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Ghost Wolf

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Werewolves. They are infectious creatures of the night, able to move swifter than the fastest mounts and rend steel with their sharpened claws. Through saliva, these beasts spread their disease, morphing afflicted humans into the monsters they fear. For centuries, these creatures were thought to be extinct. Until now.

Beneath the city of Horux, a werewolf lives, waiting to deliver its vengeance on humanity. To protect his people, Yuri, a boy from the slums, must slay this beast before it causes the destruction of all he holds dear. Even if it means making a dangerous accord with an ancient Titan.

In a world of gods, vampires and undead creatures, Ghost Wolf is the tale of a young man that travels a line between man and beast on a perilous journey to save his people.

This is a prequel to "Age of Darkness," but is a standalone and requires no prior knowledge of the series or other novels.

351 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 30, 2019

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About the author

Brandon Chen

10 books115 followers

Brandon Chen is a young author, born in May 1997, who began writing his first book, Age of Darkness, at the age of fourteen. As an avid fan of manga at a young age, Brandon took inspiration from various of his favorite works. After several years of editing the novel, Age of Darkness was published when Brandon was seventeen.

Brandon loves fantasy and adventure novels, particularly of darker nature and finds influence from books that he's read and movies that he has seen to incorporate new ideas into his own writing. Brandon published Age of Darkness with the hopes that he would be able to share his own mind and imagination with those around him.

He has published two books in the Age of Darkness series and a new series, which takes place in the same world, called God of War Ares. He has also begun writing for comics with best-selling titles like "Hanzo" and "Taeiyos." His most recent work, Ghost Wolf, is a standalone prequel to the Age of Darkness series.

Brandon is currently an Economics & Computer Science student at New York University.

For updates on future novels: go to www.authorbrandonchen.com or follow him on instagram at @inspired.author/@brandon.the.chen!

Email him at brandonchen997@gmail.com to join his emailing list to receive updates on new novels and projects!

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68 reviews20 followers
July 14, 2019
I grabbed „Ghost Wolf“ because I loved „Ares God of War“ by Brendon Chen and well… because of the cover – half man, half wolf – werewolves – heck yes!

The description says: “In a world of gods, vampires and undead creatures, Ghost Wolf is the tale of a young man that travels a line between man and beast on a perilous journey to save his people.” – I couldn’t have said it better.

Reading this book was kind of like a bumpy ride. Trough out the book happened some weird things and a couple weird decisions were made – not necessarily bad things/decisions – just weird – very weird. At one point it almost made me dnf the book. I just had enough of all these mindless people. In the end I am glad that I finished this book. Because of the ending Ghost Wolf gets 4 stars instead of 2. Would I reread this book? No. No, I wouldn’t.

So here are a couple things you may want to know:

• Again as the description says: it is a standalone and requires no prior knowledge of Age of Darkness - that is true. I didn’t even realize it is a prequel until I decided to read the description after reading half of the book. I didn’t have the feeling that I was missing out on something. (Even though I’d love to read more about Junko.)
• A map would have been a huge benefit. The first half of the book I was completely lost. As far as I know: Escalon and Dastia are continents. Terrador and Lichholme are areas or countrys in Escalon. And Horux is a City in Terrador (feel free to correct me) – but please don’t ask me about Reidan(definitely a city) and Iradia(apparently Reidan is the capital of Iradia).
• I love Faelen as a villain! His backstory was so well developed, it almost made me root for him instead of Yuri. His despair was so incredibly real.
• Another con: Yuri is simply perfect. So boring!
• The best part of the book was definitely the last third. The end was SO FREAKING GOOD!
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202 reviews9 followers
January 2, 2020
Im going to try not to be mean about other readers of this book. But after seeing their reviews it seems evident that most of them received free copies/ were beta readers. Even if they did honestly review the book it leads me to believe the author cherry picked who received them and they normally dont read alot of other fiction or are too close to the author and his platform to give criticism.

Thats the nice assumption, the negative assumption is they have really low standards. I mostly bring this up because I read this as a challenge to read each month one of my lowest and highest rated books on my TBR. This book was supposed to be one of the highest, and it should definitely be one of the lowest.

Im going to make this quick from here on out considering my blog has a full "Here are my thoughts as I read - rant" that go into full detail all the issues. I wont even link that until the end of this review just so you dont think Im "shamelessly plugging" or anything. But if you're curious how my opinion seems to drastically differ from others, its there.

1st. Yuri, our main character. Is insufferable. He's perfect and flawless no matter what he likes to whine about. He never loses and the bad things that happen are just because he doesn't have the power to teleport and just isn't there for when it happens.
Its very common for authors to be told to Show dont Tell. This author decides to do BOTH and its excruciatingly painful and annoying. He will write Yuri doing "such and such" action then have 3 different characters repeat what he did in awe. As if we have NO IDEA who the hero is and cant comprehend when hes doing heroic things.
I just dont understand, its so fckn annoying.

2. The editing. This book had to have been self edited. Not only were there simple copy-edit mistakes like certain plot elements didnt add up, or the consistency of characters didn't make sense, but here were line edit errors as well, atleast 4 grammatical errors where words were missing or misspelled.
I know hes self published, but i HIGHLY recommend he pay an actual editor for his future books.

3. Almost every other character, especially Violet. You wont feel or care for any of these characters. I cant tell if hes just bad at writing side characters or he wants us to dislike them so much so that Yuri stands as even more as a saint. Some may even make you angry. Violet is such a cliche'd useless pretty girl princess who is ONLY there for Yuri to have something to care about. Its so fckn blatant i dont know how noone has called out this offense.

4. The antagonists. You'l see most reviews say they liked how the Antagonist has a compelling back story and you can feel for him or w/e. DONT fall for it. Though Faelen does have a back story, its not completely fleshed out and compelling until the last 30 pages. And people seem to be leaving out the fact that theres really 3 antagonist and the other two are either completely stupid and pointless or so magically OP you cant touch him.

5. Plot Inconsistency or AKA dumb things. There are so many bad choices he's made. Ive heard someone else describe them as "Weird, but not bad." No...I think they are bad. Again, feel free to read my rant for specifics.

6. Death. I have since stopped following the author in Instagram but before I read this book he used to post alot about "killing off characters". Usually to the degree of it being too frequent or how he cant help it or something. Well he needs to learn how to do it right. Death is so meaningless in this book. Hundreds die in minutes, side characters murdered that we didnt care about and hardly used later. Im just...baffled about how badly he uses Death in this book.

7. Twists? Alot of reviews bring up how there were so many "twists". I dont think these people know what a twist is, he didnt have any...it was just...plot and story. I have no idea wtf these people were referring to lol

I dont recommend this book, at all. Especially if you get to the first 100 pages and are thinking of DNFing, just do it. That was the point I really wanted to, but decided to trudge on anyway. Granted the beginning is worse than the last 300 pages, the ending is still not worth it or satisfying enough to make up for it.
I would not read another one of his books unless he asked me to beta read a future title. I know hes a self published author and I dont want him to fail, but I dont want to act like this book wasn't a train wreck. It was so obvious what editors or beta readers should have given him feed back on that I'm just completely floored it still released like this.

For the full rant and specifics, please join me here:
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2 reviews
February 10, 2019
Ghost Wolf is an exciting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. The author, Brandon Chen, does an amazing job with the pacing, the action, storytelling and the lore. The book is a prequel and does an excellent job with tying the lore of the first book, Age of Darkness while establishing new lore in the process. The villain had a well established backstory and you could really feel what was motivating him through the details. If you are a fan on action and thrilling storytelling I highly recommend checking this book out!
1 review
December 5, 2019
Great read from start to finish

I really enjoyed this book.
Intriguing all the way through, great lead in story to Yuri's character from Age of Darkness 1&2.
Profile Image for Dustin.
488 reviews
January 26, 2020
There was a lot I didn’t like about this book. The idea of it was good but then I read it. Yuri was a character that could never lose, it was like he was the only character that mattered- yes he is the main character but it was like the boy could do no wrong. Violet- like most side characters were dull and lifeless, she had no real personality and was clearly there just for Yuri to have a love interest. Honestly just wasn’t a fan of the book and it took a lot to finish.
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