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Louisiana Latte

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In 1989, at the age of twenty-two, Deb was in a life or death situation. As the engines started, accompanied by the fasten seat belt sign, Deb felt her skin crawl with immobilizing fear. She had two choices, either get off the plane or die in her brand-new Gucci stilettos. Deb couldn’t get on a plane for love that day, but she could do it twenty years later for money. Money was worth dying for. Fast forward to the present day with sisters Deb and Becky, waiting to board a Boeing 737 to Louisiana at Reagan International airport with Deb in a pair of six-inch diamante Gucci stilettos and a Dunkin Donuts coffee, click-clacking her way through the airport, chatting enthusiastically with every passenger in sight and making Becky her personal caddie. The sisters were on their way to attend a prosthetic convention, hoping to obtain clients for their new online medical billing service. Once at the conference, staying at a five-star hotel that they cannot afford, Becky makes it her mission to find Deb the man of her dreams who Becky refers to as Mr. Perfect. Becky runs into Mr. Perfect (later known as Dylan, the hunky Londoner) throughout their stay in Shreveport. Dylan is a carbon copy of Deb from his Gucci shoes to his Dolce & Gabbana Cologne. Becky knows this is the man that will stop Deb dead in her tracks with his light eyes, dark hair, and creamy caramel skin. One look at Dylan and Deb will finally kick her loser boyfriend Bucky to the curb and ending her string of bad boy romances. The only problem is, how is Becky going to get them to meet with so many men trying to sweep Deb off her diamante stiletto-wearing feet?

124 pages, Paperback

First published February 28, 2018

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About the author

Rebecca Henry

10 books262 followers
Rebecca Henry is an American author living abroad in Thailand. Rebecca’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and she is obsessed with anything and everything witchy! Besides writing fiction, Rebecca is also the author of her vegan holiday cookbook collection and green living lifestyle book. Her love for animals, baking with her family, having a plant-based diet, and cruelty-free, green lifestyle inspired her nonfiction novels. You can find all Rebecca's books on Amazon.

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Profile Image for Della B.
538 reviews80 followers
June 1, 2022
This is a wonderful story of two sisters who are hopelessly devoted to each other while being polar opposites. Deb is the older sister by eleven years and is openly out about being a Diva. Becky, on the other hand is a laid back, crystal loving, Tarot card reading, mother of two. Becky is also married to the man of her dreams while Deb has settled for much less than she wants or deserves. Henry makes a good case for Divas who work hard for their bling and who don’t have to apologize for their wants. Her rationale will definitely make you look at divas differently.

To be honest this is not at all what I expected. I rarely read book blurbs when I find an author I enjoy. I systematically downloaded their books, choose one and read. Louisiana Latte is a happy surprise. I would classify it as chick lit. As the novel is dedicated to Rebecca Henry’s sister Deb, one can hope there is some personal truth to the author in the story.
The big personality of Deb carries the story well yet it is Becky’s love for her sister which adds the warmth and humour. Louisiana Latte is an entertaining read which I gladly recommend.

I received an advanced review copy from BookSirens and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Profile Image for Jypsy .
1,524 reviews60 followers
May 27, 2019
Thank You to:
Silver Dagger Tours
Rebecca Henry, author
For a complimentary copy
All opinions expressed are my own

Louisiana Latte by Rebecca Henry is a delightful story that actually has more depth than I expected. You know how typical and shallow chicklit can be sometimes, but fortunately, this story is an interesting take on the bond between sisters. Deb and Becky are sisters on a flight together, and they end up reminiscing about their lives, and the story flashes back to twenty years ago. The two women are surely different. Deb is a diva with a taste for the best things in life. Becky juggles house and family. It's completely separate worlds and perspectives. The sisters learn many things about each other, and a bigger picture comes into focus to show why and how a person becomes who they are. The story is at turns funny, charming, entertaining and serious. The characters are sharp and engaging, and I enjoyed reading about them. It's a fun light read that romcom readers are certain to fall in love with.
Profile Image for Kaitlin Lorelle .
95 reviews31 followers
November 10, 2022
This book was fantastic! I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with sisters, and Louisiana Latte did not disappoint! I really think the author did a wonderful job with Deb and Becky. They are very realistic and complex characters. They learned things about each other as the story goes on and compliment each other well, being from opposite ends of the spectrum. I found myself laughing out loud at many parts of the witty dialogue and comical scenes. My heartstrings were tugged as well, because at the heart of this story is two sisters and their wonderfully real friendship. This one made me want to hug my own sister, and you will too!
Profile Image for Payton Taylor.
Author 5 books33 followers
July 23, 2019
A funny and heartwarming read about the love between two sisters who don't let their differences come between. I love how this book speaks to the way society views women who like make up and expensive things as inherently selfish and shallow. Deb is a lovely example of why no one should judge a book by its cover.

Profile Image for Jenna Rideout.
655 reviews55 followers
February 22, 2021
I was granted a complimentary review copy of Louisiana Latte through Silver Dagger Book Tours as part of my participation in the February 2021 blog tour for this title. Thank you to all involved in affording me this opportunity! My thoughts are my own and my review is honest.

Blog tour post: https://www.westveilpublishing.com/?p...

Louisiana Latte is exactly the sort of romance book this non-Romance reader loves every once in a while! It's primarily focused on the sister relationship between Deb and Becky, devotes a lot of time to going on funny little misadventures with the sisters as we get to know them, and only lets the love interest actually meet the eligible lady when she's ready to let him try to turn her world on its head.

Deb is a Diva with a capital D, the sort who wears designer shoes in the hotel shower lest she put her bare feet on a "public" bathroom floor and this its scandelous if she hasn't refreshed her lip liner in 2 hours. She does not stop talking, uses affectionate language for everybody, and she's become so good at convincing everyone around her that she's a materialistic airhead she almost seems to believe that herself. Never mind that she's currently the brains of the family business and used to be a commercial airline pilot.

Becky is her much younger sister, a mother of two, and the sort who's perfectly happy wearing minimal makeup, pin-straight hair, and yoga pants in public. (Hey, it's me!) The two sisters may be in Louisiana on business, but Becky has ulterior motives. She doesn't like Deb's current man Bucky and she's determined to find her sister a better match before they fly home to DC.

Rebecca Henry's writing style is so fun and easy to read. This book flies by and I enjoyed every minute of it with a smile plastered across my face almost the entire time. This book made me love and empathize with a woman who couldn't be more different from me without going the Legally Blonde route and making it a revenge arc. Seriously, I think Deb would be exhausting to hang out with, but I want to do it anyway!

I highly recommend this book to, well, anyone interested in chick lit or a good sisterly relationship story. It's romance, yes, but very light on the romance, and heavy on humour and sisterly bonding.
Profile Image for Kristen Morgen.
Author 3 books193 followers
June 30, 2019
A truly touching and fun story of sisterly love!

I absolutely loved this book! It’s an uplifting, easy, fun read and the author’s writing style is relatable, laid back and down to earth from the start. She gives you a wonderful peek into the life of Deb and Becky, two sisters who couldn’t be more different but are so lovingly connected by a sisterly bond that most of us only dream of. It’s also full of laughs and hilarious anecdotes, but in all honesty, situations we can all totally relate to! By the end, you just want to be a part of this family and it’s a comfort to see a little of your own family and friends in this wonderful book! It’s a perfect summer read and I highly recommend it!
Profile Image for SD Whitefeather.
Author 1 book3 followers
June 15, 2019
Fantastic. By page 12, I was in love with Deb and wanted to be best friends. This book had me laughing so hard that I had to put it down several times and wait to breathe again. Rebecca flawlessly takes you back into stories that you feel like you've lived through.
Profile Image for C. Gonzales.
816 reviews28 followers
August 13, 2019
How fun is this book cover? That is what drew me to this and boy did it deliver.

Once started I couldn’t stop reading Louisiana Late every chance I got I would read another chapter. At the end, I was disappointed that there was no more to read, I was so invested in the characters I wanted more. I truly loved every one in this book, the relationships, drama, laughs, just everything.

Extremely readable and relatable. Just a great piece of writing from Rebecca Henry.
Profile Image for Denise N. Wheatley.
Author 48 books177 followers
July 24, 2019
Gifted author Rebecca Henry’s LOUISIANA LATTE is such a fun, heartwarming gem! Leading the charge in this delightful chick-lit novel are over-the-top Deb and level-headed Becky, two sisters whose quirky antics, endearing personalities, inside jokes and infectious interactions will have you laughing out loud, all while relating to their familial bond. The book balances a perfect mix of humor and drama as the sisters’ journey (which flashes back to their childhood then brings us back to the present throughout) is entertainingly told. These dynamic heroines will keep you engaged until the very end. A highly-recommended read!
Profile Image for WeLoveBigBooksAndWeCannotLie.
377 reviews21 followers
August 21, 2019
I love this book Louisana Latte! It’s about 2 sisters their relationship and how they support each other. Their personalities will catch your attention immediately! It also has coffee, fancy shoes and cute clothes!

We love @rebeccahenryauthor and hope you follow her and then also check out her books!!
Profile Image for tabz_talks_tales.
232 reviews12 followers
February 21, 2020
This was one of my first experiences reading a book in the chick-lit genre and I am extremely glad that I picked it up. I enjoyed this so very much and its been a while since a book made me laugh so hard. I really want to try to keep this review spoiler free since I had seen no spoilers going in to this. Which absolutely added to my experience since I didn't know what to expect going in. Yet, it still somehow surpassed my expectations. Unlike most of my reads, I found myself savouring this one chapter at a time and it reminded me of one of those E4 sitcoms we all love to watch in our day to day. I love the relationship between Deb and her Sister its such an excellent example of how sisters should be.

Basically I'd recommend this book to absolutely everyone I speak to because I need a Louisiana Latte sitcom in my life pronto!
Profile Image for Amy.
90 reviews7 followers
May 2, 2022
When I first picked up the book and started reading, I couldn't get past how entitled, needy, etc one of two main characters (Deb) was. It made it difficult to read and I had to put it down for a bit.

After picking it back up and continuing, there was much more storyline developing that grabbed your interest as a reader.

Ultimately, this book turn out to be such a sweet story about sisters, the desire to develop a profession their way (outside of working for their parents) and possibly finding love.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Profile Image for C. Graham.
Author 3 books1,465 followers
June 8, 2019
Humorous and Heartwarming!

This is a quick and fun read about the adventures of two sisters with distinct styles and outlooks on life. Diva Deb is the focus of the story,but the story is told from her younger sister Becky’s point of view. Becky is the one that brings you to tears of laughter as she weaves humorous antics and relatable situations throughout the story. Encounters with an aggressive (but well intentioned) massage therapist to implant eyelash wearers will have you laughing out loud. Hoping to read a follow-up installment of these two sisters.
3 reviews
June 30, 2019
Louisiana Latte by Rebecca Henry, is a fun and entertaining read that keeps the reader engaged with the story from start to finish. If you are looking for a great weekend read, or a holiday book then this is the perfect read.

Deb the main character of the novel enrolls to become a commercial pilot but encounters a fear of flying. This is a beautifully written and modern novel, even though the story involves flashbacks. Full of drama and family oriented with a dash of romance this is the perfect escape.
Profile Image for M.L. Broome.
Author 24 books1,338 followers
August 7, 2019
Have you ever read a story that was so eloquently woven together that you could picture every detail, every scene? Rebecca Henry is an absolute genius in the art of character development and scene building, not to mention absurdly talented with dialogue. I'm still laughing over Deb and her antics--she is the epitome of high-maintenance but too soft-hearted to hold it against her, while Becky is the down to earth and lovable sister who manages to hold everything together (including her sister, lest she fly off to get some coffee).

Read this book. Laugh and enjoy the hell out of this story. I know I did.
Profile Image for Amy Voltaire.
Author 2 books9 followers
August 29, 2019
This is the first "chick lit" book I have ever read. My usual reads are things like George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, and Ann Rule, so this was way off what I normally read. It was a light, easy read with some really funny parts (but don't worry--no spoilers from me!) I liked Becky better, as I could relate to her much more than I could Deb. The two of them were extreme versions of me & my own sister; the two of us couldn't be more different than each other, but we love each other and embrace each other's differences, just like Deb & Becky do. And just like Deb & Becky, we sometimes get on each other's nerves. I liked that this story was laid back in the sense that there wasn't a bunch of fake drama. Instead, it was realistic, which I prefer when reading something other than fantasy or Stephen King. Kudos to the author for this story of sisterly love between two very different personalities!
Profile Image for Truly Trendy PR.
234 reviews2 followers
June 19, 2019

Thank You to: RABT Book Tours and Rebecca Henry, author for a complimentary copy.

Louisiana Latte is a captivating novel that is sure to draw you in to a story full of depth, family drama, and love. The story flashes back to twenty years ago as you read the interesting backstory of the bond between sisters, Deb and Becky. Deb is more of a diva and Becky is more of a family person. They are completely opposites but learn so much from each other. Louisiana Latte is a fast-paced story that is full of laughs and a few serious times the sisters share together. I enjoyed reading Louisiana Latte and highly recommend it!
Profile Image for Ever Leigh.
Author 2 books23 followers
June 28, 2019
This story had so much depth to it. You get so many aspects that go into a fun and entertaining read. It's thought-provoking and heart-warming while also managing to be funny and overall just fun. I loved the banter between the sisters, you can feel their connection and how close they are. Such a quick and easy read that really packs a punch and incorporates plenty of depth to the pages.
Profile Image for Jo Ellis.
4 reviews
July 31, 2019
Not only is this book funny, and true but shows real love and connection between two sisters. This book gives a little insight on their crazy fun lives together that draws you in to be apart of. Making the reader feel like they are a part of something personal to them but giving you a little insight of their lives and mad secrets. Most recommended for a light read of giggles and being part of something special.
Profile Image for Ksenia.
98 reviews
August 29, 2020
What an ingenious blend of simplicity and extravagance! There is a lot to admire in Louisiana Latte. In the story, Becky and Deb are sisters with unique personalities; they shine with beauty, intelligence, goodheartedness, and an enjoyable sense of humor. How I loved Becky’s determination to find Mr. Perfect for her sister and the way Deb rocks her high heels! Have you ever tried to walk on a treadmill or take a shower in your shoes (stilettos)? Deb does it with tremendous style. I enjoyed this clever, exciting, and heartwarming read!
Profile Image for Allie.
57 reviews
June 1, 2019
Since this book was so short I thought why not make the review short to match it as well. Sorry, if that is weird to do but I think it would be something cool.

This book features mainly a relationship between the main character and her sister throughout the whole book. It goes through the travels, their fears and their sibling relationship. Both of the characters like to deal with thing through humor instead of going through the brunt which was probably something that they did to protect themselves. The pacing of this book was slow at first but once you got into it then it really started to pick up.

All in all I really enjoyed this short, quirky read and would highly recommend it to others.

4/5 stars
Profile Image for Mary.
319 reviews30 followers
April 16, 2019
Louisiana Latte was not quite what I expected. The synopsis leads one to think that there might be a little bit of mystery or suspense in this story. What you get instead is a great start to a story about Deb, a trained commercial pilot, who suddenly finds herself screaming to be let off the plane as it taxis down the runway in preparation for takeoff. We immediately fast forward 20 years where Deb and her sister are traveling to a business convention in Louisiana, during which they reminisce about their past.

Despite the book not turning out to be what I had expected, it was a good read. The author does a wonderful job of describing the characters and giving them a life of their own. A book full of humorous situations makes this a fun read.

I was provided a free copy of this book for the purposes of this review.
Profile Image for Anthony.
Author 31 books122 followers
February 18, 2019
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Two sisters on a business trip find themselves reminiscing about their lives and discovering who the other truly is in author Rebecca Henry’s self-described chick-lit comedy, “Louisiana Latte”. Here is the synopsis:

The Synopsis

Deb hadn’t flown in over 20 years. In 1989, at the age of 22, Deb was enrolled at Griffiss Airforce Base to become a commercial pilot. Somewhere between dating her yuppie fiancé and planning their wedding in Chicago, Deb developed claustrophobia—a fear of enclosed spaces. I blame the yuppie. Deb couldn’t get on a plane for love that day, but she could do it 20 years later for money. Money was worth dying for.

The Review

If you are looking for a humorous, quick-witted whirlwind story, then this is the book for you. The story follows Deb and her sister Becky, who travel to a business conference in Louisiana. Twenty years earlier, Deb found her career as a pilot over as claustrophobia took over. Now in the present, Deb is a self-described diva with an all consuming need for the finer things in life, even forgoing paying bills in order to have the latest handbag or jewelry. Meanwhile her sister Becky juggles being in awe of her confident and good spirited sister and the responsibility of running a business together and being a full time mother and wife as well.

The story does a marvelous job of infusing humor into Deb’s incredible outgoing personality while showing the intimate moments from both fo the sister’s lives that define not only their relationship, but each other as well. Along the way Becky finds herself discovering exactly why her sister is the diva that she is, and finds a woman with more heart than anyone could have imagined.

The Verdict

This short read is a must buy book. A funny and feel good chick-lit comedy like no other, the story flows smoothly and creates a unique bond between Becky and Deb that is rarely felt in novels, and yet will feel real and familiar to many families out there. If you enjoy a hilarious and quick witted comedy, then be sure to grab your copy of “Louisiana Latte” by Rebecca Henry on February 28th, 2019.
Profile Image for Connie Hill.
1,473 reviews20 followers
May 27, 2019
This is the first book that I have read by this author. I was drawn in by the description of it. This book is about two sisters, who are on a business trip together and are reminiscing. These sisters live two completely separate lives. I have 3 sisters who live 833 miles from me so I can understand the need to catch up, relive memories and vent when you get together. This book is a short, enjoyable read. I love that the characters are well written. I was chuckling a lot while I was reading along. I love the sisterly bond that I felt while I was reading. It made me miss my sisters. This book has a great storyline that flows along nicely.

I recieved a copy of this book through the Silver Dagger Blogging program. All thoughts are my own.
Profile Image for Barbara Strickland.
Author 6 books38 followers
June 23, 2019
Entertaining and short

I rarely give more than three 🌟 for this short a book. This was however a very humorous story of two sisters and their relationship and a little about what makes people what they are. It didn’t end as you would expect a book to end so there was no finish but it is funny, warm, original and well-written making it easy to read and enjoy.
Profile Image for Savannah Layne.
Author 3 books10 followers
June 23, 2019
An incredible story about sisterhood and love. This family is so fun. I will forever be a fan of Rebecca and her sister Deb.
Profile Image for Kristy Moses.
2 reviews
December 1, 2022
Louisiana Latte takes you on the journey of two sisters Becky and Deb and in the process discover interesting facets of their characters. Deb is a pilot with a fear of flying while Becky is a business woman. The sisters are polar opposites but the bonding between them is endearing. Amidst graphic descriptions of their lifestyles and escapades you are sometimes out of breath but don't want to cut the journey short. The humour is extremely relatable and the book gets racy after the first two chapters. The subtle message is that even with all the paraphernalia of the fast paced lives the sisters are real and the love and bonding between them touches your heart. An easy, light and enjoyable read.
1 review
November 18, 2022
Louisiana Latte is a fun entertaining read about two totally opposite sisters, one as a diva star and one down to earth. Even though Deb is portrayed as the classic blonde diva with a lot of drama, she really does care about people and their personal lives. She wants to help them be happy. The author included a fair share of humor in the relationship between the two sisters and in their journey to make money. The book also included many stories about the sisters' family which I really enjoyed. This is the first book I have read by Rebecca Henry and I lo0k forward to reading more of her books. If you are looking for a fun chick lit, this is it!
Profile Image for Raffaella Rowell.
Author 9 books31 followers
September 5, 2019
I loved the characters in the story. Deb, a bright and sociable diva with a big heart, and her sweet sister Becky travel to a business convention in Louisiana. As the story unfolds, the sister’s interaction is endearing and lovely. Even more so, as they reminisce on their lives and family with hilarious anecdotes. It is full of humour, a fun read. I really enjoyed it.
1 review
November 14, 2022
This was a quick, easy read . I enjoyed the sisters and the plot, but I felt there was a little too much background explanation. I did notice the setup for a sequel. Hopefully we’ll get to see if Deb gets her man.
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