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Hills of Texas #3

Taming the Troublemaker

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One daring kiss with the playboy tempts the good girl, but can she tame him?

Autry Hill may be a cowboy to his boots, but he’s also gained quite the reputation as a charmer and playboy. His parents aren’t sure he’s ready to take the reins of the family’s prosperous Texas ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. Easy peasy, Autry thinks. He’s already tired of late nights and romancing, until elementary school teacher Beth Cooper happens to cross his path. Suddenly Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation.

Good girl teacher Beth Cooper is far too practical to fall for Autry Hill, even if she had a crush on him way back when. The man’s been breaking hearts since middle school. But when he becomes her unexpected champion and then they work together to help one of Beth’s troubled students who’s about to lose everything, she sees a different side of Autry – serious, compassionate, determined and dedicated. And that Autry is nearly impossible to resist. Does she need to?

207 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 21, 2019

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About the author

Kadie Scott

11 books187 followers
Multi-award-winning author, Kadie Scott, writes steamy romantic comedies and western romance. She loves plots that move hot and fast, feisty heroines with sass, heroes with heart, a dash of snark, and oodles of HEAs! Other titles include wife, mother, Star Wars geek, ex-competitive skydiver, spreadsheet lover, eMBA, organizational guru, Texan, Aggie, and chocoholic.

Kadie attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing) and an MBA. However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

Kadie currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own swoon-worthy hero, their angelic (mostly) kids, who are growing up way too fast, and 2 adorable fur babies.

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6,766 reviews590 followers
March 10, 2019
Autry Hill was the cowboy no woman could rope to the altar or even ride more than once until the unlikely good girl, school teacher Beth Cooper came along. What was it about her that made Autry want to become a knight in leather chaps? She was too practical, too “cute,” the exact opposite of the women he was attracted to, but then again, that life was getting old. Autry was tired of being just a piece of man-meat, plus, he had a bet to win. No women for six months and the house he grew up in was his.

Kadie Scott’s TAMING THE TROUBLEMAKER is a fun read, with entertaining banter, hidden feelings and one schoolmarm who hides a brilliantly cheeky side that is about to take one stud to ground!

Definitely a fun, light-hearted read with just enough spice to balance the sweet. Kadie Scott has lassoed another winner for lovers of romance without the overdone drama! Great for just settling in for an easy, fun and heartwarming read!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tule Publishing!

Series: The Hills of Texas - Book 3
Publisher: Tule Publishing (March 21, 2019)
Publication Date: March 21, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Print Length: 207 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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1,736 reviews30 followers
February 26, 2019
"Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"

A quote (from ARC):
“But instead she found her mind wandering to a rough and ready cowboy with more charm than a snake and an edge of devilry that called to the good girl inside her to join his mischief.”

“Taming the Troublemaker” could be just another romance novel, but Kadie Scott’s talent for creating two complex main characters, that go beyond the restrictions of predictable stereotypes, makes this a very enjoyable, refreshing read.
In the beginning, apparently Autry Hill and Beth Cooper aren’t each other’s type at all, but the story proves otherwise.
Autry is so much more than his reputation as a bad boy with a gorgeous body; and in essence, he is a kind and honorable man. Beth, the girl next door who is a devoted schoolteacher and who sees herself as average-looking, is just the perfect match for the local Don Juan.
I really loved that both main characters are, in a way, unaware of what’s happening to them, of how they’re falling for each other (well, Autry is more oblivious than Beth).
The banter and teasing, the flirting and seduction, in which both are equally involved, is a pleasure to read and I found myself bemused and often smiling while reading. The exploitations into the pleasures of kissing and even deciding not to kiss because of a nearby preteen (suggesting as much sensuality as the act itself) are also very enjoyable.
The story is enhanced by great secondary characters: the Hills, Beth’s sisters, Dylan, a kid who goes through amazing changes, Jason.
2,335 reviews12 followers
March 7, 2019
This was a cute book. We have a Beth a small town school teacher who is worried for one of her students and is trying to figure out how to reach him. Autry makes a bet with his father that he will remain celibate for 6 months, not even dating and he thinks easy peasy since he has already been living that way but due to his reputation of casanova of this small town his family has no faith in him. Trying to be a good guy and assist Beth with her obnoxious neighbor he gets in a heap of trouble and Beth comes up with a solution of him being a role model for Dylan a foster student in her class the student that she is worried about. As both of them spend time with each other, she can't help falling for Autry and he is having trouble keeping that bet..Issues arrive and due to some miscommunication both end up broken hearted until family assists...Hope we get Jenner's story..Enjoy!

Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions
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3,133 reviews121 followers
March 22, 2019
Beth Cooper is moderately attractive but she pales into insignificance beside her sisters who are both drop dead gorgeous, tall, blonde and curvy while she is tiny and kind of flat chested, she's also a school teacher so she doesn't give off those super sexy vibes and one too many of her ex-boyfriends dumped her as soon as he saw one of her sisters. Beth has always had a soft spot for Autry Hill, the luscious cowboy with a near legendary reputation as a ladies man.

Autry has grown tired of his reputation, not all of it true, and is disappointed that his family believes everything they hear. When his parents offer to gift him the family ranch if he can stay away from women and scandal for six months he thinks its a bet he can win without breaking a sweat. Then a series of calamities thrust quiet, good girl Beth into his line of sight and he discovers this may be one woman who is immune to the legendary Autry smile, who doesn't appreciate his flirting, who calls him on his BS, but may also be the one person in town who believes in him wholeheartedly.

This is the third book in a series, I haven't read the previous books and it didn't hinder my enjoyment - it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

If you like charming cowboys, school teachers with a hidden wild side, bad boys acting as big brothers to troubled foster kids and a big old dollop of romance and misunderstandings then this is the book for you. I just loved it.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Bumped for release.
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3,074 reviews26 followers
March 18, 2019
Aurty Hill has a reputation around town as not only as a troublemaker but also a ladies man. Just not the settling down type of man. His father and mother want to move into town and tell him if he can go for six months with no scandal that they will give him the ranch house. Which is what he has always wanted. Beth Cooper local school teacher and the all-around good girl ends up in the same bar as Autry, talking to her sisters. She is also not surprised when someone socks Aurty in the month. She is surprised that he did not hit back. Not paying attention to her sisters she leaves only to get into the wrong truck. When she gets in her own truck she has forgotten her purse in the other truck. Wanting she sees Autry walking out and he is walking closer and closer to finally he is at the first truck she entered. Now telling him the story he thinks it’s funny and lets her know that he has always seen her even back in school, that she is pretty. After he kisses her she feels it but does not let it go to her head. When a few days pass he is driving into town during a rainstorm only to see someone almost going in the river. Saving her and some animal in a cage. She is beginning to see him differently. Especially after the fight in the middle of town. His family does not give him any credit, but time and time again throughout the story Beth is always on his side. When it matters most though like most guys she walks because he won’t say the words she needs to hear. There is so much that I left out that you must read this book to see if he can figure out how to speak around her or will he let her go. A very good story, I really liked all of the characters and Dylan really adds to the book. A very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com
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2,047 reviews25 followers
March 22, 2019
Taming the Troublemaker (The Hills of Texas Book 3)
By: Kadie Scott
5 out of 5 stars

The story Taming the Troublemaker (The Hills of Texas Book 3) by Kadie Scott is a contemporary romance book. It is a story that I loved reading. It hooked me in from the beginning and I found myself lost in a wonderful book that I didn’t want to put down until I had finished the last page. I loved reading about the characters of Autry Hill and Beth Cooper. Autry is a man with a reputation when it comes to women. He loves the family ranch and doesn’t think twice accepting a challenge of no women for six months. Winning this challenge will mean that the ranch is his. He believes that the challenge is an easy one. Then he meets Beth. Beth is a teacher. She loves her job. She is intelligent, strong, and caring. She knows about Autry’s reputation and when their paths cross, she knows she shouldn’t get involved with him. There is an attraction between them that is undeniable. She starts to see a different side of him when he works with one of her troubled students. He, however, doesn’t do relationships. He finds that he can’t get her out of his mind. Read this book to find out what happens. I enjoyed reading the bantering back and forth between Autry and Beth. There are other characters that are introduced and I enjoyed reading about them and the part that they play in the story. There were moments that touched my heart and gave me a warm feeling. This is a wonderful book that I would recommend reading.
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4,347 reviews56 followers
March 24, 2019
4 Stars

Taming the Troublemaker is the third book in the Hills of Texas Series by Kadie Scott. This is the third book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone. There are recurring characters in this book who had their own stories, in book #1, and #2- so be prepared to be intrigued enough by them to want to go back and discover more about them by reading the first two books.
This book is a great small town/cowboy romance. It is fairly light-hearted, with just a little drama, plenty of chemistry, some emotion, taming the bad boy, opposites attract, and lots of funny and cheeky banter .
Autry Hill has earned quite the reputation as a bit of a player. But he’s getting tired of it all now and really wants to leave his reputation behind him. When a chance to ‘earn’ the family property is given to him, he’s determined to prove his worth. But what happens when he crosses paths with the respectable and practical good girl, in the form of Beth Cooper, a local elementary school teacher?
Another sweet addition to the series. I am looking forward to reading Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas, Book #4, coming soon.
Well done!

Thank you, Ms. Scott!
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Author 13 books46 followers
February 13, 2020
Autry Hill is a man who has a reputation for being a ladies man. Though not all of it is earned, he does have an affect on women. He's a hard worker and takes the family ranch seriously. So, when his father bets him to quite women for six months, he doesn't blink an eye. He'd been staying away from women anyway, he had it in the bag. So, he thought.

Beth Cooper is the constant middle of her tall beautiful sisters. She's got her own unique beauty and embraces who she is. A school teacher, she's modest, and wants a husband and a family one day. So, when she accidentally gets into the wrong truck and leaves her purse locked inside, she's distressed to find the truck belongs to non other than playboy Autry Hill.

What starts off as an innocent kiss, leads to Autry getting in trouble with the law. Beth gets him out by volunteering him to for community service to help one of her students, Dylan. Dylan is a foster kid who has had too many homes and too haunted eyes.

This story is a tale of love for Dylan, self control, and a fall so hard neither saw it coming. Great story. I enjoyed it.
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1,458 reviews11 followers
March 17, 2019
Oh, there is so much to enjoy about this light, fun, character-driven story.

Once again delivered with a deft, light writing style, Autry and Beth's story is full of humour, spice and emotion.  Both characters are wonderfully layered and their interactions witty and realistic.

I'm enjoying the Hills more and more with each volume.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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152 reviews13 followers
July 13, 2019
Normally in a romance novel we see how a bet can bring two people together. This one throws a rather unique twist on the whole betting trope in that we see how it actually keeps our two lead characters apart in terms of not having sex. Autry has a bet going with a family member that he won’t get into any sexual shenanigans for the next six months, and lo and behold this bet is actually made with his father. Not a drinking buddy or frat brother, which is another aspect we usually expect to see with this theme. Well, not for this ranching family! Autry needs to prove to his mother and father that he’s worthy of inheriting the family homestead after his parents downsize to a smaller piece of property.

Aside from his parents and siblings, it’s probably the one thing that Autry is most passionate about in this entire world. He’s always been a bit of a player about town, but for the last few months he’s taken up a personal vendetta to clean up his act a bit. Something which his family and the other townsfolk of this small corner of Texas don’t seem to have noticed. The prospect of spending a few more months without a random woman in his life doesn’t phase Autry in the least. Until a quiet local schoolteacher flips his entire world upside down that is. Now, how could you not be intrigued to give this romance a read?

For those of you who know me, you’ll know there’s one element I usually like to see in all of my romance reads, and that’s some hanky panky between the lead characters before the halfway point. They say patience is a virtue, and it’s a quality I have never possessed, and most likely never will. I usually hate when a physical connection seems forcibly delayed, so when I learned Autry has this bet going with his father which would prevent him and Beth from doing the horizontal mambo, I was understandably concerned. Lemme tell you, I was shocked the author managed to pull me into this story so fully that I didn’t even notice or care that it was taking a while for Beth and Autry to fall into bed together.

A big part of that probably had to do with the fact that just because they can’t have sex doesn’t mean they can’t do…other things, and my goodness do they do a LOT! But I still think the main part of this was the fact that I was so drawn in by these characters, their connection, their growth as individuals, that sex was the last thing on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sexual element in a romance, but the emotional connection and passion between these characters was so strong that I don’t think I would have minded at all if we’d gone the entire novel without seeing them have sex at all. Don’t worry though, they do, and it was everything I was hoping it would be! It was still refreshing though to see these two build a relationship that had such a strong foundation that didn’t rely on a physical component.

The true beauty of this novel lay not in the burgeoning sexual relationship between Autry and Beth, but rather in the familial relationship Beth and the entire Hill family were building with a young lonely boy named Dylan. A troubled foster child who seems closed off from the rest of the world, Beth and Autry are both determined to show him all the love he’s worthy of. Hands down this was my favorite feature of the novel. Dylan’s reluctance to trust others, or show hope in the possibility of someone else willingly choosing to care for him was heartbreaking, yet also the most truthful part of the book. We feel for this boy just as much as Beth and Autry do, and you can’t help but become entranced with the way that we see him open up from his shell to simply have fun as Autry spends more time with him as a positive male influence.

Striking a perfect balance between the love story in a romance novel, and any additional aspect involving children is often difficult, but this author manages to do it with a steady hand. It adds depth and struggle to the developing relationship between Beth and Autry, yet doesn’t overpower it either. If anything, my only wish would be that Beth was featured a bit more prominently in the scenes which ameliorated the connection with Dylan. It’s clear at the start of the novel that Dylan and Beth have already established a sense of trust with each other, so the book itself focuses more attention on Autry working his way into Dylan’s life. I think just one more scene elaborating on this already defined relationship between Beth and Dylan would have been especially enlightening.

Throughout this entire series we have seen how close the Hill family is as a unit, and Autry’s connection with them is just as strong. However, his past “sins” have apparently put a kind of black mark on their opinion of him. They still love him, but it’s clear throughout their conversations with Autry that they seem surprised any time he demonstrates a selfless act. Needless to say, Autry becomes increasingly upset over his family’s seemingly less than positive opinion of him, and it’s a type of underlying animosity which grows and grows throughout the book. Sure, he’s a bit of a flirt, but it’s clear to us as the audience that every action and feeling he’s ever had towards Beth, Dylan, or his family has been filled with nothing but affection and love.

There was one scene in particular that I feel deserves mention where Autry has seemingly reached the breaking point in listening to his family’s underhanded sarcastic comments about him. He lashes out at his brother, who was surprised Autry wanted to spend more time with Dylan instead of going out drinking. It was such a beautiful and emotional scene you can practically feel the tension emanating off the page. Personally I think it was a kind of defense mechanism, in that his devotion to Dylan was being called into question by those who are supposed to know him best. Autry exclaims in frustration and anger that his family apparently seems to think so little of him, and he’s practically shaking with outrage. He’s a good person with a good heart, and he never thought he’d have to prove that to his family. It’s a quick scene, but for me it’s the one I’ll probably remember the most from this book. It sort of encapsulates Autry’s desire to be known as a good man, and for his past indiscretions to no longer characterize the man he is today.
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631 reviews64 followers
February 24, 2019
This was a fun read, with really entertaining characters and a great dynamic between the hero and heroine. I have never read Kadie Scott before, and seeing as this is the third book in the series, I have definitely been missing out. It's probably best to read the first two books first, because I got the impression that I would have appreciated the family more if I knew their history. However, it's certainly not a necessity, and this book can definitely be read by itself.

It all started with a bet, that if Autry Hill could abstain from women for six months, he could have his parents' house on the ranch. Seeing as he stopped dating six months prior, he figured another six months would be easy. Until he met the one woman who could put his willpower to the test - Beth Cooper. Beth is an elementary school teacher, too good for Autry and far out of his reach. But when a chance encounter leads to an amazing kiss, they both realize that their feelings for each other are more mutal than they thought. It's just a matter of time before they succumb to their desires and all hell breaks loose.

Autry had a fast, exciting character development in this book! I enjoyed seeing him mature over time and take on responsibility that he never had before. His interactions with Dylan Marsh, the young boy he mentors, is so inspiring and shows his truly generous heart. While he was forced into mentoring him, it was clear very quickly that he enjoyed it and would continue even after his community service was over. I did feel Autry was a bit too dense, however, when it came to romance, and that was frustrating. Beth was a sweet woman who was, I thought, pretty clear with how she felt and honest with Autry the whole time. Why he thought she would be amenable to his idea towards the end of the book is beyond me, and that's why I rated this book four stars instead of five. It didn't make sense to me that he would truly not understand why she reacted the way she did. It created some unnecessary tension that I could have done without. And then it resolved itself way too fast in the end. Beth was definitely a character that I connected with immediately, and I loved how genuine she was throughout the book. She balanced Autry and he did the same for her, so it was a good relationship from the start.

I look forward to reading more books by this author! Hopefully the fun humor in this book carries into the next.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**
1,297 reviews7 followers
March 21, 2019
Taming the Troublemaker by Kadie Scott
One daring kiss with the playboy tempts the good girl, but can she tame him?
Autry Hill may be a cowboy to his boots, but he’s also gained quite the reputation as a charmer and playboy. His parents aren’t sure he’s ready to take the reins of the family’s prosperous Texas ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. Easy peasy, Autry thinks. He’s already tired of late nights and romancing, until elementary school teacher Beth Cooper happens to cross his path. Suddenly Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation.
Good girl teacher Beth Cooper is far too practical to fall for Autry Hill, even if she had a crush on him way back when. The man’s been breaking hearts since middle school. But when he becomes her unexpected champion and then they work together to help one of Beth’s troubled students who’s about to lose everything, she sees a different side of Autry – serious, compassionate, determined and dedicated. And that Autry is nearly impossible to resist. Does she need to?
This is Autry Hill and Beth Cooper's story.
“Are you seeing anyone new, Beth?” Her sister’s voice interrupted thoughts that had no place in a loud bar.
Beth Cooper pulled her mind from the young student in her class who’d been giving her a hard time lately, or all year really, and shook her head. “After the last guy went for Lexi in less time than it takes a tick to bite, I decided to take a break from dating for a while.”
Not that a ton of eligible men resided in the small Texas Hill Country town of La Colina to begin with. Slim pickin’s, as her mother would say.
Autry put his fork down, curiosity rising up like a dog’s ears pricking at a sound. “Okay.”
“Your mother and I have been discussing the future of the ranch.” Just like his dad to not beat around the bush.
Autry straightened in his seat, pricked ears going straight to full alert. This ranch meant more to him than anything else in his life. He lived for the work he did here with his family, was proud of it, and had every intention of growing their already prosperous ranch for the next generations of Hills to come.
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."
I highly recommend reading.
Taming the Troublemaker by Kadie Scott is a wonderful well written 4 star book.
Kadie's Books with Tule:
Saving the Sheriff
The Hills of Texas
Resisting the Rancher
The Hills of Texas
Taming the Troublemaker
The Hills of Texas
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4,285 reviews70 followers
March 23, 2019
Reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf

TAMING THE TROUBLEMAKER is a fun, engaging romance between two people who, on the surface, appear to be the exact opposite of each other. Autry has the reputation of a playboy, a man who will never settle down with one woman. Whether that reputation is truly deserved is known only to Autry, but the townsfolk and more importantly his parents believe every word of that reputation, deserved or not. Beth is the tiny sister of tall, curvy women that men fall over, especially once they compare Beth to her sisters. She’s a dedicated schoolteacher with a heart of gold and a sassy side that few ever get to see.

Autry can take possession of his family ranch, a place he loves and feels most at home at… but he has to win a bet. His parents do believe the gossip and the surface facts that his reputation is well deserved. To take over the family ranch there will be no women or scandal for six months. Should be as easy as taking candy from a baby since Autry is growing tired of that life and longs for something far different. He didn’t count on running into one cute, sassy, dedicated schoolteacher or to take on her troubles as his own. And just as importantly, to find a student that he could connect with that needs a man like Autry in his life. None of this was planned… but then love rarely arrives on schedule or follows the “rules”.

I enjoyed TAMING THE TROUBLEMAKER so much. There are complications and misunderstandings in Autry’s and Beth’s romance but watching them work through those troubles was a major part of the fun of this Romance. If you’re looking to fall in love with a couple, one that doesn’t seem to fit, then you’ll love this Romance. While I will always recommend the entire series (which is great), you can step in at this story and not be lost, at all. I had fun, and that’s the whole point of reading Romance.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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92 reviews7 followers
March 29, 2020
So, I just have to say this was literally one of the best modern day romance books I've ever read. I absolutely adored Autry Hill and Beth Cooper, and little Dylan as well. I was hesitant about reading about a child in a romance book, thinking it woulf be sappy and really badly written, but Kadie Scott did a great job writing Dylan and his insecurities. I love the guy!

The relationship between Autry and Beth was also really well-written. I found myself rooting for them from page one, even with the bet over Autry's head. The bet was fun to read about as well, as it brought a good amount of tension to their blossoming relationship.

My favorite scene was probably the skunk scene and its aftermath. The whole thing was just hilarious to read: rescuing the skunk, the ensuing fight, the arrest, Beth and Autry's reactions during the whole episode. That was probably my favorite part of the whole story, because of the sheer hilarity reading it, but all in all, I did love the whole thing.

I found it to be a fast read, as I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter and see what happened. The only bad thing about this book was that the characters could be kind of confusing about who was who in the Hill family (I haven't read any of the others), and that it moved slowly at times, after a great fast-moving chapter or scene, which was more of a chore to get through.

But all in all, a great romance and a great book! And, like every other girl in this book, I think I'm in love with Autry Hill.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who just wants a light read, maybe to get them through tough times. This book was a joy to read and the characters were all fun and relatable. I especially relatedd to the fact that none of Autry's family believed in him, even if they loved him.

But, yeah, I'll stop babbling on about how great this book is and let you read it for yourself. Definitely one of my new favorite books. So sweet and sexy at the same time. And yeah now I'll stop. Just read the damn thing! :D
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500 reviews5 followers
January 18, 2020
Sometimes all it takes to bring down a big bad trouble maker is a determined quiet shy school teacher.

Autry Hill is known in his Texas town as a cowboy, Southern gentleman, a charmer, a playboy and a lover. Plain and simple, Autry loves women; all women. But his parents have decided that enough is enough and his dad offers him a challenge that Autry can't refuse. Autry has always wanted to keep the family ranch house going and live in it even though he himself doesn't have a family. His father says no women, no scandals, no sex for six months and the ranch house is his. Autry takes the bet. He doesn't want to admit it to anyone but the playing the charmer had been growing old for him.

Beth Cooper is a quiet shy 5th grade teacher and someone with a backbone of steel who is normally misunderstood and overlooked. But like many quiet shy women, she is hiding her real self. And when Autry Hill barrels into her life trying to save her, both of their lives are changed for the better. She goes to bat for Autry when he needs her and it gives him a purpose since she sets him up as a big rother to one of her students who is a foster child. And Autry finds that he loves being able to help Dylan and that it offers him many new outlets he never expected to have. Plus he finds himself falling in love with Beth despite his bet with his father.

The more time Beth spends with Autry, the more she likes him and she is realizing that a lot of his reputation is not as bad as the local rumor mill makes it out to be. But when he finally fesses up to the bet he has made with his father, her opinion of him goes up even more. Can these two find a way to hold out until Autry wins the bets or can he win over his father and show him that he has changed and has fallen in ever lasting love with the town school teacher?

Obviously I loved this book. It is worth a read for the great characters and fantastic story line.

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1,216 reviews2 followers
March 22, 2019
4.5 Stars!

​​​​​If you like books about bad boys, cowboys, and good girls, then Taming the Troublemaker by Kadie Scott is for you. These tropes are put together flawlessly; creating an entertaining romance that I enjoyed immensely. The is the third book from The Hills of Texas series and it can be read as a standalone.

Fifth grade teacher Beth Cooper, and rancher Autry Hill, grew up together in La Colina, a small town in Texas. Beth's reputation in town is pristine, while Autry is known for his womanizing ways. Both love their families dearly and have hearts of gold, although it takes a little longer for everyone to see how dedicated Autry is to those he cares about and his community.

Per Autry's dad, the patriarch of the Hill family, in exchange for complete ownership of the family ranch Autry has to give up women for six months. Autry's social life has been quite calm as of late, so he believes this to be an easy bet to win. Autry never would have believed that he would be attracted to Beth and vice versa, however, an incident brings them together that evolves their sort of friendship into a hot and needy romance.

This book is quite engaging and I read it from start to finish in less than a day. This story is chock full of longing, seductive scenes, and the discovery of what is truly important in life. New to me author Kadie Scott pours passion into her writing and as a result, her characters are well-developed and full of intensity. Beth, Autry, and soon to be adopted son Dylan, create a nice family. If you are in the mood for a contemporary romance with a lot of yearning, humor, and heart, then pick up a copy of Taming the Troublemaker.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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May 10, 2019
I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is book 3 in the Hills of Texas series by Kadie Scott. This is the story of Autry Hill. and Beth Cooper. Autry has a bad reputation for being a womanizer. His parents gave him an ultimatum that he wasn’t to date a woman or have sex for 6 months and then he would get the ranch house they lived in. He doesn’t think this to be a problem because contrary to what his family believes, he hasn’t been with any women in a while. He is from a large family and most of his siblings are married or paired off.

Beth Cooper is the Girl next door type. She teaches 5th grade at the elementary school and is super sweet. One evening Beth was out having drinks at the local bar with her sisters. She leaves but accidentally gets in someone else’s truck thinking it hers. She realizes, gets out but leaves her purse on the seat and locks the door. Turns out it’s Autry'struck and he teases her about flirting. He sees her as Miss sweet and innocent and she sees him as a big player. Later, Autry sees a woman almost fall into the river during a flooding rain and stops to help. It is Beth and it turns out she’s trying to save an unknown critter her neighbor left to drown. Autry saves it and they see it’s a skunk and he is sprayed. The neighbor sees them and they get into a fight. Both are arrested. Beth speaks up for Autry and gets him community service being a big brother to a troubled foster student of hers, Dylan.

As the story progresses, Dylan and Autry’s relationship is explored as is Autry and Beth’s and Autry's with the rest of his family. I enjoyed this story a lot and will want to read the other books in this series.
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February 18, 2019
Oh my!!! Kadie Scott has done it again. Another fun loving read in The Hills of Texas series.

In this third book in the series we get the story of Autry Hill. Autry is the only of the Hill siblings, who lives at home and works the ranch. He loves the house and the ranch. He won’t give that up for nothing.

When Autry’s parents get tired of his Casanova ways, they give him an ultimatum, no women and no sex for 6 months or they will not leave him the house free and clear. Little do they know, Autry can keep that bet. He has been for months. He is tired of the mindless dating scene and has just really been concentrating on work. But his family has little faith in him. But he will prove to them that he can do it and show them the real him. That is till Beth Cooper came along. Now he has to make a choice house or love?

I absolutely love this series. Each one full of fun and mischief. The characters are all lovable and unique in their own way. Autry and Beth are no different. Autry is the hot and sexy cowboy. Beth is the quiet, shy teacher. He wants her, she thinks she is not in his league. Both fighting against the odds for love.

Overall this is a fun and sassy book. Autry has his hands full with Beth. Beth can give as good as she gets. Their story is fun and exciting. A steady paced read full of adventure and odd situations, that will make you laugh your tail off. I highly recommend this book and all the others in the series. They are wonderful romantic comedy’s that could give Hallmark a run for it’s money. So grab a glass of wine and settle down with Taming the Troublemaker. You won’t regret it.
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April 25, 2019
Taming The Troublemaker is the 3rd book in the Hills Of Texas series by Kadie Scott. This series centres around the Hill family and each sibling has their own book. Although the characters are recurring, each book can be read as a stand-alone. I had not read the first 2 books in this series before reading this one and didn’t feel that I was missing any important information. I would, however, now like to go back and see how the first 2 couples got together.
I adored the 2 main characters in this story. Beth is the local school teacher and feels plain and unattractive in comparison to her 2 stunning sisters. She is quite insecure and feels like guys don’t want to know her anymore once they get sight of her sisters.
Autry Hill is a playboy and charmer who is forever getting into mischief until her is given a challenge by his father. No woman for 6 months and he can have the family ranch house. Autry expected this to be easy as he was starting to tire of his reputation. Little did he know that Beth Cooper was going to blow his world.
Beth and Autry’s story was a very enjoyable read. You really got to see a side of Autry that you didn’t expect, especially given his reputation around town. Beth also has a few tricks up her sleeve that you wouldn’t expect from her either. Special mention has to be made for the scene stealer Dylan. Dylan is a young boy in Beth’s class who plays a major role in this book and you can’t help but want to mother this broken little boy.
With there being more Hill siblings who haven’t had their own book yet, I’m hoping that this series is going to continue and I look forward to see what this mad family gets up to next.

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March 26, 2019
Autry Hill is the biggest playboy in town or that is what Beth Cooper always thought. Autry has always been up for a good time with a certain type of girl and Beth has never been that type of girl. When Beth bounces back into his life by locking her purse inside his truck everything changes. Who knew locking your purse in the wrong truck could lead to a skunk, jail and a promise to his father that he would finally settle down. Autry is one trouble maker who is in big trouble with one little good girl. Then all of sudden out of nowhere comes little boy who worms his way into Autry's heart. What are they to do when Dylan foster parents can no longer keep him, Dylan needs a new home; can Beth and Autry work together to give this boy the family they all need or will it be all over because Beth can not see the man that Autry really is. Can one good little girl be enough to make Autry want to be the man he has always wanted to be?
This is my second Kadie Scott book and I am over the moon for her group of characters that make up the Hill Family books. Her easy writing style and how she weaves her tales makes you need a little recovery time after finishing her tales. If you are thinking oh typical western romance you would be way off, Yes, it is a romance based on cowboys and ranching but her story goes beyond the horses and cowboy hats but actually to the characters of her stories so you know who they truly are beyond the story. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a funny, read with romance, laughs and adorable cowboy or two.
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April 26, 2019
Beth Cooper is a good girl. She teaches at the elementary school and is known for being good. Her two sisters are the beauties in the family and Beth has always felt a little like the ugly duckling in comparison. In fact, most of the guys she has dated, dropped her once they met her sisters. So, she doesn't expect to find someone who is truly interested in her.

Autry Hill is the local playboy. He has a reputation for being a Casanova and never taking a relationship with a woman to a serious level. Then Beth Cooper sort of falls in his lap and after one kiss, he is hooked and all he wants is more of Beth. Unfortunately, he just made a bet with his parents that he would not date or have sex for six months to prove to them that he had matured and deserved them leaving him the family home at the ranch.

Then he is arrested to helping Beth and she convinces the attorney that community service would be more beneficial to Autry than a fine. He begins to help a ten-year old boy, Dylan, who is in Beth's class in school and is in a foster situation. He is sullen and moody and difficult but Beth is convinced that Autry can get through to him.

I won't give away any more of the story, but suffice it to say that there is a happy ending. I enjoyed the story but the occasional f-bomb was unnecessary and off-putting and I am not a fan of descriptive sex scenes, either. Because of those two things, I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending the book to a good friend but I did enjoy the story.

I was given an arc copy of this book and I offer my review willingly.
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March 13, 2019
After seeing the Hill's brothers Cash and Will get their happy endings, I was very happy to see that Kadie had written a story on brother Autry. As the baby brother, Autry is the playboy of the family. Always with another girl and not very serious. Therefore, his father and mother are a bit hesitant to have him inherit the family ranch. Since his older brothers and sister are not going to stay at the ranch, they want Autry to have it. However, on one condition: he has to refrain from women and scandals for the next six months.
Since Autry is already realizing that his one-night-stands aren't very fun any longer, he agrees to the bet. Because he really wants to stay in his home. And then he helps Beth, the local schoolteacher when she has a problem with her mean neighbor. But things get out of hand and Autry ends up in jail because of the fight with the neighbor. So, that would be a scandal... However, since Beth feels responsible she offers to help Autry, by having the officer change the sentence from jail to community service. To be a buddy to an orphanaged boy.
Unexpectedly, Autry realizes there is so much more to Beth and to being a buddy to an orphan. So, ever slowly he changes into a very considered cowboy, who melts Beth's heart. But not everyone is convinced of Autry's change. Will his past haunt him forever? A cute, heartbreaking and funny read. Kadie has done it again! Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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March 24, 2019
I loved, Autry and Beth’s love story in Taming the Troublemaker by Kadie Scott, book three in The Hills of Texas series. The title is fitting since our hero, Autry Hill, is a charmer and a player; he’s never met a woman he hasn’t flirted with. His parents are worried that he isn’t ready to take over the ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. He’s already tired of the late nights and women hitting on him so he thinks it won’t be a problem. At least until he crosses path with elementary school teacher Beth Cooper. Now Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation. Beth is too practical to fall for Autry, even though she had a crush on him back in their school days. Beth gets Autry involved to help with one of her troubled students and sees a totally different side of him; serious, compassionate, caring, determined and dedicated. Autry starts thinking that it just might be worth losing his challenge to be together with Beth.

Ms. Scott wrote a wonderful and sexy story that is definitely not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Autry and Beth a chance to discover they loved each other and were meant for a future together. I highly recommend Taming the Troublemaker to other readers and look forward to the next book in this series.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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March 29, 2019
Taming the Troublemaker (Hills of Texas #3) by Kadie Scott was a hooking, sweet read that had me flipping the pages.

Not my first read from this author or in this series. This is a connecting series, but it doesn't have a carry over plot, or the same MC's. They read as standalones, so don't get deterred by the number. But timeline wise, I do suggest reading the other books, as they have carry over characters, that and, they are just as wonderful.

This read was sweet, down to earth, realistic, and downright fun as hell. I had such a time reading this book, that I couldn't put it down. It was a late night read for sure, and I may have been a little groggy getting up for work. Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was. This is one of those books that just hooks you from the start, not only with the engaging flow, and the easy writing, but with the energetic characters that just leap off the pages. Plot wise, you can see it coming like a mile away, but I will tell you, you're not going to care, because this book will suck you in, and you'll be so engrossed, that knowing what will happen will be the least of your worries.

Overall this book, if you haven't guessed, is a must read form me, and it gets my super high recommendation, and my golden stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh
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February 28, 2019
A teacher, a cowboy with a bad reputation, and a little boy who steals everyone’s heart, made this an unforgettable story.

Beth Cooper and Autry Hill lived in the same town but weren’t friends. Beth knew Autry was the town bad boy and kept away from him. But, fate had another idea in mind, one that brings them together in a way neither expected. It turned out Beth had a little boy in her class, Dylan, who needed a male figure in his life. After Autry is arrested for fighting and given community service, Beth suggests he become a big brother for Dylan. Their love for Dylan brings Beth and Autry together and both of their lives are changed forever.

This was such a good book. I didn’t want it to end. The story was easy to follow along with and I really liked the characters and author’s writing style. There were so many great scenes. I laughed so hard during the skunk scene and then Autry fighting with Beth’s neighbor in the middle of the street, in the rain, wearing nothing but his underwear. They were comical, but crucial parts of the story. The scenes with Dylan were sweet and inspirational. The chemistry between Beth and Autry is off the chart once they give in to their growing attraction. I would definitely recommend this book to any romance fan.
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September 30, 2019
Autry Hill may be a cowboy to his boots, but he’s also gained quite the reputation as a charmer and playboy. His parents aren’t sure he’s ready to take the reins of the family’s prosperous Texas ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. Easy peasy, Autry thinks. He’s already tired of late nights and romancing, until elementary school teacher Beth Cooper happens to cross his path. Suddenly Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation. Good girl teacher Beth Cooper is far too practical to fall for Autry Hill, even if she had a crush on him way back when. The man’s been breaking hearts since middle school. But when he becomes her unexpected champion and then they work together to help one of Beth’s troubled students who’s about to lose everything, she sees a different side of Autry – serious, compassionate, determined and dedicated. And that Autry is nearly impossible to resist. Does she need to?
This was an enjoyable read. I really liked both main characters. The author did a great job with writing a good story that kept me interested until the very end. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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March 25, 2019
Autry Hill is a playboy. He is known for being popular with the ladies and not settling down. His parents want to retire and give him the family ranch to run. The only condition his father has is 6 months no sex or chasing women. He takes that bet and it seems easy in the beginning. Then he runs into Beth. The went to school together and she was always the sweet good girl the opposite of the women he beds. When he ends up in trouble Beth helps him get community service in the form of helping one of her troubled students. She tags along on the outings to make sure her student feels comfortable. The more she sees Autry interacting with the young boy she sees a different side of him. He is much more nurturing than she would have ever thought. How can she keep herself from falling when she had a crush on him all those years ago? Autry is surprised how much he feels when he is with Beth. He wants her but because of the bet with his father he can not act on his thoughts. Probably a good thing when she is too good for him. Can he keep his promise to his father or will this thing with Beth turn out to be the real deal and worth more to him than the family ranch? Good read.
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March 28, 2019
Taming the Trouble Maker by Kadie Scott is a 5 out of 5 stars kind of read!! It is the 3rd book from the Hills of Texas Series. It definitely falls into the romance category. Autry is a ranching playboy. Beth is a school teacher. They went to the same school growing up, but their circles never combined so they were never friends. One night after a visit to the local pub, Beth locks her purse in Autrys truck resulting in a friendship of sorts. One night Beth needs a hand and Autry comes to her rescue, however lands himself in jail. Beth then comes to his rescue by suggesting to the crown he receives leniency and community service. Beth has a student, Dylan, whom is in foster care and is struggling inside and outside of school and Beth feels like a “big brother" would do him wonders. And so Autry becomes his “Big Brother". This story was honest to goodness funny and uplifting. It gave me a lot of insight Into how a child in foster care really feels, and made me think about the difference companionship can make in a child’s life, and how a child can change a grown ups life. It was also nice to see that his story ends happy, because not all foster kids get a happy ending!
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