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Crashing Together

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Here comes a fun, sexy, hot as hell, angsty summer romance that turns into so much more...

It’s an age old story….
A summer fling….
A temporary thing…

His name was Cole and I couldn’t resist him. He was everything a girl could want in a summer romance. A hot, tanned, surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes... oh and let’s not forget about all those muscles and the six-pack I couldn’t stop staring at.

We agreed to just sex. Lots of sex. Lots of fun. No titles, no relationship, and certainly no love.

Until the sex started to feel like something else.

Something more..
Something way more…

But for him?
It was still just sex.
Until it wasn’t.
Until everything we didn’t mean to build unraveled in a heap of secrets, lies, and broken trust.

We came crashing together but will our summer fling survive the waves?

175 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 30, 2019

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About the author

Lyssa Cole

31 books876 followers
Lyssa Cole has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Escaping into a story is her favorite pastime. Wanting to be a writer for a couple years, she is now crafting her own stories. She loves to write angsty & sexy romance with lots of heat and some suspense to keep you guessing and wanting to turn that page! She lives in Southeastern Mass with her boyfriend, two children, and two dogs. Lover of coffee, all things chocolate, & always the avid reader, you can keep up with Lyssa Cole by subscribing to her newsletter here: http://bit.ly/NLsignuplyssacole.

You can also find her at www.lyssacolebooks.com or www.facebook.com/lyssacolebooks.

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Profile Image for Jojo Reeves.
778 reviews15 followers
June 4, 2019
This story is a sweet love story completed by a
Lot of angst, secrets and very hot sex. I’m hoping this is the start of a series as Cole has 2 equally gorgeous friends that could do with a book each ( nudge nudge Lyssa). I read this in a day as I was so engrossed with it.
Profile Image for Rochelle.
1,567 reviews
June 3, 2019
This was the first book that I have read from Lyssa Cole. I was not disappointed. This is Cole and Addi’s story and it was written so beautifully. It had all the feels. You felt their joy and their pain. I loved this story. This is one story that I can reread many times. I can’t wait to read more from her.

I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
15.2k reviews150 followers
June 1, 2019
This is a beautifully written love story which had me hooked and intrigued from the very beginning. Cole and Addi just want to have fun and not get into a relationship, but can they deny the feelings between them? No spoilers: this is a definite must read, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this talented authors’ work for all.
June 13, 2019
Absolutely fanfreakintastic story from Lyssa. I didn't know what to expect I'd only read the blurb for it and knew I had to get my hands on this story....wellll let me say this much without giving too much away... if you love those summer romance stories that have that right about of oomph and oooh in it...then you'll fall in love with this story and the character's like I did. Oh my was this book so good I couldn't put it down the whole time.
This is absolutely a must read.
Profile Image for Jenny B.
1,246 reviews25 followers
June 12, 2019
I couldn't have asked for a better summer/beach read than this lovely story. This book caught me straight from the beginning and oddly I found so many life lessons to apply to my own life throughout this story. My heart strings were pulled on in just the correct amount. Definite beach read
Profile Image for Chrissy.
1,305 reviews84 followers
August 7, 2019

Crashing Together started off strong, and then kind of fell flat for me. It had all the makings for a perfect summer fling romance. It was hot, angsty, and the characters had just the right amount of mystery and drama surrounding them, but then the book seemed to jump around too much, and felt rushed to end.

Addi is back in her hometown working on getting her life back together, and on selling here artwork. At a beach party one night, she has a hot night with Cole, and one thing leads to another, and they end up helping each other out with business, and decide on no strings attached sex. The problem is, Addi knows she’s going to end up catching feelings, and Cole is very hot and cold.

The one thing I did enjoy about this book was the beginning where these two were flirty and fun with each other and just having fun and were open about what they wanted. They communicated and things were going great. But when things started to progress, Cole shut down, would close off and refused to share why he was the way he was. Addi also was the same way, and this caused a hiccup for the two of them, and their stubbornness caused some problems for them, and to be honest it could have been resolved so much quicker than it was, and it annoyed me a bit with how Addi handled everything towards the end of this book. I adored her character up until about 70% into the book and then I wanted to strangle her.

I was very hot and cold with this book, at times I really did enjoy it, and other times I wanted to go “is this the same story?”. I felt as if the ending was too rushed, and I wished we could have gotten as much depth into the characters and story in the last part of the book as we did in the beginning.
Profile Image for Atlanta Whitlock.
907 reviews10 followers
June 3, 2019
I’ve only read two other books of Lyssa Cole’s and honestly, after reading this book I have to say that this book will always hold a special place in my heart, I love everything that Lyssa did to bring this book to life. The characters are loveable and relatable in so many ways and you can’t help but end up feeling all of the emotions that the characters go through. Although, I do have to say that Cole is my favourite male lead character out of all the guys that Lyssa has wrote about, there’s just something intriguing and you can’t help but love him instantly. Lyssa has done a really great job with this book, the plot was catchy, easy to follow and it just gave you all the feels that a book should do. I honestly loved the story and the ending was so incredible it made my heart melt. I can’t wait to see what Lyssa does next because she is a talented writer.

Addison (Addi) has moved back home because she needs to figure out what she wants to do with life, now that she’s finished her degree. She’s spent the past 4 years in New York, but now that she’s back home, she didn’t realise how much she’s missed the beach. With her mother breathing down her neck of finding out her plan so that she can get out of her house, Addi is stuck at what to do, but after going to a beach party the one night with her best friend, an opportunity presents itself and Addi jumps for it even though she has no idea what she’s really setting herself up for by being up close and personal with Cole. Is this a good idea for her, or is she set up for heartbreak?
Profile Image for Megan Murphy.
76 reviews1 follower
August 12, 2019
This is a hot, summer romance to HEA that I enjoyed reading. Cole and Addi are relatable characters that I can believe. Cole is the perfect surfer dude with amazing looks and a wonderful, kind personality, but worried about his Gramps, keeping the busines going, and suffering from a devastating event in his romantic past - so bad that he's sworn off of love. Addi is much more insecure despite having a degree from an ivy league school and being an amazing artist. She, too, has had some sucky relationships where she got used and verbally abused so she doesn't really want love, but does want to succeed with her painting and to get away from her toxic mother. So what happens when you put together two hot, amazing people, that have sworn off of love? Sexy sex and chemistry off the charts along with a mutual advantageous business arrangement. They could have it all if they only would drop the walls they've built. Fun, fast-paced story that I'm going to read more than once because there are some secondary characters I hope their own stories. Read on KU. I want to go to the beach now!
1,149 reviews16 followers
June 1, 2019
What a beautiful love story for a summer read, you will be swept away. Crashing Together by Lyssa Cole is one fun sexy book that is a must read. The characters and storyline about Cole and Addi was full of emotion, passion and strength. Cole and Addi each are facing the pain of failed relationships in their past as well career challanges. What started out as a business venture ended up with these two falling in love but are scared to take the next step. Now the past is catching up for both of them will their love prevail? Can they get past the misunderstandings and commit to each other? I can't wait for the next book, this is going to be a great series! I voluntairly reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
1,973 reviews10 followers
June 7, 2019
I voluntarily reviewed a copy of "CRASHING TOGETHER" This was a very interesting, entertaining, captivating storyline well written with great characters that pull you right into their journey.
Addi and Cole both have very emotional painful pasts when they meet the sparks fly but neither is looking for a relationship just hot steamy sex and a summer fling no attachments just fun.
When things start to feel like it's turning into more than just sex neither is sure about taking the next step can tbey overcome their past issues to get their HEA you must get this well written story by Lyssa Cole I thoroughly enjoyed the characters well worth the read.
Profile Image for Christina.
188 reviews1 follower
June 4, 2019
Cole and Addi are start off as business partners with benefits, no feelings. Fate has something completely else in mind, this two just have to be willing to accept it and forget about their pasts. Addi had been heartbroken in a past relationship and just isn’t looking for that to happen again. Whereas Cole feels guilt for a past that wasn’t his fault.
Cole and Addi share a connection and love for their town and the beach.
I really loved reading Crashing Together, and seeing the love that two people have for each other helped to heal them.
Profile Image for Laid-Back Book Bitches.
347 reviews98 followers
June 26, 2019
I absolutely love Lyssa Cole's work! This book is no different. This book is full of lot of angst, secrets and very hot sex. This is Cole and Addi’s story, I feel in love with them right away. The one thing I love about this authors work is you can always feel the love and their pain. This book will pull you in and not let you go until the very end. This book will be one that you will read and reread many times and not get sick of it. Go get your copy of this amazing book now, you will not be disappointed
Profile Image for A.
338 reviews1 follower
June 4, 2019
331 reviews3 followers
June 5, 2019
Crashing Together was a delightful read. A wonderful story of showing love and emotions. I loved Addi and Cole's story. They meet on the beach and enjoy a night together. Both trying not to deal with the past and focus on the future. But their chemistry is undeniable and passion scorching. The characters are likeable and fun. This story had it all- drama, romance and steam. The storyline was great and all the characters were fabulous.
Profile Image for C Gray.
1,228 reviews13 followers
June 11, 2019
I’m so in love with this story!!

Our pasts make us who we are today but we shouldn’t fear it or allow it to stop us with things in life. Instead we should learn from it and hope it doesn’t repeat itself now or in the future. Easier said then done, I know. I do it often. This story hit home for me on a few different levels. I was hooked from the first sentence to the very last. It’s a beautiful, second chance love story filled with a lot of laughs and a few tears!! 🖤🖤
1,798 reviews12 followers
June 13, 2019
What to say? I finished it! I did love the beach backdrop and the heroine owning her sexuality. And who doesn’t love a hunky surfer dude? I thought I would give this author another try after not really liking my first read by her. This one was better but I don’t know why all the mothers are awful in her writing. Seems to be a plot device for drama and a reason for the characters’ emotion trauma. Ugh! The sexual chemistry between the couple was hot and I found myself skipping some of the overly dramatic, repetitive parts to get to the sexy parts and there was a lot of sex. If you like a hot, quick read this is it but don’t look for much substance just a lot of angst. I would say if it wasn’t for the erotic parts this would probably appeal to YA readers. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.
Profile Image for J. B.
253 reviews1 follower
June 6, 2019
Lyssa Cole has done it again. I knew as soon as I opened the book I was going to fall in love. I loved everything g about this book. The writing, the storyline and the characters all flowed well and are well developed. I just couldn’t put this book down. Looking forward to reading more.

I voluntarily read timhis as an advanced readers copy.
Profile Image for Carol Hepstall.
551 reviews5 followers
June 8, 2019
OMG !!

I was totally captivated and intrigued by this beautiful story. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. An emotional journey that made me smile, laugh, and cry. Absolutely amazing storyline and characters. Plus chemistry off the charts. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing read
Profile Image for Christina.
Author 50 books262 followers
June 13, 2019
This book grabbed me and didn't let me go! I fell in love with Cole right from page one, mainly because of his connection with his grandfather. I loved the instant chemistry between Addi and Cole, along with their interaction with secondary characters.
An emotional, angsty and super hot summer read!
Profile Image for Stephanie.
1,495 reviews
May 31, 2019
I adored Addi & Cole and I loved going on their journey with them. I was drawn in from the first page.

Addi & Cole’s journey was not an easy one, but was worth it in the end. I loved these two characters together.

I look forward to more by Lyssa Cole.

I voluntarily reviewed this book.
Profile Image for Rebecca Whaley.
1,380 reviews24 followers
June 1, 2019
OMG! This was so worth the wait! Addi and Cole are all I could've asked for! I love everything! So sexy and full of raw emotion. The story comes together so perfectly. I devoured this book! This is definitely one of my favorites of the year!
Profile Image for Gladys.
11.3k reviews122 followers
June 2, 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed Cole and Addi's story. Lots of powerful emotions and drama flow through the well written storyline. A beautiful romance that really delivers all the feels you can handle. This is my truthful review that I am posting by my own choice.
Profile Image for Nancy George.
360 reviews4 followers
June 4, 2019
Cole and Addis story is a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption. The feelings you will catch go from page 1 to the end. This is one of the best books by Lyssa Cole that I have read. This is a Do Not Miss book
1,641 reviews5 followers
June 8, 2019
Addi and Cole were amazong and I truly loved their story. I was hooked from page one until the end and i was in NO way disappointed with their story. They agreed to a fling and it worked great until feelings started getting involved and other things. Really enjoyed this book!
660 reviews3 followers
June 12, 2019
This is the 2nd book I've read by Lyssa Cole and I just love her writing! The characters are so realistic and the storyline too! I love how you really get to know the characters and their imperfections, loving them none the less. I loved Cole and Addi!
Profile Image for Lena.
1,559 reviews16 followers
June 14, 2019
Best of combination - sweet, romantic, funny, heartbreaking, and loving. You can’t ask for more in a book.
Addi and Cole started with a bang, had a melt down in the middle and ended with a crescendo.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book
Profile Image for Megan Harrington.
397 reviews1 follower
June 16, 2019
A love story that makes you laugh and keeps you cheering for the happily ever after. Lyssa Cole does not disappoint! She tells the story of getting over betrayal and slowly allowing your heart to open up again.
Absolutely a must read. I love the banter between Addi and Cole.
Profile Image for Viki Pazdur.
145 reviews8 followers
August 11, 2019
Awesome book!

Omg, I love this book. Amazing story and how it was written, is brilliant! I laugh, cried, got frustrated and laughed some more.😄 Hot 🔥well told sex scenes. LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!
Displaying 1 - 30 of 51 reviews

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