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The gang of high schoolers takes a trip to sunny Okinawa, where Osaka plays with sea cucumbers. Yomi announces her intention to join InterPol, and Sakaki gets a cat that will let her pet it. When the gang gets together for a camping trip, Mr. Kimura makes his big confession to one of the students. This volume is a part of the popular series.

185 pages, Paperback

First published June 6, 2002

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About the author

Kiyohiko Azuma

43 books504 followers
Kiyohiko Azuma (東清彦 or あずま きよひこ Azuma Kiyohiko) is a Japanese manga author and artist. His most well-known work is Azumanga Daioh. His current series is Yotsuba&!, which is serialized monthly in Dengeki Daioh magazine.

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1,041 reviews947 followers
September 12, 2017
A wonderful heartfelt ending to one of my favorite series. Azumanga is such a lovely and adorable manga, and it's entire four-volume run was near perfect, in my opinion.
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Author 1 book34 followers
August 9, 2021
In the final volume of Azumanga Daioh, the threads and character development of the previous three come together. We get one last school trip, final exams, and finally, graduation. I did not expect to find myself having so many emotions about graduation, but there I was.

The comedic timing and pacing throughout comes from ridiculous puns and slap-stick style comedy. The way Azuma pulls in jokes from the previous entries. Seeing the students with the teachers provided some of the best overlaps in how little sense both the adults and kids have. The arc with Sakaki gets a resolution and we get more dream sequences.

Overall, an enjoyable slice-of-life that touches on the innocence of school life with a light tone and funny situations.
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528 reviews261 followers
November 18, 2019
This series as a whole is very cute! I really enjoyed them and I would highly recommend them for middle school aged girls. I absolutely loved that Sakaki finally got a cat in this volume. That's really all I care about haha.
Profile Image for Sam.
223 reviews29 followers
October 14, 2021
I don't know what it is about shoujo manga, but the "graduating high school" scene that comes at the very end, with all its bittersweet moments and nostalgia is my favorite part to read.

Likewise, everything in this volume, starting from the preparations for the exams, tying up of loose ends, characters growing up but still remaining their own outlandish selves was a perfect end to the series.

The tear-jerking moment with everyone enjoying one final moment before they part ways knowing they will always be friends, especially seen through Chiyo's eyes was the icing on the cake.

I can't wait to start Yotsuba now!
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561 reviews5 followers
April 28, 2013

20 June 2013

Azumanga Daioh Vol. 4 is the bittersweet ending of this heartwarming series. This volume follows the girls during their final high school days from June up until graduation day. It pains me to say goodbye to everyone, but thank goodness the blow is softened by the silliness of Tomo and Osaka.

The gang takes a school trip to Okinawa where the girls have some fun in the sun, play with sea life, and explore nearby islands. Of course, since the trip is chaperoned by Miss Yukari there are all sorts of fun hijinks. The absolute best part of this entire trip is Sakaki's interaction with an Iriomote cat. It melted my itty bitty black heart.

One of the funniest moments in this volume happens when everyone travels to Chiyo's summer house for a study/sleepaway camp. No one wants to wake up Miss Yukari in fear of her wrath, but leave it to good ol' ditzy Osaka to get the job done. I laughed so hard with her final attempt at waking Yukari up.

Another year, another sports festival. This time there is a bread eating contest (go Osaka!) and a fun costume race, which Tomo and chihuahua dominated. Their costumes are too freakin' cute. I also enjoyed seeing someone dressed up as Kaonashi from Spirited Away.

In all of the volumes, the translations are a little wonky at times but not so much that it really affects the enjoyment of the series. However, the too literal translation of tanuki on the girls' headbands really bugged me. It's not a big deal, but just a mild annoyance.

For all you animal lovers out there, be forewarned that there is a heartbreaking moment involving the mama Iriomote cat. I'm too emotional for this dammit! But this kind of makes up for it:

Hooray! Yamamaya!

Oy! My poor heart can't take all of this. I am so happy that Sakaki finally has her dream come true. She is too cute with Maya and her bliss just makes me smile.

My favorite numbnuts kept me entertained throughout the entire volume. Osaka had me laughing with her chopsticks, exuberant ringing of the prayer bell, her applying eye drops, and setting up donations for Miss Yukari. Tomo never fails to crack me up. There are too many instances to list, but my particular favorites are of her reacting to Kagura's acceptance letter, and her proving she's the strongest student of her class.

I guess it's to be expected that Tomo and Osaka would fail the entrance exams, but Yomi? Poor, poor Yomi. I especially felt bad for her when Tomo and Osaka eventually do pass and she hasn't. She should have had Chiyo use her special powers to bless her charms!

The one person I will miss the most is crazy Miss Yukari. I love the image of her laughing in amazement about which students got into university. She can be so callous. There are moments that make you think she may just have a heart, like when she is crying on graduation day. But then you realize it's only because she's lost her wallet and you are assured that, yes, she is a selfish twit. Oh, but I love her.

The ending left me with a lump in my throat. I really do wish there was more to this series because it just makes you feel so dang good. Kiyohiko Azuma is the master of comedic perfection and he wraps it up in the most adorable package. Now I have to go re-read Yotsuba&! to fill this void.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for J.
11 reviews4 followers
October 17, 2008
This is such a hilareous series. I really liked how the series ends on a more serious note. I was sad to see the series end but I can still read it over and over.
605 reviews
December 23, 2016
This was a light and fluffy finish to a light and fluffy series. If you're looking for something fun and the exact opposite of serious, I recommend this series.
Profile Image for M.
673 reviews2 followers
November 26, 2018
Cute little series :)
My favourite characters were Osaka, Chiyo and Sakaki ^_^ and of course Maya!
Profile Image for Stasia.
829 reviews10 followers
September 27, 2020
I forgot how sweet the ending was.

...and Sakaki finally gets her cat!!! 😁🐈
Profile Image for Travis.
606 reviews12 followers
November 5, 2017
Azumanga Daioh is a 4-panel manga that follows a group of girls from the start of 10th grade through graduation. I was pleasantly surprised at the continuity, as I'd expected each strip to be separate and random. The humor is what I'd expect from the author of Yotsuba&!, that is, absolutely hilarious. Everything is silly about this, from the ten-year-old genius who skips ahead to 10th grade, to the skeevy male teacher who says he wanted to become a teacher because he likes high school girls, yet it's also very emotionally realistic. Most of these girls are not friends when the new school year starts, but by the end of high school, they're inseparable. I especially loved Sakaki and Kagura, but it's really hard to pick favorites because they all have their charms.

At the beginning I didn't like it quite as much as Yotsuba&!, but by the end I think they're almost tied.
Profile Image for Samantha.
352 reviews17 followers
August 1, 2017
Que final fofo! Não tinha me empolgado tanto com o 3º volume de Azumanga Daioh, mas esse com certeza compensou. Parece que passou bem mais rápido do que o anterior.

Adorei o ano das meninas e adorei as cenas finais, depois do vestibular, com a formatura e etc. Tô feliz que li essa série, realmente é bom ler uma história sobre "nada", só o cotidiano das meninas no colegial. Foge um pouco das histórias tão cheias de elementos que às vezes a gente até se perde, sem saber mais o que tá lendo.

Profile Image for Jennelle.
147 reviews13 followers
January 21, 2021
I loved the Azumanga Diaoh anime and always think of it fondly, so I was worried to read this series, fearing it wouldn't live up to what I remember. After reading volume 1 I was feeling less than confident that I was going to like this series, but I had the same issue when I started the anime. And, just like with the anime, the more I read the more I loved it. Osaka is great! And Chiyo is adorable. And I would recommend this series to anyone.
Profile Image for Shin Donghae.
2,144 reviews6 followers
August 25, 2021
Yonkoma yang patut direkomendasikan.
Berkisah keseharian para siswi2 SMA. Jauuh dari romansa, petualangan, permusuhan dan ragam konflik yang dirasakan gelora pubertas remaja hha
Mengalir sederhana dengan artwork khasnya Azuma sensei. Percapakapn yang ringan, humor2 segar selalu mewarnai jilid2 serial ini.
Ada 4 jilid yang dibagi menjadi jilid I tahun I, jilid 2-3 tahun kedua dan jilid 3-4 tahun ketiga dan graduation.
Overall 8.1/10 menurut sy
Profile Image for Carol.
1,184 reviews
December 28, 2022
And we’re done! Oh, I always forget I get emotional with this book. We finally see the girls graduating and thinking about their future. It reminds me of all the cycles I’ve also closed, all the friends and memories that I’ve had over the course of my life, and the new adventures that are yet to come. I love this particular closure, but this manga series is also one of my favourites because it’s very light and talks about every day stuff.
Profile Image for Lee.
249 reviews46 followers
July 26, 2017
Sebagian besar cerita Azumanga Daioh itu berbentuk yonkoma (komik strip), dan serial manga ini pun hanya berjumlah 4 buku. Tapi hanya dengan ini, dengan batasan-batasan ini, seluruh karakternya bisa jadi tak terlupakan (karena sangking gilanya, mungkin?), dan cukup bikin sedih ketika sadar serial ini sudah selesai, dan mereka semua sudah lulus sekolah..
Profile Image for Shayna Ross.
527 reviews
December 14, 2017
The series was cute and covered a lot of brief little stories - some students succeeded in a goal and others just carelessly floated by as they intended. The teachers never seemed to evolve during the three year period, but there is almost an expectation that once you become an adult, you are relatively static in your ways. I will definitely check out this mangaka's other works.
Profile Image for The Book Dragon.
1,780 reviews20 followers
February 23, 2018
The hilarious and touching conclusion. School trips, graduation, and college exams. But above all, lasting friendships.

I’m a bit sad that it’s over, but three years goes by fast. Sorry Kaorin, you still didn’t get much page time. But it’s official, Sakaki is my favorite character.

This series has 4 volumes.
Profile Image for Drew Perron.
Author 2 books9 followers
April 23, 2018
I feel like the manga only really starts hitting its potential towards the end, when it softens and really lets the characters experience Good things - still within this comedic context, of course, and still in Azuma's soft, weird pattern of setup and not-necessarily-a-punchline. (Plus, Kimura-sensei hardly appears at all in this volume! Yaaaaay @@)
Profile Image for Tiya Mulani.
89 reviews7 followers
October 27, 2020
A reread.
I got emotional reaching the ending because it reminded me of my old days of high school 😢😢😢😢 indeed high school is one of the best phase of mostly of us.
Profile Image for Diogo Muller.
488 reviews6 followers
October 13, 2021
A perfect ending to an incredible series. Funny, heartwarming, and even a bit sad, in a good way.
Profile Image for Jez.
356 reviews
December 21, 2021
So good, like the previous volumes but with extra emotions. Especially cat emotions ♥
Profile Image for Juniperus.
325 reviews13 followers
May 7, 2022
A near perfect ending. It brought so many plot threads to a close and I found myself tearing up in the end, without losing the requisite Azumanga humor.
Profile Image for Brittany.
Author 9 books61 followers
January 25, 2022
We come to the end of this beautiful beloved manga. These best friends are getting ready for graduation and that means studying for exams, applying to colleges, and trying to hang out as much as possible! Sakaki has a great ending when the cat she befriended returns to her and saves her from the neighborhood cat that bites her all the time. Chiyo takes care of that cat Maya at her house until Sakaki goes off to college so that way they can be together! Yomi seems to be pretty stressed in this finale, but she gets through it with the help of her bestest friends. Osaka is honestly not as dumb as everyone thinks, she's actually clever at times and is just weird making it seem like she's dumb. Even Tomo and Kagura get accepted into colleges proving that they are worth more than some people thought they were. Chiyo is excited to graduate, but saddened that she will have to part ways with her closest friends that she had made during her high school years. But as the day of graduation approaches she realizes that it's not really a goodbye because no matter what they will always be best friends. They are heading down different paths, but their friendship will never change. I also loved the message throughout the chapter that would say "You belong".
136 reviews
February 19, 2010
In their last year of high school! the class goes on its Senior year field trip to Osaka. Chiyo chan and Osaka have fun saying everything in Osakan (with words taken from their tour literature). Sakaki finds a cat that is drawn to her, its a rare endangered Iriomite cat--or Yamapikarya--a spotted wildcat with rounded ears. They are the size of domestic cats but very rare. They leave it on the island. The next week Sakaki is about to be ganged up on by several angry cats and 1 cat comes to her rescue. It makes fierce growls and spreads its legs wide and the others run off. It seems to be the same Iriomite cat she befriended on vacation and it is tired from the trip! Everyone spends a lot of time studying at Chiyo Chan's house and she makes them good luck charms for the exams. Everyone is excited about whether they will pass especially Tomo, Osaka, Kigure, & Yomo who don't pass at first.
107 reviews1 follower
August 19, 2016
Con un dulce sabor de boca se despiden las estudiantes de secundaria más divertidas de Japón. Con motivo del examen de acceso a la Universidad y la expectativa de la despedida de las chicas, la serie se cierra motivando el interés del lector con buenos momentos.

Me ha gustado leer la serie completa, aunque es cierto que no la recomendaría a cualquiera. El mundo de los yon-koma no es para todos. Aun así, la encuentro muy entrañable.
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