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This long awaited volume include all the published work by the legendary Dori Seda, plus "Ecstacy" a story completed shortly before her tragically early death (at the age of 36), and a story originally commissioned for another anthology-Includes biographical memoirs, photos, and tributes as well as a 20 page color section of Dori's paintings and comics.

100 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1999

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Dori Seda

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292 reviews
October 9, 2018
My ninth book for #bannedbooksweek this year. I read this book because Dori Seda is included in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's "Fourteen Banned and Challenged Comics by Women."


CBLDF states the following: “Dori Seda’s work depicts sexuality in a way that emphasizes feminine pleasure, power, and above all else, agency. These qualities, in the context of her irreverent and explicit drawings, contributed to her 1986 solo title ‘Lonely Nights Comics’ being banned in the UK.”

Seda’s “Lonely Nights Comics,” has excerpts in “Dori Stories,” which was itself almost not published because of issues relating to the author’s family.

The work is honest and funny. She was a free spirit and obviously loved by her friends. Her ceramics were fun, too. (Photos are included in the book.)

Her friends fought for her stories to be told. We should all be so lucky to be so well remembered by our friends.

I recommend. You will laugh. You will learn about underground comics, and you’ll be earnestly touched by the remembrances.
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463 reviews
March 18, 2011
dori sounds adorable, especially the part where her laugh is described as "legendary" and "hayseed", a laugh that is spelled "hyuck!"

i laughed out loud while reading the story where she is cleaning her apartment, and a friend invites her out, but dori is like, i have to clean my apartment! the friend promises to help her clean later if dori goes with her. when they both come back, the friend realizes she can't keep helping because of tona the dog who is dirty and smelly and has an erection! "why does your dog have an erection?!" L.O.L.

the parts about dori denying rumors about her having sex with her dog: hilarious

sometimes, though, the busy style of the panels felt hard to read yet i like it at the same time. hm.

anyway, fun and gold!
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Author 14 books136 followers
June 1, 2009
Very funny collection of erotically-charged insanity from the immortal Dori Seda. Her best story is probably "Crabs Eating Raoul" about her hooking up with a vapid swinger. "Hospital Hell" is about nurses with a cancer fuck-fetish and "Orgy At The Women's Retreat" is funny as fuck. Lots of sex and yucks and thank goodness Dori made out a will otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here writing a review of this awesome book!
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Author 3 books34 followers
September 15, 2012
Seda, a seminal underground woman comic book artist, died of emphysema when she was in her 30's. Though her career was short, she left behind a substantial body of work which has not, until this volume, been collected. Supplementing her work--much of which seeks to shock people's (sexual) sensibilities and is not for those who offend easily--are plenty of supporting materials, such as photographs and essays.
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Author 34 books400 followers
February 26, 2010
This was a compilation of the work of Dori Seda collected by Last Gasp after she passed away at a young age of emphysema, and included essays written by friends of hers in the industry. I love her artwork, but her comics tend to be a bit over-the-top for my tastes. Still, I enjoyed reading it mostly for the stories about her by other people.
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954 reviews2 followers
June 24, 2016
I liked this book and I'm really glad I read it. This book was a compilation of almost all of Dori Seda's work, put together after she died. It was nice to read people's stories about her and read all her work. Not as Feminist as I expected, more "Twisted Sisters"-y, but still great. Some of the comics made me laugh so hard! Like the one where she gave her dog a shower!
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54 reviews
November 19, 2009
what a wonderful, weird woman dori seda was. she lives on through her work and the heartfelt essays/stories/comix written by her friends and admirers.i was sick in bed while reading most of this collection and it was oddly comforting. i've decided to name my kiln 'lil dori' in her honor.
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1,873 reviews7 followers
May 8, 2016
Art is solid and pretty typical of 70s/80s underground comics. Stories are very short (1-5 pages) and mostly based on events from Dori's life. Nothing really engaged me though. Lots of nice bonus material (essays, photos, stories about Dori).
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7 reviews
August 8, 2008
dori reminds me of people i have known, projects i have abandoned, days spent alone in a cave, and nights roaming wild. i like to reabsorb this book on cold homebound days.
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