracted ... and he will never make the mistake again of mixing business with pleasure ... right?

What will happen with Mckenna & Chris?
Will there be a HEA?




That was adorable!

So funny and sweet and crazy and sexy and romantic and San Francisco-y. Full of dog and cat and video games and fashion and food and music. I loved it!

It's so adorable to see poor McKenna trying to go on dates - when we all know that Chris is her forever-ever-after person! It just takes those two a while to realize that!

There were so many LOL moments in this book - I really loved that, but I also sometimes had the feeling that it was just too much. It tried too hard. There's almost not a sentence (in conversation) in this book without a joke, a wordgame. a sexual innuendo. A little bit less LOL wouldn't have hurt the book. It felt like Lauren had a list of 1525 jokes and she had to get them all into this one book instead of making four romantic comedies with it.
It was still a really great rom-com, I loved reading it and I loved Chris and McKenna - but a little less com wouldn't have hurt this rom! ☺

THE DATING PROPOSAL was a super funny and adorably sweet love story!! Run to your nearest amazon asap for your own Chris - this one is MINE !!!


Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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1,046 reviews36 followers
April 27, 2019
*** I received an advanced copy and chose to review it ***
** 100% spoiler-free review **
* 5 feel good stars *

Lauren Blakely's newest offering, The Dating Proposal is a little bit sweet, a whole lot sexy, topped off with just the right amount of feel good to satisfy even the pickiest of readers. The story has all of the hallmarks I love in a Blakely book.....it's funny, flirty, sexy and has the perfect HEA befitting of the characters. In a word, I loved it!

McKenna and Chris have an adorable meet-cute and their friendship blossoms from there. Both have their walls up due to past relationship disasters. They forge a friendship that is fun and flirty which continually ratches up the sexual tension. Blakely builds their story slowly and really gets the reader invested fully. There's plenty of romantic, swoon-worthy moments which are perfectly balanced with the laugh-out-loud moments. The characters have a ton of chemistry and they truly are adorable together!

If you've read Blakely's other books, you'll recognize plenty of familiar faces. In fact, because it's a revamp of her previously published Trophy Husband, it takes place prior to some of her other books but don't worry, there are zero spoilers in this book. To sum it up, The Dating Proposal is charming and fun and was a true delight to read. Low on angst, it's the perfect feel-good story so do yourself a favor and grab it today! 5 stars
275 reviews84 followers
May 7, 2019

This story was an easy, breezy read and I could not put it down. Very entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny and clever, original banter between the two lead characters. Very fun!!!
Profile Image for Kim.
2,463 reviews149 followers
May 5, 2019
4.5+ stars
This is a fun, unique, quirky read. It is a complete revamp of her book Trophy Husband with male point of view added and completely rewritten so that only the characters and a few things are the same(per author around 85% new material).

I love Lauren Blakely's lively sense of humor. Her heroines are always smart, determined, successful and looking for true love. Her men are magnetic, sexy, and swoon-worthy. McKenna and Chris are no exception.

McKenna is a successful fashion video blogger who has been suffering from the worst kind of broken heart as a jilted almost-bride, and her most significant current relationships are with her dog and her girl crew. But after a year of wallowing, she is done. It is time to start putting her foot into the dating pool and asks her friends for set ups and will video document pertinent progress.

In the midst of all this, she unexpectedly meets Chris. He is a more mature, hot geek and show host, and they immediately hit it off, have chemistry and share similar interests. She is actively trying out her new adventures in dating, but Chris just keeps coming to her mind. And they continue seeing each other as they do a joint project.

I liked McKenna. She was sassy, feisty, intelligent, and sweet. She has a great sense of humor and big personality. She has good friends who both support her and tease her, but her ex has really done a number on her. I totally loved Chris! He was sexy, charismatic, funny, successful, and just perfectly swoony. He was down to Earth and real. Together they were fun, had great rapport and chemistry. But they both had trust issues and fear of relationships. In fact he has a rule about not dating with anyone he works with. And they both are scared about saying what they really want, and think they want something that they can't have. They keep getting bogged down in all the reasons why they should just be friends...even if their bodies, minds, and even hearts keep begging for more.

This was a delightful read that drew me in and just left me feeling happy. It was charming, sexy, romantic, emotional and just plain fun. I thoroughly enjoyed their flirty and witty banter. The main characters were likable and down to Earth. I loved the getting both the male and female points of view. Having Chris' voice really added to the story. The side characters added depth and fun, and some will be familiar to Lauren Blakely fans.

It illustrates the importance of opening your heart, letting go of the past, and embracing trust and love with the right person. But this one really shines with the quirkiness, humor, and banter of the leads.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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629 reviews652 followers
May 3, 2019
Having read and loved Trophy Husband, the now-unpublished novel where Chris McCormick and McKenna Bell originally appeared, I was fascinated by the idea of these characters getting a new and expanded love story with The Dating Proposal. Considering I read Trophy Husband back in 2013, I had originally planned to do a re-read before diving in, but knowing there’d be new material along with a revised plot, and that the characters would be more thoroughly fleshed out, I wanted to let The Dating Proposal stand on its own. And I discovered that Lauren Blakely succeeded in making The Dating Proposal a sexier, more charming, and even more swoon-worthy version of Chris and McKenna’s love story.

A year after being left at the altar, fashion blogger, McKenna Bell, is ready to get back into the dating game. The only problem is, her prospects are more like frogs than princes…at least until she meets Chris McCormick. His chiseled, surfer-dude good looks, his intelligence, and his affable persona make him a successful TV host. His instant connection and witty repartee with McKenna inspire a business proposition that has them working together, captivating their audience with their flirtatious banter and good-natured teasing. Though they resolve not to mix business with pleasure, a combination of magnetic chemistry, mutual attraction, and undisguised lust proves to be too potent to ignore.

Effervescent, humorous, and sexy, The Dating Proposal is a fun, lighthearted read. The narrative is engaging, the characters brighten up each page with their playfulness and their earnestness, and the romance is both heart-meltingly sweet and unabashedly steamy. Together, McKenna and Chris are wholly uninhibited, both with their words and their bodies, desiring each other with an intensity that’s positively reverent. If you’re in the mood for a slow-burning romance that’ll leave you with a smile on your face and butterflies in your stomach, The Dating Proposal is another must-read romance from Lauren Blakely.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars
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2,326 reviews96 followers
April 29, 2020
Its been a year since our heroine was dumped by her fiancé. She meets a lovely younger woman in the coffee shop she used to visit with her fiancé. They strike up a friendship and discuss the younger woman's upcoming wedding. Surprise! in walks our heroine's ex-fiancé. The younger woman's new fiancé.
Instead of losing her marbles, our heroine realizes she is finally over the jerk and ready to hit the dating market again. Enter our hero. He runs a web talk show and is interested in following her dating explorations. He's hoping to help the nerds who listen to his advice find what a woman wants.
An adorable romantic comedy with lots and lots of cute antics while our hero and heroine find true love.
Profile Image for Meredith Wilson.
383 reviews35 followers
April 30, 2019
Lauren Blakely has done it again with a new romantic comedy that is both sweet and sexy.

McKenna's fiance left her just one day before the big wedding. Fast forward one year, and she's finally over him. She is no longer hurting, and ready to get back into the dating world. With a little help from her besties of course.

In the midst of all of this, she meets Chris. He's handsome, kind and offers to help her with her hard drive if she'll help him with his web series. She's funny, charming and relatable. She would be perfect for doing a dating segment on his show. The only issue being that he finds her insanely attractive and has learned the hard way never to mix business with pleasure.

It was clear from the very beginning that these two were the perfect pair. But both having been burned by love before, they decided to keep it strictly platonic. But their minds, bodies and hearts had other plans for them.

In all, The Dating Proposal was an absolute delight to read. It's a perfectly executed friends-to-lovers romance that hit all the marks for me. I loved the easy vibe between the main two leads and the steamy slow-burn romance. Once again Lauren Blakely proves why she's a one-click author for me.

Profile Image for Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers.
1,858 reviews44 followers
May 8, 2019
The Dating Proposal is Lauren Blakely’s next rom-com. It also brought me back to 2013 when I first discover my very first Blakely Boyfriend, Chris McCormick! If you read Trophy Husband then you are in for a treat. If you didn’t then you well...you are too! I will talk more about that later.

McKenna is ready to date again after being left at the alter a year ago. She was over her ex of seven years. She was over wasting her time on the what-ifs. She wasn’t ready for the whole “love thing” but she was ready to put herself out there and have some fun. It would even be good for her fashion blog. To show them what to wear on dates. Maybe it would even help her viewers get out there too. To show them ways to find dates IRL. No apps. No profiles. Real life first connections. Like the one she had with the hot geek in the video game store. Except he doesn’t ask her on a date. He asks her to work with him. On his web-show.

Chris doesn’t date anyone he works with. He learned his lesson. He got the t-shirt. Not worth it. But, he can’t stop thinking about McKenna. The woman with curves in all the right places. Wit for days. A woman who plays video games who can hold a conversation on just about anything. The exact reasons why she would be perfect for a dating segment of his Geeking Out show. Damn his own rules.

I absolutely loved spending time with Chris and McKenna again. This did not feel like a re-read. At all. Yes. Lauren left in some of my favorite parts but even those were surrounded by new words. And she kept the characters’ personalities and added to them. And we get Chris’s POV!! Yes! It’s was the perfect mix of new and old Lauren style. She killed it.

Overall...I loved, loved, loved it!! It’s fresh, fun, flirty, and sexy. It makes me want to go back and read more of her older books all over again. I laughed. I cried. I swooned. I cried again.


This guy has the kind of arms that women driving cars slow down for, the kind of physique that turns a gal into a gawker. The way his T-shirt falls just so tells me all I need to know about the abs that lie flat beneath.

“Look, lady. All I want is my screwdriver unharmed. No nicks, no dings, and no more choking. I have the dough. That’s what we discussed.”

“You taste like sugar,” he murmurs.
“I dusted myself in it before I went out tonight.”

Profile Image for Julie.
2,005 reviews27 followers
April 27, 2019
A innovative romance by Lauren Blakely. Full of fun with two crazy leads, an amazingly hilarious dialogue.
McKenna’s fiancé had left her the day before the wedding. It’s been a year now and she’s been guy shy ever since, until today, she realizes she’s over him and needs to get out there and back to dating.
Chris is a guy she meets in a video game store. They get to chatting and he turns out to be pretty handy. He later figures she may draw more female viewers to his Webfix show and asks what she thinks....but he’s also incredibly attracted to her which he has to ignore as mixing business and pleasure always leads to disaster....he knows that from personal experience.
A terrific read. Lots of bantering and laughs. I loved McKenna and Chris.
I highly recommend this book!
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1,773 reviews445 followers
September 5, 2022
The Dating Proposal is book 2 of the Caught Up In Love series by Lauren Blakely. It is a standalone rom-com, told from both points of view with a happy ending.

✔️ Work place

My super quick thoughts:
- I loved the fun, flirty, witty banter.
- The story is cute, fun, effervescent and sexy
- The heroine is a fashion blogger and she’s smart and successful who is actively trying to get back on the dating proverbial horse after a 7 year relationship went belly up the day before the wedding.
- The hero is surfer, software developer specialized in games nerd who hosts a TV show.
- I can’t be certain but I think Lauren incorporates pets in most of her books and Miss PacMan was a great side character along with McKenna and Chris’s friends.
- Lauren Blakely’s books always hook me from the start and leave me smiling from ear to ear.

★ Hero: 👤👤👤👤👤
★ Heroine: 👤👤👤👤👤
★ Plot: 📚📚📚📚📚
★ Romance: 💕💕💕💕
★ Sexiness: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
★ Performace: 👤👤👤👤

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631 reviews1 follower
June 14, 2021
summary: ''forbidden'' work romance, nerdy hero, fashionista heroine.

they met after her friend's cat destroys McKenna's external hard drive, and Chris fixes it for her. he has a tv show about gaming (I don't remember if is about gaming,), and his boss wants him to do a segment about dating, so he decides to hire Mckenna.
they both have insecurities about dating due to their previous relationships, but they can't deny the chemistry.
Profile Image for Alaina.
6,122 reviews215 followers
March 8, 2020
The Dating Proposal starts off with a sort of friends to lovers romance. In it, you will meet Chris and McKenna and they were cute. Honestly, they were. Yet, they both have walls up due to their past. Which I can completely relate to and I was excited to see what was going to happen next.

Eventually things turn towards the romance and it was so freaking good. These two had so many moments that made me ooh, aah, and swoon left to right. It was so good and I ate it all up. Definitely need something else from this author STAT.
Profile Image for Shayna.
1,813 reviews591 followers
May 15, 2019
“𝐃𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲. 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐦𝐧 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞."
“𝘽𝙪𝙩 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙛..."
"𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐟 𝐡𝐞’𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐛𝐨𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭?"

𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚊𝚕 by Lauren Blakely is a MUST READ standalone romance that will completely sweep you off of your feet! It’s swoony. It's adorable. It's charming as hell. It's everything you've come to expect from a romantic powerhouse like Ms. Blakely. Get ready to fall hard…and fall fast for McKenna and Chris!

Available in #KindleUnlimited
Kindle → https://amzn.to/2wa5pLD
Paperback → https://amzn.to/2EditEb
Audible → https://amzn.to/2JKe1k2

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2,700 reviews12 followers
April 26, 2019
ARC received for an honest review

Awww this was such a cute, sweet and just lovely story.

Mckenna and Chris have bot been dealt a sh!tty hand in the love department, however both are ready to move on - but only into fun dating.

Ha! Right! I loved that as an outsider to this story, you can see them falling waaaaay before do, and it is a wondeful thing to watch.

Chris has this geek hotness thing going on - and I am a bit of a sucker for that!

Mckenna is kicking life's butt in her mission to get back into the dating world *shudders at that thought* and I just adore her all the more.

Cute read (previously released as Trophy Husband, but completely rewritten and mostly new content).

I look forward to what Ms Blakely brings us next

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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1,439 reviews171 followers
May 7, 2019
The Dating Proposal was such a cute, sweet little romance. I honestly went into it a little apprehensive as I was still in a massive book hangover and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do this one justice. But it was one of those reads that just makes you feel warm fuzzies while reading it.

McKenna and Chris have a chance meeting that turns into a chance to get passed their romance failures if only they can get over their issues.

Both characters were really likable and the secondary characters were great too. For a rather short novella it wasn't lacking in story. And I am so glad I decided to read it right now as it's put a smile on my face with those super cute double epilogues.
Profile Image for Cee Cee Houston.
1,341 reviews21 followers
May 3, 2019
I can’t tell a lie. I freaking loved this book… and what about that gorgeous cover, huh??
Chris and McKenna were just so great as well. Fabulous chemistry, sexy banter, a kinda slow burner and just… all the sweet and sexy feels, that Lauren supplies with aplomb.
The story was filled with red hot lines of innuendo, deep feelings and nerdy love. No commitment or strings attached was all they were meant to be, but things never go to plan.
There’s a host of secondary characters making for some interesting interactions and hilarious dialogue.
Grab your copy today and get ready to swoon over it too.
Profile Image for Alex in Spades.
842 reviews34 followers
May 7, 2019
5 Can't Help Falling in Love Stars

I mean it's getting pretty boring at this point...what can I say. Adorable, cute, sexy, and as always funny. Lifted my spirit while reading, beat my slowly arising reading slump (equals perfect cure).
"What the hell? I’m turned on by a woman eating a French fry.
Forget trust issues.
I have lust issues."

I haven't read the original one, but this story was just awesome. McKenna and Chris were such wonderful characters. They were funny, down to earth and just amazing together. I adored their flirty ways, I could feel the chemistry seeping through pages. Chris was such a charming guy. Nice and swoony. I also adored McKenna, she was amazing, knew what she wanted, and she was just great.

This was just another wonderful addition from Lauren Blakely, and I can't wait for her next book. I told you this'll be a boring review :)
Profile Image for Roselyn_Reads.
363 reviews18 followers
June 3, 2019
I received an ARC of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review.

The Dating Proposal was everything I hoped it would be and much more. Surfer geek, hot fashion blogger, music (oldies), Dr. Seuss, Q-Bert, Ms. Pacman, retro video games, holding a screwdriver for ransom, hardrives, orgasmic ketchup, first sip of Diet Coke, and karaoke. This book had it ALL!! McKenna and Chris were so much fun together. Meeting by chance, McKenna and Chris immediately hit it off forming a playful friendship. From that very first moment, they fell in into something natural that was much more than friendship. It was as if their souls immediately connected. Their conversations were honest, fun, and flirtatious. They found they had some things in common, such as their love for retro games and music. Unfortunately, another thing they had in common is that they both had trust issues. Both having had "bad luck" in past relationships and neither was looking to get involved in a serious relationship.

I absolutely love McKenna. Despite having been left by her fiancé right before her wedding, McKenna had a positive outlook in life. She didn't dwell over the breakup. She picked herself back up, held her head up high, and move forward.

This book was lighthearted with amazing relatable character making you wish Chris and McKenna were your BFF's. It is about taking a chance at love with someone who accepts and loves you for who you truly are. Chris and McKenna's relationship reminded me a little of the relationship between Finn and Kyler of Unzipped as both were relationships that began by a chance encounter, turned into friendship, which turned into love. Lauren Blakely is a a pre-order/one-click/must-own-in-all-formats author for me. SHE IS QUEEN OF ROM-COMS.
Profile Image for Mel.
714 reviews61 followers
May 6, 2019
4.5 “if we dated” stars!

The Dating Proposal is an entertaining, feel good read that will make you laugh-out-loud while you swoon. It is so sweet and it filled me with nothing but happiness as I followed McKenna and Chris’ journey to love.

A year after being left at the altar, McKenna is ready to move on and get back into the dating scene. She’s up for some fun but not looking for anything serious. When she meets Chris at a video game store, they click instantly but he has a business opportunity McKenna can't turn down. They enter the friend zone when they start working together because Chris knows firsthand how bad things can go when you date a coworker and things go belly up. But when they have a moment of weakness, a single, hot kiss flips everything upside down and they discover just what they may be missing.

These characters are awesome! McKenna is nerdy, unique and so much fun. She is ready to date and date she does! Only, things don’t go as planned and all her prospective suitors pale in comparison to the man in front of her. Chris is a smoking hot geek who is sweet and swoony, and more perfect for McKenna than she knows.

These two characters are awesome. I love that they are a little quirky but have so much in common. They form an easy, fun friendship and the banter is hilarious. The attraction is immediate, the chemistry is amazing, and the sexual tension is off the charts.
My body is a comet with Chris. I’m a shooting star from the way he kisses me.

Everything feels right in the world when Chris and McKenna are a together and I loved seeing them take a chance. They are sexy and steamy, flirty and fun, and they gave me the warm fuzzies and a huge smile whenever they were together.
“How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Kiss me like that?”
He slides his thumb along my jaw. “Like it’s all I want to do?”
…“Yeah. Just like that,” I say with a dopey grin.
“Because kissing you
is all I want to do. I can’t get enough.”

I have to add that I loved that we got to see  Most Valuable Playboy ’s Cooper and Violet again. They are always there for their friends and I love their interactions. These characters are hilarious and wonderful, and I will eat up every moment I get with them!

The Dating Proposal is a lighthearted read that will make you laugh out loud, send butterflies flying, and make you fall in love. I recommend it to everyone who wants and fun, low angst, smile inducing love story.

*ARC generously provided by the author and Inklinger PR in exhcnag for an honest review*
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1,043 reviews274 followers
May 29, 2019
4 McKenna and Chris Stars

Lauren Blakely manages to write a lot of romance books and I am hopelessly addicted. I listened to this mainly on audible but dipped into the ebook at times because I was too impatient to wait for the drive to work the next day to listen to my next instalment!

McKenna was very unceremoniously dumped by her ex. I loved her resilience and watching her grow in confidence was awesome. She is a very likeable heroine. When she meets Chris , there is an instant attraction but both of our lead characters have been badly burned in previous relationships so there is hesitation on both sides. The chemistry between the is almost palpable.

Great secondary characters that bring even more to the story.

HEA? Yes - absolutely gorgeous.
Cheating? No. McKenna goes on some disastrous dates before being with Chris but she is not intimate with anyone. These two are all about each other.
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3,152 reviews98 followers
February 17, 2020
Chris and McKenna I adored this couple, they are so very much themselves and the meet and chemistry will blow you away.

I have to say if I were to start dating in this day and age I would be terrified this was a cute way of going around all the dating apps. I love that McKenna has such wonderful friends around her that steer her in the right direction.

Chris is sweet and cute but we can't forget manly. ;) And he just does it for McKenna.

I loved the narration of course!!
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1,293 reviews68 followers
June 11, 2019
4.25 Stars

According to some other reviews McKenna Bell and Chris McCormick were characters that were in Trophy Husband but since I didn’t read that one they were completely new to me.

I was needing a light funny RomCom and this was perfect. There was a bit more to it which made it even better. This couples playful humor was the best thing about this book. Of course Lauren Blakely also knows how to heat up the pages and so this certainly did not disappoint. I will say it was a slow burn which is not normally my favorite but this story was so good I didn't mind waiting for the sexy times.
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Author 1 book174 followers
June 2, 2019
I really enjoyed this story. I read its first version years ago and it got better. The instant chemistry between the characters keeps you enthralled from beginning to end.
May 3, 2019
McKenna is a fashion influencer. She and her blog have become sought after because of her honest and frank assessment of clothes. You can pair a marked down Gucci with a Target find and still pull off a look that makes a statement of good fashion, she says.

As put together as she looks on the outside, her emotions have been anything but. Being left at the altar by her longtime fiance absolutely shredded her heart. Now, it is time to start dating again before life passes her by completely. Things are looking up when men begin to approach her for dates. Only one problem. She wants to make sure they understand she is not ready for a relationship. She just wants to have fun and friendship.

Meeting Chris is a godsend. Not only is a handyman in a geeky sort of way, but he also has an Internet show for geeks. What Chris does not know is how to help them find dates and keep them. Especially, how to dress to succeed. His fans have a lot of questions about dating, so who better than McKenna to fill in that gap?

This book is an entertaining journey into the online world of dating and hooking up. There is more to dating than finding a live being willing to go out with you. If you haven't dated in a while (or ever!) you need the low down regarding what to say, how to dress, where to go, etc. Get my drift?

I am voluntarily reviewing this book. Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me.
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May 5, 2019
The Dating Proposal is a fun, sexy, workplace romance that had me smiling from ear to ear! This story was previously released at The Trophy Husband but has been given new life and I have to say, this version is SO much more fun!
McKenna is getting back into the dating world after being dumped the day before her wedding and Chris, well, he’s learned the hard way not to date a coworker. Getting back out there is something both McKenna and Chris are willing to do but it seems to be they have a connection after their meet-cute! They have a flirty, easy and playful banter, chemistry that set my Kindle on fire, and the slow burn of this relationship completely made this story in my eyes! This is a must read from Lauren Blakely!
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May 22, 2019
This is a revamp of a previous book with added extra's

Lauren Blakely is a master at this type of story, I always find myself with a cheesy grin on my face, her love stories and humour make her one of my favourite authors.

This story was no different, fun filled and swoony to the maximum.

As always Lauren thinks about her audio audience, so always pulls it out of the bag when it comes to top notch narrations, this story having the dream team that is Andi Arndt and Sebastian York.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, grab this one as soon as you can!
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April 18, 2021
Its a very sweet sweet Rom-Com story of two people.. Little cheesy but too sweet like sugar coated sweet. The best part was the Boss "Bruce".. the way he interacts with his favorite employee!
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May 6, 2019
4.5 stars

Trophy Husband was the very first Lauren Blakely book I read and I loved it, so I was a little nervous starting The Dating Proposal. Would I love Chris and McKenna as much in their new story as I did in their original? The answer to that was yes, I did love them this second time around. Almost entirely re-written, these character have new life in The Dating Proposal and a story that gives them the chance to shine all over again.

McKenna didn’t plan to date again, but when her fiance left her nearly on the altar, she has to reassess her plans. Now that she is ready to try dating again, she has a lot of advice to give.

Chris is looking for ways to expand the audience for his TV show, and his producer thinks adding a woman is just what the show needs. Running into McKenna is a stroke of good luck for him - she’s attractive, funny, and comfortable in front of a camera. His proposal is the perfect match for both of them, as long as they can keep it fun.

I loved watching these two characters develop. I was happy to recognize the Chris and McKenna I had fallen in love with all those years ago underneath their updated platforms and images.

This book fits more squarely with the writing style that Lauren has developed and that readers have come to expect. Dual points of view (new!) and fun, witty banter with little added drama for the characters to sort out kept the story flowing. It was fun to see these two with fresh eyes and a fresh story too.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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